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I \
Catarof the Lungs
(Threatened Her Life,
Missbotto Porter, Hralntree, Vermont,
(too: "I have been cured by
"I hsovoral hemorrhages of tbo
lungs;..'ho doctors did not help nto
much i would never havo curod inc.
^ "I ( a testimonial in a Poruna
' * nlmai of a caso similar to mine, and
I I coirtnccd using it.
"I ? not able to wait on myself
Wherbogan using It. I gained vory
elowRt first, but I could bco that it
was l>ing me.
"Ar I had taken it a wbllo I oommonl
to raise up a stringy, utioky
eubsico from my lungs. Thin grow
loss id Iohk in quantity as I continued
tho latmont.
4,jrow moro fleshy than I bad been
for long tlmo, aiul now I call myBcll
< SIJ astsll BuildUtf. ATLANTA. QA.
Insntly r?ll<w? Cmj Throat, Hotnmui ?uJ
Cofhi. Une*wlW4 lot cV vine **? ?Mc?. Abolul.y
ftMS froto opf-.?fs Of <"niTtblr>(| t.Ajinful.
Pc?, 25 ceaU, 00 SfBtn Jr.a $1.00 por box.
Srtiplc c<nt on ro^u?-?t.
FormoJ*;-B*<?4*r?i B*.l A.lbuavM>. ts ?W* t)v?
l?iid* *1 111* a*l?i<ti? Ph?*plMU4. to Mni (he
s? ikcll; c^?<4<aw. to -?m 11?mmo?v; r?fal**.
n ho*? ? ?4 k^rv? VtwU Th? ?r?>?*?t "9V Pr?4tto?t
oil tb? Bwlut Writ* ic> h*?Ll?t.
Thi Sutton Stwk Food Go..
atlanta. ga.
BWqw Book on
[email protected]$ptioit
1M olcth bin ml rnu<llc*l l>o/*K
>% ttliSM *<j?t1ou. Toll? In pl*ln,
i/my)o I a .*X\ u aoc how eoumuipiu-d
*ah lie MwtpA In your own lu>ni?t
H vli? t Uur. Thcv Ilook m ubro
?m?wnwi'ff^ YONKERMAN CO.
^ (,44J WaUr air??l. K?l?n:??oo, HIaht
I atu Awn qmwai t; wapuiwcc
i.n i ii nnu uiihi jll It! I\ U IIIII LO <
Try LOMBARD, """a*"'
Removes nil r.wrlllnt-; in H to 30
j dnys ; t ilecta n petmaneut cure
dft in jo to 60 clays. Trinl treatment
-Jr^Pj^..riv< n free. Nothingcau b<? fairer
( T. Write Dr. H. H. Greon'6 Son?.
6MHaSucclali*ts. to* b Atlanta. Op
Sawdust as a Polisher?Potato Skint
to Clean Docanter6.
Antique glae? which tioos not require
monrtlntr Imt tu ftlm luaim.
lesn ma; bo made to uli'.nn and sparkle
owe raor* If It is washed In water
to which a little nmnionlu ha?
boon adiVfd.
Sooparuis apell ruination to crystal
ware, -while drying It wltli a duater
only Kervea to dim It atlll mor? Af
ter having rinsed and left It to uoak
In ammoivla watar, using a sort
bruab If th? c'.a?s la out Into facota
and tho dirt h*3 raiitfht In th* jxiuarea
the article should bo placed In a box
nnd coverod with oawduot. After an
hour It will ixi found that tho wood
dunt llftu rlrllk.* flln irlotu fin/1 tr(t-?vn
It ft bright luutre.
The <>kj fashioned cut crystal decantors
which nro so much used nowaday*
becorn* almost hopelofisly discolored
when th.?v have hold old port
o.- any wlno which leaves a deposit.
To oionn th?m an old fa?h!oned remedy
ia thut of finely chopped potato
Kklnu with which the docantor should
be flll?d, and a cork Inserted in tho
mouth In place of tho stopper This
should be left for throe days for the
skins to ferment, whim it should be
well shaken, emptied and rinsed with
u/ftfnr Tin* /Inrvonf ai* uh/?n hi
either reversed and loft to drain
for a day or two or ruay b<> <1 ri* (1
more ftxpodltlovuily at th*? side of the
stove.?Ixjndon livening Standard.
\Vn? Quirk (<? That <"olTc!e Was
I>oinx thf* Mischief.
A \ftdy tHIs of n bad cnao of coffee
polaonlng, and tolls it In a way so
Rlmpl? and Btrnltfhtforward that literary
skill could not Improve It
"I liad neuralgic headaches for 12
Yfcftra M nliu an va "? n/4 t,,?
ngony. When I first n to have
them I weighed ]40 pounds, but they
brought me down to 110. \ went to
many doctor* and they gave me only
temporary relief, flo I suffered on.
till one day a woman doctor told me
to use Pofltum. Hho aald I looked like
I wan coffee poisoned.
"80 I began to drink Postum and !
gained 1 f> pounda In the first f<;w
weeks nnd continued to gain, hut not
bo taut a at flrat. My headaches began
to leave me after I had used Postum
about two weoks?long enough
to get tho coffee poison out of my system.
"Since 1 begun to use Postum I can
ghidly say that I never know what a
neuralarlc hauciMotiA i? iii^q ?? >"
and It was nothing but Poatum that
made m? wall. Before T used Postum
T never went out alon?; I would Ret
bewildered and would not know
which way to turn. Now I ?o alone
and my hoad Is a? cloar a?? a hell. My
brain and norv&e aro stronger than
thoy have been for years."
Read the HfcJo hook, "The Hoad to
Wellvlllo," in 0 , $. "There's a Reneon."
ICver road the abr.ve letted? A nf\v
ono appears from time to 1l\f- They
nnt (rcnulno, true, and fuflAf liuman
Intorcct. \L r
Household Affairs
A Test For Fresh Meat.
Tf blue litmus paper is soaked Jn
the illico (if frrsll nc:it ( lir> i.ni.oi- lu I
turned to a rod hue. This t?st applied
to ui( at which is too old or of
bad <|iiality will result In tho blue? litinus
paper retaining its original color.
? Kvcryday ! ior.sekcepii'g.
Permanganate of I'otnvh.
Permanganate of potash is a most
useful disinfectant, and may be
bought i:i cr?.-tals for a nominal sum.
Dissolve enough ot the crystals ill
water t<> make a <leep, claret colored
solution, and bottle it for use as required
Kveryday Housekeeping.
When Windows Are Open.
OirtaSns may lie kept from blowing j
out of the windows, says the Ladies' i
Home Journal, if you place lead or i
iron weiuhts in the corners. Thin |
iron wa.-hors are gor d. as they are not j
lu avy enough ! > make the curtains j
i khst Thi-v i.mv l?. "
. - " nnrn u Willi JIM'
same materia] and placed iti either
the licm or corners.
Canning l*Yuil.
When putti!ik up fruit in clasp jars
put rubbers < n first. tii > 11 lilt full.
I nl top on and screw just as tii;h? as
1 osxible. Turn jar with top down;
if any fuss or lo:?k run knife aroun 1
the cd^e on (op and turn down airain;
if it leaks, try knife again. If then* i
is still :i leak, take off top and try ;ui- i
other lid, as fruit will not keep unI
1 ~..r ....... 1
i> in-m:i n; iui i mm. v oil near so
usi!<-li about fruit not keeping, and
not beinu airtight is one big trouble, j
I use now rubbers. 1 have lost some i
fruit, but hardly ever think of such a j
tiling now.?Mrs. .J. I\ llunter.
TSie Table Silver.
Tvcrv an ! met'iur-of-pearl handles j
for ta:>le knives seem to have been j
superseded by silver.
Perhaps this is just as well, for the j
silver is more substantial, and less
lik. lv to lie injured by constant use.
Silver platters for serving meats
are also much more in use than for- ;
They hold the beat better than
ehilia, ;o that t'.:rre i a surer way to j
t I... -1 ! . . . - -
. . i ? v i iv < 11 11 |.. 111: I: <?i.
!t) matiy i>l:,i; is 1><coining more
: d moi'o the h'on to pa:v, tho silver
i: is -i r !i (1. for each enurso.
This cms ;way with tin? imposing
display of i: ! . v.a-o \ hlcli formerly
cot.front(<1 111[ j < . i at tlio In ;;inni!m
(,: a formal ?!i: .
, >f knives :".vl forks and
:noon oft > > prove:' rowwhat of a
mi: "anr- \ r.' tiin^ in one's way, and
< a':f l:? t i n of embarrassment
to r!(l ":ie-i; who wuc so i
u-.li;c-k: a - t i i e the wrong fork.? I
Wasliln" :> S:.':r.
< !:: ?:-!? ISoil.
A lie- t'i he healthy must ho three
thin : i. e. dry. warm rud li"ht, 't
and tin two form'-;-condition:! (lop nd 1
greatly on lh" nature of thn soil oil
which t!i" liouH" i-i built. The host
kind i f soil io live >n is iliior gravel,
s::ild or eh:; lk, hoc:"; boitis porous
tlu? rain is able to percolate through j
tin- ground instead ol acciimulatin;;
;?.s it usually do- 1 < < a < lay soil. I'ndcr
no clrcut islanee.-; is a clay soil 111 tiirnltlr.
r,,,. ..i I '
n mi ninii;i in <ia>
way from the throat or chest, or wl.j '
at. ;i!l addicted to rheumatism.
A home 1 yini; In :i hollow should
."Is i 1).' avoided, whereas one situated
on a gentle slopo is inn ! desirable as
its sit nation in .ure>; its being dry, ami
is at. tho sumo time of groat as.-1st nnre
for drainage purposes, says
1 lome ('hat.
Light is also mo ' important to the
inmal' S of a house, ami though it is
well to have trees close id the house?,
they fIioiiH not 1m> too near or they
will drip on the roof as v.? 1! as make
the rooms dnrk find cheerless; Tho
roon should, ifpos ible.goi an equal
am Mint of 111?Iin 1:' a southwest aspect
is t in br. ! to:1! rt.
I rtt/Z ' 77/^r- \,
< I'.uihi'ri'.v Pi*-.?Ui'i - :;111* i iip rais;
ins, o!:c <i]p < ranlH rrloii, cue rnp ku
, . ..... ...n i \ i 11 nuu'r, 11ill* I i.lHpt 1(111
1 \: ii 11 a. < !;op t-ri!ribcrri (uncooked)
iilit! raisins together. add sugar, watli
r. vanilla, a little - all and Hour.
| ilrll.v i'ie.?.Make :i rich |?i?* crust
' itnd perioral'- ii> prevent blistering
and bake; when cool 1111 (not loo
I full) wiili p; '|iO jelly, spread gener
ously with whipped cream sweetened ,
ami flavored with vanilla; finish with
tiny bits of jelly laid lightly on (he
cream, ,
l>roilcd Cnrifl-'i Steak*.?Have the
; steak!) about an inch thick, clean and \
i wine nifiu v. < ii; into olive oil put an
j onion chopped till vvry line, somo
I mil, while popper find a little lemon
Juice; coat < ach piece of tish thoroii;;hl'
with 11.iMixture, set away
for two hour in a cool place; take
out find broil over a clear lire.
Currant < rc.-unotatn.?Mash a sufficient
quantity of ripe i*? ?! currants to
yield two-thirds of a pint of juice and
a sufficient amount of raspberries to :
| Mold one-third; boil two pounds of
, sui?ar and three quarts of water to- :
1 pettier until a clear syrup is formed;
j Hkim off any scant that may arise,
1 strain and set aside; when cool add
I the pint of fruit juice and freeze to
I the consistency of mush, not solid
I an ordinary ice. Serve In tall glasses.
Kimlt:it*l? .Join.?Take the stalks of ;
nice, fresh rhubarb and wash them j
five from sand and dry them. Now j
cut into pW-.'x half an inch long, then ;
put into an earthenware vessel of
Homo kind with the sanio weight of
sugar and K"t in a cool place for
shout thirty-six hours, then put Into
a preserving pan and boll for about
thirty or forty minutes. Pour into
.lars and let sel until ctold before nealinsc.
This jam la very/nico when flav- !
ored with lomon or ginger.
Nfefc j Li
Writer Shows Thnt Foreign Element
Figures in Fewer Cases In
Certain Respects.
InjiiKtict; of attributing l<> particular
natiouulitius a preponderance of
particular crimes committed in New
Yuri; l:as be. n i In* subject of all article
by Mark J. Kalz. which appeared
ill (lie i.?Ydernt ion Review, under t lio
tiil" o!' "Comparative Criminality of
Natives ami Foreign Horn in New
York." Mr. Katv. has I?s1 his assert
in;- ; on the statistic*; ?<i tin- courts
for the last live yea!/.
Th< iv have been l l.'iTU convictions
for jerioiv crimes from I !><? ! to ntox.
Out of !!'i. irunh'M* iM>2C., or per
cent., of the criminals have been
native born, I vinr>04f?. or r?.s per
cent.. for those of foreiin birth.
"Tho? who believe that the larger
percentage of criminals in the large
citi.'R are foreign born therefore are
mi;iaU"n. New York, b im; the gate,
way. has more foreign born residents
than any otlier large < Itv in tbe conn.
try. i>n oven thoui.h cviminnl alirns
usually rental'i for suntn timo aI't< i*
t'-eir arrival the . uMves furnish the
majority of cojivl*.*'ions for serious
criim .ays .Mr. ICa'/..
Dl^i l ihation of crimes amoiit; (ho
various uationallti s wliieh imtninrate
( ? t'" Slat's is shown in llti.'j
t 'oil- 'I'n! il
< .iii* i v ef N'utiv \ . \ ii t ion--. P. t'
I">| < I St it- -1 '.'."'JU til l!
\ I JvS
Hiis>i.i i.Mi-j : i
\iiMiri H'j $.o
IN.ii'iiJini.i s:t .(!
Ml!-. 1 .i:?l 2X;"? 1 !t
'.ji.! ti I f?'27 '!.S
C. . 711 f>.3
- lliinl
X . ..
,, It I I
i'rnnco 7.~? ..r?
<>t!i> < >11 lit l ;? > I f!.!l
Till ills I 1.1)72 1IK).(|
On I he* assur.iption lh;it most of the
Km-.-i:ins who i-onie to New York are
.lews, liii'lr com i f it) ii l io;i to Mio criminal
ciasfs is about. t'i()2, or 7.1 per
<< it., a surprisingly small | rcentage.
Italians, ?Jnri?iK 111' same period, have
s! own i convictions, >r x.s per
pfiil. Tmuther the Italians and the
.lews contrili'ito only I."..it per cent ,
acainst l'.i.ii per cem. for th inhal)itani
of other exotic orlc.in.
x<imiial Tell-. One.
Aviniral i'rin tnld till.' vory lately
I a' n dinner:
"A fortune t >! r osi (lie white
amis of Sv.lt Uea??li pintir.int" I ! >
f:" ire fivckles ?ia,-:icall\ I - >r SI. \
m;wi\ you;i|; mirs' iraid-.
| t-i c'cklt i! I?v |ho Salt )' aeh Miii,
I i;* h 1 I ! ' :i re. 11 con :>st 1 Of :i
Id of . Kiui. i! -wciwiiiu, *ii*ystill
H'l/insi. ami sri fori!), ami :>t tin- ? ti?1
i iu h iiiirs* r.said r< colved a RoiiM cij.
v< !o|n) ilia: kIH* was I > opon a! mi 1
lii and read I lie light of i h?
I'lOOH. F< 1!i ' ;J? thOKO ihSlCHd lOUH
iii ill"- lettej* m ? would i nn- In r
f. Id s a! solnn I;..
"Km. alii;-! ! i i !'I?i i'. six hour
aft-r tho fortune teller's train lad
a' rriei' him off, tlii is what the po >
Salt 15each mir.- maids r? ad hy m<i!iali'^ht
in \ heir ii\\ i erln i. \ !.?,
i.i ' I'in hii' v ni'i' ucmox ' ; II'*
fr( r-kles w ith a ponk11il*i*, soak Hum
in suit water oyer nielli; then han^
tin :i: in tli" smok"hoiis<> in ^'roni;
smoke <if hickory sawdust and oak
liark. les " treat'-d for a v.n'k
caniiOt fail to lie I horoughly cured.' "
?Cir.i iunatI Kmiuircr.
Tin' l'M< pliant.
The El-e phant lias a trunk at one
end of him a d a tail at tlx- cither.
This is f)r-tu-nati for hint, hc-causo
if h>> had a It link at eftcli mid he
wi uld he trying to walk I ;'< U-ward
and for-ward at tlm sain" tine, I lis
trunk is used for Ih'ld-ing iiiins, pea
inii.-. He. Without it lie would 1?:iv?
to li<- d< \vn < 11 his side iiml \\ i ii?Kh
\vh' ii Willi tori io <'jit aiiylliLif
Thr lli-f- haul is l initil for hc-iiu
ahh> to pid; up :i pi:i with his trunk,
which ti'Ol is ii \. r ic of tiino l> -can
ii> has nothing to pin up with on>
lio is ofton pitied l>eciuitt<' In- < air.
cliinh it trci'. although IhiM'o ' ' l!'
i ?'ii. >11 \s 11\ I should. lis 21 ii 1 !i < i-1:;111:
would niorHy look ri-dir-u-hr.i
11 > -inn <i in 'i ii! o' ii i v..
I to not I: il-o-:{j in - , i r d ; >
tholl, ! ! ill I ho- > will! ! ml \ r : \ uKUfctii
(Sli. * ' I* i iild
I'umpl.iio llrvivcil ilic \<>le.
A VI... I....I .
kins i'i a t'lus-x -? lj values (It
S'.'ip m> 'I'llil l n \ it i a 1:0 ' ln? li;inksaid
In- lent a liii i:n i $ 1 ??<? ? wit!
which to I?11\ i( k. '!'Ii? !'mi'i" <>i
(iliirsi1 um\ hi-- ii'itc. 'I'll* Imiitiiwit
losl mi Ihi' slock ili'jil . 11 > -1 11; i' I hard
luck Kcii'-i a 11 >, tu hi- coil Id n I |>:>\ !!
not'-. I.aler he v.> ni West, and afiei
lran.v yi ai !)< I. ! - >i??I ai-ain ai >1
returned in SI n i ' uii. f)n?- day !h>'
11:iiil< r stopped at I'm1 man' larn arid
admired his f i n?' pumpkins. The
I:im:!i,i' made hiu a pre.. ni >f !\v<
lai one. .
"I'll just civdil l li' < pi|!<n . i.v < n j
you (,|,| note," t'n> l>anl<< i .'iti<:I '!
rii.'li!." I In- fii rini r said.
'I'll fi t rovivd the iliii' ' i< n. '!'h'
banker brought snll and n ri.\< ed j
in Inl! for (be not?* and i"l r<v '
Kansas City Star.
Itarclic.'Mlcil Wi-Modcy < .11 1 .
The \Vidlwh\v Cidb'.ciP i;i i; : ?? reluriiiiiK
f< r the school year. am! I'rojn
I i-<nt indications the slud nts at
Ihi c-o1I"ko will j;> barHiiM ' 1
I in- tin-' 'it pa it of l ho vi\".
Falun ay the oanipm aad ! >wn
wire swan ml will t'le youtm \voi 1fii
:ill of u lin 111 Ai l! v I'limil i 1
heavy coats < r sweaters, hut ?><?i a
hti( could ho 'Fl oy will < <> tipup
to . <> without their h'\il:j:enr,
wit't lho exception of certain ocea- 1
sioi as oik* young woman stated,
"it Is tiie proper way l< lie." WoIIokley
Corrospt t.dence i.oston l'o.st.
Thousands >f Private Schools.
Twenty yearn ago (lie number rf
fiiivnio schools was sum 11: ten years
afio '"<ro was noted locidod Infroaso,
and ir-day America is supporting
som^thltitf llko 800 ) pr-rinancntly
established educational instituti >ns
exclusive of the public schools.? Kducational
Thore i? a florist at l'okin, Til.,
whose nanlo !s iohti Bloom pot,
iw"is^ ;*?&]
( A J ?rx) l^^'tTfcWT PEOPLE HFIIR V
i JferT zrNfififfSn^T /'~*?\.
I gf> npn taw ww UJ !'! >. f '
I Villi MOT BE ??] HO t\SPWW nv Titr w?
i Mil.!5r?<&^")
1 icr.rvr. VK'> iKAr wiir.tiv.vr.ti i V\ nn tmjo.
5STO 'WW: -wm: w{ >m?FlA
):?/<// r?.\v; ? < ;, .- Ji) T>1| A/l lojl
I>l tiuyui)'* l'n? I'lW 1*111 r* I'XIX (!??'Ilvi.r into
Activity t?y in?*th?nli I'liey ?lo not Hconr, f;rt(io
or w?*akiM?. i h??y are ti toiil>) ui lUu Htonrjwh, liv?*r
unri nervvs: .iti> n Mtoiul ?>? w??nki?ii Th??v ??n
rli'h III** IiI(kkI uti I I'litlLIn llio nlotnaWi in K?'t u.. tin?
| iH'UfUhmoiil lro:.i fool that In put bi:n II. Tho*o
i pills contain uo culomni; lin y ar" *ootl?lnn, rifalln*
! mnl M imu la( In*. I ?>r *a.l\i l>y nil ilriiKtfUt > t !< ali i
| 2.V* kIzv*. I! )cu in.nl nuMlcal a?lvh;<>. wi.n1 Munynir?
1 li i y will ivJvIhw to tin* l??-?t ?f tlmir
?k tit 111 y ui.-nlw??i> Irn' of t'lmruM. >1 I NYO.VS,
| ?VM iumI J rife: von SIh., I'll! I u ?l 4* 11> li I ft * I'll*
MniivonV 'o|.| It-mo ly (Mires a oo <1 In oik* flay. 1
J'rlcf Muiirnn's Hhr>MinAllH!ii ItmmMy ri(lloT?H
In a few hour* uinl tirin !i? a f"W .lays. ItIcp &%c.
Mistres-- Urld^'*, 1 hope you're
no*. the sort of girl who quits hor
Cook?N'o, mum; I'm a regular Do<
juiw !"? l'uck.
rimililiUDtliiirt' I'or (' > ti|;li*, Croup
iiiiiI It i ollcll 11 Ik
Ik now f'iviui-1 at nil ilrui{ iturcs 2'h> nhnttlo)
ii* 'l'uyior's ClioriUni Kiki.'Iv "f H\v**ot
<ium unU Mull'jlii. Ily ill i nus tliu Iii*st
rtunuily for ooinump'.ioii, w!j.. pini; ?:<? i^li,
! cviMs. Homily tins li <i>n t-'sii-il fur
! CO y^urn nml uUv.iy* uivos sn'i-fu
I . . '
The Corpse's Excursion.
"It mav bo pfonomlcii!. but it. !a
1 certainly ridiculous." .ii 1 S ualor
i Milium m ii proposition n
"It reminds nil- of ChMk'in White,
j "Calhoun Whito stink !iis !r a-1 in
1 through the tieket windo \ ?.r Salter
Depot railroad station and - t:d:
" Tloss, gimme two ro nid 'rip tiek)
<>f. to Society Mill, on fn nr. IT
and one fur a corpse'
" '! iii'ver lienrd of noljt dv haying
excursion tickets for < orp said
tin' aaont. 'What's tin- m< i; : (
I ^ "'Will,
hoss,' Calhonn W!
plied, *ni> brother Woln-N t died y> <
ti-rdsn attil I \\ nit t<? tale- tin ion
?iI'if to Hii' ii'H Mill and l?-t tlit- ''am iy
vi? \ tin- remains, and tli?-n 1! hring
him !ia< l< Id Suiters Depot here and
1 > lr> liini That'll Ik . hie lit
I rhriipt P tlntl for thf? w !?* I'll mil", t < >
trnipsi* fill hi" wny from Sn<-iot>
Hill and all th?> 'way IjikU again.'"?
l'.if - '.nr. ); 1 li- :>atch.
I'ilt-s < ii! < <I iii (5 to I I Days.
l'a/.o Milliiu-m i-. LMiarantr. il intuivanv
i a.->'< >1 It liiii'. . liliv. 1, l'lrn(!ilii;orl'r. .1 rial, i,,;
I'll' f. in ii in I I ila.vstir moiic . H'luho.'il. ."/tic
i Till-: sti\r;i-:urf an'd t:ii! sti nc.
Sr> ii II ilf th?? people in tho world
| don't Know win- the other half ah?
i 'lei n
Jii tt No; that is hooauso tln> r:''.i
<-r lialf ar-- loins tlw.'in iJoston
i Traiiv "int
Wh?t.h#r from Colds. M??t- ?
r<firrou? Tro'iWes. ('apualuA will raiievo'rouL
11'? liquid ? lo l&ko?luimiiUIMely.
Try U. 10c.. tec. and 5Cc. *t dru*
In the sw-'ft by and by, prophesioR
tlitt f>pr!i?Kn??lil I'nion. wo probnldy
will knew whether the Sujuar Trust
hau <llnoovore<l a way of applying tin?
i bent pin to tho sealoH of Justice.
An internallotml weather ootlo 'Ail!
kooii h' us? ! (lie world over
lie,'ill l>T-k <n ! arlu?? Throat *<>r<\
i with ?iiili-'* Th:i' i- l.n (irii-po. T.tkx
' l*i?i i \ I'.illil lllfl" ;?* Iilire.
M M j(i How :\!?oiit your ?<>r
! vii:.' i-irl' *Ph l\-t tiim I sva you
v(i i i1 About lici* bMhi so
i \ : \ a
Vv ? !i :m Off..11 Oil. s!if ': ; r<
M v : :-h!<> i?
\! ii (MY- ? Voh; slip's i'
| : !!. 1 r !n\vo:\ -falliollr
I Tli-ti niri-'l in W minute* |>y Woolford'H
' Sanitary l.-tioli Ni;v?t lailrt. At
TIIK I' Wtll.V ! oUKCAf"*.'::!!
W ft- I :n goins; Into lowii i ? !ay.
i!:. (1< nr. : i ii > !)??? maker's, 111 i 11 iiiitil
: I > -ilia'.' ' What < 1 ??
tlie* 11:i i sa > the weataiT 1
IItr ..in 1 llaiii. hail and t!iuinl? r
t-'fir::: M n V.vant
M r? Window's Soothing Syrup for ChlMr^rt
teething.Boftfii* ih(*KU!iiH. re<lu<en ii)llmmii?|
ik*n,allA>'Hi>*iU,vumiMrin(i colic. 25c u 1 otCU
"> ?? I W VJH J|>v. II I
Sl'?iipo!s neeklng accommodations
In llrockton during th fair toll many
funny stories of their experiences
mibii, after rin-iiig hesitatingly
tin- ni#ht bell. wah iinswcrcil by a
gruff voice Informing him that tlu?re
remained only one room, and that he ,
side a very nervous and irritable old
gentleman, who had been in the hotel
for some time and was a stnr board
er there After the ;>nor fellow. tired
by hi* day's sightseeing, promised
to be very careful not to make anv
noise, he was allowed to enter l'ndressing
hurriedly, he thoughtlessly
allowod one phoe to fall with a resounding
crash; then catching himfielf,
ho carefully laid down tho oth....
..-K,.I I.,. V. -> /...111
.. .. ...ii in. tjimtn,
only to be disturbed about a half
hour lator by a knock at the (loor.
Upon asking whit the Intruder
wanted a high, shrill voice piped out,
"Hey, there, whv d n't you put down
that other Rhoe, or nro you a nnaloggoil
rnnn Hoston Record
Bocartfft* of tho*
j W
One Louisiana Woman in Office.
"Therp is but one woman in Louisiana
who holds a State ollico. and
special legislation had to he enacted
so she could he eligible," said Captain
K. H. Mllroy of New Orleans.
Tniler the terms of tin- Louiiana
statulo before any person can hoM a
public offloe of anv df-sn i'>: inn t iu
nee<?ssary for such person to be ail
elector. and as women van': \ ' in
our State tho prohibition is almost
absolute Heoause of tin r ai litHess
and ability of M?s. c rdon
it was desired that she In nmd* fa
t'-ry inspector, and so h friend.-*
were instrumental in an
amendment to the jnw i-s"d that
authorize! the ernjdoyir. tit <>f woin-.n
111 wrfnln
"Since then a Mi- MfCnl \vt.,
c|?(p(p?l to be Ftiporiuifrdrnf of
schools of f>nc <if O'lr jisii <!i" hr.i if
is not considered at all pnhalih i;
slio will l,f deemed eligible i > at,
a- Ikt ease is entirely different .i>s
thai of Miss Gordon. The At'ornev
<ral has the question nndi : ;*. !
vlsonu'iit. r<i:<1 it r< not ii hir> i*> <
lha' h<* wi'l l:avi.? to flcridi* uKain^t
the latl " Malt lino: " Amcrb-au
Slic had jii-1 not h*.?r soroml dlvoirc,
\V?vll. don't you ou:<.! " a.!
irir't'.d, c!.o< rfully. "th<-*!v ?: a 1
nr. i.'no | !ic!i a (!! ' sea, you know."
' Yt-s." i-aid tin o:h< r bi'tcrly: ': t
whi n I' ll tll'MM till". !)'
turn o'i' to l)' '>bst' !>!."?B'j|$(oi!
' <?ior inor#* iro* U t>i !wli'? r net fa i. r r -ihitii 'my <
vui ?!v? any unr ?i??ht without ripping ujvir*. WrlM
She?I don't ft'f why '!) i V. r a 1 !
hesitate to marry on > i >< tu
I'apa says my ymv::s u.-vor wt
than that.
He?Hut. my d> t w<? mi:--' ' . .v
something to eat
She (petulantly)- l>n't that just
jiUe a man. Always thinking or hi
tomnch. Hoston Trans* Tipt
A Hurning Krti|i(inn Covered I!it
From Heml to Foot.
"Four years ago I suffered severely
with a terrible eczema, bnitii; a mass
of sores from head to feet ami for i\
wee Us confined to my bed. During
that time I suffered continual torture
from itching ;ind b'liwiinu. After beItiu
yiven mi lti* ">* i
, M1, 11 i i| < / I I ? ?I ^ ? I * I ""
vised to try CuMoura K mediep. After
Hit' first hath with ('tHicura Snap
and application <if Outlcurn Ointment
I <':i.:n\ d it; ii:sl uot> 1 sl<" p lutim;
nr. i>niir-- Mine I aP > t; ;,,<i t* atioura
IP.-solvent ami tho in riinirnt was
continued for ahout thr< <> \v>*"ks. At
tlf- end <ii' thin time I was aide to 1?>
about th" lion.-", < n?ir? 1 y cured, and
have t'i It nr. ill i fn .-t . since I would
adviso any per on ifferini; from an;,
form ?>f slept trouble to try the Cuticira
Ilenicdics. as 1 kpow what 111 y
did fur mo. Mrs. IMwarll Nenunin,
111-.! Sal ilia S'., Waterf-iv n, N Y ,
Apr. 11.1 JloJi."
Poison from online vanilla ?nu <
ru* ic<> ( r??st:ii tli'U llrtv? 1 not
htiown. Vnnililnc fftvbrs 11? KiviwtU
or 'is nn- ViMiiil.i
futures r.nri i<-" i:n should if ivt>
\vh> :i ti; -1 il i>" iro/i 11.
'I'iifhiufsw aoffwii (lip client means a cr>t<l
f'l\ tin' hllip" I' lniTitis m r\ . i r i ! ii
cimfoit i >.cr\ litiir.it *. it n.'tlmivt Wir~tr
Willi! ? tl< III-TM - I; : r > tin- rilt'.-t Willi
1111 mItrt^ \\ i/.iH oil f|nicU.
nvr tiiiviI rr \ -i-imi.
!?, :i. inII (RriJ'i'flisfloilll.v 1 I Slip*
;>osn ''i lio'V linw country
r:L'ht ?o ' r -i
c r / n i!!i'j|v i \'<?; 'I !- -t
.J . ; ;. !( a ' J).?VV :l s !>-tr
! I . m : ) v I,
Ithciiiiintisiti Cur.';! in a l>ny.
I >!' I'"' li r, - 1-: 11? f ; 11 lit iiii.il irtin ami
Nournlnia r.ulnalh niivxiii 1 to 'I ilnya, ltn
1. t .4111 I-. I I'll | k.ItlT.llVt S till- I
ami >IiM'im |.m U ' ln>t 11 o'-i
i;i' 1 > In i.cii's iii! .<1 All i!iuxkiv.;i.
Substantia1 Proof
i no nwiu : ;i i i i r :
on nly an;- I i I'r .n 1 :imi. ' h?
))! :?' ii ? i ' ! ?k.s
at"- his h' - iv> I Ii.
tlit' woi: ' k? ! .?H-lv. - T?
-aid lit . \ i : v .11
\va It n'
Iu: *k!*. I ' ti| t'> Ali- -i'- I i Ita
I'l. V? ' / ( I' V? 1 l"l \ I i
! " : ' 1: A .. i'KKCK! !Vi
'. i a . ' . ; n) t '
' | ) 'fi r. iti I . " halt
f oh. > V u> t? ci. w i \i '.I
<i ii ii .' 1 h i.'
: . ! : | .1 * hilt l. 1
Y. , - v
T>" f'iorcc - I'lo.i< ?i?( I'.'llfts I ? >?n<l
iii\iif ! ' >! <'11 In' r fn t hcW'-.s.
Siu ni -''I '..ii> .'iiulfi, c.i>y to
1* ll 'i *f! i
\ ii< u i |i i I: ii'itl :i):i rin Inrl: |i
i?r> liiiii'vi. in i li - i lull, ipl'l.'
a mall (in-ami flit Imhi \\ it Ii
n II*. and Mar! a 11r? in an a! iliol
lamp wit', a Pit <?r f>l;i< imitii \vi all
|>> ( >iiipl? ( Hi!' a < i j'ritii Imii t Ik
In mi i* Pal I ibarlic-^ a tl it I lisir.il I
at a ip-a-ini 'I 11 ill*
Hor ('(ii.iih >uti uitir
flick'* < AiTPiVB i? (!< brst romfdrrellatfrt
llif Itlria Mid frvsrlshue** mrw
UiO CoK" *ial roMorrt norrutl conmUoi.a It's
liuuli) piT<vts lmim-d!?.L?l? i<-- -- 1
M>o?, fttdnxr iuum
I II" s 11:ji: . in. .1 r hIki I i
?11I cue (lipid . .1 Iili nil> ' Vrryl In i ;
-iidll li'iHII: Willi' I.Mill VWII'll I ! I
^( t a doftrt'i troin (lie u?lv< tv 'oi |
To ('lire ;i Colli in < >m* l>nj
I .ik?' I?>i\m11\ I'lmiin (..iiitninc 'I
OriiKRiHlK r<rltin11 ii >111- \ ii n - )|? , i i
K \\ (iroVf'H hlvin 'nil i< nil I I I , \ 2,">,
Little Known of Cliff Dwellern.
The h|B(or> Miiil I'm Ii ij>- <>f Hip
Oltff-(|\\ f'lh'i ; i ii' ; \ l<> ' in 111'' obscurity
of as.'- I l??' ? \islfi:l triboq
know very little < '" t>j? o nncionts,
who pofwlhly woo 'o-t'xistcnt with
the children of I "aol, an ! may havn
boen living in ?tono hous> and havo
enjoyed n real civilization when our
ancestors wore running about clad In
tho skins of wild hnasis and with
caves for habitation
Strong Healthy W
If :? woman in strong und healthy in a \\
eriiood means to licr but little Buffering
in the fact that the many women suffer
disease <,f the distinctly feminine crj-nni'
ior motherhood. This can he remedied
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prc
Cures the weaknesses nnd <li9orde
*1 net i directly on ihe deFic/jte u
' r'siit uonccrncd in i
Bit-ulthy, strong* vigorous \?r i 1 ?_
"Favorite Proscription" banishes i:
psriod of cxpuotaney nnd mal.t-s lxihy
almost p iiiL-ss. ft ijuiokens and \it;i
organs, nnd insures u healthy uiid rub*.
tc^tilicd i" ;.s in:;rv:loiis merits.
It MaLfi W eak Women Ktronff.
1 oncr.t i! ru',,;ists do nut oiler rubst!
o.s )}ooJ." Accept in) t.ccret nostrum
contains not a drop of idcoliol und ni
drills. Is -.i pure j'.lycorio extract < f lici
Most old
people must give
the bowels gentle. con
St ant help. One candy Cascaret
cacli day cIccd that. Harsh
physic, tai:i>n regularly, makes the
bowt l.i callous. Cascarets do not.
Nearly all ol;l people new use lins
natura' :ntle hcrlp.
I'l'T TiifM)! r, r .iil :? with your ;ul'lr,,ui to
i'u'ri.t .- :i.? i y< Mii j riuy, I i.; 'Juro, 111 . an i roI.
il.O.- ::i ' /ull.j* fcjOl'l Boll LS<;11 l'i(r;.L
av a~TT nr'S"
a W S&f A^r
}llicr lye. Otio 10t> puokugo lor*.nil, r,ur-. I'hoj
fur fiv<i book lot Mow U> Uye ri?\K"i -n* 1 M:x Coil
JAitaTi<e era KH jPLstkjhi*
RWTJ 25c BOX Haill
! ? r ^a t 8
M^wl BETT^.T,H?:
WWiaWWrriXiUWitf /At?rv* n
.V'S \*?? .. ~J y '
'.'?. . '.T!"".': ".' v';A^'i3 I I.i '' l:l' "
1 ' i ^51 ; : : ' '? ? /'
; : 1 '
.??Aa 4 ?K iWI .
Nnluro l.j? Jono Inr utir.oit 1,1 rr.nla "2
ff*\ this (Us (ijirdva Sput of lb* World
ht, Tl'O rivliftl 8oii -ibw raokt delightful -X*. J
chm.ite clt tr to tho l'?t nu:r .'!( > I.
KiJ,r Urs-cl iaiii o . duil ftfwlit i 'n>i ,yy
I lu.l and vCK?(iil)U'? ?rnw ?lnii;'Mnlly,
y?Wt?n t id llirti iropi 11 yrjf. 'ivti '"
Handsome booklet ia (?.> colors
NM.ttdi l.v k ?wK:a mm fu!!v
? *!'.. > in il?Uil ?l?Ki..:ii Itro.
Wri' for it now. AdJrct*
J. W. V. IITE. Ccii'l Intl. i\Kt? ( ' $f
ftp;.' , . >- i :. A** 1
We li'uy ^ */ -V-Y ?\
;r RJ E? ?2 * >v$ ?
, '???? ?? ^fi^rssn
(I Wool Y.J
i I r tflipr'., Ta!Iovt B ? <"?'i? r? * , Cinfr.v,
y C?o!<!<*n S a aI, r , May Applo, ' '*
\'? . . 1 (! .;. '
L? fiprlltl CMT.:i.m ? l\ iUff?L#.r>!* Ktfefrr. r. H
Pj price I ?t fti.u ? i, . i i to
M. Saboi & ftonrt, ra
?27 C. Marktt 61 tni. 3V.LLE. KY. <jg
rv y > TwaRKvv; m: sj&Va asasxraiajlSi'
. it*--\t
v It
c ISHa. il
Makf{, bigger crops
li? "< ' i inlxt - .
II I; < 11 ! 111V If.) . I > 1
11 (>111 t lie I i. ic . s < i ? \* f < II
Mrotiu 1 llllll) \ : !:? I I ton
poiiiwl* oi ^iiuiio ii | | > I lit it nli ilic
4 II l<- I ' III II ( ' r la V<| IJ 111 I > .'(Ml (XI l! II <| m
Vi 1""t k'i a'-V - "Trii.' V?i.?.?? \ h x i.;,
I Ml 11; i l'< ? I.A< I! I >M II' l;-l- < IIOI
Out' mil h in I "i i . ' > ni> ii ii.i" i)r#'i'(ir> s
lllll S" ? ?! I I 'I I lh !' : lHIMi. i-IM'Iim
il 11>;.> All"! < i> \ i'I s ll e ?? > ii .ll ->t I ll* ' jfh I
wui fin i lll'il i Vim. < 'Mi '?>ri;>: im
I.'ii; Ik lii lli (OI.K Pl.ANVkll nr m i >
tl,i' \* < rI<1 .i p t'M I ?u a <i " 1 l? << v<iii aiHinl
II I . is i ii ii- si til u ftn b iinllic i' i a ? i n I jj h?
lllll'. lllll' hi Villi S. < I ll U it HIHI'K ? * #" ?l
n>?u lot to i li I >< ami l< ?< lo < nlllVMif.
Mr l|i ii n of licir^ia wntoh i wot i.n Mir
li*-s PI AXTIMi >1V i lllll' WITII 1 III. Col H
I'l.A N Tl i< port V'-'OU t?
il MhANS MOM-V 10 YOU. writ at on> ?
ft i I It I J i-aialOKUi nii'l lirtiln if nirn-hant
w lie srll> ami truai a 'or * < >U< I'lrtiilOi s.
the colt mkq co.,
box 52. charlotte, n. c.
Whon oni' att< !i.pt tn (irons up tri
il'l . .* I I'll# I I '? I '
>\ i I.
Proi^i woaknc^s and
sc.] inul urc unfitted vfE^
HTiMf'Irin ?& h sv
??jU I < U
r:i of xrnmeD. > '.'
n.I important r~r . , ^
r.iskm^ llicm .?? %'?
aud clastic. L>'<j j | f
liiisposition*! of tlio jKl f
li/.es the fer.Vir
ii,t 'i iio .arid:; of women havo
It Makes Women Well.
c , md urge- 'htm upon you cs "just
pi net* of this noti-st'i n ' remedy. It
t : (r.im of I Jiit-forming or injurious
liing, r:v ve American roots.
When You're Hoarse Use
1- " CUR^ ^
\\\i VlST KUAtlM, 70ft '
Givei immediate relief. The first ?
/ do*e relieves your aching throat and t
rt allays the irritation. Guaranteed to ifi
iH contain no opiates. V ery palatable, j)
Al! Drufigiiln, 25c.
?am^xr^*r^ VMS*, \ Q
<ST "fTV"ir"?
W W A.V a iW V*
1\< in H-lii \r.iter tli:m any ctluT dyo. You
?r.i. >l()M!Oi DK1. <4 I'll., <>uillC> Illinois.
ay Fever & Phthisic
natic Company,
IB Ffi?=:v
mr/iwww.y "
V : .V-:;^
Stops Lameness \
! 1 ?i'S
i; .< : i . v . ^ i . J
Her o the Proof.
i t>
;nW4 J A .-i/ft -ilk Oi-N (V Ur <SL Ifc V
V. II. 1 ! . o, K.n ,
' \ our ) i 1
I V tlM*.|
I . t i :.- ii. w . ; nil lior ili k
I . ! : in '-ill
I !? it . :< Illitl . !l
t t - t '.wrlling*
' 0'. : . tii Slotk.''
r i.ini merit
rc-11 i (lv f<>r Vistula,
II ??vfc} 1 ami thrush.
u K Pi ict and $1.00
1$) rfl Sloan'i boolt on
r Pi liomt 4, M'ltlr, ?!)?'?|?
?>. [J? ji vi?I |m* ii I t r y m-nt
g B Dr. Earl S. Sloan,
tw^awSSMfiJi Boston, Moss., U. 8. A.
With most men recreation mean*
in get horrid.
<At2'10> "
? *1^00, rotaH^^^k

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