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Mens Sentinel-Journal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
J. L. O. THOMPSON, Kditob.
Telephone 33
. : . . - -
Snbsoription 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rutes Reasonable.
nterod at Plokena Fostofflce ti Second (J1*m
???* WKIIOt
PICKENS, 8. C. :
Alexander, of England, is
credited with having been the
mnanu nf nmnnninofinnr TT.nrylioli
and American children from
many foolish and uncomfortable
No less competent authority
than G. M. Seimons, editor of
1.1 a ? -l m i i i
mu Aiusiiuruam leiegrapn, wno
is now in the country, estimated
that Dutch people have invested
at the present time in American
securities between $450,000,000
and $500,000,000.
Dennis Chabot, a Belgian of
New Kingston, has won a
scholarship in music awarded
by Andrew Carnegie. The boy
will go Europe to study and will
get $5,000 a year from the milliminivo
f 'Vi n Knt oV>n?-c!
derful aptitude at the piano.
E. Milton Cutting, of Andover,
Mo., who is eighty-five years
old, was until a short time ago
the oldest Maine guide in active
service. Although not engaged
in the work officially, he still
goes hunting and seems to obtain
great enjoyment from the*
Senator Kean, of New Jersey
iq nno nf fhn l?nnnKli/?o^
*k> VfAlV W 1. 1/I4V AVVy |'Vt KJ 1 I 1 & Vy J 1 1 ~
bers of the upper House who
has a 611 his hands for reelectioir
Legislature that will
nariie his successor will be chosen
next year. Several of the
strongest Republican leaders in
New Jersey are opposed to his
The oldest living school teacher
in Delaware county, New
York, Miss Arvilla Blair, who is
ninety-six years old and has
taught school seventy years, is
now without funds. While
teaching she received an., average
salary of onlv $3..'50 to $4
per week, but managed to save
a little, though now it has been
swept away.
Joseph Lomax, long as a resident
of Laporte Ind., but now
living with his daughter in Indianapolis,
celebrated his 100th
birthday anniversity recently.
Mr. Lon>ax for many years was
a partner with Wilbur F. Storey
in the publication of The Chicago
Times. He was the first
president of tho Grand Rapids
and Indiana Railroad.
The cooks' exhibition showed
how four people with healthy
appetites might get all they
8nouia eat or wholesome food
for twenty-five cents, says The
New York Press. Several girls
about fourteen years old got up
dinners for four, spending only
twenty-five cents in the markets
and their dinners were so good
they received fine medals. One
of the dinners was broiled herrings.
mutton pie, potatoes, cabKniya
nrmlrio 'Kifl ioni i
Ol/v CKJ/J/H o UJIU J<HII |/iuf
another was stewed beef, taash
ed potatoes and bread pudding.
The first prize was a dinner of
beef pie, Brussels sprotits, lemon
jelly and stewed prunes; still
another was fish cakes, stowed
beef, boiled greens, smashed potatoes,
boiled rice and stewed
Rev- Coke I), Mann, now a
member of the legislature from
PAiinftr nrou 5*-* I Iwt /?if *r
v/win/i; lA/uutj ? an 111 miu i^it y
thin week. Ho in popular with
all who know him, and this fact
i Is conclusively shown when it is
known that he has never been
defeated for any office to which
h? has aspired.
He will offer for congress from
the Third district, now alleged
to be represented by ono Wyatt
Aiken. Rev. Mr. Mann has
made a good state legislator and
he will make a good National
^ lawmaker. The people of tjiis
^^triot aro glad to know that
'J . I ?||W I l ?
Ask a friend to put a quarter
in one pocket and a dime in the 1
opposite pocket. Tell him that '
the 'quarter represents twenty
and the dimo five, says the
SfViinH Nnw nslr him fcn frinln
the coin that is in his right, and
then add these two products together,
simply telling you
whether the result is odd or even.
If it be even, then the quarter
is in his right pocket and the
dime in the left; if it be odd then
the quarter is in his left pocket
and the dime in his right. You
mity mv? any vaiues to me coins
other than 20 to 5 provided that
one number is odd and the other
even, the larger number being
given to the quarter. And yon
can, of course, use any other
coins, so long as you uive tjiem
odd and even vilues.
As the result of disheartening
experiences and scientific researches,
enough has been writton
on the boll weevil to fill the
shelves of a Carnegie library.
Mississippians have decided to
maneuver a flank movement by
which they feel sure they are
bound to win, says Collier's.
This pest has forced them to
consider raising cereals in place
of cotton. At their request the
Department of Agriculture is
schooling these Southern farmers
in the cultivation of rice,
wheat and other cea?*eals. Thus
does this busy bug force a complete
rovolution in the agriculure
of the territory he so persistently
claims. But through
the revolutionary tactic the pest
so experts claim, is sure to meet
defeat. A year or two without
a cotton crop and the boll weevil
will be gone. Then the old
fields may again harvest cotton
Catawba River Frozen
Mr. G. L. Suggs, who lives
close to Wright's ferrv, tele
phoned this morninir that Ca 1
tawha rivor was frozen entirely
..... _ IT .1 if 1 11
across.' lie saw mat cue mercury
registered 13 degrees outside
and a little freezing inside
the house,?Yorkville En- '
q uirer, jim, , v
It is n dangerous thing to take a cough
medicine containing opiates that merely
stiflld your cough instead of curing
it. Foley's Iloney and Tar loosens and
cures the cough and expels the poisonous
germs, thus preventing pneumonia
and consumption. Refuse substitutes
and take only the genuine Foley's Honey
and Taj; in the yellow package.
Keowoe Pharmacy, Pickens Drug Co.
Pickens, Parkins Pharmacy, Liberty.
Compressed Air Works
The Compressed Air Waterworks
company has been incorporated
with a capital stock of
$250,(XX) for the purpose of manufacturing
'the Harris pneuma
lie waier inc. 1 nis appliance
is designed to supply the needs
of suburban population, with a
private waterworks supply at
ridiculous low cost through a
compressed air apparatus invented
and patented by the Harris
Brothers of this city, some
two years ago.?Greenville
Iff Tru w ml I ?i?#
II. F. Peers, 617-7lh Ave., Peoria, 111.,
writes: "1 have been troubled for some
time with kidney trouble, ho severely at
times I could scarcely carry my grips.
After lifting one bottle of Foley's Kidney
Fills I have been entirely relieved, and
cheerfully recommend them to all."
Foley's Kidney Fills are healing and
antiseptic andjwdl restore health and
Keowpe Pharmacy. Pickens Drug (Jo.
Pickens, Parkins Pharmacy, Liberty,
Country Club Grounds
The grounds purchased }>v
the Country club on the Glen
dale Clifton car line are being
cleared off and improved. Bids
for building are being received
arm a landscape gardener in
Pittsburg, Pa., has been asked
to come down and lay out plans
for beautifying the property.
A member of the club stated to
a Herald represenative yesterday
afternoon that the club
house will be completed by next
summer.?Spartanburg Herald.
!<# . i. \V. WIIMuiiix T<i?tlfl?n
Rev. I. W. Willianr.s, Huntington. VV.
Va., writes us as follows: "This is to
cinity that I used Foley's Kidney Remedy
for nervous exhaustion and kidney
trouble and am free to say that Foley's
Kidney Remedy will do all that you
claim for it."
Keowee Pharmacy, l'lckons Drug Co.
Piokenti, Parkins Pharmacy, Lil>erty.
l*u ?0|fi X|wns Ml?
Hon. E. M. Ritekoi^ perhaps
the most influential member of <
the. Anderson delegation in the
Legislature, has congressional
aspirations, and it is well-nigh
certain that he will enter the'
rn.ro RCRinst", Wv-it,t, A ikon for
the seat i'i the National lawmaking
body from the Third District.
Mr. Rucker has done a splendid
work in the general assembly.
He has had considerable
experiance in the speaker's
chair, and is looked upon by his
colleagues as being the safest
and most conservative members
of the house.?Anderson Intelli
^Ulll L'l .
Fairfields Whiskey.
The two sales already had of
the surplus stock of whiskey in
the Fairfields dispensaries have
clearly demonstrated that it will
fnkt? swum* fmv vr?;ir? rid
of this evidence of profit and
that what will be realized from,
the sale in this way will be consumed,
wholly consumed, in ;.Li<
payment of the expenses of ad
vertising ami the salaries of tin
board. The only relief is foi
the Fairfield delegation to endeavor
to secure the passage ot
an act that will provide for
much more speedy disposal oi
the last vestige of the legalized
sale of whiskey in Fairfield
county. ? Winnsboro News and
Boy's Corn Contest.
To Trustees and Teachers of
Pickens County:
The United States Depart
mont of Agriculture Bureau
Industry is incouraging and demonstrating
better methods in
agriculture among the farmers
of the South through what is
known as the Fanners' Co-operative
Demonstration Work.
Ti. :~ - l ?
ii i:s tiiso ciianini^ni^ corn
breeding anions the school hoys
of the South through what. W
known as the Boys' Demonstration
Work. For the purpose of
giving special emphasis to this
work among the hoys of Pick
Bns County, prizes will he offer-,
ed by public-spirited citizens to
Liphnnl Kaxto flilc? / /\unl i' nn
kivi i\yv/i ?^/v^ y o ? 'I ixno v. wu i i i > liii"
der 1H years of a^e, who will
become members of the Pickens
County Corn Club ami who
will obtain the best results by
the use of (he methods furnishby
each boy by Dr. S. ^\. Knapp
/-.f W?ol,i,wf(,... 1\ t* I
wi ?? aniini^i'Mi i/. , ??}H?I;IUI
A gout in charge of the Farmers
Demons! ration Work. He will
ho tflad to furnish school officials
information concerning the
work. 1'lease give special 0111]?liasis
to the Boys1 Demonstration
Work in your school and
community and have all tinhoys
who are interested write
t he ( !mi lit v Kiuwriiitenflinit of
FMucation, stating that they
will meet him at the County
Court House on .January 2'2nd
at 11 o'clock for the purpose of
joining the Pickens County
Corn Cluh and receiving inst ructions
in reference t<> the work.
A prize will he offered on that
day to the hoy wiio brings the,
hest selection of seed corn from |
his father's farm consisting of
not loss than five oars. Plans
and prizes for this year's work
will he announced at the meeting.
It. T. Hallum,
Superintendent of Education
Pickens Count y S. ('.
oi hairrbalsam 1
\ JIW i"' ??> ?" .>!. ti.? h*lr.
I'Sfffiffli ^S5l l'romotrl ? luiurinnt (trowlti.
)>i- BbJ Nnvor Fa!l? to Jtoiitoro (Irny
ValfivKk SSlfl 1'ntr to lt? Youthful Color.
Curf .nttttrt A tiiijr
Notice to Pensioners.
I will b<! in thfl Court IIoumcevery day
in Jiintuary HMO, for th purpose of
making out applications for < >l<I Soldier*
and widows that arc i?<?t now K<'t|nK
pensions and wish to apply you same.
All now ((rowing will continue lo get
pension without furtherapplication
J H Newbcrrv,
Pens. Coin.
State of South <Carolina,
(,'ountv of Pickens,
By J. It. Newbery, Probate Judge.
Whereas, T ,1. Joner. nia b> suit to
mo to grant him Letters of Administration
of the Estate and effects of
Abraham J. Jones.
Tlwiij/i u rn t f n > I I nn/1
singular the kindred and <: red i torn of the
Kai l Abraham J Jone8deeea?od, that they
be and appear before me, in the 0<>urt
of Probate to lie held at Plckon? on ihe
20th day of Jan. 1910 next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in tin- forenoon,
to hIiovv cause, if any th?y have,
win- the said administration should not
be granted.
Given under my hand this 0th day of
January Anno Domini 1010. ^
J. H. Newberry,
J. P. P. C.
f ,
M / "vfiz. -Jt akuk
" \
) "
?'?? ??Wn in ?
* Supervisor's Rfcport; *
of expendiitqrfa for ; tlie./your ending
December. 31, 1001), ^ .
Salary of Merit of.Court, ,r .^00.00
" Supervisor?.."'... fiutj.00
" ' Twrt Co. Com.. Clei k
and attorney,.. .'.jj. Jf.. VOO.OO
Salary of Snpt. Kdilriitipn;,* '* ?0'jAh>,
siierm: . tuh.uw
. ?" " >AiV<lit<W. IV. . f.v-- ' X:W( 0
<t ,v TPitasitiVti! . .'iilu.'' '( .2"'0.IKI
" U>n'Oii?v,. }y. * 100,00-.
Eiluoitlori ninJ Eauuli^ation . >
Ii<?;tr<l. r.. .j .. I'i7.0 )
Court <>x|k'ii .'VV . ' 1,030 i'i
Mil iout'ro?.i'' . ' t
4MMjvov?uvvv'W^upia</ii; wn\r
<:C>HHUIU1?*? .;?i.V. < ; :2?018.00
Convict . ! 1&X?U4,'<2
Ponre Ilou.hu sjipplu-'H tuuji .
Poor out of P'. 11............ 1,5)10.17
lloadH aiWl Hrid^es Ex.'O.
O. &<:. 8,905.10
Repair on public Imikliit^pi ^
Janitor. wood &c.'.711. b7
IkmkH, SiniionvrV."Printi
&<j .**j.........'... '.l\. . .4; 053:5-1
K('-Ih(U-xhi^ I(?coi'?l.s in-.
;l?M k."??Hlicc i ,, !. ' lOOO.OO
SlioMcn Audit Co. 15,Xpert.
u'coiintants. 010.{ir>
Continuant ?-x i> 'iVh^h I'M. l?
TntaI,... .' r;. %'}. :ni.032.r>i
Of t^n;, iiliwvi; re
iiiiiiiH )(i111 ;ii<I on unit the
utility . owt s in Mililiti'iii thi'ieto to the
k;Ih!H Bunk $lf!OlHMO iiialiing' the
'.jiiii'iiyfs tiii]> ?i t'-bfjliguVoiiH for 7.9011
<l.) V
The liiii'Is n/ivtV'U liaml-fut'l tlio rii)j):ii<l
u?\. s !i|)[>li( iil>,e til th1* nhovi' ?lebt
ititouiit t >>,$?{.T4.'v<-1 ii< 11 will le.'t ve n
Kilunc" to txgin tlu'Mn?wA'?*ir*. with -of
. .... . ,. . .
K. U-'hit s is ; Cleik.
I' n ? >i in o II in t'uiliirtN A fitlil
Mit never jflni (He of V
lloncy 1111<i 'I'it.i1, \\ )lhn : O'Hi^li
i^a'ls . tin- .aiiil f.vj/ Is tin: coiii
roin your svistym. __
Kihuvim' IMiarniai'y.'riMcrns t)rnj( Cf?>
'irkriis, I'ii'ik/i s I'hiit P,i! < it v.
^ , . ," * ,,
> > I t ' I ., . ' .
A lu'ooklyn magistrate has decided
that no wontari has tTln'right to compel
licr husband to smnl) the Iloor.
iXpw ican lluyo be of tho
sexes while suc}i /lpcis^ypa are Untied
down? _ _
The post oH'icyr? (trupivtHlaient Juts de?
cidrd to.i(leli*'ei/;^eU^jy|jja(lu^KH(j(l to
Santa Claus tl|is .y?;syi-. l,? l?n.
hoped that^ tho children who write to
the saii)t "iritiy find hi'in Mioiv re plu{'
slv&tfflau he'haa'lU'eii'ln Vlie past.
33 | IT
A Missouri woman ^ ajy-iMC'd at hoj"
husband, threw onions in (liejwell. It
must hav^-]?irt him 'to''A' far! of botheV
hunting fi>r water fSr> lh<V'' afock' t6
urinK. , id: ... .
Tho wosViVn av I) Mag
traced tho iiYi^bI ry'e'#vfrtn/rKt Melt
the fish hasfefcoOiuif^lfoi'
of certain cohl-bloo<|cj<J, scaly members
of hnuian Society.' '
nr.? rrr: ,, {<
"Mow to Collect ypstiif-jo Kijinip^" |s
the title of'ti 11W 'Ixnilf.'ft would' have
a bin sale anions'the tenyear-old
boy* thlo
Not to ColUHj-.Pos^afje Sliyups."
"Wives ask for an oiMt'fultap,'' aaya
it headline. .'W.e h> need of this
when hubby never lock his pockets ?t
.ttlgbt. * ,t
London expect*^(i?,,.population
of 8,000.000 by 1 ;,'Qj .\ot the most
nmhltlntw fhrnrAs ol' *f . miihr lift VP
been quito* so'lars*1. '-J
i. ,Jv t-' T
; HoCjge'n HcKec."
) IJojtfrf'S Ilorse. iii l'?u.\ted. Susj.{??.'
EnSTand. In i li.f < i-nu r itf ,t l?;. qj?l iiv??t '
district. was I'diiiiciI} the residence (it
Italph llojrfje. an IronfiVSt^U'i'. lit' is
celebrated as liavin;; heei^ ilicv first to
cast a cannon in ?>uo pivev, 'J'Ji'is gccurml
in l,
. -.1 . i
Spanish Fritters Wi,th\tpjjcon. .
One cup Hour. one teiispoonfui of
bakin;; powder. Iiaf n ru|? of t'nllk to
make a si ill' halter, i trjircv e^;:*.whites
lieaten sepa ra I ely. j clmp and
add two Spanish peppers find a can of
corn. Fry in hot Int. u'ftfP Merve with
strips of l>aron. ? (!ood IPiiiMcUetipjuKNoticc
of Final Settlement and Dis
MorMJKia lierclijf ufvMi 'tlint 1 will
1 'make application to J; B.'.Nevvl>ctw}
Ken., .Jtnl?(e of I'lohulc for 1'iekvUf
count v, in thu Stale of Smiti) Carolina,
on tin* KUli day <* .l*iiu. <^110, at 11
o'clock in tin- forenoon. yr as ayoii thereafter
:is waul appllcatioft e^lfl b? lrt*nr?l,
for leave to make Iii?i>' n;t I lenient of the
estate of I*'. L. Garvin il<>c(:aHfvl, ami
oliiaui discharge nw adiniimlr.-itrix of
Hiiid estate. M HM'tttsi,Garvin, >
kl1G"T RUNN|N<j^
Ifyou want olth<?rfi Vlhrn1liu;Klit1IUar
Mini tin orin Hinulo Thivn^l I < h&in &ti/<;li\
Wo>vfritf SJAttfilm* \vrM<'nV
Ornnqe, Moss,
Mo^?cwtnr machine* ore mnr<lf lo se itfeMfdieM pi
quality, but Ui^NcVV lJMiine ?i w*ur.
V On!1 guaranty never rimf ?,iil
Wfcld by n*ibf>riu*t *< MM vtiiff.
ro* bv r
- W&iE&k ' A#fe.. k V fl '
| l ' j- -t-? - ,; r
Col. Robert A. Thompson.
. I
The Last Groat Link in the Chain of!
Two Generations.
One's mind turnsfiaturally today
to Walhfllla. for there dwells
i_1l jl . 1 j ? ? ? ?/v
wje yery rasi, 01 inose iyu t'aro-i
Unians, flower Mid pattern of
the, State'^ best wisdom and
manhood, who this day fortynine
years ago sighed tiu> Ordii
nance of Secession. Strange
and solemn must bo this anniversary
to the Grand Old Man
! of Oconee and ghostly the eom|
pany about his fire-side ('hair.
J Of these spirits the latest t<>
put ofV fleshy hahiliniet was
the venerable James II. Carlisle
and it is likely that to his passing
Col. Thompson's thought
turfis oftenest this winter evening,
lime!) like the fathers say,
that other evening in Charleston.
near half a century hack.
We have each his conviction
as to Hie'wisdom and foresightof
secession and discussion upon
tlio point is needless; but Ihciv'
is no division upon tho question !
of tho hi ill-minded patriotism;
of the < on vent ion, nor anv reser- j
vat ions, menial or emotional, in ;
the affect ionat.o venerat ion wit h
which thoughtful Carolinians
turn . today to Col. Thompson.
A solemnly pathetic and yet
nohle and dignified figure lie is.
last Ii 1.1 K between his comrades j
of the convention and our gen-!
eration, calmly await ing in his.
inpuntjiin home the call to join
his comrades. Col. Thompson
is more than four-score vears of
ago, and in the nature of things
jjt cannot he long now, until the
atiine.when the roll-call of the'
convent ion will show not a
single member absent from thei
spirit. land.
It is,fit t ing to note at this time
the fact, unusual enough to I
make it worthy special mention, j
t,ha! in the l'rctand trial of petty
daily circumstances, since the
sj^ui^\u; of the ordinal .re. Col. J
ThoiuiMon has lived consistent-i
ly clean and patriotic, faithful!
and steadfast in a,11 the activities'
of 11road and full citiKenssljip. )
There have been many men of!
heroic mold, capable of hi-h ,
deeds at ljeedi who yet ha vebad I
afterward to owe, much to the!
' , 1 ' ' '
latitude and forbearance of
11,.,.i t- (i i <
iinnr (II Mini 1111'II I, IM'f'IMlSI* < ) I
, f
less fortitude in t rival affairs!
(ban they showed in emergency. '
To t hese All is fiir^iven. That
iV? well; but the fact makes all I
the iiiAre lustrous a Ibni; life led I
uncloiuied once by net uleiiee or I
smallness, though it lie through
a round of littles and out w ard
monotony, lacki :the Stimulus
of U' ir.i imii-i 1' !>,. >? M\.
..... ...IK I II* 111. I ? ?
hi' urvat in jx'.'in'i ; a r*?;?t hcss
not u^ninahlf Cir in.my who
mi&ht . isily ;i' . i- vc un'*'I nr>^'.
in. i r. *? K wn i nu K? "or< 1.
Railway Mail desks Wanted
The Government pays Railway Mail
Clerks 0^00 t.) $1,200. and other
Emplo\C2S i:;i to $2,b00 annually
I'ik-V -'I'll will In I i i \ i mi : tiuiis
11ii<hi11 >tit ii f -i.?i"i \ r.ii i.' ,ivi'iy
Mail ( In It s ( ii .... 11 I! kiim" ('Nik-Htnl
<?11 .-r (i n< iii fill l'n> It ! ii;.
rillMlrUllll.S III II Jl 'ill! I: .4 lit* Will III
iiiaiic. ii li\ in in ? woman nvci I it;
c'llv or c iinivy < v? iminirtiuti nifl
fro? ir.f... .....i.. .
Muretu of Imi iii 1 > > il mini
I ill i!?! iti l.'oeln Micr N,' V.
Foley's K1011' ; !{' i ii!\ *\'ifl rni, i> \
c.'im' nf Kt-' liny i .r idn! !. < iri uMe il -i
is not !? j 'ii ! ilio reiien of iiwiIiciit It
in vigoi s11 k I h'i nlre > v.^wiii iii'il s'm i>
l^tlieiiM il|t. UkI/m \ s i llie* elinnn f 11
iilipm men Inuii 1^1. liloodt < Ii-1? !<:i ii?
rlienin it - in, luiln? \ nr.d I>1 iiaI !t- * trot:liles
<ire all eureil l?y thi.s yreut innl, mm. ,
Keowee I'Iiiiini ic\, I'iViens 1)?i?ir ( i>.
I'irlo'lis, i'.iiUin/s I'hanimey, |,ili itv
nuiiue 10 ueuiors ,'uui urcunors.
A I.I, lYieot h lioMii.K f.lniiiis ngaiiint
the i"?t i'i? ? f !Ii?- ?;? ?* I*'. I< ini"v in m.unI
lli?> iluh |.iovcm ( ii or I ? lore
'in* 1 ' ilay of January 1' n, ?.r in>
ili liiirr 'f | ny nn>nl; 7ini" II |i' * ; - i
rlcMi'il |<> h 11< I ((-tit", n i > t miiiK |?n\Viumu
(in i r l? fore tla*.at-ovo t<>
I In; uiKli'rhigiii (1. ' ,
Mari?*<La (larvin.
? niiniv itf I Irki 11 <
liv .1 15 Xi'wl'i rr(\, I'i#> ?: ? .111VV
III L;l.A-', .1. N. Hnllniii nui(|(?
h11iI tn lie. u> I'mnl liini lil'ii
Administration <>f the sl;i ti and < IIVcih
of A. A A It Xftndrr.
'II,.he ju*<? ihciifwrt' to cilo mot a<llitui.itb
all 1ii<I hint, ulnr llm I<iii?Ir<-<|
and crc'dilors ??f tin* Haiti A. A", Alexander
dfcpflw'd, that lli^v In- mid
><H>: rar l>i>fort' 1110, iti iho Court <>f Prol?at?',
U? hn lii'ld ftt Pickens on lln-yfih
.day of t)Alt. 11*10 next flfirr |iuh)icatinn
hereof, nt 11 o'clock in t In* fordndfih, to
1'show'ofinM* if any thev hart-, whv (h<\
Mtid administration tdiAuht not b? ^vnmnndrr
my hand, thto 12th
1q*vy OI ?ov. .Anno > ontinj u.iu,
J. B. Nkwbkrry. (<m>hI)
| j. v. p. a
Notice The Insuran
ir^ ti ^
BanK ox'
W V) I i 1
Burglar Insurance.
Fii\> 'lus' '.'inco.
If a burglar wlnws tho safo, and
(ho oasliifer "skips out" with what
'IMi.i llMwvln,. I..,,. .-1
i III; I.>?I i ^ 1'M i 11o J1 I ?i 11v i* V \ J. M '| M< I
.Tho Fire Insurance Co. pays for
Tho Bond Co. replaces what, the
Tho Depositors' Ciuaranioo Fund
and tho Sank would rosur..o husiiu
Your deposit is insured in l*anl<
nothing. If you haven't an with
Your nionov is not safo in your
Will pay interest on time deposit
II. O. 81:1
vv: a.? xi
has a fine lino of (1 A XI )l KS and r
IV)]- making youi
1 I rill), Boys! 1 )oi
I -have? got thorn! Sec mo In
This will 1)0 Santa Clans' !!
W. A. Tl
Next 1 )oor to CI ra vlev's SI able.
Sickness Is ::
r- \
. to demonstrate t.ie /
i' value of the telephon e /
,1 f t i I
1:1 tlij iurm heme. In
| any emergent; the telej
phone performs a i'l-nation
which no other r.;,
\ can equal. The cldctor c
-.11 1 1- 1 ' 1
. i (;;iiu.a im:f.:cr tr?vn civ.ji
be hitehecl vp. N.?jg
>i instr.'.uly. It is inw.luab
, i protection oi: the housewh
I Cj| For ini
fi ' 'I '
vh.% &.\>
( 831
?4*I8B15SW3K" 12i. zscr*rr52
? m W&BH 'iQ&y BB
jlj With your land
f:j sake of saving
M you use a fer
5' d
^ only recommcr
K analysis, it req
id ciai knowledge
m rials to analyses
pi .. of a fertilizer li<
M terials used, s<
over feed the
y time and
p\ This is why Rj
y arc so popuiai
gradient has i
p work to c!o.
years experianc
floods for Soutt
enabled us to
|/j required.
:Ef. > Sec Sradc Lrxa?'*
t '
&/ $ ^
jg ' F. S. Roystes
p-j I Mninrf?!i
ce Feature of the
( ashier Under Bond.
I )ejlosit < >rs I nsuranco.
fit > destroys the building, and
h<- can get notice? the result:
cos wh.it the burglar got.
t he fixtures and buildings,
cashier took.
1 pays the depositors?
>ss ;it the <>ld stand.
: of Liberty and it co^ts you
us open one at once.
pocket or at heme.
. I i*. . 11
rsjicri i (i 11 v,
1 IllLEY
'UiriTS and all the ingredients
1 l-Yuit ('akes.
1't forgot vour
?foiv you buy ol.-.ewhoro.
cadquarlvi s lor (his lino.
Pickens. 8. C.
- ^ ^
< \
:i be summoned |
*: t\ j convcr.ii. nee and H
o " r. . t i -)n and booklet K
'\c ;> 11 piun write p
n ..rest Jj^U telephone j)
;,"ot-'r ?r to |
I'l'iucs's* V.:-i Detriment
' x v ' -o r>* i * bfc
i.L .. i''?Ie^onc |
audi Telegraph Co. !
! ' } { , \
0;?/ pa (a y
<& ^ ss n
1 when for the $
? ' 11
a I'jw dollars W
tilizer whose m
relation is its M
luires no spe? y
to mix mate- ||
A lie V HI tic m
js in the ma- M
:> as npt to Q
plane at one
r;': r "other. M
;>y '* -t brands 0
)2very inits
. riicular y
:c in making
lern crops has 0
know what is y ^
[i ?& cm c very [(j
Cwuano Co. ||
u *tt\ ' W

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