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-neys mot, because
they do most and
should have attention
first. Therefore,-when
your kidneys are weak or out of order,
S, S.Ee. s you can understand how quickly your en
tire body is affected and how every organ
EBRUARY 11. 190 feems to fail to do its du'y.
if you are sick or"" i badlY," begin'.
- Ataking the great kidney rcmedy, Dr.
L tKilmer's Swamp-Root. A trial will con
et uitvince you of its great merit.
The .mild and immediate effect of
Roosevelt and con- swamp.Root, the great kidney and
Calm themselves, put bladder remedy n is soon realized. 'it
. _andsth~ehighest because its remarkable
and give the country health restoring properties have beeu
-el -tosands of the most distress
t us. have no more of proveii in thousad ftems ites
.hih st moe Pg cases. If you need a medicine you,
which set the Zhojd have the best.
rs in the clos- 1S4d by drUggSts in
Prsdetfifty6cent and one-dol- Um
President -Tyler's r sizes. You may
on, when John have a sample bottle
- sf'm by mail free, also a
s, himself a former pamphlet telling you homeo bw P.RWL
suggested on the'floor how to find Out if you
bladder trouble, Mention this paper
that the 'quarrel be- when writing to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
- ad t Binghamton, N. V. Don't make any mis
- take, but remember the name, Swamp-:
Mold probably have to Root, and don't let a dealer sell you
-'Inblood. The trouble. Metaing in place of Swamp-Root-if
'~"~ toyou do youill' be disappointed.
t8h t 49 erated o- -
e'use. %of civil war
laity of - little his
WPri0ance t hardly Better a big dog's lark than
k Owg t i was. the bite of a little dog.
.-[Norfolk In measuring a man's deeds
by his talk use inverse iatio.
meC The average husband is a si
lent partner in the domestic
A9646 tons
- e i 1907, firm.
eis crushed. A young widow with a for
0 i1lion tune is forunate if the 1emains
consumed on a widow.
where they were Your opinion is 'all right-if
Y.a lla11 amoun i can get the right people to
for seed, the re- indorse it.
ave been fed or
1 . Used We feel sorry for some men
seed has not who are compelled to listen to
weight as their own talk.
each ton] From the winner's viewpoint
there was nothing the matter
ofh the game as played.
eth wast- A woman's interest im a di
service in plant vorced man never lets up until
- -if anything, she discovers why he was di
Hegoes>on also tovred
~Souh loes ~If every man was take~n at
by eporingitshis own valuation there wouldn't
e .l .nc itiso be half enough halos .to gto
foodstuuf around.
an is realized
- anf to go
p-in bile attic every time he
-' ~2 AL~oil. reels like swearing.
for it until A mai never realizes how old
me it is un- de r ni
- or le beholds his son's glad rags
Ur m f his return from college-[Chi
mea *ago News.
f cotton itIt tC,.Se.
- ch heatfeigfo eeretltolelisn
e quanti- ~oeain"'te sdD.Kn'
arvey W.e iePlI. h rts,"ilwol
ter pro.
" huht~oYou onyhop.sidnhdctr
meetanderng fom ope-oureca roue lies n
a peraton watver foosd r Kinls
ongo n ew maife Pffered you?ie,"tl wol
.fhuh esoo Yo Thin
of worke- For n m Youre i masel
met ndoryou t umoth triedkde hong
y, ith me1irda gul dow whateverno old mei
hngoud e Te makber oferPerc'sFyout Pe
t_ecue oowfk,wevou,kun
_mey, awi e,th-ngti mdcnet eaeu
diin ofnrdet,eeyoeo hc a h
-escape itrogs osbeIdreeto h edn
such aanstdadatoiisothserl
iection toinfc,aeonylogatopitastyd.
- eedingbotewapr
-:This ThfomlofD.iec'FaoieP
tin ofndical epet, ten it meains n
you leadtn mhedcal teached and thor
Th-ak r of Dr. Pierce's F avorite Pres-ito o h
citon, exatr the urfe alwea,ntrs, run-i
-ae, nwngti medicne to abeimde.u
o othrmediine fery on's wIllh has athe
suctroepssinl eindorsement af the lierding
alid adrdommenraties of etho sera
us a e alteschools of practice,.refctywlig and
inh suct, aersemega rnt,no worthey or
the fokla,oret of ingredients, t nfmerich
Th, eadn fomdlatoriPiesce' svot re
If U( sripio will beafrx tohe moesritica exama
ain addes weiah eet for sate containsn
Dr.oho~.na.Pirc.cs Buhaflo. hab. -orin
wrg,d o agent caentr of it that snt
ntbey cremdd by isth sadCe
d lhenyfo meicast tears. nn autor
liese ohei perl schooals in pratice.
Tese iaurities aeond thenial ngreets
crofu ny oF igiea rcition . for thi
c Wre ofealte Dusaalts o red p, ch
such' p arofesio reosmenDr ierce's
F,aorine P rectlypti on h ei d, i nen
mclme sf al the ssofpte. Ts
conpsiertion? rce~.
of fatlJ
If baby
superintendent of Education R.
E. Nicholson for visiting the
3chools in the various sections of
bhe county. This afternoon
Hiss Nance went to Oconee and
Pickens to arrange her visit later
to those counties.
The schools in Anderson coun
ty will be visited during the last
week in February. Miss Nance
will come here on the 22nd. and
remain through the 27th. The
schools in every section of the
county will be visited, and she
will address the patrons, teach
ers and pupils along lines of de
velopment of the schools-con
solidation, the voting of, local
taxes,. lengthening the school
terms, improvement of build
ings, libriaries, general equip
ment, good teachers.
For three years Miss Nance
was president of the State School
improvement association, and
has for two years teen field
agent for the state educational
campaign commission. She has
visited every section of the state
and is familiar with school con
ditions everywhere, Her visit
to Anderson counity should be
productive of much good to the
shcols.-Anderson Daily Mail,
Washin - on Once Gave Up
to three doctcrs: was kept in bed for
five weeks. Blool po s,>n from a spid
er's bite caused large, deep sores to cov
er his % g. % 1 - doctois failed, then
"Bucklen's Arnica Salve completely
cured me," %% rites John Washington. of
B squeville, Tex. For ecz!ma, [boils,
burns. an,d piles i s sap eme. 23c. at all
Druggis s.
Fejarg Sliggestions.
T offer your farmer readers
some suggestionso>n February
farm work.
Gentlemen, get to work early
and stick to it late every day.
Prepare your garden by n
emLns year,
can plant Saturday or
Monday,that will be near ehough
to the 14th7
Double furrow with half
turner for your potatoes, which
cut when larger than a hen's
egg into only three pieces. One
third off the tuber end is a very
poor planter. Split the top end
open like you was splitting open
the end of your finger, instead
of cutting in two. That divides
the eyes betwveen the pieces.
Drop in the bottom of your fur
row 20 inches apart, with cut
side down. ~Cover with a good
sprinkle of stable manure (not
cow-stall manure, as that gives
the potatoes a strong, bitter
taste). Marsr the full length
of the furrow. Then a coat of
rotten straw if you have it.
Ridge it and dr' - t of the
tes later
on I have raised at he rate of
425 bushels of potatoes to the
acre. Beat that and I'll have
your picture taken and pin the
"blue ribbon" on you.
Prune your fruit and shade
trees early in the month. Fin
ish cutting wood to do you
through the year before the sap
commences to rise, as it injures
land to clear the timber off of it
when the sap is up in it. The
wood is badly injured because it
will soon decay.
Lay off your rows and bed
your stubble land, instead of
breaking, as is customary. Your
land will drain and pulverize
much better. Let all your clean
land alone until planting time.
Where your pasture land has
lain two years without cultiva
tin, break it with half turner
Don't bed it, but leave ever
furrow open. Leave it ridget
and vou'll have much more so
face to produce grass, and th
droppings of your stock wvill g,
down in the furrows and manur
the land instead of blowing an
washing away. Your stock i
grazing will cultivate the lane
by traveling overit.
Repair your terraces, clean
out ditches and fix up youw
fencing, so as to keep your stock
oft: yot r own premises. Don't
forgt you have a stock law to
e strictly observed.
Landlord and tenant.should
vork for each other' leasure
mdp' 'T
We have had some very fie
,veather, but we can now look
)ver on the Blue Ridge moun
ains and see them covered with
T. E. Powell visited Mr. and
drs. Bud Evans, Sunday.
D. R. Evans has his new house
:overed and is now going on
vith the inside work. It will
>e a beauty when finished.
Your scribe and Bud Evans
vent on a trip to the Oolenoy
;ection last week.
Mrs. T. E. Powell has been
)n a three weeks' Visit to her
nother, Mrs. M. L. Dodson, of
near Rosman, N. C.; who is
lown with a broken Ileg. We
lope to hear of her soon being
ap again. OLD ROOST9R.
Soldier Balks Death Plot.
It seemed to J. A. Stone, a civil war
eteran, of Kemp, Tex.. that a plot ex
isted betwtei a desperate lung ;rouble
,nd the grave to cause his death. -I
sontracted a stubboi n cold," he writes,
that develop 'a a rough that stuck to
we in spite of al remedies, for years.
My weight ran down to 136 pounds.
rhen 1 began to use Dr. King's New
Discovery. which ristored my healh
ompletely, I now weigh 178 pounds."
or severe Colds. obatinate Coughs,
Hemorrhages, Asthma, and to prevent
Pneumonia it's unrivaled. 50c. and .00.
Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by a
Notice to Debtors and Creditor*s.
All persons having-claims against the
estate of the late Isaac Durham deceased,
must present the same duly troven. on
or before the 1st day of Ar4il 19,9,
or be debarred payment, and all persons
ndebted to sail estate muit waske pay.
ment on or before the above date to the
R. N. DURHAM, Admr,
Notice is hereby is hereby given 'that
I will make application to J. B. New
bery, EFq.. Judge of Probate for Pickens
county. in the State of South Carolina.
on the 11th day of March 1909, at 11
o'clockfin~The forenoon. or as s->on 0h-A;j
after as said ap:licatioh-Mnr-be-heard.
for leave to make final settlement of the
estate of N. bl. Hfadden, dece--sed, n'
obtain discharge as Execn!^_
. zuotesale house in Newv York .can
igned to mue a lot of ladies underwear..
They come to .me much cheaper than
the regular way. I tack on a very sm.all
profit and ".et them go. The Jot had b,e
bought in entire suits or by the.eingle
garment. Some are most eTaboratriy
trimmed in laces and embroidery. -All
at very low prices.:i
Not quite all that chea p crockery gone.
I have added a line of glassware just as
attractive in quality and price.
I e n s-tve you money on flour, I bonght
th ee months ago before tee rise. Nuf
y . T. D. HARtRIS.
All persons in Pickens county liable to
road duty are hiereby notified that1 iere
will be no extension given of the 'imne
for the payment of the commu'at.i<n
road tax. All who do not piv $1 .50 to
the County Treasurer by the first day. of
March will be re quired to work five. days
on the rr ads or pay $:3 in lieu thereof.
By crder ofithe Brard of Count y Coin.
missoners. E. F LOO ER,
Sup -rvisor.
N. B. MlOORE. ommis.siones.
It makes us very tired, indeed,
to have merchants insist on us
to urge the people to trade at
home and not send away to mail
order houses or big city stores
for their goods, and when we go
around to settle our accounts
have presented to us a billhead
printed away from home. We
believe in trading at home, but
those who cry out so loudly and
persistently should certainly be
first to set the example.- [Fort
Mill Times. You have hit the
nail squarely on the head, Brol
Bradford. We have even paid
bills that were made out on these
"stock" billheads, which cost
the user more than those printed
at home. Why. anyone -will be
so short-sighted and throw his
money away in this style in
preference to patronizing the
iome printer and get better
work for less money is a mys
tery to us.-[Gaffney Ledger.
The Jar of
Hammer blows, steadily ap
plied, break the hardest- rock.
Coughing, day after day, jars
and tears the throat and lungs
until the healthy tissues give
way. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
stops the coughing, and heals
the torn membranes.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over uizty years."
KadeLO ASan0..loeL nu
A mfe mauUso
ersR VMR
o emb I
.i.i u!vUOdULUlI
Goods Must Go
Big Clearance Sale of every article in the house for this
ntire week. From M to Y off on all Goods. Cloaks,
VMillincry, etc. Marked below cost.
Our Spring Goods are Arriving
and we Must Make Room fFor Them
Winter Stock M LST GO. Price is no object with us.
Big Bargains in New White Fabrics, Laces, Embroideries
Insertions etc.
General Clearance
Buchanan-Scott Co.
Cash Department Store
Sad Little Love Story. "The only amaranthine flower
on earth is virtue; the only list
In Oakwood Cemetery, at ing treasure truth."
Raleigh, N. C., stands a monu- Upon the golden plate beneath
ment around which lingers a the photograph . Bauer,
romance that links together which is s * ,*owy mar
Pennsylvania and North Caro- aid-aZstinct~as
lina, Philadelphia andl Raldigh, made yesterday. is a tablet of
Anglo-Saxon and Cherokee In- gold on which is engraved in
dian, says a writer in the Re- graceful script these lines from
cord. the once so popular song. "Jua
_ Some years ago William nita."
Sloan, an architect from Phila- "In Thy dark eye splendor,
, went to Raleigh. to de- Where the warm light used to
arioms public buildings, dwell,
th a; went a young Weary looks, yet tender,
lbert G. Bauer, one of Speak their last farewell."
. htsmien. At the same After this Bauer prospered
-e ws a th Oxordand he was in request far and
a11ge a Cherokee Indian near,buonSndymrn,
girl, Little Rachel, whose Chero- not besponeindoay knockrni,
kee name was "Unaka," which his bedroom door, it was forced
means the White Bear had lost and there in his well-ordered
her mother at a very early age, room lying in his bed undressed,
and her father, who was promi-anwihnislfhndapr
nent.inhissecionas maon,trait of his dead bride and in his
died while she was quite young. right a revolver he lay in his
She was taken under the protec- last siep. Deth had come
ting ing f theMasosean many hours before, in the early
sent to their orphanage, weehours of the night. There was
she was carefully trained and merely a line to say that he
later wvent to Raleigh as private wse olne oieadta
secretery to one of the leading wiehd no err. orlvn hi
Masons in the state. When sheto nycam
and neiter ein awr el inhlov Loving hands bore the body
an etheelwr bids thae iht to Oakwood and a grave was
therrtate lawfobd Cherks nd made in a place he had specially
marrageof Ceroees nc1reserved and there beside his
whites they were married, lost love he was buried away
Immediately they went to until the "Great Awakeniiig.'
Philadelphia on their honey- On each anniversary of tjis
moon and remnained there for birthday and of the deathday ol
some time. They were on the the Indian b)ride tender hands
point of returning to the state lyupon her grave and his th(
when they discovered that they flowers she so loved-hvacinths.
had unwittingly violated the
law and they decided to remain Th .,rcret Lon.g or
in Philadelphia until some sort AFni~i?s a icvrdOl
of an arrangement was effected.sce fln i'-.Ii ehdda
Their numerous fi-iends took o neia~hlpo'dEe cBt
immediate steps to secure the tr rlnslf zdmksi ot
passage of a special act legaliz- ie h lo,rbi'stewse ev
ing their marriag. This was el,iprsifantoetihen
done un inimously and soon af-8iknddilatdpoe.'iny
ter heyretrne toReligh A trlencha igtist hay ifcoee fo
sertowong8 wries-. His nehdean,o
mad ittherhme.Cuwith. thebld. "But lectri agomioe
cure Ameicniey. Onlec ic it.al
fews teebroo,mreburn[y tcawaetd nerv
fells,results,lifedathennethe she-en
troubne hadbbndghtaddmyolher fo
madbe in thir lasom e. e usig.3e.onu leticBttr
oneedofmehentiopes.ofothe cen.ete-al
ry, marostpitredsquel spo Drugits
fwit ysmateoaraycaef, wit a-- -
raal ofuts the mn the haor
doized heused lai moether~
oeof h opesign.t cemete
Browstoe, inaid withfu male
ndohas and cres Over1e AthetFsinto
orcare teon the va
ous iodesg. It is ofe '3E i eswnos l
by an exquisite marble dupli- x. X o to s- tLe exhibit. and
te of Diana at Ephesus. This mati. rnacIi elee who
was at once the work and gift
f a Philadelphia friend of Bau.- That This Jeweiry E tore
r, himself an artist (ti muc~h es the~ p ze he finest seock of
abilit.v. Within the pillage lhari!.omne or:iazi.cnts ansd sterl og sil
potico of this stately structure ver ovelties. Our watchis ce-e
inth doray ter ith po brated as goodI timepieces, and ou.i
n th dooway thee1sthe ho-tableware is warranted not to tarnish.
ograph on porcelain of Bauer's Inspctioni "r r ilne, cor ially invited.
lost love, the Cherokee bride. H NDR
In letters of gold in a white H NIEI
narble tablet in the brownstone;
i the following inscription:'f0 F
achel Blyth, wife of A. G. * *
Bauer, died Jan. 9, 1897, 26 Is Now
LiaL. Ja 1U 1'cc "ily you w1a''UA~ %'A;
jected. to be subjected t3 such inconvenience;
One of the most pleasing conditions of
modern business methods is a checking ac
count in a good Bank like the LIBERTY
BANK, Liberty, S. C. H. C. Sh:rley, Casf
Plants e,
The Bar ain S
.t '- s in
98c. per pa
You don't stumble on such bargains often. W
money also on Men's Dress Shoes.
Don't forget that we buy hens by the pound
you better to sell that way than by the head.
that we give coupons for Cash purchasec ocv~
ceries. Don' t fail to see our beautiful
One-Price Cash S
The Anderson Phosphate & Oil'Company he
a high grade phosphate rock (bone phosphat
and high grade ammoniates, blood, tankage,
is making a high grade blood and bone ~i
There is no better fertilizer than one with a Io
bone basis. Fertifizer is like bread; y'ou ca
good bread unless you have good inaterial to n
with. Flour is the foundation of bread and-ps
rock (bone phosphate of lime) is the found'
tilizer. There are as many different grades
phate rock as there are ot flour. We have
phosphate rock (bone phosphate of lime)
usually exported to Europe where intensive
is done, high grade fertilizer is wanted and
results.is required. Our ammoniates, blood,
etc., are the best we can get. It is going to
profits but we will have the satisfaction of
fertilizer that we can offer our home-lks,
door neighbors, with confidence, for we
is nothing better made. We want you
want to sell our fertilizer at home. We
the money that is usually paid out for fr
ping goods away from home and put it in big
fertilizer that we can sell our folks at home.
pay you to try some of our goods.
J. R. Vandiver, D. S. Van
President. ~Ma
DM DooBle, floilops,
We are now rounding rip our winter's busin
policy not to carry any goods into the next seaso
dispose of. You will find in our place. some
values, in winter goods. The time is short inw
to dispose of the goods, so the
Price Knife will be app
Ladies Cloaks, $r 2.oo an~d $1 4.00 no
" " $ 8.oo and $io.oo no
Some big bargains in Blankets. Kerseys,
,Flannels 20 per cent under
Heavy Wool Dress Goods Reduced.
weight goods will be sold at BARGAINS
statement is ro.rthjyour while ~

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