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- mber that J. 0. Brock will
all kinds of furs, such as
.k. otter, opos-mn, muskrat,
, fox. Irin in your furs.
I buy until Apiril 1, 1909.
r fii-st-class- dental worwk Se
Lawrence Roper. O.1it IIP-;
s ()VCI Freenuan Co.'s store.
and Persor.l
the Pickens
ity pouitry cnoks.
r. J. L. Bolt was J)",t o
Ler-on, i1oldy, on business.
r. E. B. Webb returned to
:ens, Mondav afternoon,
1 a, trip to Atlanta.
.1). Taylr photographer.
be in hi; studi at PiC ens
t Tu'-ay.
edav was salesdl but
e n, doing alongI
li A gdd many people
e t wn to pay taxes and
n1 0 A)1h e basiness.
many friends of H. H.
will b? sorryv t- learn that
ite 4--.e Iiis home in
They hope ie may
ver and be up again.
artridge has as pretty 1
chickens in the Silver
"Nandottcs as one would
o see anywhere. Troupe
oultry (rank right, and
he is off duty all of his! t
Spent ii the yard with 1
s. He has fine utility i
d villsoon he !e 4tingre
011 thei.
.-oo , of Pickens, R.
eeding some 'fie Buff
th Rocks, and it is a
:e and delight to go,
rh is vards. Barnev
a great deal of thought
attention to his fowls, is a
reader of several poultry
1als and is one of the comn
reeders of this sec tion.
iesday the county commis
er's met in regular sessionl
passed the day approvingI
payingfirs. .Th. eet
w4s an interesting one and
ci rapher's report of it
ld be entertaining readin.
Ssrs. Looper and Bowe n fur
t(ed considerable amusement
-ose present I their arcu
- it, as did .mle Noah''
re, with his t,uaint sayigs
of .Hi. Craig, with his yard of
A de Island Reds, has as pretly.
4 deken as one would care to
wi :at. MIr. C. is breeding for
bee lity and> is getting results.
chicensandeggs are in
sos 1and all over the country,
in l a receiving orders from Cuba.
tin cannot nigh begin to supply
ra emand1 for 'thi. breed( of
ties ekens.
and Iessrs. W.~C. Newton and B.
of .Robinson, proprietors of the
lo4: > sales stables in Pickens, are
wa i trying to hand(le what the
miIl le wants, an-d judging frm
pa1h way they are sIpjpng in~
k and disposing of them the
~~ 0 pleasing the buyers of stock
for1 this country. MIany mue
horses from these ba s
e been sold to farme1i~ in
~hboring counties. I
. E. Brue3 has purchad d
from D)r.; J. L. Yalley andI
I son bdgin the erection of a
re'sidenlce bet ween the Val
and Bowen houses. There
several vacant lots in this
ed of NUin that would lo
- .~ te ai un neu:-s (n tnemiv.
St. m b) ~.Is t a buildiing boom01
to Pi. ken . TIee is not a va
y storeroom1 or dwvellig~g in
eo -ns, and no place for the~
b- uiVe if they should1 want to
an here to live. Prett y muich;
Str ~ame conda ition prevails in
rv own in the Countyv.
ca ['he ~uany friends oif MIrs.
liy lark will regret to hear
her < ''ath, which occurred at
ha homn" of her son-in-law, D.
to E't1aye -, on the 30th ult. She
.sigen invalid for a year,
edi Satur ~dav as er .lrnun'i
toii. Whe' he wsfihu
Caryli2a boundthreais
Gevernor Pa ~
in his in,? ur :. aa.slnbt
or irDeachmnet
Thec Amnericar wa 4y
K of ti e battleshi Sh asod
of kx CCI~ 'as d twrst fintheu
cnd'7v~~' ~ t t thpae relation
Gbr W~nfr deathd. fet
Loiiaaanoee eme of Cos
pyt1tJ colie have the l)est
1 wishes oI t heir many friends.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. L. 0.
Thompson, on the 213d ult,
a son, "J. L. 0., jr.," who, we
hope. when Father Time calls
on us to lay aside the cares and
burdens of conducting a country
ne(w'aper, may be able to pick
up the work on Ti: SENTINEL
JOURNAT and carry it on, and
prove to be a power among and
a blessing to the people he serves.
J. H. G., Jr., and E. G. Mc
Daniel, of Forest City, N. C., ar-i
rived in Pickens. Tuesday even
ing, for a few days' visit with
thir parents and other relatives
and to be prez:ent at the "'honie
coing" (inner served by their
father. J. H. G. McDaniel, on11
Sundav to his children and
"randaliildren. There will be
went y-four of them present. 1
Dr. J. N. Hallum, with his.
vard of 'White Leghorns and
Wahite yandoites. .has one of i
h p)rettiest sightj' to be seea
mvwhere. Dr. Hallum is meet
ig with great success in raising
m1 selling these breeds of birds.
[ie has the finest strain that i
nonye can buy and is keeping u
hem in all their purity, and is 0
>reedilg for (11ualit v alone. 0
Pickens county tfir; -
Jers are not all de (! Theyare.'
Vry nuch a and some of'e
hem ai ushing their birds's
)efore t public eve in every
vay th (an. Sonle of them
tilrs in the newspa
1T11androuitry journals and!:
elling their stuff. One breeder
'n our town has sold over 820GO
worth of eggs from his Y4rd
1nd had orders for over .500'd
North, but jut didn't have the
oods for his customers. Sonie
)f the hors hiy- ' had some
:nighty nice priw ing (done (at
his ofiuc for their business andl i
re flovding the corintry withti
iterature relative to the good.
)Oints of their respective b)reeds.i
\'ame your yard adltus fgr
mn your next printing bill.
The many friends in Pickens
a'unty, and elsewhere, of Hon.
WV. T. Bowen will be sorry to
earn that he fell out of the barn
oft Wednesday morning and is
eriously hurt. Mr. Bowen was r
mut doing thle fleding and in
amne way m issed his feoting
ma fell to the groundl, striking
n his head. He is pretty seri
musly hur', and fears are enter
:ained that his back is broken
along with the other injuries he
eceived1. Medical aid was im
niediately summoned, but as we
o to press we have not learned
he doctor's diagnosis, It is to
e hoped, however, that Mr.
P>owen's injuries are not as badC
is first reported and that he mayt
;oon be out again.r
Pickens now has electric lightsI
;hat arc second to none in the I
.onntry. The machinerv has ~
di arrived and been placed and (
:he current turned on. Sunday ~
siiht the are lights suread their
rilliant and (ffulgent rays over C
:iie peaceful little embryo city,
Lo the dlelight of the many wvell- s
wishers of the Ivy Water, Light
&c Power CO. Th residences
will be conniected up this week
and a regular current turned on.
Hurrah for Pickenis' Now let
aus all pull1 for waterworks,
which is reaIly needed more
than lights. F'ire protectionl is
what Pickens now in(-d s m ost
of ai! things.
Thle Southern P'urchasing &
Sales Co .. wVi th headquarters in
Grexwnvi!!e, is the latest Moun
t iyindustry, the proprie
tsbigMes:;rs. C. O ob
an d Tn . I. Tarner. The busi
ny fthe n-zw complany will
consi1st of condiucting sales, buy
ing hankrupt and general stocks
sp: cial ~cnineial advertising
camnpaignis: (irle( t milil connec
t ions, will buyr mill ends through -I
mills all over the United States,
andl ship (direct to stores through
the south for s Ij sales, etc.
The Sou r PurThasing &1
Sales Co. will operate through
the southern states, and svill
employ entirely new methods'iu
conducting sales. Mr. Hobbs is
in charge of the office f-ork and
Mr. Tlurner is field mb.ager and
dire -tor of con1ductorsktof sales
and .advertising. Thes e enter
pris ng young business en have I
cement, etc., in fact anything
in the house-builders line can
be found here, and they will be
n a position to furnish you a
-omplete house if you will fur
iish the lot.
Ed. Hendricks, of Pickens,
. 1, is a breeder of Buff Orpin
:ons.and is a poultry crank right.
iis birds are fine ones and are
vinners wherever shown. Out
)f five birds shown at Pickens
ie won 1st and 2d cockerel. 1st
md 2d pullet. At Greenville,
)ut of four birds shown, he von
od cockerel, 1st hen and stand 3d
)ullets in very hot competition.
['he birds were taken up out of
he yard and exfiibited without
my grooming whatever. If y)ou
ike the Buff Orpingtoiis, -vu
annot do better tha,i purchase I
'our sto(k or eggs flol hini, as
iis stock is of the Owen strain,
he finest bred Orpingtons in
o the Pastors and Sunday School
Workers of Pickens County.
ian of the County Sunday
chool Association, I desire to
rge upon you again the appeal
f Bro. J. T. Taylor, chairman
F the execus.f coninittee,
lade rifough the SET L
V<NAL some two i-eeks ago.
"here is no time to b
lecting your delegates to tfi
tate association, which meets
ri Orangeburg, Feb. 16-17.
I have in my possession 15 en
olhment blanks and certificate
ards, which must be signed
roperlv and furnished the dele
ate to secure his or her enroll
unit, and free ente.tainment
uring the session.
In the early spring we hope
'have a great county associa
ion at Pickens. and we are ex
eedingly anxious to send1 from
he county at least 15 delegates
n attend the state meet ingA.
onming back to us filled1 with
iformation and the spirit of
. S. work.
The pastors of the state are
rged to attend, and are c'on
idered members, but many of
hem cannot pay the expenses
f the trip. Let me beg that
he church make up a small
urse, sendl to their pastor, and
equest him to go. It will.be a
ood investment for the church.
Ie will bring Lack to vou a
toek of information that he will
:et nowhere else so perfectly.
Let any Sunday school that
vill send delegates write to me
t once for blanks and certifi
ate cards. And let any indi
idual or pastor who will go, let
ae know at once, and I will
end in name to entertainment
omm ittee.
The following brethren consti
ute the county executive comn
J. T. Taylor, J. R. Connelly,
2L. Smith, A. G. Pickens, W.
V. Aiken, L. E. Prince, J. C.
~arrett, N. D. Taylor, A.lonzo
We urge these brethren to (o
perate with us)ja the organiza
ion of associat .ks in their re
pective townshl-s
Yours for betfer S. S. work,
Ch'n Co. Ass'n.
Health ex-~ edingly good and
tews exc ngly scarce.
P>.rn, on the night of the 24th
lt., to Mr. and Mrs, R. E.
lowen, a fine boy.
D. M. Newton has returnled
romi a trip to Vina, Ala., andl
eports a good time. He found
iis baby very sick, but is b)etter
~t this writing.
Winter has just set in. The
Jarch winds sure do blow.
Rev. Walker filled his regular
ippointment on the last fourth
unday. This gentleman, is
ruly a fine preacher.
Misses Ada and Ila Woodlson.
wo of Liberty's amiable young
adies, visited in Norris last Sat
irday. We wvere glad to have
:hemi in our section.
Annie Phillips, L. G. Phil
ips' little girl, was bitten by a
~at the other day, hat nothing
er ions will result.
Joe Powers, of Old Pickensa
visited Walter Mauldii
nrayv at Norris.
iorng. 1To-day (Monday) h<
is figuring which is the cheap
est-to buy feather beds or feet
a wife.
Well.we've had an excedingly
mild fall and winter until thih
spell, and we shouldn't grumble.
There was more wheat sown
last fall than common, ard if it
shouli Snow some it will only
be for the better on it.
Owing to the pretty weather
hi Janiary some farmers began
to prepare for another crop.
ThaIt's right; an early start is
half the battle. We look for a
cold, late spring, and when a
day comes that a farmer can
work he should make use of it.
There's always something to do.
Cotton has begun to rise. after
the poor farmer has sold out.
Something in it. however, for
the speculator.
Blessed is the man who can
raise anything and not be forced
to sell ol account of dpbt. Jas.
Parsons, of Liberty, can do that.
He tells the writer that he has
sold enough of last year's cotton
to pay for his guano and run
hin and all his hands this year,
and still have 18 or 19 bales lying
in his yard. Mr. Parsons says
he never allows a hand on his
place to go in debt only to him.
He ascertains exactly] how much
cash a. month it will take to run
the family. At the end of each
iiiTan ets that family have
that much moneyA-. books it
-no lien or mortgage. 4he
hand leave at any time, Mr.J
savs his work will tally with
the advancement. If he stays
till his cotton is gathered he
hauls it to Mr. Parsons' yard,
and he (Parsons) allows the
market lPicWe for the renter's
part. He charges no interest on
the nw ner. We have never
heard of MIr. Parsons having
any trouble with his hands. If
other' landlords would 0 o this,
would it not h)e b)etter f%tsboth
landk,rdi and tenanti' better
tenants could( then be had. If
both landlord and tenant would
work to eac h other's advantage
would it not b)e better for both?
When a landlord gets a good
tenant or a good tenant gets
with a good landlord, isn't it
best not to make a change?
John Williams, of Norris, is
building a fine house.
Lookout. girls. John says he
can't always (10 his own milking.
Wiell, "School Girl," I have
not been studyin g so much
about the Greenville girl asI
have about von andl "'Bonnie
Blue Eves." The trouble with
me is I don't know which to
take, von o1 "Bonnie Blue
Eves." Of course I will have
to wait a few years on "Bonnie
Blue Eves," b)ut she will be
awfully sweet when I do get
her. B.
A delightful entertainnment
was given at the home of Brown
Foster last Saturday night.
Among those present were the
Misses Cairo and Verner Foster,
May Lou Inman, Nannie Cow
ard and Lillie Epps, and Messrs.
Wade Betson, Paul Carpenter.
Charlie Foster. Earl Foster and
W. C. Gibson, Jr., from Green
Vance Featherston, a tobacco
drummoner, passed through here
the other day en'route to his
home in Pickens cou.nty.
J1. M. Gwyn has just returned
from Greenville where, while
se'ving as a juror, he became
W. T. Batson and wife visited
at the home of J. M. Gwyn,
Farmiers are clearing up the
land preparatory to snring plow
ing. They expect a good croj
year. 31any are going to plant
less cotton an d more corn, wheat.
jpotatoex, etc. B.
Soldter I.iks aocath Plot.*
It seteed to J. A. Sto we, a civil wai
et ran, of Kemp. Trex.. that a plot ex
isedl between a de.-er ate lung troubli
and the grave to cause his d1eath.
cotracted a stubbar n cold." he writes
that developda neoughi that stuck t<
me in spite of al remedies, for years
My weight ran down to 130 pounds
Then I began to use Dr.; King's New
Di'cozery. which restord my healti
e( mp-etely. I now wveigl 178 pounds.
F< r severe Colds. ob ate Coughi
Hem>rrhages, A sthma, and to-. prever
Sinia it's unrivale . 50c.~ and 1.0:
ttle free. Gu anteed by al
0. Wobinsom
The price of cotton is advancin
care oi our customers than we have
business has made us able to carry
carried heretofore, and by buying i
lower prices. Below we submit a f
Men's Shoes
No. 220 Heavy Tan Shoe with Cap and Bats
Wing at $2 00. "Wachovia" a lighter shoe than the
above without cap-just the shoe to wear when you
are doing your Spring plowing etc. Every pair sold
with a guarantee. Piedmont, light solid Brogan at
$1.25- "Bengal Calf " heavy Blucher Shoe with cap
easy worth $3-.50 our price $3-.oo. Men's Satin Calf
Blucher with or without cap, a dandy for $1.50.
Catawba Shoe, made in North Carolina-of solid
leather-a neat Sunday Shoe at a $1.50. Sampson
Superior Shoes-Hand sewed-made in style for'ser
vice. Can't be beat ( t $3.50.
Lot of Lace Window Curtains 5 feet .vide by ii
feet long, good values at 1.25, 1-50, i-75 and 2.00
closing them out at 1.25 per pair- 3x6 Window shades
at 25C each.
A lot of Ladies Purses the 25c kind closing put
at 20C.
Nunnallys Engineer Overall, a good one at a dol
lar our price 95c Good assortment of work shirts at
Soc each 2 for 95C.
Just received lots of bordered Ginghams, Prints,
We are still giving Coupons. (
come whether you buy or not. WE
At the Old St
-As we go to press Uncle
Jerre Looper is some better.w
"The .Blood is The Life." -FOR
IScience has never gone beyond the ~ '\.4~
above simple statement of scripture. But
it has illuminated that statement and
given it a meaning ever broadening with
the increasing breadth of knowledge.
When the blood is "bad" or impure it
Is not alone the body which suffers
through disease. The brain is also
clouded,~i mind and judgement are
'etean l a,n evil deed "ir 'mpure
gh etly traced to the .~ t
imp te~ Foul.impureblood cnieainwl owl op
~ Makers idthheworld
curing, pimples, blotches eruptions and
other cutaneous affections, as eczema,TIEYON C-lP HA
tetter, or salt-rheum, hives and other
manifestations of impure blood,.e h hwio-h vr
In hecure of scrofu]ous swellings, en
larged glands, open eating ulcers, or old FSrDosDESR voaep
sores, the "Golden Medical Discovery "has
performed the most marvelous cures. In 1rcaeouotardnr
cases of old sores, or openi eating ulcers, brdcohspidsor
it is well to apply to the open sores Dr. eeygnlmnt rs
Pierce's All-IIealing Salve, which po;s
sesses wonderful healing potency when nto o u
used as an application to the sores in con- pie
junction with the use of "Golden Medical A
Discovery" as a blood cleansing consti
tutional treatment. If your druggist RI-OT Tesnil
don't happen to have the "All-Healingmaeoano
Salve " in stock, you can easily procure it IPisl
by inclosing fifty-four cents in postage ur us tye,hps
stamps to Dr. Rt. V. Pierce, 603 Main St., utb&@.wto r e
Buffalo, N. Y., and it will come to you by
return post. Most druggists keep it as vr ad lher-ew
well as the "Golden Medical Discovery."
@ @ ? ? of Me'andoung gaMens Fhatn
You cn't afordEo accptGaCHmed THnAT
of unknowseemptheIshowisag-thetwort,
for "Golen MediancDiscoery,"ewi"hwish ona
having a competetlistrofxngrediditsri
uame being tteoted ascothes-priced oso re
Dr. Pierce'srPleasntlPellnttordgulat
s.nd invigorat:stomach,oliveraoduroprices
~ \, , AR_
je~~'elry---made ofsigridandlyxacuted
suitabloeouabagin ro abe OWe is dryhe
to hatvery.hSpdcyalhafterrLu.gc
dYo an't Lokfutfor th etamdcn
for "olde MedIcDisoer whic isniial 2 .
haicng otlio ngrns J h1ii U~
plai EnL onis, otrpr theth
aing atteeteda PcKrrNS. S:.e Cn th.av
ManDfactiers Plasn Pelletns frieulatees
'and invhorate sToach, Sliead Prowpl.n B.
111Als hadls, rtal, oftD ndlers f CtheFamou ScHL
Fan cy h la&el rcptoyrilsee
and we are nowbb
ever been. The..
a, more complete line
n large quantities en
:w discriptions a pri
Shoes for
Mule Skin Shoes r Ladi
keep the foot dry and has
be beat anywhere at $1-50.
No. 936 "Solid as a Rock"
stand the rocks and briers at $i.ao
"VIRGINIA GIRL" a fine d
tip, made on good shape last arid
bucher cut, solid leather throug
Modern Girl Shoes worth- 2
Carolina Maid, a good pate4)
A Complete line of Childrens
price irom ioc up.'
Calicos, Madras, Du-er
A lot of shirting at 5c per yard -
When you buy flour buy4e
you know you -ire eating -the --
also sell Ballards. -
White Fish, new pack i kts, o50c
8 pounds-Best Green C e t0r.
8 pounds extra good e co
Granulated and bran gr.
/ome in and see s, -
are always glad
its and.Overcoats >
rofth'e selecon~ of his Cloth
y us*a xisit and-see-te womie~:
have had made by the Best Cohe
:1 loves winners-ind you'll look e
of our Superb Rex Designed AitSu
collection of. Rea ~\ear
asongb swithin the reach
>ecomm lgy at little cost
are as low as others; OUR .CLOT iES
garment for mid-season or for a'ny tin
:her cloths. Worsreds and Cheviots
and lengths-a light weight Oved
ither--water-proof, yet dressy. In fa
t Ltheatre or other occasions.
ishmgs; rens, Olives.
every hue that Fashion dc
ss BROS, & Co,, L. ADLER BROS.,A
LVIFG Co's line of high-grade war
time to couple onto one foi
Car of Ranges came in, W
I)Ienty of other stuff besia
Pittsburg Perfect Fe 2
> Wire, Plo ws, Hoes, Etc.
an (n

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