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Entered April 23, 1903 at Plekens, S. C. as second elass maattere umder*a ' . ' arch 3,18 79
39th Year PICKE NS. S. C.. NOVEMBER 4, 1909. Number 2
Ex-President of Farmers' Union
Makes Statement.
Arrangement Has Been Made By
Which the Holding Movement Will
Be Stiffened and Price of Cotton
Reach 15 Cents.
Atlanta.-Banks in Georgia have
agreed to loan, upon cotton stored in
Farmers' Union warehouis- in this
state, a sum aggregau,; seeral mil
lion dollars, to the end that the com
modity thus financed may be held
until the price reaches 15 cents.
That was the announcement made
on behalf cf the Farmers' Union by
R. F. Duckworth, former state presi
dent, and now chairman of the na
tional executiv,e committee.
Whe agrecment has actually been
executed, Mr. Duc:worth says, and it
will go into effect at once.
The banks subscribing to the ar
rangement will advance money up to
a basis of 1# cents a pound vauation.
For this acccmrnmodation, it is under
stood, intere-st is charged on a basis
of 8 per ce-It.
The announcement by Mr. Duck
worth ccmEs as the cul:niation of a
year's effort in this direct!on. Nego
tiations of various nature and extent
have been under way for that length
of times, gradually maturing, until an
agreement was reached entirely sat
isfactory to all parties.
The arrangement will become ef
fective at once, so that members
owning cotton stored in warehouses
and pressed for fr may approach
the banks drsi ted by their officials
and obta' fncient fuLlds to relieve
thel ' ediate needs.
Immediate and lasting effect ot
tbe arrangemert rerfected will be to
stiffen the holding movement, already
well-developed in this state.
Gives $1,0C0,00 to Fight "Hook
Worm Disease" In Scuth.
New York.-A gift of $1,000,000 by
John D. Rockefeller to fight the "hook
worm disease" has been announced
at the office of the Standard Oil Coin
pany here.
A dozen well-known educators and
scientists, selected in large part from
Institutions of learning in the south,
where the parasite is prevalent, were
called in conference with Mr.' Rocke
feller's representatives at the Stand
ard Oil Company's offices at 2G Broad
way, last Tuesday, and at that meet
ing Mr. Rockefellers' desire to organ
ize a commission 'to carry on a cam
paign against the malady was dis
cussed. As a result of this discus
sion of the situation the e'Rockefeller
Commission for the Eradication of the
Hook Worm Disease" was organized.
30,000 Attend Big Dinner Given at
Spartanburg, S..C.
Spartanburg, S. C.-Prominent rail
road officials, as well as the mayors
of all the cities in the state through
which the road passes, gathered here
to celebrate th1e completion of the
Carolina, Clinrchtield and Ohio rail
road from the coal fields of Virginia
to Spartanburg.
The (lay's exercises were held at
the fair grounds, where speeches were
made by vlsi ting mayors and others.
More than 2,900 specially invited
guests sat down at a barbecue served
by the railroad authorities, while it
is estimated that 30,000 attended the
basket dinner tendered by the farm
ers of this county. All the railroads
entering the city operated excur-sion
Several Places In California Shaken.
No Damage Resulted.
Redding, Cal.-A violent earth
Quake shock has occurred here.
Houses trembled and sleepers were
The shock is said to have lasted
ten seconds longer than the San
Francisco earthql.uake of 1900.
The quake was felt at Chico and at
far north as Grant's Pass, Ore. A:
midnight it was said no damage re
Woman Suffrage Not Mentioned.
Nashville, Tenni.-Mrs. R. WV. Mac
Donell, general secretary of the wo
man's board of home missions of the
SIethodist Episcopal church, south,
states that the woman's board, whi
recently r.::t in Savannah. Ga., had
been misrepresented in the statement
that it had declared in favor of wo
man suffrage. Mrs. MacDonlell states
that the board not only did not take
such action, but not one word was
uttered on the subject during the en
tire session. This board, she says, is
a church body and devotes i-s time
and attention to church and ecclesi
astIcal affairs.
Alabamna To Borrow Money.
Montgomery, Ala--It is shown that
with a balance of $60,000 in the treas
itry, the state will have to borrow at
least $50,000 to meet the demands of
the month of November. Governor
B. B. C'omnLr. -yho, under the new law,
may borrow as mouch as $300,000, is
negotiatin~g a loan, it is understood,
to come in whcn needed.
Through Prison Bars Woman Firei
Pistol at Her Husband.
Chicago.-Through the bars of th
cell where he had been placed onl:
two hours earlier gn a warrant swcrl
out by her, charging abandonmen1
Mrs. Esther Levy fatally shot her hu
band, Abraham Levy, a tailor.
Mrs. Levy visited the cell room o
the police station where her husban<
was confined, and before the startle(
lock-up keeper had a chance to inte:
fere, shot through the bars at Levy
inflicting a fatal wound.
In the building at the time were i
score or more of policemen. Mrs
Levy had no difficulty in obtainini
perm!ssion to visit her husband. Sh,
stood in the corridor of the cage talk
ing in a low voice to the prisoner, wh
remained locked in his cell. Suddeni:
she drew the revolver, which had bee1
concealed beneath her jaeket, ani
She was taken to the women's an
nex of the station, where she becam,
When Mrs. Levy secured the war
rant for her husband's arrest she tol(
the magistrate Levy had neglected hi
home for other women, and that shi
ha: to wgrk as a saleswoman to sup
port their four children.
in Sensational Murder Trial in Prog
ress at Moundsville, W. Va.
Moundsville, W. Va.-A murde:
trial exciting comment throughou
this p.art of the state, in which thi
sp-called "unwritten law" will figur
prominenflv, was begun here, whe
John Sickles, CO years old, a wealth3
fa:mer, was called to answer for th,
killing of his nephew, Randolpt
Ritchea, at Dallas, on August 25.
Sickles, it is alleged, arriving hom<
on the day of the murder, heard hi
15-year-old daughter, Mattie, scream
Ing for help, and found Ritchea. ir
her room. As the young man wa:
leaving the house Sickles shot him.
Sickles maintains that he was de
fending his home.
Governor Brown Will Not Interlere Ir
His Sentence.
Atlanta.-Governor Brown will nol
Interfere with the execution In Trour
county of J. M. Elliott, who was con.
victed by t1be Troup county Jury w
kiling G. L. Rivers and sentenced tc
be hanged.
This was announced by the gorern
or, be'ng brought about by the report
of the commission which was. appoint
ed by Governor Brown to eaxminE
into Elliott's sanity.
The report was that "they found
Elliott was not now insane."
Elliott will hang an Friday, Novem.
bei 5.
Conductor Had to Stop Train to Pur
chase Trousers for Them.
Bristol, Tenn.-Four passengers on
the New York an<d Memphis Limited
train were robbed near Chattanooga
w,hile asleep in their berths. The
robbers got most of their wearing ap
parel and it was necessary for Con
ductor Mooncy to stop his train at
Sweetwater and purchase three pairs
of trousers before the passengers
could leave their berths, while anoth.
er lost his coat and vest. Watches
pocket books, etc., were missing.
The theft is supposed to have beer
committed In the Chattanooga yards
Iwhile the Nashville sleeper in which
the passengers were riding was wa!t
ing to be attached to the limited trair
for New York.
Governor Brown Will Extend Glad
Hand to Chief Executive.
Atlanta.-Governor Brown will gc
to Macon, accompanied by his military
staff, to greet President Taft wher
the chief executive arrives in Macox
on his swing through Georgia.
The, governor leaves Atlanta ox
Tuesday and v'ill be the guest of the
state fair on Wednesday. The nex1
morning he will be present at the
reception to President Taft and will
accompany him to Savannah, where
he will be a gue:st of honor at the bil
bant:uet tendered to President Taft.
Will Hang December 3.
lanta.-Rogers Merritt, the negr<
convicted of having assaulted a 16.
year-old girl on Simpson street in
July, has been sentenced to hang or
December 3. .His attorneys state tha1
they will make a motion for a nev
trial. Merritt, it will be remembered
was identified by his alleged victifr
as the negro who had committed 0r
her a most brutal ostrage. He wa:
con:cted two months ago, but wa:
gu8r::,,i a r - trial. His attorneys at
teQ:;ted, v' .:t success, to prove ai
Me -Elect Officers.
Macon, Gs..-At the annual e1ettor
of officers of thq Grand Lodge of Ma
sons of Georgia, Henry Banks. wh(
has served for the past two years a:
deputy grand master, was electet
grand master. Other officers electe(
were as follows: George Napier
Monroe. deputy grand master; Rober
L. Colding, Savannah, senior grant
warden: N. H. Ballard, Brunswick
junior grand warden; WV. A. Wollihin
Macon, grand'secretary: J. M. Rushin
Bnston. grand treasurer,
Score of Lives Are Lost In the
Bay of Fundy.
It Is Reported That Only Six Persons
Were Rescued From the Ill-Fated
Vessel-Brave Efforts at Rescue by
Fishing Craft.
Eastport, Maine.-The North At'an
tic's annual toll of lives and vesel
has received the first tithe of the
winter season from its trilbutary-the
Bay of Fundy-in the loss of at least
a score of lives, and the dLstruction
on a shoal, inside the Old Proprietor's
ledge, off Seal Cove, Grand Manan.
of the Donaldson line steamer Hestia,
dound from Glasgow for St. Johns and
Four of the victims-your.g Scotch
laddles-were passengers on the ill
fated steamer. and the others were
members of thc crew. Capt2in New
men and twenty or more members ol
the crew were last seen in a ship's
boat which was being tosscd on a
stormy sea.
Of the forty persons who were
aboard the steamer when she piled
up on the shoal, only six are .positive
ly known to have been saved. They
were forced to cling to the wreck,
shifting thcir precarious positions of
ten as the steamer was tossed by the
great seas.
It was several hours before life
savers were able to man their boats
and reach the stranded vessel. When
rescued, the survivors were in a
weakened state after their fourteen
hours' ordeal.
A heavy northwesterly gale is be
lieved to have been responsible for
the Hestia's fate.
In the face of the gale nearly a
score of fishing craft went to the res
cue of the wrecked steamer. One by
one, however, they were forced to
turn back after answering the signals
of the Hestia. Finally life-savers
were able to get to the Hestia, and,
after considerable difficulty, succeed
ed in taking off the six men. The
vessel is a total wreck.
North Alabama Presbytery and Pro
hibition Question.
Anniston, Ala.-The action of the
North Alabama Presbytery in adopt
ing resolutions at their annual ses
sion here declaring ihi favor of the
proposed prohibition amendment to
Alabama's constitution is to be made
the subject of charges preferred
against the presbytery before the Ala
bama Presbyteian Synod and the
general assembly of the Presbyterian
church, it is said. This was an
nounced by Rev. W. I. Sinnott, stated
clerk of the presbytery, who asserts
that the action of the presbytery
violates the constitution of that body
in thatt the resolution is of a political
nature and is prohibited.
The resolutions declare the subject
of the proposed prohibition amend
ment to be a moral rather than a po
litical issue and non-partisan.
Many Immigrants Injured.
Fort Wayne, Iad.-In a collislEn be
tween a west-bound immigrant train
an-d an east4kound freight train at
Tocsin, on the Chicago and Erie rail
road, thirty-five immigrants--men,
women and children-were injured.
some of them perhaps fatally. The
air brakes of the f'reight train failed
to work, and it plowed into the im
migrant train, which was standing
teltscoping one coach and ditching
some others.
Pagilists Sign For Fight.
New York.-Jack Johnson and
James J. Jeffries--for the negro in
sisted thrM as present chalpion his
name should go first--sign&d artIcles
in New York binding them to fight
forty-five cr more rounds to a finish
not later than July 5, 1910, before
the club offering the best financial
induceinent, the winner to take a
-side bet of $10.000, and 75 per cent.J
of the purse, the loser to take 25 per'
Diamond Theft on Ocean Liner.
Savannah, Ga.-While passengers
were held on board the Ocean Steam
ship Company's steamer City of Sa
vannah as it reached its dock here,
Officers conducted a search for dia
monds and money which it was said
disappeared from the' belongings of
several passengers after the steamer
left New York on the trip to Savan
-nah. Several susrects were interro
gated, but no arrest wvas made.
Girls Forbidden to Wear Rats.
Nashiville, Tenn.--That popular
-pompadours interfere with the duties:
of the telephone operators Is the opin
ion of WV. N. Blyers, local manager of
the Cumrberland Telephone and Tele
graph Company, who has isssed a "re
tquest" that they discontinue the use
-of big rats In their coiffures. The re
quest does not meet with the approvai
of the girls.
F|ight~ of 44 Minutes.
Potsdam.-Captain Englehart, a
-pupil of Orville Wright, made a flight
lasting 44 minutes and 30 seconds.
' This is the longest flight unaccom
'panied, thst has been made by a
More Than $12,000,000 Cash Will Be
Turned Over to Owners.
New York.-At a meeting of the
board of directors of the Seaboard
Air Line Railway arrangements were
perfected for receiving the property.
which is to be turned over by the re
ceivers at midnight on November 3.
C. H. Hix, general manager, was des
Ignated to receive and receipt for the
railroad, real estate and all physical
properties of the Seaboard Air Line
skstem in behalf of the board of di-.
All moneys, funds and securities
will be turned over to the treasurer,
Robert L. Nuft, and the secretary, D.
C. Porteous, who were authorized to
receipt for the same.
A special committee of the board
was appointed to fill the existing va
cancies in the organization, including
that in the office of president.
The amount of cash which will be
turned over to the railway by the re
ceivers and by the reorganization com
mittee, being largely the proceeds of
the securities recently sold, will
amount to mor4 than $12,000,000. The
company will start bu6iness free of all
floating' debt and with a considerable
balance in the treasury after the pay
ment of all receivers' certificates and
other current obligations.
Slayer Hurried Away In Auto to Pre
vent Mob Violence.
Kansas City.-James McMahon has
confessed he murdered his sisters,
Miss Rose McMahon and Mrs. Alonzo
Van Royen, on a farm near Kansas
City, Kan., a few days ago. A long
standing farnify quarrel caused the
tragedy. McMahon kflled Van Roy
en In a wood and later went to the
Van 'Royen home and shot his sis
Fearing mob violence by a throng
gathered about the county jail after
the confe3sion, the authorities rished
the murderer and his brother, Patrick
McMahon, and Patri4k Lamb, a farm
hand, who are held as witnesses in
the case, to the Kansas state peniten
tiary at Lansing in automobiles.
The crieb of the mob were heard
within the jail and the prsoners
begged pitiously to be taken to a
place of safety. They were slipped
quietly out of the jail before the
crowd was aware of their departure.
James McMahon took sole respon
sibility for the crime. In his verbal
confession he especially exhonorated
his brother, whom he feared the offi
cers would charge with complicity I.
the crimb.
John Dumphreys Wins Fight In Bye
London.-The bye-election in the
Bermondsey division of Southwark, a
parliamentary borough of London, re
sulted in a sweeping victory for the
unionists. John Dumphreys, union
st, won'the three-cornered fight witb
a plurality of 987. The vote was as
Dumphr ys, 4,278; S. L. Hughes,
liberal, 3,~ 1; Dr. A. Salter, socialist,
The unionist victory Is considered
a severe blow to the supporters of
the budget, as all along this election
was expected to afford a good best of
the feeling in London and the coun
try, generally on the impending strug
gle in parliament.
Three Times Found Guilty.
Statesboro, Ga.-For~ the third time
a jury has returned a verdict of guilty
with recommendation in the case of
Joe Woods, after being out two hours.
Woods was charged with murder of
Wink Mikell, a young white man,
near Rocky Ford, on December 21,
1907. He had been twice convicted
prior to this and granted a new trial
each time. The counsel for the de
fendant announce that the case will
be fought to the last ditch.
Roosevelt 51 Years Old.
Oyster Bay, N. Y.-Some of the
Oyster Bay neighbors who keep birth
day books, were reminded that their
dis'nguished fellow townsman, Theo
dore Roosevelt, id# just 51 years old
Monday. In a recent magazine arti
cle he speaks of himself as "an elder
ly gentleman, whose varied past in
cudes rheumatism.''
Bride 71 Years; Groom 75..
Berkeley, Cal.-Evading her chil
dren andl grandchildren, Mrs. Rebecca
Walworth, 71 years old, was quietly
married to Paul P. Chamberlain, a
San Francisco contractor, 75 years
old. Members of Mrs. Chamberlain's,
family admitted that opposition would
have developed had the aged woman
disclosed her intentions.
Big Sum For Taxes.
New York.-New York city's tenta
tive budget has been announced at
city hall, and amounts to $163,049,000.,
which, with the appropriation to the
dock department of $2,821,932, and
mandatory increases deducted, shows
a net increase in the budget over last
year cf less than $1,000O,000, the small
est increase, it is said, in many years.
Diaz Sues For Libel.
New York.-Actionl for libel on be
half of Presidlent Diaz. of Mexico,
aafnst Carlo de Fotnaro, author of
a book enItitled "Dlaz. the Czar er
Mexco," h'is been begun in the court
,. eneoral essions.
Railroad Fare Refunded Within J
Fare One Way
[Here is[~
Buy $25 worth for cash, all f
and part at another, within thr
chants named below. Not nec
Get Rebate Book with first pi
corded and when $25 worth is
book to Secretary of Retail Me
of Railroad Fare..
Buy From A
China, Glassware, Etc.
Gilreath-Durham Co.
Drugs and Sundries.
Bruce & Doster Drug Co.
Dry Goods, Notions, Etc.
J. Thos. Arnold Co.
Barr's Dry Goods.
R. L. R. Bentz.
Hobbs-Henderson Co,
Hovey Smith.
C. D. Stradley & Co.
Furniture, Etc.
L. A. James.
Symmes-Browning Co.
E. S. Poole.
Buggies, Wagons,, Etc.
Marklcy Hardware & Manufacturing Co.
R. N. Tannahi!l Co.
If you don't undersfan4
Information C
G-110010V Retell
O1c over smil & Bristow. C
Duel to Death by Soldiers.
Matamoras, Mex.-T he bodies of
two Mexican soldiers were found in
the suburbs of Matamoras, and it is -
supposed that they killed each other.
Two dagger wounds were found inNe HihRc
the body of one, while a bullet fromBeg
a pistol. killed, the other. When
found, one of the men still had a dag
ger firmly grasped in his hand, while DECEMBER (
a pistol was found near the other
body. There were no witnesses to' Senstional Bullish
the affair, and Reports T
Central Bank Sold. Holding For Hi
Macon, Ga.-The Central Georgia 10,000,000 Bales
bank, with its belongings, stock and New Tork.-Ther
accounta, has been sold by local own- ued excitement in
ezs to the principal owners of the with prices again
Citizens' National bank in this c'ity. records, and most o
W. J. Ms.ssee took in the property
for the Citizens' National at a bid of sellng abv 14o
104%.. The bank has operated manypotthtpaer
years, with Robert H. Brown as pres- ot tihat pricersB
idnt. It goes into the hands of a western prices. Ber
strong new concern. ing aggressive buy.
Ito's Assassin Identified. Decembe andMayon.
Harbin, Manchuria.-The assassin147anMy1.
of Prince Ito has been identified as Two prominent s
Inchan Angan, a former e-ditor of a have issutedtestimat
newspaper at Seoul. at 10,520,0eo, comn
He said that he was one or an or-yerscm ria
ganization of twenty Koreans who had 800,00 b omales
taken an oath that they would kill the SO00bls
Japanese statesman. WEALTHY WO!
The assassin used dum-dum bullets,
which had been poisoned with cyanide. Found Dyi,ng In H
$25,000,C00 Spent on Road. Jcsonville, Fa
New York.-The sum of $25,000,000 csfonille,toa;
will be spert by the New York Cen- ceuch ar o eo
tral lines in 1910 for new equipment. foudhding of her
The contracts include .32T locomotives, gon hotel, by her
197 passenger cars, 17.850 freightDrE..Bak,
ars, and 105,000 tons of steel rail,s. Drccomp. ank er,h
'he American Locomotive Company room across the I
secured the locomotive building con- short time later.
tract. Mrs. Beauchafna
Wesleyan Endowmnert Fund,. the late John L. Be
Macon, Ga.-The Wesle~yan endow-:e fte oi
ment fund went .above th $.j5 000 ol,and hadt eenhy
mark in the reports made in the an-. l,adhdbe
nex at Mulberry Street Methodist se tame razo beong
hurch before a crowd of enthusias- uished rad en
tic friends. The campaign in Macon absence
has closed and the movement will.'
now be carried to the stats.at-large, W C. T. U. ELE4
where $200,000 will be asked..
To Run Trains By 'Phone. Bod Givsomanl
Richmond. Va.--It is und(e:s'tod Omaha, Neb.-Th
that the Ath:ntic Coast ine. R:on- aTeprneU
ond, Fred ricksburg and Potomac, 'convetinpere, ha
Saboard Air Line aind t hesapeake byoneto hre ag
and Ohio railroads have signed an gemnt reor asman
agreement to substitute the telephone en ooano
for telegraphy in the operation of. elTed followigl
:rans.of ~1aine, presiden
iGord)one of Illino.is,
Tadius of 40 Miles;
Paid for distance Over 40 Miles.
he Plan:
t one time, or part at one time,
)e months from any of the mer
essary to buy all at one store.
irchase, have each purchase re"
entered in Book take or send
rchants' Association for amount
ny of Thes:
Hall Brothers.
J. 0. Jones & Co.
L. Rothschild.
Smith & Bristow.
Stewart, Anderson & Merritt.
Jewelry, Etc.
, Bruns-McGee Co.
Lumber, Etc,
Oregon Lumber Co.
Office Supplies.
Seybt-Lanford Co.
Millinery, Coat Suits.
TThe Ayers Co.
Americus Shoe Co.
Henderson-Ashmore Co.
Pride, Patton & Tillman.
1, write the Secretary.
eerfully Given.
or. Isln and Waslitn Steets.
large; Mrs. Frances P. Parks, of IU
sE nois, 'corresponding secretary; Mrs.
~KESR Elizabeth Preston Andersion, of North
-- Dkota, recording secretary; Mrs. Sa-.
rd. rics Aainran Hoge,- of Virginia, assistantre
Hutchnson,of Illinois, treasurer.
OTTON 4.47 Clemny Shown y Taft.
~Qfl~I 1.47 WashIngton-PresIdent Taft has
Estmets .~op commuted to three years the seven
year - sentence imposed upon Thomas
dat Planters Are W. Harvey, a subordinate connected
her -Prices.-over with the wrecked Enterprise National
Nedcted, bank at Alleghaney, Pa. The cashier
of this bank killed himself, and some
e has been contin- of the chief conspirators escaped pun
the cotton market, ishment on technicalities.
aking new - high _____
fthe active months Half Million for Yale.
ents on sensgtional Wilkesbarre, Pa.-Yale university
'the crops and re- medical department is left over $500,
were holding for 000 in the will of the late Dr. Levi L
th southern and Shoemaker, of this city, which has
credited with be- just been probated. The money will
ars at times, be paid over at the death of Dr. Shoe
sold as high as maker's widow.
authern authorities j Fought Duel on Street.
es of the crop, one Brooksville, Ky'-Following a street
,00and wth lte duel in which twenty-five shots were
rparfgbwt 1ast fired, John Hamilton, a farmer, was
:rpo bu 3-shot from his horse while riding, -'
through the main street of Brookstille
~AN UICIES. The shootinlg was caused by a political
ANS CDE. argument-.
er oma Iak Short, He Killed Hin~ief, "
la.' Hotel. INew York.-Ratther than face a
-Wit er throat A. shortage of several thousand ills
ton, Ma., absA in his accounts, William H. Pardy,
oon, Mass. Awa- manager of the Grosvenor hotal, wom
roomin he ra-mitted suicide by swallowing' cyanide
private physIcian, o oah
,f New York, who o oah
re and occupied a ' Last of Union Generals.
all. he ded a Burlington, Vt-General Oliver 0.
ras he wdow o aord, last of the Union command
aiuchain, pat own- era of- the Cii-Wuar, died at his home
erveRemey, nI this dity. Heart disease was the
Sews34 years cause of the noted soldier's death.
in b,ad health for Be was 79 years old.
nitting suicide she _____
ing to Dr. Banker, FIRE AT FITZGERALD.
ured during his
Explosion of Gasoline Causes Lose
-.of $12O,000.
T OFFICERS. Pitzgerald, Ga.-Fire here, whizfl
.originated from an explosion of gaso
Encouragement to line in a tailoring establishment, de
uffrage. strayed the Grier- block, on Pine
e Women's Christ- street, causing a loss of $12,000. and
ion, which~heid its injured two firemen. It is believed
s gone unanimous- that a negro, who attempted to light
ving little encour- the gasoline stove, with the flame3
suffrage, on, also lost his life.
icers have been The fire for several hours threat
kn M. N. Stevens, ened the entire business section and
t; Miss Anna M. was only checked after heroic efforts
.ic presientat by' firemen and citizens.

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