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Resident of Pickens County.-Been
in Declining Health For a Number
of Years.-Of Much Inluence in
Political Life of South Carolina.
News reached Pickons Tues
day morning of the death of
David Franklin Bradley, of this
county, his demise occurring at
his home in Easley that morn
ing at about two o'clock.
*Mr. Bradley was one of the
best known and highest esteem
ed citizens of the state and has
Played a great and important
part in the development of the
state of South Carolina. During
war days and immediately fol
lowing the war and on down,
until the time he retired from
the active work of the State Mr.
Bradley was rne of the foremost
characters in Ra '
,-mioos fe went to
Florida from which state he en
tered the Confederate service in
April 1864. He was a memberi
of Company "A" Second Florida
Regiment, known as the Pensa
cola Rifle Rangers. He served
in this regiment until the battle
of the Wilderness, when he lost
his arm. After this misfortune,
he remained in the hospital for
a month. He was assigned to
duty in the enrolling department
of Florida, but while enroute he
was intercept ed by General Sher
man and forced to return home.
In 1865 Mr. Bradley resumed his
studies in school and until 1868
he studied and taught alternate
ly. In 1868 he was elected School
Commisioner of Pickens county
in which capacity he served for
six years. Later he helped to
found the Pickens S ntiniel of
which he was sole editor until
1885. In 1874 Mr. Bradley was
elected to the legislature where
he served two terms, and in 1878
he was elected to the State Sen
ate. To him, during his legisla
tive term fell the lot of making
this a prohibition county, and
from, and by, that one act, the
state of South Carolina, has, on
divers time, tried to make of the
Pickens county prohibiti.on law
a state law. To him also, is the
state indebted for the "no fence"
or "stock law," a measure which
he formulated and put through
as a local measure. applicable
only to Pickens county, but its
good effects were seen by other
counties and later it was made
a state law. To this act alone,
is the state indebted for its first
advancement and continued im
provement as a producer of fine
stock-horses, cattle and hogs.
Before the passage of that act1
the stock was turned out on the
"range" and allow~ed to shift for
itself. But after its passage all~
stock had to be fenced up. This
necessitated feeding, and feeding
brought on good stock until now
this state produces as good stock
as can be found in the United:
States. He was appointed by
President Cleveland because of]
his ability to the office of Inter-]
nal Revenue Collector, for South1
Carolina in the year, 1885, and
he served in this offi(ce for four
years. He was anmenber ofthe<
penitenti:ary directors of So'uth
Carolina, and during the last
three years he seve he was
chairman of that body. He was.
.. froI the
ir ioved his mem
..4p and he was buried on
Wednesday at high twelve in
Westview cemetery at Easley
by the brethren of this lodge
with lodge honors, assisted by
Bates lodge and other lodges of
the county.
Major Bradley, who was an
interesting character in the his
tory of South Carolina, was
nearly seventy years old, and
bad been in declining health
for a year.
Peace to his ashes.
He is Coming Home Soon, But Must
Take Care of Himself for a
The announcement, made in a
letter to The News and Couriez
from the chaplain of the United
States Army General Hospital
at Fort Bayard, New Mexico,
that George Legare is almost re
stored to health again, and that
he will return to South Carolina
before very long. will bring the
most genuine pleasure to thou
sands of Ipeople in this St ite.
Congressman Legare's work
has not w
.. aiIgton this winter, but
because everybody loves him
personally there will be general
rejoicing that he is fast recover
ing his health, and now needs
only to regain his strength to be
his normal self again. How
ever, the chaplain writes more
to offer a word of timely warn
ing to Mr. Legare's friends.
His letter follows:
To the Editor of The News
and Courier; If the unforeseen
does not occur, we shall ere long
restore to the nation, to the
State of South Carolina, to the
City of Charleston, to his family
and to a host of friends, your
distinguished fellow citizen,
the Hon. George S. Legare.
He did not come here a mo
ment too soon, and he has made
splendid progress towards per
manent recovery. He has been
up and about for some time and
is getting on beautifully. But
being solicitous for his welfare
I would write a word of caution
to the public reached by your
paper. What has been done
may be easil y undone by excite
ment and by a too early return
to the exactions of social, poli
tical and official life. Mr. Le
gare's trouble was not contract
ed in a day, but was the result
of long confinement indoors
nnd deficient ventilation in
crowded halls. Full strength
may be expected to return slow
We love this genial Southern
gentleman, and you and we
would have him long spared
to the service of his coutry,
amily and friends.
Dear peop!e of Charleston,
please be considerate of this
princely man lest in your joy
mnd thanksgiving over his re
urn vou unintentionally do
iPm much harm. He ma.y look
ell and be much less strong
han he appears to be.
You can best show your re
.ard for him and his family by
permitting him to remain in
comparative quiet for some
nonths after his return.
He has won all hearts here;
3e has been a maodel patient and
las made it his religious duty
o get well, and1 so far as human
kill can see at present, he has
Our country has always suf
Xred fr-om the lack of a
oftticilPfm number of just such
LaIn as Geor'ge S. Legare.
.y, S. C., at the
Loans anTIl Discounts. . t19.19l l7
leinand Loans .......... ... .... . .... 74
O verdrafts . ...... .... .... ... ....... 1-976 '1
liatiina House .......... .. .. . . .03 S
Fu ture and FixtureN........ ..... 14i6 li
Due t, im Banks and Trust CHiianis 7.15s 5
eisr . ....... ....-.... (H)
Si r ind other Coin . ......... ...... Il
'hec(-. and Cash Items...... ........... 15 Ill
ST.\T E OF SOVTil C.\I%'0l,l%*.\,
Biefore me came IH. C. uu. , 'h i fl
saethe above and fore,.oing st.itemnent i, it tru
of' said Bank.
Sworn to and subscribetlit'fore me this -.61 bd,
Correet- \ t test:
F B. .\ORGAN. j
HI. C. SlI R LEY. - l)irectc)ra.
The Farmers R
Located at Central, S. C., at th
Loans and Discounts . . ...... .. 5.: 65
)emand Loans........ .... ..... ... - 5
Overdrafts .. ................. .... .. 3
Banking ouse .. . ..... .. . ..... 51
Furniture and Fixtures.... ... ...... 1,941; S5
Other Heal Estate..... . ........ ..... .35 W 00
Due from llanks aud Trust Conpinies :'. K0 1
Cu rrency.. ... ................. I, "
Gold ...................... ....
Silver an(l other Coin,................17 7;
Checks awd Cash Items 1..... ........'.'23 71
Total............. .......... .$71,15 4J
Before me came II .1. McGrr, Cashier of the
that the above and foregoing statement is a true
said Bank.
Sworn to and snh
Giod bless him, his family and
the good people of Charleston.
The Rev. C. C. Bateman,
Chaplain United States Army.
United States Army General
Fort Bayard, New Mex ico, June
14, 1909.
Six Mile items
IThere will be preaching ser'
vices here next second Saturday
and Sunday by our regular pas
tor', Rev. WV. M. Walker.
The Six Mile school will open
at an early date under the skill
ful management of Perry D)ur
ham as teacher. Prof. Durham
is a highly recomended1 teacher
throughout this county and we
hope for a successful term of
On Saturday June the 12, Mrs.
Lula Youngblood, wife of Scot
land Younghlood died at her
home near Cateechee after a few
hours illness of paralysis of
the heart. She got up in the
morning feeling as well as usual:
except a slight headache and'
was engaged in her household
duties, and her husband left and:
went to work in a field near by,
but didn't return till dinner and
when he came he found her on:
the bed unconscious Dr. Wood
ruff was summoned and she
died in a short while afterwards. I
She leaves a devoted husband,
two children, the youngest an
infant four woeks old, and a
host of relatives and friends to~
mourn her death. Her remains
were laid to rest in the Six Mile
cemetery on Sunday at eleven
o'cloch in the presence of a large
concourse of sorrowing relatives
and friends. Rev. W. M. Wal
ker conducted the funeral ser
vices in a very impressivye man
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Stone, of
Independence, Ark., is on an
extended visit at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Merck and
other relatives in and around
Six Mile.
Mrs. D. H. Kennemur Sr., of
Kings is spending a fortnight
pleasantly at the home of h(er
daughter Mr's. Mary Parr ott.
Archie White of near WXest
Union, was a visitor in our hur
Miss Dena and Louiza Mauldin
accompanied by their little neph
Cw, Georgei Mauldin, of Ga ~p
Hill. visited friends here the lat
ter npart of last week.
lo of business ji ne 23nd. 1909.
apitail Stuck I'iid In .. . .... "'.
'ultividerPr'ri-t, le- O' ren ilt -n
se wnld T i, -' I'tild .. ....... .... 1 .
n.1l itit 1'ail ik.Naje t- ('heeW N 3.
'rshivC', :hevk, ... ........ .... ...:... " I'
I.i.:- , l de.be mc-ud<ig. C'trt:itcte Iiir
.\b.nev i:.irrom ed . "(" i" O I. 1i
ni .4 i .. .. . . . . . ld i
Cte ?b lve tieI . fi t, u Ih , : uy wor
VW:11iti.>n ):f ts ,I Btl k . a- !.hl.w% i t e bi . ,
[mk of Central,
clo.4' of business June 2.:;. 1909.
i1 i . . I . I
L 'Airv<;il Nr o 4 i:n4e
1141id till . ..... .......... .
i e'e iti nc tc, "I. . i . ...i.
14-4". 'llee .
. . i. . . S C . ... .... . r .ii . . ". . .
above liti11<lliIilk. who. beig (111 -
-ondition of .Slki-l Bili,ut . Ai.hwwn by boik ;)f
.1. It. 1-0\1SE-:V '. Notllrv Ill: 'rt., C .
Cleo Mann, one of oir promis
ilg young men. and who gnol
uated in the Pickens HI igh Schooll
recently, is spending his v;w2
tion with honme-folks.
\11rs. A. A. Baker' (of Pickins
has returned hone aif'tr a tenl
days visit with relatives hene.
Several are antiipaing& at
tending the all-day siningiu at
Pleasant Hill first Sunday in
Born unto Mr. and 31rs. Uar
ney iR. Parrott, on the 15th inisi,
a Son.
T. J. Patterson, of Oconee was
through here on business rec'ent -
Miss Be'rta Jones of' Cen ti ral,
R. 2, visited relatives h ere last
Born unto Mr. and 31rs. \l. A.
Evans on the 28th a son.
Don't forget the big Sunday
School pienlic here on Jnily the
0th. "Blue Bell."
The C'ateechee hall team has
aiain gained the victoiy. On)i
ast Saturdlay (12th inist .) I hey
:rosse55~d bats with ( lem soni and11
fter one of the most interestlin
ganies of the seasoIn the g;une
mdd( () to 5in favor of (';t1i
hee. It was a close ganwi fromi
start to finish and one ini wh ich
very one presen1t se1eld toa taike
a dleep interest in. Part of t he
lemson team were (lemson
adets and they certain ly k now
hw to plav ball, but the C.ateac
hee team left home to gain the
victory and they gained it.
They dlesire to thank the on
pire for' his impilartiality as he
ertainly did keep a straight re
P'endleton and (ateechee are
cheduled to play a ganwi Satuir
a Juily :3rd, on lat ter's dila
nond. If (Cateechee cani still
hold her own she expects to f form
league team by another sea1
son. Success to you boys.
On last Saturdav 12th inst.,
irs. Scott Youngloo11d died
.ud(enly at her home iua'
Leechee about 11 a. mi. Yourii
'Orespoleflt has no 0 iia l
Lo lear'n the particular's 1lait fri i
the information at haind 1r..
oung blood was prepainlg din
er' and all at once compN!lailned
f feeling had, lay down on bed
nd( died. She leaves an infant
nst fouri weeks obd. Tlhe de
'eased was obiest d1aughrter oif
\Ir. Joe~ Crow. 'of Liberty, and
e . m e
* i -
(if 80V701 enSy or
YoII our b0st servic'.
I ook into our show win lo
th ft)rcmost makers, they re
wliiille rs,
oll. .\lb t 5 y-vars ;go she was
hap11pilY mnarTicl to MIr. cot t
Y'oung1b,lod. oldest son of "Mr.
Elisha Yoin.glood. Tih <.e
ceased leaves I wo living childn-11
one infant prceded her to the
"rave a few years ago. She
Was a member of Camp Creek
lIapIlist chlurlch and was trilv
a1 (NumM iile wolmiall.
\ ftll (vill year olI so l of J0
('raino. c(dl d. of orris. (lied
a f1 er I I nt'' (a vs illness from
braini fevr In (la Lst Saturday,
(12th inst.)
We will \v it1ure ile asertion
tlhat ('ai'.eellt'e las the best wa
tfer (of 81llY ((ItO<Ill niill town inl S.
('. So if you are looking for a
healthV cut dton illI town turn
Vol 111'll4111]ss5 t(owad( Cateechee.
ithere is a go)ofl )pe'nilig~ here
llo w for al first ('hiss ('alpenter'.
Wesee that there'ti is to be a
h-Igal X exct'ion afii8t Pic'kensi July
23rd. A ll honor11 to till juror's of
that ('asf. if a black fiend lays
his hand on our' wonien w'ith an
evil uliteill Ilet the laW take its
('ourSf' anil let is c'oursef he to
thit limnit. \i' arte ill favor (If
c'apital pnniish ilult Un(ler suCh
circuluistaut w. 1.3.
Cm'd of Thanks.
who1i sI ut i 21u.'ly put forth a
t\\wenlt '-1u.>I e1z toihsof sufIri:1 .'
Vla ih'e1 b lf'4s ,if' nn al\*w -
Pr'ovitec it res I51 t pl \'ou 8l1.
T. \\'. ( % ''llr:an ;Ilid I )a ,htlir.
"'tail-ment cf thel ('Iinditio: f
The Pickens Bank
Lote-ited at i'.kne. S. ( ..
Loans andi Discounts..........90. N5. :15
D)emand Lonns. .... 0000
Oveordrafts.... .. .. .3.%
I3anking~ Hiu'e ..... .... ....1.1I255
F'urr,jitu rt an .d F'i::tina. .. 1.5741.28
Other Real lVstato ..........:.8,005.00O
TIuen from~ Ian s an Trust'I
(Onmlnies.... .... ......9.i.17
CurrenerY... 2..' (1'
(Tnld........... .............00(
To>tal .. .- ' '' . ' 1
(a apital >hie' Paid in........2 0.700 0(0
Undlivi!'d Piroflits. l''- ('ur
Paid............. ........?7. I51. :;
i('i:r's.I.h.k........... 7f61 .0;
T.' tai ..... .... .... .... $200.8.8. 18
Si 'te- .-f snuC ('rlinat.
it'r of thei ab-n- namefid balnk. wvn',
bein;e uly .'rn. says that the above
and foreguinu statement is a true L'on-l
lition0 r.f said. bank, as shoiwn by thbe
bookts -f said I 'aii.
Swoirn t-o and sabscrib >Kefore me,
this 25th day of June, 19094.
1R. T. IIA L L U3. 'I :al. I
Notary PublIi' for "out h ('a:-olina.
torn 't .rts
J. M.'D MARUG,S irc . r
Let us array yo /In one of oLr
many new styles J_ndled by us of
some of the most 'mons manufac
turers, and lead' you to a mirror.
You look at your rellection
and the harcd-to-pleas disappears at N.
We have dealt with lots of men
who came to us skeptical of our
ability to satisfy them with ready
made clothes.
They are regular customers now;
once you wear our clothes, is
enough to kill all prejudice, The
spring styles are very sensible and
We have tried to consult all
tastes in making our selections, and
we believe we have succeeded.
hard to please, we stand r< ad to Ve
ws, you will see there a display of new models from some ot
)resent the latest fashions, and you will spot them at once as
Yours to please,
The Central Roller 1ills
Has just been overhauled by an
Experienced 11illei
and new Silks put on all bo) W e
are in fine shape to hand!e. rain and
give you
Mr. J. T.' Puckett, a man of se
experience, is in charge.
Ji. Ramseur, J. T. G.
Secretary. Pres.-Treas.
is the delight of every woman. To see
~i f~-'~ the magnificent ornaments that we are
~~ shiow ing for t he S.z ing trade, is to want
// J many ornaments for youir casket.
fromt the thiinna t and tiniest watches to
- -the ei.ght-day elocks. AllI :.re warrante.l
~\ to K EEP time. Our tleware in solid
and itiated ware is comp le-te in fine de
n4ns at moderate prices. Inspection in
D)on't go huugry or thirsty, when you can find as good a
meal as y'ou ever eat and as cold bottled goods as you ever
drank, right at my place of business.
.4 als servedI at all hours
Cold1 Soft Drinks at any time.
Also handle produce, beans, cabbage, tonatoes and other
~arden truck. WVhite fish, cheese, all kinds a canned goods,
fruits, candy, cigars, in fact a little bit of anything. You wont
know what I have got unless you come and see.
Your patronage solicited. Polite treatment and prompt
service assured. Your for a feed.
I have several farms, varying in ai1
from the small farm of
35 alcres to 200 acres
located in different sections of
- county, that I am offering for sali
easy terms. If interested in purc
iug land calI on or write me.
I also have enquiries for land that
my present list does not supply. If
you wish to sell see me.9
Yours for Business,

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