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Picklles Sentine1jounal
(Some Tings You Know and Some
You Don't Know At. Our
Towns, County & People k
-Miss Norma Griffin, of Pick
ens, is assisting the teacher with
the school at Cateechee.
-Mrs. M. M. Grinnell, of At
lanta, is visiting the family of
W. H. Ashmore, in Pickens.
-Married on November 13th
by Rev. B. C. Atkinsrn, Miss A.
C. Youngblood to J. E. Kay.
-9ne good Mare for sale-six
years old-work anywhere, and
afraid of nothing.
F. W. Whitmire.
-All signs, if we may believe
the weather prophets, point to
an unusually severe and mild
-It is said a man will rust out
quicker than he'll wear out. Did
you ever know a town loafer to
die? Sit down and think.
-And the stained and dogtail
cotton is being rushed on the
- iarket. The price is holding
up fairly well.
1 -The goat is the best fitted
Ihimal for butting in, but he
Aoesn't use his privileges half as
f uch as does his two-legged
-The latest style of plowing
we read of is done by hitching
an automobile to an ordinary
turner and saying "gid dap" to
jthe fellow at the wheel.
-For Rent: a good 2-horse
farm, grist mill, ginnery and
saw mill, all in firstclass order.
Applyto Mrs.-A. '. Kpv, Easley,
I. C., kAR.-D...
Miss Stella Falls. a most.
charming young lady of Central,
spent last week in Pickens, the
guest of her friend, Miss Chris
tine Sutherland.
-Lost: Leather pocket book
either on streets of Pickens or
at depot on 20th inst. Contain
ed 2 $10 bills, 2 $1.00' bills and
1 2 $bill. Leave at this office and
get reward.
-Married on Sunday night at
eight o'clock' at the home of the
officiating minister, Rev. B. C.
'Atkinson, Mr. Luther Dillard
-and Miss Louella Bell, all of
Pickens county.
-When the time for the next
assessment of real estate comes
around it is hoped an effort will
be made to make the assessment
uniform and fair. This applies
to both town and county.
-Mr. J. M. Nealy has been
dealing ln real estate recently,
his latest purchase being the J.
T. Youngblood home ~place in
West Pickens. This is a desira
ble piece of property.
-Town creek school will open
next Monday, the 29th instant,
wvith Miss Essie Kelley as the
teacher. The patrons and pu
pils are urged to be on hand
promptly on the opening day.
-All pesons holding due bills
against the mill for flour will
-bring same in by 15th of De
cember for redemption. All
owing me please settle by that
date. G. F. Freeman, Town
Creek Roller Mill.
-Lost on last Thursday, be
tween Pickens and the Ambler
place, one dark overcoat, left
pocket torn down a piece, pair
gloves and scarf in the pockets.
Return to W. H. (Bunk) Crane,
or to this office and get reward.
-When you trade with any
of our advertisers, either at
home or abroad, just tell them
"I saw your ad in the "Sentinel
Journal~." By doing so you will
get a little better bargain, and
besides, be helping your home
paper-try it.
-The Pickens Railroad has
changed schedule. Effective on
Nov. 25th train No. 1 leaves at
6:30 a. in., arriving at Easley at
~7.00 a. in.; train No. 5 leaves at
3:15 p. in., arriving at-Easley at
2:50 p. m. The arrival and de
parture of the other trains is not
-The "ground puppy" or
"mole cricket" is "hoodooed" at
last. Beat to a powder moth
balls and after the earth is weli
worked up open the space for
plant with trowel or dibble and
sprinkle in a good pinch of the
nowde~r and set plant in hole and
Spupies and cutworms will 'steer
car of your garden.
-Some of our local weather
prophets differ with those of the
'Dark Corner" about this going
A to be a mild winter. They
assign several reasons for their
conclusions based on "what old
people say." Old people can
perhaps tell what has been, but
they know as little about the
future as anybody else. The
abundant crop of leaves on the
trees, shucks on the corn and
certain movements of the birds
-are with some people infallible
Sproof ofa severe winter. For
all such "rot" we have a su
preme contempt. It's supersti
tion-, pure and simple.
-This weather is just splen
-Rev. Joseph M. Boroughs,
of California, who has been visit
ing in the county for some time,
will preach his farewell sermon
to his friends and the public in
general, at Salem Church on
Sunday the 21st. All his rela- s
tives, friends and tho public are
invited. Rev. M. Boroughs will 0
leave on Tuesday for Pickens.
and on the 30th will start for I
his home in California.-Farm I
& Factory.
-Mrs John Craig and littleson
of Walhalla spent the week-end
in Pickens with her mother-in
law, Mrs M. M. Craig and the
families of her brothers-in-law,
E. H. and J. B. Craig. As Miss 2
Fleta Henry, she was, before a
marriage, one the most popular e
members of the younger set of I
3eneca. Her friends in Pickens I
was truly delighted to ee her i
nce again. She is truly a hand- t
ome matron.
-Farmers. quit complaining e
:nd go to boosting, put on your t
good clothes when you go td
bown and look prosperous. Quit E
accusing the merchants and a
pinners of keeping you poor.
Really there isn't a word of a
bruth in it. Neither the mer- a
hants nor manufacturers could I
ive if it were not for you, and c
In nine cases out of ten they
started poor boys. Let's all t
Ihree join hands and each work t
Eor the interest of all. a
-Last Mor d ty Mr. J. T. e
angston, of Plckens, received a a
belegram conveying the sad in
belligence that his brother B. A. T
Langston, had died at 5:30 that
morning at his home in Eureka I
Springs, Ark., at the age of 60 s
Fears. He was born and raised
n this county and left here 36 '
Fears ago, nevet returning to t
7isit relatives. He, leaves a wife I
md five children, two brothers
d four sistsrs living, who, with
nany relatives and friends
nourn his death. Being raised
n this county many of our older
eaders will remember him. The
ympathy of many friends is C
mxtended the bereaved family in s
his their hour of sorrow.
-R. E. Martin, an aged man
who lives in the Anderson Mill L
Village,. told his daughter not to
)o to church last Sunday night.
is daughter went to church,
1evertheless. And when the
foresaid daughter returned
~rom church, Mr. Martin was.
iot "waiting at the church,"
ut waiting on the porch for her.
e called her to him and there
re those who said in police
~ourt Tuesday morning that
~hey heard the blows from a
eather strap as they descended
2pon the disobedient daughter's
person. Therefore Mr. Martin
was fined $20, when he was r
brought to trial.-Anderson In- t
Card of Thanks. I
To the friends who came to t
as in our hour of trouble, and a
contributed all that human kind
ness could suggest, to help and
comfort, we return most heart- '
felt thanks, and although such E
devoted friendship cannot re- t
move the sad memories that ;
linger around our vacant chair, g
it brings into view the brightest
side of humanity, and throws
the pure light of an unselfish t
friendship into a darkened home. s
May the day be far distant when t
those friends who gathered
around us will need similar at
tention, but when the time I
comes may they receive the same c
full measure of generous aid t
and tender sympathy they t
brought to our home when death
was an inmate there.
Mrs. J. Looper and children.
Layman's Missionary Rally
School Auditorium
Pickens, S. C.
Nov. 28th 1909.
10:30 a. m. Devotional and song t
service for 30 minutes by C. E. i
11 a. m. Address by Hon. J.
A. McCullough, Greenville, on
the Layman's Missionary Move
3:00 p. m. Devotional and song.
service for 30 minutes by Prof.
R. C. Burts.
3:30 p. m. Address: Judge J.1
I. Gentry, Spartanburg, on Lay-1
man's Movement and Baraca
Phil athea work.
Ofrn.NIGH T.
7:00 Devotional and song ser
vice for 30 minutes by T. J.
7:30 Address: Mr. George C.
Hodges, Greenwood, Layman's1
Misionary Movement.
There will be no -Sunday
School or other services in any
of the Churches next Sunday.
The day will be given altogether
to the consideration of the Lay
man's Missionary Movement. I
This meeting is for the benefit,
of the whole county and it is
hoped that representatives from
all the churches will attend.
The following committee on
recetion and entertainments are
equested to look after the dele
:ates and visitors: Ernest Fol
:er, chrm., Clifton Bolt, Furman
lolder, O. T. Hinton, Bert Jones,
Vyatt Jennings and C. E. Rob
ason, Jr.
The following committees are
equested to be present at each
ervice next Sunday.
To distribute cards and envel
0. T. Hinton, Bert Jones,
)wight Attaway and Furman
To receive the offerings:
J. McD. Bruce, H. M. Hester,
A. Peek and J. T. Taylor.
Meeting of W. 0. W. Camp.
A Meeting of Keowee Camp,
lo. 406, W. of W., will be held
,t their camp in the forest, Pick
nsS. C., on next Tuesday night,
Tovember 30th, at 7:30 o'clock*
L full attendance of Sovereigns
desired as matters of impor
ance is to come up.
There are policies to be deliver
d and those expecting same are
[rged to be on hand.
New members are to be induct
d into the camp and they are
sked to be on hand promptly.
Applications for membership
,re to be received and members
,nd committees having these ap
>ications in chargeare asked to
ome early.
The reading and adoption of
he constitution and by-laws of
he local camp will be called for
,nd all members should be pres
nt to take part in its discussion
nd approval.
.Lst, and most important is
ayment of dues on assessment
o. 230. which must be collected
y that time, or camp will stand
The charter closes at this meet
g and each member is urged
> bring all the new timber with
im he can get.
M. C. Smith,
Consul Commander.
L. 0. Thompson, Camp Clerk.
Jere McMahan to Marry.
The many friends in Pickens,
f Jere B. McMahan, private
cretary to Congressman Geo.
. Legare, will read the'follow
ag announcement with pleas
The marriage of
Jeremiah B. McMahan
Mary Cecilia Keelan
will be solemnized
St. Patrick's .Church
Charleston, S. C.,
b'ursday Morning. Dec. 2, 1909,
at 7 o'clock.
Jere's friends in Pickens send
ongratulations and best wishes.
A Disastrous Fire
At about 1:30 Wednesday
aorning the Cotton Mill whistle
legan blowing a most distressing
ignal which was soon taken up
>y the Pickens railroad locomo
ive, then the ringing of bells
and the cry of fire! fire!
Soon the people of Pickens
vere awake and scurrying hith
r and thither and all headed
oward the Pickens Lumber Co's.
lant which '-was seen to be on
When the crowd got there
hey found the main building a
olid sheet of flames, so began
o try to pull the various stackE
f lumber lying on the yard to
laces of safety; others of the
rowd began working among
he leaves and underbrush ready
o "back-fire" if necessary,
vhile others paroled the out
krts of the fire-zone and kepi
n eye on the oii mill, depot,
vare houses, cotton platform
and adjacent dwellings.
By close watching, hard work
and a fortunate shift of the
vind the fire was confined tc
he machinery building and
As it was, it was a most dis
strous fire; several car loads of
inished lumber, as well as sev
ral thousand feet of rough tim
>er were quickly eaten up by the
mngry flames. The machinery
s a mass of twisted iron and
teel, though it is said by some
hat it can be reworked over and
1sed again.
The fire is supposed to have
tarted from the engine room,
rnd when discovered by the
atchman at the Pickens Cot
on Mill was just ready to bursi
hrough the roof.
There was no insurance on the
uildngs or machinery and the
OSS is a total one.
The loss -is variously estimated
t from $12,000 to $20,000 al
hough M. J. McD. Bruce, one
f thpvproprietors, said at the
imet that probably $10,9~
vog~ld cover it.
Te loss falls heavily on these
~ertlemen and theirfriends deep
y Sympathise with them in theii
The Farmers I
Located at Central, S. C., at t
Loans and Discounts.................. 854,110
overdrafts . ........................ 71
Banking House .................. 1,591E
Furnture and Fixtures.... ... ...... 1,976
Other Estate.............. ..... 1,30 C
Due from Banks and Trust Companies 19,9' 2
Currency..... .... .............. ..... 10,939 C
Gold .. .................. .... ....... 150 C
Silver and other Coin ....... .... .. .. 3954
Checks and Cash Ttems .. .. .. ....... 1995
Total........ . . ......... 890,771 9
Before me came H J. McGzz, Cashier of t
that the above and foregoing statement is a tr
said Bank.
iSworn to and subscribed before me, this 23t]
W. V. CLAYTON, Directors.
Come And See Me.
I want all my customers wh<
owe me to come at once and pa3
up their accounts, as I need th<
money. A change in my busi
ness necessitates my collecting
every cent that is due me by thi
20th instant. I thank you fol
your past patronage and wil
certainly appreciate a quic
settlement. Respectfully,
F. W. Whitmire.
For Sale.
I will sell at Public Auction o1
Saturday Dec. 4 at ten o'cloc
1909, at my residence: 1 mule:
years old, works good to ani
thing; 1 horse 6 years old, 2 twc
horse wagons, 1 single open tol
buggy as good as new, 1 milcd
cow, 1 heifer yearling, about 3
bushels corn, about 7 bushell
cane seed, about 25 gallons syru'
about 2 or 3 loads of hay an(
fodder, 1 canning outfit, 1 sew
ing machine, and a lot of othei
things. This will be a cash sal
to the highest bidder.
J. L. Ramey.
For Sale.
A seventy-nine acre farm, on
and one half miles from CateE
chee Cotton Mill. Two houses
about 50 acres open; well water
ed: on public road. Will cut i
into small tracts. Terms reason
able, prices low. Other land
for sale in the community
Come to see me if you want i
J. C. Garrett.
I Trespass Notice.
All persons are hereby warned an
forbidden from hunting. fishing, cuttin
timber, letting out fire, making or cu
tng byroads, or in any manner wha
soever trespassinlg upon any of ou
premises under penalty provided by lay
Jese Jones -W. E. C-renshas
C. B. Finley ' W- C. Finle
. A. Finley R E. Steel
B F. Alexander A. P. Alexand4
T.A, Stewart J. D. Mlauldi
W. P. McKee J- L. McKa
P. S. Robins B. D. Mauldi
C. M. Mauldia Mrs. Sue Crai
Mrs. Gussie Alexander C. M. Steel
.0. Stewart R. G. Gain4
(T. G. Oliver manager)
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
ALL persons holding claims ,againi
the estate of the late A. M. Garrel
must present the same duly prover c
or before the 1st day of Decembe
1909, or be debarred payment; and al
persons indebted to said estate, mui
make payment on or before the abov
date. to the undersigned.
J. R. Garrett.
Notice of Final Settlement and Dii
NOTICE is hereby given that I wi
make application to J. B. Newberr
Esi., Judge of Probate for Picker
county, in the State of South Cai-olins
on the 16th day of Dec. 1909, at I
o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon ther,
after as said application can be hear<
for leave to make final settlement of tl1
estate of J. E. Boroughs deceased, an
obtain discharge as administrator<
said estate. J. H. Boroughs,
Notice of Final Settlement and Dii
N OTICE is hereby given that I wi
wake applicatien to J. B. Newberr
Esq., Judge of Probate for Picker
county, in the State of South Carolint
on the 4 day of Dec. 1909, at 11 o'cloc
in the forenoon, or as soon thereafter a
said application ca'n be beard, for leas
to made final Lettlement of the estate<
W. H. Reid deceased, and obtai
discharge as admmnistrater of said estatt
H. T. Pace.
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newberry, Probate Judge:
WHEREAS, J. R. Kirksey mad
suit to me, to grant him letters <
Administration of the estate and effec
of MrS. F. A. E. Kirksey..
These are therefore to site and at
mojish all and singular the kindre
and creditors of the said Mrs. F. A.]
Kirksey deceased, that they be ax
appear before me, in the Court of Pr<
bate, to be held at Pickens on the 9:
day of Dec. 1909 next after publicatic
hereof, at 110o'clock in the forenoon, t
show cause if any they have, why ti
said admmistration should not beg~
Given under my hafdC thiis the
day of Nov. Anno r ominm 1909.
J. B, NEWBERY. [Beal]
J. 1P. P. C.
Philaelphia Life Insuanc
Desirs a District Agent for Picker
County South Caaolina.
Only representative men of standin
in their community are requested to af
'~Philadelphia Life Ins. Co.
-North Ameri'can Bldg.,
Philadelphit, Pa.
ank of Central,
e close of business Nov. 16, 1909. 1
CapitaldStock Pid In........... 5-000-00. .
5 Undivided Profts, less Current Ex
7 and Taxes Paid............ .. 1.54494 D
5 Inividual Deposits '....:-..... 40,5 71 0
0 Time Certificates of Deposit ......... 9,524 5
3 Cashier'sChecks..... ...... ...... 1.177 82 F
0 Bills Payable. including Certificates 0
0 for Money Borrowed, 13,00000,
1 G
5 Si
6. C
9 Total................. .... 90m 99
he above named Bank, who, being duly sworn, says I
ie condition of said Bank, as shown by books of c
H. J. McGEE.
i day of Nov, 1909. C
[Seal.] J. H. RAMSEUR Notarv Puclic, S. C. y
Statement of the Conditien of
noi 7arl all morn ts Balk
located at Liberty, S. C.,
at the close of business Nov. 16th 1909
, Loans and Discounts........ $18.927.36
> Overdraft...... 71.41
' Banking House............. 1,791.79
. Furnitute and Fixtures,...... 1,301.66
1 Due from Banks and Trust
L Companies................6,892.55
Currency.................... 427-00
Silver and other Coin........ 40165 I
Total.................... .29.820.42'
Capital Stock Paid Iu........ $9,030-00 S
1 Undived profits less Currant Ex.
[ penses and Taxes Paid.... 493.84 8
3 Individual Deposits Subject to
Check..... .......... 19,14981
r Time Certificates of Deposi.. 6-3.70
- Cashier's Checks............ 4L.07
Total .................. $29,820.42 f
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
3 Before me came W. H. Chapman 'V
p Cashier of above named bank, who, be- d
ing duly sworn, says that the above and
foregoing statement is a true c..ndition I
- of said bank, as shown by the books of
said bank W. H. Chapman.
3 Sworn to and subscribed before me,
this 23th day of No,. 1909.
Notary Public.
T. N. HUNTER, Directois
8 M. A. BOGGS.
Statement of the Condition of
The Pickens Bank
Located at Pickens. S. C.,
S at the close of business Nov. 16th 1909.
- Loans and Discounts..... $142,543 45
L Demand Loans............ 15,000.00
Overdrafts................ 5,920.39
Banking House............ 1,125.75
Furniture and Fixtures. .. 1.574.28
Other Real Estate......... 3,605.00
Due from Bangs and Trust
dCompanies............ 31,944.52
dCurrency................. 8,500.00
KGold.................... 1,500.00
SSilver and other Coin... 1,05.3.10
SChecks and Cash Items.... 590.00
-* Total............... $213,856. 49.
SCapital Stock Paid In.... $ 20,500.00
eUndivided Profits, less Cur
ePaid................. 27,188.38.
Due to Bank ana Trust
SCompanies ......... 818.04
eIndividnal Deposits subject
s to Check.... .......... 89,148 04
Savings Deposits...... .... 75,000.00
-Cashier's Checks..........702.03
Total............... $213,356.49
t State of South Carolina,
t County of Pickens.
n Before me came L. M. Mauldin, cash
r ier of the above named bank, woo,
.1 being <iuly sworn, says that the above '
t and foregoing statement is a true con
e dition of said bank, as shown by rthe
books of said bans.
Sworn to and sabscribed before me,
- this 23th day of Nov. 1909.
.G. E. HENDRICKS, (seal)
Notary Public for South Carolina.
[ J. P. CAREY.
yJ. M'D. BRUCE, ~.Directors,
1 Statement of the Condition
SKeowee ISank,
d located at Pickens, S. C.,
f at the close of business Nov. 16th 1909.
Loans tand Discounts..... 19,675. 91
Demand Loans,........ 3,300.00
Overdrafts,................. 4.50
F arniture and Fixtures. 1,933.99
l Due fom Banks and Trust
y Comnpanies............. 13,483. 64
s Currency................. 7,O'-0.00
L, Gold................. .... 300 00
k Siver and other Coin... 334.00
e Total............. . .43,032.04
n Capital Stock Paid In.... 8:2,230.00
a. Undivided Profite, less
Current Expens s and
Tax Paid........'.... 586.81
- Due to Banks and Txrust Com
Individual Deposits subject
to Check............... 23,442.05
* Saring Deposaits 3,100.0' .
Gf ashier's Lhecks........... 49 87
Total................. %4 032.0P4
-State of South Carolina,
d County of Pekeas.
-. Before~ me came M. C. Sm'ih Cash
ier of the above name.l bank, who, 5
bing duly sworn, savs that the above
h and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of sa d bank, as shown by the j
books of said bank..
e M. C Smith.
SSworn to and s.bscribed beiore me.
this 20 day of Nov. 1909.
2 B. 'F. Parsons,
Notary Public.
R. E. BRUCE, ~.Directors
i M. c. SMITH.)s
Prof essional. Cards
Picikens.-S. C.
Onfie over Pickens Bank.
-ocated at Liberty, S. C.. at t
"ans aud Discounts..........
emau . Loans................. .,5
verdr ts................. .... 3,72
anking House ................ 1
urniture and Fixtures ........... 1,666
ue from Banks and Trust Companies 23,183 4
urrency .......... ............... 3,605(
ld......................... ..... 250(
Iver and other Coin ...............7-811
becks and Cash Items ..............115
Total....... .. ..................... 104.888
Before me came H. C. SHILEY, Cashier
LYs the above and foregoing Statement Is aI
f(said Bank.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 23t]
r T. O'DELL,
C. SILIRLEY, .Directofs.
A. K.
Dry Goods, Sho
o the readers of the
You are hearing of HIGHI
believe Cotton will be highe
ave bought one of the la
oods-piece goods, nmen's ai
hoes-in a word, a stock of
enegal public, that I have ev
)OSITIVELY that my prices
oods LOWER than last seat
I do not advertise to give 2
>r 5c.-I can't do that. I
RICES with the "give away
alues, I will not ask you to 1
.o all I can, LEGITIMATEL
Dependable Goods.
A Fair Deal.
A. K.
West End. m
They are here
Watch us.
nasonic Building
Call and
40C per box:
barb wire
A full line<
at the sani
Rikens ft
eal Estate 2
Four nice building lois
treer, Terms to suit purchat
If you. desire to buy lani
,ared to meet your wants, a
Loing so.
List your land or any pr
nce with us.
WVe have town lots and
Don't fail to see us when
*We will be atyouseri<
eli ours.
~Yours for business and f
UlaIn St. F
'Phone No.4. 0
2Number 27
0 In Y.
0 Bis
0 Mone -
2 Total
of the above
rue condition of
i day of Nov. 10. 40 Mile
W H (I
[LLE, S. tore.
is, Underwna
Sentinel-Journal: ut
R prices. I am glad tos
r. 1am also glad to say ti
rgest and best selected stock.
id, women's underwear,bhnk
zoods suited to -the need of
er had, and I say to you
are NO HIGHER, and ai n e
way goods-to sell a 1oc.
lut compare MY GOODS
3" and if I do not give
)qy. I want your tradeadwillA
V, to get it. 1 comis y u
Your Ioieys NI
and still coming.
D rug Co
buy your
Shelis i
boxes for 75c.
>f all kinds of
e low prices,
on Lewis eet doa
Lor lots, see, us. We -are
ndwil ta~geat plasure n
:perty you wish to dispose ofa~
many county plantations Mr sale
in need of, Real Estate.
:e, always, to yogi property; or~ to~
nr treatment. -
fce o

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