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Entered April -3, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. ai second clas" Matter, under-act of Congress of March 3,1879
39th Year PICKENS. S. C., AUGUST 19, 1909. Number 13
State News I
School patrons will be inter
este(d to learn that the price of
one of the adopted books on the
South Carolina list has been
lowered. Thmson's History
of the United States will hereaf
ter retail al 70 celts instead of
75 cents.
Roseman H1anly, rol J, who
lives on Mr. J. V. Y. Dickson's
plac(,1 n eurkville, brought to
The Etiqiini ()ilice hst Satur
day, a iievY hatched chicken
that had four 1(-s, four wings.
twentv toes anl(d ()nly ole head.
It was de:1.1.
While tiyiln. to burn out somA
spider wb.z il tIhe barn1 of Bloom
iehti lrynt a weIlknownk Spar
t:mhur li. V. i>). carrier, Wed
nesda' ;fterm , the barn
The llrse4 mtid X\Vw wen got
tenl o!t in' t tO sve theil
fr4pml thefl n ..
'I'he _Nav1a)k1l -Militia of Smith
V'olina nt in o taining
Atlondav at CarleSton, and will
remaIn(Ili til the Ath. The
!a va ; Mil!ii is < 'o"d of
comp:mi'- fmm B ort,
er -i m >, C -t and
Mt. ensa nt. The v Beti
d Georgetown companies went
to Charlestonl bv launch.
Ground was broken Monday
moring for the erection of a
handsome four-story building
for the Peoples National bank
and the Peoples Trnst company
of Rock Hill. The building will
be a modern one in every re
spect, with all the up-to-date
conveniences for an office build
ing. J. A. Jones of Charlotte
has the contract for the struct
Adjutlalt (eneral Boyd has
returndto, Cunba from
Charleston where he went to in
spect the (oa,t Artillery which
has been in training for the past
se 7eral days. The adjutant
general was very much pleased
with the work of the men.
The Coast Artillery of the state
is comiposed of companies from
Aiken aLnd Lancaster.
A. C. Floe. a Lancaster coun
tv farmer. was dragged to his
death Mon day afterno,on by fall
ing fromt a mzule and being tang
led in the harness. He had
just finished the days work. He1
was dragged from the field some1
dlistance to his home. His fain
ily witnessedI the tragedy, but
were4 po werless to aid him. His
b,ody was brisied and his head1
Z. T. Do)iiker, who w~as arrest
ed in Spartanburg by Constable
Metcalf, was taken to Asheville
by Constable Jones. Ducker
was arrested in Asheville some
time ago on the charge of de
serting his family. He gave
bonds for his appearance, but
some time before the case was
called he jumped his bond. He1
was located in Spartanburg and
placed under arrest.
Robert Hunt and Marshall
Simmons became engaged in a
difliculty last Thursdlay morn
ing a 1 o'{k>ck near Pumpkin
to wn in Pickens county. Rob
ert Hunt stabbed Marshall Sim
mions above the heart and cut
him on the arm, besides biting
him. D)r. J. M. Crenshaw' dress
ed his wounids andl ne is dloing
very well at tis writin'g. They
were related and jealousy w~as
the cause of the trouble.1
At the neetinig of stockhold- -
ers Satur-d iy of the WV. D). Spear- I
manI c~omp1iany of Easlev, a re-<
m.-'?aniZati made1(1 J.- E. I big0(d I
preiden~1t U'I( genera~Il mma ager, .1
Th is is a stork company witht
ca:pital Of 810,000) and doing a
gDr l imjllha tile b)usiness.
3\lr. SUI ::n leaves sooni for 1
his con a. htme a few miiles
south lIt I--l'ey. wh-lre he will! I
t.At for -a mionth or t wo.
7:0,0tiol of Souith C11101inal
Mr. S. M. Jones of Chester
made another bie deal *; cotton
Saturday, when he sold to Mr.
S. B. Latham, for the Manetta
Mills, at Lando, 179 bales of
cotton that he has stored at t
Rock Hill. The cotton, which
represents the crov on his Moore
place, near Rock Hill, last year,
weighed 81,072 pounds, and at I
12% cents netted Mr. Jones -9,
South Carolina has been ask
ed to take part in the National
Corn Exhibition,which will be
held in Omaha from December
6 to 18. All states have been
asked to participate. The
premium list of the exposition
amounts to $50,000. To the
farmer exhibiting the best ear
of corn a breakfast food manu
facturer offers a $1,000 gold and
silver trophy cup.
The family reunion of the de- s
sOen1dants of John and Peggy
Pedon, the Peden-Alexander
Morton-Morrow family, will be
held on the 25th and 26th of this
month at the Fairview church (
n Greenvile county. There
will be some prominent speakers
m the occasion and conveyances C
fill be provided for persons a
.roni the nearest point on the f
ailroad, which is Fountain Inn.
[nformation may be had by ap
Lving to Mr. A. S. Peden at
lountain Inn.
L h
The body of McIver Reynolds
on of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Rey
,olds of Spartanburg R. F.- D.1
,vas identified by the boy's par
nts at Hendersonville. Young
Revnolds had started on a visit
o his uncle at Wavnesville. C
\ear Hendersonville he was s
)eaten nearly to death by thugs c
md continued walking toward
Jendersonville in a dazed con- k
lition. He was struck by a si
rain and killed and his parents u
vent there to view the body. t(
Mr. W. R. Stephens of near
7ewry, killed a monster rattler b
saturday, 31st of July at his s
>arn door. The snake measur- p
~d 4 feet and 10 inches and the *g
;kin measured 8 inches around.
fIr. Stephens lives between two
>atches of woods and the snake
vas passing across to the op
>Osite field. Mr. Stephens shot C
he reptile's head ot' with his '
>reechloader. It had nine rat
les and a button.
The directors of the Newberryv
mills have let the contract for Ir
>uilding the new hundred and
wventy-five thousand dollar ad
lition to the mill. The success
ul biddler was the Gallivan
Building company of Greenville.
Phe addition will be at the a
outhern end and will be a wing C
~0 by 180 feet along O'Neal e
treet, corresponding to the n1
ving at the northen end. It
vill be three stories high; part b
)f it four stories, counting the b
>asement. Mr. C. C. Davis got (1
he contract for building the b
fourteen new cottages.
A very interesting fact about n
he police department of Rock S
Fill is that it has been self sup- d
orting for a number of years. g
Astatement of cash receiuts b~
tnd disbursement of the city f<
ronm December 9, 1907, to Dec
'mber :31, 1908, twelve months t
md 21 days, prepared by the
\merican Audit company
hows that during the period a
-overed the fines from the po
ice docket amounted to $h,
[01.85, and that the disburse
nents in this department, in
-lud ing salaries. un iforms, C
10rse' keep, dieting prisoners, 0
anitor, incidentals, and in fact hi
-ery expense connected wit~ I
he denartment, was $3,670.82, f
chich gave the city a surplus of h
731.0;3, after paying all ex- y
yenses of this department. b~
[he records shows that the po- r
ice department has not cost the v
ir nvthing for several years.1d
The residence of T. A. Alex
mder near Gaffney was de
;troved by fire with a loss of 2,
Several Spartanburg citizens
iave been arrested and fined for:
-iolating the federal cattle quar
tntine laws.
J. E. Morris. express agent at.
lantuc, has been arrested on
he charge of being short in his
ecunts with the company.
L. C. Boyle, a well knowncit
zen of Suimmerville, is (lead at
lis hoie.
The Seneca town council has
tolopted a new liquor ordinance.
.t is much more rigid then the
>ld one.
even thotusand bottles of beer
mnd sixty gallons of whiskey l
vere seized in Columbia last t
Mi. J. A. I lemingwav has re
:ived his appointienit as treas
irer of Georgetowncmiuty froil
toy. Ansel.
Frank Miles, col )red, was 1
hot and killed iii Edgefield I
ountv bv his nephew, a boy
bott 16 vears of age.
The state concstables stationed
n Charleston seized 2,376 bottles
f beer (during- Saturday andt
aturdav night.
The Lancaster county clerk of f
ourt reports that liens to the
mount of .9471,000 have been
led in his office this year.
Mr W. R. Snipes killed a big
ittle snake near the Log bridge h
i Oconee county last week. It 0
ad ten rattles and a button. si
Mary Manning, colored, was b
aot and killed at Gaffnev by
ack Edwards. also colored.
dwards has been arrested.
Sam Sing has been arrested in s
'harleston on the charge- of a
muggling Chinamen in the v
)untrv. t
The children of Ihe Odd Fel
lws Home are vn joyingla we-k' 0
:av at Caesars Head. They ar
nder the care of the superin
mndent and Mrs Vaughn. s
A commission has been issued i
y the secretary of state to the
toneboro Sawed Stone corn- V
any of Stoneboro. Capital C
Rev. A A. James, a Presby
trian minister of Jonesvilles
nioni county, marriedl his 670th
uple a few days ago. He has
ade 1,340 persons happy-for
while at least.
A comission has been issuedd
the Sea island Cotton Oil
>mpan y of Charleston county.
he capital of the company is
20,000. The p)etitioners!are E.
.Eve, T1. T. HL vdef and John
ivers. (
iRev. W. I. Herbert preached
special prohibition sermon in
harleston Sunday in which he a
riticised the city council for i
ot attacking the blind tigers.
The farmers around Blacks- a
urg have found small black b
ugs in their cotton field that are i
estroying c'ottonl boils. The t:
ug resembles the boll weevil. n
Clyde Lewis, a young white 0
ian was arrestedl at Glendale,
partanb)urg county, on Thurs- t:
a on the charge of stealing 3
3 from an old lady who had (
en employed in the mill therek
>r 30 years. ii
The Y. M. C. A. building for b2
ue Olympia and Granby mills, t
dlumibia, will be opened this 3
eek, having been completed
d thoroughly f urnished under s
2e direction of the President, lI
[r. Lewis W. 1/arker.
Mirs. W. H. Lee of Battle
reek, Oconed': cou ntv, driopped
ut of a wagon dead while on 0
er way to Clayton, (ba.. from E
~attle Creek last Saturday c
iorning. Death was dune to;g
eart failure. Mrs. Lee wxas 45 8
ears of age. She is survived a
y her husband and three child- x
n. H er mother and little son p
rere with her at the time of her o
Governer M. R. Patterson, of
Penessee, has accepted an invit
ttion to deliver an address at the
inveiling of the Kings Mount
tin monument on October 7.
rudge Samuel W. McFall of
3oston, will also be a speaker
ipon the occasion.
Three construction gangs of
he Southern Power company
vill reach Greenville. The work
>f erecting towers toward Spar
anburg is about completed, as
)nly six more will have to be
!rected before the wires will be
eady to be strung.
A report on the work done at
he South Carolina Industrlal
)chool which is located at Flor
nce has been filed with Gov.
nsel. The school was opened
ast November. There are
wenty three boys in the school.
Phe disbursements for the last
ix months was $4,303.83.
What has been pronounced
Vell developed cases of smallpox
vere founi to be the cause of the
lIness in the family of a negro
esiding on Lincoln street, oppo
ite the jail in Columbia Thurs
ry. The patients were removed
o the pest house, which is sit
[ated several miles from the
An interesting decision by the
tate supreme court this week
as on a case which came up
rom Laurens, a suit against
outhern Cotton Oil company
ar the drowning of a small boy
amed Luther Franks, who lost
is life in the alleged reservior
f the company. The company
acured a non-suit in the court,
ut this was reversed.
The many friends of Presid
ig Elder R. E. Stackhouse of
ie Rock Hill district, will be
>rrv to learn that. he is quite
tek at his home in Rock Hill
rith acute appendicitis. He was
aken sick Saturday morning
:hich made the fourth attack
f this terrible affliction he has
ad this year.
The board of regents for the
-ate hospital for the insane met
i Columbia Thursday and
ractically completed their re
ort to the special legislative
ommittee, appointed to investi
ate the affairs of the institu
on. The board will call attention
>the lack of money and urge a
?paration of negro quarters
omn the white patients.
News has been received at
Vare Shoals of the decision ren
ered by Referee Edward McIver
If Cheraw in the suit brought
y J. 0. C. Fleming. N. B. Dial
t al, against Benjamin D. Rei
al and the Ware Shoals Manu
icturing company et al. The
'feree decided in favor of the
efendants on every point.
During the reunion excercises
t Union church, Laurens coun
yr, last Saturday a difficulty
>ok place near the church
rounds between Will Hamilton
nd Abe Coats. It is said that
th parties were drinking. Dur
1g the melee Hamilton was shot
le ball striking him in the
10uth, knocking out several
f his teeth.
The many friends throughout
re state of the Rev. Alex R.
[itchell, rector of Christ church,
freenville, will be pleased to
now that word was received
1 the city yesterday that he
ad landed safely at Queens
>wn and was quite wvell. Mr.
itchell sailed from Philadelohia
aturday, July 31, on the steam
aip Haperford of the American
Since the first of July State
uperinitendent of Education
wearingenl has dlistributedl .4,
3 to the weak school of the state
leven applications were re
elvedl today. The amounts
iven to the schools range from
100 to 810. T he last legislature
rpropriated $2),003 for aid to
'eak schools. There is a large
art of this fund yet available,
which will be given out during
he f all.
A. C. Sinclair a well known
and aged citizen of BennettsvillE
is dead at his home.
The city council of Yorkyille,
has decided to pave the principal
streets of the town.
Two new carriers will be add
ed to the force at the Spartan
burg post office on September 16.
Bascomb Hannah, a negro ac
cidentally shot and killed him
self yesterday, while handling a
Lawrence P. Jones of West
minister died last Wednesday.
aged, 27. He leaves a wife and
one child.
Postmaster Floyd of Spartan
burg has secured a free mail da
livery service for the residents
of Beaumont and Saxon miil vil
William R. Ables died at his
home near Oakway, Oconee
county. August 4, of appendi
citis, aged 27 years.
Walter Duke, colored, who
shot John Minick at Saluda, S. C.
four years ago, has been arrest
ed in Florida.
A commission has been issued
by the secretary of state to the
Home Building and Loan asso
ciation of Cheraw. The Capital
is $100.000. The petitioners are
J. W. Malloy. R. T. Caston, G.
W. Duvall, all of Cheraw.
The corner stone of the new
graded school building at Easley
was laid August, 13th. Jas. L.
Michie of Darlington, S. C., who
is the grand master of the state
conducted the services. Other
prominent Masons of the state
were present.
The dead body of Curien
Sloan' colored, was found near
the public road one mile north
of Seneca, early Wednesday
morning, Sloan was seen late
Tuesday afternoon near Seneca.
It is not known whether his
death is due to natural causes
or some foul play.
'I here will be an educational
mass meeting at Six Mile, in
Pickens county, on Saturday,
August, 21st. The railroad sta
tion for Six Mile is Norris, on
the Southern. J. R. Earle, of
Wahalla, has been named as
one of the speakers for this occa
Mr. F, J. Crider, of St. Math
ews, a Clemson graduate of 1909
who for the past year has been
in charge of the college horticul
tural grounds, has left to take
up work~ at the University of
Simeon Gowan, aged 75 years
died at his home at Inman Wed
nesday afternoon. He had been
in ill health for some time, and
his death was not unexpected.
The deceased was a well known
farmer of the upper section of
Spartanburg county and was a
ood and substantial citizen.
A petition is being gotten up
asking the Abbeville supervisor
to put a bridge across Chicasaw
n the road between Mr-. Joe
Nanc's and Due West as speed
ily as possible. The citizenls are
interested in this matter and
hope that the bridge will be put
down at once.
Grover Henderson, a young
man who lives in the Ezeils sec
tion of Cherokee countI v. has
been committed to ja il by Ma gis
trate Scruggs, of Morgan tmyn
ship, chargedI withI attem pted
criminal assault upon a young
married woman in the upper
part of the county.
The Union Progress says that
a trolley line connecting Union
with several of the most import
ant upcountry cities in this state
is understood to be an enterprise
which may materialize at an
early date. Details as to the
proposed line are very meagre
but it seems that there are good
reasons for believing that Union
may soon be connected by elec
tric line with Glenn Springs,
Spartanburg, Greenville and
other places.
Attorney General Lyon has
secured a dismissal of the pe
tition of Saluda county to com
pel the superintendent of the
penitentiary to return certain
conYicts of that county.
A commission has been issued
to the Travellers Rest Telephone
company of Traveller's Rest, in
Greenville county. Capital $500.
The petitoners of the com
pany are J. H. Roe, Rex'Land
ford and J. R. Anderson.
Mr. John A. McLaurin, a
prominent citizen of Bethune.
died suddenly at his home Sat
urday night, being stricken with
paralysis as he sat down to the
supper table. He was a Confed
crate veteran, and was about 65
years of age.
The handsome new winter
home of Hamilton Carharrt, the
well known overall manufacture
is nearing completion. The
Carharrt home is located on the
west side of Catawba river near
the site of the old Dinking ferry,
three miles from Fort Mill.
At the meeting of the Beaver
dam Baptist association, the fol
lowing officers were elected for
the ensuing year; Moderator,
Rev. A. P. Meritt; treasurer,
Jas. Seaborn and Earle held their
respective offices last year, and
Rev. J. H. Stone is the retiring
President Taft has signed the
permit for the Georgia-Carolina
Power company to build the
dam across Saluda river at Ste
vens' creek. The power com
pany intends to develop 10,000
horse power and will bring the
same to Augusta, Edgefield,
Aiken and other counties.
Rev. Mr. Eddy of Florida, is
spending the summer in Wal
halla. He is a member of the
Florida Methodist conference,
having been transferred from
the South Carolina conference
some years ago. Owing to poor
health since his residence to Flor -
ida, Mr. Eddy will ask in the
near future for a transfer back
to the South Carolina conference
A mule kicked Robt. R. Pitts,
of Westminister Tuesday morn
ing breaking both the lower jaw
and the cheek bone. He was
leading the animal when the
bridle rein broke, causing it to
run off. As Mr. Pitts attempted
to catch the mule it kicked with
both hind feet and he was hit by
one. The lower jaw was broken
in the center of the chin.
Last Thursday, Mr. Chas. W.
McCravy, who recently resign
ed the office of auditor, received
re-appointment to the office of
local census taker for Laurens
county. This office includes
the gathering of cotton ginnery
statistics, and is awarded by the
government. Mr. McCravy held
this position prior to his election
as auditor.
Souh Carolina's first bale of
1909 crop was sold in Barnwel,
Saturday to Molair and Parter,
by Mr. R. H. Lutz. The bale
weighed 455 pounds, and grades
good middling. Mr. Lutz sold
to Molair and Porter, the first
hale for 1908. The bale was
soldto F. W. Wagener & Co., of
Charleston, S. C..
State Superintendent of Edu
c'ation Swe'aringen has returned
to Columbia, from a trip throng
the up-country. While away
he attended several educational
rallies, and the meeting of the
board of commissioners of the
Cedar Springs Institute of which
he is a graduate.
Ed Thomas a young colo,red
boy, was arrested at Spartan
b)urg on the charge of assault
and b)attery with intent to.k.ill,
striking J. H. Cooper, another
c'olored boy, in the head with a
rock, fracturing the skull. The
wounded boy was taken to the
hospital and a large portion of
his skull was taken out. Pieces
of the bone were found embed
ded in the brain, and very little
hope is entertained for the boy's
' The White Slave Trafflic.
Dear Mr. Watson: Your letter
of the 31st ult. to Hon. Clifford
G. Roe, assistant State's attor
ney,after a regretted delay is re
feredto this committee for reply.
We return the letter attached
to yours and regret to say that
conditions are bad in this and
other cities and that cases are of
daily occurrence in the police
courts of Chicago which show
that white women are livine.
with black men and that there
is at least a basis of truth in
what "John Franklin" states.
You are aware of what we
are endeavoring to do and will
be interested to know that con
considerable progress has been
made during the past three
months. We found that almost
no state had statutes directly ap
plicable to white slavery and
laws have been secured in Illi
nois, Minnesota, North and
South Dakota, Pennsylvania,
Colorado and Twa. We have
assurance that legislation will
be enacted in other states as
soon as the legislatures convene.
We have an inquiry from a
member of the Georgia legisla
ture, but perhaps you will take
up the matter in that state to as
sist the agitation and bring
about the enactment of laws
such as were framed for Illinois.
You probably will have recom
mendations to make, but the
form of three Illinois bills and
of the pandering act of 1908 are
found to be very practical laws
for the purpose. Your assist
ance will be greatly appreciated
and we hope you will keep in
touch with us.
Clyde A. Mann,
For the Committee.
Ed. Note: The letter referred
to is that of John Franklin, the
negro who declared that negro
men could buy white women in
Chicago at from $25 to $50
a piece. Mr Watson forwarded
a copy of the Franklin letter to
the Chicago"Committee on L eg
islation" of the organization
which is working for thesup
pression of this frightful slave
We earnestly commend to the
prayerful attention of the fan
atics on Foreign Missions that
passage of the committee's letter
which admits that there is a
basis of truth in what John
Franklin said.
Once again-what did John
Franklin state? He declared
that he had paid $50 for a white
wife, and that he had the pick
of twenty-five.
He said that "any,negro can
buy white women in my city for
$50," and spoke of it as a regu
lar thing. Franklin said that
he had had three white wives in
his time and "it is no trouble to
get one" Said John Franklin,
"White women is the cheapest
flesh on earth."
And when Mr. Watson sends
Franklin's letter to the com
mittee which is trying to break
up this damnable slave-trade,
asking whether there is any
truth in the negro's statement,
the committee answers that
there is.
Yet, a certain class of preachers
are assailing Mr. Watson sav
agely-calling him all sorts of
hard names-because he con
tends.that it is a mistake to send
money into beathandom to res
cue yellow and brown and black
people from vile conditions,
when we ourselves are cursed by
such a national disgrace as tgle
hideous traffic in white slaves!
-Tom Watson's Jeffersonian.
A commission has been issued
to the Clyburn Merchantile
company of Clio. Capital $5,
000. The compsny will do a
general mnerchantile business.
Over twelve hundred girls
have asked to enter Winthrop
College this year. Of that num
ber seven hundred can be accom
madated, while the remainder,
five hundred have to go to other
college, or' stsay at home.

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