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State News I
The state covention of the W.
C. T. U. meets in Columbia Oct.
The town Gaffney has voted
15,000 in bonds for a new school
The Planters' Bank has been
organized at Chester with a capi
tal of stock of 35,000.
The Aiken Hardwere company
has been organized at Aiken
with a capital stock of 2C0.
Mrs. Sallie Brown, aged 75
yeas, and Lewis Walke- aged 35
yeas, were married in Laurens.
The Norfolk & Western road
will spend half a million dollars
in making improvements in
Elridge Hutto, wv'hite tried in
Lexington on the charge of kill
ing Joe Jone., colored, was
found not guilty.
Its A Top Notch Doar
ureaL detti. i-vi pi itgardi.Th
world crowus is d. 'ii xs wyii tie
America-i tiipi Ilave ett,va,li)lr.
KILg's Ne%V DAscJryrf 10 K Oof
-rhroaL aind Lung reuse.siets. En-tr. atoma
is a health foi ce. I ti ger.:,, 'au
colds and la g ipp- vait:b". 1L he .
co)ugh raukeJ niimbr m,-. aid ct.bi4 i,
Stops. aoro;, iLoll!v-d brollchial tuo,
and lungs are cur.:-d wil h.rhg
cease. Dr. (ev. M->re Black J ck, N.
C.. writes ' it (-ured W:e Uf Ulg truu4ie.
pronouce' I h:aip-I:- S by ab d -CL rs "
5e. $100. TI.;;6 IItle fIt*. GUani.
teed by all Dru,gisEs.
Fourteen indicments for viola
tion of the dispensary law in
Charleston have been handed out
to the grand jury.
The fall term of the court of
sessions for Pickens county is in
this week, Judge Aldrich presid
Bradley Smoak, a young man,
had his right hand and arm bad
ly lacerated in his father's gin
near Branchville.
On petition of the stockholders.
of the Crystal Ice company of
Orangeburg, W. C. Wolfe has
been appointed receiver
Charles T Lear, a conductor on
the Searboard Air Line charged
with breach of trust, was found
guilty by a Richland county jury.
The pleasant purgative eff, et experi
enced by all who use Chamberlan's
Stomach and Liver Tablets, and the
hellhy condition'of the body and mind
which they create, makes one feel joy
ful. Sdld by all Dealei s.
The Aiken Journal and Re
view tells of the picking of 1,156,
pounds of cotto in seven and a
half hours by three meh and two
Prof. W. H. Hand of the
South Carolina university, is up
in York county making a tour
of inspection of the high schools
that are getting state aid.
A 3- year old child of Mrs. Laura
Moorre, residing at the Highland
Park Mill, in Rck Hill, died Sun
day' of what attending physiciar,
pronounced pellagara
Mrs. A. T. Jamison, wife cf
the superintendent of the Connie
Maxwell orphanage at Green
wood, is very ill with appendicits
in a hospital at Chester.
Iheusas Have Kidney
Tremble and Never Suspect it.
How To Find Out.
Pill a bottle or common glass with your I
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; t
a brick dust sedi
ment,or settling,
stringy or milky(
appearance often
indicates an un
o'healthy condi-E
tion of~ the kid
neys; too ire
- . - quent desire to
e '-. .........pass it or pain in
the back are also symptoms that tell you
the kidneys and bladder are out of order
and need attention.
what To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
6Tten expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy,
fulfills almost every wish iu correcting
rheumatism, pain in the back, kidneys,
liver, bladder and every part of the urinary
passage. Corrects inability to hold water
and scalding pain in passing it, or bad
effects following use of liquor, wime or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant ne
cest of being compelled to go often
throug the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mild and
immediate effect of .Swamp-Root is
soon realized. It stands the highest be
cause of its remarkable
health restoring prog
erties. If you nee&a
medicine you should
bave the best. SoldEyn
druggists in fifty-detT
and one-dollar sizes. H... ---
You may have asample bottle sent free
by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer& Co., Bing
hamton, N. Y. Mention this paper and
sememberthenantle, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
jaot and the address, Singhamton1
Sotin~ of Sodh calcila
The state fair will be held the
first week of November.
The Newberry city schools op
ened Monday with 419 pupils.
G. B. Berry, a young fairmt:
of York county, lost an arm
a cotton gin.
The town of Lamer h! ot( d
$5,000 worth of bonds for a new
school house.
A department of stenography
and tyewriting has been added
to the Chera w public schools.
Israel Anaker, a negro em
ployed at a gin at Swansea, got
caught on a shafting and was
hurled to death.
Z. A. Robertson of Gaffney
has let the contract for a laraIe
two-story brick building to b
used as a gaia,e.
X:ney C:ms In Bun.h.s
t. A .\. < iiaita, of Treaiwell, N. Y.,
now)%V. His reason is well worth reading:
''For a long time I bulf.-red from indi
gt stim?, torpid 1.ver, (onsripiai on. ner
%OUSnISS, and general debility," he
writes. I culi'L s eep had no app?
tite. tir ambitiirn, grew weaker every
djav in spite o)f ali nielical treattn ent
Tnnt-ii t.se Ei,etric Bittei,. T.%tlve bot
ties rt-stored all my old iOwe heaith and
Vigo . No v I C il att!!11 tO b u.i
.-erv day. l.- a witnderful med ci i.'
intaiibie f.>r S m:,ch. Liver, Kid:,wvs.
li-ltd and Nives. ')0,-. at all Di uj
In the court of general sessions
at Lexington Dock White, a ne
gro, was convicted cf placing
an obstruction on a railroad
track and sentenced to one year
on the chainang.
It is reported that four or five
white men beat a negro to death
near Dysoa on. day last week.
The foreman of the Greenwood
county grand jury is investiga
THY AT I. outh
Youwilfe l ibet er ms
immeiatly adsil l better ms
THE CENUINE has the RED Z on
the front of each package and the
signature and seal of ,J. H. ZEILUN
?00O., on the side, In RED.
Johnson & Matthews, Flor
ee contractors, have be-en
~warded the contract for build
.ng the new school school house
t Wal terboro. Their bid was
16 000.
A Masonic lodge was organiz
d at the Brandon Mill in Green
rille Monday night, under a dis
ensation from the Grand Mas
er Ancient Free Masons of
outh Carolina by District
Irand Master A. S. Rowell of
~iedmont. The officers elect
dby the lodge were P. D. Camp
>ell, V. M.; C. F. McCall, S.
F. Seyle, secretary and W. A.
lurdette, treasurer.
Afraid of Ghosts
Many people are afraid of ghosts. FE
are afraid of germs. Yet the ghost is a
the germ is a fact. If the germ could be
to a size equal to its terrors it would apt
terrible than any fire-breathinlg dragon
cant be avoided. They are in the air w
the water we drink.
The germ can only prosper when the
of the system gives it free scope to est
self arnd develop. When there is a del
vital force, languor, restlessness, a sall
a hollow eye, when the appetite is po(
sleep is broken, it is time to guard agi
fortify the body against all germs by the
en Medical Discovery. It increases the
system of clogging impuritics, enriches
nch and organs of digiestion and nutr-itioi
that the germ finds no wecak or tainted
"Golden Medical Discovery'' contai
habitforming drugs. All it ingredient
,-ppr it is not a secret nostrum
oMoSrrZo and with a record of 10
mustitutethere is nothing " just as got
The Kind You Have Always I
in use for over 30 years, 1
~ and h.,
All Counterfeits, Imitations I
Experiments that trifle with
Infants and Children-Exel
What is C
Castoria is a harmless subs
goric, Drops and Soothing '
contains neither Opium, Mc
substance. Its age is its gu
and allays Feverishness. It
Colic. It relieves Teething J
nd Flatulency. It assimils
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panaces-Th
Bears the
The Ki You Ha
In Use For 0
G. 13. Summer has sold hisin
terest in the furniture firm of
Shelby & Siminmer at Newberry
to J. J.. Lanford and J. D
Wheeler, and will move to Okla
A charter has been issued to
the Edgefield County Fair asso
ciation of Edgefield. Capital,
$1,000. The company proposes
to hold an annual county fair at
Prightful Fate AvIrted.
I wouili have beeu a cripple for life,
fram a terrib!e ctit n my kne.. cap,"
mtes Frank Iikberry, Kelli er, Minn.
with "t Buckhnms Arnica Salva whiich
oon cured me." Infallible~ fier wounds
uts and( bruises, it soon cura' Ba;rna.
cal'b, Old S >re-s, Boils, Skin Erupti"ns.
old's beat for Piles. :tSc. at all Drug
Two policemen in Sumter are
harged with clubbing a white
an in that city in a most brut
al manner while he was being
aken to the guard house in a
runken condition.
The Columbia city council has
refused the Southern Power
ompany a franchise to enter
he city. Trhe company refused
to agree to certain regulations
hat council wanted.
Mr. C. McWhorter, who on
eptember 1st., resigned his nosi
ion as assistant cashier of the
erchants and Planters Nation
l bank of Union, has been elect
el president of the Bank of
onesville, and will assume his
new duties on October 1st.
The Bed-sock Of Su.ccss
lis in a k.en, clear brain, backed by in
>miabe will and resistless enerry.
Such po)wer comes from the splendid
health th~-it Dr. Kings -wW Li,. Pills
impart. They vita ze every organ and
biild up brain and body, J. A, Harmon,
Lzemore, W. Va., writs: ''They are
e best pills I ever used." 25c. at a 11
A military demonstration on
arrival in Charleston of Presi
et Taft and his party on No
ember 5, will be a feature of
his entertainment, to be follow
ed by a banquet a: the Charles
tn hotel in the evening. Presi
ent Taft, Secretary Dickinson
d Cant. Archibald Butt will
bethe guests of Mayor Rhett,
while others of the party will
bethe guests of the city at the
~arleston hotel.
er more '
e reathe,
a blish it- -
iency of
rand the
nt the germ. You can
ue of Dr. Pierce's Gold- -
vital power, cleanses the
te blood, puts the stom
a inworking condition, so
spot in which to breed.
~no alcohol, whisky or
:sprinted on its outsid
bt a medicine oF KOWN4 J
pers of cercs. A ccept no~"
)d' Ak your... ne'gbor..
Chau;iieri.a ,-Cs C.rgih !n.- Il lins be
vIuI fa:nou !t,r i-s cuit- k;f coughis,
)M .--s ::n1 1 Ml r.;, i L i wh(en
i,d 11i-Ia - ;iv ir pt rei- -. Sold
-all i .'i- .
as just leen en1iiny: by the
> D" H is riCl s*P-h. y to col
ect <iata r ,ading the part
playd by the leln of the Pee
Dcc section 1In tZe w-1 btween
he states. IIe vs now ea d
in the work of c IpIn the rIols
Af the Var-ious companies and
10ll(ctlng other dat. that vill
bo of much value to the society
as well as of intercst to those
whose relatives participated in
the war.
TAT.-.' F 01: 1 ,iITY (OF TU-o' 0 iS;
L-CC.v, GUNT).
I r.t J. ;v wo.ke :-i that lie a
eni . . r ! b- k i.; -l o. J. ' he.
- v . a <.: u t- C i V b
. i. b- . 1 i- It e. of a
I : , i I i . 'd CII : I fIr .
V: - J:. :, 1 A
Sie ("dlyed thle lare two- i
,torylfran:e dwellng locate<i
just ini the rea~*r of the City Hiall
onMan tr t nd DaJ rlIgion
.' ii1:;dus n in .'aLout 4 O'Clock.
1'.. .ij. j 'fire 8;s W\ n wol-h il)OuI1
M,500 E'. ballEng as oc
:nI J in : .,h r I (S d t(
hheir li v., r even saving
a ciiall.e (f (lotijus. . . S
James il s - o: inornce on
nlari reno ;.h tI S t-.vr dhe los
Yo Ir t.:h a inly y ': p io .
n iin.lye . i f ~Lt Z! o t i.t n'lief, want
o bv -as Coug
JaarkU!d 1.iho.
"meh lwu:ra1 the
n;o vy f -a.: l on. r 11rw,1low
you 011.,J al;o Vol ..I ,~ pov
bd fm owir in her c,h,e;ks-but is
she no. sw1e aNd beautiful nowi'
The lips whicih kissed many
tears from the childish cheeks
re the sweetest lips in all the
world. The eve is dim, yet it
new with rapt raiance of a
'olv love which can never fade.
Oh yes. she a dear old mother.
Her sands of time ::re nearly run
mt, but feUlble as she is she will
o( tart her and rent hi down low
. for ''ou tt hw V!'. aU a on earth.
You cannot see to we ik into mid.
riht where she rarn :ot see you:
von (cannot ente'r a nrison wmose
baisshil la ep h&r out: vou can
30 I rount a sei ffold too hih
~or her to reach and bless you.
[n evidence of her de tthless love,
orSake' von --''2:en iU N'
10tiord.l-i lt ;'r .8 1molthr wVill
~atheri yon ai II i h'eele arms.
arry vou home and tell von of.
Toul viriues Unt il voll almof-t
orcet that vour] Wonl is dlifl 1r
d byV vices. i rve her tenider'ly
nd che..er her decii n x. e ars
vith holv devotioni.
's.a BAS.
C1 r o '23. .a .. ' ' .h.:r
Ha irs YouthatLC' r.
SE7 G. C: IN 2.
PoLL~M ? G7:.
* Automtic
* by buying this
o reliable, honest,
- high grade sew
ing machine.
National Sewing Machine CG.
ought, and which has been
as borne the signature of
ts been made under his per
upervision since its infancy.
no one to deceive you in this.
nd " Just-as-good " are but
and endanger the health of
Aence against Experiment.
titute for Castor Oil, Pare
3yrups. It is Pleasant. It
rphine nor other Narcotic
trantee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoa and Wind
'roublcs, cures Constipation
tes the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep.
e Nothcr's Friend.
.ignature of
m0 A8ays B,ught
ier 30 Years.
nay sTneer New voRn criT.
Return this ad, with $2.96 and we will ship you by
Express, prepaid to any Southern Express office,
one 2-gallon jug of Straight White or Yellow Corn
Whiskey, reduced in proof by the addition of dis
tilled water only. Guaranteed by us under the
Florida and National pure food and drug act. If
you consider the 2 gallons worth $5.00 keep it;
otherwise drink what you want; return the bal
anee and get all of your money back, just as cheer
fully as it was received. This offer is made at a
direct loss, and for the purpose of obtaining 10.000
new customers inside of 60 days. Order today.
S0ft Dbftf Cas. &xsmf fWd&
Harvestini of rice i6 im.0
ig satisfactorily for the 'ant
ers in the Savannai river it rri
tory, and within the week vill
be finished, and, says the Sa
vannah Morning Na~vs, sum
f the lair. er p;aute:s have comn
ion of the late rice crop) is Ver.T
.ood; and unless so ne veryba
weather turns up will give an
abundant yiel..
stops loss of flesh in babies 0
and children and in adults &
in summer as well as wier.
*Some people have gained a
*pound a day while taking ii.
Tako It in a littlo cold water or rnzib:.
.Get a small bottle now. All Druggistr.' -
Mrs. Elizabeth Jamnison, wid
ow of the late Capt. W. H.
Jamison, is dead at Society Hill
at the age of 64. Mrs. Jamison
i survived by fonr sons and one
daghter and a sist er, Mrs. Hun
ter McIver of Columbia. Mrs.
Jamiison was a memclber of one
of the most prominent famnilies
of this section of the state, her
father being tihe late Col. I. H.
Ho'rere-s in a chibl sub'ject to croup
is a sure indication of the. appro:ach of
the disease. If Chamuberlain's Cough.
Remedy is given at once or even after
the croupy cough has appeared, it will
prevent the attack. Contains no poison.
Sold bty all Dealers.
On Mlonday aft ernoon in C1o
lumbia Judige Memm inger ur!
held the contention of Attorney
General Lyon represent ilng Sup
erintedent D. J. Gritiith of the
nenitentiary in the Saluda con
vict case. This means that
only prisoners sentenced to less
than ten years may work on the
)ublic roads. The recent act
of the legislature would have
given the supervisor of Saluda
four other prisoners. The
act is by the ruling today ren
deredi inoperative in that it con
flicted with the previous act
limiting the period of prisoners
to work ill the counties.
It is in tim;-> of sa1d,len inishap r:c
it that Chaimberhii. Liniment carn
)e reli.-d upon to t::kce the p'lace of the
faily dl -etor, who cannol~t alsvays be
foudl at thle moment. Ti.et it is that
Chan bari jun's Linimuet. is never four d
waitig. In cas. f' irains,. cute
wounds and brusies Chamb.-rlauin's Lo
iment takes om' the soreness and dr ives
.aa th ptnin. S>Ad by all Dealer',
Are you one of the
suffer from female ailmen
aged, go to your druggist
Cardui. On the wrapper
During the last half
established in thousands
for pain which only wom
contains no harmful ingri
ed on in almost any case.
it WM I
Mrs. Charles Bragg, of Si
writes: "Tongue cannot tell hc
Before I began taking Cardui
would work awhile and lie down.
medicine." Try Cardui.
American Women S;cw.
American women seem slow In
tilizing one of the greatest labor.
saving devices ever invented for the
householder. Several years ago fire
1ss stoves or self-cookers came into
use in Germany. They consist of
boxes, constructed with doublewalls,
cotitaining material that prevents the
escape of heat. The food is first thor
oughly heated on an ordinary stove,
then placed inside the box, sealed and
left until wanted. when it is taken
out, steaming hot, and with all the
flavors retained that, by the ordinary
I)roccss of cooking, are dissipated.
American men promptly utilized this
dscovery: fireless stoves have been
fund invaluable by the army in the
west. Why have tho wom:n remained
apathetic? Is it because the self
ooker, as at first constructed, was
available only for boiling or stewin
:od? If so, there is no further ex
cuse for hoId;ng back, for, as Cuos:il
General John W. Dye writes from per
n, thcre is now on the market an
io,roved flreless stove that not only
cooks, but fries and roasts, with the
aid of a heated stone. 11ere is a heip
in solving the servant problem by re
ducing the hours of work.
"Africa for the Africans."
Dispatches from South Africa report
he existence of great unrest among
he natives and express an apprehen
ion that another black rebellion
gainst white government is imminent,
he curious statement is made, says
te Philadelphia Enquirer, that this
ituation is largely the result of a
ropaganda conducted by persons of
frican descent, who went to Liberia
rom, this side of the Atlantic, and
tence scattered through the terni
tries south of the Zambesi, preaching
s they went the doctrine of "Africa
or the Africans," urging the natives
to cease quarreling among themselves
in order to make common cause
gainst the foreign enemy, and declar
ng it to be in the power of the na
tives, by a united effort, to drive the
hite invaders into the sea. This
kind of talk Is said to have made a
eep impression on the always war
ke Zulus and on the other tribes resi
ent in Natal and in the British colo
nics formerly constituting the South
frican republic and the Orange Free
There is at present only one route
coss the South American continent
fom east to west which the traveler
cmi take without resorting to mule
back journeys for long distances. Tho
oad is the route from Valparaiso to
uncs Ayres, which can. except in
winter time, be covered by railroad
and singe, the rail:oads at the ends
and the stage route, of course, over
he mountain passes. Two days will
ffice for the 900-mile trip, but at that
tis not without its discomforts and
een perils. Before many years have
used, however, it is predicted that,
here will be at least three railroads
across the Andes, one of them being
;ascontinental, the other connecting
Uh steamers on the Amazon or ita
Fro:n Washington comes the start
hng news that the reserve stock of
o:hing and equipage for the army
has ben entirely exhausted, but as
tec.e is no war in sight at piresent
m:-ro seemls to be no dlanger that the
hstry cf the taking of Lungtu::greO
;K! be rcepeated.
A commh-ision has been 1sSiIe(
o the Marionl Water and Elec
.i'j( (0!mpanyl of Marion. The
pital of t he c-ompany' is $50,000.
e comnpany will manufacture
*1sell power1 and light and do
~ neral wvater works business.
p. P. P. purifies the blood, bui
rn to) weakened nerves, expels
ppines,vwhere sickuess, gloomy feei
in lid in>ison,~ mercurial poison
adiseases, like blotches, pirl
, ":1 we sa without fear of contrad
-:"riir in the world.
Ldies wihose systems are poisoned
on due to menstrual irregularitie!
derfut tonic and blood cleansing pro
Root and Potassium.
thousands of wome- -tho
ts? If so, don't-be di ur
and get a bottle of Wine of
are full directions for use.
century, Cardui has been
f homes, as a safe remedy
ien endure. It is reliable,
dients and can be depend
lelp You
veetser, Ind., tried Cardni. She
w much Cardui has done for me.
[ could not do a dav's work. I
I shall always give praise to your
Je.ze Coleim,an. a 14-y< n-oi
n go hoy, is to be tlied At 4-A
ilgton this week for attemp)till
rape a white woman in t . t
C(;un.tV. .e admits the crin
n d says that the woman, who
is the wite of a promineln farn
(r, gave him the worst whipping
he ever had in his life.
President John . Mobley of
t,e South Crolina :griciIturA
n10 ;jchanical c ety*, has a(
1;c(rs of all tlw nilitia om -
l-ies in the ,t ate a letter u
i; their attteldaICe at, a nWUL
in to be hid in the city coul(
chambe:~ in Colimbia, Sept. 1
l:1:) a prize Ic1t?
t, d 1. S, r
Blood Balm
(B.B. B.) Cures Through the Blood
BIAod Poion,
Rheumatism, Eczema,
Itching ilumors.
B.B. !B (BIoon Li imod Bio d) is the
ny B -oi Reme lyr tt kit's the poison
a i t'l ei b.od and th~en pa:1 ities it-ts nd
ng :t fI,od of pure, rich blood direct to
be s.n urrYce, hoas joir.:s. anid
-. hew- r i b- di:seao. i.- lot a ed. Ir~ ih's
V er ii! 'ri s. uI cers pimpi 6s. erpns
u-u.Iae an.iEm. p alins and. iAd-es
I Ii'u- tcism ces.', stlII::gs subti'e.
'1 U U. com';.a tely chasng.*s il e C
a a~ c:a an henlthy cor door', gismirg
in jjthe rich. red lue cf lerfct
b. R. B. cures ih '-is'. old
ai asat and 1 eI to t:ale: erinaaeda of pure
I-t I.. a i a:gredl ietNt pu ritn+ : d enlr(ibes
he L.ooad . it. ;;. I. Atre agthei.s the iaene s
a ildit up the baroken dotwna- sytem. Ii; u
t lI.l'E !.\ %E HOT'lTLh: with direc.
ufor h.rnc cure.
Sold at All Drug Stores.
P.uP. P.
P. P. P. will puiyandI vitalize your
blood, create a godappetite and give your
whole system tone and strength.
A prominent railroad superintendent at
Savannah. suffering with Malaria, Dyspe
sia and Rheumatism says: "After tkn
P. i>. P. he never felt sto well in his life, and
feels as If he could live forever, if he could
always get P. P. P.,"
IIf you are tired out from over-work and
close confinemnent, take
P. P. P.
If you are feeling badly in the apring
and out of sorts, take
If your digestive organs need toning up,
Itfo suffer with headache, indigeatlon,
dbty and weaknesas, take
P. P. P.
If you suffer with nervous prostration,
nerves unstrung and a genteral let down
of the system, take
For Blond PoIson. Rheumatismn, Scrot
ula, Old Sores. Malaria, Chronic Female
Complaints, take
P. P. P.
Prickly Ash, Poke Roct
and Potassium.
The best blood purifier in the world.
H i. V. LI'".3 A N.
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ngs ndI( lassitude lirst preva :!edloo
i~s chromeC uleers, t< tt,,al
ton that P. P. P. is te best blood
ad whose blood is in an impure con
are peiarly' benefitted by the won
petes ofu P. p. P., Prickly Ash, Poke

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