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Pickeis SenthieWouni
The entinel-Journal Company.
W. L. MATHENY, Manager.
TVIe1ephone 32
bSubsCription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Reasonable.
ntered at Pickens FsitofiCe as Second Clan
Mail Matter
--YgPkRUARY 25. 1909
The legislature has repealed the
lien law. Whether this is wise
or not, it remains to be seen.
The effect of it will be the plant
ing of less cotton, leading per
haps to a greater diversification
of crops, and the benefiting of
the large planters by forcing the
tenant class to become hirelings.
On the one hand, the acreage of
cotton being reduced, its price
will lincrease, thus benefiting
principally those who can con
duct their planting operations on
a cash basis or its equivalent;
and, on the other hand, it will
free the small farmer from the
necessity of having to plant cot
ton almost exclusivelio in order
to meet his indebtdness to the
merchant, and at. he same time
compell him t9raise his own
home suppligb, which in the
long run W1l be a good thing
for l s its putting hinr on a
basis. But for those who
t land, whites and blacks,
repeal of the law is going to
k a hardship. They will be
orced to work for the land
owners or else leave the state.
Unable to give a lien that is
valid in law, the only basis up
on which they con Id heretofore
obtlin cr"?. ib will be left
without kleaawith which
tq rim a farm. :Tie&ore, they
will bo compele4Freturn to
aelanid datsy laborers or as
inants farmers for -the rich
mdlords. This of course, will
a good thing for the la~4
ers, but we are not ntg
' to prov ners, They
-will-no longerie independent d
the landlord.
No doubt the repeal of the lien
law will solve in large measure
the question of labor in the
country. There will be plenty
of it, for renters will become la
borers, and large planters, un
like it has been, will be able to
get all they want. Possibly this
was the main reason for the re
peal of the law, and, if so, it
savors of class legislation.
It must not be supposed from
Th' above that we favor the lien
law. We have simply pointed
out the advantages of its repeal
to one class and its disadvant
ages to another class. If there
had never been a lien law the
state would be in much worse
condition today than it is, and
the people would be more pros
perous. But inasmuch as such
a law was enacted, believed to
be necessary at the time, and
has been in force for over a
quarter of a century, its repeal
now without any sort of ease
ment, is going to work a great
hardship on some, while it will
be of immense help to others.
Its repeal should have been
gradual, or in such way as
would not have brought distress
all at once upon so many. We
believe it ought to have been re
pealed, but not just in the way
it was done.-Columbia Record.
A Doctor's
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is not
a simple cough syrup. It is a
strong medicine, a doctor's
medicine. It cures hard cases,
severe and desperate cases,
chronic cases of asthma, ple'i
risy, bronchitis, consumption.
Ask your doctor about this.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
We have no seereta I We publish
heformulas of anl our medicines.
jn fAe' PINs at bedtlno.
Letter to cotol ir0wers
To the Cotton Growers:
A year ago I strongly urged
you to reduce the acreage in
cotton and grow more feed
stuff. It seems from the acre
age and in some sections a small
increase was shown. The re
sult has been about as I predict
ed, the lowest prices we have
had for several years. It now'
looks as if the crop will bring
around $550,000,000, or ovei
$50,000,000 less than last year's
crop, which was nearly 2,000,
000 bales smaller and taking thE
cost of growing the extra 2,000,
000 bales it means a loss to thE
South of over $100,000,000.
The time has arrived when
you must decide on the acreagE
for this season. I strongly urge
you to reduce your acreage in
cotton at least 10 per cent, an(
raise more grain and hay, sc
you will be more independeni
at marketing time. When the
spinner is assured there i4
enough cotton grown to supply
his needs he is very independeni
and will only buy at cheaf
prices. With a possiblity of c
shortage he is a very eager buy
While the consumption foi
the first half of the cotton yeai
ending March 1 will likely be f
little less than half the crop.
the consumption the last hall
will be very much larger, so tha1
we will likely have about the
same visible supply that we hat
last season, so that we shouk
raise next year at least 1,000,
000 bales less than the consump
ilon in order to get good price,
for it.
Now 'don't think that ever)
one else will reduce and you car
plant more and get a big price
for that is what too many oi
you did last season. It wil
take a uniform reduction in or
der to get the proper results
You should only plani
enough so that with the mos1
favorable conditions the croj
would not exceed 12,500,000 ani
then if wete
. -u get more money for it tha
if you raised 12,500,000.
I hope every merchant readin
this article will call his farm(
customers' attention to it an
urg the reduction. It is the e>
tra hundred million dollars t~h
cotton crop brings that make
trade good through the Sout}
I suggest that meetings be hel
in every school house on Marc]
7, so that uniformity of actio:
may be taken.
Weekly papers please copy
J. A. Taylor,
President National Ginners' As
Menmphis, Tenn., Feb. 17 19(9
washxin on Once Gave Up
to three doctors: was kept in bed fo
five weeks. Blood po son from a spid
er's bite caused large, deep sores to com
er his leg. 'l h- (doctor s failed, the:
"Bucklen's Arnica Salve comipletel;
cured me," writes John Washington, c
Bsqueville, Tex. For eczema, boih
burns and piles its supreme. 2~>c. at al
Liberty lNews Items.
Mr. aiid Mrs. J. T. Bates, o
Marrietta are visiting Mrs. Bate
father, Mr. S. M. Johnson, for
few days.
Prof. R. B. Geiger, of Pendle
ton spent the week-end witl
Prof. Riser.
Miss Minnie Griffin, of Green
ville, visited her sister, Mrs. W
A. G. Jamison this week.
Prof. R. A. Abrams, of An
derson was a welcome visitor t<
our city recently.
Miss Hattie Whitten of Pen
deton spent the week with Miss
Grayton Johnson.
The pupils of Walker McEl
moyle high school will give ar
entertainment on the evening of
Mach 5 in the auditorium.
Miss Bessie Peden, our effi
ciet music teacher, is visiting
home folks at Fountain Inn.
One of the most beautiful and
entertaining social events of the
season was the "hut" led by
Sir Cupid", master of hear-ts,
given by Miss Grayton Johnson
on the evening of February 13.
It was attended by quitec a num
ber of out-of-town people and
was a success in every particu
The management of the Eas
ley Cotton Mills is planning to
build a large addition to their
excellent plant, which will cost
about 8500,000. The new build
inig will be of modern construc
tion and will be equipped with
25,000 spindles and 000 looms for
the production of sheetings, the
present product of the company.
The machinery in the new ad
dition will be driven by electrici
ty. The plant of the company
is equipped with about 38,000
spindles and 1000 looms and
gives employment to 500 opera
John A. Hudgens, from the
Grendel Mill, Greenwood, has
accepted a position as overseer
of spinning at Liberty, S. C.
J. A. Pace has resigned a
second hand at Seneca to ac
cept the position of overseer of
carding at the Issaqueena Mills,
Central., S. C.
T. V. Bratcher, of Greenwoo(.
IS. C., has taken a section ii
spinning room at Libert v.
P. T. Sanders has been pro
nioted from loom fixer to su
ceed John Carroll at the Glen
wood Mills, Easley.
How'ts Thi-?
We effer One Lu:dred T ollars R.
vard for ary case of Catariib that m.*
I not be cured by Ha.ll's uatarih Curo.
F. J. t IENEY & CO., T 0ledo. 0.
We the uidersignad. have known F.
I. Cheney for the last 15 xeirp. and b
lieve hi.n perfectly honorabe in ll -1 u
ness Ira sactions and financially able I
carry out any obligations maoe by hi
Wholesale Druggists. Toloeo, o
Ball's Catarrh Cure is taken interna:
t, acting directly upon the blood an
mucous surfaces of the system. Testi
monials sent free. Price 7c. p.r bottle
I old by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
I tion.
Six Mile News$
The health of this community
is very good at this writing.
IRain seems to be the oider of
nC. W. Garrett w~as in Green
ville Monday on business.
gMr. and Mrs. Bud Duncan
r: visited Mr. Frank Stephens .las
d week.
SSay, Blue Bell, I must tel
you a mistake you made in you:
last letter. As for Aaron Gar
rett having cancer. The doctor
have not said it was yet, and we
hope that it is not.
Mr. Smith and family was en
joying the ride in an auto bug
gy instead of an automobile.
-Mr. Sullivan, of the new firm
Anderson Phos
Samples of three brandfi
- been drawn by a State:
and analyzed by the C21<
ties with the followingi
Our 8-3-3 ammoniated goods a
Our 8.75-2-2 ammoniated goo<
Our 16 per cent. acid analyzes
FYou will make no mis
zers. We are running
ses shows they are mu
Several of our custom<
us on the good, dry, n
our goods this year.
Anderson Phos
e TF
20c p
of Sullivan, Eskew & Co., of
Liberty, was in Six Mile Fridav.
acconpailied by Mr. Smith. Mr.
Sullivan says he must have his
part of the business from this
C. W. Garrett has sold his,
mill aud crusher to Mr. M. A.
Evans. who is running it on the
Cateechee Road and makes first
class meval.
Mr. Jack Hopkins and Chas.
Gaines of Seneca, S. C.. was in
our littie town recently.
High Grade
We wish to recommend to you the
use of our high grade fertilizer. Take
for instance our t-4-4 goods. Eight
per c nt. phisp[oric acid, 4 per cent. pot
asi a1d 4 per cent. anonia. There is
no-hing lkLtcr and. mighty little as good
it iakes j t: s much time, trouble an.i
lab'r to put in a chep low grade fertili
z-r as it does this 8-1-1 goods. and the
results are not to b compared. People
who ty it, comtinue its use. It is the
iheapsst I bor you can get and in the
u t ' hS : h . ehape.-t f- rtilizr I r ps
i'. aid wita - i-4 gool. take on a
iitfereiit hue and d.ffierit color to the
>th -rs. Atid then youVti g'-t more stai lk
od more fruit and t'.at is what it takes
o make the crnp: stalk and fruit, and
his is the! spec.al advant ge of th-s 8-1-1
.etid-; it inakes stalk and fruit. It costr
ore Oran tihe others but it is worth
iuch imor" than the difference in the
-)St. If you don't feel like going into
E heavy a- ftist, try same it. If you use
tive ton of fertiliz -r get one ton of t-4-4
!oods at least Next year you will use
:tI';re and %oti will comtinue to use more
.intil you r- using this entirely. It is
.t complete feitilizer and will pay you
tter thai ai.y you ever used.
S ):ie wet ks ago we wrote the agri
'ultural depai tment of Clemson College
for a ft raiiila for an ideal fertilizer for
c tton suit t.le for soils in this sectiin.
Ytu ki, N different soils require ditfer
nt fertlizers .ni we are trying to mak
fertilizer that will suit the soils in this
ection viere. we (xpect to sell our
oods. They sent us a formula which i
ractic ihy idntical with this 8-4-1
oods as w e in-.ke it. Their fcrmiu a
:alls for Nitrogen but we us? ammona
xlicl is the same thing (XC pt in ditfe -
nt fori. Ammoma you know, makcs
he l: Ax ant fruit and that is what you
wvork to get in the crop; statk ani fuit
Ind ammiioi nia hli.1 s you to get it. li
et I o.. on'L t Xpect much of a cr< p
lIt S, VoU have ti- stalk and the fruit.
' a geat deal (I pends o tie way it i
.nixed aid nia Ii pulatetd. 'Ilhe man
vhi got put this lormnult fair mixi:
.!Id uani platiig cur :-1-4 gWads
t'Ows ls busint-s aid we are making
Sspecialty' of this goods. V:e are % il
ag to risk. aor re;ti a;iol on the value
f -tur %-.,j-4 gaoods as a fertilizer.
Another thing abtout 8-4-4 goods~
v chi ' ou -probh,lv Iad not thouighlt
fis tis.: You t an't maike it with a
ade'acid and you can't n ake it
r rqires the very best matetilal sucl
as we hiave boughit. That is why ii
- 5s imore than the ordina-y fertuliz
tid that is whyu it is better als >thar
te ordlinary fertilizer r~s a pilant food
ewen't v'ou to tr ; it for we know thau
will giv. you stoisfactory res ults. 11
aou hav. never steen it trieid, try
ttle at first. People who use it say1
you can't use too much of it but ther
you want t be cautious and at firs1
we suggest that you get one or twc
tons out oaf live you use andi after that
the demand will take care of itself,
you have been missing. See our agente
AideSOR Phospate
ad Oil ['ffipan
hate &.Oil Co.
of our fertilizers have
[nspctor of Fertilizers
msoni College authori.
.nalyzes 8.69-3.66-3.60.
Is analyzes 1O.43-2.022.I1.
16.87 per cent.
take in buying our fertili
on quality. The analy
ch above our guarantee.
rs have complimented
echanical condition at
phats & Oil Co.
ION, S. C.
in I: IThe
Dr. E9
- -.benef
12ECO:.:ME.NDED FOR wol ti
Acute and Chro-iic Diseases of been
the Kidney, Liver, Bladder not k:
r or Urinary Organs and to ur
Acute, Chronic Rheumatism,
Uric acid, lumbago or gout. night
Dissolves and expels Gravel after
or Gall Stones. It heals and Out.
removes irritation, Inflamma- could
tion, Ulceration or Catarrh of out j
the Bladder, until
The Test That Tells.
DOTHAN, Ala., Jan. 21, 1909. Swao
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bnghamton, N. Y that
Gentlemen:-About one year ago two such
of mny child ren suffered badly from weak that
kidneys and diabees; their urine was .Hunt
very bad and they would have severe and
spells of dizziness, and were all run doses
down in health. I was just about dis- times
couraged. I tried se'veral remedies and prese
finally a doctor. but they did not seem entir
to inprove. I knew of a friend who was than
taking Swamp-Root for kidney trouble
with good results, and I decided to get gocd
tome for the children. I noticed there aboul
was some iniprovewent after they had this t
taken two large bottles, and continued
to give it to them until they had taken THO
a half dozen bottl' s and were well on
;he road to recovery. I think Swaip
itoot has done more for my children
than any other medicine I have tried, -
and I recommend it to one havIng chil
dren who suffered as mine did. Dr. I
City Clerk, Dothan. Ala. that
A Georgia Woman. havit
SPARKS, Ga., Jan. UI, 1909. neys
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton. N. Y. stitui
Getitleitien:-Some time ago I was empl
troubled with kidney trouble; had severe be a
pains in back and hip-. Was treated by unab
a ph sician, but without any benefit. I I t
noticed some Swamp-Root advertising beca
and re solved to give it a trial. After ago
:aking four bottles I was completely trout
ured. Have not suffered any pain at
1ll since and can recommend Swamp- Past(
Rot to anyone suffering from kidney
trouble. Sincerely,
Baptist Minister. over
Brinson, Ga., Jan. 20, 1909. I use
Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Binghamt)n, N. Y. cian
Gentlemen: -Some time ago I suffered
n ~bencI
severelv with pain in my back and hips. ied
\ly back piined me continually and I had r
fei. mli-riale. A friend recommended worsa
5wamp1 R >o'. I obtained adid took the r
e-mtnts of two bottles wthen I felt1 relief
gtl. 3)ly back has not troubled mel bottlh
ice and !can thoroughly recommend comp.
wamp-l)Rot to at yone suffering from woua
kiney trubles, as I find it afforded me rural
reat relif~. - I
Yours very truly, .Pai
REV. E. T. DAWSON. twl
Results After Using.WO
BOSTON. Ga., Jan. 13, 1909.
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Gentlemen:-Somle time ago 1 was
troubled with kidney trouble. I thought DC
for some time I was suffering with Dia- Dr.]
bates. I had severe pair~s in my back Ge
and hips. A friend recommended suf
Swamp-R>ot and I decided to give it a ba
trial. I obtained a bottle from a drug- ly s
gist and after takirs. -everal bottles the with
ps. i was entirely g ,aie and I have not truin
suffered t.he slight at since. I cannot be causi
t ,o enthusiastic "t my praise of this And
wonderful nedi ae and it gives me and
great pleasure . . ive my testimonial in Ro
regard to its m . its- and
J. B. ROUN TREE, conti
Forer Mayer nnd Member Legiklature. four
We have s ,I Mr. Rountree Swamp
Root and] h- 'e also soldl it in a number Ea
of cas' s f.r t.dney trouble and always the c
with perfeL atisfaction.
J. C. A DA MS& SON. M.
- the Ii
Do no
SWA MP-ROOT is not recommend' d for e
often during the day~ and get op many times d
(ue to kidney trouble, Swamp-Root will be fou
DON'T BE MISLED-for examle, when youa
edy, don't allsw any druggist, drug cle
place. Every time he succeet
but you are I
NOTICE.-Every reader of The Sentine
der R'medy, may address Dr. Kilmer & Co., B
At All De
A Sworn Certificate of Pui
Notice of Election. (cora
Whereas, a petition from ther B
freeholders and electors of Ru- IEdui
hamah School district No. 5, has I
been filed with the County
Board of Education of Pickens
ounty asking' said Board for
permi'ssion to hold an election in
said district to determine wvheth- ,Itr
er or not two mills extra levy isted
shall be levied on said school and t
(istriCt for school purposes.en
It appearing to the C ounty rei
Board of Education that the pe- My
titon meets the requirements of Th'fen
the law.therefore it is ordered Disco
that the trustees of the above c i
named School district do holdfn H~ema
election March 6th at Ruhamah Pneui
School House for above stated Trial
purpose. The Trustees shall be Drg
nnaers. and shall conduct -R.
this election as all g-eneral elec- i.
tions are conducted, and in ac- .WI
Value of A Remedy Is Pio'
Its Cures*
ELK WOOD, Ala., Dec. 11,
:lmer & Co., Iingnamton,
Lr Sir:-I have derived such
it from the use of your r
ip-Root, that I believe it to L
-tant for the public to know its
. For the p .st ten yeors I have
the most ni s.!rabla of men. Did
aow what the troubl,- was, but had
nate very freq'iently both day ar.d
was all puffed up generally.
I not sleep more than a conple of
at a time, was greatly distress-d
eating a meal and was about wurn I
I had tried nearly everything I
see advertised and hear of, with
ielping me to any great extent,
finally in October last at Ri1 an,
I purchased a one dollar bottle of
2p-Root and commenced taking it
ding to directions and I followed e
vith another bottle and experienced Y
great relief and benefit from same b
1 purchased five dollars worth at a
sville, Ala., and con'inued its use v
am now taking it, bW. in smaller o
and twice a day in place of four! 1
a day and believe by the time V
nt supply is used up I will be e
-ly well. I am feeling better now e
for ten )ears rast. Can eawjk
firs' class, in fact I am feeling so a
that I cannot resist telling you
it. You are at liberty to publfs !C
stimonial should you wish.
Very Rispec:fully,
S. STALLARLD, U. S. A, Retired, I
x 7. R R. No. 2. E'kvwood. Ala.
A Clergyman.
NEW RO ADS, La , Jan 22, 1909.
ilmner & Co. inghamton. N. Y.
r Sir I write toa&3 to the public
Four Swamp-Root cured we of kid
trouble. I was almost past fiAng:
ig spesaiodie spells with my km 2
that were breaking down my con
ion. The best medical aid was
oyed and they pronounced ruy trou
s alkali in the kidney, but were
le to do me any permanent good.
>ok four bottles of Swamp-Root and
ne a well man. This was six years
and I have had no trace of the
'e. Yours for suffering men.
>r Ba;tist Church, New Roads, La.
Mail Carrier's Experience.
iave been a rural letter carrier for
five 2 ears. Some two y < ars o I
aken with severe p-anis1i s. c -.
d medicine from my f amily ppysi
for seveaal months without any
it. A friend. Mr J. D. Nelson, ad
me to try your Swamp-Root, but I
to faith in it. I continued to grow
Iand at las. decided to try this
ly and bought of Long Bros. a
cent bottle which gave me great
.I then bought two one-dollar
's, which 1 can truthfully say have
letely cured me.
d it not been for Swamp-Root, I
I have been compelled to quit the
free delivery service.
tdvise all mail catr -who
s in tei ir at swomp- t
cre them.
vr s . 'i mit very often my wife
d have to help me to arise.
Rural Letter Cai rier, Route No. 2.
A Contractor.
NALONVILLE, Ga., Jan. 20. 1900.
ilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
ntlemen:-About four years- ago I
ed from kidney trouble and rhieu
sn in my hips. The pain across my
became so severe that I could hard
traighten up and could not walk
out dragging my feet. I would
te frequently and would have to
wo or three times during the night.
ng me to suffer from los of slhep.
with the pvn I was all runi down
egan to lose fi--sh. I saw Swamp
advertised and bought one bottle
y it. After taring it I felt better
could sleep all right at night. I
nued to take it until I had taken
large bottles. I was entirely free
any patn in the back and began to
in weight. I always recommend
p-Root to my friends as I think
r in my case remarkable.
Ysurs very truly,
A. H ICKSON, Donals-mville, Ga,
mail bring many unsolicitedi
nited States and foreign lar
for what Dr. Kilmer's Swami
t let anyone sell you some oth
Ip-Root-if you do you will be
you ask for-there is no othe
rerything, but if you have kidney, I
uring the night, have smarting or irri
nd just the remedy you need.
sk for Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the
rk or store keeper to per.suade you in
Is in selling you a worthless substitute
Lmbgged at the expense of your
lJournal who has not tried Swamp-R~
inghamton. N. Y. and receive a samip
alers In 50c And 1.00 Si
ity With Every Bottle
ance wth Sec. 1208 of the~
eral Statutes.
order of County Board of
Sec. & CJhm.
Soldier Balks Death Plot.
teemed to J. A. Stone, a civil war o
tn, of Kemp, Tfex., that a plot ex-e
between a desperate lung trouble
he grave to cause his death. "I -
teted a stubborn cold," he writes,
developed a cough that stuck to
spite of :l remedies, for years.
reight ran dlown to 1:30 pounds.
I began In use Dr. King's N w
very which restored my health
etely. I now weigh 178 pound'."
severe Colds, obstinate Cougzhs,
rrhages. Asthma, and to prevent
nonia it's unrivaled. 50c. and 1.00. .a
bottle free. Guaranteed by all
lI Surely Stop That Gough.
)r. Kilmer's likeness is on the o
side wrapper of every bottle.
Beneficial In Severe Cases.
)r. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Gendemen:-I hardly know how
rpress my appreciation for the g
our Swamp-Root has dune me. I had
een greatly troubled with my kidneys,
nd with pain in the back; also wit
7hat the doctors termed inflammatio
f the neck of the bladder. Sometim
iy back would get in such shape that
as aimo lpless. I had tried sev
ral doc nd medlicins to no g
fct, an nailly I noticed in som
-r wh . Kiimer propcseAd t
simI medic
rce and rt-.
ottle. After t
te good. I the
rom cnr merc
Liter taking i
iew man, and e
o teach school.
ise this letter,
ts I will alway
rhat a wo-nderfu
Zoot is. Mr. Ja
ille. Tenn., is
ults. Very t
). A.
febg T
ural Route No.
Results iH
)r. Kilmer & Co.,
Dear Sir:- H we
r less from kidne
ive yearssand was
ou testimodi
m a travlin
;olgate & Co.,
ays tr 'eli
A Promi
nslier ther
wamp-Itoot f
T wice it reli
letely helpi
Trhe last
~exas, whie
4and ten
of a
sought re
Arter usi
tIes, I was
n my w
and I have
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