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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
J. L. 0. TROMPSON. EnIrn
Telephone 32
dubcription $1.00Ter Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
gutgred at iltens tetoMce z secfntw uls
Mil1 Matter
Many People Here Plan to See Bar
num and Bailey at Green.
This county will be well rpprosen'e I at
Greenville on T..uiaday, October 21th,
when the Barnum and Bailey grea't s
.show on taril exhibits tiere on ihat
date, for a great uany of our citizens
have already exprtssed themselves as
having made up their mias to attend.
A glance at the list of wonders to be
seen with this big show w )1l- 6-0 o.
to belie% e th ,t the I mit .0 tr-m-o i .u
size 1 s well ;s nip-nier of tntovei. s t- e
ta n libs titallN I een -ac- hed it irta i
& 13atli y e -t he yk ar uit r tihl it
city of 14 acres of ten:s tuore things ne '
Ul.an have been (fALttL by all (lther
shows in years. "JPiofter the ball,>
horse," Karoly's troupe of 16 11ungar
ian coal black sta!lions, the i-Asitcal
eiephants. c, It-bi atea Ken. wr tr. up 6.
cqu,strians, se%en trt,upes of foreign
aurobats, four troup,... of aeralists and
hundreds of other are-nic nov.-I 1. s all go
to comnpletea citct.s pe) lot 111an1ce th't
ht., never beeii qual:eti. The big
mienagerte h1--s be-in eugit-ented by the
adduion of ijanyq niew s.range I>ea.ts
#nd is laiger titan all the zoolgic I
gardens in this country combined, The
street parade s , gorgeous and s-> tre
mendous in 6ize. beggars descripti,on aid
in all is a fair index to the wonderful
.erformancccs that tolluw.
Card of Thanks.
I desire to talke this method of
ti4niig my friends for their
pnany acts of kindness shown
during the severe illness of my
wife, and especially do I wish
to thank Dr. Sheldon, the attend
ing physician, for his untiring
attention and successful treat
ment. Respectfully,
James E. Cooper.
Tax Sales.
By virtue of tax executi>ns is;ued
by B. D. Garvin, County Treasurer. an
to me directed and placed in m
I wlsell to the highest bid n ahs
day in November, 1909. rent cI the
Court house door, du *the legal hours
for sale, the g described real
-- vs
Mrs. H. Griwshaw.
- All that piece, parcel or tract of land
in Eastatoe Township State and Coun
ty aforesaid, containing one thousan~d
acres (1000) more cr less, bounded by
lands of C, HI. Stansell Big Laurel creek
and others, levied on as the property of
Mrs H. Grimshaw will be sold to satisfy
tax execution against said property.
Terms, Cash.
This Oct. 9, 1909
County ot Picker:s,
Sam N. Wyatt.
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
in Liberty Township State and County
atoresaiid. containing one hundred and
three acres (108) more or tess bounded
by lands of Tomps Lesley, W. A. Neal,
R. F. Wyatt and others, levied on as the
property of Sam N. Wyatt will be sold
to satisfy tax execution against said
Terms: Cash.
This Oct. 7, 1909.
County of Pickens,
Border State Lumber Co.
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
in Pumpkintown Towniip State and
Conn;y aforesaid, containing five hun
dred and fifty four acres (-54) more or
less, bounded by lands of Edwin Hookes,
Calhoun Masters, Saluda River and oth
ers, levied on as the property of Border
State Lumber Co. will be sold to satisfy
tax execution against said property.
Terms: Cash,
This Oct. 7, 1909.
R. R. Roark,
Sheriff Pickens County
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens,
By J. B. Newbery, Probate Judge.
W hereas, Julius E. Boggs made suit -
me to grant him Letters of Administr~
tion of the Estate and effects of Mr
M. L. Boggs.
These are therefore, to cite all and
singular the kindred and creditors of the
said Mrs. M4. L. Boggs deceased, that they
be and appear before me. in the Court
of Probate, to be held at Pickens on the
4th day of NOV. 1909 next, after publi
cation hereof, at 11 o'clock in thle fore
noon, to show cause, if any they have.
why~ the said administration should not
be granted.
Given under my hand this 18th day of
0< tober Anno Domini 1909.
J. B. Newberry,
J- P. P. c.
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newherry, Probate Judge:
WHEREAS, John M. Singleton made
suit to me, to grant him letters of Ad.
ministration with will annexed of the
estat e and effects of Ola Singleton.
These are therefore to site and ad
rmaish all -md singular the kindred
and creditors of the said Ola Single.
son deceased, that they be and
appear bef ore me, in the Court of Pro
bate, to be h'-ld.1at Pickens oan the 28th
day of Oct. 1909 next after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the foreaoon, to
show cause if any they have, why the
said admimistration shoulhiriot be grant.
* Gtiven under my hand, this the 14
day of Oct. Anno I omini 1909.
J. B. NEW BERYT. [seal)
J. P. P. C.
31 TR
Original F(
We will sell to "he hight
at Six Mile Church in Pickens
abovs im
31 Tracts
This land lays in one of the fin
mont region and is
Suitable to
and is exceedingy productive:
original forest and has plenty
tracts; is situated close to good
five miles north of Southern R
of both Norris and Central, an,
the county-seat and in a first-cla
and progressive farmers.
Terms of sale: One-thard <
the balance in two years with in
deferred payments.
Purchaser can anticipate payn
Trinkets For Dain
Call and 1
40OC per box: 2
barb wire
A fulliline of
at the same
Real Estate al
Tract of lan d, containing:
Rock church. Known as G. I
cultivation; 2 houses on place.
Tract of land situated at]
Chastain land and containing 5C
Tract of land on Twelve 1\
known as W. H. Lewis place
ings. Price $1 ,450
Tract of land situated 2 fr
ing 71 acres; 35 acres in cultiv;
born land. Price $1,5o0
Tract of land on public roa
Grove church. Containing 100
of 7 rooms, good barn. Knos
Price $r,8oo,
If you have any land to s
'"Yours f:>r business." Office u
Main St. P
4 Sale
>resl LanId!
st responsib!e bidder on
County at i i:o o'clock the
of Land.
e t sectioi oft tn entirl PLe i
div:ded into tracts
tnd fertile; ii w.Ill tinb :red in
)f water 01 thrmu ri th: entire
SChlODIs and churches; located
tilway, very close to the town s
I is ds ) within eight miles of
ss neighborhood of fine people
:ash: payable in one year, and
terest and mortgage to secure
1ent, if he desires.
ty Women.
Are a Fpe<ial feature at th'; jewelry
stor.--There are silver mesh bags, jew
,eehat piri, stick pins of many kinds
ornaments of all sorts.
It is not Too Early
to begin choosing gifts for the holidays.
Stop in and do some choosing now when
it can te done in comf( rt. More and
more neople are wisely doing that every
,uy your
boxes for 75 C.
all kinds of
low prices,
id Insurance
[11 acres; situated near Cedar
-I. McGill land. Sixty acres in
Price $4,800..
Dacusville. Known as J. A.
> acres. Price $900.
[ile River, containing 6o acres,
Good house, newv outbuild
ies north of Pickens, contain
ation. Known as J. M. Wel
.d from Pickens to Mountain
acres. Good two-story house
un as J. M. Welborn lands.
ei list it with us. Our motto:
pstairs in Freeman building.
ickenir. S. C.
Tax Notice.
Office of County Treasurer. lickens Cointy.
Pickene. S. C., September -"'th 11.10.
The book% for the colletio of St,ite and
County taxes will be open trom
Otober 15th 19409 to Decemwher :31t V-4'..
Tho-e who prefer to do so an A V i'' - iu
IV I'910. wi;th I per cent whititii,nll Th-aq
wlho plefer payi:; iI i-'lru-try 1i'1:. (.ni
(t mi with 2 I ei vent wh(lil'ill. Thot. %% 1
prefer payiig it, Mirch 1911), to the 1 thl hil 01
iIm ta. vt do ,.p an adit i.l::3 ; per
VeNt. AI*t(,rrI'aid -ifitv IIhe bo.Pk., % N c.'I I
N. 1. -TlIx ,rtyers oWni,.; pro ei ty r f::yin:
tax for (ItI . S i ple.-e ,. sk for tix receiit
i. h tow i n-hi, ' ti r iecial schosol di-.trivt i
n hil-b1 he or thi I mI 4n I nlopry. o ' . Tl hiu . I
%vtry ilinp irtan't :o. theCre :,I( S4) ll)kly Sil'l-il
School (ti It. Ihom. %%ht) d ono., nuish tll
emije t.> :he wpiive c-til wtite mie, ittt flter thin
11 ee.m ,wr :fit,. ' o o ll I % ar,,Il ii h theni %%illh
tile Itilon'.t111 due anid tlwy van rumlil uc by
iteck. money oider or re.:_i-itee letter. Hi
.tatmps ar.; seit d ot svi:, aW ve t'-Vo i*'L
elt, at- I t-A'Ilot Use thtemn. l'iltit,( Id( I::I
si:nd lile :lhniih:tilt reg i trill.g 1aL::W, its it j,
ia:h1: i e therwiet .:It b
at .ei.lier s ri,k.
Le: for. te tix ...... ... .
Le, y for Con. tt ti in: Shoil Ia' . . r
Levy for Or i:lary r nt.y tx. ..
Lev;- for -i- :- Fin-1 .
Le v'y fo r PANIs!t 7-11bte Inew01 ....... ... . InI:l
Lev y fo)r % h;t:n (orn; . ..... ........ '. ni!
Lev) for mtAte Co.uaWe .
EC1it 10L TJ'L
Sp..cial Lev y for S,-hoi l l.i-IIi- N
Si aiil I ev y for sehli I-) I i i N i
:NpeciaLl I.evy fo 1r S, -bt-ot !Diir.tN I
Sp ea. lo ry for vehoit IiI I i ''t"
-; j-,i d I.ev f-!r I io l t !!W
ymI . Levi fir ho l i (-t No:
Spa i.:,. ie for ) l I o i: t
e -..W 1 1.ev y ft Ir :S . 1 iel N 1
L . Lvy f.r .-.hm of I b !I Ii
S u Ial Levy f or -st,Ie it) - t c
SAcI t Levy fq,r -,cwo< 11 r 1 i 1
e r-c. Lvv. u f-r I o . I1i
of. irbi Le y fo i o - its.o
i..' .U y to "'e n!
.? l-'t Aor 1e hm. I
:nL.f%Ir C. n to i , .
4 -'a. Levy fol b Ih i. &i tN
"peev.1 l"t tor r eb-to! i vt
.~~~~~fi ~ ~ ~ o 1i.dv *'hi . c ''
Ii ii t i1 t No. a. .sm-0.
V. i t t . .: i. . t r i iti
ela ?ti \.ti . U
frout 11re to u l to) "11 y )oL A t :1 l i: . ' : -):
to w.'d rr . -4hs, & ir: :. 5 . \o ti wi
i ~ ~ ~ l'.- - vot k " e U - d1 o,4
ust Rceti In
Ce-1tLA IN c3 T .
Do , nt ret the t
Mork4W "S I bA- . trc \-.ll
MOyasonr !aic Bui, tld c.eig.e
Cents-1 per box. Ber N il
dother IVItp liit but le1. m c yu t
No. 2:t20 ares Nm .
:n ell1 ! : : - I xll - etully .>;
cley:ar :re, i ae 'is in ine berrnud
J uorii est; . t 10 acr'
new,7r.o h..... c.m . t.
mile fo i chr:rc"h: I m e o.i
Somenf . tilandil mak..... .a
$3,25T. er . Come e m
N T N2 50 acres 6 Ie
trn2 . la-d,.u sl In br.oe -h:1o
-.eoe-di r, abe irt ;.as . n, a n.r
acr.es cscue to own ht o
Rals urrthfe lin. I ho:oavoe a nb
myt 19t.\ IF Y rO! Ut W NT N..TCo ''
'l 0Youras-- tb or stisf yourx-ep di-s
H.MD. Fi
Locaed aLe t y Te C ater.
U 'SOt s
Lons2131 )SLOtttS....A. Fresho V
Funiur ad ixur Which..... are no:
Maonc uidig
othes andCat lenme call you attei
No'A1'. 2 . 200I acres 5NAm
clefred me acsin C. fIine~' be'.drmu
sarsgtheaboel n foret; 8 .to 10en acr
ome ofi thsandk.l ak
$3,2. eCoele
No.M 22.50acrs,6imle
Ir I
I I ~ i i fi,
i ,~~: ILorShow wil-ov
the ioreimost makers, they rep
Supply of
B ail K llilyPll!
v ready for you
Ask Ing.l
ame nor the Place!
Drug Co.,
if you prefer, at the same price.
arm yet? I have a number of
ntionl to
les from Pickens: 7:5 acres is
Ja pasture wi red in,. balance in
s of branch b1 tLom land,L good
ood l'ar :m: out-bu ihing ~s: N
001, con;Ven u: IL g (i'. n.ill. et-C
bale ot cI t: I n per acre. Price
e show you WVi, you will like it
northwest of C-murt I Vur: K
est; abou t 6 ace:s of ood bot
lot al realy improv' alI, or a~ fex1
:to see(. me f r :an thiI'g. in the
SELL LIS~ 'A\\l 111 ME.
~mands fur investment,
Pi'ck?rns, S. C.
close of business Sept. Nth. 1909.
'I \ il.T.
'. i' i i .e ' i . . . i ' 'I""' Id
1' -:-v ic1 P :-. b tip n
..'.:ni Ta.o r -. .
12 et::iiti.: of -.:. ,. *. . . thebo k
V.. I. *:!.;M \ . s ItI l RL E.
R 1i Fabrics
Vill be a marked feature of the fall
nd winter season; a grc at variety
if beautiful patterns is be:ing shown.
Sonic of the new colorings are so
ttractive that men are apt t.) neg
2ct the plain blue serge or back
We advise you to have at least
ine good blie oi black suit, in ad
ition to the fancy, colored weaves;
11d a black or Oxford Gray Over
oat in addition to the fancy fabric.
TIhis perinits a chia.)ge, and rive
1kCh1 sutit a res,%,; to gfet cleaned andl
resl-cd. It prolongs the life of all
M4: sut are ! t " t is xv;(
our cloth's, to treat them t w
. ~ ~ ~ ~ tn way .~ . .~. . . ....
;'s, you will see there a display of new models fromi some ot
'esent the latest fashions, and you will spot them at once as
Yours to please,
Shoes. Shoes. Shoes?
We have a line of Shoes that we wouid bc fiad for you to
see. Of course in seeing vien is no money 'is, b.t we
know for you to see them and consider the quality, St,
low price at which we are selling then you are sure to buy.
Below we quote a few prices that we feel cannot be beat
Ladies Coarse Shoes:-i lht no. 721 "Arthur's Perfection,"
Veal Calf polish, at $1.15.
I lot 401 "Domestic" Kangaroo poli-h at $i 25.
i lot Mule Skinin plaiu toe ard cap. Sp-ci at $-.
Fine Shoes.-Our "Virginia Girl" P tent Tip S1oe at $.50
can't be beat anywhere. It is as solid as a raci.
Men's Work Shoes:-No. 220, heavy Ta-i, L
toe, at $2.oo.
Same as above in black at $2.00.
':Mesenger," a good "Brogan" at $1.25 a pah
Meni's Fine Shoes:-A good Gun Metal at 52.25.
"True Merit" Shoes in 'Datent or Gun Metal leathers at
$>2-75- This is a good welted shoe and is equal to mcst of
the $3.50 shoes.
Little "Broags" for the boys at $ 1.1.5. We heve a strong
ine of children's coarse shoes at 85c. and upward.
1,200 yards of heavy Outing; ioc valne, at 8%Ic per yard.
'A e have this in almost any color or stripe.
Heavy Underwear for men. women and children at a good
:lose price.
You should see our line of Fascinators, Scarfs and Shawls
it 25c. and Soc.
When you are in the market for anythmg kept in a Variety
Srore you will do well to see our goods and get prices.
Let us fn., you up in shoes for your whole family. We will
nake special prices on lots.
Yours to satisfy.
"-At the Old Stat.d."
Weather! COLD Weatlier!
White Pine and Tar
Cough Syrup, Mlentholatedl with Honey,
Successor to Bolt & Co. Pickens, S. C.
R. E. LEWIS Ph. G., Proprietor
Fovr tracts of valuable farming lands for sa!
:he town of Pickens, w~ell watered, plenty of timioer, goon pasuure
mn in one of the best neighborhoods to be foun'd ini Pickenls
:'uunty, Fronting on two public roads. Land is ndapted to any
>f the crops grown in this county anid plent v of it will make a
bale of cotton per acre.
We also haye several vacant lots in the town of Pickens. also
several houses and lots. All at reasonable prices and u1poni terms
:o suit any person determined to ruin ownl a h'u.n. The lucy will
iuy~ today but the thief of time will wait uniil tomorr'ow an~d get
IJEiSReOaI E5tnfu lo.

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