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Entered A pril 23, 1903 at Plekens, S. C. a secOndclass matter, underact of Congress of 1areh 3,1879
38th Year PICKENS, S. C., APRIL 1, 1909. Number 52
of Cod Liver Oil with Hypo
phosphites should always be
kept in the house for the
following reasons:
First-Because, if any member
of the family has a hard cold,
it will cure it.
Second-Because, if the chil
dren are delicate and sickly1, it
will make them strong andwell.
Thin&-Because, if the father
or mother is losing flesh and
becoming thin and emaciated
it will build them up and give
them flesh and strength.
Fourth-Because it is the
standarcl remedy in all throat
and lung affections.
No household should be with
out it.
Send this advertisement, together with name
of paper in which It appears, your address and
four cents to cover postage. and we will send
you a "Complete Handy Atlas of the Workl."
rSCOTT & BOWNE. 409 Pearl St., New York
Pigeons In Italian Army.
In the Italian army all cavalry regi
nents are supplied with carrier pig-,
eons, which are used for the transmis
Sion of information during all their
military maneuvers in camp. Young
cavalry officers go through a course
of instruction on the training of pig
eons for military purposes at the
Pigneral college.
WoEn a Weflis Men are ad Miserable
by Kdney nilfier Trouble.
Kidney tr -bie preys upon the mind,
discoura andlessensambition; beauty,
Vigr-..;d cheerfil
-j .:- ness soo2 disappear
when the kidneys are
out of order or dis
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncom
"mon for a child to be
born afflicted with
weak kidneys. If the
childurinates too often, if the urine scalds
the flesh, or if, when the child reaches an
age when it should be able to control the
passage, it is yet afflicted with bed-wet
ting, dependupon it, the cause of the diffi
culty is kidney trouble, and the firsc
step should be towards the treatment of
these importantorgans. Thisunpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of
the kidneys and bladder and not to a
habit as most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made miser
able with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one-dollar
size bottles. You may
have a sample bottle ""
by mail free, also a
pamphlet telling all
about Swamp-R oot, H... ol swmp-noot.
including many of the thousands of testi
monial letters received from sufferers
who found Swamp-Root to be just the
remedy~needed. In writing Dr. Kilmer
&C.;ighaimton, N. Y., be sure and
mentor~ is paper. Don't make any
mistake',p remember the name, Dr.
Kilmet's- wamp-Root, and the address,
BinghanC- , N. Y., on every hottie.
JsasThe Speed Mania.
Jsasthere are some persons upon
guf even oue glass of wine exercises
an exeiting and stimulating effect, so
r there are huma~n beings upon wvhom
*- speeds at all high produce a craving
for rapid miotioni. 'The be-st drivers,
both amateur and professional. that 1
have known in an experience extending
over ten years have either never given
way to speed mania or have cured
themselves of it.-Cer Magazine.
A Woman's Back
Eas many aches and pains caused by
weaknesses and falling. or other displace
ment, of the pelvic organs. Other symp
toms of female weakness are frequent
headache, dizziness, imnaginar~y specks or
idark spots floating before the eyes. gnaw
ing sensation in stomach, dragging or
t arir.; down in lower abdominal or pelvic
region, disagreeable drains from pelvic
organs, faint spells with general weakness.
If any considerable number of. the above
symptoms are present there is no remedy
th at w'~4. ive quicker relief or a more per
ma entc, than Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Pre. - %It has a record of over forty
years of cur It isthe most ptent
vine kown t medial scene ti m ei
nal roots found in our forests andl con
tains not a drop of alcohol or harmful, or
habit-forming drugs. Its ingredients are
all priate d on thre bottle-wrapper and at
tested uin ier oath as correct.
Every ingredient entering into "Fa
vorite Prescrip: ion" has the written en
dorsemtent of the most eminent medical
writers of all the several schools of prac
tice-more valuable than any amount of
non-professional testi monials-though the
latter are not lacking, having been con
tributed voluntarily by grateful patients
in numbers th exceed the endorsements
given to any other medicine extant for
the cure of woman's ills.
You cannot aiford to accept any medicine
of unknown composition as a substitute
for this well proven remedy OF KNOwNY
coMOSTios, evena though tihe dealer may
make a little more profit thereby. Your
.Interest in regaining healIth is paramount
e- to any selfish interest r1f his and it is an
' hisult to your inteliligence for him to try
to palm off upon you a substitute. You
know what you want and it is his busi
ness to supply the article called for.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the
original "Little Liver Pills " first Put up
by old Dr. Pierc'e over forty years ago,
much imitated but never equaled. Little
4-suar-coated granules-easy to take as
ISome People
0 The New Congressman
0 From Washington, Charles
S H.Miller-PresidentRoose
0 velt's Visit to the Lincoln
0 Farm In Kentucky.
000000000000000000000009 ec
HAItLES H. th(
MILLER, who bil
represents the 3
First congressional in
district of the state of
of Washington in KI
the house of rep- un
resentatives, will ha lec
one of the most in- s''
teresting of the new Co
men in the Sixty
first congress. as h N.
will be promlinent inl tll(
connection with leg- erI
islation proposed re
C. n. MILLER. igarding restrictiou Pi
of immigration frin the orient. All la
the Pacifie coast states aire deepiy con- po,
cerned on this subject, and their repre- (
sentatives at Washington will keep the Int
matter at the fore. Mr. Miller is one
of the leading lawyers of the Pacific
coast and visited the orient for the
especial purpose of acquiring informa
tion to be used in the framing of meas
ures designed to diminish the volume
oE immigration from that part of the
w orld.
William Nelson Cromwell, whose
name has figured much in connection
with the federal suit against the pub
lisners of the New York World and the
Indianapolis News and who is one of
the persons alleged to have been li
bel.ad by those papers, was counsel
for the French Panama Canal com
pany and had much to do with the
transfer of the canal property to the
United States for the consideration of
$40,000.000. He Is supposed to have
received a fee for these servIces to the
old French company of almost unpree
edented size. It was reported at one
time that his remuneration was about
$2,(00,000, but this was afterward stat
ed to be an exaggeration. BIut he has
received many big fees hesides that
from the French company. In connec
tion with reorganizing the firmi o
Decker, Howell & Co. In 1'91 he re- wa
ceived from the court a fee of $260,000 Au
and got from the firm a present of a wa
- in :
CORYRiET .at202rr SROft OA
spendid silver service. Princely fees
also fiowed into his pocket for his
work in reorganizing the Northern Pa
cific railroad, the American Cotton Oil
company and the $80,000,000 National
Tube company. He set on its feet the
Produce Exchange Trust company and
settled up the affairs of the Seventh
National bank and Metropolitan Fire
Engine company. He is perhaps the
richest practicing lawyer in the coun
try and is a picturesque tigure. lie is
a small manm with a head of bushy
white hair and is extgemuely nervous
and energetic. Work is literally his
passion. lie does not play golf or walk
or ride horseback or indulge in any
other form of exercise by which pro
fessional men usually relax their
minds and preserv-e their health. In
whatever he undertakes he has undy
ing hope, unbounded energy, unrelent
ing persistency and a characteristic
dazzling quickness of action and re
sourceful boldness and originality of
execution that bring the full and suc
cessful accomplishment of his purpose
almost before it. is generally realized c
that he is beyond the preparatory a
stage of his undertaking. d
On account of the fact t,hat so many uix
of the large insurance coifipanies have
ther headquarters in New York stato tt
the post of superintendent of insur- of
ance of the state of New York is one ide
of national scope. The appointment to the
it by Governor Charles E. Hughes of saf
William Horace Hotchkiss of Buffalo o
has heen conmmented upon outside the o
bounds of the Empire State partly in
consequence of thIs fact and also be
cause of the governor's prior action ini
naming for the place Frederick A. brc
Wali, which occasioned opposition in ter,
the legislature and resulted in the
withdrawal of the appointment. No 100
objections were raised in the case of
Mr. Hotehkiss. The appointment was tur
tendered .him by Governor Hughes per
without any solicitation and came to
hin entirely as a surprise, lie had
been for sonme years referee in bank
ruptety in Buffalo and had in this way a f
acquired a knowvledge of general bus!
ness and the laws pertaining to corpo- "
rations, which Mr. Hughes thought wit
aouniab aluannle In te in,--snt of pre
Cheap Board for Students.
How to furnish cheap board to col
lege students is a problem that Is vex
Ing the authortIes of many of our
great Institutions of learning, Harvard
included. In the current number of
McClure's George Kennan tells how
they manage to give board, lodging
and tuition at the Valparaiso univer
sity at Valparaiso, Ind., for the small
sum of 38 cents a day. If payment is
made in advance for the whole year
the cost is only $120. or 36 cents a
lay. Although this institution has
never had a gift of money from any
source, it is fully equipped and pays
Ets own way, having ample buildings
and a staff of 162 professors and
teachers and more thaa 5,000 students.
Summed up, says the Boston Herald,
the methods by which these remarka
ble results have Dec.: achieved may
3e described as energy, Intelligence
ind remarkable business capacity well
The cheapest effective police force
n the world is the Northwest Mount
md police, whose territory extends
prom Herschell Island to Kenora-the
argest police area in the world. This
mtire field is covered by less than 700
nen and 250 horses. The work of the
xolice in the old days was rounding
ip horse thieves, whisky smugglers
Lnd Indian murderers. Now it is al
nost everything else; the chief relic
)f the old days being the horse thief,
which in that country is a hard variety
:o exterminate. Many of the mounted
,ollce are now posted singly In the
iew towns, where they do local as
well as patrol work.
A Massachusetts man, 83 years old,
was so sure one year ago that he
vould die at the end of six months
hat he gave away all his property,
vhich was considerable, to friends and
,haritable Institutions, keeping only
mnough to provide for himself for the
ialf year. He did not die as he had
aredicted, and the other day was taken
o the almshouse, the persons whom
ie had benefited refusing to do any
hing for him. The Indianapolis Star
akes occasion to point the following
norals: Moral No. 1: "Don't prophesy
inless ye know." Moral No. 2: Don*t
,ive away all your property without a
trong string attached.
King Manuel of Portugal either is
Ln unusually wise yout, or has wise
ounselors, perhaps tofh. He said
he other day to a prominent op
>onent of the monarchy, who called
.t the palace to show respect for the
nemory of the dead kind, "You are a
riend of the country and so am I. Let
is meet with that common bond, and
ve shall soon understand each other
letter." This is the sort of concili
tory spirit that disarms opposition.
Much is said about the large num
er of American novels published an
Lually, as if they constituted the chief
utput of the publishing houses, but
eople who like other classes of books
Leed not feel discouraged. In 1907,
or example, the fiction list shows
,171 titles, but religion and theology
ame second, with 876 titles. It Is not
Lecessary for anyone to read novels
or the lack of other literary produc
In 15,000,000 years or so, when other
eings are occupying this fair land
*nd some of the things over which we
et excited have been forgotten, the
nhabitants of that day will dig up evi
ences of the automobile race all the
vay from New York to San Francisco,
r at least as far west as the cars
Many of the Americans in Europe
ow are enjoying themselves in motor
ng over the splendid roads in the de
ightful atmosphere of southern
'rance. One just returned from a mo
or tour says he met a party of his
ompatriots in a touring car at about
very 25 miles of his journey.
The proposal to feed brain food to
ail birds has the merit that after
eeding on that kind of victuals the
aid bird ought to have sense enough
ot to be caught in that same trap.
Three colleges have determined that
to more women will be allowed as
aembers of debating tearas. It seems
he "co-eds" made too good a showing.
Every time we wear a rented dress
re have to go home early In order to
et the swell outfit back to the livery
y seven o'clock the next morning.
No matter how much of a pull he
as had, the man who eventually
eaches the top always insists that he
ot there by his own efforts.
A western bishop has advised all
pinsters to pray for husbands. Are
hey to do this as a first or last re
Unless a woman has a shoe that
inches her foot she always insists
hat It is a mile too big.
Detroit women who have organized
stork club should at least make
heir husbands honorary members.
It Is danjerus 2 kis a girl-espes
LIT 1f he husband hapena 2 b about.
)f the our i
William Horace Hotchkiss, 0
New York's Superintend- 1
ent of Insurance - Wil- 4
liam Nelson Cromwell T
and His Fees. -
office which he had the responsi
ity of filling.
fr. Hotclhkiss was appoiited referee
bankruptcy for the wes:enh district
New York by t: 12ato l 'r;siden Me
niley Rn( was t he iir:.t referee named
der the new bankr:py haW. He is
turer on hankruiiicy :iw i the law
mols of Puffail. Nevw Yrk city and
riell university.
Ie went to lluf:'io fronm .\nburn,
Y.. ul-here h was cornn1e'ted with
s Urr 'l (ci urt, and so beca me
0osevelt wa~s 1wei~rh p:!rticf
ed i: frainig the pri mar y elerthin
r aniealment, whil wer so im
'tant a st*,%p ineetrarfrm
)tside (;f his l : v pr-:tiee Iis chief
erest has leen in aut(odmohes. le
s chosen president of the American
tomobile association in 107 and
s re-elected last fall. le Is also
sident of the New York State Auto
bile association and is the author of
motor vehicle law in New York
overnor Hughes has previously ex
ssed his confidence in Mr. lotch
by naming him on the commission
the promotion (if uniforinity of
slation In the United States. The
t that he has been reappointed five
es as referee In bankruptcy Indi
u's the satisfaction he has given in
5 post.
he one hundredth birthday of Lin
2 will ever be memorable for the
arkable exercises onI the old farm
Kentucky, near Hlodgenvil le, where
was born in a humle log cabin.
3 occasion was dignified by the
sence of Lincoln's successor In the
sidential office, Theodore Roose- I
t, and the latter's oration on the]
rtyr president was one of the most
g I
ALL. 1
-'luent and effective addresses he has
r made. The little cabin was looked
m1 withi thie uti most reverence by
se who came11 from far and near to
ad thec exercises. The cornerstone
the Menmorial hail was laid by Pres
nt Roosevelt, and within this hall
venerable cain will sUoon stand,
e from destruotion by the elements
the hands of thoughtless vandals.
Real Bractrs.
[arker-There gmes a chap who has
ced people all over town for a quar
arker-Great Jupiter! TIe doesn't
k like a beggar!
[arker-And he isn't. lHe amnufae
es a twenty-five (enit pair of sus
ders.-Chcago News.
They used to say I was a man with
And now?
Now they refer to. me as a man
h a past. Wish I could have a
ae nt a ne"rieeafd Leader.
The bank power is the suprema
power in this so-called Republic.
Grover Cleveland said fifteen years ago
that the banks had power to wreck the
Gove ent in forty eight hours, and
e wh in a position to know. The
merchants tremble before the banks.
The whole horde of speculators who
seek profits and gains by means other
than honeat old hard work live in con
stant fear that the banks may slip a
cog and all their plans be "pied." The
farmers-the class on whom all earth.
ly hopes depend-do not know when
they ptlt the cotton seed in the ground
whether the crop, after all the year's
hard labor for themselves and their
families, will be worth thirteen cents
or ten cents or seven cents, because
they do not know what the bank power
may decide to do. And as for the press,
whether Democratic or Republican, it
is simply a megaphone for the banks.
The newspapers of the popular schools
of politics pretend to scrap over many
other matters, but when it comes to
backing up and sustaining a Federal
administration in any move that is ac
ceptable to the banks, no matter by
what party that administration was
placed in power, those newspapers are
all one in cheering the administration.
The National bank power is the su
preme power on this continent. The
banks want interest, not only on their
own money, but on yours and your
neighbor's. It is for interest-un
earned increment-that they live and
operate. The 'people's Government
(so-called) has surrendered to the
banks the most vital function of Gov
ernment, namely: that of issuing
money, and theg .have the power,
whenever it suits their purpose, .to
make money scarce, throw labor out
of employment, destroy the market for
your products and starve you and your
Think abont it!-Farmers'Union.
There are bad roads where there
are no split log drags.
Get on good terms with the birds;
they are your best friends.
Get busy getting ready for next year.
It is the ready man who gets all the
Take a day off to fight the imple
ment and vehicle trust by painting up
your vehicles and farming tools.
You owe it to yourself to do all and
to be all that is in you. Are you
measuring up to your responsibility.
It is about time to say again that
those in the boll weevil districts
should have a big burningof all trash.
Most of the people in this country
who are too busy talking about hard
times have simply read about it in the
The farmer who is trying to be a
Union man and is not keeping a few
stands of bees is making a sort of a
failure. Fact!
There never has been enough good
eggs to flood the market, and most any
sort of an old hen is willing to swap
eggs for good feeding.
The main issue this year is a good
crop of such a variety that there will
be something to the credit side of the
ledger when the year is gone.
The potential enemies of the vehicle
trust that is getting the best of the
farmer are the good shed and a bucket
of very oily paint. Use both very
freely. _________
Get ready to raise plenty of fruit and
tomatoes. You can put up all you
can't sell green, and the market Is not
half supplied with stuff that is good.
Reports of full bags of birds are al
most daily heard on the streets and.
in the mantime the farmer must some
up smiling next year in his fight
against the boll weevil.
The man who correctly foretells the
day on which cotton will reach 15
cents will eclipse any of the great
number who lay claim to fixing the
date on which Galveston was storm
The Santa Fe Railway 1s planting
trees to raise cross ties for future use.
If they have figured out this as a good
investment, how much better it is for
you to "plant a tree every time you
have a chance."
Encourage tne building of the fac
tory. Every time yuu take a man out
of the field and put him into a factory,
you take away one of your competi
tors, get a new customer and add a
competto'r to your buying market
three mpst admirable things.
Get togeier and see what your im
mediate neighborhood can do in the
way of co-operative buyiag of seed,
planting of crops and marketing the
ame. The competition one has to
meet now demands this.
The first step toward the real ele
ration of the public school'is the build
Ing of good roads. This is a purely lo
cal matter. iMake the roads good and
you can consolidate the adjiacent
schols and raise the grade at once
and can have better teachers and bet
er houses. ____
il 4
AVegea e -t
Opium.Morphine nor Minral
tion,Sour Stomah,Diarrho
facSinh Si*ia ofs
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
How It Can Be Effectively Done at
Small Cost.
This method, while cheaply devised,
is used very effectively in bracing cor
ner posts. Use as a brace a pole nine
or ten feet long, four or five inches
in diameter and square at both ends.
Fit one end of pole to the post half
way between its middle and top and
place other end of brace on a fiat
stone. Secure one end of a wire
around bottom of post, then take it to
Way Bracing Ia Done.
outer end of brace and back to post
again, fastening securely. With a
short stout stick twist wires together
until very tight and your brace is
complete, says Farmers' Review. This
brace comes in line with your fence
and by fastening your wire or boads
to it prevents it from slipping side
"'d Rather Die, Doctor,
than have my feet cut off,'' sr d M. L.
B ngham. .f Priniceville. IIl. "but you'll
die f r"n zangre-n (which had eaten a
w *.8hi toe:.) if you don''t,'' said all
. .c cre. I: so. ad-he used Buce 's
Arnica Salve till wholly ct.red. I s cures
.Eez -ma, Fever Soras, Boils. Burns
oid 'Ies astound the world. 2->c. at
alt Drus S
Getiton heLand as Soon a. Pos.
Get It n the ible.
In order to reduce the loss in ma
nure to a minimum, and also to econo
mize in handling it, the general aim
and practice should be to haul it di
rectly from the stable to the field and
spread it at once. On the average farm
the following of this practice all
through the year would result in less
loss than any method that could be
The use of rotted manure rather:
than fresh manure is desirable in con-*
nection with many market garden or
vegetable crops, as it gives quicker
Iresults and with root crops will give
a smoother and nicer product. =
Manure should be spread as soon as
it is hauled to the field. The practice
of putting it in piles is objectionable
because of the loss that is likely to oc
cur. The placing in piles also involves
additional labor.
The manner of spreading will de
pend upon local conditions, but where
the distance to haul is relatively short
and it is desired to have it evenly I
spread the manure spreaders will be
found serviceable machines.
From ten to twenty tons of manure,
per acre is usually considered a fair'
application; but considerably more is
frequently applied for market garden
crops. Experiments have shown that
generally it would be far more profit
able to use about one-half the usual
quantities and to supplement it with
commercial fartili-rs.
For Infats and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
, In
For Over
Thirty Years
Protect the meadows when they are
soft. Tramping injures them.
Manure of all kinds should be well
protected during bad weather. If
it has been carefully kept under cover
and properly applied, It will show its
effect almost Immediately; but If It
has been leached by heavy rains and
exposed to drying winds and the sun's
rays, it will not be so valuable.
Give the boy two or three acres of
ground to farm this year. Allow him
to send to the state agricultural col
lege for some seed corn aifd assist him
in preparing the grodnd and plant
ing this seed. The work will be good
for him, the Information obtained will
be invaluable and the profits will be
ample for him to provide his own
clothes for the coming year.
As a measure of economy, plan to
grow plenty of vegetables for the fam
ly table throughout the year-pota
toes, peas, beans, beets, sugar corn.
tomatoes, onions, cabbage, etc. Study
out a good truck patch now, and work
It for all it Is worth. Buy seed now fI
need be. Also grow plenty of roots
for the cows, horses, sheep, and poul
try and save buying bran. It is the
buying of food things that keeps some
farmers poor.
Up Before The Bar.
N. H. Brown. an attorney, of Pitts
field, Vt., writes: "We have used Dr.
King's New life Pills for years and
find them such a good family medicine
we wouldn't be without them." F.:r
Chilis, Constipation . Billiousness or sick
Headache they work wonders. 25c at all
Fertilizers Pay.
No farmer should lose sight of the
fact that all fertilizers have great
value, and not a pound of fertilizer
should be allowed to go to waste. On
general principles a farmer should be
always working Into his soil the mate
rials that will make plant food. An
abundance cf plant food Is required In
the soil, if farming is to be carried on
profitably. It should be remembered
that every particle of vegetable mat
ter makes fertility when it decays, and
should be worked into the soil The
nonappreciation of this fact leads to
the loss of large quantities of barn
yard manure, which is allowed to gp
to waste In various ways.
Blood Balm
(.D. B.) cures lbroughtbefloei
Rheumatism, Eczema,
Itching Humors.
B.B. B. (Botanic Blood Blood) is the
nly Blood Remedy that kills the poison
in the blood and then pu:rifies it--send
ing a flood of pure, rich blood direct to
ihe skin surface, bones, joints, and
wherever the disease is located. I'n this
way all sores. ulcers. pimples, eruptions
are healed and cured. pains and aches
of Rheumatism cease, swellings subside.
B. B. B. completely changes the body~,
into a clean healthy condition, giving,
the skin the rich, red hue of perfec~
health. B. B. B. cures the woist lf
cases. Try it.
Bo plasant rt i te to take:r c e of puri
dbuid up the broket down svsten D rug
gsts $1.00 P ER L ARGE BOTT LE with dire".
tions for home cure.
Sold n Pickens, S.C. by Bolt & Co.

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