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Pickens S ltilel-Journal sa
-BY- be
The Sentinel-Journal Company' ni
W. L. M.\TIIENY. Manager.
Telephone 32
Subscriptiou 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable. be
Entered at Pickens Fustoffice as Second Class
Mail Matter kii
PICKENS, S. C.: tic
THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1909 sei
The man who the swishing i
sound of skirts won't make sit we
up and take notice, should be bo
looked after by the undertaker. at
Lvc.as COUNTY. H
Frank J. Cheny makes oath that he is I
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Chen- th
ey & Co., doing business in the City of al
Toledo. County and State aforesaid. and
that sail firm wil: pa the sum of ONE at
HUNDRED DOLLARS fir each and -
every ease of Catarrh that cannot b
cured by the n-e (f Halls Catarrh fi
Cure. FluNK J. Cheney. de
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence. this 6th day of December,
A. D. 1386.
Hall's Catarrh Care is taken internal M'
ly, and acts directly on the blood anp tic
mucous surface of the system. Send SzU
for testimonials free.
F. J. CIENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. sa
Sold by all Druggists. 75c be
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa of
tion. 13
"By their fruit ye shall know "
them," but what about a tree be
with a dozen different varieties A
of grafts?
The New York Mail suggests
that there is this about the peach
basket bat-the best peaches are
at the bottom of the basket. 3
This Is An Easy Test. D
Sprinkle Allen's Foot-Ease in one shoe n
and not in the other, and notice the cr
difference. Just the thing to use when c
rubbers or overshoes became necessary, at
and your shoe seems to pinch. Sold 19
Everywhiere, 25c. Don't accept any sub- 11
On a Pullman sleeper, not long a
ago, about 7 o'clock, in the morn
ing, when the passengers were _
almost ready to leave their berths
a tiny baby in the car began to F
- - cry lustily. Just at that iden
tical moment the porter opened J.
the door and sung out: "First
call for breakfast."
There are lots of people in the
world who appear to have the 48t
brains of a mule. All they -
seem to be able to do is to eat,
sleep and kick. I
Words To Freeze The Soul, t
'-Your son has Consumption. His 01
case is hcpeless." These appalling words
were spoken to Geo. E. Blevens, a lead e
ing merebant of Sprinsfield, N. C. by
two expert doctors-one a lung specia
list. T[hen w'as shown the wonderful
power of Dr. King's New Discovery.
"After three w eeks use," writes Mr.
Blevens, "he was as well as ever, I
would not take all the money in the
world for what it did for my boy." In-'
fallible for Coughs and Colds, its the..
safest. surest cure of desparate Lung -
diseases on earth. 5i0c and $1.00 at all
Druggists. Guarantceesatisfaction. Tri- yp
al bottle free. G
"~ 15
Here Is Relief For Women. T
If you have pain in the back, Urinary, S
Bladder or Kidney trouble, and want a Fo
certain, pleasant herb cure for women's
ills. try Mother Gray's Australian-Leaf._
It is a safe and never-failing regulator.
At Druggists or by mail 50c. Sample
package FR EE. A ddress, The Mother Ro
Gray Co., LeRoy, N. Y. St
Cotton goods going up, flourQ
flying out of sight, everything '"
that has to be bought going up pe
in price, why in the world don't ~
you get on the other side and
have something to sell! Gar- ~
den truck, chickens, eggs, all ""
-- s'rts of things are in constant -fe
dlemand here and in other towns.
Sell, dont alw\ays buy. ~
For Tnfants and Children-.i
The Kind You Have Always Bought ur
Bears the in~r
Signature C c ~ j)f ~ II
In IiletS'' Going to work:
Dawn of day'," which was re- 11)
c'ently bought by a Philadelphian iti:
for' S50,000, a possible explana- Sa
tion of the stiff price paid for
this bit of canvass, eighteen by
twent-one and a half inches, Ibt.
may be had in the fact that er
the woman accompanying the
man to their daily toil wears
basket over her head with
handle under her chin. P
basket hat that did it.
A newspaper in Oklahoma
ys a man from Bartlesville, in
at state, has such big feet that
-en he put his new yellow I
oes aud his suitcase under his
rth in the pullman the other
ght the porter shined one shoe
d the suitcase.
Swept Over Niagara.
[his terrible caltmity often happens
:ause a careless boatman ignores the
er's warnings-growing ripples and
ter current-Nature's m arnings a e
id. That dull pain or ache in the
Dk warns you thet Kidneys need at
n if you would escape fatal mala
s-Dropsy, Diabates or BrighL's di
e. Takt Elec Bitters at once and
Backache fly and all your best feel- s
s return, 'After long suffering from
ak kidneys and lame bae , one $1.00
tle wholly cured me." writ(s J. R.
inkenship, of Belk, Tenn. Only 50c
all Druggists.
The New York Sun's Wash
gton correspondent reports
at "the President is looking
ead with pleasure to his vaca
ion." Only six weeks on the
J and already beginning to (
;ure on a holiday. The Presi
ncy is getting to be a soft snap
e State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
J. B. Newbery, Piobate Judge.
Nhereas, G. M. Smith made suit to 4
to grant him Letters of Adsninistra
n of the Estate and effects of M. T.
rhese are therefore, to cite all and
ular the kindred and creditors of the
. M. T. Smith. deceased, that they 3
and appear before me, in the Court
Probate, to be held at Pickens on the
h day of May 1909 next. after pubh
tion hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore.
on, to show cause, if any they have,
iy the said administration should not -
Given under my hand this 29th day of
aril, Anno Domini 19u9.
at J. B. NEWBERY, J. P., P. C.
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newberry, Probate Judge:
WHEREAS. Z, L. Chamblin made
it to me, to grant him letters of Ad
inistration of the estate and effects of t
A. Chamblin.
These are therefore to site and ad
ondish all and singular the kindred and
ditors of the said D. A. Chamblin de
ased, that they be and appear before
, in the Court of Probate, to .e held
Pickens on the 6 day Uf May
09 next after publication hereof, at
o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause
any they have, why the said admin
ration should not be granted.
iven under my hand, this the 194
y of April Anno fromini 1909.
J. B. NEWBERY, [seal]
'rofessional Cards4
Pickens, S. C.
Office over Pickens Bank.
Ir. F. S. Porter,
Now Located in Pickens for
he practice of his profession.
fice Upstairs in Freeman Bldg
Residence Johnson fet.
her'e to Bily the Best
Poulty aid Egs.
tronize you Home Breeder,
He Will Treat You~ Right....
-FOR SALE - Silver Laced
yandotte eggs. $1.00 per '.5.
iarantee a hatch of 8 out of
C.Wite Leghorn Eggs
-the balance of the season I will sell oest
ite Leghorn Eggzs gl.50 pe r 15. Second best
K0. White Wyandotte Eggs $l.50 per 15.
S. C. Butt Leghorns
e Cemb Brown Leghorn [242 egg record]
;le comb Brown Leghorns and Indian Run
Dcks. Eggs fer Hatching $1.00 to $1.50 per
D. F. H ENDRICKS. Pickens. S, C.
C. Rhode Island Reds
3 FOR HA TCHING from carefully mated
s $1.50 uo Der 15. E. H. CRA IG
S. C. Buff Orpintons
~NNINGS: Pickens, S C. Poultry Show, Dec.
'08-Out of 5 Hirds Shown, Won 1st and 2nd
kerel and1 1st atii' 2nd Pullet.
eeville, S. C Poultry Show -JIan. 12-15, '09
[it If 4 lIirds Shown. Won 3rd Cockerel, 1st
and1( 1st anid 3rd Puilet. Eggs $1.50 per 15
HOES:-IJ have recently put t
a line of shoes, not the largest lb
town but all new, clean, styl
stuff; fit any foot, from the
ant's (at a quarter a pair) on
to the boys, misses, men's
a women's. Look through
is line as I can save you some.
>ney. Some specials for ladies 11
soft sole shoes, as comforta d
Sas a kid glove. Modest price. l
How about the bleached and
.sdale underwear. Cheaper
an buying the material and
es all the worry of making.
I won't tell how cheap I will V
11 pants, especiall in 30 to 32
aist sizes. If this happens to
- ,r size something good is
'o you. Come and see.
in crokerX end glass.
to my store whether
sant to trade or not.
klluring Arrays.
Loom E
All attempis at wor
)pportunities as these
Banner Baigains a
he counters for the p
?opied from the work
f this community; an
iway great bundles a
Don't stop to find o
vithout theni at the i
Don't Miss the Seven,
Great Lots.
Thousands of yards of loom
nd length from one to ten yds.
othing like it ever offered in ]
-reenville before. Seven Prices:
c, 19c, 33c, 55c, 79c, 95c, $1.19.
Take advantage of the oppor- ]
unity and get the benefit of
ur sacrifice prices on Woolens
f all kinds and colors. Our
>ss is your gain.
One lot of Sun Burst Petti
oats, various colors. Regular
>rice, $3.50 choice $2.00.
One lot Silk Taffetta Princess
lips-colored-P r i c e $10.00,
~hoice $5.98.
10 Messaline Reception Gowns
n colors. Price $25 and $30,
~hoice $19.98.
One lot Silk Taffetta Ribbon,
lI colors, up to 6 inches wide.
tegular price 18c per yd. Loom
End Price 10c per yard.
Don't miss this sa
The Leading Ldieas
Things were differenti
time because he didn't
having a checking accc
T'hat is no reason why
jected to be subjected1
One of the most ple
modern business meth<
count in a good Bank
BANK, Liberty, S. C.
Change the looks of your pla
aint. We have the best pa
iece of goods-Eberson's Gua:
s paint-will stand sun and wi
ot to make it crack or peel. /
Screen Doors
Fly time is here and you can
ig you by using our scaeen do
ows. They are the very thing
eep your building cool both da'
ugs, chickens, cats, dogs, etc.
Call and see what we carry in
re can sell it to you.
Ploens He
Are the moles bothering y<
A Ilatchle
nd and
( painting would be
been presenlted to ti
re makiug banner bi
ople. A revelling
I's largest textile n1a
d from pit to dome
an evidence of the
t whether you are i
rices named,
5,000 yards Loon-End Laces.
Aould be a baigain at 5c a yd.
Loom-End Price, 3c a yd.
Don't miss this. Thousands
)f yards of Loom-End Embroid
-ies that sold up to 25c a yd.
Loom-End Price, 9c yd.
One Lot Colored Lawn Jnn
)er Dressers. Sell for $5. Sale
rice $4.48.
One lot Lingerie Dresses-in
olors-Sell for $4.48. Sale
rice $3.98.
Read These
Regular 25c colored bordered
wiss, yard 17c
Regular 15c percales, yard 124
Regular 10c linene, yard 83
25 pieces Serpentine Crepe, in
oman Stripe and Figured, 20c.
yard goods at, yard 10c
50 pieces 15c Linonette, color
d, striped and figured, yard 10c
Big lot regular 25c Linen Suit
igs. Plaids and StrIpes, yard 14c
Ie. You may ne~
Department Store.
lyour grandfathers
know the benefit of
ut in a good Bank.
you should be sub
such inconvenience
asing conditions of
d is a checking ac:
ike the LIBERTY
H. C. Shirley, Cashier.
e by putting on a new coat o
mt made. It is a guaranteed
rauteed Lead, Zinc and Asbes
ather. Vever too. cold or toc
~.litttle higher in pri ce but
nd Windows
guard against the pests worry
rs and adjustable screen win
to use during hot weather tc
Sand night and keep. out flies,
Also keeps the baby indoors,
stock and find out bhow cheat
dwae Co
ur early garden? Catch then
tractive Exhibits.
ss Outpouring
the Opening of the C
futile. Not since th<
ic buying public.
siness an(1d nanufacti
fmoi)g thousands of
mifacturers is making
mr establishment is t
unusually attractive
n need of' articles or
On Shoes is the Seal of Distinc
tion. For Fit, Style and
Service They Have no
Sorosis Oxfords and Pumps
Pumps, in Patent. Gun Metal,
Suede, Black and Tan-all at
reduced prices.
S3.50 values 83.35; $4.00 values
at $3.69.
Duttenhofer's, Rice and Hut
chins, Wolfe Bros.. and Sorosis
Oxfords and Pumps sold at ex
ceedingly low prices.
Loom End Bargains.
Every shelf and counter loaded
with Mlill End Bargains.
Prices quoted on the following
Wl~oolens are only good as long
as they last.
One lot 36-inch Cashmere, in
black, brown, medium blue and
tan, worth 85c. yard; loom end
price yard 15c
er have ano ther <
you ou bet evie
Loo inoorhwwi'l
th Ioems/ akrthyr
of Values
days of modern ner<
irers' surIlus stocks a
L1ill Ends' of Domest
a sale never to be fo
ieing crowded with e
not-just figure if 3
One lot Shepherd Plaids, black
brown and blue, worth 50c. yd.,
loom end price yard 29c
One lot 36-inch Novelty Suit
ing, Brown, Cream, Tan Green,
worth 50c. yard loom end price
yard 19c
One lot Novelty Mohair, worth
$1.25 the yard 59c
One lot black all-wool Voile, wire
twist, worth $1.50 yard, loom
end price yard 89c
One big lot of Silk and Wool
Voiles and Ealicano, in colors,
stripes, broken plaids, blue stripe
solid grey, small plaids, etc., 42
to 45 inches wide, sold from
$1.35 to $1.98 yard, loom end
price, yard 79c
Lots of other bargains which
space will not let us mention.
W~omen's Ready-to-wear
The popularity of this great
department will be fittingly il
lustrateded here during this sale.
Unapproachable value-g i vi in g
>pportunity to bu)
0T T
Let us array you in one<
many new styles handled b'
some of the most famous ma
turers, and lead you to a miri
You look at your reflec
and the hard-to-pleas disapp<
We have dealt with lots c
who came to us skeptical<
ability to satisfy them with
made clothes.
They are regular customer
once you wear our cloth,
enough to kill all prejudice,
spring styles are very sensib
) WVe ha':e tried :to consu.
ttastes in mnaking our selectior
we believe we have succeede<
hard to please, we
, you will see there a display
present the latest fashions, and
Yours to please,
rgressive flethods.
hiandising have such
re being knifed upon
ic and other Fabrics
egotten by the people
iger buyers, carrying
ou can afford to do
will be the magnet that will at
tract the buyers. Pri'ce quota
tion is impossible as we carry
only one suit of a kind, but it
matters not what .style you've
set your heart on you will find
it here and at Manufacturers
Outlet prices.
The greatest tri h of Mil
liners' Art are em din
the hun of beautiful d
dclusive model shown here.v
This sale offers remarkable
values in this department and
an open invitation is extended
you to be with us on the Open
ing Day.
Caliiocs aad Plaids at 2c. a Yard.
8,000 Yards Aigh E'
Plaids and Standard
be sold for 10 1mn
hour at Two (2) cents
til supply is exhauste<,.....
tinues until 5:10 p. m.
I10 yards to a customer.
r them so cheaply
LE, S. C.
rus of
tars at
f men
le and
tit all*
stand ready to
of new models from some of
you will spot them at once as

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