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Wholesale Price of Beef Foils
net i c n
v/ik A %J III Vl^VViauu*
By Refraining From Eating Moat for
TL' n D it u...,.
i n?n^ Muy i ouytunoiu hu^o iw
Lower Price*.
Chicago, ill.?The movement to
combat the high prices of meat upread
rapidly, ami Is assuming a national
character. Coincident with the spread
of the movement came annouueemont
from Milwaukee and Cleveland mat
the price of meat hud dropped. lu
iMilwuuk*# two retail butchcre Quoted
porterhouse steak ut 10 eenta a pound,
Strkiln ut the same price and other
rneatH in proportion. The wholesale
price or u??i r*u on 10 cpiuh a mmdrinl
pounde In Cluvelauil.
From lx?nver caiue ttie report that
Samuel Duttou, president of the We?)ern
Hotel Men's Protective /Aisaociatlon,
announced that the proposition
of cutting down the consumption ot
tnoii* will !?< lirniiunt huff)rr> hlrt nr.
ganizaiion Ht a meeting to bo hold
hero on January 31. \
Dispatches froui Ualtliuore, Kaunas
Citj', Omaha, Milwaukee, Memphis
Pittsburg ^ldLwettter' .eiijeH told of the
rapid! gro^fHot the movement. dev?
h^JgLfrftfaiUnl with being the origina
ill. iinj iiiu v uuium, iiutv nun
*Waiu<;B enrolled in ttic crusade, wlille
- Kansas City reports XO.OOO.
The heads ol the leading packing
houses ol' Kaunas <uy and Chicago
refused to dittciiHK the effect of ttic
juovemeut upon tneir huttmoMS.
Cleveland, Ohio.?From an idle Jest
in the ltmclx room of a Ijik manufactory
here, tho Cleveland Btrlku against
the eating of meat has grown to hiitfe
proportions. One hundred thousand
people in Cleveland have now pledged
"themselves to abstain from meat eating
for thirty days.
Practically every minor city in Oiiio
lias taken up lint movement.
Ten thousand householders are reported
to have given up eg^s nntii
tiie price lias dropped Irom IS ccnto
retail to 2f> eenU.
ftetail butchers have been compel!
ed to cut down their working forces,
some one-half, ;md several have retired
from bUHiiK'.sH.
^/Pittsburg, Ha.?Petitions pledging
abstinence from lor thirty day;;
glgned by hundreds of householders.
v 'J'l?i Iron City Trades Council,
which 'aii.H '.iL'.'/iio members, ITs
waiting the word from leaders before
putting Into cflVci resolutions adopt
ed binding tin; members to join the
noil, lamb and pork iiavo dropped
In price on account ol I'arnu rs bringing
tlielr shipments to town.
From all tow us In western Pennsylvania,
eastern Ohio and West Virginia
come reports oi like crusades.
New York City. Representatives ot
Swilt & Co., Morris ,v. <'<>. and Hie
-^udjjhy Company declined to la- cpmtfed
concerning tins no meat" moveup<?nt
mi Now York, but ??<>!< tlie at
Kjtude i)f laughing the whole matter
Hftf. Jteuii deal oik, however, said the
^nycott Mcined already on. Their
Kilos had fallen off ou per cent in
le past fortnight.
Ijosopn ("onion, pre; i?1? nt. of ii very
linn ot^Mflo,'e:ml<: dealers, nald:
^^11 the s are high, hut
ki Vv'hen
^ VfJ^^^iirn'.iHcs our prlcen will
^ owii. Prices arc not artificial
^^ -.-<11 not
^ l.H Killed our \\i'('k and sold the
llow can you hold up that
^Aof a market.'"
?f the oilier hand, representative 1
flti'H Hpoke an follows: '"I lie price
Met'f has never been so nigh Tor
Yearn ago when beef was
HnlKU 1 t,he people bought egf.-s or poultry.
'J'Jiey can't do I hat. now when i
roasting chickens bring 2D cents, trie
asfiee chickens 17 and IS cents and
soup fowls 112 to II cents.
"iUiylng has fallen off just one- <
Jialf. It will fall farther ii prices '
Et go down. I'ork is phenomenally 1
and it looks as if it. would ro
*M\_?k/jl'l< Lelidcrloiti:-. Hi'e .'!il c-ulu
p,ol,?;ril anil renin retail. If tiiih
Bltuution i.-ontiit i' 'i n.any <l< ;U? r;, will .
Bo forced out <>i busin< and tin
runt, will run in il? own uhoph Wo
Kro simply clorkH for tin: tru i now.
M Kansas City, Mo.?That 10
e in Kan. a ? Ity will join tho anilMaftt-oatlng
cni.sado durum ilio next
Ma< dayn w< predicted by leaden
^Hrtemphu., renn.?Following up
of oilier c i 'yj 1114
i/'ar.ijJ^ll^burvlTy'loNi j
on In letiard^^P^fb'.iiig 11m<*w
Hi from ,n
ilowu|?ri< Over
|Hi<tr)iari Pacific I r.tin Plunged Into
Hworth Bay, Ontario.? IkjiIIi in all
most turriblti forma hloilr-ri out
Wf?> i i v
*iaptt two I> pooplo \\ llC'll Willi ' II
of a Canadian Pacini: pi* r u,.,n
leaped fioiii tit< track , tcai'iiu
a .st'-f'p (MiitianXnu ill, and plui;,,< u
throw#" tli< !( <! ( <?v? r? il nji<i of j
tbo Spanlnli rivoi Most i<nild< oi '
all, the injured caiiKii' hi tin- wm<;?
ntfo of oii?- ol tlio ? urn w<i<> l>uru<-<| i
<yl; otherK criiHti'.'U to d'atli.
All official liliitoiiK-nt v. '.'ii out 11 i
bttji that if. prohahly v?.a > (Juc i ,
broken rail.
Democratic Leader May Loco One
E?- #? Result of Accident.
fefeAltitdhez, Mlaa. I hoinnn l iigf-.u'l .
^^KxiciuMc national coinmlttwiuau
i^Jpslnnii, wbh ucrldtiiitully Hliot wlill<
f|&tntlnK<' with Iiih private necrutary,
Harry Horton, near Kuyi-ttr, in .1
county, MIbhIsbIppI. Korty-two
Hi Hlmt tilrmli Mr. 'JdgK'irt in tho
mIi'mi Idi r
^penult, hcnldeH othor Injuria, it
gjlrcd that tlui HlKht of ono eye
? n?;Huoy< u
^Kporttfd That John D. Rockefeller
I yVHI Aid Prohibition New?p??pera.
nbiioirfolk, Va.?John l>. Kocknfullor,
Hording to rollahlo r? ports, hau ?lv
Bb./'niMiMi lo help 11Kii I MH
O^J'nrt. of the money Ik (o Im
ostiibliHlilMK newapuporu in
Jfrfat'iH. anionic them holng Vir^^^Florlda
and Washington
?lfcvv YOrk City.?John I) Hock"
Bu>r, Jr ,yrofi)H?fl to il my or nfltrin
Hoc roport from Norfolk, Va , that In
^^tlwr had flvon $f?,0l)0,0<J0 to aid1
!" '? y.llil!l" "1,1 iff' 4*
Two Hundred Thousand Men Aik Railroad*
for Increased Pay.
it A
A Now York City. ? The Now A
A York Central Hull road rejected
A the demandH of its employees for A
aa III1.1CIIDVII II nh>-D, nllf.'K' Ml > "K llltll Mt.
A tho moil name u committee to A
A meet Willi a similar body ol' of- A
A IIcIuIh to ? adeavor to adjust tho A
A dlfforeucos. All tho other roada A
A have (iivou similar reply to tlio A
A demand. A
Cleveland, Ohio.?A crisis lu tho
railroad affairs of this country only
etjualod by the memorable strike of
I'JOU wan created wnon tho conductors
ami trainmen of 32 railroads, embracing
all the linen east of Chlc.ayo
and north of the line of tho Olios*apoulco
and Ohio railroad, mado for
m.U demands on their employers for
a genoral Increase in wages and botter
working hours. What tho outcomo
will be Is problematical, but tho
louder* on both slden admit that t.ho
possibilities of a strike are remote.
In tho event of a strike being declared,
however, nearly 200,000 men would
bo affected, and about 100,000 miles
of ruilroad, including all the linos to
and from New York and other groat
eastern terminals, would be tied up.
Tiio list of demands was prosonted
to the general managers of the respective
railroads, and contains 15
articles calling for advancement in
wages of bt tween 10 and per eon
lor freight and passenger conductors,
IrelKht and liassotiucr liinUciiii.M III..!
llugnuMi, together wllli requeatH for
shorter bourn In various branches of
tho service and better runniiiug condl
The demands arc1, for tho greater
pari, of a technical character, and a
number ol tli?-111 will undoubtedly be
Eo Taft Tells the Chiefs of the Life
Waaliinyton, L). C.? President Tall,
addressing tin- annual meeting (if th*.
Association ol' Lllo Insurance Presidents,
hold out no hope lor tno enactment
ol' a federal law to govern
the companies, and advised the executive
oMeers lo li<-ii11 their efforts to
secure nniroriu legislation in the I
In I lie president's audietiee were a|
uo/.eu or more ftdvcniors of states
anil nearly ?0 leaders of tin- lilt; insurance
l>usine:;s of tin' railed Slat*-.;
The ns.soclat ion discussed plans Tor
Urn coiihm valion of |inl>li<- health and
measures which may ho taken in lho
hope of lengthening Hit' span of IiI? .
('onservnuon ol tue health of policyholders
in no\s so paramount an Ihsuo
with the 111"1 insurance companies
thai one of the largest of IIh-mi is
planning a sanitarium for lis policyholders.
Alfred llurrcll, ccurisol lor tho in
suraucc department of .New York; K.
M. ('rain of ( hattanooga, Tenn., and
others addressed th association on
tho subjects of uniform lile insurance
i" Him aiiiaiKiiMiui ion ni com*
Victory Certain in Next Election, Sayt '
Ex-Governor McMillan.
New York City. The democratic |
party will swoop ilie country in the j
next, presidential election, according
lo Kenton McMillan, former jsovernor ,
of Tennessee, who Is in .New VorN !
for a brief visit.
"Tlio democratic parly'h prospects
brighten every day," said the lorincr
governor, discussing the polilical sil
nation. "'I'hIh is the undoubted and in !
uvitable result of republican misrule, !
It J2.l)0n.lMMJ. 110(1 cnnirrii'i :in<l ii.?. I
wornt of all, tin* tarilf.
"No wonder we havo recurring
panics. Thu great. wotwl<?r is thai we
uvor get over I hem No wonder that.
;i rovolution has o<enrred out west.
No wonder that the in urgent;! ol' tho
republican party in i The earth
rjtiako h is Just begun The republl
['litis are wholly t<> Maine for Hie high
r:ost of living winch is causing ho
much complaint and consternation
If the democratic party will ntarn? j
hy Its ancient, principles it caniio> ;
Steps Taken to Have Famous Work
Declared Obsolete.
Washington, D. C. St<p? w re la
ken l>y (lie ucnal<' coinmll ?*? mi mil
llary affairs f<i hav< \Vobxl?T'n III*;- |
l.iotiary adjudged oI?hoIM< i he <1 it
1111 Ion Kiv<'ii I <) "lia/li)K l>.v Ihut an
llmrlly i? not KailKfnelory.
Hcuutor Dupont wiik nutliori/.cii lo,
introduce a bill pn'suibliiK kkuIh-!
lions RovornliiK ili?" dlBinlH.sal ol ?a j
iletH from the \\'<-: t J'oilil Military
Aradomy on < bari" ? of lia/.irw, and In
d'dlnn vlial < ?ni: i itut? s ba/.iny.
Jmitliurn Mills futures.
Savannah, Ua.? nvaiiiiuli bruUors
roceivod r< poru 11 :;I soul Imrn mill.*: I
wi'rc DoyiiiK iK iivnv i i ><.11011 in
turn coiiiran* in \<'\v Vorl<, and would
(Icilinnil rl< Ii\ I'i'ii': li. Hum means
tin- ii ills an <M i <! <i lal<<! adv.ii)
IHKC of llu' I?i \? i i?nri" of Fnlit
[nil ' ol Icin hi i in ii liii'i n mat k? i ;
li i vIiik J'ailcil i?- 'I' > i;i." I?i iinyl limx
like a rori'i-' iioihIiiil' (|i'Ki'''i'
Fx liuviiiiror l.uwry IHjnd.
JacUeon, Misg.?<'oltjucl Koliort I
Lowiy, IWKM' r<>v?riiof of Mi .. 1 . ij?1/1. 1
a eonledi'iate \'l< ran ami J?>r iiair '
si <? n 1111 > i > i< ?m i 11 ' fi' in ill.' .iffnii-; < if i
liii' si a I? , ?11? < I ;il li. 11 < > i > i li ??!** , ii k? I
7H yoarH.
lo I nn: the Illncs.
Boaton, Mass.- Imu IuikI 1m to
have ;i "ouro foi Ili? l?iiics," an irtfititntion
Klv(*n over lo the In>ainiont of
melancholia, oIjHp> loin ami like ni.iladieu,
under a spfi iall/iMl modern
form of troatiiiMit Min Martha
.loneti, a resident of tliia city, and
widow of tli<- late Frank .lonna, th?
millionaire mr-wer, 01 I'orUfJiolnil, N
II., Iiiib lurn'fl Im t oxtfiiMlvu
Br;ho I'ark, ov< i In In |{? rl? StdlM,
of Harvard, for mioIi a sanatorium,
which will opfii May I
Ronsevfilt lor SpuakKr ni tin: lluiisu
Washington, D. C -UooHovelt, for
Hpoaknr of iho |io?m<- <if ropmHontatlvnn.
Tli 1 h Ik tho laU'Ht (IrclHlon an
lo what "uhali In- iloim with our ex
proHWinnt, acorning lo .t ri-porl
(hat twin Hj>r<*a<! among in"iiiIkth ot
It 1h ('voii hiikJ that \1r. KoohovHI
iuiK agrc'Ml to run for oongrogn In tinfirHt
dlMrk't of .Now York Htato, In
which oyhtor May, i i.oiih . ih i?>< a*
el. The undorrttandlng that no \s
[bo filcctod tf? thr> k<THli11> If ho
irunw 1 h. It. Ih deotaP'ri, iiihIhIccI upon
' t>y Mr. JtooHovolt.
_ '
Warning Sounded on Diaease
Which Attacks South Most.
| wwvwi nuiiii i u iiiidiuiun ?
The Hookworm Is Declared to Bo tho
Moat Serious Infectious Disease in
the Southern States.
Atlanta, Ga?"The moat serious Infectious
di Reuse in the south is that
of the hookworm," declared Dr. Chats.
Wardel Stiles of the United States
public health service in addressing;
tno llrst national conference called
for tho study of the hookworm disease.
Whllo tmacimens of the hookworm
have been found in the New lCnglaml
Htate?, thu middle went and northern
Pacific states, tho disease 1b primarily
one of warm climates and is genorally
prevalent in th? uouth Atlantic
and gulf BtuteB.
On tho negro iB placed th:.! resiionnihility
for tho presence of the di?easo
in the United States. Dr. Stiles
Hi\id that tiio hookworm found hero
has been traced to the west coast of
Africa, "and It undoubtedly was
brought here by tho negro."
In this connection Dr. Stiles called
attention to the fact that while the
in sro had given to the whites the
hookworm, tuberculoslH had been presented
to the 1101*1*0 bv the willies.
and the death rule union# tlio negroes
Iruiu consumption ih throe
times tiif toll til tliul (i I souse unions
thu whites.
Twenty-live per cent of the cotton
mill yinploycefi of the south me at
I'octod with the hookworm, nald L>r.
Stlh'H, who based the statement on
personal visits to 12M nulls in North
and Hout.i Carolina, Florida, Alabama
and Mississippi. The mills in the
sandy mictions of these states showed
a much higher percentage of Infection
than did those ol the piedmont.
or clay sections. In the mills
of Atlanta the infection was found lo
he less than ft per cent.
In some of the rural communities
of the south whero there is an absolute
la> k ot sanitary arrangi mont, '.to
More than 250 physicians and ropr?#
sentutives (it 111 ? insurance companies
and commercial organizations
Iroin all sections ol tli?- I'liiied Slates
wi re present at the conference.
Dr. II. I?\ Harris ol Atlanta, ol
whom l >r. Sliles spoke as (lie llrrti
mini to recognize the hookworm in
America, discussed l lie 11 vat ment <>t
the disease.. lie declared u to be
most susceptible to treatment.
Southern Factories Mere Deadly to
Children Than P.irasiteb.
Chicago, III.?The hookworm is
much aliuaed, according to I'loTessor
(.'. K. A. W'iiiHlow ol' the .Massachusetts
Instil ute of Technology, the astern
scientist, who says:
" I nrnti:*f?i v:i !?!< 11 imiu in ii?*.
Houthern 1'nrtories are causing tuotv
deal,is t it tin tlx; hook v.* <?i in. ('hlldrcu
under th?? legal ago are working
hours a day in cotton lactone* i
hookworm is n:?nt .toned when 11:
hlaine r?*:?Ily should lull on industrial
condlt lon?.
"I do not nay the honk worm is not
an evil that litis to he comhiil ted. Hut.
while \ve.nr?" on tin- suhjerl ol deaths
in tlx- t<outh, why not. mention tin:'
otln-r ,-parasite?''
I'liJlt : <u" \\ inslow mimed tne hahli
??!' ' walking haretool tts conducive to
the hook worm disease.
cnirio 11j11 i i urn miirn
ouiiiii run, iiwr ilanniij.
Antarctic Trip to Be Made in the
Interest of Scientific Work.
Washington, D. C.?An expedition
In the South Atlantic and the Antnrc
tic kiio'v regions In tin' interest of
economical and ttclentillc work liy flic
Kisli commission steamer Alhutro*?
ik under consideration I?y Secretary
Nap el of tin1 d< partim nl. ol commerce
and lalior. It wuh sunKesled l?y Men j
ry K. <>l?l?oii??-, president ??I the Ainer j
lean Museum ol Natural lltMory tit
New York.
Mr upborne said he recently has
received ?i in I idcii I ia I I ti font ii t ion from
jno who has just returned from tli"*
f-? itii 1 ii i< 11 <i(< hllainlH 11< r<I <)l Mouth
ill lur jrah. in : ii It hiiliilx r as to
(iioiii Isc coin im-nial iin|i(irt ami'. Koi
ii f'-w y ars |?hhi a ulialuiK imliiHtry
liii . <|cvi in tli> out 11, rivaling
i lit! 111<J11 I ry < ! t iiorl Ii
Mr <) Inn Hi- naym Ii'- ik i n-ililily in
Jonni'il I?iit>< 11111>11 ' i <il <'lc|ihautH
iii <(i i xi i In tin* A lit ;n < t h-^hjii Mon
of Kiif'iM'i' ilchiri- ili'lliuti I ii r orniation
in i? i',;11?i io tin' <|in t iiin nt
tin' .'- 'ii Imttoin, 111? iiii *il I ii- on an
aliyj^Ki and tin- dint i Unit ioii nt lain)
IIIUKH' ') III III*' HOIll tli'l'll A11 i 111II <'.
Tcnncacee Ministries to Reform Order
of Conducting Burialw.
Columbia, Icon.- I lit n* i a move
1.1. Ill l.ll I . ./.I v illi II.
- I'1' " "''in ?'i
ihiH H< < tion in r< MM in ili>' order ?11
net I III' t ii' i''l 1 lii' liillllMcf'K
hiivf siiK^'i'sl i| iim follow my, i iiu'h:
Kir# I I lie : i vii' Hliall lie \>-ry
.S< eouil I : i ill he !< '.v, if Hhf
coin111< 111. Ii; 11. 11;i. lor ((Milliict 111k j
I lie h(*i ic< ;:ikI con ui'-iil only In ox (
( i ;it Ion it I ' i (
TljiVd 'I Ik Ian 11v KitoiiId not r<- !
ma: ii . ri i li< < > lory mill i Hit' ^ruv I
Is 1111 ( i, oi !?? < ;ill> In ili<- whiter.
Fourth Sunday I .n< ia!:: Hliotild, as j
far ?ih po n|lilo, Ii<' (IlKcouraK'id.
Ml) I til It ANII (Jill I) HI!K VIII.
Charlotte Wom.in nnd Oa by Roaateo
to a Criap.
Charlotte, N. C. -KnaMod to a erlup
til'; bodb-H of Mis I A MuIIIh ami
Ih i1 (hree-weeks old miaul won* din
covered in Hi" !ii? j>I: <? of tin lr hot'*
near I jincolijton A lew feet away
lay the tWO-yearold Kill KulTorHted by j
the Hfiioke from In r mother's gar
mentH. She may recover
Mik. MtilliH wan Hiihject lo faint
trig, ""'I " 'K presumed Hhe swooned
and fell Into the grate
| High Price of Material Necessitates
Boston, ?Tin- prim of ahoPR
Ik KolnK up Olllrial aiiiioiiiiminont
to thin "fTcrl w;ih mailf; liy the \a
tlonul Slio< \V liok'salorK' Association
Tho aHH'j'liil Ion i-ay a thai, tlio cxlal
ii?K 111KI prirt-R <>f l^athfr mid mute
rinla mukcH tin- Incnrvxc ih'cdmrupy,
lllll I lifll till* |:H? |il l< <-S Will li<> HO ltd
JiihKmI "lit to p? i'ii i H I tin addition to
<'ii' h Ki'adis of Kti' ii viilwo an w'li
( <?m|)?MiHat<* tin- w< ar< i for Incronurd
Slump in FuturM Hun't Afivcted th?
Vadue of Real Cotton.
Now Orleans, La.?Apropos ot tho
Ro-uallcd bear raid In th? New York
cotton market. President W. R.
Thompson of the New Orleans cotton
exchange, iBaiu'd a signed statement,
In which lie Hays;
ii iiirru wno uv?r u mwu wni'U wiw
cotton producer aiul tliti holder oi
upot cotton should nuiko u (stand that
time in the present. We havo recently
passed through ono of the
most trying and unwarranted declines
in the history of the cotton trade.
Spot cotton 1b intrinsically worth little
if any leos than It was two weeks
ago, yet in the meantime, through the
manipulation of a few bear operators
In the New York market, the entire
cotton trade has boen for tne time
l>elug demoralized.
jjhi u uo unuoraioou mat tno
slump in tho contract market has nut.
affocttil the lntrtaulc value of cotton.
The law of supply and demand dwtorminen
thlB value. The New York
raid is not a legitimate Incident of
the cotton trade either in spots or
futures. It represents tlio ettorts of
a few men with much money to gain !
their purpose by a guerrilla attack. |
It lb uk if a man or set of men lor
the Bake of gratifying a personal
grudge uud of reaping a personal
profit should endeavor to stampede
the occtipantK of a crowded building
by the ory ol' 'lire.'
"Tile issue is a largo one. It coin
^ii unniun iiKJIf I 11II11 111(3 I UU?n*KlH Ol
the bear or bull curators In cotton. |
It ralsex the question uh to whether
u few manipulatory shall demoralize
a great trade ?ynte?n and go unpunIcthed
therefor. It affoctB the bent j
Interests of not only the spot market,
but tl<e future market nK well. '1 lie
luoet powerful agent of retribution Ik
within the eontrol of the farmer and
Bpot holder, if they will line It."
Had News for Housewives is Sent Out
From Elgin.
Elgin, III.?llouKewlven, who expect
the price of butter to drop from
40 cents to 25 cents u nound an the
summer approaches, ate 10 < <-ut a oft
on their K?tebs, according to members
of tin- IOIrIii hoard of trade, who
establish butter prices for the middle
wok I. tev?*ry spring the quotations
lit>111 30 to -1 > cents wnolesale to between
20 and eentn. TIiIk year,
rreainy :nen declare, (hero will he
no derided drop in the market. A Uo
cents wholesale quotation meatiK butter
at the grocery stored at cents.
Petition tor Morse's Pardon.
Charlotte, N. C.?Prominent men of
this city in rapid succession alilxed
their mums to a petition praying
President Tail for the absolute' pardon
id t'harles W. .Morse, the New
York hanker, who was convi< led of n
violation o| the national blinking acf, |
and Is now serving a fifteen-year |
entence in I lie federal prison in Atlanta,
(ii 'l in- petitioners declare
their appeal is made because of tiielr
belli | ami firm conviction that the
sentence imposed upon Mr. Morse is
a pitiful miscarriage of Justice.
f) Persons Burned to Death.
Philadelphia, Pa.?Five persons?
four girls and one man?leaped to
their death in a panic caused hy a
lire in the four-story factory building
on Chancellor street. Five others
received Injuries from which they
will prohahly die, and many more
were less r.eriously hurt.
.Nearly all of the dead and severely
Injured were emoloyed in the shirtwaist
factory of Joseph ('nacliklri,
which ?jc'.-ui?hii imri or 111o fourth
floor of tli<' huilitiiiK. C'liiK-likin him*
self wiiH injured. Oni! of his dauKli
tors is dead, hihI another dylnj?.
Millions lsi!d Hyhttay Tulwrculttsls.
New York City.?EVfOit millions of 1
dollars wen- Hpi'iit for the prevention I
and treatment of tuberculous during
the year IStO'J, according to the coin
pilatiomi ju? t roinplHf'd by the Nil
ilonal 'I'liherciiloHiH AHUodation. Of
1111h :i MI' >11111 tH,^:>0,U00 was Spent
from public moneys and the remainder
lrom funds voluntarily contribul<
.| Twice a? inucii will be spoilt
in 1Q10.
Newny Paragraphs.
'Ihc larm census for tin' last do*
l ittle shows Unit on a basis of l hr? '*
acres or more the number of new
farms brought under cultivation wan
olio million, and that the value of
all larm in till: country Increased
I rom I ^.iKio.odU to $i!!l,7H".0IM?,(Mill,
Hie greatest increase being ill
tin- west, and next In the south.
The Frankfurter Zoilulig Is inform
ed that Or. Frederick A Cook has ar
ranged for a strictly incognito stay at
a t aultariuiii near Heidelberg, tiermany.
'I lie nealth ol Hie explorer Is
represent! d as having heeii seriously
affected hy recent events.
'I li<- iinal v?T?ll<-t on |)r Krodorlck
A ("ciok, llif* diKcredltid lor<-i\
was panned l?y the rnlvernlty of <!?
pi-olwiircn < xuinIitIiik fiiiiimill* Having
Kont' lliroiiKli Hie original notes
in tlielr entirety, the <<>i)1111111?*< confirmed
11k previous decision that I ?r
Cook had not r"iwh?*<l tlie* noitii polo.
I mvid Khapeiro. widely known
t Ii roiiKiiont t!i<' <<>t t < 11 states, who
about two y?*ars ago proinoteil u rot
t in wan-lion (homo in Texas, and
wlio disappeared after iiiimeionr eredItorn
liiid Instituted Imnlmiplcy pro
rrcdintfagainst iiim, wan i n?l ict
hy tin- Hants county wand Jury on
xevcral counts, all uII<*kInk lottery,
"I'lic* wlicicaliOiilK of Sli.i|ii? i o Is no
known, bill In* la believed to bo la
XW anif; ia
Rejecting many of the demands,
(irTiuMn> stent lo WaHljIiiKlon an outline
ol l?? r llnal stand in regard lo a
tariff aKroi-im-nt with the UnllOu
Status. If Anmrica HfekH to force
I more advanta ;?<mih termn than (Jermany
prints in th? memorandum ca|
bled, the o*ly r<?nult will lie a tarlli
war. u<*rinuny Iiuk not backed down
from her *ti?nd against American
meatB, which has bnn the principal
point of conization In I he ueKOtint
ioph conducted h?itw**-n iii* i.i nt e
I department and th? (itrmnn anibaHHa|
dor (it Washington.
Il Ik Btutod on fjood authority that
I im- l'ort?* linn romrnftin i d procuodln?{K
to r?!Cov<T from the Deutnchn
banU til'; in 111 Ion u dnpoKiicd ilierc by
Abdul ilurnld, tins former Hullan of
Firi?!?>n yoar old John Lohner of
ChloiiKO quit six positions in nix
inoiithK, and .linlgu l'l? kitty of tho Juvenile
rotirl ih uiixIouk to learn why.
MiKrt Caroline lillnn of llio Inlveralty
of Chicago nettloment, ilnnku It Ih
liM'iiilHO i In- hoy Hinokrs clKar*ttoH to
exeeBB. I ii" < oiirt think* there may
in1 hohii* c*111< i rr;iu)ii iind will have
Mm- l?oy examined liy a physician hi
tho juvonllo court.
Senator Heyburn Object* to Honoring
Memory of General.
Idaho Senator Makes Spoctacular Exhitional
of Sectional Venom?Statue
Already Up.
Washington, D. C.?Sonutor Heyburn
of Idaho, renewed his hOHtllity
to auy movement honoring the memory
of Robert 10. Lee, whose utatue he
objects to being accepted for Statuary
It II I I Itv nfTitrinur n racnlnHnn /Inmitwl.
lng to know why the United States
collector of customs ut Newport
News Joined In the celebration of
Lee's birthday.
The resolution considerably surprised
southern democratic statesmen
and probably many on the republican
side of the chamber. It
wna such an unexpected waving ot
the red flag that it astounded everybody,
particularly in view of the light
it shed 011 Senator H?yburn's aspvr
niuiitt. i iiw reifit'UCHH IU iiuiium unu
Benedict ArnoldB in thatt spuecii became
miplcuKaiHly significant.
In Ilia speech Monday on tho accoptance
of tho statue of George L.
Shoup, presented by the state of Idaho,
H<'iiator Heyburn asked if It wore
the intention of congress in passing
the act of July H, mt>4, to provide that
any traitor should ever have a place
in statuary hall, or that a Benedict
Arnold should ever be ho honored".' lie
held that no statue was of rig/it in
the hall unless accepted by congress.
aonuvoi Money OT MiBBUHippi, 111
Kpeakiug of lleyburn'8 address after
tho Henatc adjourned, Bald:
"It Is Ptrange to me that hero f>0
yearn after the war, a man who never
heard a gun fired should make such n
spectacular exhibition of EectKmal
venom. Even Mb own colloagueH will
condemn him. Nobody would havo
done ho more quickly than that great
Koldier and magnnnlmoun man, <;?meral
Cirant, During; several weeka
spent with (J<?n<*ral (Jrant at a hotel
in Mexico ho frequently spoke of lx-e j
in tho highest terms of admiration. 1 I
hope Senator lleyburp will not pur
mi! iiio iinwiHo ciJiirnu iuruiur, uui lei
tliis matter drop."
Since the opposition to the acceptance
of the I,oe stutue by congress?
has developed, there haB been conslderablo
talk of not Insisting upon
tliis mere formality. The Btatue 1b
already set up in Btatuary hull.
Asked ii he tuought the usual cere- 1
monies would be dinpensed with In
tliis ease, Senator Money Bald:
"Hather than have a statue of General
Leo sneaked into statuary hull, '
1 think no means should be Bpared
to make the ceremonies of acceptance
the most elaborate and impressive of
any over held. No man whose statue '
now stands in the hall deaerveB more j
praise tor his noble qualities us a '
in.ill a soldier liliil n ("lirf ft. lun ('.en.
trill Grant would have echoed tout.
I greatly admired General Slioup,
wb >se Klatwe wax accepted from the j
Bt'ilo of Idaho. Had 1 been able to
spare the time to prvpare It, 1 would |
have delivered a tribute to his lncinory.
Hut, if Senator Heyburn persifiti;
in bis present course, I favor having
every caiep of old confederate voter- ,
ans in the south come to Washington 1
in their gray uniforms and attend the
presentation exercises.'
President Takes in Mrs. Brown at t
White Houcc Dinner.
Washington, D. C.?President Taft
took ill Mrs .liiHciiti VI llrnwn r\1
(ieorglu ut tii<' white house dinner In
honor of the visiting governors. Waiving
the usual formality which proscribes
that the president shall take
In 0110 of thn cabinet ladlex, precedence
at the dinner was fixed according
to tho order In which the
states entered tin- union. (Jeorgia
wuh the third state to adopt the constitution
of 1787, which repluced th?:old
articles of confederation. As tho
wives of tin! governors of Delaware
and 1'rnnsylvanla were not present,
til** wife of (ieorgla's governor took
precedence. This whs the historic explanation
given l?y Captain Archie
i IJutt, the president's military aide.
Exercises Were Held in Many South- I
crn Cities.
i New Orleans, La.?The 1 OHtl birth- j
; day of Ceiiernl Robert K. Lee wan j
1 celebrated Ihroiigliout the Houtli. He- 1
lug a legal holiday In a number ot i
KtatuH, it v.ar? attended with a par i
tial suspension of buHlueHH activity.
The dialributlon ol ciohhcs of honor
to confederate veterans hy the
Daughters of the Confederacy In
praei Ically every town mid city of tho
I south coiiKtl'uted a prominent feature
j of the duy'a commemoration.
1 Chicago and Western Indiana Briny
Suit Afjain?t Officials.
Chicago, III.?Charges that llenjumln
I'homaK, former president of the
Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad;
Charlen R. Kappes, former real
stale dealer for the road, and John
(' h'etzor, obiulned at loaol ?.xr><i,000
hum llio railroad through a real ohlato
conspiracy, are made la a hill
tor an accounting lllcd in tin* circuit
According to tin* )>! 11, tho real ohtato
truimart lorm In quoHttou took
plaoo In 11)06, and Involved tho expenditure
of 1 ,>.! !?. 'I lio dofondantH
aro aliened to have divided tho
$850,000 prolltrt
Alabama Race Promises to Be Very
Hard Fought.
M r\ ?a ft r\ m * *? A I ^ -
J, /-? ?. > m\i ii-ri |
Con, preaidwnt of tlio railroad comiiiIshIoii,
announced for the democratic
roiittnation for governor, muklriK flvo
In tin* rare, the otiiwrn belli# U. H. I>.
ilnllory of 8?lma; Km in <>t t O Ncfti of
Florence, Samuel L> Weakley of lllrnilngham,
and Waller I). Hood of TubCIllOOHU
Mr. Henderaon wa? aKitlnnt the pro
hlbltiou amendment.
(i A. R. MAN liUNDKI D.
For Defending Q?n?ral Loe Chicago
Man Gets Loving Cup.
Columbua, Oa.?"For lh?? manly and
(onrageoua dffonK? ho made of (Jon*
era I Itobnrt K. Doe at a moetliiK of
Ills camp r?rontly railed to protent
a^alnHt the placliiK ol (Jonoral I Ate n
Ktatm- In the llall of Kauio at Wash
Ington," Dr. (Jr?y of tno Chicago, ill,
< mini> <it the (Iraml Army ol lint Republic,
will he preflmdod with a loviitk
cup by tlift riti/.ciih of thin city,
A resolution to HiIh effect wa? adoptmI
here on i*eo'g birthday.
Nln? billion dollara' worth of agricultural
products have boon exported
from the Unltod States during the
last ten years, thoae exported In thp .
flBcal yoar 1909 having alone amoynted
to practically 1900,000,000, agalnaf
Ihrh thnn l#(in nnn nnn mnu
Tlie will of Darius O. Mills, dlsp
Ing of property which his business
soclnto and frlond, Honry Clowe,/ /io
bunker, said would amount to $o0,*
000,000 or moro, has been lllcd in
Now York city. The bequeats Include
$100,000 each to tho Muvcuni of Naturul
HiBtory, tho New York Hospital
for Incurables, and American G?*
graphical society; J&O.OOO to t*?
j?roux /.ooiosicai garaena asm
the Metropolitan Muoeum of Arts,
125,000 to tho American lied Cross
aoclety, and the balance to his Hon,
Ogd?n MIUh, and his daughter, Mrs.
Elizabeth Held, tho wife of tho amtmesador.
President Taft wah elected an active
member of the society of Mayflower
doxcondanta by virtue of a discovery
that ho 1b a descendant of
Francis Cook, one of the pilgrims
who landed at Plymouth, in 1620.
Hereafter whou President Taft
goes forth aB commander-in-chief of
tho army he will have a Hag more
in keeping with hlH nize. War department
officials. decreed tbwt his
Hag should bo changed in order lo
make it more symmetrical. It will
bo fashioned on a pike oleven feet
long, instead of ten feet. Tho fourinch
American eagle that has stood
alert on tho mlobe that adorned the
top of the pike during all these yearn,
Is to give way to a bird measuring
live three eighths Inches. Tho globe
Ik to ho reduced from three to two
inches in diameter.
Preparatory to tho Increased number
of stamps which tho internal
revenue department will have to keep
on hand on account of (he urowth of
tho country's trade nnd on account
of tho new stampu which will Ik; IbBucd
to meet tho demands of the
now tariff, orders have boon given to
hnvo the present storage vault of tho
bureau enlarged. Wheu coinplctod
tho vault of tho bureau will be about
seventy-ll vo feet long and twenty foet
wide. At present the bureau Rends
annually by registered mull to various
parts of tiio Dinted States about
eighteen tons of stamps. It Is believed
that during the present fiscal
year there will Ik; issued from the
revenue office about three billion
stain |xv
Domestic exports for lllOi) were
$77,(100,000, less than in 11(08. Cotton
alone Is the one redeeming feature.
It shows an increase of over $22,000,ooo.
lireadntuffa led the decline with
a falling off ot more than f67,000,000,
and meat and dairy products fell off
more tiian $28,000,000. Mineral oils ;
about hold their own wlt.li losses of
ii little more than $."1,000,000. The Individual
louses In l'our cIuhhcb brings
the gross decreaBe to morn than
5100,000,000, but this is reduced by
the Increase in cotton exports.
The agricultural appropriation bill
reported to the house takes good care
of the Houlh. Two hundred and ilf*
teen thousand dollars Ik appropriated
for the study and demonstration of |
the best method of meeting tne rav- 1
ages of the boll weevil. For the in- I
vostigation of Insects nffecting south- '
ern Held crops, ?I7,000 is given. The
mi iimu 1:1111 irn f i^.vuu nil i IIO coil- ^
trol of diseases of cotton and truck
crops, 'rim secretary ib authorized i
by the existing law to IIx the stand- j
aids of certain grades of cotton and \
to prepare sets of samples which will
illustrate thane standarda. The work
of ntnndardl/.htion has been completed
and it is hHieved that at least one
hundred ??*th of aamplcH will bo called
for during the coming year. The
law requires that these samples shall
be paid for at the actual cost of preparation,
but of course the expense
must llrst bo Incurred and the committee
gives $25,000 tor that purpose.
Horace MacFarlaml, president i\'
the American Civic association, made
a plea lor state legislation to promote
miblie control of nrivatelv owned tor.
?'hih before U)> conference on uniform
hIhIu legislation. "Ufdng every
day tin'') tluuiH ub much a a wo grow,
and wanting a a much an we use, we
can nee tlio ( lid of wood in tin* United
St atea," declared .Mr. MacKarland.
"Four-lift Iih of tiic timber standing
in tlie United States Ih privately owned,
and ai! in being cut destructively,
i lu- remaining ono-llfth is in government
posKcsKion, and if it were ent
clean there would only ho enough
leil lo In?t. tho United Slates ten
yearn ai the present rate of conmnnt
.loai|uim Nabuco, lira/Mian ambassador
lo Washington, died suddenly
jit 1 In* (Miilcmkv In W si h'Ii I lift?in 11^
w;iH Hixly yearn old. 'I in- immcdtuto
cnuHe rf (lenlli in mild to have linen
tho n.pturo of an artery in the bruin.
There Ib no bu/./.Ing of tho 1U12
presidential bee In the bonnet of <Jovernor
Hughes of Now York, according
to hi? Htulonienl The governor,
who Is in Washington, to attend the
meeting of the govei noi'H, was asked:
"lioes your declination to run
for the govnrnorriilp of New York
a third time moan you will consider
the republican noirdnntion for pronl
dint In 19127" "It iin-aim nothing of
the Hurt," Mr. Hughea promptly repiled.
"It means simply that I Intend
rerunning the practice of hiw
when I llnish my present term and
that I will he out of politics. This
talk of my being a presidential posuihllity
comes t'roin my friends and
not from me, as I luivo not given tho
mnltor any thought."
All hut Tour or live of tho throe
hundred and twenty nine supervisors
of tho census appointed by President
Tnft wore favorably reported to the
The east and south have a right to
ask the name attention to the dovel- j
w|nuviii iii i im ioiiik\k on inc wainrhIkuIh
of tho Appalachlnnti at the
hands of tho national government ax
hiiH bt?en already given to tin* wont,
declared former Oovornor Curtlsn
(lulld, Jr., of MaHnnclniHottr;, prrsldent
of the American Foroatry uhhoelation,
al ltn annual dinner.
Another national hlutorloal aoclety,
tho descendant* of Hignt-rH of tho
declaration of Independence, will be
brought Into holuK by a hill ordered
favorably reported from the inmate
commltteo on Judiciary, authorizing
tho Incorporation of thia noclety.
- - ..y?nvi?n, mini.*
from Nairobi under date of December
15, 190'J, ha? Informed tho Hmlthmjp
Ian iiiHtitution thin Hk expedition under
IiIh chargo liuk flnlnbed Its work
in Mrilitfiri lOawt Africa and tn about
to loavo for I.Ruuda. lie Hlatos bo
ban colleotod 8,4^3 vertehrutOH, a
number of Invertobralea and many
plunt.it and photograph**.
c//mbia, e. C??-The Calhoun statue
Vjmmlesion announced tiiat the
( 'Veiling of tho John C. Calhoun
atui would be hold on March 12 In
jtatuary Hall at Washington. The
former date was January 19. , Tho
commission Iiuh boon noli Hod that the
exercises appropriate to the reception
and aoceptanco from tho state
of|*3outh Carolina of the statue would
not bo prepared by January 19.
Kvery South Carolinian la invited
toi attend the unveiling exorcises, and
limitations have been issuod to a.
Washington, D. C.?Representative
Lever, in support of bis proposition
to appropriate $50,000 to raiso the
lock and dam at Cranby on tho Congaree
river, filed an Important brief
with tho house rivers and harbors,
committee. In the brief ho sot out
what the DroDoeitlon would mean to
Columbia and (Jeorgetown, and showed
also that in the nour future a third
boat between these points will probably
be running. This appropriation,
wae auked to bo made Immediately
available to permit work to start as.
soon aw possible and to go on during
the best part of the yenr.
Columbia, 8. C.?"Committees ot
Five to do Five 'Pilings in Flvo
Weeks" are being appointed In every
county in the state to begin the biggest
short campaign ever undertaken
by tho public health forces of tho
state. The usual chairman of these
comnmieea will be the county tuborculoels
chairman already appointed
to that position by the Statu Medical
society. The new "Commlttoes of.
Flvo" are to fight consumption, the
chief cauHo of death In tills state.
The flvo weeks of lighting will bo iu
connection with the Tuberculoids exhibition
in thin city, and will ond fit
a bl* "public hoalth conference" tobe
conducted here by the Htato Hoard
of Health.
Columbia, 8. C.?John Y. Carllngton
and .Tunics Stobo Young, president
and secretary, respectively, of
the defunct Seminole Securities com
pany, who were found gllty of breach
of trust with fraudulent lntetit, were
sentenced by JudKO l'rlnco.
(iurlington wan given three years
juhI Young one your at hard labor on
tho county chain gang or In true Htate
penitentiary- Hall who granted in
the mini of $r>,iiuo, pending hii appeal
of th?ir cases to tho uupreine court.
....Although there were four more
counties "dry" this last year t'natx
In 1908, and in spite of all lining dry
a month for the AuguHt election and
liftmen countiea dosing out in November,
last year's total dispensary
sales are $11,020,376.U1 as against ?3,f.d4
V14 K1 fnr 1<I(|H 'I'lm iu># i.r/.fltu
for 190'J were l.HS, as against.
9U84,(iUO.OO for l'JUS. The year 11)01'
Blurted off with twenty-one counties
op?ruting dlupcnuarlcH, CharluBton,
Laurens and Clarendon having voted
and closed out their dispensaries In
November and Chesterfield In February
of the preceding year.
....lly a strnnge colncidonco twenty
three prisoners died at the state penitentiary
last year and twenty-throe
wero given liberty by pardon or parole.
....The comptroller general says
there in food for thought iu tho alarming
Increases of the bonded lndeht
cflueKU continually croatod by conntiou,
Hchool illKtrlctH and munloipnlitiuB
and increasing expenditure** for
both Btuto and county purposes.
"There arc," nuys the comptroller,
general, "largo corporatlonn whirl),
have iarg? capital invented in timber
or timber rights on landH In thiK
state, which pay no taxes* on such,
....The poBBibillty of a complete
blocking of further whiskey legislation
loomed up Btrongly in the senate
when a careful poll of tho senate
showed at least twenty of tho mem
bora present wero either for local op
tbm or wished to stand by tho compromlsc
effected at tho lunt session of
tho general assembly. Wiillo none
of the momberH consider tho compro
miso legally binding, it 1h gene-rally
held by thorn that the compromise is
of Bulllclont moral force to cause no
liquor legislation in the somite this
year. Of course, there ih no tolling
what may later turn up, but the present
status is largely in favor of a
complete standstill on the much-legisbited
....Senator Clifton's bill to allow
certain widows, above llfty-Hvo yearn
t\f turn fit 11 j i r I i f' i 112111 * in I lie iiMmloik
fund, paused third muling after con?id<
initio dlHfuHHloii, and wan order
<-d Rent to the house.
....Senator Wharton'H rural free do11
very exemption hill yvhh killed. The
1*111 was ntate-wlde and provided that
rural freo delivery mall carriers
should ho exempted from road duty,
and the committees report thereon
wan unfavorable.
\4i* Vl'ndit'u Mil nninmlltHr (ho Id u.
"... !?. ?* ? .? / itn?\<>iuii?n vi.*/ "
relating to the raliiond commiHHlon
puhb(!(1. 'i'lils bill pWlCOH in the
IiuikIh of the coinmlHHloii the control
of ull lnterurlmn railways operated
by oleetrlelty hh well hh Uioho oper
ated by utearn.
....Tho Iioiiho killed Mr. Ulley'H hill
requiring I ho owner of live slock tin
dor a lien to report tin; death of mieii
live Ktock and providing for a penalty
Should tho report not bo inndo.
. ...Hy a vote of Hlxty to thirty-nine
the houno killed K. I'. Sinlth'M hill requiring
all anHiK" uient h of real entat?
mortgagon to he recorded.
....Senator Hulllvan has a bill almoCat
the voting membera of tho pool
playing society. The bill Ih to prohlbIt
minors from playing pool and 1>11
Hards In public places. Tim ago limit
Is placed at eighteen years ami fur
ther does tho bill say that such youth
ful hopefuls shall not loiter around
pool and billiard rooms.
....Senator .Sullivan's bill increasing,
witnesses pay from f>0 cords to $l.
In court of sessions, was killed, by
adoption of the committee's unfavorable
. .. .Senator Carlisle of Hpartanburg
Introduced a bill to make summonsby
registered mall legal.
....Senator Laney'n bill to further
regulate the runnlnK of motor veht'
clen In thin state was killed. This
an explained hy the author, provided
that If one were Injured In person or
property hy an automobile the damage
would constitute a lien on the au
....Senator Hlnkler Introduced tho
Charlestaon tradlnK atamp hill. While
this bill omenates from the city hy
the Rea ft Ih of equal Importance 1th
other Diii'tH of tin- nt 11 to 'I'lin 11In11
la to <lo away with tho trading stamp

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