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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second elass matter, underaco.'j-t gr,-4* of .71arch 3,18 79
39th Year PICKENS. CS. ., OCTOBER 28, 1909. Number 23
Spanish Chamber Is Scene of Riotous
Madrid.-Despite the fact that op
position existed among the members
of both the senate and the chamber
Df deputies to a sitting at this time.
parliament has been convoked. In
he senate only routine business was
transacted and everything was calm,
)ut in the chamber of deputies vio
ent scenes were enacted.
The republican deputy, Asatti,
iiarted the trouble when he demand
?d that a certain speech be rulel
Dut of order by the president, against
which action the opposition protested
While Premier Maura was reading,
'he tumult culminated in the exas
perated conservatives rushing upon
the republicans with raised fists.
Ushers, however, separated the com
)atants and the routine business ef
:he session was carried out, althougl.
imid continual interruption. Soething
3rowds surrounded the pa: lamen:
>uilding during the session.
says Penalty for Murder of Breeland
Amite, La.-Avery Blount, the first
nan to be legally hanged in Tangi
yohoa parish in twenty years, paid the
leath penalty on the gallows here.
:n spite of the presence of state
roops, his brother, William Blou;it.
tarted a disturbance shortly befcre
he hanging. He was prcmptly ar
'ested and placed in jail in which hiF
)rother was spending the last houi
)f his life.
The murder of J. 0. Dreeland, his
vife and stepdaughter, Mrs. Joe Ev
rette, was the crime for which
kvery Blount was several weeks ag:
:ondemned to death on the gallows.
.x-Congressman From the Fourth
Georgia District.
Columbus, Ga.-Colonel Henry R
larris, ex-congressman of the fourth
xeorgia District, and third assistant
>ostmaster general during the first
Ldministration of President Cleve
and, died at his home, Odessadale
,a., after a lingering illness of many
nonths. He was 84 years old.
The deceased was one of the most
>rilliant Georgians who represented
iis state, and was a man of sterling
:haracter and 'great oratorical abil
)amonstnation Made Before Spanish
Embassy at London.
London.-The red flag has been
alsed in London. A large mob mov
d upon the Sp4nish embassy to mak
t demonstration of the disapprova;
>f the execution of Professor Fran
Isco Ferrer, the convicted revolution
st, at Barcelona, a few days ago
~everal bodies of policemen werr
itationed at the approaches to the
'mabssy, and they drove off thy
~rewds In their usual bloodless, efTect
ual way. But considerable excite
nent and uneasiness pervaded the
ieighborhood. The groans and hoot
ngs were plainly heard in the emI
assy and at Buckingham palace.
ludge Charlton Passes Upon Petition
of McLendo.
Sav'annah, Ga.-Judge Walter (I.
3harlton has granted the petition of
s. G. McLendon, former railroad
x>mmissioner, to bring quo warrant-:
roceedings against Comml3sioner
oaeph F. Gray.
Mr. Gray's attorneys did not argue
he case, but, after Mr. Thomson and
rudge Andrew J. Cobb had spoken on
he motion to file suit, the present
~ommissioner announced that he wa
v'illing for the judge to make his de
ision. Judge Charlton stated that
te considered sufficient ground for a
uit had been shown, and issued an
erder returnable Monday, October 25.
Kidnapers Free Children.
Chicago.-Two Italian children iden
ified from photographs as Tamosso
ad Grace Viviano, who were kidnap
'd from St. Louis, August 2, last, and
tho have been gought since by the
>olice of many cities, were found
vandering on the north side of this
Ity by Detective Stephen Parodi, of
he Chicago avenue police station.
Che police believe the kidnapers had
he children secluded in a remnote
ection of the city, and released therr
vhen efforts to extort ransom had
Labor Upholds Gompers.
Tampa, Fla.-By a unanimous vot'
he building trades department of th
tmerican Federation of Labor passe'
resolution calling upon all t-hc
iranches of organized labor to pledg'
heir support to President Gomper:
vhen he returns to America in the
ases now pending against him an'
>ther officials of the Americe.n Feder
tion of Labor.
Veteran Is Killed.
Birmingham, Ala.-Horses hitched
o a wagon being driven by N. L. Yar
>rough, an old confederate veteran
ecame frightened at an automobil"
n the Tarrant Sprinags road, near
1ere, and the man was thrown out
mf his head. He died a few hourz
Demented Farmer Decapitates
Man With Axe.
Wealthy Farmer, of LincoInton Coun.
ty, N. C., While Insane, Does Hor
rible Butchery. With an Axe, Then
Sets Fire to His Home.
Charlotte, N. C.-W. S., Wise, a
wealthy farmer of Lincolnton county,
cut off the had of his father-m-law,
Joseph Halinian, with an axe, then
barred the 'oor of his home. set fire
to the furniture and was cremated.
Wise appcared rational a few mo
ments before the tragedy, but strange
remarks caused his wife alarm and
with the children she went to her
father's honie and awakened him.
Wise met the aged man as he neared
the house and severed his head com
plttely with one blow of the axe, and
rushing back into the house, broke
up the furniture with the sane axe
and arranged his own funeral pyre.
The tragedy occurred near Beth
page church, six miles west of Lin
People Flocking to The Standard of
the Rebel Forces.
New Orleans.-A special to The
Times-Democrat from Bluefields, Ni
caruga, by wireless, via Colon, says:
The revolution headed by General
Juan J. Estrada against President
Zelaya, has aroused the entire coun
try, and seems to be sweeping the
republic. Everywhere the people are
reported to be flocking to the armies
of the revolutionists.
From the 1nterior comes the news
that the revolutionists have seized
Rivas and also that Corinto, the"sea
port on the Pacific, has declared' for
revolution and has overthrown the
government there.
Martial Law Rules Mganagua.
Washington.-Advices received at
the state department show that mar
tial law has been declared in Mana
gua, and that President Zelaya has
decreed the Atlantic coast ports
closed to ships. It is also reported
that the entire east coast of Nicara
gua is in the possession cf the revo
lutiontsts, and that the revolt has ex
tended to the wrestern part of the
Formerly United States Senator From
the State of Kentucky.
Frankfort. Ky.-Former Unitecd
States Senator William Lindsay
died at his home here.
Judge Lindsay was formerly chief
justice of the Kentucky court of ap
peals and had servedl as state senator
and representative before going to
the United States senate. After quit
ting political life, he began the prac
tice of law in New York, andl at the
time of his death was a member of
the firm of Lindsay, Kalish & Pal..
mer, in that city. HeI was 72 years
old. -He had been ill two mnths.
To Reclimb Mt. .lcKinfey.
New York-Having failed In his
effort to get Professor Herschel C.
Parker and Anthony Fiala to con
duct an expedition to ascendl Mount
McKinley. Dr. Frederick A. Cook an
nounced here that he wvould abandon
his lecture tour as soon as possible
and himself head an expedition to as
cend the mountain, to obtain, if pos
sib)le. the records which he says he
left there in 190G.
Woman Jumps Into Well.
Charlotte, N. C.--Temporarily de
ranged by ill health, Miss Carrie
Hunter. 23 years old. jumped into the
well at the home of her sister, Mrs.
B. F. Gulledge, in the southern part
of Anson county, and was almost In
stantly killed. She was prominetnly
connected with the Southern railroad
here. ____
Suffragettes Are Released.
Newcastle. England-Lady Con
stance Lytton and Mrs. H-. N. Brails
ford, who were sentenced to a month's
imprisonment for taking part in the
suffragette demonstration against Da
vid Lloyd-George, the chancellor of
the exchequer, have been liberated
on a government order, owing to their
weak condition.
Farm Brings $25,000.
Americus, Ga.-Twenty -five thous
and dollai s cash was the considera
tion anniounced In the purchase by
Dr. B. T. WVise, of the Oliver faran
of 730 acres near Plains. The farm
is a desirable one, situated upon an
improved road, hence the pfice se
Rioters Invade Cathedral,
Toulon.-During a Ferrer demon
stration the rioters invaded the ca
thedral and broke up the evsning ser
vice. The police drove the disturbers
from the church and arrested many
of them.
Killed Just Before Wedding.I
White Castle, La.-Three hours be
fore he was to have been married.
Edward Lebouf, Jr., a prominent
young farmer residing near here, ac
cidentally killed himself with a ahot.
Parts of Three Southern States
Laid Waste by Wind.
MaAy Towns In Georgia, Alabama
and Tennessee Suffered From Storm
of Cyclonic Intensity-Worst Gale
In Many Years.
Memphis, Tenn.-The total known
death list of the late destructive hu
ricane, which swept portions of Ten
nessee, Alabama :! Ceorgia, has
been increased by detailed reports
to 46.
If rumors of dca.h at various outly
Ing points are to be believed, sixty
eight people were killed by the storm.
These repcrts have not been confirm
ed, as they come from distant sections
of the storm area, and it will be sev
eral days before they can be verified.
Every indication now points that
the damage done by the storm to
property and crops will go far above
the frst estimates.
The storm was probably the worst
that has visited these sections of the
south in years, being inte.,se in its
destroying fury and widespread in its
area. Whole sections of the coun
ties were laid waste aad in ruin.
Towns wcre destroyel,' plantations
were danagei to untold extent and
from all sections of the storm-swept
area ccme reports of loss of life, ruin
and desolation.
The heaviest known loss of life oc
curred at Hamberg, Tenn., where in
the immediate territory, the storm
claimed fifteen victims and did great
property damage.
Numerous . In thr,e states su.
fered mo - Z)r-less s,erely.
ordinary Precautions Taken For
His Personal Safety.
Rome,-Unusual precautions are be
ing made by the Italian government
for the perscnal safety of the czar of
Russia on the occasion cf his coming
visit to Italy to meet King Victor
Racconigi, a small town near Naples,
has been proposed as the meeting
place of the two monarchs. Eight
thousand soldiers are centered at
Turin. the nearest town to Racconigi,
in addition to a thousand policemen
and carbineers, while about five hun
dred Russian police are stationed pt
The socialists have addressed a
manifesto of sympathy for oppressed
Russians with reference to the visit
of Emperor Nicholas, whom they de
signate a "great and bloody tyrant."
Broken Rail Caused Wreck on New~
York Central Railroad.
Poughkeepsie. N. Y.-One passen
ger was killed and fifteen others were
injured when the rear section of train
No. 28, the western express, on th
New York Central railroad, was
wrecked at .Rhinebeck.
Just south cf the Rhinebeck statio:
the eight cars of the train wer<
thrown from the track by a broken I
The smoker and one of the day
coaches rolled over on their sides, and
James Krakcskie, a peddler, 21 years
old, of New York. was hurled throug'
a window and crushed to death when
the car fell on its side. The injure'd
were occupants of either the smok-e 4
or the day coach, but as their hurt
were not serious, they continued o;
New York in a special train.
-, t
First Body Ever Recovered Aft'
Plunge Over Falls. ,
Niagara Falls, N. Y.--Within he! <
hour after he had gone over tP
American cataract, two guides a <
the Cave of the Winds. William Bar
nett and George Wright. recover-tI
the body of George Maero, of Milwau
kee, a man about 40 years old, who
committed suicide by wading out into
th& swift current above the falls and
being carried over into the abyss. t
~ever before in the history of the
river, under normal conditions, has a 4
body been recovered from the ram
part of rocks that'fronts the falls.
$400,000 Fire at Baitimore.
Baltimore, Md.-Fire, starting in t
the large six-story double buIlding at
the southeast corncr of Baltimore an'1
Eutaw streets, did damage approxi- I
riating $400,000. By the falling of a
large section ot one of the walls upon
an a'djoin!nig building, six firemen
were slIghtly hurt and four ot':ers
at variousg points suffered minor i.
Buchanan Dies in London-.
London-WiTam I. Buchanan. of 1
Buffalo. N. Y.. fCtmer American min- I
S Ister to the Argentine Republic an:d
Panama. who ha:1 been closely Idea
tified with several important diplo
matic missions, died suddenly in this
city, it is supposed, of heart failure.
Plans Dash to South Pole.
London-Captain R. .p. Scott, who
led the Discovery Anarctic expedi- 1
S tion, plans another dash for the south
pole, and is now making his arrange.
ments. He expects to leave England
inJl ell equipped for his daring
Bad Blood Between Relatives Resultsl
In Tragedy In North Carolina.
Charlotte, N. C.-Colonel Robert L.
Abernathy, one of the best known
stock raisers in North Carolina, was
shot and instantly killed in a desper
ate encounter with his son, Reuben,
aged 20 years, after the father had
made an unsuccessful effort to kill
his son.
The tragedy occurred at the family
1ime, "Open View" farm, in Gaston
.ounty, and was witnessed by the wife
ind mother. Abernathy entered his
.on's room, precipitated a quarrel
>ver a trivial matter, and drawing a
)istol, fired three shots at the boy,
!either taking effect.
The son grappled with him and in
.he fierce hand-to-hand struggle that
'nsued the pistol was' discharged
-wice, both shots taking vital effect
;n the father's body. The coroner ex
nerates the son. There had been
bad feeling between the two because
)f the father's treatment of his wife,
which the boy resented.
Woman, With Lover, Wanted to See
Former Husband Hanged.
Wilkesbarre, Pa.-Two ccavicted
murderers, Thomas Willis, a negro,
and Stanley Nazarko, a Slav, were
hanged in the Luzerne county prison
Nazarko's wife came to the jail
with a man she intends to marry and
reqested permission to witness the
hanging. Although the condemned
man was willing that the wife and
her 'future husband should see him
die, the s1rriff forbade it. Nazarko
handed his wife, in the presence of
her intended husband and a priest, a
will, in which Narzake bequeather Ler
his savings, $1,200. Nazarko bade
them farewell and expressed hope
that the prospective bridegroom would
make a good husband.
Two Men Reported Drowned In The
Alabama River.
Mobile, Ala.-News received from
Mount Vernon, Ala., 25 miles north
of here, is to the effect that the big
Alabama river steamer John Quill,
during a fog, collided with a raft and
two unknown men were drowned and
a third had a leg broken.
The raft was in charge of four
men and only one of them escaped.
The steamboat. was not injured and
continued on up the river.
Falls In Tennessee and Alabama
Crops Damaged.
Nashville, Tenn.-There has been
a killing frost throughout this sec
tion. Because of the lateness of the
season the damage will be small. Thin
ice Is reported.
Huntsville, Ala.-The first killing
frost of the season has fallen here.
The late cotton crop is believed to
be damaged to a considerable extent.
Primary Law Unconstitutional.
Nashville, Tenn.-Chancellor John
Allison handed down a very lengthy
written opinion in the case of W. L.
Ledgerwood et al. v. John A. Pitts
et al., in which he decided that the
recent compulsory primary -election
law enacted by the last legislature is
linconstitutional. This celebrated
case was heard by the chancellor
some months ago, and he has had it
under advisement until this term, de
livering a typewritten opinion cover
ing some twenty-seven pages. The
chancellor holds the act void, and
grants the injunction prayed.
Methodist Women Meet.
Savannah, Ga.-Two hundred dele
gates of the Women's Board of Home
Missions of the Methodist Episcopal
church, south, attended the oponing
session of their eight-day conference
at the Wesley Monumental church
here. The feature of the session was
the address of Miss Bell Bennett, of
Richmond, Ky., p)resident of the board.
She reviewed the work of the board
and told many details of the work of
the Home Mission Society.
Dog Saves Woman.
Anniston. Ala.-Miss Margaret;
Thompson, of this city, probably owes
her life to a faithful watch-dog, whose
anxious barks aroused her trom
sleep just in time to escape in night
clothes from the burning house, of
which she was the only occupant. She!
was occupying the home of Mrs. E. L.
Tyler. Her parents were absent when
the fire broke out. Her hair was
badly singed and face slightly burned.
in the escape.
Negroes Put Out Ticket:
Hamilton, Ohio.-The negro voters
of the colle.ge town of Oxford, who'
number 100 out of the less than 4001
voters in the commuNity, have put
in the field a complete ticket of can
did.ates for the public offices. As
there are three white tickets, the
town faces the possibility of being;
governed by negrees.
Liberal Element Wins,
Nashville, Tenn.-In a municipal
election here, Hilary E. Howse, dem
ocratic nominee for mayor, and rep-!
resentative of the so-called anti-pro-.
hibition, or liberal element, was (lac-.
ted over C. D. Johns by a large ma.
jority. Johns was an independe-it
candidate, and was supported by the
satet-wid prohibition advocates.
Railroad Fare Refunded Within j
Fare One Way
Here is ~
Buy $25 worth for cash, all a
id part at another, within thr<
chants named below. Not nec
Get Rebate Book with first pi
corded and when $25 worth is
)ook to Secretary of Retail Me
)f Railroad Fare.
Buy From A
China, Glassware, Etc.
Gilreath-Durham Co.
Drugs and Sundries.
Bruce & Doster Drug Co.
Dry Goods, Notions, Etc.
J. Thos. Arnold Co.
Barr's Dry Goods.
R. L. R. Bentz.
Hobbs-Henderson Co,
Hovey Smith.
C. D. Stradley & Co.
Furhiture, Etc.
L. A. James.,
Syrrmt--B, owning Co.
E. S. Poole.
Buggies, Wagons, Etc.
Marklky Hardware & Manufacturing Co.
R. N. Tannahi!l Co.
If you doi't understam
Information Clh
je680VIle Retail IIe
ilice over ffii & Bisto. C
Stermnines the measu
ity of the stones.
Native Limestones to Be Tested briquettes and is t(
ance under the trip
at Kansas University. "We expect to be
from now on for a:
I believe the worn
Counties and Towns May Have the thing for the goodi
Benefit For the Asking-Material 'imseswih
and Methods Found That Will Ma' and put on the road
Macadam Last Indefinitely- tha.t last indefinitel3
The engineering dlepartmnent Thr r ol i
University of Kansas.i lu decidoe n heUnt
join the good roads mnovemenOt. eupe o h e
now on it will be e'quipiped to gi tth niesiy
benefit of its testing iab'orakriie ws fOi sa
the counties and cities in th~e sta t urlc eg..as
Kansas on road m:aterk! s and met :
ods. A bulletin will be published s es'Runo
by the department giving the standar Dnil,V.T
tests on more than 20) 'samples < et ofdrt
limiestonie from the Pastern hailf oif t' gna hihhsb
state. The regents established a fo he as a
ing station at Lawrence ah:mt a afe os aif
ago. lhut up to t his tin:e ?lere flruin h
been n;o funids ti: pai,:' ;'e reau!. tenx erwl
of the tests that !m:ve i.-n i.:rde. TI. grn co m de
tests in the first hulbi in are of st":' o m ite
ther ispratic:lv n ulimtiaons f towUnte
amoequippeduforthe N.es.
In Iii5 'ro!ssnr\X. . Uod. at whe enterity. hi
has.~arg. f ilewok.b:~ to " . was ho i a
thevaime f Knsa lstses ro knonVes eon C
two mre sudens. EwardXNo en tbor cofedrte
and D C. eCona:hy,carridgenia,H wsc aas be
from time tfornth U-te days,ephrt
men hf a oodide ofwhafliere os saWf
Thee i a ondrfu diT:'enc ~fuagreuion. wahear
them 5(lflCheiig pactcall woth promt yer wAl
avielheftorgns m:n-dwaring quf i whir- igabae
terie thismtn propctien:v n nomif
roeInd the Proeasr of tCif. Hotd wh)l- anahGa
tims hapenof tht to th:atw st.wntedcs
od stdnt onegi resen invohestga iofroky,inaf
accun oauef tanhe lac sftoe for ruil beoete.ite
ntn. Wand~ theyitese ary aeemie h o adesh
wadrignateds In thane thloity yer
two uniorm piuents. Edwtad Nit Nwill
wiandp.oC.moately, creleen tns.Dhe.
Tety aept eoa mor tterewhc m dect,l
consists ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Myo of anToyidr eta nmn er or
angl of hiry deree wit th axi Bsaufr, N. e --e
of rtatin. I thetes lasing ile ete rincaghis
hour, te cliner i roate 10,00 C.,n wacrssho t
time, an theamont gund ff he a~-d and e wns
sdn~l In hat tme byweig te ard the rm
Tadius of 40 Miles;
Paid for distance Over 40 Miles.
*he Plan:
t one time, or part at one time,
,e months from any of the mer
assary to buy all at one store.
irchase, have each purchase re
,ntered in Book take or send
rchants' Association for amount
my of These:
Hall Brothers.
J. 0. Jones & Co.
L. Rothschild.
Smith & Bristow.
Stewart, Anderson & Merritt.
Jewelry, Etc,
Bruns-McGee Co.
Lumber, Etc,
Oregon Lumber Co.
Office Supplies.
Seybt-Lanfora Co.
Mjllinery, Coat Suits.
TThe Ayers Co.
Americus Shoe Co.
Henderson-Ashmore Co.
Pride, Patton & Tillman.
1, write the Secretary.
eerfully Given.
1lgien, (luocIatog,
Ire linl and WShinlIOn SteNeS.
'e of wearing qual- PROF. FERRER EXECUTED.
In makin.: the ce
der is taiken from Spanish Revolutionist Went to His
nixed with water. Death Without a Tremor. -
rden in cylindrical Barcelona.--Francisco Ferrer, who
sted for its resist- was convicted of promoting the re
hammer, cent Barcelona rebellion, was shot
able to make tests in the Montjuich prison in execution
y town or county of the death sentence imposed upon
sizing project un- him. -
t'essor Hoad, "and Professor Ferrer, S,panish educator
will be a great and convicted revolutionist, faced the
oads movement in firing squad without flinching, and
re any amount of fell dead at the first volley.
properly selected Except for a momentary expres
s, will make roads sion of semotion immediately preced
lng his death, he retained his com
other testing sta- posure to the last. His attorney, M.
I States that are Galceran, who defended him so -1y
s now being made ally as to bring about his own arrest
.he only other one for improperly addressing the court.
the Iowa Agricul- secured permission for a brief talk
ts City Star. with him just before his executroni.
omes To Close. To his attorney Ferrer spoke fee!
ie grand encamp- ingly of the work for which he had
veterans of Vir- saerificed his life and of the future
en in session here of his daughter, whose brave attempt;
come to a close, to save his life touched the father
.ctory and success- more deeply apparently than any
meeting place fo other incident of his trial and convic
'e in charge of the tion.
and his advisory. On Ferrer's arrest his family was
left dependent upon his daughter, who
- at once secured employment in a bis
Assassinated., cult factory.
-Y. Z. Newberry, Police Frustrate Attack.
thue baNewport Lisbon.-The pollee have frustra
~antly by some un- ted an attack upon the Spanish em
r. Newberry was bassy by Ferrer sympathizers. As
and a member of they approached, the officers charged
ounty commission, upon the rioters, and revolver 2hots
id Odd Fellow. He were exchanged, though without se
ro small children. rious injury to anyone. The Span
ish consulates throughout Portugal
arehouse. are being guarded. At the headquar
warehouse con- ters of the republican clubs flags are
owly averted by displayed at half-mast.
ipe-smoker at the
se struck a match SOUGHT HORRIBLE DEATH.
t, a portion of the
oose cotton and Wilmington Man Jumped In Front of
Fortunately the Steam Road Roller.
Asheville, N. C.-Leaping from be
side his watchful keeper, who was
savannah Fight. Iaccompanying him on a walk, J. a.
ick Foy, of Atlan- Giles, of Wilmington, N. C., an inmate
over Dick Miller,of,'the. Asheville sanitarium, jumped
Bt, clean fight here headlong beneath the wheels of a 15
-n Athletic .Club. .tok,;steam roller and his head was
ileased, but lacked crushed out of shape by the ponder
a man out. Miller du wheels of' the machine, operat-.
ing on the French Thoad river road,
four' miles from A.ahevi1Re.
n Squan.Temporary aberration, for whicb
nt Sqall.sn o Mr. Giles. was being treated bore
tPes on rivBur caused.this remarKable mode of sat.
an on squrktt whe.
iver ah squlwil Teacher-Csn you tell me the dlfre>
river.:ble krach. ence between "like'' and "love?' Small
isunbl t ra~.1ByY~ e ,,a, I like my papa and

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