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"T^o YOU K*
? need, and
I*' ? cir> ivijllllt
plant cai
Suppose you she
box, nail it up and ]
pect them to thrive
Hardly !
IV/ell, did it ever
badly mixed fertilize
tion up io your crc
shape that they can'
Fertilizers, to do
the soil waters. Tli
I the surface during t
and repassing the ro
contained in the \va1
the plant can feed.
Therefore, when
with the idea of iuri
Isamo prmcipic that
stock. It should 110
Phosphoric Acid anc
should bo in soli
of the fertilizer shoi
absorb every particle
fact 11 red from mater
cood at one time, bu
entire growing s
* the fertili
way. II
?vith a
as inj
e qu
c mmcrfals i
. os machinery c<
j.?.roporly, They inu
I complete, yo; we j
exactly like1 / ot
nnrt r>t: \vlii<"?V mild
I little Potash, while
opposite?and all of
not available.
Remember that t!
*est of it. erop grow
iuniDS and bv
int food ; you
a can take an
your mule <
t risk a crop
i your pcaci
/ '?
Have secured
t'nat we can af
the price o
. advantage o
we can't tell
.ft again.
have a few b;
long as it las
)Oxes as you
(i your eye o
you to buy i
ire putting ir
t you take a
i to see us.
I I , i in. 'IIIHl 1
' Crops?
TOW just what your cotton and corn
arc you furnishing it in such quantities
d and in such shape that the
ii use it ?
>uld put the food for your stock in a
place it in their trough?would you exand
grow fat ?
occur to you that when you use lumpy,
?rs you are putting this same proposi>ps?offering
them plant food in such
1" to it?
% ?-> ? v kV * v .
your crops any pood, must dissolve in
icse are constantly in motion, rising to
lie day and sinking1 at night?passing
tots of the plant, which absorb the food
.er?and this is the only way in which
you buy fertilizer, you should do so
lishing food for your crop and on the
you should purchase food for your
>t only contain the necessary Ammonia,
1 Potash, but above all else these
utble form?the mcchanical condition
lid be such as to permit the plant to
; of it, and the goods should be manu
ials that will not give up their plant
t furnish a steady supply throughout
zer you should have and can del?
t is impossible to produce a goods like
ng of raw materials, whether you do
shovel and a screen or buy it from
ule it the same way?the only differantity.
nust be ground to a powder, and it renting
thousands of dollars to do it
st then be so manipulated that when
l compound, each ounce of which is
?i ? -
,uci uuntc, iinu not a mixture, one
contain too much Ammonia and too
! another part would be exactly the
it contain plant food locked up and
lie chemical analysis of a fertilizer is no
ring qualities. The chemist can pulthe
use of various means search out
ir crop can't.
v., un.a& i/jjcu mc uux aim get Hie
2 of mind as well as your crop by using
i m.
I Ammoniated
lanufucturcd by
f ertilizer Works
several cases of SALMON at a
lord to sell 2 cans lor 15c. Conf
other food stuff every-body ought
T this offer and lay in a good sup.
when we can stumble on such a
[irrels of good fresh stick candy
>ts you can buy a 2/lb box, or as
want, for 16c per box,
n this space and we will show you
or cash.
1 5, 10, 15 and 25c counters and
look at them when in Pickens.
Ca lerchants.
\ v
Clemson College has been a
Our 14 per ct. acid analyzes 14.4
lyzes 16.57. Our 10-4 goocj^au;
analyzes 8.34, 3.39, 3.26.
Our troods alwavs stand 111
I ( a ^ I
stuff in them to make them stand
but stand up.
Nearly all the farmers who t
contest used Anderson Fertilizer
fourths of the finest crops made i
were crops fertilized with Anders
better crops made in Anderson
fertilized with Anderson fertilizer
Mr. J. S. Fowler, one of the
or any other county far that matt
tertuizer lor cotton. 1 lis lands ;
proper choice in selecting a fertil
the soil is more or less sandy we
8-4-4. The extra unit of potash i
ful to the crops on sandy soils.
Mr. J no. S. Cromer, anot'u
IOOO lbs of our fertilizer nn ?nmr
and it paid him. This year he <
a ton to the acre on somj of his I
We believe it will pay.
A good farmer, farming on fin
vation, can hardly put down to
We hardly know what would h j k
A I r^i ?
Anderson Khospr
Drug :=:
r\L-tiI / v/ A/#A-V
wr~7 # L.L, J / V/VZ7
are here. Nights >
attack you; nights win
? j i?71 i
SU.VUS 111 111*. \\ II V UOl
your Medicine Case \\
you can depend on for
A satisfied customer
None but Licensed
crintiou >nn rt iimnf
Keouiee f
Next Door to Post Office.
Cabbage Plants.
The Greatest Cold I
"HOT '
Made by the Pickens Rottlm^
elusive riucht in this territory I
of others claiming to put it u
just as good."
We are the Only Di;
Inquire of your friends ahoul
"It touches the spot." 11
Get a keg ?ut of this ear In;
chance later on. All orders
Pickens Bottl
R. L. Davis, Proprietor.
For Our Ci
This is the reason that 1
attention to little detail In
the buying of drugs and t
svjnpuuiis we use every prec.uiuoi
and take particular pains to use
This rule applies all throng
must be ri^ht? every detail must
fore any article leaves our store.
In buying Hallums Kidney
dries,Toilet Articles and Preparat
Prescsiptions filled here, you kno\
PirJrRirc ririK
Masonic Temple
Won Ailfi
naly/ *ng our fert.lizer again.
6. Our 16 per ct. acid analyze
10.92, 4.94. Our 8-3-3
) on analyses. We put the
up. They can't do anything
:00k prize* in last year's corn
in making their corn. Three11
Anderson County last year
on fertilizer. There were 110
County last year than those
finoel- I n r 111 tlno pnnnftf
....^,,1 ..1 i...o wvyi.iiii.jr,
iu\ siys our 8 3-3 is an ideal
ire dark and he has made a
i/.er lor dark lands. Where
h vo an abiding faith in our
11 the 8-4-4 will be found helper
o'iv <>f the ''fin st," used
of his fine lands last year
xor.cts to use 2000 pounds or
ine lands as an experiment.
le 1 mds in a hitrh state of culti
much fertilizer to the acre.
)o much in a case of this sort.
iate & Oil Co,
I). S. VAN DIVER, Man.
sudden colds
a "stitch in time
n'l von have us iill
it Is those medicines
II 11 r\
siHiurn calls:
is best "Aclvcriii(5ii
in our Pi *CSvers
vn m (nun
</- Pickens, S. C.
Onion S^ts.
\Y cat her Ihinh is
W'urks who luivo the oxfor
putiintr it up. Beware
I' or having "something
stributors in This
I the (iit; o Drink,
Eowna fgk fl ? I
i usvr
i^ ;i ^ivat cold breaker.
nl you mitjbt not K<'t a
lil Inl prompt I v by
I n nr lA/rvrl/o
Illgj TYUI l\D,
* Pickens, S. 0.
() COOl)
ii wi / mwii'u
11 >11 WllLt/1 Oi
>v<: give so much
h?; compounding of our pre.
i to get fresh pu '3 drugs
only tint which is called forh
our business. Everything
be carefully gone over?beI
' 1 11 vi I )nurc \T ism noc C,,n
? ... f, . tjllll
ions, ; . well as having your
,v what ou arc getting.
I Company,
I'icliciis, S. (J.
Look into our show win do
the foremost makers, they rej..
I ! I W? mnNHOMTiuHMlNMin
The Carolina Amusement Co.,
comes larger, grander ami belter
to Easley, S. Kel>. II l<>
18 Prof. Joe Lalioux will he
seen making his doath-detfying
leap from the clouds in his monster
Jimbo, Madam Wilson, the
Queen of the Air each day at ir
and 8 ]?. m. The Wild West
Dixie Minstrel Jubilee Singers,
Buck and Wing Dancing, Cake
Walking, carrying its own band
and '20 colored performers.
Ruby, the horse with the human
brain J. Burford with his den of
poison reptnes.
The Abyssinian Wild Girl.
Don't fail to see the outside
attractions?*all free. Afternoon
and evening.
Moving Pictures. The Hindu
Wonder and '20 others. Sport
nnrl nniiKunuinf f..i
v?...v*w>v inviiv n<i UUIII > I M I I I ^
and old.
Notice of Final Seiflemeni and Discharge
JMOTIUK irf herehv uiven that ! will
* ' make application to.J. M. NYwIu rr\
Esq.. Ju'l^f of 1'iohate for I'kIo ii
countv, in the Slate of S nth ('n lin.i.
on the 10th ?1 n> oi Man-li Mill). >it II
o'clock in tin- fop in 'ii. in ,i .soon i In r after
IiS HUlii ii]),.ilcitliou lie
for leave lo make lina' be* i lenient <<f the
estate of .1. .1. I -u is <i< c?vis>>il, ai.il
obtain discharge as administrator < f
said estate. .1. I, Vail< y
Administ rator.
Railway Mail Clerks Wanted
Thn i " --
I i iic uuvciMilium p;iys naiiway IViail
Clerks $300 to $1,200. and other
Employees up to $2,500 annually
Unf lc Sinn will hold sprimr ? ?:'! itinu*tiona
throughout I he < i v I'm- Uadwiy
Mail ( Ifi I s, < "lit-1 11hiim- <' i Us
ami other Government J'osition
Thousands of appointments will le
made. Any manor woman ovei Is', i i
eilv or country ran 1 " 'iieti. n : mi
free information 1 ?y wilting it oner (o
Bureau of Instruet ion. |i)> IIaiu!.:i
Building, K <>< h< Mer. N, Y.
breeders Guide
The S. (J. klmile Isliin I Kci's an' 'InhoKt
known Ifor (trmlnrinjr jr-I
winter layoin KggR lit ? On ai.il .* !.i 0
per Retting. K. 11. (.'ntig
K. I. K<*<! ami liuif Orpiiin'nn !'_r^-,
from pure l>rr"| st< < !< for sale at 7"? n!per
HfttinX of 16 KgtfH.
W C. (iarri-it.
i\......i i> > i
The members of Wolf ('reek
Union, are requested to meet in
rail meeting Saturday evening,
Feb. 12th at 2:00 oelork, |o consider
thd Kert erlizer question.
[i\r r?*?/l<ki? s\l' t l*i.
j i 7 \ji vi*; i wi III<" limine i>? i me 111 .
The S. C. Sunshine Society
will tfive Mrs. Nancy Wllfton a
"shower" on her !< ;> Birh day,
Feb. 14th, and ask the citizens
of Pickens county, to join in. I
Send ^ifls to cheer, and to sustain
her daily wants. Send gil ts
j to her in care of Mis. Hal Bo^k.
I i ? 11
Luke \ to 18, isSnusliiuc work.
Maryo R. Sheler.
I State leade Int. ft. 8. 1
wm }
R in Fat
Will be a marked feature of the fall
and winter season; a great variety
of beautiful patterns is being shown.
SomdKil the npw cnlnrinir?s nrr> an
- ? ?
attractive that men arc apt t-> neg-i
lect the plain blue serge or black!
1 hibet.
\\re advise you to have at least
one good blue 01 black suit, in ad
dition to tin: fan y, colored weaves;
and a black or Oxford Gray Overcoat
in addition to the fancy fabric.
This permits a change, and gives
each suit a rest; to i?et cleaned ane
pressed, ll prolongs the life of all
/our clothes, to treat them this way.
ws, you will see there a display of 1
?resent the ia'.c.t fashions, and you
Yours to please,
:i vi js- cj.
Some Fertili
Don't use loss than 600 pound
say that wh en you u-.e less y u art
Where less than six hundred pourn
as a stimulant anil takes more pi
it adds to it, hut where you put mo
ing more than you take from it am
proving your land. 11 you will nol
makilV t;\rmr?r>i in :imr r ^mninnttii o
J .. o
zer the heaviest.
Use a complete fertilizer r>t so
ol your crop. A complete fertili
acid, ammonia and potash. Phosp
growth. W.vMi a plant is gqown it
is ripe it opens. Phosphoric acid ;
cotton seed are viluible. By thorc
each year you can improve your se<
Amm mia l;U'cs size to the
and the bolls.
Potash develops lint and give
also enables your crv>;> to witbstar
vent-, rust an 1 blight an 1 th : otlie
liable to have.
i luT'' ;r laree kinds of ainm
ami miner al. \ our lertili/ajr shoulc
ol <innn >i:i il; ; m it. A/; one exhau
having the ihrc yon j^ivc a fortilizi
ish the plan . Iroin ih-TTTme it sprom
to be <(uthereil.
X 11 ml fi! i:rwln It o
. . -wvm ? 1 tv vdillUH,
place it en i> 1 <rs you to <^et a go<
seed .is ;,rn' as the)' arc this year
tant punt v. iih jcu. 1 hen it start
condition ,<> it will i>rovv.
Agricultural authorities and exp(
coi'.rnciHlin^- a lertili/er which is
tt -i ; i; >'? i . f< i* t!v: loamy lands in i
!:iikI< .iv ii . -> "** y - -
... y -y J yjl j- } <11 Iloamy
lands r<-ij;.ir<; potash and the
in th< quantities needed.
.Xmmoniait-:, arc ([iiickly dissolve
tur . So,,. <-v i rt farmers recor
pho>p ,? ri( ,u i I and per cent, pot
phn-ph'T ri I and 6 per cent, pot;
land . 'id u '.cn you pi nt your cro
pota ?li <i<> not lcach when the rains
ground Wiicrt' they are taken up
11 n 11 when your crop is up, during
mend ; >p dresanj^ or sid?*. dressing
containing phosphoric: acid, ainmoni
is adopt'd you will cultivate your cr
s<> far as fertilizer is concerned.
I he An !? rson Phosphate and (
study of the fertilizer nee.ds of the j
commend their 10-4, io-6, S-3-3, 9-^
iii^ es|>?ti.iily adapted to these soih
Our hi;^h ,-rade u;oods arc amn
scrap, than which there i> no better
fertilizer trade. These lertiiizers ar
Our oods are dry and well j>u
Anderson I hospf
Aiidors on
J. Viindivcr,
irics (
c I
I '7Z\
? JSf*~ ^
lew models Irom some ot
i will spot them at once as
i i i
"* I
zer ups.
Is to the acre. Authorities
i impoverishing your soil.
Is to the acre is used it acts
AMI" fnrul frnm c/Vil ?-?
- V, w v? LliVy own L11U II
rc to the acre you are acld.1
in that way gradually itnLice
the progressive money
ire those who put in fertilime
stage of the cultivation
zer consists of phosphoric
horic acid gives a quick
t ripens; when a cotton-boll
ilso develops the seedsand
>ughly developing the seed
plant, the stalk, the leaves
js strength to the stalk, It
id a drouth better. It pre*
disease* th it cotton is
oniates?aniinal. voo-ptn 1 >1
I have all these thre.: kinds
ists another comes in. By
;r that will feed and nour*
ts until the crop is ready
ammoniate. In the first
d stand of cotton and with
, that may be a very impor
s llie plant oil in a healthy
riment stations unite in rspractically
identical to our
this section, and where the
especially profitable. The
8-4-4 a,ul 10-4-4 furnish it
d when there is much moisnmend
10-4; 10 percent.
1 e h f \f o t rv A ? ^ ?*
n.jii, i u i vj UCT ucuu
nsli when you bed up your
p, as phosphoric acid and
are heavy, but stay in the
by the plant as plant food,
the cultivation they recomwitli
a corrplete fertilizer
ia and potash. If this plan
op under ideal condition
)il Company lias made a
ioils in this section and re;-3,
8-4-4 and 104-4 as be>.
loniatcd largely with fish
ammoniate known to the
c good for cotton and corn.
late & Oil Co
I). S. Vaiidlver,

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