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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, February 03, 1910, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Tlio Kind Y< :
in use for . v v , J:
All Couui i'
Infants and
Wtt .
Castorln is
goric, I>r?
Kubstanr ,
and alia;
Colic. '
ami Fli
Stomach .
The Chil<Lr ' n
. ' h
The K:
In d >
\ 111 .
C\)l)l j)l l'< '
JOIK.'S, 111.
turc pjiW*
commission . .
the old Si
This con,
of five nii'i!
all over 11
Ho also
^ ' publishiiu
tliv ? ( >u l) * i.
With t'lyc !)
All of u
should !
of the I.
the man.
looking *
The ('i >:i; |
thought hi
has an voi
one ha:- >i
or the
to ad on
of thtM'O'
,WOi. .
I ,1 i t IS 1111.
butty a 111.;
oa\ist as it i
rj Vid 11 a 1 t'?
nI,UOt lid-. ;
'But <>Y(
i mutter
your wii
paying lion
half i v
villc pay
mills on
V or visa " .
I ation. 1
Uk in Co,(
^01i this
now 1
tvveon ll:1
sea. His
hand ami
law v;i11;
Shall In 1
Often lite
tnlicaltliy K
Weak ;mii
sponsible toi
your kidney:?
you can undc
tire body is !!
seems to f : i
If you nr.
taking tluKilmer's
vinc^you <
The mild
Swamp-k )
bladder .
stands tlu; I
health r< '?.
proven i:i 111
ing cases,
k should h;
I Bold by <!; r
fifty-cent ..:n I
I lar sizes.
' . have n t in' 11
by mail fi
pamphlet thow
t<? find <
bladder tr ?t
when writin
i.ik*-, nut n j
Root, and <!' r.
something in
you do you AviII .
fcJr \
if.'ifTlf- 51II fl wliinli Iiaa iftAAv*
i:;s borne llio signature of
. i bcca madomidcr his por<isioix
since its infancy.
;> to to dccoive you in this.
< I Just-as-^ood" aro but
<: endanger the health of
i'ico against lSxperimont.
. : i - for Castor Oil, ParoIt
is Pleasant. It
; 1 ;? <o nor otlicr Narcotic
: .dec. Ifc destroys Worms
. Diarrhoea and Wind
cures Constipation
- the Food, regulates the
lu-nllliy and uatural sleep.
lotlier's Friend.
"ORIA always
a Always Bougbt j
v 30 Years. *
nccT, r.'iw vonn CITY.
< .' iiall he follow the custom.
\\ e have no Iiestitaney what-1
I'Vcr in saving that this custom1
N ini<)Uitoiis. It tends to lower!
t'u?v standard of honesty. It
l! ::scs yon to do wrong be?
ii yom - neighbor does wrong. I
Wo all dislike to pay taxes,
, id vol each of us knows that
th y arc absolutely necessary, |
\vh\ not face the issue,
Uitivlv, keep hammering at
i .1111i 1 we g?-t this matter of
1 . 10:urns on an ((piitable bas
i . ;iti<I ! iit'ii see to it that it remain:
1 here.
:.ic institutions of learni!
is eonsidered no j*rave of
hy the student body to
Ik Ip ;i\ ailahle, lair or foul,
11 examinations, recitations,
? out t<> the honest student
di'-;s for what hi1 ^ets and
w ill not suffer his ideas of
; i\ to lie warped by re<
. lu lp. to him the policy
!iifair. Me retains his hon
, t C..1I ui- I
^ ii 1111 i irmi iui nit)
I., hut he loses Out in comuit.
We wmild not send a
<1 i >f mil's to such .an instiion.
and vol t he t wo con (linn*
no! totally unlike. In
' 1 to tin- matter of returnin
ipert v we know tin* man
< :l)ow is doinjjj all he can
i i i his property ;is low in vali
inn as possible and we, too,
I Willi I 111 <' v ?i n u J11 / mil'
Jiimrs and proceed to swear]
' ,ilii.-iiinns, just as low valu-[
n as possible in order to es'
! I! eye of the Board of
lili/.al imi.
When w?-act thus it is time
' 111 I i1111 <' a connnission to
our returns.?Abbeville
and I'almer.
j\v the beneficial efi
DClS of
iott's Emulsion
in .1 very short time. It
n< l only builds her up,
.1 enriches the mother's
i:>iIk and properly nourish*
s the child.
Nearly all mothers who
?:;: rse iheirchildrenshould
take this splendid foodtonic,
not only to keep
up their own strength but
to properly nourish their
j (in sai.h itv ai.r, bhnnoihtfl
II .. ihiiiii' nf imiicr nn?l thin ?d. tor oaf
I Ilanlc ihhI Ohlld'i Sketch-Book.
i i. liank > oniaiiiH u U<hxI Lurk Punny.
SCO I T liOVVNK, 4t/J Pearl St.. New York
_ "l' ja?tJ riewM-i nn<l bofiuiifict th* half.
J W a lux iniini growth.
555' N'-v PfiJIi to Kmtoro Or ay
J. .?p to if i Youthful fJolor.
r-jtffiAl CurcM nealp <l on* h hair Tailing.
^ <, l>n,Ml.,"
Going Cotton Crazy
Plant Plenty of Food Crops and Keep
Down the Ci.tton Acreage and
Get Uj.^d Prices.
It does not need the report of
commissioner Watson, published
in The Columbia State a few
days ago, for one to know that
South Carolina farmers start
the new year in better financial
condition than ever before, says
Prof. 1). N. Barrow, South Carolina
field editor of the Progressive
Farmer. Mr. Watson show s
that there has been an increase
of $54,715,880 in the value <?t
the crops since 190(5. All of th"
state, except tobacco and tea,
have contributed to this increase,
although there has been a decrease
in the yield per acre in
wheat, tobacco and hay.
These figures are interesting,
but as previously stated, wnv
not necessary to conviiu e ninth
at peace and plenty was in tin
land. To one traveling over
the state, the evidence of this
fact was on every hand. Everybody
is traveling, and th?>
smile of contennient is on every
face. It is certain that the
street show has never done l>< tter,
and 1 doubt, if then; is a
crossroads town in this state
that has not had its street earnival.
All this makes the heart glad,
but one who stops to think can
not look forward to the new
year without some little misgiving.
While all crops have increased.
of ronrsr* flu* rimiAv
part of this gain lias conic from
a good cotton crop and the l>ig
price therefore that has been
There is no tellinir whciv this
price will end, for it is still ^oin^
up. If it were not for the fear
of being mobbed, one could almost
wish this soaring tendency
would cease. The farmers have
about sold out, so the further
advance can do them little irood.
But remember that fifteen cent
cotton this year is not the work
of anvhodv or nf 7<
the work of Providence, and our
prosperity has only come at the
expense <>f our less fortunate
brethren further west.
There is grave danger that
this may he forgotten in the
face of the present cotton prices,
even so those who have learned
the lesson best, the temptation to
lighten up other crops and plant
a few acres more of cotton will
1,,! Al>?. 1 <1 - 1
... Ulll WltMIH'IS WJlOSei
short crop lias kited the fleecy |
staple will.bo tempted to plant
more acreage so as to make up
for their 1!)0!) losses. Then there
is the plunder?the man who.
attracted by tin* fancy price,
is leaving other business to take
a shot of a few hundred acres.
All these influences mean an
ussurainee 01 a lull aci'cu^c this
year, and then, should anythin^
like a favorable season prevail
over the cotton belt, whore will
(he crop tfo, and how far down
will the price drop.
You who have not had your
head turned will be able to smile,
but woe betide the plunder!
That the latter is already ;it
work, is shown by the number
who have come to me for advice
as how to plant KM) or '200 acres,
and the statement: "I haven't
farmed for years, but am ^oinp;
to plant 100 or 200 acres of cot
ton next year."
Farmers of South Carolina,
this is your opportunity to insure
your prosperity for all fu
ture time. You are out of debt
and have money in your stock
111^. I n> HOT. 1)0 piTSll.MltMl to
spend that money recklessly.
Kemeinher that though tin; sun
is shining today, it stormed yesterdav,
and will st<?rt 11 a^ain.
Us.. I hat money to hnild up your
property; equip yonr farms with
li -tier :>iwl m/tro 1 ti) i l< i i 11 c l.iiv
labor saving tools of all kind-,
and get rid of the scrub stork and
replace it, with animals trained
to return you a profit.
If you must raise more cotton
next year, it will be far rheap< r
to increase your farm by placing
an inch or two more soil at the
disposal of your plants, by plac
ing more vegetable matter in
that soil so as to make avail j
able more of the plant food from ;
* r
Nature's store house, and at the
tiio f i mn i ?io* r\\ if 00 U i*r<rv??^v
utvi I*v v*n*v IVUVI|I^ WUl?, ao JLU vv ti u,
an insurance policy against
drought? this will be a cheaper
way of increasing the crop than
by buying or renting more land.
Remember, ( hat your true policy i
should lu> first to raise all you
need to live oil' of* then what
laud i = left after the living is provided
for can go into cotton for a
cash crop and should be made to
n Wa
virnn'M l \ nihil r II ID l ill'ilUlU Ul ,
You will then own your cotton,
and will have a right to say
what you want for it, and toonforce
thai demand.
Another year mav let our less
fortunate brothers get into as
good sh.ip -'is von now are, and
then wiil tile so::th leap to the
van of pros].erit y.
1 to ? < ti ' m<>:ip r:iu be pr"vi
j.t iV 1 'li miiIji ilnin's Cough
!' I,- i v ?111 :ih ih(> child ht comes
In ii> i- . < \ ii ! 1m> cmipy cho^l. >
s;'p?-;:'s . . I !l pri viMi'. the attack.
!> i- , . i i : i.i fur croup iit.d
!.:i never Iv >:i l:i.'i'iV.i I<> f iil. Sold by
I . :,l.M .
i h ?y nro Rare.
A 1,'mI1 !>;?. ... ..4 r
.? ? i .4 11 .! ><! I IN M IK') Ifl 11^'^
t<> ai re a legacy ?>i* eighteen ,
tho 'smiii! dollars left him 1 >y a (
(Mi lit. who overlooked Jiis nieces
ail! ne. hews in his will. The I
huvyi".' ' > Loiirj,' ?o divide the [
tin ney amon;.- !he rightful hene- |
Ii<*i:ir':<* . Sua 'tines you find i
them i';e this !> it they are verv
rare, almost extinct,.? Charles- 1
ton Post.
\V li i S -? it i- ; 11 ii iin: i lil<- (<> prevent
JIM i'rcii, ; ti"\ i:i?>'Os>ili|i* to lie
prepare.: i ! 11 > iii'S any oneV
p it 11: v ilia hot t U' of '
('liunili. i imii'-i i in: >r an 1 y..u arc 1
pr.-pai i I'". i ! iii- s ami like ,
iti.jui ii s. M I>\ : 11 .| is. I
It has In' n limatcd that (
there are "i1,' DO tons radium in '
tho - '
An jitla I. ?'l iii rip is oft n follow- !
< (1 hy ji p i ! mi < ? i:.'i, winch to iiianv ]
proves : ;; 1 ! ' V < ' I It! Ill IxTlain's
('on :li li< H i has In en exten
siveiv i ' i Mici'i'i-s for '
the ii l.i 1 an . en.i-< ' this rough. Many
cases h \ I i->11 I al'ler all other '
reniedits i . ! i . i. S.il.l hy all Dealers.
A Drear/ Failure.
"Yes, in) i a failure."
"()!k Hem , !..iw sail! Why should
you say lliai ? 1
"1 spend : .! ii timo making money
enough to i j > 1 and doilies, and
tho fund '!. \\i(!i tin? and uiy
clot lies d' I'.i.
When :: ,1 > - rs N < cPHinry
And \ :: j uttli, Allen'* FootKas",
a | . v . i i ? !> - !i ;ken into the
shoes, i- : ;im- to iho Try It |
for Ineakin . : N w Slioe-;. Sold Kv- 1
ery '* . i' > it .n vi pi any subHtiln
n r-lio3.
I >: 'i < ii < al( Ii insects when
living I f forty or (ifty miles
II !l hull:ii
I?> . \\ >i ind Kest ion. eotislip'lli'i'i.
' ' t or feel liilioli . cive
('.'rim1'1 macli and Liver Tal - '
I< ' ; \ > i will l)t> ploiiH *<l with
tli?- : i 'a'.'i'i-t inv ifioratc the
!i , ; airI ^Lrongt lion the
tli^." t i . all dealer:-.
E !' > Obliged.
Tramp I can yer loll a fol- '
lor uli. i. 1 i yet lf? oents for a
bed? ?''! :i man (dealer in roc- j
oiulliiii.il f : Certainly. iny j
K<?<?l ii.:.a !' i ilio hod In inc. and
if it i < \ . irouts I'll I>11y it.? \
J mljje.
A i ...ire a v in troalintf hoido |
?*.i-i > i I ; . ovi it lie1 length of lime .
ill,;. I I , ,1,.. ,11..., ..u <
ilann ri in I'll s ift'H' way U to korp
(' 1:1 in I > ; i , (' ii'<!i Ut'iiicily in tlio ,
h i < . i li lli-Kt indication of
croi.v , tln> i lull) a (Jose. Pleasant
i<> taki .ilv. Clin s. Sold l>y all
1> al. r
For Infants and Children, t
The Kind You Have Always Bought ;
(> JS ?
V>U 'C
fs.C t&'JiJSr' 'ink you
/. ' 'jgt r.ion ?.r Iriule ni
tifc-, nnd lay m
Willi*:-'' ' v "Pi ?C? "II J{|
j ' ilion (<? forge ahca
:;s well put a I
\ \ i \)r. i'ici
L'" y . you a different
llj&j ' fo wor k. It will s
IsfT / / \ ">??! * upprtiiC will c
v":i J/ / / i uny tender
| it . 1 I eep that tlr
ri: . ption has ulntosi
linger!.**? r <> ' [jror.oi Wis, c.r bleeding
cure in "> t p r ,it. of nil < i?<cs. It in a
of l'u!T:il(?, . ') wlio -r at/vice ts given f
?rc; ' hw?c"-. I coirr; from his wide ex
Don't !' ' 'cd hy :t pcnny-flrabbi
ftites for i r. f r-.-.'s i uulioiiies, rccon
I'iercc'' ir.cd nrc- or known ccmi'o:
on thi-ir \vr . M;tdc from roots
forming dr; . .. /orld's Uispensary Met
iu?. i ii1. i.nH.iaL'j'LJiii.LJi-i1 ""
Judge Ernest Gary has rendered
a decision in the celebrated
Kock Hill high school con roveray.
His decision orders the sale
of the school building to Win- j
thron Oollficn r>F s'>n . i
A bill has been introduced in j
the legislature to abolish the office
of county supervisor in
Greenville county.
More people ajo taking F It y's K> ?lUU
Wnltwwl tr nnitHit . 1? i-. ...I.-.
?l.v ?I?VUJ J 9-ill , i V. I ?* liVM - . ' |l I
?*<1 tlie most effective remedy for :ill I; !
uey and bladder troubles that i:.(disc
icnee ciui device. Foley's Kid: r\
Remedy corrects irregularities, I ><ii<
up tha system, ami restores lost \ita itv. ,
Sold by all Durggists.
The citizens of CjI rocn wood
have invited the Citadel cadets
to hold their sumnicr encampnient
at that place*
~\\T T \ /?
v\ . j . v,muiilu'iiaiiiii was impu
on from ambush by two iinkown
men Monday (nening, whili
driving from Chapin to Spring
Sir. 1 . Ki Hi" , H ;vicl- i c. !:', wriii s
u?: -'I inn in. i .n- : \ r, |i vl'J .?i tu >
Ktivi' Bi'i vici) in inv t ic..11, ,\I.( 1SI !
Lhri'i* ye:?f8 a^o my Ki m-vs wvir ;tIV< '
Li?I so that 1 iunl to k,v?' "P m,.v '
Knst 1 ?ns trout.l?'d \vi? li s-iviiv iir
|>ain ovor the I?:|?s. Th'Mi I !!*.?vv?*?I ii
!l -nutui'io:i of th<* hlaihh-r, ail'! ; <U
l|>) <*!treil h.foiv my ry? s. \ :-:.in . f
1"\ I -y'rt Ki'ini'v l'ili.s t (lat 1 11 if.I si !i- . - '
iicil me that 1 bought. muic. I t-oti:n - j
li'il to take till-in isnt11 now I can siil'eh
li'Siny limy navo 11i:t< 1 me a sound
iv*.-11 man. Sold by all iJi s.
Lano Apprecialion.
Mr. II. 1$. Limlcr. of the
Snioaks section, was in the < i 1 \
last Saturday. Mr. hinder i
>ne of the prosperous farmers <>i
that eonnnunity, and lie say
,'verythin^ is jjcettin^ on nicely,
ilown there. To trive sonic idea j
:>f the increase in tlie value of j
farm lands in that section. 1.
-;;ii< 1 1h:i1 m. fc>\v vcmix :i?m? In I
bought a tract of land for s17 .
imd that it would sell now I'm j
$'2,000.? Barnwell Sentincl.
Statu ok Ohio, City jk Toi.kdo, ) ss
1.1'ca Count* . )
Frank .1. Clieny makes 111 Id
senior partner ol tin* linn ? I" F. .J i.
B_v (Jo., doiiiK business in the < u <
Tilled.?, County and State af>-i i sani.
that said tii 111 will pay I lie .sum < <)
11UNUK 1-1J DOLLaKS fcr eaeli ,
every ease of Calarrli that eannM
cured by the use <>f Hall's i .u
('ure. FK \NK J < Id t
Sworn to before me and sitbserr
111 v I ?n >;??? in> t 11 i< fit It ? .! i :
A. Is. :-su.
(SkaI..) a. W. (ilJ'A >( )n
i lall'rt C'iitarrli ('lire is tuki-r. nr. in
Iv, and a?;tH ?11 r? <; r, I v oil 111 !>! ! if',
mucous siafiicc of ilu* pynI. m.
for ti'siiinomals five.
! '. j. CIIESKY & CO.. T- !. i . 1
So! I I v nil I '?.'><
Take iiallb Family l'ill f i ? > pi
It May But?Wi-!l.
Suppose that South Caroii .,i
should wake up ami do ! !> iilt
era 1 t hi in/ in t lie \v:i v of i
Hiring highway buildiu^.
it would be t he I> ; . >
I aken by 1 bo Stale, hi I he ;. i t
important tiling in I ii devrio;
ment of t he Still -'s i <>u m -.
Spartanburg 1 lerald.
11 would be a ^o >d step, bu! '!(>
you have any idea t he leyisl
t ure will doanyt hiny; ol I he l< ii:m :
'iu,.. i..,,; ...... . . i. ; ' i
I I I ? II ^lOUll HI < I I 111 ^ ? "III III M
highway department and < !c i
!111 apprnpriatinn to su;': ml h
depart nient hul.?w. !l I ii ; w i.
Ik* encouraging hi^ii w ;i\ i .
ing.? Newberry i i< i' 1. <!
Kvery Woman will 11? I nlci< -!i i!.
There lias recently In on <! < re | j n
iromatic, [nt horh eure i w .
nan's ills, ealled Mother Fray A. <
I'UALIAX-LKAK. It i* Hie ?> ? , ,
ail) regulator. ('tins ('finale u ,, . .
I'M ami Itaekaclu*. Kiclne\. I.
Urinary troubles. A< nil I'in ,
ty mail .*??? < t <. Sample I !i:- i. \
IroHs, The Mother (J L !
a You Feel This Wt
el nil tired onl ? Do you somcti.n: .
just can't work nwuy at your :>roft
ny longer? Do you have a poor up.woke
?t ni({litK tumble to skip? At
i<ne, and your stomach too r I t , nr.d
in the world left you? If , yc j
Mop to your misery. You c.i i do it ii
ree's (joldcn Medical Discovery v.' i
: individual. It v.ill set your lazy liver i
et things right in your eto;>> i i<, and
tunc hack. It will purify y ,r -;o"d.
ley in your family toward con u: ption,
cad destroyer away. Even after cor.t
gained a foothold in the form of n
at (lie lunj??, it will bring about (1
remedy prepared by Dr. R. V. I'iercc,
rrc to nil who wish to write I:iin. ilii
pericnee nnd varied prnctirtS
ing dealer into taking inferior substiitnendcd
to he "jir.t nr good." J) .
ji i ion. Their every ingredient printed
v ithoiit alcohol. (Contain no habit*
licul Association, liwfhilo, N. V.
"" , 4 r . . " I .4
|| For nervous, tired woi
dm. Cardui is <i woman's' ]
f j cally >11 the femalu organs
vj eiVcct '-n the whole system,
1 ingredients, being a pure \
' suiier from some form of f<
| at once and give it a fair tr
i? CAI
I It Will I
"Mrs. V,". W. Card nor, of Tadiu
[' "I think C'avoni i.- junl ?*nind. 1 li
! i I nn? -Is old ;>.nd I'ccl like ;i <1
j;. \ tr.A! 1 ' i.. I n 'd t<? sulVcr from
j-l and ! < >! ?n>- ?ail now the pnii
I: "1 I li!. !. ; 'd Csmlui for v
. < % i ). <?i ci \ f i(>; iioui ic'M i
have ! (iivon-;
\\ (KMI.
The < i > ;? ;* - . ?i? r *1 lie I 'res
i i v tor!a i olHiiylt . I Bishopvillo
v> i i ! '; ri!t s yes{* ''
. V; !< ! bed '< ; lie wife
<>!' i . 11vi , (nioivtl, was.
i . i .. .ii C 'luipm, S. (
i .1 I . IIIIM ii.
ml ii'i
i.l sul?.j .
? i |i, A . li e \ '.'?
. . \s Hi v i I
II ? f , , ! 111
! ! . ! '.? 'Ill
I ' I I I.'
. 11 iii W"
. ' () : i-. <!i
.1 ( Ml II
hi ! . >i
!< ii m i h. n i l ied
< i 11 v;:ii! < ? M iie <"l) tiif
:i. ! f ior 11,< lliinl iinu\
Ti " 1<t!i i i\: iSarin s
i !1 > : 1? i >u. ... ( .. wns entered
i!. 1 *?I :()!) worth ol
An i iiiraiuv was
m i ton 'i lloor ol' I he
. < li't .
> . . i u * . u 1
i 11: , iiiul tin'
' ' i i i 11' ik*ii ti's.
: > ilii.l i ol.?> <
t 'nroi?i iln!
.? " ?| < ; -i'lir . ik* h ?i> i
i -! < ;i iiii i:i *
, i-\ ' i:. v j'f>
. . * r :tc
i ' 1. !mi'is (>:k!
:'i:in <>i"
\ 1 i. 1< ' ! 1 . i<|( IIi \
i . v ailf <lii it in a
' , i i n!?fs.
> . ' * . < v < III
11 int l
>! i ?.I.
I .1 i i.-li,
i I < .'it . t Mill!
.so Y.-rlr; .
' :! Ii'iinml
?:! tin : iu I in>
'' i:.' i 1 \v
i 11 i, : " \vi !? 1 j;i
? !(i !>. ;ii! u;
. I ! I U ; MI'S
I I I .. I ; 1.1;; '' i. r?;i I II
. -idle 41 R$
W itH Onl
in our Farmers1
v a pi. liter in
. , I...i ? .. _
.. l uiiiv'j 01 coir
I)real, ing yield, ;
; ? the worst in yc
: ; j i'or this crop. A
"vr y o <51 o
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Pichmond, Va.
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Women I
lion, we recommend Car
tneuicme. it acts specift- m
and lias a tonic, building I
, It contains no harmful HI
regetablc extract. If youH
omaio trouble, get CarduiB
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leap *?w
>ali, Ky., tried Cardui and writes:
u\n been usir.:.' it i'or eleven years. 3
ifferent woman, since 1 nave been
bearing down ains, nervousness
us are all pone and I sleep good. ?j?
oung and old." Try it.
Needed a Rcmindor.
"A rory pretty younji woman v. vi
taking tea with me." said a woman
writer, "and I noticed a knot in lav
"Hell"!' s:ii<l I. 'What's the knot in
your lutndUrrHiii'f fur'.''
'"My Imslciiul's ic tlio country.'
s.iid tin* young woman. v.nd me
knot is to it : liml mo that li?> told niu
to tliiifk of 11iin mi liis stbspnoo.' "
Blood Balm
(8. \l 3.) Cures Through llic Bloud
b8se pains, can- %\,
km' cm, scaly skin, /^w}
pimples, ms7
c^heiimatism, Eczema^
FtcfoSng Humors.
!!..! '> (!*< >..11 c Hlooil HxkkI) tr Il?o
n \ I>i . Ifcii.t 11\ tliiu kills tin' p<>non
in i' i ii| i I in.I ; l.< ii p' rilic it?M-tnU
i . il ii< I i I' |i iv, > it'ii i?!' <nl direct to
l.?' #. i i S->ll lilf-f, Ih'IU'H joilMS, llll<l
vln- . v. t I !.. il. :im< is local* il. li tliiH
<v.i\ i!! Mir. uii'i'f- pimoli k ?-ri-pti<>nH
..... i.. ..i. .1 ... i
111' >l. |> mm nil" ill lll'H
i( IV i ' O s.-, awi-llin^s
i 1. !!. ii. ? <mi;.! id\ ?;li;.ni;?'s tli?> lody
in: '.i < :. m liciiMln ci'iuliti?>n, fi\ir?vr
III' ill tin* i tell nil I 111' <'f J.l'l fl-Ct
ik ii i!. m. h. ill till' wolht (ill)
is p. t ii!i<i - til- to iiik? : i'<?in|?o?i <1 of |niro
liotiiuli! iirMi'.iiciii-. ii pi)iHN a ml uurlohen
I > I! f 111'lliTt lirns t lit' I.erVCH
I!! I I 1 1 M|| 11:" I't'lkl II ill I w II systnill. I M (IK i"
i: i. \iv(ii: nor tm; with tlin-o,
I i .I' Mil l.iillll i III f.
So'<; at All Drug Stores.
J fy.m \"i i)l i it her a \' I i?i-;? 1111 r Shuttle, Kotury
i-.lllU k" I>f :i S|ill!If 'I'l11 :s< | < luiiii NlUi'lt |
* v. ni>{ MiK'lihi > vv i*ito to
Oi'ariflc, IV' i.T.u.
M:if/ i-\v: m ""I' nr< :u<* r ' ! rrgnr?lir? ol
<j.i*.. t > , I i 11 to Xcw HoiSii* i. ii.mlo lo wear.
< > ir Kiinrnnty ii> vcr mil' (nil.
Noltl by authorized ilmlcrN only.
ll<SS of Cotton
y One Mu!o
V . nr . >./(-!; or Almanac for
rerrc;! County, Georgia,
0:1 with only one plow, a
;nd he i a nine weeks'
ars. Ili.. '-toss income was
)'oii can do it too
rc'ful seed selection, thorough
dii. Ask your fertilizer dealer
-k, or write us for one. lie
. r ?* i J".' * i* ''1 J r* <n 1 I
.. V?.l> V/111'.H JL VI 11I1//V1 rj
Atlanta, Oj.
Savannah, Gj.

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