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State News I
a i W W Rif
.TheAiken Savings Bank has
b .Oworganized at Aiken with a
caital stock of $25,000.
Ciarlie Morris, who was shot
btPrince Hulon in Timmons
viuldied from the wound.
jThere is -a great scarcity of.
in Edgefield county.
Vfi& in all; sections of the
are drying up.
Reinhart has opened al
hotel in Gaffney. It is
.),m am the Palmetto Inn.
r dMrs. Alva B'angston
siled Tuesday from New York
city for Rio Janeiro, Brazil,
South America, whereDr. Lang
will take the chair of the
koylgtheBaptistcolle. Mr.
La*ston is a son of Mr. T. S.
Langston of Madden, Lattrens
county, and, accompanied by
his young bride. formerly of
Kpntucky, a portion of his sum
mer vacation.was spent in his
old home and in the county.
(roup is nost prevalent during the
dry cold weather of the early winter
month. P rents of youing children
Qhould be prepare4 for it. All thtt is
aeeded is a bottl of Chambberlain'
Cough Rom-ady. M on m..ih,rs ar#
sever without it in their homeb and ii
has never disappointed them. Sold by
all Deales
The' Laurens cdy council has
refused to grant a license to a
carnival company.
The Monarch Cotton Mills at
Union is to be doubled in size.
The contract for the erection
of the new high school building
at Union has been let to the El
liott Contracting company of
Hickory, N. C., for $24,300.
The dispensary in Brookland
borned Sunday night. The
stock, amounting to $2,000 was
totally destroyed. There is no
remedy for the thristy, the coun
ty having voted dry and the law
forbids auf further purchases
Many school children buffer from
constipation, which is of ten the caust
of seeming stupidity at lessons Chain
berlakn's Stomach and Liver Tablets are
an ideal medicine to give a child. foi
they are mild and gentle in their effect.
and wit! cui'e even chronic constipation.
* ol ya mlers.
The school law of this state
requires every teacher in a pub
lic school of any kind to have a
certificate to teach. The state
superintendent of education has
recently called attention to the
law, and a circular letter calling
particular attention to this re
quirement has recently been
sernt by the high school inspector
to the principal of every state
aided high school. Notwith
standing all these, dozens of
teachers in these schools through
out the state are yet without
certificates. Most of them are
depending upon their diplomas.
A diploma does Eet entitle the
holder to teach; a .diplom.a from
an accredited college gives the
right to a certificate to teach.
Some of these sc.hools are going
to find themselves embarrrssed,
since no money whatever wil
be sent to any of these schools
until every teacher in it has a
valid certificate.
Do You Get Up
With a Lamne Back?
Kidey Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everyone knows of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and
bladder remedy, be
*cause of its remark
* iable health restoring
A properties. Swamp
' T Root fulfills almost
4 - every wish in over
t! commg rheumatism,
11pain in the back, kid
tjjneys, liver, bladder
Band every part of the
i . -.. urinary passage. It
corrects inability to
hold water and scalding pain in passirigit,
or bad effects following use of liquor,wine
or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
through the day, and to get up many
times during the night
Swamup-Root is not recommen~ded for
everything but if you have kidney, liver
or bladder trouble, it will be found just
the remedy you need. It has been thor
oug1 tested in priva$e practice, and has
so successful that a special ar
zangement has been made by which all
readers of this paper, who have not al
read trebt may,hae a samplebtl1e
more about Swamp-Root, and how to
neor bladder trouble.
~n writinigmentionl
reading this generous
*Dr. Kler & Co., um.~ -*wm.a'
Binhamon.N.Y. The regular fifty-cent
end 2e-dollar 'size bottles are sold by
druggists. Don't make any mistake
remeber the name, Swamp-Root,
*EhnesSwam ot and the ad
nimaaton, Y.,oevery bottle.
Bill Fletcher has been arrested
in Greenville on the charge of
deserting his wife and child.
John Wheeler shot Payson
Rawls at a barbecie in New
berry cpunty. Both parties are
Will Eliott and Hlcnry Drvce
have been arrested in Lancash r
on the charge of robbing stor(s.
Elliot is said to have made a full
Rev. J. B. Traywick of Aiken
made a record Sunday for con
ducting service's. He conducted
five religious services, which he
thinks is pretty good for a young
(he is only 64) man. At 10 a. m.,
be conducted a Bible class at the
Methodist church; at 11 a. m.,
be preached at the Methodist
church; at 2.30 he preached to the
prisoners at the county jail; at
5 p. m., he preached at Mont
morenci to ' large congregation.
and at 8 p. m.. he again preach
ed at the Methodist church in
When Cold beeo ue- settlet iii tho
4Pytetl. it w1il tiskeseveral dais' treat
'Ient to cure it. atid the N st reme-(y to,
1ise i4 Chuarnherlain's CougO Renlv.
It will cure q-iicker th-n any oth-r. eind
A190 leaves Ele SVteml in u natural a id
healthy ciaditi.n. Sold by all Dealer,
In the court of sessions at
Spartanburg Will Whitmire a
small colored boy, who several
months ago, killed another col
ored boy by hitting him in the
head with a rock, was found
not guilty at thi request of the
solictor. It was shown that the
boys were playing together,
throwing roek.s and Wnitmire
struck youngCooper in the head.
intlicting a woun'd that caused
his death. There was no malice
and the solicitor consented to a
verdict of not guilty.
Laime back comes on suddenly -and is
-sztre.ely painful. It is caualI by
rheumatism of tge muscles, Quick re
tief is a'forded by a)plying Chamber
!ain's Liniment. Sold by all Dealers.
Night watchman J. R. Garner,
of the Shand Lumber company
in Columbia, while making his
rounds Monday. night, was
pounced upon by a strange ne
gro, his pistol taken from him
and then shot three times. His
.condition is considered serious.
Ed Hammet, a young white
man, was killed in the oil mill
at Greer Monday afternoon
while at work. His clothing
was caught in the belting and
his body was drawn to the shaft
overhead and his legs whipped
to a frazzle against the ceiling.
Both arms were broken.
The old. old story, told time without
number, andI repeated over and over
-sgain for the last 36 years. but it is al
ways a welcome story to those in search
of health- rhere is nothing in the world
that cures cougba and colds as quickly
as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Sold
by all.Dealers.
William Welch, formerly of
Newberry, but for some time a
reside'nt of Washington, has
just completed the paintinz of a
handsome life size picture of
Secretary of war Jacob M.
Dickinson. it was delivered
this week, and is .now in the
secretary's office at the war de
partment. The work sho ws un
mistakable genius on the part
of Mr. Welch and his friends and
relatives in South Carolina will
no doubt be glad to know that
he has made a success of his
undertaking. It is understood
that Mr. Dickinson will have
the picture taken to his home in
Washington, as there are few
such large ones in the war de
partment at this time.
r. Pierce's Favorite P
Is the best of alt medicines for th
disorders and weaknesses peculiar tc
only preparation of its kind devised br
ated physician-an experienced and u
the diseases of women.
It is a safe medicine in any conditi
THE ONE REMEDY which con
and no injurious habit-forming c
creates no craving for such stims
are not afraid to print its ayer
each outside bottle -wrapper as
truthfulness of the same underc
It is sold by medicine dealers every,
get it. Don't take a substitute of uni
r.NowN coMPosrrron. No counterfeit iu
who says something else is "just as g
or is trying to deceive you for his own
trusted. He is trifling with yur In
The Kind You Have Always I,
in use for over 30 years, h:
and ha!
snal si
All Counterfeits, Imitations a
Experiments that trifle with
Infants and Children-Experi
What is C)
Castoria is a harmless subst
goric, Drops and Soothing S
contains neither Opium, Moi
substance. Its age Is'its gua
and allays Feverishness. It
Colic. It relieves Teething T
and Flatulency. It assimilat
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea-The
Bears the E
The Kid You Ha.
In Use For Ov
Young Girls Are Victims
of headach , aA well ai older women
hit all zet qiiek relief and prompt vwn
tron Dr. Kingi Now Lifte Pilk. Ihe
vo Id's I)--% remedy for s'ek and er
vou headiche. They mke pure blood,
rnd strong n-rvis and buld up your
health. Try Them, 2-c at all Drug
The children of William Spring
in Greenville were painfully
burned Sunday while kindling a
D. C. Sanders, a member of
the house of representatives from
Colleton county, is dead at his
Four men were arrested in
Orangeburg on charge of stealing
an automobile from J. K. Dick
son in Bamberg.'
Forced Into Exile
Wmn. Upchurch if Glen Otk, AkIa,
was an exile from home. Mountain air.
he th"ught, would cure a frightful lung
racking cough that had de fied all rem
edies for two years. A fter six months
he returned, death dogging his ateps
"Then I began to use Dr. King's New
Discovery," he writes "and after taking
six bottles I am as well as ever." It
saves thousands yearly from deiparate
Iu.ag disease~s. Itufallible Yor (oughs
'nd Colds, it dispels HIoarseness and
Stre Thiroat. Cutis Grip, Bronchitis.
Hemnorrhtages, Asthmna, Croup. Whn< p
ing Cough. 50c anid $1 00, trial botule
free, guaranteed by all Druggits.
A 50-cent bottle of
Scott's Emulsion
given in half-teaspoon
doses four times a day,
mixed in its bottle, will
last a year-old baby near
ly a month, and four bot
ties over three months,
and will make the baby
strong and well and will
lay the foundation for a
healthy, robust boy or
Send 1Cc., name of paper and this ad. for
our beautiful Savings Bank and Child's Sketch
Book. Each bank contains a Good Luck
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl Street, X. Y.
e ure of diseases,
women. It is the
a regularly gradu
killed specialist in
a of the system.I
tns no alcohol
ugs and which.
iat its makersh
ingredient on
d attest to the
vhere, and any dealer who hasn't it can
town composition for this medicine oP
as good as the genuine aind the druggist
ias Dr. Pierce's" is either mistaken
elfish benefit. Such a man is Dot to be
t priceless possession-your health
ught, and which has been a
s borne the signature of
been made under his per
ipervision since its infancy.
LO one to deceive you in this. tj
id " Just-as-good " are but cl
nd endanger the health of e
ence against Experiment.
Ltute for Castor Oil, Pare- s
yrups. It is Pleasant. It
phine nor other Narcotic
antee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhcea and Wind
roubles, cures Constipation
es the Food, regulates the H
healthy and natural sleep. e
Mother's Friend.
ignature of
o Always Bought
er 30 Years.
%AV srr. new Vait ofl.
According lo a st1ement is
ued from the office of Commis
4oner Watson the sales of ferti- t
lizer in the state during the past a
ear was 625,048 tons valued at o
14, 063i ,580. The tons of cotton
seed meal sold were 133,315 val
tied at *;3, 466,190. The totalin- g
pection tax fee amounted to e
189,510.475. This amount goes t
to Clenison College. The avera--e
price of fertilizer per ton was
22.50. The average price of
cotton seed meal per ton was
rill,s Her Foe Of 20 Years
"The most merciless enemy I had1 for t
0 years," declarEs 31rs. Jame~s Ine
f HIansvill', M ...' Dvsp-p-a. I So!f
ered intnnl a ,sler emtinig or dunrkir'
md cou'dI .-carce y ste.ep. A t't-r mani i
emedes ha failed anid severatIlw 0o
ae me up. I tried El ?ctric nit c'
whbich cured met. comletely. Now I y
an eat anythinig. I am 70 years oil
LLnd( am overjoyed to get my healhhy
nd streu;:ih back again." For Indin~ s- a
:on,- loss of Appetite, Kidney Tiouhle,
amte hack. Female Complaimts. it is n
nequa'ed. Only 50c at all Lru-.gis's
Mrs. Allie L awson, of 287 Pres
ton street, Spartanburg, wife. of
R. L. L awson. has been missing
from her home since Monday
morning of last week, and her
husband is searching for her.
He went to Columbia, and there
received information to lead him
to beleive that Mrs. Lawscn
went to Charlotte. Mr. Lawson
urriedi to Charlotte and asked
the police and detectives to aid 1
in the search for his wife. Mr.
Lawson is a well known con-1
tractor of Spartanburg. He is
greatly concerned over the dis
appearance of his wife.
A Scaldei Bo7's Shrieks
horrified his grandm.ohar. Maria T'ay
lr, of N.-h", Kr.. w, ites thit, whlen all
thuht h" woud diie. Bit kin's A rnica
Salve whoilv cursd him. Infallihi. for
Burns, Scalds, .Cu:s, Corns, wiunds
Bruises. Cures N?gver-Cores, Boils. Se in
Eruptions,-ChilblaJ', Chatipped Hands.
on routs Pik s. ~ t allDrugis-s.
THAT , o
You w ill feel better almostI
immeLdiately, and still better
THE CENUINE has the RED Z on
the front of each package and tho
signature and seal of J- H. zE:LIN
&. CO., on the side, in RED.
Mr Fletcher Davis, a whisiey I
'ummer in the employ of the
orth State Ditilling company,
as convicted ay Laurens of so
itin whiskey orders in the
tv. The miotim ior a new
iawill b e hear: !i tnr, pending 1
hielh siltVinCe 11:- nit, been
:ISSOed. it "vi!! 'o- r.calwad that :
avis v in 2:nm-ns soetime
.,o han<(tin- e-Lt -hirculars and
:der b)linkY. is attorney:;,
annon & llckv;ell a1ed that
ie act prohijiting4 tiis wvs ui
)mstitutioal in ihat it conflicl
I with the int-;r-tate commerce
w on the sHbject. They held
lat their client was simply ad
rtising his tood,..
Frank J. Cheiiy miike-i oaL. that he s
iii r p :l tM e r o f t l it r -I t F . J . C h e r -
r0&1C.. doi. I llshwivs inl thlt City <f
Aledo I. (:(. IIunIvty an: S, i*+ ifoiretaid, an'
at SJid tI I: p:ay 'h -: of 4 OM
UNDiED I OLL 'RS fcr euch am
rery VaS-e Vf. 'o 411 1 h IK V.t111n.0t h.,
ire'l by the n I LiHl's Catarri
ir'e. i-'ANK J. Cht-ney.
Sworn to before me and subscribed it
Spr s,nee, this 6th day o Deceml er,
Hal's C:tarrhi ('in is sak--.: internal
0;1t :1..' w - vi nl t h.- h1 od anp
i L-stii elivi -
F. ,J G H N!b & 0., Tolede. 0.
Sol b a'l I rug.-. :l
k I li s Vam1.11 Piii.s f t con-! ipa
The present first class of midship
ien at the Naval academy, who have
ledged thenselves voluntarily against
revival of hazing in any way, are to
e commended for their perception of
hat is meant by their fut-are as oill
ers and gentlemen of the United
tates navy. It is to be hoped that in
me a higher standard will obtain Ln
11 our colleges by which this element
f brutality and bullying will be made
relic of the past.
Do not as a brilliant workman ima
ine that you are the proprietor of the
stablishment, for just when you feel
iat you are indispensable, then per
aps the boss may ask your resigna
on and brcak the day dream of your
fty importance.
Short-sighted citizens who in times
f untroubled prosperity are habitual
urchasers of gold bricks are the first
i times of stringency to hide their
avings in their socks and cripple the
ation's industries.
etu the,ad with M.'> and wo will ship yo, by
xpres, preaidi to any Southernt Express omce.
1e 2-gallon .i.:g of Strainht White or Yellow Corn
hiskey, reduced in r rt.f by the additionl of dis
lled water 'only. Guaranteed by us under the
lorida and National pure food. and drug act. .If
> cornsider the 2 ga'lons worth $5.00 keep it;
herwise drink what you want; return the bal
a and get nil of your money hack,.iust as cheer
illy as it was received. This clier is mad at a
ret loss, and for the purpne of obtr.ining 10.000
w customers insie of c0 days. Order today.
Southrn D stribut'r r om:sty .Jadksniile, Fiorili.
Ihisk/2.9 5
The Japs aay all they want is equal
rivileges with citizens of the United
Itates. That's sn:umething citizens of
he United States can't always get
Part of the golg wYe brought over
rom Europe with se much trouble will
turry back aagin with aliens who, haY
ng made their piles, are going h.ma
o live in co:nfort.
Many girls are much astonished to
earn that Kin4g Edward owns the
argest diamond in the world. E-achl
)f them thoug~ht the diamond in her
nggement ring was the largest ever.
Fashion has decrevd that hips must
o. Fat men may be hai y, it ut. is
;afe to say that the fat women are
Though th proit s of d.?stroyi ng th:e
orst s will b: I hand 'd down to fat ur
'efer to have 1h" woods
- -ir to qsYoutai1)C"'
4" -
by buyirj this
? reliable, hon -t
tionlVSewing Macine CS
much needlhss pain when
for their female troubles.
relieve headache, backache,
ziness, arising from derang
than relieve,-if used persis
ten to say that it cured th<
It WiIH4
Mrs. Maxwell Johnson, Tamj
me after doctors and evervthing els
ing with numb spells ever sinee I
decided to take Cardui. I have no
that it has cured me. I advise all
a long and fair trial."
Mrs. Johnson suffered years.
But why suffer at all? Take Cardi
State of Tabasco ,in Mexico, Ravaged
by Cloudburst and Storm.
Mexico City.-An estimated loss of
five millions of pesos. including crops
of corn, beans and other grain, fruit
aud fine hardwoo,-s, two lives known
to be lost, and many others it is
feared sacrificed in the floods, hun
dreds cf homes in country and town
washed away and thousands of head
U cattle drowned are the known re
sults of the disastrous cloudburst an
storm that broke over the state of
Tabasco, following on twenty-one days
of incessant rain all over this region.
Rivers are out of their banks, towns
are inundated, thousands are homeless
and no relief is ye- in si4ht.
A total of '21 inches of water has
fallen in the state in three weeks,
which is the record for wateifall in
32 years.
So complete Is the in-mndation t,
Santa Rosa that it resembles an ar-u
of the sca. Streets, parls and gar
dens are inundated by three feet or
water, and the population is living oi
roofs, shivering and star%ing, prayiag
for the waters to recede.
I -J--n-hur-V.
Home For Girls at Lynchburg, Va.,
Destroyed By Fire.
Lynchburg, Va-Five children. al!
inmates of the nursery, were inciner
ated in a fire which totally destroyed
Shelton college, the home of the girls.
at the Virginia synod Presbyterin
Orphans' Home.
The children were all on the se
nd I'.ocr of t.ie wing of the building.
and were caught by the fire in a
manner that made their rescue itu
M1any narrow escapes of other In
mates were made.
Long Trip For Vengeance.
Birmingham, Ala.-Coming. all the
way from Chicago to Birmingham t>
commit the crime, Thomas Pappns
shot a.nd killed Pete Pappos, another
Greek, here. The men are not related.
Tom Pappos claims Pete had alituate1
the affections of his wife and pro
v:ted her from com.ing to him at
Chicago. In jail, he is reported to
have sai U: "I should have killed him
Iong ago."
Forest Fire Ragir.g.
El Paoo, Tc::as.-A forest tire ha
e'?n oir ng ii the Huachuca iort&
reservation, and trcops from FY:
Ha:achuca were orriered out to igit
the flames. Mutch valuable timber
hs been dlestroyed. It is beliLved
the fire was started by sheep herders
in revenge fir having their tiock;
2--:n frum the range by government
To Rebuild Orphanage.
Lyne"burg, Va.-Lynchburg has
s:hsribed( approximiatelo $11.0 0 :0
the fund to restore the girls' cottag.'
at the Presbyterian orphanage. whici
was burned. This fund is to be ndel
to $20.000) to be raised by the south
ern Presbyterian churches in Virginia.
Ditrict of Columbia and Maryland.
Strike Declared Off.
Waycross, Ga.-The large body ef
me '.:inists that walked out of the
new Atlantic Coast Line shops, Octo
ber 16. have adjusted their differen
ces with the company and have re
tned1 to work, except a few that ob
tane.d positions elsewhere during the
*interval of the adjustment.
Seventy-Seven Melons On One Vine.
Pembroke, Ca.-H. Franklin Dukes,
who lives just one mile from Pem
broke, has a pumpkin vine on his farm
with seventy-seven full-grown and
matured melons, averaging 3-> pounds
to the melon. Mr. Dukes states he
has many more vines on his farm
that will prove as many as this one.
P. F
P. P. P. purifies the blood, b)ui
:ius to we-akeuned i:erves, exp)els
*.appin ess, wheire sIiknessi, glo(omy feeli
.,n cd Imison mercurial poison
*ai .o.:n disea~ses, like/ blotches, pit
h.d.~ we~ s:,v without fear of contrad
o:iEr in :he wro-ld.
Isiswhose systems are poisoned
.o u to mflinstrual irregularities
d:rful tonic and blood cleansing pro:
Reot a'r.l Potassium.
___ F .V. LIPPMAN.
they delay using Cardui
Jardui has been found to
pain in the side and diz
ed organs. It does more
tently,-many have writ
J 37
1P You
)a, Fla., writes: "Cardui cured
e had failed. I had been suffer
was 16 years old. One day I
w taken 5 bottles and I can say
suffering women to give Cardui
Have vou? Do you wish to?
i. Give it fj fair trial.
South Amerim is natura'ly In
:-ined to regard the fleet is some
thing that does not pan icuiar .y con
cern its interests one way or another.
... e
That Muskegon man who rescued
a Detrcit boy from drowning by hold
ing a rope in his mouth may be said
to have saved him by the skin of his
Ann, a (ording ~ t,e Philadelphia
Bulletin, s .. por-ular name among
rides. And Anny name for a bride
room is sufficient for a receptive
An Ohio judge is a private In the
national guard cf that state. He
would be in a quandary if the troops
should be called out wtile he is trying
a case.
That this is aniage of paradoxes is
proved again by the fa that a famous
living skeleton, forr.. with Bar
num. has just died from faty degen
Blood Balm
(B. B. B.) Cures Through the Blood
Rheumatism, Eczema,
!tching Humors.
B.B. B. (Botanic Blood Blood) is the
only Bleod Remedy that kills the poison
in the blood and then purifies it-send.
in;r a'flood of pure, rich blood direct to
h- skin surface, bones. joints, and
whrve r the disease is lu<ated. In this
way all sores, ulcers. pimples. eruptions,
re~healed and cuied. paina andt aches
of JR1heumatism' cease. s wellinigs Eubside.
3. 13. B. completely chantrges the body
into a clean healthy cot dition, giving
the skin the rich, red hue of perfect
henth. B. B. B. curei the woist old
, ss. Try it.
- pIleasant and safe to tak-e: composed of .pure
Itufni2c titredienlts. It purities an:d enneches
the btood . t;. ii. 1. strengthenxs the nerves
andl( bu1ids up the broken down system. Drug
gits $1 .ixi PER L.ARGE BOTT LE with diree-.
tios for homie cure.
Sold at All Drug Stores.
P.uP. P.
SP. P. P. ill purify and vitall::e your
blood, create a good app4eeand giveyour
whle sy stem t one and strength.
A prominent railroad superintendent at
. i Svannah, suileriug with M3 ria, Dys p-p.
1 md: ar Rheumuat:sm says: "After tmig
-.PP.he never felt so well in his life, and
ini sif he could lve forever, if he could
If' you are tired out from over-work anxd
close confluement, take
P. P. P.
If you are feeline badly in the asing
and out of sorts, tako
P. P.-P.
Tf your digest.ive organs need toning up,
~PP. P.
SI' v"t s'iler with headache, indigestion,
dbAit.y and weakness, L.a*
SP. P. P.
SIf you" -f'o wth Dervous pro.tra.tin.,
nerme un-urnug anad a general les ww
of tC. ysem tae
~P.P. P.
Fcr ''ovd Poir'n. P eumatism, Fi--f
ua, Old: S. res. .aarm,, Gurumc Fe.a
P. P. P.
Prickly Azd, Pcoi rct
Tihe ix--,t ..lood p'urf.er in t wworld.
~ ' -' . naI . '..- i 11
. P.
ds1 up) the weak rxi debiijtt i, gives
disease, givini the patient h:ea.ti abd
gs -nd l:assitude tiret p'revaijled.
naaria, dyslepsia.: and in all isloca
nples, old chrtonic uh-ers, tetter, seabil
ietion that P. P. P. is tiue best blood
nd whose blood Is in an unur con
, are peculiarly benefitted by the won
perties of P. P~. P., Prickly Ash, Poke

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