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Some Things You Know and Some
You Don't Know About Our
Towns, County & People
-Take your lunch at the Wo
man's Department.
--See lenionade for sale at the
tent on the Court House grounds.
-Dr. J. L. Bolt of Pickens,
made a business trip to Ander
son this week.
-Rev. L. E. M. Freeman will
preach at Griffin church next
Sunday at 11 o'clock, a. m.
-Miss Ethel Jenkins, of Pick
ens, is spending a time most
pleasantly with friends and re
latives in Greenville.
-Betsy Hamilton at the
School Auditorium Thursday,
September 23rd, will be a very
fine feature of the Fair.
-Mr. and .irs. Francis
Rogers, of the Liberty side,
spent sundv v in Pic kens with
their dauoghter 3!rs. .. F. Par
-Mr'. C. V. St~lhas rv
turned to his hoie after spend
ing a very pleasant week in
Pickens with his sister, Mrs. W.
L. Jenkins.
-Willie BIt has m11oved to
.the Prince house on Pendleton
Avenue. R:. E. Lewis will oc
cupv the house recetly vacated
by Mr. Bolt.
-In the Ladies' Department
of the Fair, a r(oom will be main
tained for the comfort and con
venience of lady visitots in the
Freeman Building.
-The first bale of cotton of
t'e season was sold in Pickens
last week by J. A. Hunnicutt,
for 12c. It was b l -it by Fol
ger, Thernle the
qs Aurit Kirksey is quite
sick with fever at the honie of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. K.
Kirksey, of Crow Creek. Her
7 friends hope for her a
:y recovery.
,ren't vou going to try for
1andlsome range offer'ed by
- neath-Bruce-3Iorrow Co m
pany for the best loaf of bread
baked' on any stove, but made
from "Copywrig:ht" flouri'
-Send your exhibits to the
Wonman's Department of the
-Fair so they will reach the man
agenment not earlier than Mon
dry, the 20th, and not later than
12 o'clock W\ednesda y, Septemi
ber 22nd. the opening day.
- J. F. Harris has purchased
from Mr. T. D. Harris his farm
A and dwvelling in the southern
part of town and1 will cut it up
into building lots. He has
named it Linnwood Park and
it will be a valueable residence
addition to the town.
-Betsy Hamilton will appear
-at the Scho)ol Auditorium on
Thursday night, September
23rd, Fair week, under the aus
pices of the D)aughters of the
Confederacy. She is a gifted
authoress and reader, and has
delighted many southern audi
ences since the 80's.
-Mr. T. D. Harris offers in
this issue quite a lot of property,
and1 we learn that it is his inten
tion to dispose of his holdings
here and become a c'itizen of
Spartanburg, We hope Mr.
Harris does not contemplate this
move, for Pickens needs all of
her citizens.
-The Pickens (City~ Council
has very kindly granted the Wo
man's Department of the Fair
the sole right to sell lemonade
Fair week. You will find this
refreshing drink at the tent on
the Court House grouinds. Pat
ronize this tent anid help dlefr'ay
the expens(s of t hie W%oman's
~~ev (' L. lFowleri, of C'lin
ton, S. C., close d last i uesday
night, at the Pickenis Baptist
church, a very successful ten
days meeting. Large 'onigrega
tio~ns attend(ed service and gave
close attentioni to his sermlonls.
It is to beC hoped( that mucI(h anid
lasting good was accomiplished
by thiis laborer' in the I A rd's
vinev ard.
Souvenir programs~ ofl the fair
are bein~g gotten out by Jere B.!
McMahanl, prBite secr1etar'y to
Hon. G.'orge' . eare, wvhichl
will be dlistr ibuted 1free, the first
(day of the fair It will he wor~thj
getting,. and prieserv'ingz, so he on
hand the first day' and get 0n
b)efore the suply 1s exhausted.
It will be the only pr'ogram not
ten out, lsed 1r1 alvenl a way.ot
-4-W have dlevo ted a great
deal of our t m and space to
the Pic'kens Cont~y Fair. to the
exclusion of our legit imate busi
ness, and we are sorry' that our'
correspondents have had to take
a baick seat, along with othern
matters important to our read
ers. How)\ever' after this week,
'we hope to resume the evenl
tenor of iur way a~d will a'
glad tto have weeklyv articles
from oni r.r)dnmtn. -end
in the Woman's Department.
-If you are going to enter the
-ookingcontest,inotify Mrs. Geo.
S. Legare at once.
-Come preDared to take your
lunch at the WVoman's building,
Fr6enai Hall.
Tired mothers bring your
babies to -the Rest Rooms in the
Woman's Department,-Free.
-If you intend to enter your
baby iiI the baby show, com
municate with Mrs. L. C. Thorn
lev now.
- -Be sure to see Betsy Hamil
ton: She needs no introduction
to Pickens, and her appearance
will be a rare treat.
-Misses Jessis Mae Parsons,
Meda Hunt and Jimmie Parsons
of Liberty, spent Sunday at the
home of B. F. Parsons in Pick
-All persons expecting to en
ter their children for competition
in the Baby Show will do well
to notify Mrs. Larry C. Thorn
ley at once.
-Miss Josie Chastain, while
returning Sunday from Griffin
church lost a parasol, with
straight wood handle. Finder
is requested to leave at Craig
Bros. and get reward.
-The upper story of the Free
man Building will be used for
the Womians Department of the
Fair, instead of the County Com
missioners Room in the Court
House, as heretofore announced.
-John D. Christopher, who
recently graduated at Draughn's
Commercial College in Atlanta,
left Pickens Wednesday for
Greenville where he will accept
a position with the Lipscomb
Russell Grocery Co., as assistant
-A stray mule has come to
T. D. Alexander's, on Crow
Creek. It is a black mare mule
with two white spots about the
size of a silver dollar on her left
side. Owner can get mule by
calling on Mr. Alexander, and
paying for this notice.
-J. C. (Sweet) Alexander lost
a good four-blade pocket-knife
on the 7th instant between the
Rich Gravley place and Pickens.
The knife is made by W. H.
Morely. Mr. Alexander will
give a liberal reward for the re
turn of the knife to him.
There will be a Music festival
given at the school auditorium
in Pickens on the night of the
22d instant, for the benefit of
the band fund. It will be an
evening of enjoyment to which
all should go. Price 25c; ohil
dren under 12 years old, 15c.
-Rev. W. A. Christopher has
moved to Easley where he has
accepted the positioD of princi
pal of the Glenwood mill school.
The enrollment on opening day
was over 70. Arthur is a good
teacher and the patrons are to
be congratulated on having him
as a teacher.
-Visitors to the Fair can find
a quiet corner in the Woman's
Department, Freeman Building
up stairs, where they can be
served with hot coffee. sand
wiches and salad at a very rea
sonable cost. The proceeds will
go to defray the expenses of the
Woman's exhibit, and your pat
ronage is earnestly solicted.
-Next week is the fair. You
are invited to come to town and
enjoy yourself and be with
the biggest crowd ever seen in
Pickens. Bring your budgets,
packages, lunches, or purchases
and leave at this office while you
njoy the fair. You will miss a
reat if you don't come for it
will be bigger and better than
-Bolt & Co., of Pickens, have
;old out their drug store to R. E.
Lewis and he will operate it un
ier the name of the "Keowee
Pharmcy." Earle is a good
pharmnacist and a hustling husi
nss man, and, no doubt, will do
well in the drug business in the
ity of Pickens. Willie Bolt
ba~s not decided what he will do
but it is sincerely hoped by his
many friends that hte will not
leave Pickens.
-Mr. Furman Holder, who
has been quite sick for some time
with typhoid fever, at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
1. Holder, near Pickens, is con
valescing nicely. Miss Mattie
Westmoreland, the trained
nurse who waited on him. great
lv- endeared herself to all with
whom she came in contact.
Furman's friends are delighted
to know that he is rapidly recov
- In our issue of the 2d inst.,
we pub)lished the special prizes
offered on the farm products ex
hibit: prizes on stock: prizes for
idi vidual farm display: and
those things eligible to prizes in
the woman's department. This
week we give you the entire
programi of the fair, including
premium list of first and third
days andl the chicken show. It
draws too heavily on our col
umns to reproduce the list pub
lshed in a former issue, so you
will have to hunt up the copy of
Sept. 2d. if you are in doubt as
to what has been offered. Since
it. has been published several
pizes have been given and we
make rnomn for them toay along
Mower bides ground at thw
"Fix-it" Shop, at a reasonabl
Call at the "Fix-it- shop and(t
see those self-heating ironsi
something that every housewife
NOTICE: J. 0. Brock Nvill'se.,
bargains in watches, clocks an
eve-glasses for the next 15 days:
Don't fail to purchase while they
are going cheap.
NOTICE: To my customers.
While the rush of wheat was on
hand in July some one brought
and left some wheat with no
name. I want the owner to call
and get same. B. P. Kelly.
FOR SAL:-Lot of finished
lumber, flooring, ceiling, weath
er-boarding, for sale at very rea
sonable prices, if taken at once.
Apply to J. R. Meece, Sun Set,
S. C., or at mill near Antioch
church. sp92t
Fo R 1ENT:-We have six or
seven one-horse crops to rent on
our plantation known as the Ha
good place on headwaters of
Twelve Miie River. Apply on
place to John Connelly, or to Ha
good Bros., Easlev, S. C. s9-3t.
-The cooking c.ntest is open
to all housekeepers of Pickens
county. Simple menu of bis
cuits, fiiod chickeni anId coffe will
be prepared. The prize a case
of canned fruits and vegetables
pit up by . B. Bvars and donat
ed by him-will be given to the
one cooking the best meal of the
above named menu in the short
est time. For particulars apply
to Mrs. Geo. S. Legare.
To My Friends and Customers.
Having sold my drug business
to Mr. R. Earle Lewis, I wish to
thank you most kindly for your
very liberal patronage and sup
port and to comimiend my suc
cessor to you.
The accounts of Bolt & Co..
are due to and now being collec
ted by me. and I would thank
you to call at the drug store and
adjust these matters as soon as
Thanking you for past patron
age, I am. sincerely,
W. J. Bolt,
of Bolt & Co.
Stores to Close.
We the undersigned mer
ch ants do agree to close our stores
at 10 o'clock a. m. and keep
them closed until 4 o'clock p. m.
commencing the morning of the
County Fair and lasting three
(3) days-viz September 22, 23
and 24th.
J. IR. Ashmore
C. T. IIughes
W. E. Fr.eemian & Co.
Folger, Thornley & Co.
Moore & Mauldin & Co.
Pickens Hardware Co.
H. A. Richev
J. C. Jennings
Craig Bros.
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
Additional Prizes.
B. F. Avery & Co., through
Moore & Mauldin, give one of
their steel-beam middle-buster
plows, value $12. 50, to go to the
individual farm product exhibit.
McAlister & Beattie give a
nice hand umbrella, also, for
this exhibit.
The International Stock Food
Co. give through Craig Bros. 12
50c packages of their stock food.
One package will be given for
the largest hog shown, and the
others will be apportioned out by
the various coninittees as they
see flit and proper..
The International people also
give 12 50c packages of their
poultry food which will be ap
portioned out in the poultry de
The Pokomoke Guano Compa
ny, through H. A. Richey, offer
five sacks of ''Electric Grower"
guano for the three best stalks
of cotton grown with their gua
no. They also offer five sacks
of the same brand of guano for
the lbest three stalks of corn
grown with this fertilizer.
Messrs. Lipscomb & Russell,
through Craig Bros., offer one
case, each, of Grandma's Wash
ing Powders, Pearl Toilet Soap,
andl Export Soap, the value of
each case being $3.00, as three
prizes on the individual agricul
tural exhibit. This makes ten
prizes offered on this exhibit be
sides two five-year subscriptions
offered l)v Farm Journal, the
leading agricultural journal of
the country.
A prize of Five D)ollars in Gold
will be given for the largest hog
shown, of any breed.
Town Council Meeting.
Notice is hereby given p)ursu
ant to the provisions of ord(i
nance that Main Street of the
town of Pickens will be closed
against all public traffic and
travel, except travel by- foot np1
on the sidewalks thereof, from
the residence ot F. E. Cox con
tinuously to the intersection of
said Main Street by Lewis Street
at the residence of Mrs N. E.
Thornlev, from 10 o'clock a. mn.
till 4 o'clock p. in. of Septemnber
22nd, 2:3rd and 24th, it appear
ing to me to be necessary and
proper in the interest of the pub
lic welfare andl safety.
September 14th. 1909.
B. B. Laboon,
elow we give e program o
T. i~TAX.. C .
R_ IR- inJdrnes bl n
Triottig r it t
a uer 'n.
Pacing under saddle; blue
Racing under saddle; blue
Mule trotting race single har
ness; blue ribbon.
Horse against man; blue rib
Pony race; blue ribbon.
Bicycle race; blue ribbon.
Automobile race; blue ribbon.
~Automobile Hat Race; blue
Automobile Crank Race; two
boxes fine cigars.
Automobile Water Carrying
Race; blue ribbon.
Automobile Reverse Race;
eye goggles.
From 10 to 10:30 o'clock hogs
will be judged and prizes award
From 11 to 11:30 o'clock horse
and mule colts will be judged
and prizes awarded.
From 11:30 to 12 o'clock mules
will be judged and prizes award
From 12 to 12:15 o'clock draft
horses will be judged and prizes
From 12:15 to 12:30 clock sad
die and driving horses will be
judged and prizes awarded.
From 12:30 to 12:45 o'clock
family horses will be judged and
prizes awarded.
From 12:45 to 1 o'clock all oth
er stock presented for entry un
der the rules will be judged and
prizes awarded.
Spelling Contest, Mitchell, ir.,
Go-cart Race by three men; 1
pair baby shoes.
Horse Tournament; blue rib
Buggy Tournament; blue rib
Automobile Tournament;
crown made by the ladies.
Sack Races; neck-tie.
Barrel Race; Pocket-knife.
One-legged Race; pair suspen
Potato Race: belt.
100-yard dash; boys under 15,
100-yard dash; men, pipe.
All-fore race by men; work
Obstacle race by men, axe.
Running broad jump; by boys
under 15; knife.
Running broad jump by men;
silk handkerchief.
H a m m e r-throwing contest;
Tug-of-war by boys under 15;
blue ribbon.
Tug-of-war by men; blue rib
Apple eating contest; 1 cake
toilet soap.
Laughing contest; 1 pair
Dancing contest; (white) 3
pairs socks.
Dancine contest; (colord) 1 red
striped shirt.
Wrestling contest; (white) $1
'Wrestling contest; (colored)
$1. cash.
Greased Pig; catcher gets the
Automobile -Parade.
The Special Farm Product Prize.
Let it be understood and re
membered that the prize of $50
in gold, offered under the above
head, is offered and will be
awarded to "Farm Products"
exhibits exclusively, By this it
is intended that the person mak
in the best display of cotton,
corn, wheat, oats, rye, potatoes,
hay, and things raised from the
ground on the farm will be
awarded this prize. In this con
test, articles from canneries can
not comipete, The collection
comprising an exhibit under this
head must be strictly a collection
of home-raised and hand-collec
ted articles grown on the farm,
and no suspicion of the factory
or of commercial touch must be
upon it. __________
Premium For Best Loaf
The prize for the best loaf of
bread, offered by the Woman's
Department of the Fair, is to be
a handsome "Star Leader"
cooking stove given by the Heath
Bruce-Morrow Company. The
only condition of this contest is
that the bread so entered for
competition be made from the
"Copyright" flour.
Tlhis loaf may be baked at
your home on any stove, and
hen entered for exhibition
should be accompained by a
certificate that it is baked from
"~Copyright" flour.
Notice to Teachers.
The next examinlationl foi
teachers will be held at Pickens
S. C. on Oct. 1st Examina'tidd
to commence at 9 o'.clock, apph-~
cants to furnish their own~ stak
Btoryrder of State Board of
Education.-. -
R, T. Hallum.
Tne entries for the varion
(I fo
ust b
on e y ani
b 20th
0. 1 T
p (1 pmb;t
All persons desirin to enter Ifo
the races must Aw4ge"herefo
with B. C. Robinson, Chairmai
of the Racing Committee, on o
before the above stated times.
B. C. Robinson.
All contestants for the prize
offered for the special farm e.
hibit must make their entrie
not later than 10 o'clock on th,
morning of the first day of th
Fair, September 22nd. This e
hibit must be properly arrange<
not later than 12 o'clock on tha
day as it will be passed upon b:
three competent judges at tha
time. The list of awards wil
not be made public'until the las
day of the Fair. These exhib
its must remain until the clos
of the Fair in order to be allow
ed the privilege of competin
A. M. Morris.
All entries of stock of all kind;
may be made on the 20th, 21sl
and 22nd, and not later than 11
o'clock on the morning of th
23rd of September. The 23rd i
the second day of the Fairand i
especially set aDart for the stocl
and cattle exhibit.
C. L. Curetcn.
All entries for any of the con
tests or attractions for the thir(
or amusement day, which wil
be September 24th, must bE
made not later than 10 o'clocl
of September 24th, which is th(
third day of the Fair.
J. R. Ashmore.
Those entering milk cows fo
the contest must have their cow,
entered not later than the even
ing of the first day of the Fair
September 22nd, and keep th<
same entered till after milking
in the evening of September 23rd
Each cow will be milked in th<
presence of the Judge on thi
evening of September 22nd
The Judge's opinion will be bas
ed on the product of each cow a
demonstrated by the milk pro
duced on the morning and even
ing of September 23rd.
The milking on the evening o
September 22nd is solely to satis
fy the Judge that the cow ha
been milked regularly before th
day of the test.
All competitors in the haulin;
contest of the Nissen Wagon of
fered by Heath-Bruce-Morros
Company must be at the cor
porate limits of the town o
Pickens loaded and ready t<
start by 10 o'clock on the morn
ing-of the first day of the fair
September 22nd, where they wi]
be met and accompaniel int<
town by a Committeeman
This is the first attraction of th
first day of the Fair. It is ex
pected that competitors- for thi
prize shall arrive at the Heath
Bruce-Morrow Company stor
not later than 10:30 o'clock
After this contest is over th
regular program of the Fair wi)
be taken up.
All persons entering exhibit
at the Fair must attend person
ally to the same at the times an:
places indicated in the prograr
for the same to be exhibited, a
nothing will be allowed to ap
pear ahead of time, though iti
not guaranteed that the progran
will be enacted strictly on timi
in every instance.
All persons entering stock fo
exhibit must have their animal
in a grove near the Presbyteria'
Church by 10 o'clock on the da:
named above, and the samt
must be presented promptl:
when called for by the Marshal
For information it is state<
that B. C. Robinson is Chair
man of the Racing Committee,
C. L. Cureton is Chairman of
the Stock Committee, J. R
Ashmore is Chairman of the
Amusements Coinmittee, A. M.
Morris is Chairman of the Comn
mittee on Farm Products, which
includes the special agricutlt ura]
exhibit. ______
Statement of the Condit:eni of
located at J.ibrtv. S. C..
at the close of bnein, ss Sept. 8th 1909
Loans and Discount'........ $6 497.31
Banking House.... ...--..- ,9
FurnitUte and F:xture -..... .. 1.99 5
Due from Banks~ andl TJrust
Companies. . ...-------- 0,3 a
Gold....----------.----.--- -'t
Silver an'd othe~r C sin... .. 6!.
Expenses Salaries. etc........ 367.51
Total...........--... i- U
apital 8tock Paid 1n..... .. $,390.0(
[ndividual Deposits Subject to
Check. . ... .. .. .......... 7,940 7
Time Certificates of De psit 248.7(
Cashier's Checks.. .. .... . 0.:
nteest and Exchange.. .. .. . . 352.12
TIotal.............. ...$7,040.8(
State of South Carolina,
w. q,. hapmm;
~e banic, whlo,be:
ing duly sworn, says that thje~bove arn
foreging statement is a true c no
of said bank, as shown SwtTie'b ofoi
said bank- - --WrH.-Ohdgaian.
SworhW '(W a'd ub ee- beitenm
this 11ld.oA C'E
J. F. OAN. z..- -
orthe df Iie'WN1V sym. t
A-medicine that alters .
1elthy action. Na re .
aoholi" sk your Wft#'doctor all about it. e a
r,medicine dictorscawiot ed e" n
W Without daily action of the bowels pobsonous productsmustbe absorbed. Then you have
rmpureblood,biliousness,headache. Askyour doctcrabout Ayer'sPsfOrOnePiO!.
A A L qUid,
t Buy a pint of Disinfectant for
25 cents. It will last you three
or four months to disinfect
closets, stables, hog-pens, wet
places, etc. Prevents sickness
3 flies and odors. See us, we
will give full directions.
FRUIT JAR-1 Quart, per Doz., 75c. 1-2 Gal., per Doz.,
JELLY TUMBLES-Large size, [heavily Tinned Tops] @
35c. per Doz.
- Extra Fruit Jar Tops, at 15c. & 25c. per Doz.
Ex. rings ir Rubbers, (the white kind) at 5c. per Doz.
No. i granulated sugar, (the sweet kind) @ x6 lbs. for the $i.oo.
NICE STONE JARS-The kind you huve been hunting to put
pickled string beans and cucumbers in.
SGood Apple Vineger, fine for pickling purposes,
Spie lines, such as Dry Goods, Dress Goods, Underwear, Ties;
-Shirts, Hats, Slippers and low-quartered Shoes is now taking
f place and you are missing the opportunity of your life if you
> fail to avail yourself of this chance to get seasonable goods at
- a low price and at the height of the season.
I Yours to please.
- 'eAt the Old Stand."
Keowee Pharmacy,
(Successor to BOLTI~ & CO.)
II. E. LEWIS, Ph. U., Manager.
SHeadquarters for Fair People,
Complete line of DRUGS, ICE CREAM,
SPrescriptionls Carefully and Accurately Compounded
leowee Pharnai,
Successor to Bolt & Co. 4.-- Pickens, S. C.
*The extra care and attention we put into the manu-.
#fscture of our products-such .as buying purest -and
$best flavors and mixing the extracts, the buying of
*good bottles and the seeing to their being clean (each
*and every oue of our bottles is washed, rinsed and
*sterilized by hand,) the extra, but necessary time and
4 trouble to keep a clean place aud furnish a pure drink,*
$is why we maintain the price on our drinks that we do$
*We could mix our drinks and bottle in a slip-shod
*way and sell to you cheaper, but we ain't going to do
*it. Another thing:
*is our motto. The man in. Pickens pays the same
$price for our goods that the man in Central or Pump
*kintown does. We don't cut the price to any one, and
*we don't sell cheaper away from home than we do at
home. Another thing: we never mirpeetany-.
thngt misreresen
* When you:lmy And dri 'ot are!gettg
as Mte ari tji an rce th,ether
snarpai.nN auprite .. Pikes.

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