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Pickeus Sentin4el-Jorda
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
J. 1.. 0. THOMPSON, EDIToa.
Telephone 32
rubsriptiou $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rmtes Reasonable.
Entered at PickenR Fstoffice as Second Class
MaIl Matter
A Network of Wireless Lines.
One of the most ambitious schemes
in which wireless telegraphy is to bear
an important part looks to perfecting
a system of transmission by which all
the British islands in the Pacific shall
be connected with one another and
with British Columbia. This includes
not merely the relatively small islands,
but areas of such magnitude as Aus
tralia and New Zealand. An American
engineer has the matter in charge.
and having just returned from a tour
of inspection over the region men
tioned he reports the enterprise to be
entirely feasible, and his report has
been transmitted to the British colo
nial secretary. In addition to the
daring nature of the undertaking,
what will excite special wonder is its
amazing cheapness. The engineer
mentioned estimates that the total
cost will not exceed $500,000, and in
view of the extraordinary benefits an
ticipated that is a trifling sum. Of
course no details are given out, but
when one reflects on the vast extent
of the Pacific ocean, says the Troy
(N. Y.) Times, something of the char
acter of the plan may be conjectured.
The advantage of direct communica
tion between British colonies without
control of the apparatus by any other
than British hands is of course at once
apparent, and if the project is carried
out successfully it will add a conspicu
ous triumph to what has already been
wrought by "wireless."
Cigarettes in the Navy.
In his annual report, Surgeon Gen
eral of the Navy Presley M. Rixey
recommends that an order be issued
by the navy department forbidding
the use of cigarettes by all persons
in the navy under 21 years of age. it
is stated that in three months the
crews of the battleship Missouri (700
men) used 1,500 books of cigarette pa
pers, 1,200 pounds of smoking tobacco
and 37,000 cigarettes. None the less,
remarks the Medical Fortnightly, 8,000
cigarettes and 15,000 pounds of candy,
together with 1,000 po'unds of navy
plug chewing tobacco and 30,000
cigars, were loaded on the Culgoa in
the Brooklyn navy yard as a part of
the canteen supply.
A new Metropolitan Opera house
prima donna is Elizabeth Parkinson, a
young soprano who has created a real
sensation in Paris and London. She
is a protege of Mine. Melba, who pre
dicts a great future for the western
songster. Her life story thus far has
been one of incessant toil and a hard,
bitter struggle for recognition. In her
fight for musical laurels MIle. Parkina
-she is billed that wray now, with
Kansas City, her birthplace, far in the
background-has had the financial aid
and good counsel of an older sister, a
school teacher; it is this self-sacrific
ing sister who has made the young
diva's success possible-the sister andi
Mmne. Melba.
The ancestry of the late king of
Sweden Is a practical H'lustration of
the pungent saying: "The first king
was a fortunate soldier. He who
serves his country has no need of an
cestors." Ancestry does not count so
much in this practical age as results,
and he who can bring results about,
be he king or peasant, is the man of
the hour.
It has been discovered that trunks
were used by the Romans in the time
of Caesar. There is no reason, how
ever, to believe that any Roman lady
of that period took more than seven
trunks with her when she went away
from home to be gone a week or two.
New York blackmailers have formed
a combination and threaten to hiss
grand opera singers unless they are
bought off. The opera singers might
turn the tables on the blackmailers by
accepting hissing as a compliment.
Women have been appealed to not
to shop over eight hours. Their
thoughtful husbands in leaving small
change for them to shop with usually
see to that.
Nobody held it against >rd Kelvin
that he was a lord. He wasn't born
that way, but was asked to come into
the peerage to give the position of
lord some standing.
There are in New York 27.000
women who are supporting their hus
bands. But they would probably
rather do that in dear old New York
than live in luxury anywhere else.
The Terra del Fuegans are going to
see the most surprising circus parade
that ever passed through their thor
It is a very bad trait in human na
ture that we give each other lavish
credit for failure and stingy credit for
New York's fire commissioner won't
have to pay $15,000 for two kisses he
stole from a lady. Kisses are not
Another !emar1Na -- e- t2
tarkey is its splend.d stay.ig iuah
Resist the grip germ by giving t
plenty of fresh air, and it will fice
from you.
It seems that the earl of Yarmouth
prefers to bask in the warm rays of
the missus' check book.
All the presidential boonis ar still
friendly enough to exchange the com
pliments of the season.
The young man who pretends be
scared because it is leap ye
probably make a poor l' -
New York city now C es licen ie
fees for dogs and matrii:ony, but pan
ics and babies are still on the free list.
If the countess of Yarmouth ever
succeeds in getting rid of this earl she
will be in no haste to annex a new one.
To confess the exact and eternal
truth, a leap-year proposal would be
about as surprising a thing as a man
could get.
In Scotl~and dctors use carrier pi
geons as messengers. The stork, ap
parently, is compelled to stand for
King Oscar of Sweden left a fortune
of $6,250,000, showing. what pikers
these kings are compared with our
own financial kings.
The Boston Herald wonders if we
eat too much. This depends, we have
observed, entirely upon the amount of
food we've put away.
The world is growing better, in the
opinion of Andrew Carnegie. A man
with that much money, however, sim
ply cannot be a pessimist.
"China for the Chinese," is the new
cry in the Orient. With the Jap freez
ing to Manchuria there isn't much
China left for the Chinese.
The duel which now hovers over
Boni de Castellane because of a
street fight is not likely to be nearly
so serious as the fight itself.
The reading of the mikado's mes
sage to the diet lasted just three min
utes. Always improving on what they
borrow from the west, those Japs.
Spain is to have a new $80,000,000
navy which will be built In England.
British shipbuilders should have in
creased respect for the American
Another foreign nobleman has been
captured by an American heiress. The
American invasion has certainly put
the crimps in the European matrimo
nial markets.
"Never believe anything bad aboit
anybody until you know it to be t ue
says Dr. Henry Van Dyke. Does the
doctor want to destroy half the pleas
ure in life?
Capt. Hull of the army says sol
diers should be encouraged to marry.
Well, this is leap year: but we ex
pect higher pay is what the captain
Is driving at.
An Indian of the name of Howling
Wolf is talking of running for congress.
If he gets in he will be surprised to
find himself among some of the most
able howlers- extant.
A whole lot of people would be per
fectly willing to put up with the incon
veniences of being prosecuted as trust
owners for the sake of the constant
advantages of that position.
Jealousy, says a French physician,
is a disease. If he wishes to confer
a favor upon humanity let him dis
cover some method of preventing it
by vaccination or inoculation.
New York now has a set of sun
worshipers. They may be valuable,
says the Baltimore American, in
counterbalancing the night owls, for
which the town has become famous.
A woman doctor declares that men's
dress clothes are as dangerous to
health as peek-a-boo waists. Never
having worn the peek-a-boos, we hesi
tate to deliver any comment on the
The earl of Yarmouth intimates
that he is ashamed of his connection
with Harry Thaw. The Thaw family
got over the folly of being proud of
Its connection with his disgrace of
Yarmouth long ago.
Alcohol may enter Into the food of
the body as a generator of electricity.
but gentlemen on the water wagon
who have done considerable experi
menting in their time have observed
It only as a trouble generator.
A scientist has discovered that a
grip germ has barbs. These, in ad
dition to the thumb-screws, red-hot
pinchers and Ice tongs, give him a
ecided advantage over such puerile
bacilli as those of malaria and small
Observe the cautious, yet character
istically luminous manner in which
Mr. Cleveland leads up to the proposi
tion: "This suggests without argu
neit a reciprocal connection between
the curtailment of opportunities of
ivelihood on one side and a reason
able obligation of indemnification on
the other."
According to statistics there were
only 56 lynchings in the United States
uring the year 1907, which, compared
73 during the previous year, shows
a comimendable falling off In the
pxlarity of what is known as the
"lynch law."~ It also shows an in
Creasing respect for the "law of the
ad"a condition that is very cheer
lg to those interested in right and
rational government.
Dr. Osler became famous for what
e didnt say, and other college profes
sors are trying to butt into his class
y really saying fool things.
Russia needs $93,000,000. And with
such an immense oil Industry handy,
A judicious use of coffee and cloves
gives one the air at least of entertain.
ing a good resolution.
P. P. P.
Makes Marvelous ires in Blool Poisan, Rheutism a Scrofila.
P. P. P. purifies the blood, builds up the weak and debilitated, gives
strength to weakened nerves, expels disease, givig the patient health and
lappiness, where sickness, gloomy feelings and lassitude first prevailed.
In blood poison, mercurial poison, malaria, dyspepsia, and in all blood
and skin diseases, like blotches, pimples, old chronic ulcers, tetter, scald
lead. we ty without fear of contradiction that P. P. P. is the best blood
1riiier , h:e world.
La,lies :hose systems are poisoned and whose blood is in an impure con
dition due to menstrual irregularities, are peculiarly benefitted by the won
derful tonic and blood cleansing properties of p. P. P., Prickly Ash, Poke
Root and Potassium.
Located at Liberty, S. C., at the close of business June 23rd. 1909.
RESOURCES. 1-1 \ lIl.ITi l:s.
Loans and Discounty...............69.M9 77 Capital Stock Paid [it............... , 0
Demand L.oans .......... ........ . .... 2. 74 t'nitivi,led vrotit. 1es curietit L: ten
0 verdrafts ....... .... .... ........... 1. 97 6 1 se% ItIld'ITHm- I'Mi v............ .... ;, 7111
ianring Ilouse .......... .. ........ .i43 W 1Iio V - iI-t D poSits SIbjeCt totheck.. 7. :
int ture i and Fixtures........ ....... 1.(-% -1 ''iime I erlitiente., of lepoI it ........ . 6;. ..
Due "i n, Banks and rru-t companie. 7.IN58 ; Ct'ashivt t'iecks ........................ it 7.1
'tirrency......... .... .... . .......-7- -,) lii ' vyiIie, it'Iin gie titi,',tt for
d ................. ... ....... ....... 4 i ey 1orr .e ......... . ' ,
Silvvi ..nd other Coin . ......... ...... 61S 91
0',cks and Cash Items...... ........... 15 01
Total ....... .. ...... ..... .....t 111,2 71.........!..... ............. ... . ?%It. 71
Before me cane It. C. nitto.:. it'ashler of the alove tanaed i1nk. N ho 1 il ' y y!-wcir
savs the abnve and fore-poin; statnie nt i.s a trii.- voilitiott of sati 1Iaik, ah sh ti lV t 1 II. -
Of said haik. I[. i - IN..
Sworn to and subscribed before ine this 'th <11ay of .111!'e. 19t.
'orreet- %ttest:
H. C. Sl l RLFY. )irectors.
[. I.311.\ULDIN.
The Farmers Bank of Central,
Located at Central, S. C.. at the close of business June 23, 1909.
..ans.and..)i.cous..........6...... *.t5 V :apital Stock id ii n ... ... ... 3
Demand Loans........ .... ..... 7.t pt 0 ti,'ivi<iel 1frr it.. l t'- tirrett -x
)verirafts .. ................. .... ... .5 4= I i -1"es' tindt Xe 1,461~ 'i........... .. 1LS14 5.;
lankin, ilo use .. .............. I -5t1 57 In1divi<lusl D>eposits ....... ......... ... . :1
Furniture and Fixtures.... ... ...... . 9t6 55 Tiie ertifieates of' lmisit ....... .... 9.'?' .
ther Real Estate..... . .. .......... 50 t I:-hl,er'.thecks......... ..... ... .. V
Due from Ranks and Trust Companies 31 3i4 , oti" auil Bills teli'twinted.. ....... I.jX k
'u rreii(*v..... ... .... ......... .'
old .. . ................. .... .... . 4-~' K
iilver and other Coin ....... .... .. .. 1 K7
hecks and Cash Items .. ..............71
Total............... 71,178 41 Total.................. ...... .... . 71 7s 4'
Before me came H J. McGEz, Cashier of the iove named Bank. who, being dily sworn. sayN
:hat the above and foregoing statement is a true condition of said Bant. as shown by books of
.ai4 llank. It. .1.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 28th lay of .une. 19Rr
[Seal,.] .1. If. RA. NISEUR,I Nottarv Put lic, S. (C.
rt'(.s L W.TKINS., Directors.
Greenville District Conference. Rev S A Nettles B A Hagood
Rev John 0 Wilson T J Mauldin
The Greenville District Conferenceohn H li T D H
will be held at the Pickens Methodist JoA W I Gralev csSilaT Hnckie
.hrch, beginning Wednesd'y, July~ W GR Msley Fia H indley
14th, and continuing through the 19th. AV S Grebam F A Finalr'y
Following is a list of the mimisters J R Armnstrong J T Hutchins
ad delegates expected, toae.tber with R A Williams C E Thomas
he names oi the hosts respectively to JH Wolfe J R Ashmore at
whom they have been assigned. PHBgs
In notifying the preachers and dele- PI 3gs
ates of the names of their hosts. they
ave been requested to signify by let WAS A TASK FOR CENTUFIla
er as inear as practicable the date of -
rbeir expected arrival in Pickens, and Seems There Are Altogether Tc'
ach host is expecte~d to meet the Mayradin ai aFr
sd take care of his delegates. '"I read somewhere the other dta.'
Following is the roll and assign- said Mr. Briggllsby, "'that there a
nents: now produced 7,942,714 different styler
DELEGATE. HOST. of wall paper and I guess that must b
Rev WV A Massebeua IyMMudntu
lev J A WVoodREBrcat "eaegigthae fwoo
..ev W M Duncan T3Mudnjhv ensbitdt st ios
.i K Park3F ar1saperersnigatghr2C
I A McCollough REBueitsye.Adtee20syc,yuu
\onroe Pickens 31 ebr foegaeo ae rdcdb n
Rev E A D)riggers MsJF etn auatrr n'tee aemn
13B PooleMrJ INm'nfatrr,adIgesI wret
NV 0 Whitener ~b aho h auatrr n d
Rev R L HolroydAJ gsnubrostlsgvnathgrd
J B Bruce H B Hlendric~stotls aey ,4273 a a
W N h'ackney J F H arris' rmcret
Rev J N IsoH B Clen-rks anttl yuhwgldIa
W A BurdetteJ H Nes to cos rm itws ihol
L P Hollis RAJ Boggs Frtw cud' el tal n
R L Gay JF ris nd"ten are' goind omhing atfwasn
Rev ET Hoges A Iago n aou asatmntgooprd, and thend''
M L MaravenbeenTsHutchtnd knowswhatcto do
Rev ST Crech D F orter am"Ten weprenin seltedoee 2~Cr
J EMarhan DrS Porer1ansttleAd onthat, and sthens you u
Rev lacman MrsF Giffn cdestaner,entseml to foryles
Rev H ddeR ABo of jone grademof butapen w prdce o
H mris ufctheuoger, wh, the areumanyt
R L ers N GBale graain for one,pp and ma befoe u
W urryMIs Gr fac gtthures,anh ues discre oth wernt
Rev J E ahai'y A B ake hald the rt adnesmr ad tyles ben
SL Kig T Maudnumber of thute'd everaste ornd
C C Fatheston1 M autdn tWh, nameook us,942,713, w n o a
J D Harris chomoectppr. o iv onsfo
Rev S P MI atson asostosy
Rev T R ~aGrLBn apls ubrn ,9274 hd
S D Bardettebolndr othn o t
R J Hllis .G~Els ol nesw' okdte l
Rev RV S HuenBD ari thog,evranifttokuoe
M D FarmrBDGri ekt ok hog n eieuo
Rev E B Hodgs 3L0Tomsuu3973wesorrsnofG ya:
J A Cely \ H ABmorgs olnthaefudin tewoe
J D harris.T D Harris ral ieaybte hnwa ev
F MawellJ F Uarrie
P Iog" nd cuttn't metl fom hwads ad
L DoggetP 11 a t shules didn't isv alay those goode
SK ickon H ogg mt leoos fom. the btoas, whih loks
1' 1McWhotcr ~ W Mebor 0 scrappy we cut off gra botime
Rev L hoason 3 Alxandr Fsalltppercln't teaw and ano , havd
B D Muldi A JBogg uocly tohfpnd, somen tat se byikaw
Rev \ V~'Danil Mr ~V M betteiru thouhe the tuneda oe te leaf
and there fino asomethn thre as
re H N Crye r T D Hartris "Thens we finlyseetdon.e
i E Mrchat DrS F orte
NE 9011
) 0
Vol I Ir h t serI ce1,%.,IC
Look intLo our show win I0
thle foremosit makers, they rel
Locitoct at Pitkens. S. C.,
at the closn -)f business June 2:3j, 11011-.
Loans and Di)count... 9G. IC 35
Demand Lonns......... 0. 000
O verd ra fts................ 5. i; 5 59
Banking 'ij.Us( . .... ...... 1.12-1 75
Furniture and Fixturs. .. 1.)74.2S
Other ReR Esttn ........ :h,y C.00
L 1 R1A
Te roiBake nrstB n
Copaiet....c.... 4.0.4
Durrend L....n...........(. ,500. 00
Gvd...................... 1.000.00
Sie r a nd tr in . . 1.l.519.428
Cherk Rand Catems........,4S. 30
Toita s........... ....40-3.9
ren'Exnss and TaxeLoi s... 2S
Pal................. 27-153.19
Individurl Deoits esuec
to Cheek................ 77.0O0S 76
Savings De posits..........75. 000.00J
C.shier's Cheeks........... Gl:1.04
Tot l.. ... ... ... ... 30.)14.19
State of Sonth. (-arolina.
County' of P'i.'kns.
lIt!fire me caw'. I. M. Mauldin. eash
ier r- l; the a'v named bank. w:no.
heing: 'uly sworn. Pa:.s it:at the above
and fere::oim;i str'.nc~ent is a true con
di tion of said b-u :, as shown by: the
books of a id brh-r..
r. M. MAUr4DIN.
Sw~orn t i abw l'rihed hefore me,
this "Srth ch-ie,im
Nolar; I- i C - io t
Corr et \m
Fne Opr uy For A Youn;; Msn
the i P r\ l o'i Vf 8v1u:h C'aroli
na h' ' i : ::rei d in vle.
of*i t i, t ;i e nit riiu b
finl (e-ii's !:ii d'.ie inAvies
th ai the .ht i nreinrytth
i(1t~ .Ji t i.. i .i' in' ) i-t
IinI th n< m:a ptn ep
ws.i er I' e Tneir i
noitnn jr o ia g r, ly incrlas'
that! ~' thr t :1 il!r ) civ .e
EA'! inat0 ions'~a wi! h4 m b
F xidi Jnir . riforte oa
tO do i (vI I ;-:.-. \ p i
'N Y. sll'Oll'r! is ' 'i .i:I g Ieiri
>f It nlI 'ir-. notr wtb r,hes
Wi t 'e ient? e o-.o .rMicel,
J i ie l'. grf ofih ('irclind.
4J b.u Neeid lThese.ryt;g
Fri jr.' jar c i I. i ese- s gh.,
ring pe owd.-luk'sndg:.
A haof book, Dt abarai. nn
Let us array you in one of our
many new styles handled by us of
some of the most famous manufac
turers, and lead you to a mirror.
You look at your reflection
4 4k
and the hard-to-pleas disappears at
We have dealt with lots of men
who came to us skeptical of our
ability to satisfy them with ready
made clothes.
They are regular customets now;
once you wear our clothes, is
enough to kill all prejudice, The
spring styles are very sensible and
We ha,.e tried to consult all
tastes in making our selections, and
we believe we have succeeded.
liard to please, we stand r a( dl ( ( r'l e
ws, you will see there a display of new models from some 01 4
)resent the latest fashions, and you will spot them at crce as
Yours to please,
The Central Roller 1ills
Has just been overhauled b an
and new Silks put oi all bolters, I e
are in fine shape to handle your grain and
give you
M.J. TI. PuIckett, a man of seAeral years
experience, is in charge.
J.IL. Ranmseur, 'J. T. Gassaway,
Secretary. Pre.-TIreas.
ithe delightr f every woman. To see4
r~~ th,en magmficent Ornamnents that we are
/ )~manonaments fo orcaskeL t
fr*om the thinnEst andi tiodest watches to
St h.' eight--iay clocks. All are warrante i
N' t o K EEP time. Our tobleware in s<
'j\ \ . ..,and platedu ware is comolete in fine
signs at mnoderate prices. Inspection
- ~ vite.l.
~ '- II. SNIDER.
D)on't go huugry or thirsty, when you can fimd as good a
meal as you ever eaf and as cold bottled goods as you ever
drank, right at my place of business.
als served at all hiourts
Cold Soft Drinks at any-time.
Also handle produce, beans, cabbage, ton,atoes and other
garden truck. WVhite fish, cheese, all kinJe 1 canned goods,
fruits, candy, cigars, in fact a little bit of anghling. You wont
know what I have got unless you come and see.
Your p)atronage solicited. Polite treatment and prompt
service assured. Your for a feed.
I have several farms, vary-ing in size
* from the small farm of
33 acres to 200 acres.
located in different sections ofi
e county, that I am offering for sale
ieasyandrms.IIf interested in purch
\fugeasy t alrms n or write me.
I aso aveenquiriesfoladtt
mypresent litdoes not supply. I
yuwish tselsee me.
Yours for Business,

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