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light on
ris says
r his per
-a middle
a county not
n who got so
uld not give a
een giving liens i
n years, and had I
le to get anything
1ly he began to fall <
found it impossible,
wing family of small
to get along, although
e and the children who j
ld enough worked in the
with him. Two years ago i
merchant who had been
ishing him for so long de
ed to run him longer. "No"
the merchant, "You have
lien behind now for two years,
d I do not care to handle your
account again. 1 You do not owe
me a great deal, but I am will
ing to square off. Bnt you must
get some other merchant to run
you this year."
The man tried other mer
chants for a lien, but failed.
The other merchants it seemed,
know that the man had not
S-been able for two years to ful
ienliatos.and knew
athis was why the other
merchants had dropped him.
The man went home to his
wife and children in the deepest
dejection. He told his troubles,
and then his wife counseled
him. "You must hire out as a
day laborer," she said, "and I
will stay home with the children
idwe will try to make a little
crop. You must send us or
bring us your weges for us to
live on. It is a bad arrange
ment, but it is the best we can
The man got a job in a saw
mill, and, his wife and children
stayed on the farn. The man
sent his weges home, and the
wife lived on them, while she
and the children worked a small
crop. This was no great hard
ship on them, for they had been
Tv-orking in the field before.
At the end of the year the
man did not owe a dollar. His
wife and children had made five
bales of cotton and over a hun- I
dred bushels of corn, about t
seventy-five bushels of peas, be- I
sides potatoes, etc., and they
had two large hogs to kill. They 1
were in better circumstances I
than ever before.
The man is an illiterate, he ]
cannot read and write, and he j
had never had much ambition.
But the accumulation of so
much wealth in one year has
changed his views of things.
He has commenced sending his
children to school; he had never
felt able to do so before. He.
has enough supplies to run him
this year, with money ahead, r
and he considers that his fortune
is as good as made. f
The man says that the best'
thing that ever happened to him R
in his life was when he got too r
poor to be able to give a lien, a
He got his nose away from the '
grindstone, and he began to see i
the world, if he had been able
to give a lien last year he would I
still be in a net, and his chil- I
dren would still be growing up n
in ignorance.
Oats! Oats! Oats!
For Spring Sowing we have a
plenty of the Burt or 90 day seed
oats. -
Norris Cotton Mill Store,
nary Rallies.
program has
r rallies in the r
pation under the a
Laymens's Mis
'rent this year.
ed that the pastors
sent and assist in
ngs. The :following t
n appointed church
in their respective S
es: t
ens-H. M. Hester
ss Roads-B. N. Glazener t
e Creek-N. D. Parsons V
iffin-S. H. Brown
leasant Grove-J. L. Burgess
Secona-0. P. Field .
Mountain Grove-R. T. Lewis
Mt. Tabor-S. M. Looper S
Nine Forks-J. P. Robinson t
Cateechee-Furmian Norris 9
Cedar Rock-J. H. Miller u
Peters Creek-J. E. Singleton v
Pickens Mill-J. C. Child
Pickens-Fourth Sunday in I
darch, addresses by T.U. Vau- c
rhn and T. 0. Lawton.
Secona-First Sunday in Apr.
,ddresses by T. 0. Lawton, Jr.
tnd H. M. Hester. r
Griffin- Second Sunday in f
Apr. Addresses by J. T. Taylor N
mnd C. E. Robinson. t
Pickens Mill- Third Sunday
n April. Addresses by W. J.
Bolt and R. T. Hallum. I
Mountain Grove- Fourth Sun- I
lay in April. Addresses by R. t
1. Halluen and W. E. Findley. t
Nine Forks-First Sunday in c
.iay. Addresses by C. E. Rob- c
nson and J. T. Taylor. c
Cedar Rock-Second Sunday t
n May. Addresses by R. T. 1
E[allum and W. J. Bolt. I
Pleasant Grove-Second Sun
lay in May. Addresses by J. T. I
raylor and C. E. Robinson. t
Cross Roads- ISecond Sun
lay in May. Addresses by R.
r. Hallum. W. J. Bolt .and W. 3
E. Findley. t
Mile Creek-Fourth Sunday in
U -ay. Addresses by R. T. Hal
umn, W. E. Findley and J. R. ~
Peters Creek-Second Sunday ~
n June. Addresses by J. T.
raylor and C. E. Robinson.
Cateechee-Third Sunday in
Tune. Addresses by R. T. Hal
urn and W. J. Bolt.
Each of the above meetings
~vill be in charge of .the Church
Leader who will conduct the I
>pening services. Every lay 1
nember of the churches are re
luested to attend these meetings t
mnd we earnestly request the
:ooperation of the pastors to
nake them a success. t
Asso. Leader.
Norris News Notes
Health is good.
News is scarce.
There was a pound supper at i
irs. Emma Williams in honor ~
>f her niece, Miss Florence ~
WVhitmiire on the sixth inst. '
['here we several present and a
~ery enjoable time is reported. r
Mr. and Mrs. Haves visited'
rirs. L.P. Moser on last Sunday.
Mr. Crayton Mullinax and
irother Jay, of Central attended
he singing on last Sunday
Mr. Will Sentell and Miss Ila ~
Voodson visited Miss Mattie t
laddox on Sunday last. t
Miss Addie McWhorter of G
'ickens is visiting her brother c
D. C. McWhorter of Norris. d
Mr. E. C. McWhorter is all ti
miles-it is a boy. v
Ha, Ha, Old bachelor was,
isiting in Norris last Sunday.
'he old bachelor is a good and
ind fellow. He goes where he
called to join the happy cou- Sa
Guano hauling and trying to
armn is the order of the day.
Norris is having new streets %
raded through the town. Nor- a
is is coming to the front fast, 1i
nid before many months we
till have the best little town
1 this country.d
What has become Old Riddle?
wonder if her and Bonnie Blue -
:yes are dead or going to get
1arried. I hope they have not o
3rsaken us entirely, don't you s
Ir. B. C
With best wishes to the S-J F
nd its many readers.
Red Rose of Norris. in
IrMing's New Life Pills o
The best In the wnrd.
"" Writes From Liberty.
We have been having some
)al March weather already,
s well as spring and winter-like
1 one week. Two frosty morn
igs, one thunder-storm, two
ery windy days and the back
iountaids white with snow
ree days, Now it is calm and
arm, peach and plum and
>me pear trees are beginning
> bloom, the birds sing, doves
oo and the frogs hollow and
ie busy bee sallys forth and in
estigates the fresh blooms.
Oat sowing was again cut
hiort by thunder showers; there
as perhaps never been as much
iuall grain sown as has been
1is winter, and the land was
enerally better 'prepared than
sual and the crops are looking
The farmers are learning
lowly but surely that cotton is
ing, with whoat and oat bins,
rn cribs and smoke houses
000 miles from home. When
re learn to supply our own
hog and hominy", horses
iules and cows on our own
arms first, then what cotton
re can after this is done, then
he south-land will be the gar
en spot of North America.
The farmer can hold or sell
is cotton as the market will in
is judgement justify him, for
hen he can roll out from under
he Imortgage system now so
ommon, forces the cotton crop
n the market all at one season,
r in three months, conjesting
hings. It is like the story we
tave heard: Say it takes 15
iushels of corn to fatten a hog
'a man that would take the 15
ushels of corn and dump all in
o his hog at one time and turn
ff with a lazy air of indiffer
nce, saying, now fatten, blame
Iou" would be called a fool of
he first magnitude and properly
o. The same applies to our
resent system of marketing our
:otton. -Why not string the
nortgages and accounts out for
he entire 12 months instead of
he present systeni of making
al due in the three fall months,
)etter still "live at home" and
nake our living there and leave
ff the mortgages, come out on
Scash basis and we will begin
o live at home as we did before
>ef ore the war, we will then
:now where we are at and can
ook each other square in the
ace. Will we do it? Why not
ry it.
J. F. Banister and S. 0. Skel
on returned from the North
riday night. They were in
Vashington Inauguration day
ut did not enjoy the occasion
auch as the city was in the
rip of a regular March blizzard
nd our southern people are not
ccustomed to such weather, es
ecially this winter. We vent
re the assertion that some of our
uthern citizens will not have so
iuch ambition to see an inau
uration in the future. It is
ather an over-done affair 'any
Quite a number of the Liberty
es attended the enter
~inment, at the Walker-Mc
lmoyle School House Friday
Township S. S. Convention
rill be held at Liberty Presby
arian church next Friday night
1e 12th. Dinner on the ground.
ood speakers to address the
>nvention. Come and bring
inner baskets and learn some
iing for your good in the S. S.
County of Pickens
By J. B. Newberry, Probate Judge:
NHIEREAS. Elizebeth A. Lindsey mad~e
it to me, to grant her letters of Ad
inistration of the estate and effects of
. K. Lindsey.
These are therefore to site and ad
onish all -ind singular the kindred and
-editor s of the said W. K. Lindsey de
ased, that they he and appear before
e, in the Court of Probate, to be held
Pickens on the 25 day of March
09 next after publication hereof, at
o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause
any they have, why the said admin
ration should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this the 8
ty of March Anno Domini 1909.
J. B. NEWBERY. [seal)
J. 1'. P. C.
Poultry Secrets Disclosed.
Learn how the successful poultrymen
the country make their money. Their
cret methods and discoveries explamn
I fully. FELCH'S Mating Secret of
~rtile Eggs, Dr. WOOD'S Egg-Food
cret, SECRET of FEED at 15 cents a
ishel, and scores of others. This revo
tionary book, (one copy) and Farm
>urnal two years for 50c. Serd stamps
coin to Wilmer Atkinson Co., 14201
Clerk's Sale.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
R. G. Gaines, et aL., Plaintiffs,
T. E. Stewart. Defendant.
In pursuance of a Decretal Order made
in the case of R. G. Gaines, et al., nlain
tiffs against T. E. S:ewart, defendant,
and on file in the clerk's office, I will sell
to the highest bidder during the legal
houis for sale, at Pickens C. H., S.
C., on Salesday in April 1909, the undi
vided interest of T. E. Stewart in the
following described Real Estate. upon
the terms hereinafter mentioned, towit:
All that piece, parcel, or traet of land
in the state and county aforesaid, con
taining sixty (60) acres. trore or less.
adjoining lands of F. C. Parsons, Ange
line Powell. Rebecca Ellenburg and T.
H. Stewart.
Terms, cash, on day of sale. Purcha
ser must coinply with the terms of sale
within )n, hour or the premi s will be
resold on same day.
Purchaser or purclasers to i-ay for all
pal!s and for the recording of same.
A. J. BOGGS, [seal ]
March 40h 1,09. ( lerk of Court P. C.
Clerk's Sale.
State Of South Carolina,
County of P:ckens-.,
In Common Pie is Court.
H. C. Shib lev as agent for creliti rs of
R. . Crane, P1 unt ff,
R. H. Crane. Defendant.
In pursuar.ce of a decretal order made
;n the case of 11. C. Shirley as agent for
creditors of R. H. krane, plaintiff,
against R. H. Crane, defendant. and on
file in the clerk's otice, I will sell to t he
highost bidder durimi- the legal hours
for sale at Pi2kens court house, South
Carolina, on stlesday in A pril, 1909, t he
following deser ibed real rs te upon the
terms hereir after mentioned, towit:
All that piece, parcel. or tract of land
in the state and county aforesaid. in the
town of Liberty, containing forty one
and one-'ourth (11 1-4) acres, more or
less, adjoining lands of W. J. Boggs.
Mrs. 0. D. McCravy and others.
Terms, cash. on day of sale. Purcha
ser must comply with terms within one
hour or th premis. s will he resold on
same day at the risk of forn:er purchas
er. Purchaser to pay for all papers and
for recording of same.
A. J. BOGGS, [seal.]
Clerk of Court Pickens counLy.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Dour!.
B. C. Rohirsn administrator of the per
sonal ebtate of T. C. Robinson, de
ceased. Plaintiff,
G. H. Johnson, J. P. Martin and Vesta
McFall, Defendants.
In pursuance of a Decretal Order
made in the case of B. C. Robinson ad
mimistrator of the personal state of T.
C. Robinson, deceased, plaintiff, against
G. H. Johnson, J. P. M1artin and Vesta
MicFall, defendants, and on file in the
clerk's office, I will cell to the highest
bidder during the legal hours for sale at
Pickens Court House. South Carolina,
on saleday in April, 1909. the following
described real estate, upon the terms
hiereinaftr mentioned. towit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
lying and being situated in the county
of Pickens and state of South Carolina,
and in Central Township, adjoining the
lands of Southern Railwvay company,
the said T. C. Robinson, M1rs. Mary Gil
strapand others and containing thirty five
andl fifty-one one-hundreths (35 51-100)
acres, more or less, it being the same
tract of land conveyed to the said G. H
Johnston by the said T1. C. Robinson on
3d of June. 1908.
Also, all that other piece, parcel and
tract of land situated in Pickens county,
etate of South Carolina, on waters of
Shoal Creek, waters of Twelve Mlile Riv
e., bounded b the lands of B- P. Kelly.
Richard Hallumn, Joel Griftin and the es
tate of R. R. Child and c(ontaining forty
(40) acres, more or less, and being~ the
same tract cf land which was conveved
to the said (G. H. .Johnson by J. P. Mlar
tin, of Anderson county. S.~C.
Terms, one half cash on day of sale
and the balance on a credit of twelve
months, tne credit portion tte be secured
by a bond of the purchaser, or purcha
sers, and a mortgage of the premtis s
sold, with leave to the purchaser or pur.
chas -rs to anticipate payanent of the
credit portion, the credit portion to bear
interest at 8 per cent p r annum.
Purchaser or purchasers to pay for all
papers and for recording of same.
A. J. BOGGS, [seal.]
Clerk of Court Pickens county.
She Knew.
"No," she said, "you don't really love
"Yes, I swear I do," he protested.
"I love you with all my soul. I would
ask you to be my wIfe tomorrow if I
were properly situated."
But his plea was useless. She had
studIed human nature and knew that
when a man Is really in love he doesn't
stop to consider whether he cau afford
to marry or not.
Valuable Lots for Sale.
State of .south Carolina,
Pickens county.
By virtue of the authority of an Act
of the General Assembly of this~ State,
approved -- day of February. 1 09 we
wtil sell to the highest bidder at Pickens,
South Carolina, on saleday in A pril,
next. being the 5th (lay, at 11 o'clock, a.
m. three lots, the same being a part of
the Court House Square, as follows:
Lot No. 1 fronting on Main Street 35 ft.
44 inches, running south along Court
Hfouse Square or Pendleton Ave., 208 ft
9 inches. thence west 45 ft. 7 inc:hes to
line of Hollingsworth lot, thence with
line said Hollingsworth lot 207 ft.
3 inches to Mlain Street, and contains
19-100 of an acre.
Lot No. 2 adjoins Lot No. 1 on North,
fronting 72 feet 10 inches on Ccurt
House square, or Pendleton Avenue and
runs to Parsons' corner, being 45 feet
7 inches on North end and 48 feet .5
inches on South end and contains 9-100
of an acre.
Lot No. 3 adjoins lot No. 2 on the
North, fronting on Court Square or Pen
dleton Avenue, 136 feet 101 incht 5 to
Cedar Rock street, thence along said
street to B. F. Parsons' corner 54 feet
and contains 16.100 of an acre
Terms Cash. E. F. LCOPER,
(-. W. B)W FN,
N. 13. MOO0R E.
County Coiammissioners.
Pickensi County.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve In The World
Reduction Sale or
$i0.o Stoves at $ 8.-50.
15.00 Stoves at 12.50
22.50 Stoves at I8.50
Also we have on hand
Ranges at prices we have i
you before. COME AND
stove or range. It will pay
than wait till fall. You w
of HAL RWARE that you cC
PI ckens Ha
S..Anybody can print cl(
show you the clothing
a live men than it do(
You don't have t
is made to fit and is f
The Models tl
Fror he weaving
our clothing represent
skill, backed by our d
return for every'pem1
At $15 j
All we ask is an
please you, and our ni
a "square
Hlandlers of the Famous SCHIoSS BROS, & Co,
ESs MF'G, CO's line
For first-class dental work see him several tim
Dr. Lawrence Roper. Offie up- street, and it is i:
stairs in the Femnbuilding. the surprised 1
FOR SA LE - A Phaeton. ' fellow's face the
Good as new. Rubber tires. Full existence regar<
leather top. Storm cover. First that he stopped
check $40.00 takes it, Worth day-and that v
8100. See J. A. Peek, either-that old
Pickens Hdw. Co. turn up his toes.
WANTED-A few shares of friends will fol
Pickens Mill Stock. Name low- clay to the silen
est price. Paul Petty, 'among the flow
Spartanburg, S. C. ary will be pul
He e H ar. - columns telling
He Soppe HisPap~. 1neighbor and be
Some time ago a cranky sort iwas, which the
of an old man came into this will overlook foi
office and stopped his paper be- and in a short
cause something in it did not .forgotten. As I
suit his fncy. We have met I
LYS at a Great Reduction
$12-50 Stoves at $i o.oo
17-50 Stoves at 12.50
25.00 Stoves at 21.00
a complete line of STEEL
2ever been able to quote
SEE US if you need a
you to buy now rather
.11 also find a complete line
in buy for less money than
rdward Co.
OTI Il %
the Highest Possible
m1it in Clothes Making.
,ver illustrations of clothing, but we can
itself-clothing that will look even better on
!s in the illustration.
o fit our clothing-our clothing fits you. It
ill of character, snap and style.
is season are simply elegant
of the cloth to the making of the gar ents,
s the highest endeavor of human br'
etermination to give tb b' full,
We honestly belie -e we can .give you
the best Clothing values ever offered.
inspection of our stock-the clothes will
ianner of business will appeal to every man
LLE. S. C.
>f high-gyade wares.
es since on the in the cold, cold ground wrapped
~iteresting to see in the silent slumber of death,
ok on the old he will never know the last kind
Lt we are still in word spoken of him by the
fless of the fact editor of the paper w.hiuh i R
Iliis paper. Some he so spitefully "ste.ped~ ' -
Till not be long, you ever pause, reader, juvt foJ a
gentleman will a moment and think jw i 4a
Neighbors and editor of your paper, whoev Uy
low his lifeless he may be, will write yo
t city and lay it obituary some day? -torof
ers. An obitu- O
ylished in these If the writing of the obit oun a
what a good ries of that class who ne or 60c
loved citizen he have a kind word to say, fr
recording angel the price of a subscriptio 42eg.
charity's sake, their home paper, was alla

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