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16'l ,S Ye ii$ 8l-J01Rn
Yo Yonsow nod atSoe
YOR D&i<MioxAboutOft
/Tomns' Coanty & People
--hop early.
-Qhrstmas day is on Satiu
day this year.
-Mr. Tom Clayton, of Cen
tral, visited frien* here las
week.-Farm and Flctory.
'-It costs more for a dull meir
chant to brush the dust 6ff hi
goods than it would to advertiso
and sell them.
-Miss Myra Lou Cochran, 0
Calhoun, visited at the home 0:
Mr. F. 0. Mattison last week.
Farm and Factoiy.
-Miss Beauiah Hawkins, ol
the Central telephone exchange
spent Thanksgiving day with
homefolks.-Farm and Factory
--Mrs. James Myers and littl<
daughter, Helen, of Easley
spent Tha nksgiving with thi
fan ir. John Mlyers.
arid aJaM6 .
-Those who put off t1ie
Christmas shopping until thm
day before, or the week before
Christtmas,- generally are to(
to get the best of the mar
-It is said that the hookworn
produces a lazy dull, stupid
languid, slow effect of its vie
tims. That being the case. wi
are satisfied that several citizen:
of' this town are hookwormy
-Mr. Lawson Bowlin, of Cen
tral, was in the city last week
He is introducing and selling
device which enables the farme
to grade his own cotton. Th<
grader was invented by Mr. L, A
Greene.-Farm and Factory
-Bethlehem school opens naex
Monday, Dec. the 6th with Mist
Bessie Jones as principal and
Miss Minnie Lee Huckaby as
the assistant. The students.
I Mons and friends of thi
schiool are urged to attend or
the opening day.
-Married, on the 2Sth ult.,
by M. F. Hester, N. P., at his
residence in Pickens, Miss Pear
Gilcetrap, grand-daughter of Mr
G. W. Dorr to Mr. Louie Gibson.
Sa son of M'r. D, C. Gibson, ol
near Easley. The happy young
couple are receiving the congra
tiulations of their many friend!
for a long, happy and prosper
ous life.
-Every line in a pewspape:
costs its publisher s'omething
If it is to benefit some individual
he may fairly expect to pa:
something. You do not go int
a grocey store and ask the pro
'>prietor to hand you out 10 pournd
..e~-f sugar for nothing, evei
though the grocer may be a per
sonal friend and even thoug]
4he gift might not be a large one
-For variety one of thes
cold mornings, try this: Pee
some large potatoes and cut
little piece off one end. With;
small knife scoop out the insid
and fill with sausage meat. RE
place the top piece, lay them il
a baking dish with bits of butte
between and salt and peppe
over them, and bake until thc
roughly done. . .
-Our merchants are disp lay
ing a nice line of holiday an
Christmas goods and they woul
Spreciate very much if yol
liidd make your purchases a
erybasyou can. If you do n
caeotake them home wit
.2i~at that time you can leav~
theIU and they will take cai
j f em for you until wantei
e'elrks all will appeciate ver
1ch1 the early shopping mott<
tMaried on Wednesda
'nfing, the 24th ult., at 4:3
,at the home of tb
F bride's parents. Mr. Perry NV
lock, by RvW.C. Seaborr
Thebrll i amostchri
Young~ lady othtsection an
num2bers her friends by tla
5 score The groom, who is a so
SfMr. James Durham, is
youn manof sterling qualitif
andhstrindsare rejoicing wit
him at winning such a charmin
-Shop eary and often.
-D 56you belong to the "Shot
earl'y" club"?
-Tax collections are said- t
be very good.
-Skiddoo! Only 23 days un
til Christmas.
-The merchants are dis
playing their Xmas grods.
-Hunters reports that there,
aie plenty of partridges this fall.
Pijkens will appreciate it if you,
will do your Ohlistmas shopping
- early.
t -Born on the 27th ult., to Mr.
and Mrs. Charlie Ferguson, a
fine boy.
-Miss Maude Hyden, of
Blacksburg, S. C., is visiting the
Misses McDaniel in Pickens.
-Santa Claus will buy all his
toys and useful presents for
good little boys and girls in
Pickens this year.
-It is safe to put your money
into Pickens county real estate.
Prices don't fluctuate. There
is a solidity about it which
makes investments attractive.
-The Pickens Graded School
closed down two days last week
for Thanksgiving, giving the
teachers and pupils a little rest.'
-The clerks in every store in
Mr. S. W. Craig, the p0.ular
clerk for the Anderson Depart
'nent Store, spent Thanksgiving
Day with relatives and friends in
Pickens county.-F.rm and
t Factory.
-W. M. Murphree has two
calves, red and brindle in color,
that have taken up at his house.
Owner can ,et them by calling
on him and paying for this
- notice.
-The annual meeting of
L Pickens Chapter R. A. M. will
be held Friday night, the 4th
instant, for the purpose of elect
ing and installing officers. All
members are urged to be on
hand promptly. By order of B
) Lewis, H. P.; R. R. Roark clerk.
.-Married at the Glenwood
parsonage, Easley, S. C. on Wed
nesday, Nov-. 24th, inst.; by We
AChristopher, Mr. Ernest Hol
combe and Miss Vicie Hill. Mr.
Holcombe is the son of the late
Elias Holcombe and is a worthy
3 young man. Miss Hill is a
1 daughter of Mr. John' Elford
Hill and is'an industrious, ac
complished and beautiful young
woman. They have the best
C wishes of their many friends.
- F. W. Whitmire has sold
his market to F. L. Findley who
took charge the 1st instant. Mr.
Whitmire made many friends
while he ran the market and his
friends are sorry that he has
sold out. Mr. Whitmire has
not yet decided on what he will
do. Mr. Findley comes highly
- recommended as a gentleman
and meat cutter and, no doubt,
1 will take 'well with his patrons,
- and, as soon as the novelty
1 wears off of the change, they
-will like him as well as they did
his predecessor.
1 -The statement of the various
'banks of this county, published
n this paper last week, in com
pliance with the call of the
- State Bank Examiner is the best
1 that has ever been made. The
r statements as usual, showed
r that these ban's are in a health
-ty condition, that the resources
grow steadily greater and that
- these banks are today stronger
in every way than at any time
i in their history. An exami
nation of the statements and a
s comparison with previous state
t ments will show that stockhold
1i ers have every reason to be sat:
e isfied with the management of
e these.institutions.
L -Than~ksgiving Day was gen
Y erally observed in Pickens by
- the banks and merchants, and
the postoffice kept Sunday hours.
0 The rural carriers also got a holi
e day. The Pickens graded
I. school, as usual, observed the
y occasion by giving a holiday
- that day and also on Friday. A
t. number of sportsmen spent te
g day in the fields gunning for
d partridges, rabbits, etc. A un
e ion Thanksgiving service was
n held in the Methodist church.
a The day passed off very quiet.
s We have heard nothing to the
h contrary but that the day was
g thoroughly enjoyed and many
a bontiful dinner spradrl
The profitable Uni6n Than.ks
giving services in the auditoriun
of the school building onThurs
day morning were conducted b:
Rev. J. F. And'erson, the Methc
dist pastor, who preached fron
the 15th and 16th verses of th
last chapter of Hebrews.
Several Clemson student
came over for the entertain
ment given by the pupils of th
High School on Thanksgivinj
Mrs. Rudisill of Kings Moun
tain is visiting her daughter
Mrs. Horace McGee. She is ac
companied by Mrs. S. Maune
and Mrs. Kate Falls, both o
Kings Mountain and aunts o
Mrs. McGee.
Mrs. Worsham of Covington
Ga., is visiting her mother, Mrs
Rochester, who has been ver
sick with typhoid fever.
Some half a dozen of Central'
Shriners attended the exercise
at the laying of the corner-stonr
of the Masonic Temple in Green
ville on Thanksgiving.
Mr. Carlisle Folger of Spartan
burg is spending the holidays a
Dr. I. W. Wingo, pastor of th
Central -Baptist Church, is ii
Greenville recuperating from ai
attack of grip. His pulpit wa
filled last Sunday by Rev. C. W
Mr. C. G. Rowland who ha
been confined for more than i
month with typhoid fever is ou
again among his friend.s
Mr. L. C. Posey of Spartan
burg visited his family Thanks
Mr. R. B. Jarratt has returnet
from a visit to his home in Vir
Mrs. J. F. Anderson and he
two daughters of Pendletoi
spent Thanksgiving day wit]
An Enjoyable School Entertainment a
On Thanksgiving Eve in th
auditorium of the school build
ing at Central, S. C., the pupil
of the High School, consisting
of the eighth, n'inth, tenth, ani
eleventh grades, gave amost'de
lightful entertainment consist
ing of an operetta, dialogues
and drills. The occasion was
most enjoyable one, and wen
far to show how .pupiis, teachers
trustees, and patrons are unitinm
to help along the intellectual ani
moral growth of their school.
After the reading of Georg
Washington's first Thanksgiv
ing Proclamation and a shor
prayer by the Principal, th
eleventh grade girls, assiste'
by some of themembers of th
tenth grade, most creditabl:
acted "School Girls," whereia
the stage, was very pleasing.
This was followed by a delight
ful Thanksgiving operetta, con
sisting of three acts full of en
gaging dialogue and merry an'
fascinating songs rendered b:
the pupils of the eighth an
ninth grades.
Then came a short, humorou
dialogue called "The Peddler,'
in which a "Mr. Watkins,'
whose name was "blown o
every bottle" of the patent medi
cine he sold, ran up against
deaf and dumb man and nearl:
talked a hole through his ea
The last two numbers of th
evening's entertainment consisi
ed of a rainbew and 3. taper di
in which the differently bri]
liantly colored costumes of twen
ty of the High School girls, wh
so gracefully took part therein
showed up most effectively.
The school of Central has gon
forward this year, especiall:
since its removal to the nei
school building, the most hanc
some and complete one in th
county, and by the addition o
the eleventh grade. The increai
ing attendance will necessitat
an augmentation in next year'
teaching force, and every on
looks hopefully to the Institt
tion's continued improvemen1
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
ALL pers ns holding claims agains
the estate of tha late Mary McComb4
must present the same duly proven c
or befove the 15 day of January 19)
oc be debarred payment and all persox
indebted to said estate, must make pa;
ment on or before the above date,
the undersigned.
I. N. Miller,
J. J. Mcc.ambes,
Notice of Final Settlement and Di!
N OTICE is hereby given that I w
znake applicatien to J. B. New beri
Esq., Judge of Probate for Pickex
county, in~ the State of South Carolin
on the 30 day of Dec, 190%. at n1 o'clo<
in the forenoon, or as soon thereafter
said application can be beard. for lea,
to made final settlemcent with my war<
Julia C. Chapmanl et al mmnore and as
to be dismissed as guardian.
Dec. 2 1909 J. A. Whiten,
- -Do your Christmasshopping
early and in your home town.
1 -Mr. Haskell Stone, of Foun
- tain Inn, S. C., is visiting the
r family of his uncle, E. D. Miller,
- of Easley, R. 1.
-Prof. J. H. Carlisle who was
struck by a street car ou Bun
combe street yesterday afte'r
- noon is resting very well at his
home today.-Evening Pied
a mont.
2-Mr. N. C. (Carr) Roper, an
old Confederate veteran, died at
the home of his son-in-law,
Earle Gilstrap, on the 28th ult.,
and was buried the day follow
ing at Tabor church. He leaves
a wife and five children, a sis
ter, Mrs. Wm. Gantt, a brother,
Spencer A. Roper, and a host of
r relatives and friends to mourh
his death.
5 -The Layman's Meeting and
the S. S. Convention, both held
- in pickens last week, were well
attended and greatly enjoyed.
- Much enthusiasm in these causes
b were aroused --and much good
was accomplished. We are sor
ry time, space and sufficient
help is not at our command to
give a synopsis of the entire
-There are few towns where
the stores present a more pleas
b ing appearance than those of our
town. Oqr merchants take a
- pride in the appearance of Itheir
respective places of business and
such pride is certainly commen-'
dable. This is not all, they carry
good, clean stoeks of merchan
SIdise and their reputation for fair
1, dealing draws asplended patro
lj nage from the surrounding terri
t -The Pickens Drug Co. have
received their line of holiday
I novelties, jewelry, bric-a-brac,
- toys and Christmas goods and
. are now placing them on dis
r plav. They also have a
I handsome doll which they are
- going to give away. Every
- purchaser of 25c., or over, of
. goods gets a ticket entitline
L them to a chance at this hand
Ssome present. Dr. Hallum says
,let your motto be "shop early
C and often." Avoid the rush by
i coming soon, before goods are
picked over.
IBankrupt Sale
By virtue of an order of Julius
SH. Heyward, Esq., Referee
in Bankruptcy, I will sell at pub
lic auction in front of the Court
rHouse, at Greenville, S. C., on
1Monday, the 6th day of Decem
ber,1909, at 10 o'clock A.M.,cer
tain property belonging to the
bankrupt estate. of John G.
-Wyatt, and consisting among
other things of the following:
S42 Horses.
20 Buggies.
4 Surreys.
S3 Three-seated hacks.
3 Three-seated carriages.
4 Landaus.
1 One- horse wagon.
5 Two-horse wagons.
LThe above property will be
sold free and clear of all mort
gages and liens, and may be in
spected upon application to me.
Terms are all cash payable at
time of sale.
1 James I. West,
"Trade Follows
the Light"
E The bright streets are the
busy streets-the stores th at
use Ele~ctricity generously, judi
f ciously-for purposes of adver
-tising as well as illumination,
are the ones that get the great
est trade.
Do you know of any big suc
.cessful, progressive stores not
using Electricity for either in
,4terior or exterior lighting.
3 Just think that over.
i A store may shut its doors at
Ssunset. but if its show windows
Jare properly dressed and electri
cally lighted, they are doing as
effective soliciting for the next
jday's business as a corps of
;. salespeople.
The new Tungsten Lamps
will give you mose and bet
y ter light--for less money
is than any other tllamznant,
LWrite or'Phaone for our spec
k lal proposition,.
Ivy Water, Light
and Power Co.
e5 ' .
* 0
LOO 03
A'd om
[email protected] ve ouh
- or oodyad
6c.pe yrd
Yo9a byjs
\for 6c
ic JueR
A0 etrBa
God llwo
Mens al w
ed ouor8c
Don't falt
- Heavy Rain
Hev Ri
Heav Rai
and ice.a
We are giving away a $15 doll, 2.
life size-the prettiest doll e
could buy. Every 25c. cash p
chase of holiday goods gives yo
a chance at it. Be sure and ca
for your numbers or coupons.
Doll can be seen in our show
We have our Christmas gooJo
now. 'We have the largest sto
most *extensive line ever carried. -u
or, any me else in Pickens county.
We show you Dolls and Toys of
nost any description you wali
Bais ;mnge in PSc
price fromlL
Our line of silverware includes knives
and forks, spoons, individual sterling
silver articles; ladles, forks, suar didh
es, butter dishes, spoons, etc. Siker
shaving Mugs and Mirrors are in the
list. Prices range from $1.00 to $8k.00
A fine line of Toilet Sets, Mamire
Sets, Scissors Sets, Chinaware, Iinages,
Vases, Cups and Saucers, Dessert hisM
Writing CasesDol10arriages, Beds; tc 1
t once and get some of the very best values -
n your life. We know yoar can use some of
ide Bleaching- that is worth today r oc., for
[ing, worth today 12%4c., for- xoc. a yard.
as much or just.as little as you want. -
ress Ginghams, worth today 8%4c. a yard,
gs,18 x 36inches for 35c. each..
Blankets for 4pc. each, or 75c. per pa1.
ket for $I.z5 per pair.
1 Blankets for $4.00o per pair.
ol Overshirts, regular price $1.25, to o
see our bargain counter of Oirercoats.
Overcoats for Men for only $3.oo ezch,\
Work Coats, regular price $I25; fcr 89c.
Work Coats; gua prie Sr.o, for 98c.
a good suitof pte 'b~aa come in
-We have someba f1patterns.
a pair of we wli be glad to show*
h worka asn
fLadies that will please you in style 1
to see us.

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