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zom--~ee ~
K~L 1~7 l-*
~ ~b~S
,hof Dec.
its victim,
ihome of his
Mrs. R.
ents -and
to express
to those
dered help
-needy hour.
ed fourfold
Dr. J. A.
that was in
pty now,
laid by,
a father's joy
doth lie,
to your home,
bat soon the
e when sad,
no more,
T. B. Burns,
R. L. Harris.
s lovely in this
he wotds, and the
i g high," 'o to
been duly celebrat
-all-the noise that seem
atleast, with -a
aier, occasionally
keep up interest, and
I-boys and girls, and
ethers too seem to have
each other due at
- ~was rather amusing
-'.e of the small fry who
yet sprouted a mus
leiup to and wing the
the church door, last
real modified modern
real "corentional if
~wud just add that it is
t boys, it is decidedly
to be keeping company
*&usice girl, than struting
nmltingyour brain, suck
--'dnasty cigarette, as we
eerknown a gentleman
kea cigarette, while in
ipnywith a lady, in fact it
Sto be supposed that a lady
d tolerate such a thing, but
others possibly might,
athey be likely to be proiper
itsfor a wayward boy,
would presume to do such
- News From Liberty.
d.Lberty, Dec. 16.-The Liber
hg~h school closed for the hol
~y.with an entertainment
flWednesday afternoon. This
a&given by the Primary de
uiat, and the programme
se-of songs and recita
s ppropiate to the Christ
W.C. Aiail left Wednesday
~roon to spend the holidays
Calla Chapman is, at
e or the holidays, from
Ocora college, also Miss Pearl
Smth from the Presbyterian
colege of Charlotte, Miss Olga
hicardson from Limestr d,
adMiss Ina Calahamv
C~nerse college.
'oe Brownax
in are heres
ring what to b
ift, did it ever
wear out or dec
ias or New Year
its than it no* co!
.1 estate values are
grandfather told., y<
.d I bought land tei
.." Are you going; to
Laie, Pickens county the
'the goods."
,t these together. "A w<
Box 264.
Office over 1K
If my list does not contain
See me if you want to buy
Notie The Insur
Bank of
Burglar Insurance.
Fire Insurance.
If a burglar blows the safe,
the cashier "skips out" with v
The Burglar Insnrance Co. i
The Fire Insurance Co. pays
The Bond Co. replaces what
The Depositors' Guarantee I
and the 'bank would resume bi
Your deposit is insured in I
nothing. if you haven't an v
Your money is not safe in y
Will pay interest on time de
W.A. T
has a fine line of CANDIES ai
for making:
Hello, Boys!
I have got them! See n
This will be Santa Claul
Next Door to Grayley's Stable
days as guests of W. L. Bogg
Frank M. Smith, who is pria
cipal of the school at Blade:
boro, N. C., is at home for tl
Christmas vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. C. Baik
are visiting in Greenvjlle for
few days.
The Masons had their annus
banquet at the Williard hou:
Tuesday night. This occasic
was very much enjoyed by ti
Masons, and those who we:
fortunate enough to be the
guests. ______
Railiay Mail Cledks Waute
The Government pays Railway Mr
Clerks $800 to $1.200. and othi
Employees up to $2,500 annually.
Uncle Sam will hold spring exammn
tions throujghout the country for Rai
wy Mail Clerks. Custom House- Clerl
and other Government Position
Thousands of a; pointments will I
made. Any man or woman over 18,
city or country can get instruction ax
free information by writing at once1
Bureau of Instruction. 103 Hamli
Building, Rochester. N, Y.
f good shoes, new stock, t
close out cheap. This is up-t<
date stuff and consists of men'
women's and children's shoe
A full line of dry goods and gr<
eries and in fact everythin
kept in a first class store, wi
be sold at close prices. ,Hoix
raised and canned fruits an
vegetables a specialty. An
unlabled fruit, two three pon
cans for 15c.
J. M. Garrett & Son,
.Town Litu for ~aie
uy for that Christmas present or
occur to you that something that
-ease in value-something that as
s comes will bring more in dol
;ts-would be a most appropriate
climbing eveiry year.
>ur father, and your father told
i years ago I. would have made a
let this be true of. you? Now is
place and H. M. Hester the man
)rd to the wise is'sufficient." See
Pickens, S. C.
eowee Pharmacy.
your wants I'll find it for you.
mce Feature of the
Cashier Under Bond.
Depositors Insurance.
and fire destroys the building, and
rhat he can get notice the result:
-eplaces what the burglar got.
i for the fixtures and buildings.
the cashier took.
'und pays the depositors
isiness at the old stand.
lank of -Liberty and' it cocts you
vith us open one at-once.
our pocket or at heme.
Respectfully I
id FRUITS and all-the ingredients
tour Fruit Cakes..
Don't forget your
e before you buy' elsewhere.
s' Headquarters for this line.
Pickens, S. C.
s. Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
1-ALL Persons holding claims against
athe estate of thelate F. L. Garvin must
1- fresent the same duly prover; on or be
Le fore the 13 day of January 1910, or be
debarred payment; and all pei sons inIU
debted to said estate, must make pay
ment on or before the abov'e date, to
a the undersigned.
Miarietta Garvin.
e Notice to Teachers.
There will be held at Pickens Court
House on January 7 1910 an examina
le tion 'for teachers,
e By order of State Board of Education.
R. T. Hallum.
itr -Co. Supt, Ed.
Administrator's Sale.
d yvrtue of outhority vested in me
as aminstrtorof the estate of Mrs.
Francis A. E. Kirksey, I will sell at her
.late residence all of the personal property
Li belonging to her.
*r Sale will take place at 10 o'clock, a.
'm. on the 30th day of December, 1909.
Terms of sale are cash.
J. R.i Kirksey. Admrt.
Annual Mieeting.
Es The annnal mneeting ci the County
s. Board of Commissioners of Pickens
>e County will be held on Thursday the1
in 6th day of January !1910. All persons
Id holding demands against the County
:o and -vhich have not'slready been pres
a ented, must file the 'ame with the clerk
before the 1st day cof January next so
that they may be 4'xamined and ap
S proved for payment at the annual meet
o ing- CJE. Robinson,
,~ -Call and see jmy line of wed
.* ding rings and ladies purses and
>- every.thing thai is carried in a!
g first class Jex erly shoe. Be
11 sure to see meJ efore you buy
e for I can save ypu money.
d .spectfully,.
y H. Snider.
d Will pay 5 . per pournd for -
green hides; 1*. for dry ones.
See the Pickens narket man.
F . L.Fnly
LOOk into our show windo
the foremost makers, they re;
Professional Cards
, Pickens. S. 0.
O'ce over Pickens Bank.
Notice of Final Settlement and Dis
NOTICE is hereby given that 1 will
make application to J. B. Newberry
Esa.. Judge of Probate for Pickens
countv, in the State of Suth Carolina.
on the 13th day of Jan. 1910, at 11
o'clock in th' forenoon. or as soon there
after as said application can he heard,
for leave to make finA' set!!ment of thf'
estate of it. L. Garvmn decensed,. anr1
obtain discharge as ad ministratrix - of
sai-l estate. Mariertta Garvin.
Admninistratri x.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
ALL persons holding claims against
the estate of the late L. 'Rors Eaton
must present the same duly proven onl
or before the 1st day of January
1910, or be debarred payment; and all
persons indebted to said estate, must
make payment on or be'fore th~e above
:date, to the unidersignzed.
I. M1, Mauldin,
Notice to Debtors r:.nd. Creditors.
ALL pers-mns hioldingz ebimzs againgt
the estte of tha late Mary Mc~Aombes
mnust present the sa mne Thn:y proven on.
:>r beto-e the 15 day oaf J:e.muary 1910
or be debarred pay-an:d all persons
indebted to said tos--. mut: make pay
ment on or before tm: al. ae (date, to
the undersigned.
I. N. Miller,
J J1. 'VC rmbesa.
Notice of Fina! Settle:nen t and Dis
N OTICE is h,----.y :'n t ha. I w:
:ounty, in :-- S: at- of 'south o;rdina.
on the 310 day of ly-c. 1:U. a t 11 o'lock
in the forenoon. 'or as .v-on thrm2fter as
aid application can b- beardI f.r b-ave
to made final, e'itiemen. withi mev "ards~
Julia (. I h anm ' et al minrore anid 'ask
to be dimi'- as guamm.
Dec. 1909 J. A. W hit-n.
C -I
"Trade Follows
The bright streets are the
>usy streets- the stores that
ise Electricity generously, judi
iously-for purposes of adver
~ising as wvell as illumination,
~re the ones that get the great
~st trade.
Do you know of any big sue-1
~essful, progressive stores not
ising Electricity for either in-,
~erior or exterior lighting..
Just thin~k that over.
A store may shut its doors at
unset, but if its show windo)ws
~re properly dressed and electri
~ally lighted, they are doing as;
fMective soliciting for the next!
lay's business as a corps of'
The new Tungsaton L-emnps
will give you miore a' d bet
ter H1gh --fr less money
than any othe:- ill um:nant.
Write or'Phtone for ourlspec
mal proposition,
a11d Power Co.
Will be a marked feature of the fall
and winter season; a great variety
of beautiful patterns is being shown.
Some of the new colorings are so V
1ttractive that men are apt to neg . V
ect the plain blue serge or black
Ihibet. -e
We advise you to have at least
one good blue or black suit, in ad
lition to the'fancy, colored weaves;
nd a black or Oxford Gray Over
:oat, in addition to the fancy fabric.
This permits a change, and gives
!ach suit a rest; to get cleaned and
)ressed. It prolongs the life of all -
four clothes, to treat them this way.
ws, you will see there a display of new models from some oi
iresent the latest fashions, and you will spot them at once as
Yours to please,
Real Estate and Insurance
Four nice buildiig los on Lewis Street. adjining Ann
street, Terms to suit purchaser.
If you desire to buy land or lots, see us. We are pre
pared to meet your wants, and will take great pleasure in
doing so.
List your land or any property you wish to dispose of at'
once with us.
We have town lots and nany county plantations for sale.
Don't fail to see us when in need of Real Estate.
We will be at your service, always, to you property; or to
sell yours.
Yours for business and fair treatment.
Main St. Pickens, S.0C.
'Phone No. 45. Office over Frreman Building.
0N * is the time to take
. Wine of Cod Liver Oil
With Malt,
This prebaration has met with pronounced success in relier
ing people troubled with severe colds and persons whose systems
have become run down as a necessary outcome of such Cold.
PRICE, per bottle, $/0
K' Money back iJ not satisfied.
Next Door to Post Office, 4-Pickens, S. C.
Dry Goods, Shoes, Undenvear, etc
To the readers of the Sentiwd-JourJnal:
You are hearing of HIGHER prices. I am glad to say that
I believe Cotton will be higher. I am also glad to say that I
have bought one of the largest and best selected stocks of
goods-piece goods, men's and women's underwear, blankets,
shoes-in a word, a stock of goods suited to the needs of the
general public, that I have ever had, and I say to you MOST
POSITIVELY that my prices are NO HIGHER, and on some
goods LOWER than last season.
I do not advertise to give away goods-to sell a 10c. article
for 5c.-I can't do that. But compare MY GOODS and
P'RICES with the "give aways" and if I do not give better
values, I will not ask you to buy. I want your trade and will
do all I can, LEGITIMATELY, to get it. I promise you
Dependable Goods. Lowest Prices.
A Fair Deal. Your Money's Worth~
WetEnd. Grreeirvi1lle. S. cO

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