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lap pc LziIuld py %
mber that J. 0. Brock will wishe" 0
all kinds of furs, such as Bern ti
k, otter. opossimll, muskrat, Thompc
Cox. Bring in your furs.
I buy until April 1, 1909.
,r fii-st-class deltal work o us to
Lawrence Roper. O.fie up- n
-s over Freemn Co. s store. billAell"
i i..-A'soap
and Persor. u lp tle
the Pickens a d
t craks. -art of the
S ssage. It
;... . i t to
hold water and s6ading pain in passingit,
or bad effects followinguse of li-luor, wine
Qr beer, and overco:nes that unpleasant
necessity of bcing compelled to go often
through the day, and to get up many
times during the niht.
SwaMp-Root is not reconmenieed for
1+awD everything but if you ave kidney, liver
oi bladder trouble, it will bz found just
tbe remedy you need. It has been thor
o ghly tested in private practice, and has
ved so .uccessful that a special ar
,emcut has been made by which all
ders of tis paper, who have not c
dy tried it, may have a sample bGtle
-'ee by mail, also -a book tclin,
i a more about Swamp-Root. and hr)w t
f cars. one findoutifyouhavekid- A
SOneneyor bladder trouble.
:rn enough When writingmention :
and to -reading this generous -.
offer in this -paper and r
leading send your address to
zen good'Dr. Kilmer & Co., <
en goodBinghauitoa,N.Y. Tlirc nsan-e
ay a bov and one-dollar si:=- botth:; ar so!. I
I Jall druggists. Du:'t make a ::v
y but reneicr th2 naime, Sw.n-p :
V11n thous- Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the
dress, Binghamton, N. Y., on every botta
large vol
our a dav
difference When a faer getSito
ce and usev his "i.0gin' good that the far
An hour I mers properly organiz,d, can
e-nay, fight "the world, the flesh and
man a- the devil," he will e "w-) >re
netn good thing of this life
er, than he most ever did. But he
s of must organize first and educate.
_t day -Orangeburg Times and Demo
. ge- crat.
h OUR Honest poverty should be rE
a gei spected and not scorned. It was
attenti in the homes of the lowly that
rea3 . we oftenest find Christ when
ar itic-upon teearth and in our -day
sirable feature it can be truthfully said that we
of the public meet him there of tenler than
egrade, viz.: ielsewhere.
le, many more
s:Why When you pull down the tow'
e boys?I in which is ysour honr'. .ro1 a
yof 1 pulling down you~rsrl. Try;
si. srs.; T
e; ed con
of H. Cs
de)( 1-lai
fe .iIe
wi at. :M
be, lity- amI
sos land all
!VI whenl
as it maked
ce Many a youngI'~ woman8 who
'y leserves a~ :ood mangl for a life
"ompanion,.has jumped in at the
h ndel, ag and mned a John
to8 n!1, andl gon throulgh life em
mnarrassedl the re st of her days
todar er~ suthnny is all right as 81n ice
to where lie -a boy an'd as a slot nmia(ine.
bo~~ 2~1 which to get che~twin guml
..e on bons, but when(I it (m
eh medicines' u ii.
-- .theml wh oalli~s
budget of a n
starts- ~i it on n ma1r
be happ. -'"' l. l8l
e '1
ger hi pe
ke meicre F. ira sa-rN~~~iy
1 them all ~.. ~
J ~I('''' >r
~r'~ Gt1~rY Pectoral, * *.
,,.~..1.;he ~z for fl~'SS ;ra ~at.~c'i
tc., in fact anything is figuring
%C"3.AnParQ linp. ean oct-to buy
try-Catholu as 4 *
-are arrayed against sumptua
rv laws not only by Congress
ut by the State. The Jewish
congregation is even more solid
than the other two, and to these
three may be added the Luth
ran and several other church
es. Heretofore chrvnen op
posed to prohibition have had
little to say, but for sonic reason
r other they are*becoming more
outspoken. Private adviccs arc
to the effect that many of the
c lurch leaders of lhe denomi
nations named have come to t he
c miclusion that in proportion rs
r !ligious bodies pi ess for I rohiHi
t ry laws they lose the< od will
of liberal minded men and thou-.
sands of others wh feel that the
churches shoul ack-omplish
what they desire in the way of
temperance by moral efforts
and suasion.
Cardinal Gibbons, the head of
the Catholic church in this
country, has recently given two
authorized iuterviews, putting
himself on record as against the
present n'ovement, especially
in the larger cities. He favors
high license and local option in
rural communities and sm
towns. The Pope of Rome
recently authorized a
statement as to hi
to sweeping sun
itscovered one
oved Lecric Bit
id muakes it worth
enriches and vital-!
.dd's the wasted nerve
a and tone. to The rn
Sa godsend to weak,
bligrhtedi my l e for
dX'. ?31. shy ran,i f:
it tiely." Oi] V cc. at alt
After wadir g through the (Ch istmas
turkey. backl'i nes and sausage calls for
prunes. dried fruite, &c. We have them
also sa't fishi, suen~ as fat mackerel and
white fish.
a big wholesale hoiuse in Ne wv York cor..
rigned to mue a lot of lad ies uniderwe' r.
They comne to me mouch (heaper itiam
the regular way. I tack on a ver.v mal
profit and let thtemt go. The lot~ enn be
bought mn entire suits or by thve sirgl
gar ment. Some are' most eli'oora .r'
trimed in laces and embroidery. ~J
at very low prices.
Not qjute all t hat chehp crocke-ry goraf
I have added a line of glauswue. jest us
attractive in qjuality and prico..
I em s Lre you money (' flh\ur, I bong ht.
thre months ago before we iise. N o
0i $1
ro-dty (Monday) he The price o1 cotton
which is the cheap- care o our customers i
feather beds or feed
re the right kind.
The cotton plant cannot feed on barren land. Study
your soil. Find out what it lacks. Then apply the
necessary fertilization and the results will surprise you.
See what Mr. W. C. Hays of Smith Station, Ala., did. He says:
"I planted about 30 acres of some 'gray sandy land' that had been in
cultivation for over 20 years, and used 300 pounds of Virginia-Caro
lina Fertilizers per acre, and I expect to gather 30 bales from
the 30 acres." This is why we say it is the right kind. We have
hundreds of letters like this, and cvcn stronger, in praise of Virginia
Carolina Fertilizer for cotton.
Get a copy of the new 1909 Virginia-Carolina Farrnrs' Year Book
from your'fertilizer dealer, or write cur nearest sales office and a copy
will be sent you free. It 'contains picture.: of the capitols of all the
Southern States.
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co.
Sales Offices Sales Offices
Richmond, Va. Durham, N. C.
Niorfolk, Va. Fc At1 27Xe 1;Charleston, S. C.
Columbia, S.C. rElia-'aroina Baltimcre, Md.
Atlanta, Ga. O eM Columbus, Ga.
Savannah,Ga. Mon4gomery. Ala
Memphis, Tenn. Shreveport, La.
YOU A }jj~s~
,I ist=cass
aln examine our Line
~chanan- Scott Co.
Bigr Cleaarnc: Sale of eve~r' article in the house for this
ntire week. ifom'3 to elo on all Goods. Cloaks,
ilie rv, etc. E~Lrked )(low cc.
aid si Must !akg Room For The~m
Winter Stock M uST G;O. Prc is no object with us.
Big Bargains in New WAhite' Fablrics, Laces, Embroideries
flsertiols etc.
Genera Ckearance
Buchanian-ScOtt Co.
Cash D)epartmnft Store
u1ple have the best
their I - ''
Mr. a /
ei atisf actorya r
this question. The chemist tells
s that there is no harm in cot
ton seed oil, and practical ex
perience not only tells us that it
measures up to every require
ment of lard, but that it, is just
as wholesome and ever so much
cleaner. But still we have a
prejudlice against the oil and
won't use it until the northei n
picker has mixed it with mere
or less questionable hog fat. l
b?led it under a dtferenti nan e
and sold it back to us at a high
er price. - By the way, is it not
possible .that our objection to
cotton seed oil in food is really a
matter of Yankee suggestion?
If tht e were any w.y to trace
I the matter to the bottom this
is ab)aut what we would find.
I And yet it is as plain as the nose
on one's face that if the soulh
ern people would assume a
frank, open attitude toward the
subject, iletermine on the use of
cotton seed oil themselves, brag
on it and do all in their power to
remove the prejudices of others,
the result would be a still more
wholesome product than we are
now getting at much less cost.
"We are allowing ourselves
to be duped in this matter, and
we are paying tribute on a com
modity that is absolutely our
>wnl.--Yorkviile Eunqirer.
. Carolina wvill ('onv4ne
.nge~ burg, Feb. 16-17-18.
rvv townlship is uirgently
'1 to send(l at least one
. Alil who anticipate
.- w~il please notify Rev.
-, A zr, 8. (C.
Ch'n Ex. Comn.
wers; wa, ke?pt in be d for
eeks. BlooJ po son from aspd
.bt caus"d large, deep sores to cor
-r hi. lg. '1lh.~ doctors failed, then
-u~klen's Arnica Salve completely
ured m. ;' writes John WashingtOo, of
Bos ,j'evile, Tex. For eczema, boils,
uO 5and piles jis supremel. 25c. at all
)rugg s -.2
Jtst for a Little While
Id zik~ t) > e a boy aga d,
Just for a day or two;
[d like tot roam throuigh the old home
w avs
Just e I usedl to do.
Ovr the his and( fir awvay,
W aing mile on mile,
N ath as!ry as blue as it un.d to be -
I'd M.e t i rinAe wah chun:s of ol.
Just for a day or two(.
JuLst s~ I used t' 1 >.
Over the 11.Os andi: trough thie lan",
Down to the old, i rn s:ihb.
Hearing the wh1:p.-teor-will's shirill cry,
Ja a a liWe u lie.
1'lXi a t~o in~ t &scear, cold strenm'
'. r a :y two,
Wati th a. rk a; it sinks from
JTst :.s 1 used to d:o.
Over the br: L. and th; oughi the woods.
M!arching in single file,
$Marching with clhums for big nut trees,
JJust o: i ie w bvie.
1'd like to rest 'nueath the old home icof,
ust for a d:yor ('two(,
Dre ang <be:,ans o.f the days to come,
Ju-n :s I u:s d to (do.
ivn r flh am. s of ys ter.!ays,
sitting I drt mc anod taku:i bck
J:.tsti foralt tme whild e. m ak
ui- - -iI o l
is advancing and we are now
ian we have ev
modern business methods is a checking ac
count in a good Bank like the LIBERTY
BANK, Liberty, S. C. H. C. ShirTey, Cashier.
ro Plants ,
20c per 10
The Bargain
Don't Forget those Bargains mn
98c. per pair
You don't stumble on such bargains often. We can say
noney also on Men's Dress Shoes.
Don't forge.t that we buy hens by the pound and w
you better to sell that way than by the head. Rem
that we give coupons for Cash purchases except heavy
eres. Don't fail to see our beautiful pr lum goods.
The Anderson Phosphate &.Oil Com.; y has bo
a high grade phosphate rock (d phosphate),of hi
and '3 -:h grade ammoniates, blood, tankage, etc.
is ma. Ing a high grade blood ' and bone fer til
There is no better fertilizer than one with a bl.ood
bone basis. Fertilizer is like bread; you can't
good bread unkess you have good material to ma
w'ith. Flour is the foundation of bread and phosp
rock (bone phosphate of lime) is the foundation o
tilizer. There are as many different grades of p
phate rock as there are ot tlour. We have boug
phosphate rock (bone phosphate of lime) whi
usually exported to Europe where intensive far
is done, high grade fertilizer is wanted and high
results is required. Our ammoniates, blood, tan
etc., are the best we can'get. It is going to clhp
profits but we will have the satisfaction of maki
fertilizer that we can offer our home folks, our
door neighbors, with confidence, fogwe believe
is nothing better made. We want you to tr y it.
want to sell our fertilizer at home. We want to
the money that is usually paid out for freights in
ping goods away from home and put itin high
fertilizer that we can sell our folks at home. It9
pay you to try some of our goods. GR
J. R. Vandiver,V
President. __ ____L Man
DF9 00Dbl, IiOiOSf S
We are now rounding up our winter's .usines e
policy not to carry a.ly goods into the next ~eason
dispose of. You will find in our place s me e
values, in winter goods. The time is short in wh
to dispose of the goods, so the
Price Knlife will be app'
L-adies Cloaks, $1 2.00 and $14.00 now
a" $ 8.oo and $:
S<ppe big bargains in Bjankets. I
Fiannels 20 per cent
K Heavy Wool Dress Goods Reduct
weight goods will be sold at BARG
t atement is worth your while if you have
Some early shipments of Spring go~
nier nris as in the past, shall be as low -

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