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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second class matter, under act ofConjgres of .1larch :, 1S9
39th Year PICKENS. S. C. JULY, 8, 1909. Number 14
State News I
Ul th Ll.ted Ntw from Zyir
A feature of the fair in Colum
bia this fall will be a dog show.
The Civic club of Abbeville has
undertaken to build a hospital
in that town.
Sixty-three cases have been
docketed for trial at the Green
ville term of court.
The people of Barn well county
have started a movement in the
interest of 6ood roads.
Thomas B. Cturtis, a well
known lawyer of Charlcston, is
dead at his home.
A '3-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. J. I L1-"ies of Yorkville,
was bitten by a garter snake.
The Funeral Directors' and
Embalmers association of South
Carolina i. ii session in Charles
BeI and Fr.m1aa Looney,
who are wanteL in Hartsville,
Ga., on the charge of swindling,
have lben arrested in Gaffnev.
The Pee Dee Trust company,
has been organized at Florence
with a capital stock of -50,000.
'The company will write insur
.ance and loan money.
The young 1- ;school teacher
who W"assaultebi -G9orge
t 1is identified the negro
nder arrest as her assailant.
She begged her father to kill the
In the court of conmnon pleas
in Columbia a jury awarded
Miss Clara Best damages in the
sum oif 3,000 for personal inju
ries. She sued the Columbia
Traction company for ,-5,COO.
Rev'. J. R. Moore of Westmin
ster has been called to the pasto
rate of the First church, Ninety
Six. He will enter upon his la
bors with this church about the
first (if September. He will con
tinue to serv,! the cLurch at Pen
dleton f.r the present. Mr.
Moore has been pastor at West
minster for several years.
Bill Broadnax, the negro who
killed his daughter, in Edgefield
county about a month ago and
fied, and for whose capture the
governor offered a reward of a
hundred dollars, was captured
by Sheriff Ouzts, of Edgefield,
in Burke county, Georgia, on
Sunday. and is now in jail there,
to await trial. Some of the cit
izens in the community in which
the hmicide iccuired, say it was
a cold-blooded murder. Others
say it wastecidental.
Pro f. 0. J1. Peterson has accept
ed the presi(dency Of Keatchie
Female College, the only Baptist
school for girls in Loisiana.
Prof. Pe'terso n was for several
years principal of the North high
sehcol and made mianv friends
while a resident in this state who
will wish him happiness andl suc
cess in his nmw position. The
past two or thee years he has
been princip)al of the school at
Mavsville, Ga.
The James 1). Nance Camp of
Newberry is the largest camp of
(onfeder ate veterans in the
st.ate. A t the reunion in Chester
l ist week the camp cast 12 votes
representing a membership of
210, while the next largest camp
e' tat only 8 votes representing a
membership of only 160.
The (irectors of the Pacolet
Manufacturing~ company have
at a meeting held in the office of
Pr asident V. M. Montgomery,
Monday morning. Passed a reso
lation calling a meeting of the
stockhold!ers oif the company to
be held Jnly 17 for the purpose
(if increasing the capital stock
of the company from 82,000,000
to $3,000,000) by voting $1,000,000
oif preferred stock. The purpose
in increasing the capital stock is
to pay for the construction of
Mill No.5, already 'onstruicted
and the power plant, which was
erected some months ago.
The brick building of E. J.
Sawyer at Bennettsville, was
Idestroyed by fire
Simon P. Wingard, a promi
nent citizen of Lexington is
dead at his home at the age of
SO years.
A commission has been issued
to the Farmers' Bank of Travel
ers' Rest, Greenville county,
which will have a capital of
A. M. Jenkins, who is wanted
in Gaff ney on the charge of
seduction, has been arrested
in Charlotte.
A gang of robbers are at
work in Greenville. Several
houses have recently been
broken into and robbed.
Will Hardy, colored, who is
wanted in Oconee county, Ga.,
has been arrested in Aiken. He
was convicted of manslaughter
and sentenced to serve ten years.
The residence of J. A. Terrell
in Greenville was destroyed by
fire. Two members of the fami
ly barely escaped with their lives.
Gold mining in York county is
being revived. Engineers and
:hemists say there is much gold
in the western portion of York
The merchants of Florence
lecided to close their places at 2
)'clock every Wednesday in
tead of 6 o'clock every day dur
ing the week.
,rof. W. S. Hough, who has
been principal of the Cross Hill
igh school for the two sessions
past, has declined to accept the
positon for another year.
W. H. T. Hughes, charged
with the murder of Wilson B.
Bausey at Hampton in April,
will be tried either in Aiken or
Barnwel, Judge Ernest Gary
having granted a change of
Frank A. Miller and Robert
Macfarlan, well known la ers
of Darlington, engaged ii ht
in the office of a magistrate dur
ing the trial o' a. case. One of
the jurors fled from the court
Mr. J. B. Stephenson, former
superintendent of the York
county home, dropped dead in
Yorkville. He was in the lum
ber yard of J. J. Keller & Col
when stricken. He was about
30 years old and was a victim of
heart disease. He leaves a
The new labor inspectors are
about through with the work
in the un-country. The reports
being highly satisfactory. Week
after next one will be sent to
the low country and the other
to the mills between Columbia
an Augusta.
The ptople of Laurens were
ra'ned this week to learn that
Rev. W. E. Thayer was suffer
ing an attack of scarlet fever.
Such an illness is rare among
adults and usually severe. The
physician in charge states that
Mr. Thayer. while g raduallyv
getting rid of the fever, is still
suffering from the effects,
which are more to be feared
than the fever itself.
The Biblical Recorder makes
this announcement, which will
be pleasing news to the m~any
riends of Dr. Vines in this state
as well as in North Carolina:
"The first Baptist church of
Asheville has recalled to its pas
torate Dr. W. M. Vines. now
3f the Hanson Place Baptist
church, Brooklyn N. Y. His
many friends in North Carolina
and through the south will be
gad to hea'r of his acceptance.
He is to supply prominent pul
pits in Great Britain during
July and August, but will enter
upon his duties in Asheville the
frt of September.''
The Keystone Lumber conm
pany has been organized in Marl
boro county with a capital of
Walter (I. Eichelberger has
been elected a memibcrl. of the
Laurens police force to succed
J. T. Langston, resigned.
At a meeting of the Spartan
burg County Medical Societv a
committee was appointed for the
purpose of organizing an anti
tuberculosis league.
Frank Holmes, James Single
ton and Aios lomles, all color
ed, tried in Charleston on the
charge of killing a constable on
Edisto island. were found not
The body of A. L. Rovster,
who was drowned in the Colun
bia ca.ial Mondav was found
Tuesday niiglit floating in the
water about a mile and a half
below the scene of the accident.
The stockholders of the First
National Bank of Aiken have or
ganized with the following tem
porary oficers: President, Dr.
T. G. Croft; vice president, B.
Sherwood Dunn: Cashier, R. L.
Gunter. The bank will probably
open in the early fall. TPemlpora
ry quarters will be secured and
a new building will be erected
R. W. Davenport, 23 years of
age, and a well known Young
man who went to Greenville to
work for a credit concern some
six months ago, has been arrest
ed on the charge of forging the
name of negroes to notes that he
deposited -with the company.
He is alleged to have taken sums
aggregating the notes from the
cash drawer. He was locked up
for a time at the county jail but
later was admitted to bail.
Superintendent Of Education
Swearingen is sending out cup
plies to the county superinten
dents for the scholastic year be
ginning July 1. Some changes
have been made in the teachers
register, calling for more detail
ed information. In order to
make next year's report coni
plete, it will be necessary for
every teacher to have one of the
new registers.
James Galloway, a young man
from Cherokee Springs, Spartan
burg county. w~ho ran away and
married a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry D. Shepard was ar
rested and put in jail on a charge
of abduction, the bride, being oni
lV fifteen years old. The case
didl niot ('ome up for trial, as a
compr'omise was effected, the
parents consenting t(o the match.
providied the girl dlid not leave
her father's home.
A remarkal e case is reported
from the colored hospital in Spar'
tanburg. A woman was taken
to the hospital in a state of vio
lent insanity, to be operated on
for appendicit is anwl tumnor. She
was so crazed that she had to he
tied to the bed. As soon as the
appendix and1 tumor were re
noved, however. her reason re
turned to her and now she seems
perfectly rational.
TIhe board of trustees (of the
Oklahoma Baptist College con
ferred the degree of D)octor of
Divinityv upon Rev. W. D. Moor
er, at the recent c'omm'ieenemenlt
of that instituitioni. Mr. Moorer
is a native of this state, a grad
uate of Fornman, and for several
years has been the Sunday
School1 secre tary fo r the Baptists
of Oklahoma. lie is a useful
man in that state.
Secretary ofState McCown is
sending out to) all election comi
mfissionmers' and others who are
legally interested c'opies o f the
law governing the vote on the
dispensary on the second Tues
day in August. The law re.
quires that the dispensaries be
closed two weeks prior to this
election and also, following the
general election law, requires
that t.he books be closed 80 (days
before the vote is taken which
means that next Monday will be
he last day for registration.
President John 0. Willson and
Prof. Sam Prince are now travel
ing in the interest of Lander Col
lege. Prof. N. M. Salley. sup
erintendent of the Greenwood
public schools, has been secured
to travel for the college also by
President Willson and will enter
upon his duties at once in the
lower part of the state. The
new dormitory for the college is
practically a certainty.
The Southside church, Spar
tanburg. is one of the livest and
most vigorous churches il the
state. It is rapidly increasing
in membership and is already,
altho only a year old, a great
moral and spiritual force in
Spartanburg. Within the past
ten weeks, during which a meet
ing of four weeks was held, -6
have been received by baptismi,
28 by letter, and 12 umier Watch
care. Rev. R. E. Neighbour is
the pastor.
The third death of the past
four days in Aikei occured Tues
day afternoon, when Mrs. Julia
B. Kennedy, wife of Mr. J. H.
Kennedy, died at her home near
the passenger depot. Mrs. Ken
nedy was strickein with heart
failure and was found dying in
her room. She had evidently
been combing her hair\ when
heart failure attacked her with
fatal result. There was only a
small child in the huse at the
time, and when Mrs. Kennedy
was found she was in a dying
It was advertised by Supervis
or Humbert of Laurens that the
contract for the Maddox bridge
would be let on Tuesday. But
because of a message from the
supervisor of Abbeville county
to the effect that lie was not pre
pared to make the award, the
letting is postponed to a futie
date which will be advertised
later. Supervisor Humbert was
prepared to let this contract, hav
ing had it properly advertised:
but, the laws require joint action
on the part of the supervisors,
hence the necessity for postp ii
Robert L. McMillan, one of the
old st and most prominent ci.t
zens of Spai anburg county, (lied
on Friday Juone 25th at his home
near McMiliians. Mr. McMillian
has been one of the largest far
mers of the country for the last
fifty years and in add(it.ion, own
ed extensive interests in mills of
various kinds. Four children
survive Mr. McMillian, Mrs. John
HI. Shores of Spartanburg, Mrs.
P. P. Bhlock of Edgefield, 31r.
W. K. McMillian of Chicota.
Tex., and Mr. E. B. McMillian
of Inman.
Mayor Hart of Yorkville has
not vet been able to get any as
sistance from the state in defray
ing the expenises :ne(urred by the
town council of Yorkv-ille in (on
niectioni with the smallpox epi
demiic last winter. The govern
or states that he has no initia
tive in expending the funds ap
propriated for the use of the
state board of health, and noth
ing to say until after the botu (1
has taken the initiative. The
governor advised Mayor Hart to
take the nmatter- before the state
board of health, but as to wheth
er Mr. Hart will do this, he has
not fu lly decided. He f Is,
however, that the town is veryv
properly entitled to assistance
from the state board's apprUopri
ation. .
The Aike'n Journal and R~e
vie w has on exhibi tio n t we( freak
guinea eggs, presented to it by
Mr. Jamer W idener- of the Tread
way- section. One of the e gs
has on it a good1 likeness of a
(uck, in a sitting posture. while
the other has the patriotic em
blecm of an American eagle em
blazoned on it. The likenesses
are almost perfect, and the eggs
are quite a curiosity to all those
wxho have seen them. The eggs
were laid by the same guinea.
they are normal in every respect,
except the pictures, which are in
white, while the rest of the egg
sufae s in the natural brown.
og iveo
By FRAN '. 5/EET
Cor::ie . 1:I I m
RlINI- n h;i-- (! riv( t!wre is
: i :!!: b t just
: : 8 - i::ly if I : < , wi f
111L:1 te I.-4 W;:--V '
and t wri:er .-:V.. C .
wVith1 lilt!" ';I: f,-r li:',- r 1i' Th,
driVo 11:1SL t :, 0-,-It Ce i::-:m1-t ::-d I, :
ill.- zit wh:rito"cre .1: : .t . :n 1r..
if Ile s 8r d
olf lessL, t,*. - a u \ :e :
finr It rs. -.; !
drann away fnI . ew:ny'
drifts in,to a ctve or ..r :z,:;,ninst a
b:ik it is left behiid for Litor rI v
cry iml., z i rive n ac nr ii strng
e1wil-_, i i.f) dolil sw. (..e it) hurry
forward the ig-ard.
The I). H1. J(inu-; Liumber (ompanY
had a unusu !y Id. ditve 111:1t Sprinl",
for vaiu esn, chief amin l-,
which was lnok (If w :11i4 col'o
high and dry I'n 1lh* b:e8.:1. II *f wi--h
quod h ver lilt-d by I:-lrs i h-,
g I l br' k ! i::Y :(id fI
ttut the servi'es of' th1.; !e ha
a-so f' i ke muell wil, :i1 d 1'i1n e'rf'
to look after tin-ni. So no I: h
lin e r:iftlk e 1:11 . 1 in '
in.g wI n on the M 'c l it r u i e' er.
IenI .eStuUsI! surf a' e. 1on tl ; I Ir
IuO s te! .h-. . Wheni*' th. Iiv :
asmo t I 1 hetw en 1r io:: A 111i::-. teIr:
wo('uld bet. :;'reely a1 (qui 'er un' al '~ Im
t') . 1 Th11 n at V I t f r ! r ! 1:.:0
' mil - e I -e:l v1 w' i' in1 c,
in ' l i f: 1 8 1. :L:; t h.e yv t n w I : : "
-rtly eiite n to ' n!: t'h jour
ndy in s own.' w iay whii r:.I::r t ott.
1itsfelNs.tunousrnrr:: w :
udt t-he Nv:hi;- 4 'f thir i n n '.
ani :(er', lit h illn-r e 1I. : 1
wesi'n to ;-:1rvy thv o re o a ql,-rn; ' l l.,.r
avert a threatened jnm
I> I. JTes :1 , l' en: at t heI::in
ctrp mls ju fi c19 w :nr. wat".chd.(, In I-)
:u i deimuh i :w n t
andi when ,,n:w fe!! n :o, eN e
e l
jw1J:--, and'
.11l tou.Ih vit! l ri
.;N Is :U a -1l,v;ttc M'1 o '
1 : . f 10 h n.11 nt Io . .
lo'g was: -Ii. .'
hpen:.: e i lu LI e'" int
wIIII of l I i1118.-:
ta(t S thili r!n'' hII. 11 1 v:
h ir fli'1 d: :':: :. - v d
we rep!! tthe ar din .I taes r!!'h- n(
w .eTe itre?i Lerep near the shore,
h w'ver. and it) a-v-i the swifter cur
::.The '.l -'Mniian was an expe
ri-ned boatinutol. But nvither expe
rience nor streng1h1 nor skill could be
counted on a.s a safe;;uard against a
siring fln,d. The third mornina they
were cut almost with the light, and
n"w. as I ho river abo14ive theim began. to
(l(%r. the Ild man'1s face lost its ex
p n of impatient anxiety. Far up
Il or m. vwere it narrowed into
h"r:ii i r.pid. t1ie w.iter seemed
s 'u11 ':ly 11st In a ,olid wall of logs,
vhih were running and leaping
1Erms wnhh eve at that distice
C':e.ov ' e:awer eyes could trace
into f ilar shapes. A n hour, and
Ih fOr:: wer:- ilainly visile. An
: . :u1 1 he drv wvan; 1:Posite, with
thi.!rr :d his 07-m;1h1*r u,"on the
1:m . 'ryin' t di:tin uih .Iat the
fe:-:nannon theWthr Shor,)e Was
To h :Irl it w.,- (,I!v a SuLct:e.'slion
of hr an:.:>. Put hor father lis
i::d. ca; i;\ry :md fripin time to time
n' .4d his headl:4e.* arvingly. shil :inig
a o ; a o i di em . Ai I;Iat ti:nl
lamunin hwin rnho . nwr or
e Xi1 n.na Io- ro:.21ee Iisiled to
"Wax that just a rm-:!in yell.
liP the ioys make, fathir." she ques
tiont.d. "*. was it somue sort of sig
Ier f:,,!h-r d m own at her in
"Ma' ws ~ t!::: 'e a:out the
drive." h:e nnere"d. "nd . they
mi. -,:nna for t" C:eTp the hulk of
Ih i in :1 41'q1! we:. Of (Unso
::s: 4r4- o : - : o12 (f 1he 1 un1 :11
ef T!! iriv' :!::d the Inf-k of men
t,, co'ri-I it. bnt ihey ::re :mnvh fewer
:1 o 'ne mie' t : :2 t n::ier the cir
e 's: e. I -'-! .1 i - nOt tno bz-A ther
1- : -r !. ry 1!P helow, thIN to
:. rm::n:1 t- dii: dge all the
;r ;,7: snafe-rd lo7n n(l start
:::;t a f the 'main body. Be
ym th Ilnr 1 :.!: the river will be
clearer. :n:- Mac ct1n easily spare a
:n!. if nly th water will keep up
h. ':: enn i' I think we enn get tlf:n
2!1 0,v:I t' ) :r'o. :m(d thon". with
nn (:<41 ! f I if wn:ring antielpation
in hiY vmi'e. -we will strt off on cur
in v:n--:-. r !laven't ta'.wn a rest
fr- iw(r in tveir thiriy y yea.:. Flor
-lnt w1l these few stray 1A:s make
nnv <irmnco. father':" t he ,irl asked.
hr'' v egr4vin:: tendier. "Thoy are
441 a 'iny, tiny part of the whole
"Ikno, an( v-ery like!y I could
sparl them'T without feeiNg it, but last
:: 1. : ' f::: to run. and I
I:vo twn yc:m' expense:: to mact.
w:p ronwed f:r th :tns wg.es.
p y m -f(,r ti!:i!;r 1: d4and miany
iwhr P-- :nof Ve-m. ThV amount will
]' verN '1r e. :nd. thom:r that great
ww:w ofl Po:;M far mor than m^et
:.I (4 va::t to tako any eh;iices.
T' ::e. r c Str:!y I-!:, will likely
run intI inu:'re.s and tiheir value into
14 ''s. . It w!!l 1e several d:ys be
f, r" n w:n (on I.w sont L:k, nf Courme,
In if tho w:ter Wiays up ten days
I 're a :n float them all'In."
1- h 4' s."4' (4 'ou ttfully . '"At any
rat" It i.' :ll thiat enn b:e done. The
nIt as:: thet I;nt rapids undler
fur days. :mda it will take
- th12r1n to reach here:
'1 4 v 4 :4 2im:' to l:oosen and
4 'J ('\ r s. :.-h a di't ance."
4...........1 r ::2:. tlhen,t at once,"
4.'. 4' 4'4~ '!'n- 44 waste so) much
-Yo 11 : . :n14 wv thle (country at this
a . Florentcet.* he sid (. "'I am not
4e ' i : 4' I couldn't hire a man, or
Myevn.nr:my pri' 2''. They are all
"Th-- .ll .':rt the l1' leIOse my-~
"in he 4ietr w"ter, yes5. but not
4in 1144 r::Oi s :ad sw:ift 1.u'rrentS. But
1!71 1 y .' wh4 we1 ' :m 44441. Florence.
Inth :' re:g 'ill ro4w up the
riv''n ::r.s v :. a:. keepIng awvay
'"r''41 d .an (r.uw p tlaces. We enn
'-Pt -s4: :41:l.ient lrapls, and eve'ry
w'l 4v: 44 rn. A few' weeC(ks ago I
. 1 4 41':v T:ethe jo4'~b myself. but I
. :' ::t P.nre'1 444 atIC lmpt it no0w."
441'"4 !ing44 thiey were again
I 44.. 4X4 14anld ro4wing slowly
4 1 er4.. 1Bi 24m1e1( keeping wach
a 1:44a!.:, especia!!yV where
4d4 in und!er ov.erhiang
4 1' "' the ban11ks fell away
-' -''44 "'ve '4ud4 shallows. The
4 d44istan't, w'ith too swift
-m .-: currents for themi to 'ven-i
....-.::.l''s w"re fo 'und and released,
:4l I.n ju:I ste were'. passinig a1
r'4.a ile 'er so up. ID. II. Jones
u.Y"de: :4 pasta 4:1 J4:s 4!ars. w.ithi ant
I ::. ':mia 4.1 wonder1444. L.ogs were1
--:i. ,'n 41the river, d1'Zn of045(4
4n'a hm'''4'.ed '. it5( s eee, :' s his gaze
4e e' in' r inl'usly fruim side to side
:.4d. 'evral'I4 '1f the foremo14st were1' al
4 :'1 dy !.:2 n:al1: and(4 past their
. T 1 a l.w wart2 ::: from Flor
e 1u:e hi to !4k -4iv:rd mid
- 41 '4d4t(ere 4a m 1r14 than three
er i r r av:y 4na binlg borne
14i'y: Ihe 41urre'' . was14 a1 young
I.::n .. :d.:' nihin a boat and
en::: G-wrd :a.:n Fr in ii nstant
1. IL .h na.mau:tho his face dark.
-. : 4.' >4a < 41 a coo.k I disc(har1ge<l
Iw, ria:70f ;;r ist sejling." lie said
" 3 144. th f4.r''m1an I laid befort
"Adyt'I thin I hleard1 you say
tht -e ' chr- edi Unrker himself fo:
"Ye4. n now youn411!g Brown is fol
lowing4 in theijr foots.teps. A few doz
('n of! 1 b44>4 log4 enr1efuilly ('oncealet
for : '1414iid with my mark remov-e<
would be valuable booty. HI, yoi
there, T1e Brow.n," raising his VwaC4
suddenly, "what are you doing wit
my logs?"
"Floating 'em," the boy answered
grimly. "Can't you see?"
"What for?"
"Another fool question. To follow
your drive, of course. I haven't been
able to get any work, thanks to the
way you turned off my father, so I'm
looking after the logs. I've started
down 268 so far. I can't stand seeing
good logs wasted, even if they do be
long to somebody I don't like."
"Are you telling the truth;" sharply,
"and not"
"Stealing them, do you mean?" in
dignantly. "No, sir, my people don't
steal. It was your own foreman took
the things my father was turned off
for. Barker is working over by Coon
lake,now and Is wearing the very over-'
coat and pair of boots. You can go
and see for yourself."
D. H. Jones looked at his daughter
with troubled face.
"I'm balf afraid young Brown is tell
ing the truth," he said slowly, "and
that Barker was a rascal all the way
through, though I didn't know till aft
erward. I'm afraid"
"Afraid!" echoed his daughter. "Why,
you mean glad, father."
"Yes, Yes, of course. I ought to have
said that." He looked across toward
the young man. The space was widen
in1- between them.
"-h, look here, Ike," he called, "you
keep, on with the logs just as you are
doing, and if things turn out as you
say I'll give you $20 for the job and
will 'get you steady employment with
the man who buys me out. And, oh,
Yes! Tell your father I'll make it all
right with him too. I'll send a man
over to Coon lake this very day."
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