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-EN .E1
Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second ela matter, nude' aeofongress of March 3,1879
39th Year PICKENS. S. C. NOVEMBER 18, 1909. Number 6
uloid Factory Prey of Fir,
In New York City.
ong the Dead Was the Son of th4
Head of the House Whose Charroi
Body Was Found Amid the Ruini
of the Burned Factory.
New York-Nine persons wer
red to death and five others fa
y injured when the cclluli.d factc
of Robert Morrison & Son, at 15:
lumbia street, Brooklyn, was de
yed by fire.
Among-the dead was William Mor
on, son of the head of the house
whose body was found charred amif
the ruins. lbbert Morrison, nimsen
nconscious and seemingly dying
was carried out by a negro portex
who risked his life to save his .chiel
-,,It has been impossible-to identify th4
bodies of the others, as they are bur
ed passed recognition.
About all the windows on the groun<
.oor there were heavy iron bars t
keep out robbers at night. And thes
kept in the workers when the flame
suddenly broke out. Twenty men whl
were penned In on the ground floo
struggled' vainly to break their wa
through the bars that they might jumi
to -the street. All failed and nine 0
them were burned to death befor
they could get out, vhile those wh<
did get away, in uding two youni
women em hVrun to the sec
plunged through th(
aows to the street, wher
u y were picked up scarred and som
of them dangerously wounded fron
the fall.
All Alone, Hermit Then Died Ir
Home Near Savannah, Ga.
Savannah, Ga.-Peter G. Leist, wh<
claimed a dozen trades and profes
slor was found dead at his home nea
Savannah. He had been dead for sev
eral days. He was seated in a chair
apparently staring at the wall of hi.
room, on which he had written hi.
will, leaving his property, which 1.
considerable, to his son, who is ir
school at Sharon, Ga., or 'in the even
of his death to Henry Dreyer, o!
Brooklyn, N. Y. Two hungry bulldog,
were guarding the dead man anc
threatened the police with their fangs
Bloody Riot at Bull Ring.
Lima Peru.-Several persons wer4
killed and many others wounded a4
the result of a clash between the po
lice and i crowd they were trying t(
disperse. The trouble began at the
side of a bull ring when a schedulec
t between a lion and a bull turnet
-o=A be a fiasco. The police charge
- th oters anid on meeting with oppo
'*In fired into the crow,d.
Good Roads !ssue Failed.
Louisville, Ky.-Returns from ovei
one-half of the 19 counties of Ken
tucky indicate the defeat of a pro
posed constitutional amendment foi
the building of good roads yoted or
at an election. A two-thirds majori
ty is necessary, and most of the coun
ties heard from voted against the
project, wheh contemplated a bonc
Matches Caused Child's Death.
Washington.-Mateches with which
- he was "making animals" on the floo:
'caused the death by burning 'of Rob
ert Spellman, three and a half years
old, the son 'of Robert Spellman, anc
the severe injury of Mrs. Spellman
~~~ther, who after extinguishing
KY the f1a which enveloped the child
fell tO th ,~j suffering from a ner
vous shock.
Cashier Robbed'of $14,156.
Niagara Falls, Ont.-William Dob
son, cashier of the Canadian Expres.
Company, was sand-bagged here ix
the company's office ast the Grant
Trunk station and a package contain
bIng $14,156 taken from him by two un
known men. The robbery was 'com
mitted in broad daylight, with a scor4
of the station employees within 21
feet of the office.
$1,500,000 for Home Missions.
Wilkesbarre, Pa.-The gener'al com~
mittee of' home missions and churci
extension work of the Methodist Epis
copal church, in session here, deci-det
tfix the amount to be asked of thi
cunrches for home missions and et
tension work at $1,500,000. Tha
amount to lie apportioned amon1
churches is $300,000.
Deaf Mutes Seek Divorce.
St. Louis.-A divorce has bees
granted in the circuit court to Mrs
Nannie E. Burnes, a deaf-mute, fron
Joseph Burnes, of Granite City. Ill.
also a dea'-mute, on the testimony o
deaf-mute witne5ssas. A woman wh<
talks and hears interpreted the testi
mony. Mrs. Burnes said hser husban'
called her names on his fingers.
Georgia Baptists to Meet.
S.Dublin, Ga.-Three hundred dele
gates are expected to attend the cot
vention of the Georgia State Baptist
at this place November 16 to 19 Tw
ex-governors of Georgia are delegates
W. J. Northen and J. M. Terreli
Elaborate preparations have beel
mae for their entetinment.
Second Annual Convention
Pickens County S. S. Association,
lethodist Episcopal Church, South,
Pickens, S, C.,
-Thursday and Friday,
NOVEMBER 25-26, 1909.
Morning Session, Nov. 25.
10:30 Song Service by the local choirs
and visiting delegates.
Scripture Reading, by Rev. D. L.
Lander, Easley.
Prayer, by Rev. N. G. Ballenger.
11:00 Enrollmeut of Delegates.
11:30 Annual Address Af the President,
"The Necessity of a Real Sunday
School Awakening," by Rev. N.
G. Ballenger.
12:00 The Sunday School as a Church
Builder, by Mr. John T- Taylor,
of Pickens.
12:20 Assignment of Homes for Dele
3:00 Song and Prayer Service, con
ducted by Rev. C. B. Burns.
3:30 A Plan for Organizing Thor
- oughly the Sunday School Forces
of Pickens County for More Ap
proved Bible Teaching, by Mr.
J. M. Way, General Secretary
of the South Carolina Sunday
- School Association, Pelzer.
4:00 The Organized Adult Bible Class
as an Evangelizing Force, by
Nev. J-. C. Bailey, Liberty.
4:30 What might We Expect With
Every Township in Picken8
County Well Organized, by Mr.
L. E. Prince, President of the
Liberty Township Sunday School
Association, to be followed by a
General Discussion of County
and Township Organization.
S7:30 Special Song Service led by Rev.
-N. G. Ballenger.
8:00 Fifteen Minute Talks on "What 2
Has Denominational Co-opera
tion Wrought in Sunday School
I. By the Uniform System of
Lessons? By Rev, D. L. Lander.
/ II. By Improvement pf Meth
ods of Management and Teach
ing? By Hon. J. E. Boggs.
III. By Increasing Attendance
ZELAYA DEFEATED. afiftion to riatioina
_____ university, the boori
Rebels Win Victory Over Troops ofi
the Government. POISON PUT
Bluefield, Nicaragua.-News was re--.
ceived here by General Estrada that: It Is Believed Fai
In an engagement, near Guatuano, Short to Get
Chontales Province, General Fornes Topeka, Kan.-F<
Diaz, of the revolutionary forces, wonl sion that he muri
a decisive victory against six hun- Short, a Topeka w<
dred government troops, of gaining possessit
The report states that a hundred of Fred Fanning' Impi
the Zelayan soldiers were killed or nie English in thec
wounded, and that the loss to the in- rested as an accon
surgents was slight. General Diaz JFanning said thai
*ad sharpshooters in the trees, who rats in Mrs. Short
picied off a large number of the clared Mrs. Englis
gornment troops as they advanced, kill him if he did i
The insurgents still hold the San that she told him
Juan river districts. on-rats to use, and
Reports from Managua stated that $1,460 of Mrs. Shc
the government troops had defeated
the revolutionists in the engagement SH OT CH IL D RErN
in Chontales province, with heavy
osses to the Estrada followers. The Father Was Overc<
same dispatch stated that General1 Desirei
DIaz, who was defending Paso Las Greenburg, Pa.
Iaars with 400 men, was routed. sane impulse to kill
a former mayor of
IRISH IN POWER, three of his chil-dr
fatally, and then
Great Landlords to be Deposed Says by firing a bullet
T. P. O'Connor. The shooting oc<
New York.-"Within ten or fifteen bedroom. while the
years the great landlords of Ireland were gathered arou~
will have been deposed and half a lay their infant sis
million Irishmen will be lords of theiX' old. The baby was
own farms," said T. P. O'Connor, abeth, four years 0]
iember of parliament, from -LN
pool, in a meeting in aid of the Na
~tonalists' cause in Ireland, at the Ly- Educator Goe
ric theatre. An enthusiastic audi- Providergee, R. I.
ence contributed liberally- Harris, former Unit
"After the next election," he said, sioner of, educatia
"we expect to have eighty-three mem- heart faillire. Dr.
bers of parliament. Whatever com- to 1880, jwas supe
bination of patriots wins in England, public se'lools of S
our eighty-three votes will mean th 1889 to j906, was1
balance of power." He said the Irisi missione~ of educa
people had won nine of ten things from the iCarnegie
they had started out to win, and. ex-, Advancer ient of 'i
py~d during the next parliamentein Ifir-st ma~ to whon
and Securing Definite Results?
By Rev. D. W. Hiott, Easley,
IV. Some Advantages to be
Gained by Organizing? By Mr.
J. M. Way, General Secretary.
Morning Session, Nov. 26.
10:00 Song Service, conducted by Rev.
N. G. Ballinger.
, Scripture Reading and Prayer by
Rev. D. W. Hiott.
10:30 The Pastor's Opportunity in the
Sunday School, by Rev. P. F.
11:00 Round Table: "The ' Sunday
School Teacher," by Mr.' J. M.
Way, General Secretary.
11:30 Pickens County's Part In the
State Sunday School Work, by
C. E. Robinson.
12:00 What About the Sunday School
* Teacher's Exampltad Oppor
tunity? EssayVby1Misses Nellie
Grandy andLajla Ballnger, fol
lowed by an Open Discussion.
2:30 Song and Prayer Service, con
' ducted by Rev. W. S. Henry.
3:00 The Plan and Importance of Les
son Preparation, by T. J. Maul
din. - A
3:30 How to Organize and Grade a
Sunday School. by Mr. J. M.
Way, General Secretary.
Each Sunday Sc ool in Pickens Coun
ty is entitled to send one delegate for
every fifty persons enrolled as/officers,
teachers and scholars. In appointing
delegates, try to get those who. will
promise to attend.
May we not hope that eac , delegate
will bring a pencil and note-bk, and
write down every helpful thing sugeest
ed by the speakers?
Pastors are urged to attends and all
who do so will be official delegates.
Generally speaking, pastors getr about
8 5per 'cent. of their church member
ship through the Suiday Scho'ol,.and
about 15 per cent. from all other sources.
Should they not give the more attention
to this most prQlific field?
If desired by the delegates, Mr. J. M.
Way, General Secretary of the State
Sunday School Association, will con
duct special conferences on Teacher
Training, Adult Bible Class Work, or
other lines of Sunday School Work, at
the close of each afternoon session.
Homes will be provided for all dele
gates who notify the County President,
Rev. N. G. Ballenger, who will turn all
names, sent him by mail, over to the
local committee on entertainment.
4:00 In What Way Has This Conven
tion Helped You? By Everybody
4:30 Closing Song, "Blest Be The Tie
That Binds."
schools -and the for meritorious service is gien, the
of home rule, highest retiring allowance which our
-- rules wi?l allow, an annual income of
IN COFFEE. $3,000.'' His death came at the corn
- pletion of a new edition of Webster's
nning' Killed Mrs dictionary, of which hie was the editor
-ler Property. in-chief.-____
longa copfs ~ ~ I~TK1
manl, in the hopelS BOLI'i
n of her property,
ctdMrs. Min- Sse sTre vrB
ime. She was ar
-ce. ceivers To Owners.
he put rough- on
s coffee. He de
;h threatened to ASSETS ARE $12,000,000
t kill Mrs. Short,
how much rough- Transfer of Property Occurred at Bat
that he gave her timore and General Managr l1ix
rt's money. Received and Receipted for the
KILLED SELF. Property.
~me y a Inane New York.-Followinlg a protracted
me byinll san session of the directors of the Sea
sezdwith an in-. board Air Line railway, this state
EdwrdJ. eryment was issued:
thisr citry, o "A meeting of the directors of the
this wociy, soet Seaboard Air Line railway was held
omited suicide in anticipation of turning over of its
int hi hert.property to the company by the..e
ntoe hin e rry's Iceivers. S. Davies Warfield, one of
Sthree children ithe receivers of the executive comn
nd acribIn w it.tee, and chairman, sai-d that the
ter, criben ich~~' circular which the directors ,bad or
not finten months dered to be sent all the employees
not dined ttElhiz- provided that until further notice all
1, ie atth ho- persons who at the time of the trans
fer were officers or employes of the
s toBeynd. receivers, are continued as COrres
-W ilamonTorrey ponding officers or employees of the
d States Commis. Seaboard A'r Line railway, with cor
ndied here 01 responding titles and the same comn
Harrs, fom ~ pensations and duties as at present,
ntedentfrom h1 the purpose being to maintain the or
. Lsanfrmg'anization which has produced such
nied Saecon'excellent results during the receiver
Fodton. for rehie .she meeting of the 'stockholders
ounain for the Iwill be held at Petersbu g, Va., No
suc rcoltonvember 11, when some acio as to a
Railroad Fare Refunded Within J
Fare One Way
Here Is ~T
Buy $25 worth for cash, all a
and part at another, within thr
chants named below. Not nec
Get Rebate Book 'with first pi
corded and when $25 worth is
book to Secretary of Retail Me
of Railroad Fare.
Buy, Frpm A
China, Glassware, Etc.
Gilreath-Durham Co.
Drugs and Sundries.
Bruce & Doster Drug Co.
Dry Goods, Notions, Etc.
J. Thos. Arnold Co.
Barr's Dry Goods.
R. L. R. Bentz.
Hobbs-Hend*erson Co,
Hovey Smith.
C. D. Stradley & Co.
Furhiture, Etc.
L. A. James.
Symmes-Browning Co.
E. S. Poole.
Buggies, Wagons, Etc.
Markley Hardware & Manufacturing Co.
R. N. Tannahi!l Co.
If you don't undersfant
Information Ch
DReefille Retail 0I4
OiC over Sii & 'BrisIol. C
newr exective may be tfaken.
- Where Transfer Occurred.
Baltimore.-The transfer of the Sea
board Air Line railway from its re
ceivers to the directors of the corn
pany took place In the office of the
receivers in the Continental build
receipted for the physical properties Have you i
and Treasurer Nutt and Secretary others but let m
Porteous, of the railroad company,
the other assets, amounting to about No. 2 [. 24
$12,000,000, the bulk of which repre- Cleared, I5 acre'
sents the proceeds of the sale of ..
$18,000,000 of adjustment ,5 per cent original forest;
bonds. new 7-room hoi
Out of this the compauy will pay mile from churc
approximately $11,400,000, being the Some of this lai
outstanding and floating debt1,320 em
Georgia Division * of Confederate cleared, balance
Daughters Elect Officers, torn land, smal
West Point, Ga.-Miss Alice Bax-bu odVau
ter, of Atlanta, was reelected presi- bu od au
dent of the Georgia division of Uni- Nomy
ted Daughters of the Confedieracy, at - W my
their convention here. Other officers acres Close to tC
were elected as follows: First Vice that you were v
President, Miss Anna Benning, Co- Real Estafe line
lumbus; Second Vice President, Mrs. m l. I Y(
Walter Lamar, Macon: Third Vicemyls.I Y
President, Mrs. Trox Bankston, West Yours to
Point; Recording Secretary, Mrs. E.
K. ove'rstreet, Sylvania; Correspond- Or a goo
ing Secretary, Miss Sallie Malone, At
Augusta; Register, Mrs. Lee Tram
mell, Madiscn; Historian, Miss Mil- I
dred Rutherford, Athens; Auditor,
Mrs. V. Z. Walker, Cantoin. "Tl H. E
The next meeting will be held at ~ _
Cartersville. Ox 264.
Many MiIlions for Charity.
New York.-John Steward Kenine-,
dy, one of America's little-known rich
men, who died of whooping cough in,
New York, left more than $25,000,000
to religious, cliaritable and education
al institutions in his will. .The gift
is the largest singie contribution of W
its kind ever made,. and the benefi
ciaries Include fifty-nine educational
and church instituflons in all parts
of the U~nited States and one abrlad.
For An Immovable Easter- Dr. I. E- r
Berln.-The general synod of th ickens two da
stae huch asaprovd inprl- .Monda, 0v
ple the suggestion to fix by' ligislad ~o t Cen H
an immovable date to be observd Libert g
as Easter Sunday. This Is SUz&1 ~ w~
as a convenience to both'tfle cihloc s at
and the public. -r Dry dr~~ - ConSt
president of the superiorc Dr 01~
that the council ha the jwhstte uSd
?adius of 40 Miles;
Paid for distance Over 40 Miles.
he Plan:
t one time, or part at one time.
,e months from any of the mier
essary to buy all at one store.
irchase, have -each purchase re
intered in Book take or send
rchants' Association for amount
ry of These.
Hall Brothers.
J. 0. Jones & Co.
L. Rothschild.
Smith & Bristow.
Stewart, Anderson & Merritt.
Jewelry, Etc.
Bruns-McGee Co.
Lumber, Etc,
Oregon Lumber Co.
Office Supplies.
Seybt-Lanford Co.
Millinery, -Coat Suits.
TThe Ayers Co.
Americus Shoe Co.
Henderson-Ashmore Co.
Pride, Patton & Tillman.
, write the Secretary.
eerfully Given.
ir. 19l ad wasixIbol Stests.,.I
urchased that farm yet? I have- a number of
e call your attention to
o acres 5% miles from Pickens; 75 acres is
;in fine bermuda pasture wired in, balance in
8 to 1o acres of branch bottom land, good
ise, complete gpod barn and out-buildings; M4
T11 mile to school, convenieut to gin, mill, etc.
id will make a bale of cottorf per acre. Price
.Come let me show you this, you will like'it.
> acres, 6 miles northwest of Court House; %
in original forest; about 6 acres of good bot
I -room house. Some of this land is rolling
at $16'per acre.
e it was a town lot already improved, or a few
wn that you could improve to suit yourself,
ranting: Come to see me for anything in the
.I have a number of desirable properties on
satisfy your demands for investment,
-1 Home.
Pickens, S. C.
.the well-kn~own' German Specialist will be in
ymat the above dates-office at Hiawatha HoteL.
ber 15th at Clemson College Hotel.
tlTuesday November 16th./
ensda the 17th at the hotel.
er from eye trouble and need glasses, whicfi thea
the most reasonable prices, should consult t0"
,ltationl Free. Remember the dates and~J
imm does not call from house to 1~
-;mice will kindly call at abov -

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