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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
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*UV BVUbUlVA-tfUlU'Uttl
J. L.. O. THOMPSON, Kditob.
. Telephone 33
Babeoriptiou 81.00 Per Aouum.
Advertising Ilxtea Reanonable.
Suiered tt Plokeua Fuatoffloe as Second Olasi
Mall Matter
~ PICKENS, 8. C. :
Til (J KS WAY JANUARY (?, lt>10
The Lien Law Repeal.
The first of January, 1910, is
a date which is of much interest
to those who make their
living by the cultivation of the
soil. It is on this date that the
lien law, or a certain portion of
si. 1.. .1 rni. _ i i
lb la rept'uit'u. nit! repeal was
enacted at the last session of the
legislature and the repeal act
goes into effect the first of the
coming year.
Much has been said concerning
the lien low, and the repeal
of it, and there have been many
comments, both for and against
the action of the legislature, in
thus making the repeal, but it'
seems the general opinion that
the repeal was a wise one, and
til at the farming class will be
benefited to some extent by the
law. There are quite a number
however, who has never understood
just what is implied by
the lien law. and who do not
know just what has been effected
by the state legislature in
thus repealing the law.
As it has stood until the present,
the lien law embodies three
.1 s rr i. it" ? ? "
umereiii- and distinct classes or
liens. Only one of these has
been repealed, the rest remain
just as they have been in the
past The repealing act states
that the section of the codifie<l
laws, 3059, is repealed, and all
af n>' / >f l-? '? ! ' *?
uvu^i j/ui nwiia ui tiiu llUil 1U.VV
which conflict with the repeal
'The three classes of lien which
the laws allows have been first
a lien to the landlord, second a
lien to the laborers who aided in
the cultivation of the fields and
third, a lien to others who have
aided in the work by advancing
the money or supplies to
the cultivator. It is this last
one which has been repealed.
The first lien is that given the
landlord for rent. If a farmer
rents land for cultivation, the
person from whom thov were
rented has the right, to levy on
the crop for this rent, and this
11<*11 is prior to an otncrs. Out
of the farmer's first crop shall
come the landlord's money. If
nothing remains after the money
has been paid for the rent,
the creditors are not entitled to
divide the landlord's share.
The second lien is given to
Jthe laborers who aid in the cul
* tivation of* the field. This is
/ called the laborers' lien. This
claim is second to that of the
landlord, and thr> fnrnior
has taken his share, the laborer
comes in for his claim before
all others.
The third lien is that given to
those who have advanced supplies
or money to the farmer to
aid him in his work. This
lien was good only when there
was a written contract or agree
mont of some kind, which hound
tho cultivator to the person advancing
tiie supplies or money,
with his paper, the creditor
could thus levy upon the crop
after tho other two liens had
been satisfied to the full extent
of the debt if he so desire. After
the first of January, tlds
portion of the the lien law Ix4cones
null and void. The par
ty who furnished tin- supplies
can Hue the farmer, if he .so desires,
and get judgment in the
courts, hut lie cannot levy on
the crops, as lias been the cus
There is seen to he a great
change following this repeal of
this particular section, since it
will in the majority of the cases,
free the farmer from all obligations
except those ordinarily
laid upon the average business
man. Manvof the farmers own
their own fields, and of course
in this rase, there can be no
landlord's lien. The laborers,
also, are usually paid without
difficulty, and this lien which
they hold over the crops, while
it still stands Rood, has never
beon a source of hardship to the
farmer. It has Always beon
recognised as right and just that
tho laborer should have a good
claim for his work.
The third portion of the lien
law however, was one which at
times worked hardship upon
farmers of all classes, since farming
is one of those industries in
which there is always a great
risk. Even when farmers owned
their own fields, and were
able to pay the laborers without
difficulty, thov have been
obliged to be furnished with
provisions and money during the
year until the crops began to bo
<*nnu> !i r?f inrrmin If f.lit*
year happened to be bad, and
the crops ran somewhat short,
the farmer was at the mercv of
the person from whom he had
gotten the supplies, and was often
forced to avoid being entirely
"cleaned out," to give in the
fall a lien on his next year's
crop. In some instances these
j lions had to be given in such a
manner as to u;ive a prior claim
over debts which should have
been settled first. The farmer
was sometimes tied hand and
foot by these liens, and could
not help but feel that lie was no
Ion per independent.
With the repeal of the lien law,
which in one sense seems to
nave occn legislation specially
directed against one class of people,
many of the troubles of the
farmer will cease, lie will be
more independent than before
and he will be placed upon a
more equal foot ing, it is thought,
with other business men, in the
matter of meeting his obligations.
There has been much comment
on the liwn law* since its
passage, and while it is sometliiiicr
r\f ?i nml iwl inn ?i /*<? *_
tain class of merchants, it is
agreed to bo a statute which can
easily he made a means by
which the fanner may he taken
advantage of. For this reason,
many have expressed the opinion
that the repeal is one of the
most important acts of the last
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Noticc to Debtors and Creditors.
A1.1 < I'ersona holding claims agamut
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prenent the flame duly proven on or before
the 13 day of January 1010, or lie
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Notice of Final Se Element and Disohacqe.
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on the KUli day of Jan. HMO, at II
o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon thero
after ah Hai?l application can ho heanl,
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cBtate of l*\ 1j. Oarvm ilecoaHed, and
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Notice The Insuran
Bank of
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II. O. 8H
% / A ? ? H
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lias a fine lino of CANDIES and F
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IT til? farmer telephoned and?
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I to market without first tcl
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unnecessary trips?saves
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ce Feature of the
lVE ^
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m ARE YOU? j
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Thl? farmer w?nt to market
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;cting with the Hell Sys- S
om his home to distant 9
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