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Piells sdutiI-JOral
The Sentinel-Journal Company,
W. L. MATHENY, Manager.
Telephone 32
Bubscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
zatered at Pickens Fustoffice as Second Class
Mail Matter
Admiration alone will not run
a newspaper. Sooner or later
such admirers will find that the
object lof their affections
has become wedded to other
ways that they do not admire
in other words a newspaper is
compelled in order to live, to seek
the friendship of those who are
not so piatonic in their love, but
unite their practical esteem with
sentiment that binds mutual ad:
miration in other professions.
There are too many men who
expect an editor to slave in de -
fense of their pet notions and
hobbies, advocate their views
against the strongest opposition
and then coolly withhold the
business support by which alone
a small newspaper can live.
Who wouldn't be a farmer
There is just one trouble, only
the farmers know how to farm.
There are thousands of peoplE
who would like to quit the towns
and cities, take up a life in thE
country and possess themselves
of broad fertile fields and under.
take to make two blades of this,
that or the other kind of gras.
grow where one, or none, grev
before; but .this proposition has
its drawbacks, in that it takes
from ten to twenty years tc
learn how to farm, (some folks
never learn) and within such a
period bankruptcy might ocem
several times over. But if al
of us cannot be farmer-s, all car
admire the horny-handed sorn
of toil and rejoice with him ir
his present great prosperity
He is the bulwark of the natior
and the-salt of the earth.
We wonder how many par
ents realize that their child is a
book of .blank paper in which
shall be inscribed the record of
their own lives. Be careful,
therefore, what you have writ
ten there for the world will read
it. All your secret thoughts the
child will try to write.
* The papers of the large cities
are all right if you want them,
but it is your own home county
paper that carries your church
notices 'and various society an
nouncements, advertises youm
schools, boosts every section o1
the field it covers, sympathises
with you in your afflictions ani
rejoices with you in your pros
perity. In short, it is the local
paper that mentions the thous
and and one items in which yot
are interested during the year,
and do not find in city papers.
How quickly can you tell a
live town from a dead one by
simply looking over its newspa
per. A poor skim-milk sort ol
newspaper with a few small ad.
vertisements, and those looking.
as though they were run at half
price, betokens a dead town as
sure as a corpse indicates a sun
eral, while a good lively well.
printed paper, filled with good,
fresh ads and1 displayeJ. locals,
shows that the town is prosper.
ous am1 thriving. It never fails.
When the sun shines and the
roads become dusty, you wish it
would rain; when it rains and
the roads gets muady you wish
the sun would shine: when you
was single you wanted to get
married and now that you are
married von wish vou were sin
gle. and if you get a new dress
y-ou wish vou had a new hat to
uatch it: if it is a boy you
wish it was a girl, and if it is
a girl you wish it was twins:
and if should be twins you wish
tih devil had you-was human
nater ever satisfied? Guess not,
and glad of it, for then there
would be nothing for you to
bmk"~ about.
Boy's Head Split Open,
Oscar Pitts the little 6-year
old son of Mr. Pitts, of Palmet- "
to, whose head was split open tJ
by the saw at a saw mill near h
Palmetto, while playing in the 0
pit on Friday and was carried h
to the infirmary at Florence for P
treatment, died Saturday even- t<
ing. The little fellow was un - t(
conscious all the while, as the ei
saw cut through the skull into, s
the brain. It was a most hor- M
rible wound and it was marvel- h
lous that he was not killed in- t<
stantly. to
Frank J. Cheny makes oath that he is s]
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Chen
ey & Co., doing business in the City of 0
Toledo. County and State aforesaid, and S
that said firm will pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS fcr each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot be t
cured by the nse of Hall's Catarrh
Cure. FRANK J. Cheney.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in o
my presence, this 6th day of December, d
A. D. 1t83.
(sLk) A. W. GLEASON,
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, and acts directly on the blood anp
mucous surface of the system. Send
for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. f
Sold by all Druggists. 75c. f
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
tion. it
Potato Slips for Sale.
Ona, Fla., April 3d, 1909.
Mr. J. L. 0. Thompson,
Pickens, S. C.
Dear Friend:
I want you to tell all my
friends and neighbors that I
have a large supply of sweet po
tato slips of the very best sorts: L
Porto Rico, Triumph and Nan
cy Hall. r
I will be glad to receive a long I
letter from each one of my old
acquaintances whether they 3
want slips or not. r
This leaves us well and enjoy
ing snap beans, new Irish pota
toes, strawberries, &c., and
good prospects for melons, roast
ing ears and other good things.
Yours very truly,
F. M. Morris.
ThsSwept Over Niagara. il
Thsterrible cale mity often happens 6
because a careless boatman ignores the i
river's warnings-growing ripples and
faster current-Nature's a arnings a-e
kind. That dull pain or ache in the t
back warns you that Kidneys need at- 3
tion if you would escape fatal mala
oies-Dropsy, Diabates or Bright's di
sease. Take Elec Bitters at once and
see Backache fly and all your best feel- S
ings return, "After long suffering from o
weak kidneys and lame bac , one $1.00
bottle wholly cured me." writes J. R.
Blankenship, of Belk, Tenn. Only 50c
at all Druggists.
Smuallpox Over State
Smallpox has broken out in
several towns of this state, and
it would be well for the people I
of Bamberg to look after the
matter of vaccination. We hadl a
a few cases of this disease here r
several years ago, which cost b
the town considerable money, t
and another such experience as
this should be avoided. The11
only way to prevent it is to have
everybody vaccinated, and yet a
there are lots of people here who
are not vaccinated. "An ounce
of prevention is worth a pound a
of cure.'"-Bamberg Herald. .
Words To Freeze The Soul.
"Your son has Consumption. His
case is hopeless." These appalling words
wore spoken to Geo. E. Blevens, a lead
ing merchant of Springfield, N. C. by
two expert doctors-one a lung specia- E
list. Then was shown the wonderful
power of Dr. King's New Discovery. a
"After three neeks use," writes Mr.
Blevens, "he was as well as ever, I
would not take all the money in the
world for what it did for my boy." In
fallible for Coughs and Colds, its the
safest, surest cure of desparate Lung
diseases on earth. 50c and $1.00 at all
Druggists. Guaranteesatisfaction. Tri- I
al battle free.
Blue Ridge Railroad S
There are numerous wild ru- v
mors that the Blue Ridge rail- t:
road is to be completed thrceagh b2
to the West in the near future. I<
It may be that the road will Ic
some day be put through, but
there is little hope for the aim of
President Andrews to complete
the road on the orignal plans at
the earliest time possible, but the
time, looking at it from the rail
road's standpoint, is not ripe.
The next ten years, however,
may see work on the old Blue
Ridge line begun.-Walhalla
C ou rier._____________________________________
All persons are hereby warned.
not to employ or in any way
harbor our son, Thomas Fields I
without our permission.
Paul Fields j
Mrs. Paul Fielan
Extracted From TTOg
Mr. David Mitchell, who live
ith Mr. Solomon Gregory, near
ie Fairview community, has
ad an experiment that is extra
rdinary. Fourteen years ago
e was shot with a .38 caliber
istol, the ball knocking out two
eth. On last Saturday he came
Union and had Dr. Montgom
.y to examine his tongue for
)mething had evidently gone
rong with that member. Dr.
[ontgomery carried the patient
) Dr. I. M. Hair and out of his
ngue was extracted one of the
eth which were shot out four
en years ago. It had been
iot into the center of the top
f the tongue, and when the gun
iot wound healed the tooth
as inside the body of the
ngue. Recently Mr. Mitchell
alt this tooth strike against his
ther teeth. He came on a few
ays later and had the tooth
aken fron his tongue.-Un ion
Norris Items.
Editor Sentinel-Journal: For
ear the readers of The S. J. will
rget there is such a place in
he world as Norris, I will give
ou a few dots from here.
Tthe farmers are progressing
icely with their work and are
bout through with their plant
Mr. Will Maddox has finished
lanting cotton.
Mrs. Brown, of Central, visit
1 Norris last week.
Mr. Walter Mauldin, a young
ian of Norris, left recently for
4irmingham, Ala.
Mrs. Woodson, and daughter,
[iss Ada, visited friends in Nor
i6 last week.
Mrs. Bud Gilstrap, and son,
Ilyde, who have been very sick,
re better at this writing.
Minnie Lee Times, of Catee
hee, got her finger. cut off last
reek while at work in the cot
n mill. Dr. Woodruff took
boff about the second joint.
he is suffering painfully with
at present.
Miss Florence' Whitmire re
rned to her home at Salem last
reek. We sure was glad to
ave her with us.
Mr. Will Williams has been
ffering greatly with a rising
a his jaw, but I think he is
iist love-sick. Ha, ha!
Wonder what has become of
Old Riddle." Wonder if she
going to get married. If she
, hope she will invite us all to
e wedding.
Come again, Pansy, your let
r was fine.
Several of the Norris people
ttended the Sunday School
ally at Golden .Creek last Sab
ath, and report a very nice
Mr. J. M. Whiten, the post
aster, was walkihg the streets
Norris Sunday afternoon and
ays he has worn out three bug
ies trying to get married and
ays he is going to get him an
utomobile. Let's see girls, who
ill be the first one to ride in it.
[ope it will be Red Rose. Ha,
Summer is coming. The
rees are budding, and the flow
s are blooming out.
With best wishes to the S. J.
nd its many readers.
Laym eu's $i0ary Rallies.
The following program has
een arranged for rallies in the
~ickens Association under the
uspices of the Laymens's Mis
jonary movement this year.
It is expected that the pastors
ill be present and assist in
~ese meetings. The :following
ave been appointed church
~aders in their respective
Cross Roads-B. N. Glazener
Mile Creek-N. D. Parsons
Pleasant Grove-J. L. Burgess
Mountain Grove-R. T. Lewis
Mt. Tabor-S. M. Looper
Nine Forks-J. P. Robinson
Cateechee-Furman Norris
Cedar Rock-J. H. Miller
Peters Creek-J. E. Singleton
Pickens Mill-J. C. Child
Pickens Mill- Third Sunday
1 April. Addresses by W. J.
olt and R. T. Hallum.
Mountain Grove- Fourth Sun
Lay in April. Addresses by R.
1. oHalm and W. E. FindlAy
Nine Forks-First Sunday in
May. Addresses by C. E. Rob
inson and J. T. Taylor.
Cedar 1ock-Second Sunday
in May. -Addresses by R. T.
Hallum and W. J. Bolt.
Pleasant Grove-Second Sun
day in May. Addresses by J. T.
Taylor and C. E Robinson.
Cross Roads - Third Sun
day in May. Addresses by R.
T. Hallum. W. J. Bolt and W.
E. Findley.
Mt. Tabor-Fourth Sunday in
May. Addresses by R. T. Hal
lum, W. E. Findley and J. .I
Mile Creek-Fourth Sunday in
May. Addresses by J. T. Tay
lor and C. E. Robinson.
Peters Creek-Second Sunday r
in June. Addresses by J. T. t
Taylor and C. E. Robinson. I
Cateechee-Third Sunday in
June. Addresses by R. T. Hal
lum and W. J. Bolt.
Each of the above meetings
will 1) in charge of the Church
Leader who will conduct the c
opening .services. Every lay ]
member of the churches are re
quested to attend these meetings
and we earnestly request the
cooperation of the pastors to
make them a success.
Asso. Leader.
North Pickens Circuit.
Rev. E. L. Thomason preacher
in charge.
At Porter's chapel, 11 a. in.;
Salem, 3 p. m.
Mt. Bethel, 11 a. i.: New
Hope, 3 p. m.
Gap Hill, 11 a. i.; Twelve
Mile, 3 p. m.
McKinney's, 11 a. i.; Friend
ship, 3 n m.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Alway Bought
Sgnlature of C a~4~2
Poultry Secrets Disclosed.
Learn how'lhe successful poultry men
of the country make their money. Their
secret methods and discoveries explam-~
ed fully. FELUH'S Mating Secret of
Fertile Eggs. Dr. WOOD'S Egg-Food
Secret, SECRET of FEED at 15 cents a
bushel, and scores of others. This revo
lutionary book, (one copy) and Farm
Journal two years for 50c. Ser.d stampd
or coin to Wilmer Atkinson Co., 1420
Race St., Philadelphia, Pa.
County of Pickens.(
By J. B. Newberry, Probate Judge: C
WHEREAS. Z, L. Chamblin made a
suit to me, to grant him letters of Ad
ministration of the estate and effects of
D. A. Chamblin.
These are therefore to site and ad
m-mish all and singular the kindred and
crditors of the said D. A. Chamiblin de
ceased, that they be and ap~near before
me, in the Court of Probate, to he held
at Pickens on the 6 day of MIay
1909 next after publication hereof, at
110o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause
if any they have, why the sail admin
istration should not be gri n:ed.
Given under my hand, this the 19
day of April Anno Domini 1909.
J. B3. NEWBER Y [Beil]
J. P. P. C.
Professional Cards
Pickens, S. C.
Ottice over Pickens Bank.
Dr. F. S. Porter,
Is Now Located in Pickens for
the practice of his profession.
Office Upstairs in Freeman Bldg
Residence Johnson St.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Ads inserted in this column at one cent
a word each insertion. No. ad taken for
less than 15c.
.*,"? rza rew.I
Tonic or S
There is an immense differeno
stimulant. Up one day, way I
stimulant. Steady progress day
health; that's a tonic. Ayer's
a strong tonic. The only Sarsa
alcohol. Do not stimulate uni
He knows. Ask him. Do as he say
onstipation is the one great cause of sick-he
reath, debility, nervousness. Has your doctor <
Change the looks of your place
aint. We have the best paint
iece of goods-Eberson's Guarau
>spaint--will stand sun and weat
ot to make it crack or peel. A li
Screen Doors ai
Fly time is here and you can gu:
ng you by using our scaeen doors
ows. They are the very things t
eep your building cool both day a
ugs, chickens, cats, dogs, etc. A
Call and see what we carry in st
e can sell it to you.
Pickens Iar
Are the moles bothering your
vith our Sure Catch Mole Trap.
30 DAI
I lot,
i lot la
i lot Patent Leather and Vici
~2.50 to $3.00, but while they last
m for $2.0o the pair. These are
fier at this price.
Old Ladies Comforts, with thin 1
1 lot Misses and Childredis Oxf<
MEN'S OXFORDS. We sell ti
i lot, including all-over Patent L
ith latest lace, rhe $4.00 kind, cut
HATS. Straw hats for men an<
DRY GOODS. We have som
les in fancy shirtings and waist gc
[rive in a fine Percale at 6c. the y;
~red and plain Lawns, Suesene Si
nything in the dre.-s goods line y<
A big lot of laces~ and embroider
Come to see us when you are
:ept in a general store and we wvill
'ou money. Yours,
'At the Old
Sill giving Con p.>nn Fre'Ih lot of Pictures
ER Repre
Anybody c
show youit
I a live men
z~ You d
is made to
The Mc
From th
our clothing
skill, backel
return for
_ AtS8
All we
'In please you,
who wvants;
landlers of the Famous SCHLOSS B
a between a tonic and a
yack the next; that's a
by day toward perfect
Sarsaparilla is a tonic,
parilla entirely free from
ess your doctor says so.
S. J. C. Ayer Co., LowelMas&
adache, biliousness, indigestion, bad I
ver recommended Ayer's Pis to you?
I A B T!"
by putting on a new coat of
made. It is a guaranteed
teed Lead, Zinc and Asbes-C
her. Vever too cold or too
tttle higher in price but
id Windows
ird against the pests worry
and adjustable screen win
> use during hot weather to I
nd night and keep out flies, 1
so keeps the baby indoors.
ck and find out how cheap
dware Co.i
early garden? Catch them
We swear by this trap.
ici Kid, Blucher cut, @ 95C
better grade, @$1.25
dies Tan Oxfords, @ $1.50
Kid Oofords. Aasy worth
you can stick your feet in
Sworth coming many miles
>ottoms, at $1-50
rds, at Soc. to $1.25
1e Samson Oxfords for men.
,eather Gun Metal and Tan,
to $3-50
i children, from 10OC up.
ething nice to show the la
iods at 5c. the yard. A big
ird. Fancy Ginghams, col
Iks, in fact, we carry almost
>u want.
y at a reduced price.
in the market for anythingI
show you how we can save
to please,
AN &CO0.
.inst in. H ave you gotten yours?'
sents the Higi
ievement in Cloth
an print clever illustrations of
he clothing itself-clothing tha
than it does in the illustratioi
on't have to fit our clothing
fit and is full of character, sni
>dels this season al
e weavi ng of the cloth to the
represents the highest ende;
Iby ou r determination to gis
~very penny invested.
~ UP We honestly
tebest Clot
askis an inspection of our
and our manner of business a
i "square deal"
3, Co's line of high-grade war
lIere to Buy the Best
Pouy and Eggs.
Patronize you Home Breeder,
...He Will Treat You Right....
-FOR SALE - Silver' Laced
Wyandotte eggs. $1.00 per 15.
ruarantee a hatch of 8 out of
).C.White Leghorn E#s
'or the salance of the season I will nel st
Vhite Leghorn Eggs j1.50 per 15. Second best
1.00. White Wyandotte Eggs $1.50 per 15.
S. C. Butt Leghorns
ose Ccnib Brown Lghorn [242 legg recordi
ingle comb Brown Lgorns and Indap Run
er Ducks. Eggs fer Hatching $1.00 to 11.50 per
5. D. F. H EN DRICKS. Pickens. S. C.
).C. Rhode Island Reds
GGS FOR HATCHING from carefully mated
ens $1.50 up ner 15. E. H. CRAIG
S.C. Buff Orpintons
-4 0-V f5Brd hwWnItaINN ING,': Pickens, 4; C. Poultry Show, Dec
.ockerel and 1st and 2nd P'ullet.
Greenville, S. C Poultry Show --Jan. 12-15, '09
-Out cf 4 Birds Shown, Won 3rd Cockerel, lst
fen and 1st and 3rd Puile Eggs $1.50 per 15
ucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve In The World.
SHOES:--I have recentiv put
n a line of shoes, not the largest
n town but all new, clean, styl
sh stuff; fit any foot, from the
nf ant's (at a quarter a pair) on
ip to the boys, misses, men's
mnd women's. Look through
,nis line as I can save you some
noney. Some specials for ladies
n soft sole shoes, as comforta
>le as a kid glove. Modest price.
How about the bleached and
onsdale underwear. Cheaper
;han buying the material and
;aves all the worry of making.
I won't tell how cheap I will
sell pants, especiall in 30 to 32
waist sizes. If this happens to
:>e your size something good is
-oming to yo d see.
[ have all s'
ome to y store w
you want to fde or not.
.)D. HAR
Any Time
is Bliss Time
Keep a box of Bliss Native
Herbs on hand for all emergen
cdes-for headache-distress
after eating-bliousness-con
disorders. Take a tablet once In
a while just for "health's sake."
Is an old-time remedy of roots
herbs-and barks pressed Into
tablets-easy to take-200 tablets
for S1.00-guaranteed to benefit
or money back.
Get die genuine in yellow
boxes only-made by BLISS in
Washington, D. C.
Pickens, -. C.
iest P:,ssible ~L
es Making,
clothing, but-i we can
t will look even better on
our clothing fits you. It
p and style.
re simply elegant
making of the garments,
wvor of human brains and
!ethe public full, honest 14
rbelieve we can give you
hing values ev - '
stock-the cl,~
vill appeal to e.~
IiS, N

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