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6RS Senineli 'nl
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A mitielJura a
g entne14ounal Company, o
~. J,. 0. -rsOxPso1. roa a
00LOPer Azum. P
rerljng Bates Beseonble. h
zBas as meaans FiStofEet 80aM Reclasoa
Diet at the home of his son
Ijwin our city, Friday mor
meg~ Uncle Jere" Looper, aged
eghty-seven years.
H'e-'as a man of generous
uimplses and never forgot the
hospftablp ways of the pioneer.
The strang, eventhough a
never failed to find food
3an shelter if he sought it at.his
hands,.and hewas at home by
the bedside of the sick and de
lighted in all kind nd neighbor
ly offices. He had borne adver
sity bravely and enjoyed pros
perity quietly. He had filled
the various relations of life, as
son, husband, father, brother,
friend, and filled them well.
Who can do more?
But he is- gone! Anothet
name is stricken from the ever
lessening roll of our old settlers,
and a solitary woman in the
sunset of life, and a lonely home
are left to attest how sadly they
wil miss him. It must be so;
thesetender human ties cannot
be severed without a pang. Yet
in such a death there is really
no Icause for grief. His life
work was done, and well done.
He had passed his golden wed
ding day and wearied with life's
duties and cares, wearyof suf
ferig -and awaiting, he lay
down to rest,
He was a man of excellent
habits, fine moral character,
and sturdy constitution, and he
continued to be active in his ac
customed pursuits till long past
the age at which men ordinarily
drop out of the ranks as workers.
To this end there is no doubt1
that his sunshiny disposition
largely contributed. There was
a daily beauty about his life1
which won every heart. .In .
temperament he was mild, con
ciliatory, and candid;' and yet
remarkable for an uncomprom
ising fties
He beived in +he fatherhood
of God and the brotherhood of
'mana. He believed that the man
who scatters flowers in the path- ~
way of his fellowmen, who lets
into the dark places of life the
* sunshine of human sympathy
and human happiness, is follow
ing-in the footsteps of his master.
How much this community
oweshim and such as lie, it is
impossible to estimate, though
it would be a grateful task to
trace his influence through some
of the more direct channels, to
hold him up in his various char-'
acters of husband and father,
of neighbor and friend, but it1
comes not in the scope of this
brief article to do so. Suffice it'
Rto say, he lived nobly and diedt
peacefully attflieripe age of 87 2
years. The stern Reaper found
him, "as a shock of corn, fully:
ripe for the harvest.
*Few of uswill live as long or
as well, and fewer yet will the
Angel of Death greet with such
a loving touch.
Jerre Looper
On Saturday, the 20th of No
vember, 1909, they took Jerre
Looper from his home in Pickens
and put himin the cemetery at ~
Secona. On the morning before 2
the candle spluttered and burn
Led low. The light of life went 6
out. Many friends and neigh- I
bors followed his ashes to the i
tomb. The preachers made
nice speeches about his life, but
they did not tell its great lesson. 1
They forgot to say "that at<
evening time it shall be light."
He lived eighty seven years in
Pickens county where he was
born.,' Nearly everbody knew
him! He was not orthodox
eithe in politics or religion, but
all lhe was honest. From'
him; he was a Unionist.
mad with people ~
hen his state ~
K i scand Ste
* 'tives. l
at and signed a deed conveying
i1 his slaves to Abraham Lin
)ln and with the deed sent a
,tter telling the President he
)uld pay for them at such time
5 it suited the Goverment.
fter the war he was a pro
ounced republican, and as un
Dpular as 'such politics was in
is section, he offended no one.
[e was always more of a white
an than anything else. When
asconstruction came he lined up
rith his neighbor democrats and
oted and worked for Wade
[ampton. He always preached
rhite supremacy and was un
ompromisi g ~in his oppbsition
) any alliance with the negro in
bape orform, or for any purpose.
le was neVer afraid to speak in
ublic and always had a respect
al hearing. His honesty and
arnestness commanded it. He
ould differ from his neighbox
a politics or religion and still
iave his respect and friendship.
His idea of who and What the
Inited States ought to have foi
"resident was fully met in the
ilection of William H. Taft.
le predicted that his adminis
ration would wipe out the lasi
estige of sectional prejudice and
egin the greatest reforms that
tad ever been undertaken in the
ation. He wrote the President
o this effect from his sick room,
nd received a most kindly reply
ver the Presidents own signa
No disaster, no disaprointment
ver made him grieve or sulk.
is cup of joy was always full,
nd he always wished to share
t with others. Thiigk of a joy
ul life of four score years and
what it meant to every life it
ouched. Count the good it did
f you can; then count the stars.
le had a most happy and affa
)le way of argument that nevei
rave offence. His gospel waE
he gospel of help!
He always had an unmaster
ng faith in the unbounded
nercy of God. He cherished an
mshaken belief in the Father
iood of God and the Brother
iood of man. For the same
eason that the majority of
>rthoddx christains accepted doc
rine of eternal pun;1shment, h(
ejected it. His inspiration ol
iope to many will be long chei
shed. When the light of this
ife grew dim he saw the dawn
>f the life to come and accepted
alvation as offered in the New
'estament. Fully conscious tc
he last, he left to his loved ones
his sWeet assurance, He over
ome. "To him that overcom
th, I will give the morning
tar." The evening star is
right, but it goes down behind
he darkened west. The morn
ag star melts away in the
irightness of heaven.
A Friend'
Thanksgiving is here andthous.
.nds will be rembered and made
tappy on this day by the chari
y loving people of the dear oli
Tnited States. The poor, thosE
ho are in jail and the orphans,
tone will be forgotten except
hose "down in the asylum.'
iot even, our governors wil.
speak of them in their annua]
;roclamations. But friends
on't forget your loved ones wh,
ire insane. Not all of them are
-aving maniacs, and oh how~
heir hearts ache for home and
oved ones on this day! I wish~
: had the power to portray tc
rou in all of its intensity the
>rayers, tears and heartaches
hat go up from those places on
hanksgiving day. I wish ]
ould picture to you the empty
arms that are stretched home
fard aud fall helpless at the
ide at the realization of the
iopelessness, "the brokeni pin
ns" that beat helpless against
he prison bars.
In our own asylum at Colum
ia not even the menu will be
:hanged, not a dainty morsel
ior flower will be sent in from
he city except to those in auth
Citizens of South Carolina
irouse yourselves! It's highgas1
rou were taking some i
ind pride in the institod in7"
arepaying taxes to }atde eight col
n your relatives yoca bse
here. 'among 17
PAR te that any
- AIR B as been sA
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you feel better one day, then as bad as ever the next. It
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i"" YOU D1WP
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Next Door to Meat Market. Pickens, S. C.
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agerresl NuI allvs CD
R. E. LEWIS, Ph. 0., Proprietor
~Next Door to Post Office. 4..Pickens, S. C.
Choice. Residence lots.
Satlrday, Deceniber 4th, 10:30 a. m
On the above date we are going to sell at apution
to the highest bidder about 50 of the best residence
lots to be had in the town of Easley, S. C, This pro
perty has been consigned to us to be sold absolutely
regardless of price and it is goisng to- chagng'
no matter what it brings. Your price will be our
this sale. Penny and Thomas, the four twins, who'
manage our auctioneering department, will conduct
the sale and lots will be sold at the rate of one a min
ute. Music will be furnished by the AMETICAN
CERT BAND and a big time for all is expected.
Come out and see the twin auctionecers,- hear th~m
each spea~k at the same time and in the same tone of
voice. See the Thomas brothers, the t wins who assist
in the sales. Don't forget the day and fail to be on
band. The lots will be sold on very easy terms and
it will be a chance of a life=timne, a golden opportuni
y, to make an investment that will pay you a hand
some profit in a short time.
Remember the day: - Saturday. The date: December 4th,
and don't fail to attend. Rain or shine we sell lots.
Amnericall Auction aild Realty Co.,
COLOR in Fabrics
Will be a marked feature of the fall
- ~ and winter season; a great variety
of beautiful patterns is being shown..
Some of the new colorings are so
attractive that men are apt to neg-?J%~
/ lect the plain blue serge or black
'l hibet.
We advise you to have at least
one good blue 0r black suit, in ad
dition to the fancy,, colored weaves; j : ~
I i/ and a black or Oxford Gray Over
coat, in addition to the fancy fabric. -
liii jThis permits a change, and gives
/11 ~ each suit a rest; to get cleaned and *
I h pressed. It prolongs the life of all __
your clothes, to treat them this way.
Look into our show windows, you will see -there a display of new models from some ot
he foremost makers, they represent the latest fashions, and you will spot them at once as
nnners, Yours to please,.
@rlEE1LLdE, S. C.

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