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Peruna Secrets
You Sbould Knw
Golden Seal, the root of the above
plant, is a very useful medicine. Many
peoplo gather it in our rich woodlands
during the summer. Few people know
how valuable it is in dyspepsia, catarrh.
and as a general tonic.
Many thousand pounds of this root are
used each year in the famous catarrh
remedy, Peruna. This fact explains why
everybody uses Peruna for catarrh.
It seems as though every woman
must have a pet. If she can't get a
man she must have a cat or a dog.
Are you losing flesh through a racking
cough that you cannot check? Allen's
Lung Balsam will cure the trouble.
The man who stands in his own
way is not necessarily blocking the
Hick's CAPUw_vs is the best remedy
relieves the aching and feverishness-cures
the Cold and restores normal conditions. It's
liquid-effecta immediately. 10c.. 25c. and
wei.. at drug stores.
Wealth may not bring happiness.
but it seems to furnish a pretty good
Says Temple Clark, of Pope,
Had It Not Been For Cardul,
Now In Good Health.
Pope, Tenn.-"As the result of a fall
from a horse, I suffered intense ag
ony for about 4 years," writes Mrs.
Tempie -lark, of this place. "I was
irregular and had falling feelings and
other womanly trouble. At last I was
induced to take Cardui, the woman's
tonic, and it helped me a great deal. I
certainly believe if it had not been for
Cardui and Thef,rd's Black Draught.
I would h been dead. instead of
havin 4e blcssing of health.
love a dollar, but I have never
seen one I think as much of as I do of
a bottle of Cardui. I could tell a great
deal more and not get tired. I recom
mend it to all my friends, for I am
sure it will cure others as it has me."
Remember that Cardui is a vege
table extract, composed of valuable
medicinal ingredients. which build up
vitality, tone up the nerves and
strengthen the wvornanly constitution.
For over 30 years, Cardui has been
in successful use. Its merit is proven
and known. Using it is no new ex
periment. It has stood the greatest
'of all tests-the test of TIME.
NOTE.-The Cardul Home Treatment
for Women consists of Cardui ($1). Thed
ford's Black-Draught (25c). or Velvo (50C)
for the liver, and Cardul Antiseptic (50c).
These remedies may be taken singly, by
themselves. if desired, or three together.
as a complete treatment for women's ills.
Write to: Ladies' Advisory Dept.. Chatta
nooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tenn..
for Special Instructions, and 64-page
book. "Home treatment for Women," sent
n plain wrapper, on request.
An aching back is instantly
relieved by an application of
Sloan's Liniment.
This liniment takes the place
of massage and is better than
sticky plasters. It penetrates
- without rubbing - through
the skin and muscular tissue
right to the bone, quickens the
blood, relieves congestion, and
gives permanent as well as
temporary relief.
Here's the Proof.
Mr. .TAMF.s I. Lu:. of 1100 9th St.,
-years ago I ieli from, a se:lo'A and se'r
ounly injured may back. I ,ulfered terri
bly at times ;fromi thbe sm.dl of my hack
all around my stomach was ju st :s if I
had been beaten with a club. I used
every plaster I couldl get with no relief.
Sloan's Linimient toolk the paim right
out, and I can now do as mnuch ladlder
work as any man in the shop, thanks to
Mr. J. P. Evk's, of Mt. Airy, Ga.,
-'says: "After beiqig afflicted for thrce
vears with rheumatism. I used sloan's
Iniment, and was cured sound and
well and ami glad to say I haven't been
trookled with rheumatismf since. My
na bal 1wofen frm y hi pto
pain and swelling out."
Sloan's Liniment
has no equl as a
remedy for Rheu
matism, Neuralgia
or any pain or
stiffness in the
muscles or joints. &1
Prices, 25c.,50c.and $1.00
loa's bo ok on
feee. Addlress
Dr. Ead S. Sloan,
Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
New York City.- Such a blouse as
this one will find innumerable uses.
lt is graceful and attractive, it is be
coming to almost all figures, and it is
the latest style. The long lines given
at the front produce an effect of slen
derness, and the pretty puffed sleeves,
with under ones of thinner material,
are among the latest features. In
this case, the blouse is made of crepe
meteore and the trimming is net
braided with soutache in matching
color, while the front portion and un
der-sleeves are made of tucked chiffon
and the chemisette is of white lace to
give a touch of lightness and relief.
Various combinations might be sug
gested, however, and the centre-front
could match the blouse portions with
the under-sleeves and chemisette
made from the same material if one
liked. Treated in this way, the cen
tre-front would afford an excellent
opportunity for the use of embroidery
or soutache.
The blouse is made over a fitted
lining and itself consists of the front
back and centre-front. Both the
fronts and the back are tucked, but
the centre-front is plain, in this in
stance cut from already tucked mate
rial for a portion of its length, from
lace above to give the chemisette ef
fect. The sleeves are made over lin
Priness owns
Thegow cu prncss o blowth
hi lnean ter cmpetd it/
dee foune ffodsaddtina /pc
fo eboiey,alieexedigqut
arond t te tp f te foune'aov
th 4onctn em
Fasioabe olrs
Amngth etalihe tne/o
colrstobewon hi sesnae
3Iaze,ceise buet lme ren, in
Proinet Gons.
hiKine Eand he completed wihu
teant-Geneards Badditonl. ac
arondrt th e opookptwt thefoucabe
Rh onet ing theam.sn-utnie
Amongiza the epolsed tones of
Persia toeft wnza iCsia seao r:
Dr F.ze ceis. tCo, dlimeren linur
ingla?ephaad has nghted Liu
tnenat-Gusiati BoelPr,.elio.
Thoe ev. in i.o the FIdoi-utnrer
Syagoguez, deounsed Srahri
ofPes left Chriaiaas:ina seara.
Dr F.w A.r City.lvrd eoir
ings, and these linings are faced to
form the under-sleeves, while the
tucked portions are banded to form
puffs. The closing is made invisibly
at the back.
Infant's Dress.
The infant's dress that is made
with a shaped yoke is a pretty and at
tractive one, and this model can be
embroidered by hand as illustrated
or made with yoke of fancy material
as preferred. The dress is laid in tiny
tucks at the upper edge and can be
finished either with a frill or with a
hem. It can be made with short or
long sleeves and finished with a frill
or hem at the lower edge as pre
ferred. Fine white lawn with trim
ming of embroidery makes the dress
Illustrated, but all those that are used
for babies' dresses are appropriate.
The touch of hand work on the yoke
means extreme daintiness and a great
many dresses of the sort are made
with yokes of all-over embroidery or
those that are composed of strips of
lace insertion, and the model can be
utilized in any way.
The dress is made with front and
back portions, which are tucked and
.ioined to the shaped yoke, and the
seam is concealed by the trimming.
The sleeves are full anid gathered
into bands and a little frill finishes,
the neck edge.
joinedr,o two sapd yke,gt adsh
theisleeves re full and theredt
inoyands fort-fou itteficiihes d,wt
thenec eadsgfwieebreey,fu
yadC- bnig treadtre
quate yad> f arv dig
Brone Lathr Blts
JotigsAou Sors
Y'al deetdSyaueatfobl
by 15 toI0
A.1Kumnwl b/wnyfu
7e, l nJnar fnx er
Fan hoesae rsiginte;e
YoK bratta uh aqadi
onth er4 of"hoi
- artmout ha- nes iei e
i aeoahes/o, eetn
* hsts giulu C1:
sash'snt1 e-:ri
:'; // Jo no/' taei 0t
'.n Ait; htteels2!lb
Not a Penny to Pay For the Fullest
Medical Examination.
If you are itt doubt as to the cause
of your diseaae mail us a postal re
questing ame6tcal examination blank,
which you will fill out and return to
us. Our doctors will carefully diag
nose your caie, and if you can be
cured you will be told so; if you can
not be cured you will be told so. You
are not obligated to us in any way:
this advice is absolutely free; you are
at liberty to take our advice or not as
you see fit. Send to-day for a medi
cal examination blank, fill out and
return to us as promptly as possible,
and our eminentdoctors will diagnose
your case thoroughly absolutely free.
Munyon's, 53d and Jefferson Sts.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Polygamy In Utah.
A little while ago we printed a
roster of men who are actually
reputed, and doubtless correctly so,
to have entered into new polygamous
relations within recent years, very re
cent years indeed as compared with
the date of the manifesto of 1890.
'The Deseret News," referring to that
list, apparently accepted it as cor
rect. and undertook to belittle "the
polygamy scare" by saying that if
these were all who had gone into
polygamy since 1890 the list was a
matter of no great concern.
This admission, howdve', on the
part of the Church organ serves not
to limit the number of new cases of
polygamy. but as a foundation upon
which reasonably to assume that
polygamy is alarmingly prevalent, for
to every new polygamous case that
comes to the notice of the non-Mor
mons there are doubtless a hundred
that the non-Mormons never hear
anything about.
It Is entirely safe, therefore, to
say, as "The Tribune" has said here
tofore, that the new cases of poly
gamy are numbered by the hundreds;
perhaps it would be no great exag
geration to even say by the thou
At all events, it is a sure thing that
there has been such a recrudescence
of polygamy -within recent years as
could not have been dreamed of at
any time between the outgIving of
the manifesto and the conferring of
statehood upon Utah.-Salt Lake Tri
The evera:,e tombstone is erected
In haste and forgotten at leisure,
sneers Life.
Big, )?aiuful Swellings Broke and Did
Not Heal-Suffered 3 Years
Tortures Yield to Cuticura.
"Littk black swellings were scattered
over my face and neck and they would
leave littie black scars that would itci so
I coulda't keep from scratching them.
Larger svellings would appear and my
Iclothes would stick to the sores. I went to
a doctor, but the trouble only got worse.
By this time it was all over my arms and
the upper part of my body in swellings
as large as a dollar, It was so painful that
I could not bear to lie on my back. The
second doctor stopped the swellings, but
when they broke the places would not heal.
I bought a set of the Coticura Remedies
and in less than a week some of the places
were nearly well. I continued until I had
used three sets, and now I am sound and
well. The disease lasted three 3-ears. 0. L.
Wilson, Puryear, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1908."
Potter Drug & Chem. Corp., Sole Props.
of Cuticura Remedies, Boston, Mass.
When a woman says she won't, she
won't: also sometimes when she says
she will.
Whether from Coids, 'leat. Stomach or
Nervous Trou~bles. Capuadine will relieve you.
It's liquid-pleasant to take-acts immedi
ately. Try I. 10e.. 25c. and 50e. as drug
There are men who divide most of
their time between patting themselves
on the hack and kicking themselves.
Scp~rn ad Bruises. so likely to occur in
Dicy wahrare quickly healed by Perry
Dai'Painltiller. 25c., 35c. and 50c.
Sonmc bachelors have never mar
ried because of heart failure, and oth
c,rs .because of Lold feet.
Stop guessing! Try the best and most
certamn remedy for all painful ailments
Hamlins Wizard Oil. The way it relieves
all soreness from sprains, cuts, wounds,
burns, scalds, etc., is wonderful.
A young man learns a lot in four
years at college that it takes the i-est
Iof his life to forget.
Rough on Rats, unbeatable extermltnato.
Rough on Hen Lice, Nest Powder, 25c.
Rough on Bedbugs, Powder or Llq'd, 25c.
Rough on Fleas, Powder or Liquid, 25c.
Rough on Roaches, Pow'd'15c.,Liq'd, 25c.
Rough on Moth and Ants, Powder, 25c.
Rough on Skeeters, agreeable in use, 25c,
E. S. Wells, Chomist. Jersey City, N. J.
To borrow $13 on Friday is possi
bly bad luck-for the fellow who lends
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for C'hildren
teething, softens theguns, reauces inS]amma
tion, allasp,eures w-ind eolic25e a t ottle
Wnen a man gets into a hole he is
always surp)rised to find how deep
it is.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets, small, sugar-eoated,
easyv to take as candy, regulate and invig
orate stomach, hiver and bowels and cure
The further your life reaches the
deeper its roots will strike, re:r.rks
the Chicago Triiune.
Take a hint, do your own mixing. Rough
on Rts, being all poison. one 15c:. box will
s.pread or make~ .0 to 0 little cages that
wvin kill 500 or more rats and mice. lt'e th:
unbwatable exterminator. Don't die in th.
house. Betware ot imitations, sub.titute
Cancer Not a Meat Disease.
Exceptional opportunities are af
forded in India for the stud'y of the
incidence of cancer in vegetarfnsu
and flesh-eaters, since the diet is
strictly ordained by the c-ustoms of
the different native castes. In India
the disease occurs irrespcCtive of
vegetarian or neat diet just as it
occurs in herbivorous and carnivor
ous mammals -New York Medica!
Unavoidedly Detained.
A well-known general tells the
following story:
One day he received a telegram
from a subordinate who was injured
in a railroad accident while on fur
lough, which read: "Will; not re
port today. as expected. on account
of unavoidable circums,ances."
The tone of the message was not
satisfactory to the general and he
wired at once in reply: "Report as
ordered or give re-asons.
Within an hour the followin,i mes
sage came lback over the wires from
the hospital: "Train off-can't ride;
leas off-can't walk. Will not report
unless you insist."
Fidelity sometimes treads a path
way of thorns. But it is better by
far. thln-s the New York Telegram,
to have them at the feet than on
the brow.
It is a simple and effective hc
from a disordered iver. It is
Head, Throat and Chest, and is
benefit you, return the empty bo
Oxidine has a direct action on
orator and reconstructive. It je
throw off the pcison in the sy
kidneys, which often become cl<
form their natural functions. '
pecple suffer from it for yea -
always accompany malaria troi
forms of Skin Disease, Piles, Er
to Malaria, and can never be -el
lieves by removing the cause. V
restores the organs to a nor-na
Made in Regular and Taste
Buy Your Col
in Seale
Insist on
No chance for Dust and E
It is clean, full weight an
Packed by
Passing of Costly Receiveiships.
In the liquidation of the Bingham
ton Trust Company, Clarks Williams,
superintendent of banks, has again
demonstrated that the big fees form
erly paid to receivers for failed banks
were unjustlined.
This band has paid an initial divi
dend of 50 per cent. to the depositors.
This disbursement comes barely five
months after the doors were closed.
The amount paid out was over $1,500,
Under the old system of court re
ceiverships, such rapid settlement of
claims would have been unheard of.
So would such a thing as an expense
to the depositors, including the re
ceiver's salary of $10,626.11, which
was less than 1 per cent. upon the
total amount disbursed.
The success of Clark Williams's
plan Is attracting the attention of
the legislatures of other states. The
people of New York owe a great debt
of gratitude to their conscientious
superintendent of banking for this
reform.-New York. Financial World.
A One Legged Cricketer.
Has any one heard of a one legged
cricketer? There is a one legged
megber of the Knotty Ash (Liverpool)
Club, who has to use a crutch, but
is nevertheless not only a useful
bat but a capable wicket keeper as
In a match against Trinity Old
Boys he scored ten runs by means of
a couple of fours-appropriately ,
enough, strokes to leg-and a two .
and he also helped to add to the
score by means of sonic judicious
He sprints between the wickets in
a series of ho.ps, touching the ground
only four times with his crutch, and
so lightly does he touch the ground
that except on very soft turf he does
little damage to the pitch. As a
wicket keeper he brings his crutch
into use and prevents many balls
well on the leg side from passing
him by using the shaft of the crutch.
-Baily's M1agazine.
Aisle of Car in a Wreck.
A veteran railroad man gave a
piece of valuable advice not long age.
"If you ever get into a wreck," lie
said, "and have time to follow out
this suggestionz. remember this: Al
ways stand in the aisle. 3Most of the
injuries that are suffered occur be
cause the victim is crushed between
th seats. If you are in the aisle you
may be thrown forward and bruised
a little, but there is much less
chance of receiving serious hurts. It
isn't al'vnys possible to get out of
your seat before the crash comes, but
if It is f.'ilow that advice."
"Yo-1 and your wife get along
ni clyv."
"Fairly well. We had an under
standing from the start. I wasnt
to expect a dollar to buy more than
a dollar's worth of goods: and she
wasn't to tell me about the fine men
she might have married."--Louisville
A Clean Man
Outside cleanlivess. is less than half the
scrub himself a dozen times a day, and at
health means cleanliness not only outside,
a clean stomach, clean bowels, clean blo
new, clean, healthy tissues. The man w:
will look it and act it. He will work v
clean. clear, healthy thoughts.
He will never be troubled with liver, li
disorders. Dyspepsia and indigestion orig
schs. Blood diseases are found where tl
Consumption and bronchitis mean unclen
Dr. Pierce's Golden
prevents these diseases. It m
and healthy. It cleans the dig
clean blood,.and clean, healt
It restores tone to the nervous syster
prostration. It contains no alcohol or hal
Constipation is the most unclean uncle
lets cure it. They never gripe. Easy t<
ne remedy for Chills, Fever, Malaria,
effective for Constipation, Indigestion,
sold under a strict guarantee. If the
tie to your druggist and get your mone
the Liver, Stomach, K:dneys and Bowe
troys the germ of malaria, stimulates
tem, and flushes the stomach and bowe
igged and inactive in cases of Malaria I
he symptoms of malaria are so nume
withcut discovering the true source of
ibles, and chronic Constipation, Rhe
feebled Heart action and pains in all p
eved without first discovering and remo
goes to the seat of the trouble, destr
condition, builds up the system and a
ess Forms, all Druggists.
"fees & Teas,
I Cans.
ND ai
'irt to get in it. *
d wholesome.
_ P1
- (Eq
= = one
One of the strong features of thec
Automatic Smc
which makes smoke impossible. evel
a novice. Permits instant removal f
There is no danger of turning tl
smokeless device prevents it.
This means a perfect, odorless,
fort, cheer and satisfaction.
Beautifully finished in Japan or
legs, base and top stamped out of
-aluminum metal window frames t]
never hot. Made in various styles ai
Every Dealer Everyw hert$e. car NtA
Cr.nhe ?,ndle
sae n In5
The ightkindof acom odain at theW~O
ood home.ok.t
~efg T
ST B & K EDICA Pro. Chf~
battle. A man may
ill be unclean. Good
but inside. It means
od, a clean liver, and
o is clean in this way
rith encrgy and think
mg, stomach or blood
inate in unclean stom
yere is unclean blood.
t lungs.
Medical Discovery
skes a mnan's insudes clean
estive organs. nakes pure,
y flesh.
a, and cures nervous exhaustion and
it-forming drugs.
anliness. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pel.
take as candy.
and all other diseases arising
LaGrippe and Colds in the
first bottle does not greatly
y back.
Is, and is a powerful invig
the liver, enabling it to
Is. It also strengthens the
'ever, and forces them to per
rous and varied that many
their troubles. Chills do not
umatism, Dyspepsia, many
arts of the body may be due
ving the cause. Oxidine re
oys the germs of the disease,
id nature.
50c Per Bottle.
It will pay to investigate the terri
ry traversed by the
1ata, Birmingham& Atlantic Railroad
This line penetrates the Garden Spot
the South. Lands are low in price,
ry fertile and adaptable to the wid
t range of crops. Reports show that
e crop yield of this section for this
ar is phenomenal. The territory is
.tracting attention throughout the
untry, and those desiring to invest
- locate, will do well to communi
ite early.
Inquiries are invited, and literature
eating fully with the population, soil
inditions, schools and churches, et
tera, will be promptly mailed.
snra Passenger A-sut. Atlntt. Os
ive Heat
>m the moment you strike
Ltch and touch it to the
,a powerful live heat radi
from the
Dli Heater
uipped with Smokeless Device)
h burns for 9 hours with
filling of its brass font,
h holds 4 quarts.4
Per fection Oil Heater is the new
keless Device
1 when the heater is handled by
>r cleaning.
ie wick too high-this automatic
smokeless heat that carries comn
Nickel-no cast iron to break
one piece of steel--damnper top
dat heat will not tarnish-handle
ad finishes.
'ours. Write for Descriptvwe Circular
ency of the
ARY Pic, C s rg
veacsiy. Tihe sick are cured, and all others Ia
o *.OI I s E CU2t Give
dttpr. Betremedy ever .w fo mares i
e urn'teed to cure one case. s0e and $1 a bottle.
a siows how to r.olte thoss.
t and BactadlItists. Qoehon, 3n., U. 0.5A.
IEMICAL WOR, 4SLa Salle St., Chicago, HIl.
.ell Stereoscopic Vi ews of the G EEATEST
JTH ERN Scenery. 40 per cent enmmission.
dealter HnnicuttTalIuh FaIla G.
a mofntt aae,r-ra ot
UI. CO., Box 799, Colrubabe Ohio.
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