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Pickenls Senti el-Journal,
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
W. L. M ATllf-sY, Manager.
Telephone 32
Sabscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising R:ttes Reasonable.
Entered at Picens Fvstoffice as Second Class
Mail Matter
A Thrilling Rescue.
How Bert L Lean, of Chwny, Wash.
was savcd from a frightful death is a
Etory to thrilh the wo id. "A h.ird cold,"
he writes, '-brought on a desperate lung
trouble that b-tm -d an expert doctor
here. Then I paid $10 to $15 a visit io
a lung specialist in Sp kane, who did
not help me. Then I went to California,
but without benefit. At h:st I used Dr
King's New Dsc >very, which cinpleti
lv cure.1 me an i now 1 a-s as well .s
eve-r." For Lung Troubl-, Bronchitis.
Coughs and Cold.4, Asth:naa. Croup and
Whooping Cough its supreme. 50-- and
$1.03. Trial bottle free. Gurai te -d 1.)
all Druggists.
Liberty Items
We had another fine rain last
night,. and the grass as well as
the crops are getting a move on
them, and the farmer just
scratches his head and takes a
new hold and goes right on.
Crops, generally, look well,
and aft er se reral of the farmers,
planted over their cotton, there
is a pretty good stand, and
thinning is well advanced, with
4 few done, thinning.
Wheat harvest will be on in a
few days, as we notice some is
pretty yellow, and the heads
seem well filled out where near
ly ripe.
Several went to Atlanta, from
here last week. on the Excur
sion, and report a fine time.
The good roads fever has
fairly broken out in this little
neck of woods, and we hope
much good will result, and that
we can soon have such roads, as
Atlanta and Charlotte has
through their counties. Why
not? We have an abundance
of stone, and sand in plenty,
and clay is still more abundant.
The clay is a good foundation
to build upon, but makes a poor
road bed in wet, freezing, weath
er, but when the ballast has once
been put on and properly rolled
in with a road packing machine,
the thing is done, and just let it
rain and freeze but the road will
be all rizht, and you can haul
as heavy load as your wagon will
bear up. This is what we want
and what we will eventually
The infant child of Mr. H.
Watkins, died on the 2>ith and
was buried at the Liberty Ceme
tery, the 27th, also infant of Mr.
Broom, died here the 27th, and
was buried the 28th at the Lib
erty Cemetery. Each had been
sick for somec time.
The convict camp, was moved
this morning to near the roce
quarry, where they are work
ing out and widening some of
the very narrow roads, between
here and Easley. We under
stand they have been doing
some good work.
'Peaches are still dropping off
badly, and we notice some of
their cheeks are turning red.
Cherrie;, apples, and pears are
not plentiful this year; the trees
did not bloom much at the start.
Now, Mr. Bud farmer, we
have fairly started out with a
.pretty fair prospect of another
good crop, b)ut what assurance
have you as to the price, and
w~ho is to fix it on Your products?
Again, are you mnortgageinig
everythinug in sight, thus giving
the other fellow a lever to press
down prices with, thus placinig
yourself at the mlercy of the
other fellow? if you are doing
this, (don't grunt if you get well
mashed, and remember vou de
serve it every bit. The man
that has his corn, and other sup
plies raised at home, can wag his
head at y-our folly and "whistle
up a merry tune"~ for you. sell
ing your cotton below cost of
production, while he don't have
to sell if prices does not suit him.
Actually 20 bales of cotton
were sold here last week at 11c.
alb. C.
Will Surely Stop That Geueh. I
Women Who Are Envied.
Those attractive women who are love
ly in face, form and temper are the envy
of many. who might b! like them. A
weak, sickly women will be nervous
and irritable. Constipition or Kidney
P isons shows in pimplk's, blotches, sin
eruptions and a wretcI-d complexion.
Fur all such, Electric Bitters work won
ders. They regulates Stomach, Liver
and Kidneys, purify the blood; give
strong nerves, bright eyes, pire breath
smooth, velvety skin, lovely complex
icn. Many charming women owe their
health and beauty to them. LOe at all
Norris Items
The health of this section IS
very good at this writing.
T}he farmers are progressino
nicely with their crops.
EMiss Mary Garrett, who was
attending the Greenville Female
College, is spending her vaca
tion with her raren's, Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Garrett. Miss Mary i
a jolly girl and she has infusei
new life into the social set al
Mr. Wade Williams, a hand
some and prominent young man
of Aberdeen, Wash., is visiting
his mother, Mrs. A. B. Williams,
of Norris.
Wonder what has become of
Pansv? I haven't seen anything
from her lately. Wonder if hei
and John A. is going to get mar
ried? Wake up and give us th(
There was an ice cream suppe
given at the home of Mr. an(
Mrs. E. C. McWhorter on las
Saturday night. There wer
several present and an enjoyabh
time was had.
Mrs. Mattie Mosher and chil
dren, of Clifton, S. C.,is visitinf
her brother, L. P. Moser, of Nor
Misses Ada and Ila Woodson
two charming young ladiei
of Liberty, also Mr. Oscar Wood
son, visited in Norris recently
There will be an allday sing
ing at the Norris Baptist churci
on the fourth Sunday in June
Every body is cordially invite(
to come.
Mrs. A. B. Williams and son
Mr. Wade, is visiting relative!
at Cross Roads this week, as i!
also Mr. John Williams, and
Florence Whitmire. Mr. Wil
Williams, the old bachelor, is
keeping house for his mothe:
while she is gone. Girls yot
ought to see how things are
done there-they are sure nice
and clean.1
Mr. Joe Newton, of Norris, ii
moving his family to his farm
on Pea Ridge. We hate to giv(
them up.
Red Rose of Norris.
Every Woman Will Be Interested.
There has recently bee-n discovered ari
aromatic, pleasant herb cure for w(o
man's ills, ca led Mither Gray's AUS
cRALIAL-LE.AF. It is the only cer.
cain regulator. cors femwale weakntsstes
and Backache. Kijney, Bladder an"
Urinary troubbts. At all Druggists 0'
by m-il .'0 ets. Sample FREE. Ad
drss, The Mother Gray Co., LeRoy, N.
Dog Tax Now Due.
All persons who own, keep or
harbor a dog in the town of Pick
ens are requested to call on J. R.
Ashmore, clerk and Treasurer of
the council, pay their tax on
their dog, or dogs, and get a
License Tag and put it on their
All dogs found on the streets
whose owners live within the
town limits of Pickens, without
such license tag shall be im
pnnded for three dogs unless
claied and tax paid after which
they shall be killed by order of
the council.
Penalty: That after the first
day of June, 1909 it shall be a
misemeanor punishable by im
prisonment not exceeding 30
days or a fine not exceeding
(100.00) for any one within the
limits of the town of Pickens to
own, keep or harbor any dog or
o)Ls upon which the license tax
has not beent paid.
Tax on Male Dogs is $1.00
Tax on Female Dogs is $2.00
Could Not Be Better.
No one has ever made a salve, oint
met. lotion or batmn to compare with
Buckle's Arnica Salve. Its the one
perfect healer of Cuts. Corns, Burns,
Bruises, Sores Scalds, Boils, Ulcers,
Ezemai. Salt Rheumi. For Sore Eyes,
( ld Sores. Chapped Hands its supreme.
Infallible for Piles. Only 2ac at all
Druggis s.
Hester On Prohibition Election.
It seems there is a campaign
tarte Iamong the prohibitionists
for the election on August 24th
an T write to ask what for? It
seems to me that the non-drink
ing man has all to gfain and noth
ing to lose by the maimfacture I
and sale of whiskey as 't brings
and keeps monev here (hundreds
of thousands of dollars) and he
don't have to spend a cent for
whiskey. It looks like I ought
to be the one who ought to ur'g
and advocate prohibition he
cause I will buy and drink it. and
the handier it is, the I more spend
and drink, which is detrimental
to my health and purse. But 1
am not willing, nor do I think it
right for me to act according to
my individuality, when I see so
many that would be helped by
this great necessary evil. So
many people in debt, with their
noSeS to the grindstone, and oth
er wage earners who (an barely'
butter one side of their bread.
Now, 1 would like to call the
attention of the people to the
tenor of what I told them from
the stump in the campaign of
1906. I told then then that pro
visions would go out of their
reach, and what do they lack
now? What they lack will soon
be on. Some are kicking out of
their breeches now and every
thing is cheap compared to what
it will be 12 months hence.
The estimation is that this
wheat crop is sixty-five million
bashels short of last year's crop.
Hogs, too, are scarcer.
If what I advocated had pass
ed the legislature, 1, myself,
would now be putting on the
near markets, $4,000 worth of
meat and $18,00 worth of whis
key and brandy from my own
products; but.in place of that I
am pntting on the markt about
50 bales of cotton and he seed
back on my land and buying
corn at $1.10 per bushel and ex
pect to pay S1.50 next year, and
laugh at the fool that will raise,
gather and shuck it for that.
I answer the religious part of
this in the following verse.
The man who does not drink,
Chew, smoke, or tell lies is
The man who does nothing but
Right and his wife knows
Where he is morning, noon
And night-he's dead1.
M. W. Hester.
Trouble Makers~usted.
'When a suffe-rer from stomach trouble
akes Dr. King's New Life Pills lie's
oighty glad to see his Da spepsia and
[ndigestion fly, but more-he's tickled
.ver his new, fine appettte, strong nerves
tealthy vigor, all be cause stotnach, livet
and kidneys n iw work right. 25c at alb
A Friend To Old People
The human family has a feel
ing for any one in pain and will
do anythin:~ to alleviate suffer
n.r. On this principle we ex
rend1 our sympathy to sufferin"
humanity, especially old people,
a1nd tell them that their pains
and1 aches and1 miseries can h
alleviated. 01(1 people, who by
strains or over-work, suffer with
back-ache, weak back, or Kid
ney or bladder troubles can be
permanently relieved, and, we
believe, finally, cured, by using
Hallums' Backache and Kidner
Pills, the greatest remedy known
for these ills. If your druggist
does not keep thenm, they can be
procured from the Pietens Drug
Co., distributors.
When Rubbers beccme N'ecessary
Anid your shoe-s pinch, Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder to he shakon into the
shtos s, is just the thing tc use. Try it
for breaking in New Shoe-s. Sold Every -
where, 25ce. Sample FREE. Address.
Allen S. Oltmted, LeRo, N. Y. D)on'
accept any suts:iute.
Not~ce of Stockholbers' Meeting.
Notice is hereby .iven that a mieetinig of thec
stockholdlers oif the ( aluimet Manufnzteturinig
Comipaniy wil be beld at the oltice of the sa id
Cal umet ManufacturIintg Copanty, tin Liberty.
S t ., ont thle 1st day of h J lyv . at it o i!oek p.
mi., fo r the pu0rpoise of considert i thle issutance'm
of! Seven Hiud red 7mm shtires if Preferredl
stick, in the Par Value oft 'ie IHundilred 00
doi lars each. Th is noticoe has bieenl su thtorizedI
anid directed by re-oltioni of the hiiard of I ii
reitoirs of the Cal mntet Mlaniufacturine Com-o
panty, held ait Liberty. 5. C.. on M sy 31,.t. 19 e'
.\ u., and the sail resol uitis were inI the hol
lowing words which are hereby mtile a part of
this nt'ti'e:
Resolvedl by the Hoard of Dlirectors of the.
Calumiet Mantufacturinit Co. that the P'residet
of said company be sauthori.ed to cal a mt.
ing of the stockholders of the saild tahnnel
M anufacturinig Co. on the 1st day cf .luly, 1:1:..
at 2o'ehx'k p. in., at Liberty. s. C. for the pur
pose of considlerinig the issuance of Seven Hun-ci
dtred Shares of P'referredt Stock at par value
of One H1unodred [Dollars Failh Sail stick -to
lbe enititled to dlividendis each year at the rate of
7 per cent per annumi. payable semi-ann uay.
Rnd these dlividentds arc to be cumutlativi. the
companty having the opt ion oif retiring thl or anyV
portion of sail stock alter tive years. .tt the
end of ten year< unv portiotn of said stick not
retire I shaW becomne iirst a mortgtage on the
comipany's property, atnd shall c eceive 7 perI
cenit. interest fromi swid date.
H. 1 L.\ \ TON.
Pres. and Treas. Calumet M-fg. Co.
WESTON, Ocean-t-Ocean Walker,
S tid recently: When yoti i'el d'; a
and out, feel there is no us. liv ig. i.zt
take your ba l tliongits with vitti :til!
walk them off. Be.f ,it' wu0 Imv w:k
ed a mi'e thin,,,; will b ok r iir. J1
try it." lave 'on notim tihe IincraSe
in walkin , ,f late in evt ry cttoiain.:
Many atttrihitt, ir !t) the ,nfrtub
Allen's Fool-Ea;lE-, the :lti.pt i w
to be shaken into thll :.howes. -m t.) ,!hk
millions nlow uising" it. ., Wegen'l Li;-s
aid, "-It has real nirit.'
1785 College of Charleston 1909
i utranc e~x~ua ini~ens v.il i i ed t h
Io l C. li I tt; iC.ta I ',t
il. .\ ll en r.'t htl ! 'Iht a't u or i: l,
itrship to) eta h utyI:tI in i; I j
iB iurd anIt I1 1r ihe i . :n 1 :
Tuit in.! I' C, tr n t i cr w h!~ a
Dy J. 11. Newhevrry. 'rohlte .hidlo:
W k I \ . ;.\Mla rtil1.1. Watidrop nui
sui;t to) 1. t., tJ( ran her htets. If Ad
Ilninis'ratioln oaf the < - a' , a : 1< ee Iv of
V. S. Jriits aril Militita S. Jine-,.
Thee ~ ~ ~ 1 !n tenf elite arnd in1
ill I h ll -'.< siiar .1lh4' kii!red:0 1nd
l, dit , S - f tIle S '. . and .1 Ili i .a I
. Jo t. i r Im i ,it! !. t , ,;. I : :I
atP. o I . inth It urt wi I '
t.- itube ho-t all t tlai i t h- on t
Idlo% If Juni th Iwn xt after:.b e u .
hereo . at 1 o'lo kinl the fa -e n.1
s'~ : I if anyi they. h::Re, ', byV
Given u111.h r Iny) hatnd, thik Ilh. II
-lay 4-f 11.:y .\ni a- i:.i lI
* J 8 N - ;i -l:Y j en~i)
Notice of Election.
\\ er : a I a ;. ti: :t w
i i; t i -t I Nir p t: ta 3 i i 't ': t
rti~ I s~ir dit.rc tod trni n e w o:
iatt ain ex ii alev oa t hI ree iti; t'li . b
in stit dli- it .'filr* s oll'rld p ;ur 'ostae a
It lappIelr il" Ito tile ('01t1iiV a r loat Itd Wf i I'
tion thatte a t' itio ll :ets the vIlirn 1 (! ot
!: %aw.% T -refor it i, Crde tt l l I i
tees of aboivie tnana4 d distritct dit htpld an m
tulnn t Ju e5a ~ asho l e fr t h
a bo~ve i tved jpurpo.P Tn ertont .h '
occording to) thle requirvinent, of ecio 1
of thle sc~.htob v.
Iv ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Se tAv ir httiit n.ni
Notice of Election.
Whereas at petition f nt te IfrabL b I llr:"
ele tors of .\im !ur sawit istri-it NIP.
beenl filed with the. 0County 1,41ard1 1f I lnio
as .ing sani i itrti far lrinist, io:: to lin:
elvet-i inl niid distric-t ito dteriine v.hw
or not till extrit ievy of 11'a' 1 1i a hat h vie i
i sattid district tor sco tlpurpot et.
I et a pearting toa tI t' nti-,y l'oard oa I' r a
otin that the petition eets the : n f
the of ao nied itr I ctionhoh u l
tlaio ' tat Ju tn rith aitu.ianlr ttj hnoi' Nt.u for
thetaboe 'atd purpose.tt T he-ii' ttletia:. J. le
itl accorduling toait the l l irine'ttit fS to
Illi ay t'.e oI$f oun' t lla t iof1dt. .in
i:. Tl~. n:m
Notice of Election.
ch1-atars aat Gtarin' school dtitttr i' t N '. h
bee fitl-Int the ia'tt t y'itlaaa o .du~to
ofi .Piiken' iotyatlir' ak sta Iordfrp
thissiot to hl a n eeti on itl-' 'ini t'ai dith :t t
hall beta leie i n. tat ildtal D it'iai fo atd pu
ittattt app aingataa ti- u t nar h. h
peii N oieticte ofeiont ft Iu
Th r to e ita ii re tal a t iin- tr~'t a et, of thi
.er t h tati (huvins t'Xt l 'l' n forha' Iih I'
tate tilr'tal . il'tTe I ir - t art artob n :: .
trusele ts a titttrI lttii~'' ai. t:at in a i : a
ith i'<a e.at' 8e the intt i ht w.
Noic oDteof Eulection ha's
Estaere OC teitn flate freeh1'. eS wit
orhtbetio' t the 'aut 'Jar iof I i'
indeletioi said distrit to th-t--iia--t lt~he'.
ent o nor iniore xtrat lviyt tha' e t that an
Itnde rbgtoed h (.an M: Siitif I:t.
theibr Teeor Buysdee that thes
Pesofultvrynne adisrc Eghgs. nelct
on ialtte a tltre ;tIH1ork tinI .w l s if:
1he abv Jsae Tup. [ThealeIIti tob
S.C. ofRshol IS1aw .(I~t
S. C. B.fT.Orpinton.
te'eitiL Sf a W l 'relit: wh o isre.N :
lieu adkint atid br d til-. for '. '4iiso lto hor
of thehtw. T erefor IC ittde' \D t hat
\1 1];i : 0 0! ^ ._$,0
v. '
0~ t
\lil - - -
e s iwla, f', r (
allccn i t u\IIe
a.~%V u at -nIEYw
cl e i;::-n ** L -t ic u 'i 1 t m ,
d .:., hI-b w :d- 'c t i ti ic i-;cc
Il,. G. :.\l I-:8.
L' U. kTr.\N s.
..\. - & FINDiEs.
.!. . C.
'. I.. ( .itw y
I .a ' .1 ofI i ir. l I.i o
ProfessioWal Cards
rida ns. S. .
Winthrop Coik-ge
t flh. cx;:.n : t i- Ifr d *h aw: 1ii t
v:ri(ct ch lhi i i.ir t p (he
:rg :.,0 , rt'. :s mi.ei.n f c:'' .itu
l I r I It; c ( c (' n
nrii c:-*ts:71 ) l(] fe
.l-wl. Tehl :I th (-Sut1 yil Court
111:1 <' N.11Va J ii r :sIn ' )
r.i . . . :1 it . I n Icwcc 111.
. c of- c ~.. cc-cc i- chobcs clip aru
ill 1mvi 1*** n il I.c cl.- t vI
vacantuf : ,it . :m -v i hemi award
d) ti t in ),i)i i' t c1 rci n. d l av rag
-i wis< an n.1' . Lrookh- thev anee
[he eii.'hiii - iravertiir th:' caisird.
.\~i ticnt fr Ii h1l4r-h11 il sh ib
vrc'; to~ l1 sihct Jchnson c bef ore c t he~c
io-c bc'anrcb.
Sebihrlhipcs arc wcrth .910) andci free
tuition. Thb ncxt -cc-..ciccn ' will occen
1pe1 r b~. I'n'J ForI futh r t ic nfcir
ni~t ion awl ;cicc :. .:,:cire.s- PrI('. I).
l1. .Johamnccc.i~ Iock Ii il. S. .
SH~~l )ES:--JIthave'li rcently pnt
~in a litt* of 'holS. ccniit the hi;tnt
Ill itIl: bli ilt l f li'W . it'clil. Sth
!li ) ti lii h~ts 1111. ltiS&"-. nill 5
;liltI wecll~c-t's. I ~icck thrcng~h
tilis lilltil i5 eIltl S5l t' YOll Stille
lt10cilc. Sc t tt i cll 'pcials ( iT lt ii's
ill stifl sc cil' Sllccc's. Il tS ill c f()l't a
ble as a kid MIc)\ e. Tlhclest '10l0.
I I i\V ilcli ille hleaelled an(I
ci-llc illcerwct. ( hlctlper
-a Sc all I lle wi tlVy c<f littakill..
I wn'lt ic-li hocw c'heap Ic. witll
wvaist sizc-. If* tis happdlens to
be1 youri sizi' Sccin'liic good is
olill Icc Vi il. (ccm(l all(I Si'e.
I have all Sizc5.
/ ' e
\ H
SDe~cqcged acgd (opyrcilctd b
jlamnbcreer Bros. O go.. ig<
1ry Be y ou easy or.
onU our best service.
I.OOK illto our Sllow win;1.ov
inn Irsl~ aertiyrg
de .0
Tha f armers of Anderson county art
a ing to (o more top dressing this va-:r
tLh:. th-v have ever doie. Top dlt-:.
ing mi- si !re-ssng has been oil the in
cr-: s: in tlis county for the last few
ye ars and it has paid so well that nearly
evrgretssave farmer is goinz to do
m or' less of it this %tar. We hear
f i IIne 1an u ho put in very little fertil
iztr 1:.st year before plantng his crop.
Ile side dresed liht rally anI n1a le 7U
I bh s (f ottln on CO acr s of ground.
Tht is the kind of farmin, that pay s.
Farming 1s a poor business when you
w ok t wo anI threo avres to make a
b--* of ()tton but it is a very prolitable
blu.-ine.-l whetn you can make a bale of
ottan or maore to the acre. We have
6aut four thosanl toi.s of handsome
high gralie anunoniated goods suitable
fo" .il i.dr(ssinAg. It will ake more
th mf, this for the farmners of Anderson
cI 'ut If tlav us'w it as liberal as they
will finld i:. p:'liatable ta do, aml then
w an- -Lng thiS feILiliz-r inl Abl
v a'. icenoad. Greenville, Picker-s
a :nI Q'*-aneetncoaities. The farmers in
th ese (coaunties do not :ide iress to the
exteIt that farmers in Anderson county
'il ress, but they are comaing to it and
"il ad) m"or, of it than ever 1bis year as
thaey ar' fin l~In <iltthat it is very pnif
able. W n aa the fer;ilzr is lit in the
ata al Ifore tle crop is plaIte or
avea when it ie jdanatad, the sa: ilg rains
ome nanaag b-aare th plant gerinliate
and take raoat, anad ie fertilbz r gons
d ina the garould s > fast that the
rit a f lae planat c-an1anot C itch muaich of
It: it IaIs ta l) g a lal. \W I n I ou
wait tnt l the cotton comies up and is
a hinneid tia a -tnl an.d wrke i taut atl
then sa -' aNls s it with lits:.-el ss high
gra.ie au onaitte ;.;oods suach an we
maai ura tihe roats of the plant
arv jutist surrunaLd with ftod and nour
ishiaeint for the lplarit. Every partict
af thae' fert iiz -r d itn the zi le dressing
goes t l the g owing crop that is t he ob
j.-et <I I erlizing. N ou w.iat the grow
ing crop to get the fertiliz-r. You will
see lie effect of this in t lh- growing and
Iin the gathering. The mani who side
drea.ses liberally is the niat who will
have the brag crop; y.u can put that
doLwn. It may be that you cannot side
d ress var whole c op but you c an side
dress a good part of it and that will n
able you to see whetler it pays or not.
We are manufacturing a specially hand
s*me goolds this ear for ,iae dressing
which we call "Vandiver's Side Dres
ser," anak zing b-2-6 and we recommend
it to vou with aabslite confidence. We
certainly would not put our name on i,
if we did not feel that it would prove
satsfactory to all who use it. it is the
best grade of goods that has ever been
manuf'acttured in this country. it ana
lyz's higher and we confidently believ"
it will give better results than anything
vou hiava ever tried in the way of am
amoniatedl fertilizer. It is the best goods
becuuse it is made of the best material,
Anderson Phosp
Let us array you in one o
many new styles handled by
some of the most famous ma!
turers, and lead you to a mirr<
Yotu look at your reflecti
and the hard-to-pleas disappet
We have dealt with lots of
who came to us skeptical of
ability to satisfy them with r<
made clothes.
They are regular customets
Once you wetar our clothe:
ernough to kill all prejudice,
spring styles are very sensibk
WVe have tried to consul1
~tastes in making our selections
we believe we have succeeded
hardl to please, we s
's, you will see there a dIisplay<
esent the latest fashion.; andi )
Y ours to please,
mRimNVI L -R. S. C.
the best acid phosphate. thI h*s blo d,
t:iik-ige and garb lge atil th lm).t of it
tim' ton. There ;s a great di1Trence
in ammniated goods. 'ht- amnmoniates
are he t xpeins ye part of fertilizer.
Th:it is where fertilizers are -kiwped
when they are skimiped, but they are
11,t all skin.p -41. There are other fertil
IZer iainufacturei s who tinke very good
goods. but we are not advertisin them
at the present writing. We are adver
tising our own go:>Js and there is notm
ing better and mighty little as good.
They are all right because we put the
ingredienvs; b!ood, taukage. etc., in
them to make then; all right. We will
have (ite a let of Nitrate of Soda on
hand too, for side dressing; and jist in
passing, will say that we understand it
pays as well to side dr, s; corn as it does
any crop you grow. The corn contest
this yar prornises to be very inte rt sting.
A great many farmers will contest for
the prises. The man who wins will be
a man who fert il z as lea vi Iv. The corn
that wins will be corn tl:aLt has h-n side
iessed. and probably more than once.
You will not staid the ghost (f a cbance
of winning any of the prises unk si you
fertilize heavily and side dress also.
In the old ilue hack spelling book
which we a' thumbolI in puisuit of
that kn w lele which eems to have
0111de-d the moist of 1:s we find the doe
trine laid down that "the best is the
chuelest." If that do trine .plies to
spelling books, and we uppose it does,
at lea-f. we are not going to st( P to conl
test or dsiuss that q iestion now, we
are selling fertilizer now not spelling
books; if that doctrine apilies tospelling
I)ocks it certainly :pplies to fertilizers.
If a spelling boik is weak in certain
points and you find it out you can dis
carl it an I get an.ther. If your fertil
liz.-r turns (jut to ne weak you will find
that out all right enough and you will
discard it and get another. but the
trouble is you have lost your crop and a
year's work and every hand and mule
on your place has los:. a yeur's work be
fore you find it out. The only thing
you will carry over fron that year will
be the year's debts. So, it wiil pay you
to get a good fertiliz--r at _e start, one
that is shown on anal that
a fer:ilizer should Md in i i
tion we call your tention to the a
'ysis of our feytiliz s ii ad e at Clemson
College tis'year. They have all stood
up on .tie analysis and analyze better
than ne guarantee then to be. We
knewv they would do it for we put the
stuff in thei to make them do it. We
are willing to pin our faith to and rest
our case on the fertilizers that we have
muanufacturedl this year. The at
at Clemson College show that the
just exactly right.
Now we have got th is side dressE
it is for sthe and it will be to ' ou
terest as well as ouri for you to tr y IL
and try it liberl;/
hate & Oil Go,,
ON, S. C.
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.rs at
tand( reCady to give
t new models from some of
cot will spot them at onc~e as

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