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filtered April 23% 1003 at I'lckviiN, S. (!. uh Mocoud cIu'.m matter, uudereofuiixroMtt of .llnrcli :i,l87U
K 39th Year I PICKENS, 8. C., VEliUUARY 3, 1010. Number 37 |
Q ^ , ' j? ?,
Said to be Five Candidates at Least,
for Gubernatorial Honors?Several
forUongress From the Third,
Including the Reverend Mann
Columbia Evening RecordThere
has not been the usual
politicial activity which has
characterized some previous sessions
of tho general assembly.
Tim mootlnnf nf
(tuvuviiifs V/JL iiuc ouaun JJrti
association last week, however,
bringing: together the lawyors
from every section of the State
and the members of the general
assembly, inspired some politi
cial prognostications.
For some time the name oi
three gentlemen from the low
ei atjution ol ine state have beei
mentioned in connection witl
the raco for governor?Lieut.
Gov. Thos. G. McLeod, of Lee.
Representative John G, Rich
aid of Kershaw, and Hon. Rich
ard I. Mannincr nf Snmfur
The upper section of the stat?
will furnish at least two candi
dates from adjoining counties?
* Mayor Cole L. Blease. of Newberry,
and Hon. (J. C. Feath
erstone, of Laurens.
Mayor Blease was in attedano
nnnii lVio r\f
? UJL DI1U utaiv
Bar association and stated posi
tively that lie would he in thrace.
He said there was no us
for him to say that he was op
posed to prohibition, that fact bintf
well known, but that he I)
lieved it to be the duty of a no
enor to enforce to the lettjr an>
law which he found on the stat
"NT I ?_ -
uiu umuivs. iiuwuurry is a pro
hibition town," ho said, " an
since I have boon mayor I ha"Lpi
been giving them prohibition i
Newberry.1Ho said that his plat
form would be practicaly the
same as that upon which b
stood in the campaign last year.
Hon. 0. 0. Feathers tone, of
Laurens, who has been a leadei
in the prohibition ranks for
number of years, spent se\era
days in Columbin last week and
was an interesting listener in
the senate. Mr. FeatherstoneV
views on prohibition and othu'.
questio -s are well known.
There has been some talk of
Senator Rainsford of Edgefield
us a possible candidate for seere
tary of state. Senator Ralnsford.
when asked about the matter
said that his friends had be*"
urging him to make tho ra<v
but that he had not yet decide
to do so.
Ropresentatatve Coke D. Mann
of Oconee is a candidate for con
gross from the Third congress io^
11<n uisbriuu congressman /it ken
will bo in the race for reelection
and there is talk of other candi
date sin this distrct.
Columbia Special to News and
A candidate for governor on st
high license platform was the
announcement definitely made
tonight by one who is in close
touch with the politlclal alignment
of 8011th Carolina,
Next summer a gentloman
will certainly come out in the
race for governor who will advocate;
a system of license for
the hanrllincr nf Hnn/\*
?v??v *?vjuv/i tiai"
fie in this state.
As announced in tho Sunday
News, a bill will soon bo intro*
^ duced in tho senate providing
for a license system. The bill
will bo introduced by Senator
Smith, of Hampton county.
Such a measure is advocated by
tho Senator from Charleston
county and will also probably
meet with the favor of other
senators. While there is, of
course considerable doubt that
a licenac bill will be introduced
in the senate, there is no doubt
it is authoritatively stated that
there will bo a canidate on this
J platform.
"Who's it to be," waa asked.
' "That'll not settled yet," wae
the reply'
"Is it to bo one of those now
being mentioned?"
"That's not definitely settled
yet either, but it will bo one win
will stand a good chance."
"Sort of a dark horse eh?"
"Well, no, not exactly, but
he will d(j some running."
Tho hi'jch license liquor bill
will bo flamed in a few day:and
will be introduced in tin
Fatal Train Wreck Occure on London
and Brighton Railway in England.
London.?One of the most serious
railway accidents In England since
tho disaster to the steamer train at
Salisbury, in July, 190(1, when many
Americans lost their lives, has occurred
at Stoat's Nesl station, near
London, on the London and Brighton
rim way. iiiigiu near; n:iu about I'.o
injured were tftken from the wreck
Two third-class cars and a Pullman
of a train from Brighton, traveling at
ft speed,of 40 miles an hour, crashed
into the station. The third-class cars
were completely wrecked, and a part
of the building was demolished.
One account says that the wreck
was due to the derailment of a portion
of the train, and another, that
It was due to the breaking of the
coupling between the first and second-class
cars. The two third-class
oars reared almost on their ends and
toppled over on the platform, bringing
down a mass of iron girders and
timbers from the station with a tremendous
Bruce Acquitted on Charge of Kidnaping
Girl at Rome, Ga.
Rome, Ga-?A Jury in the superior
court has brought In a verdict or
acquittal on the charge of kidnaping
against Robert Bruce, a mill foreman
at Lindale, charged with having kidnaped
pretty Minnie Blankenshlp, 15year-old
daughter of Deputy Sheriff
W. D. Blankenshlp.
The state claimed that Bruce, after
repeated efforts, lured the girl from
ber home. The defense proved an
Biici. i no testimony was sensational
and the case aroused much interest.
Because Fiance Danced With Her Rival,
Girl Shot Herself.
Springfield, La.?Because, it is said,
her betrothed lover danced twice in
succession with her rival. Miss Doress
Vlcftnalr, seventeen years old, it
is said, stepped in the middle oi the
dance, drew a revolver from her hodice
and shot herself in the breast.
The dancers were thrown into a
The girl is fatally wounded. She is
? nuugnier or a prosperous rice
planter,, who Is a member of the parish
police Jury.
Father of Nineteen Children Had
Dread of Poor House.
Monroe, La.?"There are two many
children in my family; all the meat
boycotts from now back to Adam
would not save me from the poor
house," William Skinner ! ? declared
| to have said. Then ho shot himself
through the heart, dying instantly.
Skinner was 52 years old and was
the father of nineteen children- He
was formerly a rich planter. He lost
money In speculation.
Assyrian Peddler Thought To Have
Eecr. Killed By Negrnos.
Bhreveport, I/i.?George Pedro, a
local Assyrian peddler, was murdered
and robbed ten miles south of Shroveport
whfle traveling in the country
exchanging goodH for farm products.
He was shot and dragged Into the
hrubbery near the road and hi* body
concealed. Pedro had several hundred
dollars when he left here.
Negroes are suspected.
Genera/ Draper Dead.
Washington.?General William F.
Drawer, former American aMii?ooa<iA?
to Italy, died at his homo here nftor
a prolonged Illness, aped years.
Brigadier General Draper was horrn In
Lowell/' Mass., April 0, 1812. He
sarved In the union army from 1801
to 1864, holding commissions from
econd lieutenant to lieutenant colamai
/*a?y> tv* a st t m ? - ' - ' * *
wniiimliuills, uiiu nlfsu coioium
a??\ brigadier gonoral by brevot. He
WM twice wounded.
Boy Crushed to Death.
Ckrvtngton, Or.?Berry Johnson, the
10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Will
Jehnaon, was run over by a wagon
b+lonfflng to his father, and killed al
moat Instantly. He was attempting to
yet In the wagon and fell under the
wheals. He was brought to town as
Quitfkty cs possible, but died in a few
xantiUs r.fter reaching tho physi
talk's office.
Th# Qunness Farm 8ol<J.
LaTorta, "lnd.?Th? 50-aCre farm ol
llh koila ftlinftnim mvi/i limn o.i
? " in/ nan i?hi urn
to 4?*th with her threo children In
thn Are which rtofltroyod hor htrnio or
April 29, 1908, has hcon sold to the
upftrlntendont of a hoys' hcIiooI
which adjoins tho Gunnesg farm, and
at which It will become a part.
Bill Establishing Same Reported
to Senate.
Provision is Made To Prevent Concentration
of Funds In the Money Centers
of the East?All Money-Order
Offices Depositories.
Washington.?Tlio postal savings
bank bill, drafted by Senators Carter,
Dollver and Owen, a sub-committee
of the committee on postoflices and
post roads, has been perfected and by
Mr. Carter Introduced in the senate.
It was referred to the postoflice com
milieu imu pruunuiy win do reported
back to the senato.
The bills originally introduced on
this subject wero considered with
great care and a large number of
changes were made. Particular attention
was given to a scheme to prevent
the concentration of postal deposits
in the money centers of the
east. This objection to the establishment
of postal savings banks has been
met by a provision allowing banks receiving
the postal funds for safekeeping
to give indemnity bonds in lieu of
collateral security, which obviates the
necessity of banks going to bond con- |
ters to purchase the securities required
by the government.
i no urn providts mat mere shall
t)o established a system of postal savings
depositories under the supervision
and direction of a board of trustees,
consisting of the secretary ol I
the treasury, the postmaster-general
and the attorney-general acting e:c
'I Ida hoard is authorized to mnke j
all regulations governing the receipt,!
transmission, custody, investments
and repayments of moneys deposited |
with the poBtal savings banks. The j
board is required to report to ccru
gress at the beginning of each regular
session deposits In each stato and
territory, the aggregate amount or
deposits and the aggregate withdraw
iu?, me umcjuni or extra expense Incident
to the postal saving bank
All postofflces of n class authorize'!
to issue money orders and such
others as the postmaster-general
may designate, are declared to be
postal savings dopoBltcrrles. They are
I tcj riIva flonncltf f " -
and are to bo kept open for tho transaction
of business every day, Sundays
and legal holidays excepted, during
the usual postoftloo business
hours of the town or locality where
the depositories are located.
I Life Insurance Companies Investigating
Shady Proceedings.
Louisville Kv.?Th/i ~'
, - .?Vi IKK H'llil i mill
Commercial Life Insurance Companies
of Indiana are investigating ail
legetl attempts at fraud in which the
agents of tho companies are said to
have been implicated. The plan was
to insure men who were physical
wrecks, secure their acceptance
through the connivance of the medical
director and share in the proceeds
of the Insurance when tne
subjects died.
The body of Walter Rider, a Louis
ville teamster, who was insured for
$16,000, was exhumed, and It was
found he was a hopeless consumptive
WC f A DDIcn ~
unnniuu " UI_LJ A tJ t
Death Comes to the Man Who Bore
the Mascot Eagle
Eau Claire, Wis.?Captain Victor
Wolf, who carried the famous eagle
"Ohl Ahe," throughout the Civil wat
as thp mascot of the Wisconsin Eagl.
Company, died here, at the age ol !
RC years. Captain Wolf was one of j
the few survivors of the company. He
purchased the eagle that was later
made famous, named It "Old Aho." In
honor of President Abraham Lincoln
and cared for it during the strenuous
days from 18G1 to 18G5.
The eagle Is now a relic In tho na
nonai capitol at Washington.
Drowned In Marsh.
IJeaumont, Tex.?Mrs. Cius Prltchlo
formerly Miss Louisa Scrllberger, ol
Atlanta, Is In a critical condition it
home here as the result of the finding
of her husband's body In Alligai
marsh, near Port Arthur. Fritchle
was formerly a member of thp fresroi
artist firm of Schneider & Fritchle
of Atlanta. YJin body wns found In
u few feet rrf wator, tho theory belnri
that he |ool his way while hunting
atxi necamo exhausted. It was fearod
he had been devoured by alligators.
A Wall Street Rumor.
New York.?Wall street luta heard
an unverified report that If tho government
wins Its suit to dissolve the
ITnlon Pacific-Southern Pacific mer*
( gor, a syndicate composed of John D.
, Itockefellor, through the National Citybank,
J. P. Morgan, through the First
National bank, and Kuhn, Loeb & Co.,
will tako over the Union Pacific holdings
of Southern Pacific bonds and
stock. These are said to amount to
Strike In Cotton Mill*.
, T.awrence, Mass.?About S50 em,
ployees of the Atlantic Cotton Mills
i are on a strike for a 10 per cent. InI
crease In wages. The spinners and
[ doffers atruck, and the weavers and
loom feeders left their work also.
Cleveland's Mew Mayor.
Herman C. Bachr, Who Defeated
Tom L. Johnson.
. (
11 i
To Herman C I'.nehr belongs the
distinction of defeatlug Tom !.. .lolinsor*
for the oflieo < * mayor ??f Cloveland,
O. Mr. r.ju-lir Is a Republican.
Marked Increase of Money to Farmers'
Credit in Southern B^nks.
Haltimore. A dc.ir and ? '<:tmn?*h< n
sivo survey of llto eon.ii; ion of formers
in the loi'.i eeti southern state:;
and in Oklalmna at:.I Mi .ottri is
given in the M..:n ?': ? rer ' Record.
In eight paj-.os cT l:ri T letter;; from
hunkers mainly :i ? >.i:?Jy .-eats oT
those states. I! i.; a s irvcv of progress.
In close tench with agricultural
communities . ii \i:ally intr rested in
all that rum their wcll'-ire, the
to measure tbin ; ;;s t : y ;r .
A euro ind? \ i- the n.i nt nf ?1? posits
bclon^i"" to tin i . iik- . !i. thr?
banks. Throu -; out th<> South nencrally
there has ' > .1 marked increase
of nn)!i' !o i!i i re ;i! of fanners
in 1 lie bani ?11 .:? ihe ].a. t few
years. l*ov ; i. . . i 1 one West
Virginia oily the <!epi !l ha.ve increased
i?i ten yer.v f.. nt $22r>,(ll)0 in
two bank:; <:> $7r>(i.ndi? in throe banks.
They are r?0 p : 0 . <1 at Charlotte,
N. than tin y wore live years
nejo and about ] r < it. great" r at
points in ,\Ii: < 11: A Mi -issippi
iKiniter no: i:ini i i ; i ni"nl in
this rospoc 1?:i< < to small farm
ors, pariioularly 1' villo, Ky., re
ports the large--! <I i >> ii in 11;< ? history
of tho five ban!; of ih county,
the Virgini;: ; r-nlnsula ; ' nt throe
(linos whar tlu-> \wn fiv?i * ars ago,
and (ho Incr ;i i 'I? <#r in ranges
up to 100 i i r < nt. In an Arkansas
(own (ho di pt ' ') limes what
they wore fifteen >< ; ; a; >.
man lockcj ir. : uovcn Uny3
Without rood cr Water.
Ponsaeol.i, 5'i n * I\in a
freight refrigerator ear, Without food
or water, w th \ Tit k-<> of I{??1>ort
Dick in on. who t.iK? n from
the car t <" ?i 1 1 i*i . wit ro i> had hren
switched off aft* r lv'p in the yards
for several <!.t . <11 n opened
tho car and lie; ;i roan found
Dickinson iiik ;i ' > 1 o was on
tilO vorgo of d ! ">!!.
Dickinson sad i id go no into
tho rofri>:or for - r in middlo Florida
ii wt-t-n m ioic i! wi ijii'll mil. II''
int Midod > W\v Oriiv.ns, but
was hcrrii!'.. ! ?:f" (! train Ji.nl
pained hcadw \ v ' . si !io endeavored
to open f!i< r : 1 I 'Mid !l lock'id.
At every vto;> '> 'tun mhm. iI on tlio
door with i ; t . ::u I a 11 cut ion,
k nppillg 11' 11 11i ' and day until
lie toil oxllail . ! ? (loov,
Dynamite Evplorii: Spreads Death
and Ruin In North Carolina.
Charlotte, X. man was InKtaill
1V Kill. .1 ) (' (:>! in In mil
and several ot' ( hurt when an accidental
,?!< . *i of nanite wreckod
the $10(>. 1 h ((.,iit hoie e in ^wnln
county, at Silver <'it . N*. ('.
Heavy dnina,r v \va done throughout
tlw town and f r a time the Inhabitant*
for.red tint an earthquake
had occurred. Omar f'onley was In,
Ktantly ki 1 !< I, t? i* l'.anl ; lost both
eyes and a-a ot! - vvi > seriously Injured,
and !.< " Kianch, registrar of
deeds of Svaln < run' , was fatally
Moths Disclose Fortune.
So> ih NoYWal'.., (' an. Moths saved
a s nail fortune ! mi destruction hy
Urn here A 'iiiii l<> < . .
, ~ .. . ii f,m Miring
| which had l>' lo.i .> I lo Mary Spitznr,
' an aged ronliis.- w! > led recently,
wore about to 1< l >n on a Itonflre
when, through a in Hi hole, tin* gleam
of a yell(Avi>.-' v.: ii. All investigation
i?i*?)iijr i to li^ht $:j,ooo in
hills whlrh had h? i <;w< d Into tho
Announces For Senate.
Montgomery, Ala. -Krank S. White,
who resigned as chah i :m of the state
Democratic cxecntlvo committee,
minion rormoi announcement that ho
will seok the nomlnuutlon for the
United States :;<m :st l<> sueeood t'aptain
J. IT. BanUlieiid. Tho selection
will ho ninde at tin; state primary in
I August.
To Wage War on Gambling In
Farm Products.
v??iV JLyi V li.X VJU 1 ViX
Georgian Is Quoted a3 Saying That
President Will Send Message to
Congress Urging Passage of Bill to
Prohibit Farm Product Gambling.
Washington.?That Pro id nl T:>f!
will, at an early date send to <'
press a special message ur;:ii lii
passage of a bill j>:>11i 1 >it ij11- vai
in agricultural products, is ! ! >
luivo been stated l?v (V i
ston, of Georgia, :i infiii" of
southern representatives am!
of the Fanners' I'niou held t'i i) cuss
ways ami means of hrealui .c '
this practice.
Colonel Livingston s-1; <! H>at 1,'
prediction wis l>:is?"i m >
from a cabinet < Ulcer, v. o: n. :
did not divulge.
President I law 11, 'i' t I
T'nlon, stnted i Hi i > ! I .1
members of hi; or ,ani, n \v
solved lo eradicate gar -l eu in
cultural products, even if i ie
*!?? flfluin.r '?r - =
"The Louisiana lottery i< nn *
fin id President i'arrett. " I'i
ment can roliovo tl:o l inn"- i the
country from the incubus !
gambling in tlie same v t
chooses to do so. We I'. , i &
appealing to eon,rre s. V.'e \v. til ri
know who our friends are. In t!i!fight
the man who is no! r
ngainst us. Von have hern 11 i ^
protestations of friendship of ; . i
uii mi- liirm. ,m)\v is i!!? ? i lint'
prove it."
Among those attending i' >< ? !
worn Representative !.ivi
Hell, Howard, Mil; h< . li rtl -ll : I
Edwards of (Scorgla. Ii?11 of V
ITcflin of Alabama, and .lain s o. !< i
Success, It Is Said, Depctidr, Largely
on the Democrats.
Washington.- 'rh<> li; lit to :t i":;
tlio rules of the hons<> liv iiu . < .
j tho membership of tlio nil- ; <' .
j too from flvo tit twelvo will -o;,... ;
| conic within tho next ton <| , v v
( stated by tho insure .
j cess of tho movouw ill ?1 < j> ml ;
on tho attitude of tho !>ti:io."
, The Insurgents claim C.O vd! om il,
Republican side of the li t:
The Democrats are i . :>v r e consideration
to tile | "Op: ' *il :
mlt fed by t lie Insttl'.i; :. MiUlJ
Democrats are in favor <T
posed dinnsc, while ot!.<
| unwise. The la rue vote <-;;ii ;>< i 1
th?? Insurgents is :?ttrilm' I to i
growing feeling anions N<w !
find Western Repul>He::iis i-.'iii!: '
speaker, who still I'ecliiu s to
any si?n that. he will ret;:- <Y'> i
leadership <rf the liuii <\
(lent is s;ii<l to have Ki\? < hi. ;i;i
proval to the scheme.
Three Men Lo*;o Liv:s In t!-rc
iviirs \ rr
! !?!
1y in ii i 1
three n w! "it t
launch \v. i. ! .w !. > '
Enterprise <m lloneiieli !' :
j The party had been (lii;K 1 n?
above Memphis ail day. an I \ .< )
turning home when their I; urn-'
engine became disable,!.
Captain A. J. Nieolls, nr (or of f
towboat, was In tho pilot lvn
the wheel when the !:ilin< ;i w
' fitrucU. According to his * it ni "it
he did not see the launch u; it \. .
within a few yrrds of t' to
barges. He stopped the t < ii
(endeavored to locate the l!i; m :
on the surface of tlie water with
uearchtixht, I>ut withont ; ncccr-s.
While Post Holes Wee r i icj OuOil
Well I3 Dlscovc !.
Bayou Barn. La What >1 1
most valuable post hole In )! < >
try has boon cfpenert at a tr flin
When a laborer naincl hi price fo
excavating holes for post : to 1 plant
ert 11 fear here, the own or of II10 prm
orty sniil thnl I10 thought it wa-t :
llttlo too high.
Finally, however, a conmroini e \ i.
readied and the work lv uv
nparlo of tho laborer unci ' ! '
rxf . 1 it.- - 1 -
mi 1111 i11111 i iit |>i:111 I' i i
hnvo been abandoned.
Quarrel About Price of a Cn'?c P -rui/fi
In Fatal Affray.
Floreneo, S. ('. In a eunrrel o
the price of a r:il<(? s<dd at an;-: inn :
a school festival near here, Loft ri
Poston wah fatally stabbed by Mo
Ra/.en and died five minutes later.
Both young men were well knowi
throughout the county.
Editor Asphyxiated by Gas.
Now York.?Harry II. Hell, of tin
editorial fttaff of r w York Her
aid, was aecld' atnlly aaphyx
lated by Ran In Ins horn". Mr. Hoi
was born In Louisville, Ky., In ISGH
and worked for the I<ori ville Cour
ler-.Tonrnal for 20 years nndor Col
Henry Watterson. Ho ramp nc/rU
throe years fiRo. Last Juno lio bo
carnu attached to tho Herald.
! . . , -. , . .
" - ; . , . ... ? ( ..
? . \'.l
. :\ . v1iV:r.. j
t,.r l I
. !
o- '
: :y(
( : ' '
<> ' . .
1 ' , . t
i . . :. v. .
. ;/ \ ? ..
. > I ' i ' i Lx --1
1 : i- ,
/ ' '
.. ,. 0
1 J*, v. ' ' v. I , ' . nil
i i . \ : \
j oi'L tu > are i ' . '
i .. >
i i * '? < . ?i . 11. )i I V ' i y \Y i 11
cost :. * low;, tl .v . ..TV cc is :;
. , /
\ r!"o to i\' t. thtf
* '
. .liT/.cm' Line
. _ H ; vr
? 1 * ' w
, 'i>?til.Tjlt>&-O.CL,Cfcuttf Mtf.. A.' . \:iL [SlttiM.
i . .> i
. : Ills*s-?v W
.. / - \: \ s; i
; r' n r*i
/<^.\ jp-rfft /^s. /
I.; ; ;Uujn4c
.; m M , m <
\\ ith your land
I sake of Saving <
you use a
i : on';/ rccomnen
I ; | ma lysis, It feqi
< i kn DV-, I ido;c *
rials to analyses.
1 c> ( n * r?*i' 17^1' fi n
' A ? V / V J t 1 II
? ? ?
ter.^s usee, sc
over feed the }
' <i time aiiJ. starve
11 This is why Rc
are so popular,
predient has r
work to do.
years expcricnc
J floods lor South
P enabled us to 1
f. ?"< >/- } I * 1* t\f '
j * O 1 ^ v . i i <?- V
C 'j ;i fil": at mar ^
1 TRAOt" M/
; b J.?
I ' '
. :;; F. S. E??yster
I '
?: c.r^^Baa BBS j
ir.U". KV/Cofslut-i.) J
. r -;: / :> r: \cr.3 ov?
-- ^
J . \% v. ::" V"*n:n fionh ami strength. '
' r nr. &f.! I >11 no.iaofl remitting
tuoo'utcm arocurod by
> r; ilorrnaropoisonodand
i: intmp?rocontliUoDt?no
I i.vfi^v.liirUieii&rapeculiarly
. i ' j t.io v/ocilorful touks and
f. *1.Mr .maaoMMM
:: li
i.' -tnf; rroportlo!? of P. P. P*
i . . i'o'.ro l.oot tuid Potassium*
' Jjh. L ; ;'.l Uruciji ita.
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