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Wonderful Advancei
in the Last T
Washington, Special.-Tn no see
tion of the country, probably has
there been more wonderful advance
ment in agriculture within the past
ten or twelve years than in the South.
The belief is expressed by officials
"- of the Department of Agriculture
at the Southland is bound to take
-hat e in agricultural develop
inent she m
A spirit of re-awakening is coming
over the Southern farmer. The agri
cultural progress in the South has
arked by a material prosperity
eruna and such as, perhaps, has never before
das a been enjoyed by the farming element
of that part of the country. The fi
m- p nancial condition of the Southern
C. planter began to take an upward
tendency about 1897, since which
time the situation has steadily im
o.. proved. The production of cotton
al that great staple crop of the South
increased 53 per cent., from 1896 to
t,'and I 1908, and the value of the crop 133
t ad per ct. The Southern farmer, long
na and debt-ridden, has to a marked degree
o are been, again placed on his feet as it
ent were by the increased prices he has
rEeiyefrom his cotton crop of late
East yeos. As a natural consequence he
te, tat is;devoting more time and attention
m. For building himself a better home, to
well' 't e education of his children and, he
icines i in fact, deriving more of the com
entitled i rts of life than ever before.
ed phe I Work of the Department.
he agricultural progress of the
r, local ~mereally dates back to a few
y aro ago when the Agricultural De
TSI ent inaugurated an educational
capaign for a diversification in the
OMEN cro s. The application of practical
E BY renetifie methods to Southern agri
sMs culture in the opinion of Secretary
Wilson has done more to uplift
land than any other factor.
Officials of the Department of Agri
culture believe that the advent of the
weevil was in reality a sort of bless
o the South. While it was dis
n thatre
staple ro a
the farmer realize that he must not
g devote all of his land to cotton, but
A,sA. must'depend to a considerable extent
Supon other crops. The South was
at qaick to absorb the scientific knowl
~etes now -edge so freely given by the Federal
and speci government and is rapidly recovering
Isa from past mistakes. Secretary Wil
dee.d el son is~ a great believer in the doctrine
- that the foundation of this nation's
prii.ty. is an enlightened agrical
SeCretary WflsoRPleased..
S"I am hajpf3 to have an opportun
n r ity to express through The Assoc.iat
ed Press,'' said Secretary Wilson
"the Agricultural Department's
- a good will toward the South and its
"desire to foster in every way the ag
hoii ricultural prosperity of that great
and favored region. I have always
taken a great interest in. the agri
* .the South, not only be
of ithextremnely interesting
antpossibilities, but +4aus I have felt
y. a keen sympathy wiT a peone
at; $165,000 BY THE
rish. Washington, Special.-By far the
largest specific allowance of repara
the tion ever ordered by the interestate
''commerce commission was made
tue ae
o.6. '09 Thursday, when that body approved
-a settlement a eement of ~
one New York, . Special.--Just which
one ship was responsible for the Nan
om- tucket collision in which the White
SStar liner Republic and the Italian
rel at liner Florida figured and which comn
ireds t pany shall pay the damages will be
decided by the court of admirality.
n you goth companies have filed suits. That
tation tthe owners of the Republic claim
wa s $'mages of $2,000,000 and recited
edy. in iea form the story of the recent
free, sea ~saster. The blame for the col
Washington, Special.-The Navy
aidsNa, Department opened bids for locating
-a wireless tower at Washington for
communicating with ships at sea. The
peciflcations require that the tower
- station shall be capable of trans
ting messages at all times and at
asons to a radius of 3,000 miles
navigable direction from Wash
.The messages are not to be
interrupted by atmospheric distur
Lenoir, Special-Mortimer, a town
in Caldwell county, in the Harper's
Creek neighborhood, was the scene
S of a shooting scrape -Friday. The
participants in the battle were Depu
ties Sam Smith and Zeke Garland and
Dolph and Keith Pritchard. The
trouble arose over the arrest of W.
W. Honeveutt, for who the offit-ers
had a 'eapias for retailing. The
prisoner told the officers to go with
him up the mountain to see t.he
Proverbs and Phrases.
If you understand a man the first
time you meet him, there isn't much
about him to understand.
Each mother thinks she has the:
dearest baby in the world, and, as a
matter of fact. none is chieap.
Industry is the parent to success,
d the suecess belongsjto the mau
nent in Agriculture
welve Years
struggling bravely to overcome the
results af a devastating war. I felt
that they needed such help as the De
partment could give them, and I have i
lent a willing ear to their appeals. t
It is very gratifying to me to see the
cordial spirit of appreciation mani
fested by the people of the South s
for the work the Department is try- I
ing to do."
Under Professor W. J. Spillman,
of the Bureau of Plant Industry, who
has charge of the farm management a
investigations in the South. much has
been done to encourage better sys
tems of farm management, looking
to the restoration of fertility, the
bringing back of humus into the soil,
and the suggestions of improved ro
"One of the most important meth
ods adopted in fighting the cotton
boll weevil" said Professor Spillman
"is the diversification of crops
and the introduction of new crops.
Since the farmers have begun to rea
lize that the weevil will in a few
years spread over the entire cotton
belt, they have become interested in
other crops as they never were be
fore. In many sections truck growing
has.developed amazingly. This is es
pecially the case along the seaboard,
and along the principal lines of rail
way connecting the South with the I
large industrial centres of the North.
In other sections farmers have turn
ed their attention to the production
of hay. While not enough hay is
grown in the South to supply the de
mand, the quantity of the home-grown
product has increased to a remarkable
degree since the Department of Agri
c.=lture began its propaganda for di
versified agrieulture in the South as
a means of fighting the boll weevil. In
some sections, especially in Alabama
and Mississippi, alfalfa has become
an important crop. Last spring one
small town in Mississippi sold ovex
$3,000 worth of .alfalfa seed. Fivc
years ago there was hardly an acre
of this crop in that vicinity.
Stock Raising.
"eMafrI>h her crops formerly grown
i aCreafes only
4or1e past fewyears. This
,cially true of corn, cow
beans. The cow pea crop
has become vastly more i
than formerly. This crop is us
for hay and as a seed crop, for
there has been a 'steady demand at
good prices.
''Southern farmers also are turning
their attention to stock raising. Cat
tle have not been much raised in the
South, both because forage crops
were not extensively grown and be
cause of the presence of the tick
wh'ich spreads the dreaded Southern
cattle fever. The government, both
State and national, is now making an
effes to eradicate this tick, with
every promise of success. This will
permit of the development of an im
portant new industry in the South
which is affected by the boll wee
''Apparently it will only be a short
time bofre the South will ad.ust its
agriculutral industries to the changed
conditions brought about by the ad
vent of the boll weevil, and wil be
even more prosperous than. it was
when cotton was king At the same
time, owing to improved methods of
culture, and increased acreage, the
cotton crop -will probably be even
I greater than it is now.''
in satisfaction of the claims on ac
count of unreasonable rates on lum
ber shipped from Southern mills, in
volving about 125 cases and 11 dif
ferent railroads of the South. These
are said to be,abouit one-third of
e 'imceto the same kind pending be
'aTre the commission.
lision was placed on the Florida.
The owners of the Florida also filed
a libel suit and a petition for a limi
tation of liability to $224,000 against
the Florida. Later the Florida's
owners applied for and obtained an
order from Judge Adams in the Unit
ed States circuit court staying all
suits for damages against the steam
ship Florida on the ground that their
petition for limitation of liability
had been filed ahead of the $2,000,
000 libel suit of the Oceanic Steam
ship Navigation company.
bances or interference by neighbor
ing stations. At the same time the
department asked for bids for two
sets of apparatus to be installed on
naval vessels to be capable of trans
mitting and receiving messages at all
limes, seasons and latitudes, to and
from a distance of 1.000 miles, and
to receive messages from the Wash
ington station at a distance of 3,000
miles at all times.
Prit-char-ds, and he would fix up hie
bond. Honeyt-utt 's wife went with
them, the woman going ahead of the
officers. One of the .Prite-hard 's re-|
turned with the woman, and the other|
went out in the woods, and demanded|
of the officers: ''Turn Honeveutt
loose or I will kill both of you.'' and
began to fire. He aimed to kill Dep-|
uty Garland. and shot Honeycutt|
through the heart, killing him instant
Ixy. The second shot took effect in|
.Garland 's face.
Items of News.
Easy in money is not world-wide.
In Australia there is a manifest
tendency toward stringency, and lit
te money is available for fresh in
The first steel ingot ever
,ured by Dban's Kidney Pillg
Years of Suffering.
F. A. Rippy, Depot Ave., ditit,
lenn., says: "Fifteen years ago kid
ney disease attackedl
me. The pain in my
back was so agoniz
ing I finally had to
give up work. Then
came terrible attacks
of gravel with acute
pain and passages of
blood. In all I
. passed 25 stones,
some as large as a
ean. Nine years of this ran me down
o a state of continual weakness, and
thought I never would be better un
11 I began using Doan's Kidney P!ils.
'he improvement was rapid, and
ince using four boxes I am cured and
tave never had any return of the
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"I suffered from eczema on my hands,
irms and feet for about twelve years; my
iands and feet would swell, sweat and itch,
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iry, then peel off and get raw. I tried
most every kind of salve and ointment
without success. I tried several doctors,
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cure for eczema. A friend of mine in
sisted on my trying the Cuticura Remedies,
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set and by the time they were used I could
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no trouble since. Charles T. Bauer, R. F.
D. 65, Volant, Pa., Mar. 11, 190."
Potter Drug & Chem. Corp., Sole Props.
of Cuticura F e-Boston. Mass.
Hope, lik. a.mering taper's
ight, adorns andTeers the way.
fiud Doble,
The greatest of all horsemen, says: "In my
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It is the greatest blood purifier." Bottle.
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r manufacturers. Agents wanted. Send
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The Favorite.
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)r. Michell's famous saive a real blessing.
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ounded by Experienced Physicians
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Nature never did betray the hear
that loved her.--Burrow.
Humility is the A. B, C of spiritua
life.--St. Vincent deC Paul.
LucAs COUNTY, 55s.
FnANK J. CHENEY makes oath that be is
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LARs for each and every case of CATARRna
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Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
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Parasitic Diseases Can Be Extermi.
Pasteur says: "It is in the powei
of aman to cause all parasitic dis
eases to disappear from the world.'
Knopf, of New York, says: "T<
ombat consumption as a disease o1
the mrasses successfully, requ 11ires [Ih
combined action of a wise govern
mnt, well trained physicians. and
an intelligent people. '' This dicast
is certainly knowni to be curable and~
we should not therefore, in any way
delude or deoeive the victim. The
public must be aroused, apathy is the
greatest factor in the disseminatior
of mnfectious diseases.
Black Fox Pelt Worth a Fortune.
Lee Handy, of Edmonton, Ky..
who purchased the skin of a black fox
from a boy a few days ago for $1.60.
was offered by a Louisville firm $225
for it. lie refused to sell it. Latei
he was offered .$600. He became sus.
picious and tcok the matter up with
New York dealers, who quoted him
prices from $1,000 to $1,500. HIe wil.
take it to Newv York and dispose oi
it. This is said to be the first black
fox ever killed in Kentucky and the
matter has crcatedl great excitement
among trappers.
The greater the man, the easiel
of approach, and no one need hesi
tate to seek an audience if they havt
a reasonable proposition to present.
Coffee Was the Cause.
Many daily habits, particularly of
eating and drinking, are formed by
following our elders.
In this way ill health is often fast
ened upon children. A Ga. lady says:
"I had been allowed to drink cof
fee ever since I can remember, but
even as a child I had a weak stomach
which frequently refused to retain
"The taste of coffee was in my
mouth all the time and was, as I
found out later, the cause of the
stomach rebelling against food.
"I now see that it was only from
following the example of my elders
that I f-ormed and continued the mis
rale habit of drinking coffee. My
igestion remained poor, nerves un
trung, frequent headache, and yet I
lid not suspect the true cause.
"Another trouble was a bad, mud
y complexion, for which I spent time
and money for creams, massaging,
tc., without any results.
"After I was married I was asked
o try Postum, and would you believe
t, I, an old coffee toper, took to Pos
um from the very first. We made it
'ght-according to directions on the
kg. and it had a most delicate fia
or, and I at once quit coffee, with
he happiest results.
"I now have a perfectly clear,
mooth skin, fine digestion and
aven't had a headache in over, two
ere's a Reason."
ie give Poti Co.0, Battle
?rovOisonal Governor Magoon Es
corts General Gomez to the Palace
For the Inauguration Ceremonies
and Then Sails From the Island on
the New Maine-Cuban Gunboat
Sees the Americans $afely Off.
Havana, By Cable.-Major Gen.
eral Jose Miguel Gomez was inaugu
rated President of the restored Cuban
republic Thursday at noon and with
in an hour after he had taken the
solemn oath of office administered
by the Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court, the American officials who had
been in control of affairs since the
autumn of 1906 had departed from
the island.
The American provisional Cover
aor, Charles E. Magoon, who escorted
General (omez to the palace and
there turned over to him the reins
of government, sailed on the n,.w
Afaine. The Maine was followed by
the battleship Mississippi and the
army transport McClellan. A swarm
of small vessels joined in the proces
sion out of the harbor.
A Cuban gunboat also accompanied
the ships some little distance to Fea
with a band -on board playing from
time to time the Cuban national an
them. Earlier in the day Governor
Magoon and President-elect Gomez
were seated side by side in the car
riage en route to the palace in the
wake of a galloping escort of rural
guards or native cavalry there was
silence on the part of the holiday
throngs who lined the sidewalks.
Hats were lifted as the carriage
swept by, and the salutes were return
ed in the same manner by the Gover.
nor and General Gomez.
At niaht fireworks burned through
out the city in the same profusion
that characterize the 4th of July in
the United States, and the cafes
were gay witb music and singing.
About 3,000 trdop are still on the
island under the command of Major
General Thomas L. Barry. These
will be returned to the United States
as fast as the transport service will
permit, the last of the troops leaving
on April 1st.
Cuba begins her new period of in
dependence under conditions which
seem as propitious as could be evolv
ed. Peace reigns from the western
extremities of Pindar del Ria to the
eastern promontories of Santiago
province, and no ditLn tement
is anywhere i-- "vidence.
Nine Men Are Now in the Jury Box
to Hear the Cooper Trial-rourth
Venire is Ordered.
Nashville, Tenn., Special.-The
ninth day of the trial of Duncan B.
Cooper, Robin Cooper and John D.
Sharp, for the murder of former Sen
ator Edward W. Carmack closed with
two additions having been made to
the jury, which now numbers 9.
The two recent acquisitions are Gus
Knipfer and P. 0. Beirman.
-Pp to Friday Night, 1,165 tales
men have been examined in an effort
to get the 12 men. Of those who
qualified the State challenged 13, the
defense challenged 23 and the court
summarily excused two after they had
been declared satisfactory to both
It is conceded that the action of
the State in charging two talisment
with per.jury has greatly reduced the
chances of getting a jury at once.
Many of those summoned say they
may have expressed an opinion at the
time the murder occurred, and for
fear of an indictment, they disquali
fv themselves.
After hearing testimony in the case
of Juror Whitworth, whose health is
saidl to be such that his life would be
endangered by the confinement inei
dlent to the trial of the case, Judge
Hart was disposed to excuse him at
once, but the State asked that a de
cision be withheld until the next pan
el was exhausted.
Bulgaria Complains of Turkey's At
Sofia, By Cable.-The Bulgarian
government has delivered a note to
the representatives of the powers,
complaining of the irreconcilable and
uncompromising attitude of Turkey
and declaring that the Porte must be
responsible for the consequences. The
note does not solicit the intervention
of the powers but draws their atten
tion to the tension of the situation.
Dlesperate Ma-n Breaks 3ail.
Wilmingon. N. C., Special-Jap B.
Walker, a white man in jail at South
port, charged with the murder of
Sheriff Jackson Stanland, of Bruns
wick county last December while re
sisting arrest by a posse headed by
the sher-iff, made his escape from the
prison at Southport by braining the
night guard, J. B. Fountain, with
some heavy instrument procured in
some unaccountable way after- he had
escaped his cell into the corridor. The
uard was disarmed of his pistol and
all the cartrdiges he carried and a
white man named Butler. held as an
accomplice of Walker escaped too.
European Powers -Keeping Peace Be
tween Turkey and Bulgaria.
Paris, Special.-An official note
issued here sets forth that the
powers of Euirepe are earnesfly con
tinning thcir efforts to prevent an
outbreak of hostilities between Tur
key and Bulgaria. an outcome threat
nedl by the recent mobilizations by
both countries concrned. -
Foreign News.
Mrs. Carry Nation met a hostile
rccption at Canterbury Muisic Hall.
London, on last Monday night and
wis egged.
There is a quarrel again between
Peru and1 Chile. The difficulty came
to general notice when the Peruvian
overnment a few months ago re
fused to pcermit Chile to place a
tablet on the mr.numnent erected by
Peru to the memory of her soldiers
who lost their- lives in the war of
Crude'd to Ece.th in Well.
Wadesboro. Spyaial.-Watson Cole.
a well-diszer, employed to clean a
well on the Ashecraft farm east of
twn, was rlmost instautly -
Monday. Col.e wer at the bat
the well end his' pssistant w
ing cut the refuse, The rop
Case of .czen.
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the p?.-. was under the care 01 a
physlc.- hat time. I have used yout
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im entlrZo * ll. I am a lady eighty
rour years old.v
M Sarah A-Dean, Myricks, Mass.
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Worm, Ground Itch. Itching Piles. In
.-nt's S1re Head, Pimples. Boils. Rough
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cn.-eol Itching, Blind. Bleedming or Prot ruding
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A s:nile makes a deeper impression
)n the oit fellow t1han a frown.
All Who
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good health, with its blessings, must un
derstand, quite clearly, that it involves the
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Per Salzer's catalog. page 129.
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N.ading New or
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recognized as a wonderful remedial medium
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Rheumatism and Neuralgia. R[CS'S GOUJ
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grease, with other valuable curative ingre.
dients added. Try it.
25e-At all Druggists and Dealers-25U.
Biges F arke price paid '
Dog Saved Boy on Bobsled.
At South Norwalk, Conn., when lit
tle George Plunket t, uicknamed
''Buster,'' was abandoned on a rail
road crossing Tuesday afternoon. dii
reetly in tile path of the Pittsfield
express, Irish, a neighbor's big dog,
grabbed tile rope of tile sled in his
leeth and( ( nsili did( what was im
possible for the strength of thte chil
dre.'. He pulled the sled and "'Bus
(er'' from under the pilot of the loco
motive just in time. The tiain was
slcpped, and when the crew ran back
they found the big dog affectionately
laping the tears from the lad's
face. Irish is owned by ,John Davis,
witie ''Buster'' is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. James Plunkett of River street.
The passengers on the trailn. mostly
wealthv New York men. on their wa'.
to Lenox. madle up~ a purse for the lad.
"Do you know of any w
benefit from taking Lydia I
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ence with Lydia E. Pinkhamr
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womn who is sick g
ive suc.. diil
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o orePain
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flown, of Sevierville, Tenn9"I would take smdhert
ing spells, and suffered at my periods till I Wanted
to die. I took doctor'9s medicine, but it did me no
good, so my husband got me a bottle of Cardule I
have taken two bottles and I can do MY Cooking now
and all my work, and look better and stouter than I
have for 12 months and have no more pain."
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It aI Help You
With such enthusiastic, truthful, unbiased
mony before you, how can you still heoe P i
eand try Card for your female troubles
Your suffering cann 'be w
than that so graphicd tepicted
M rs. own. Go, then, today, to
gd sm h and get a bottle of CarduL. It
h h nd thousands of women. Why
Give ( ardu afi..4thor
test and it will surelyoelp you.
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t su lre onthiatic, tuthfu baed t-.
monydbeoe you,n how an o stllt heaen.i ta hat
- and'try Cardui,tforoyour female troubles.
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Bridget,''w he replied,.lookinggup.
necessitya-ear bi tterlimony cforn yles.
And__what taretyordandoiear'l'g''Suae,
airly,hoaso sheotrottedoloff.---FebruarMot
Lippincott's., erf7 t nan ohes
goo,dfabout, rememberingleeton payCidebts
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FaCloroke t r Uce ixnlvy aao d fepa .
W.a - *t t .tAe , d park Sgrthan E a mass.
W.E.. OiAS 6 Spark St., Er C NEs
mnwho ever received any GRE EN,GRE ES
.Pinkham's Vegetable Corn- HOEtSES ADPAT
ing with any ailment peculiarjFOPRCSADAML.
brs this question, she will be SAEWA O AT
re is hardly a community in
nnot be found who have been
famous old remedy, made SJII II
rula of roots and herbs.25SeodAne,Nth
e have published thousands NahyleTnn
omen who have been cured
table Compound, and never sEED
>bished a testimonial without F
tNever have we knowingly lreaetelesfi ovr th
vas not truthful and genuine.adknwoo C(5hiny
rv days ago. If anyone doubts nc~ir lor.lsO'
tatement of a woman's experi- 3t iivioh.Iusd- -lO
s Vegetable Compound write Bs iitcyO'IidGa.bhl22
sbegan taking Lydia E. Pink- rtfrCtao31(trie
as a total wreck. I had been
le troubles, chronic dyspepsia,
advertiSmnt ofALydaRICEPS.
was dvisd tSEED t.ANS.lIEE COR, ANE
th~ th Copoind,andit id SEtoE,ir MIET tow PEtuAS o. SOJ
~d suandqTgMATofoLIPS, NION SETS,

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