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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
?John T. Feiuiell, of Green
vine, was circulating among his
Pickens friends Tuesday.
?Mrs. W. B. Freeman is quite
. sick at her home in Pickens. Her J
- sister, Miss Neal, is at her bod j
?Miss Lila Harris, of Greenville,
spent a portion of last week
with her sister. Mrs. W. T.
Griffin, in Pickens.
Born, on t.hrc inaf.anf
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenco Elrod,
of the Oolenoy section, a fine
bouncing boy.
?Prof. Henry A. Townes,
who has bfifln niiit.o fliclf frvr
past several weeks has about recovered
and was on the streets
of F jkens lasfcfBaturday.
?W. W. Bradley, editor of
the Abbeville Press and Banner
nn/1 aonv/\f 4-^. ~ ?
tviivi iai y tu V^UIl^rUbSIlUin I
Wyatt Aiken, spent a portion of
last week in Pickous on business.
?Dont fail to see the real
estate add of J. R. Ashmore in
this issue, lie offers a lot of
good property for sale at reasonable
?Thomas M. Kennedy, form
erly connected with the Greenville
News, but now a resident
of Linchburg, Va., spent last
Friday in Pickens on business.
?Ernest and Bristow Christopher,
of Cateechee, spent a portion
of last week with their parrents,
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Christopher,
of Pickens.
?"Uncle Aaron" "Rnorora r?f Hoi.
? ? ^?V,A- vvtil |
houn, who has been quite sick
for some time is reported as |
but slightly improved. Ilis
many friends hope that he I
may soon be up again.
?Mrs. Thomas Bolding, of
Pickens, received a message on
Tuesday conveying the sad intelligence
that her father was
dead, at his home near Taylor's
station, Greenville county.
?J. L. Moon is having the
old Kennemore house rolled
away, preparatory to having
erected a nice commodious resi
donee thereon. When completed
it will add much to that section
of Pickens.
?J. T. Nealy has sold his prop
erty 011 Wolf Creek to J. T. Robinson
and has bought the Ilenry
Langston paoperty in the west
end of Pickens. All of his real
estate holdings now lie in that
part of the towu.
-?Monday was salesday but
there was nothing doing in this
line. Several people come to town
to attend the meeting of the
County Union and to pay tax.
They report farm work as progressing
W. A Hnsnll
- . . ? ~ . VMWV/Iif ?? C4.UU UU
a year ago, moved from his
homo in Brushy Creek, township
to Anderson and opened a
grocery store, has bought a farm
of 8,334 acres near Albany,Ga.,
and will move to it this week.
? Mrs. Bessie Glen Smith has
issued invitations to the marriage
of her sister, Miss Jessie
Narcissa Glenn, to Mr. Josenh
lieeder Sholor, on Wednesday
afternoon February the 10th,
1910, at 4:30 o'clock, at the Presbyterion
Church , Liberty, S. C
?Married at Cateeche on last
Sunday morning, the (>th inst;
Mr. J. W. Brock to Miss Ada
Galloway, daughter of Mr. E.
H. Galloway all of Norris. J,
Alonzo Brown N. P. officiating.
Mr. Brock is a promising
young farmer and Mrs. limrlr
is a young lady dearly beloved
by all who know her. They
number their friends by tho
score who wish them well in
their new voyage of life.
"Winding \x
VIip clonk wrh fi rPRulnr daily duty when
Oil- * *
".iijf y 4i nmir uiiicHH word in use. Uur
aneoBtorH believed in retiring early as
well nfi rising early. We have a most
complete assortment of
Modern Clocks
that run from 8 days to 80. In ftddi"
tion we also carry many choce at ticles
in JEWELRY, Please visit us.
II. 8N
; y ** +.+J
I ?Married on Crow Creek on
the Oth Inst. Mr. J T. Adams to
Miss Roxi(\ Brazeale Rev. B. F.
Murphree officiating all of Pickens
Co. The happy couple carry
with them the best wishes of I
their many friends.
-it r tt
| ?w. Henry ijangston has
'just finished a nice comodious
houso onTiis land south of Pickens.
He has built.near the
Hunt Spring, a portion of the
Joab Mauldin estate, between
town limits and tho old mill site
on the Central road. It is an ideal
place for a residence.
?Sam B. Craig is having
erected a nice commodious house
iL C_. ** /N
j.ui ins inotiiur, ivirs. ivi. ivl. urai^J,
in the northen part of town,
above the residence of B. C.
Baker. When completed it will
be a nice residence. The contractors
expect to have it finished
by the first of March.
?James Anderson a son of
N. J. Anderson nf tlin Or?l<?v?r?\r
section, met with a serious acci
dent, one day last week. While
working around some machinery
the holt slipped and striking
him, broke l>oth bones of
his leg just above the ankle. At
last accounts he was doing as
well as could be expected.
Just as we go to press we learn
of the death of Mrs. Estella
Chapman, wife of Carodine
Chapman, which sad event oc
curred today at her home in the
Mi. Tabor section of the county.
Mrs. Chapman had been suffering
with lagrippe but her death
was unexpected. She was the
daughter of Allen Mauldin and
was about HO years old. Further
particulars are not obtainable.
?Mr. J. S. Wilson has rented
the T. IT. Prater lands in
Garvin Township for this year,
agreeing to pay as rental the
sum of $:J,r,00. The lands were
rented at public outcry, the title
to the vast t ract being in dispute
at this time. Mr. J. P.
Glenn is receiver for the lands,
which number 1.0-1!) acres.?
Anderson Intelligencer.
?Clerk of Court, A. J. Hoggs
has made some change.-* in the
clerk's office and now he has
more privacy and can do the
work to a better advantage,
having taken the other room and
put in a heater and framed
it off so as to he more private;.
Says he lias turned the old office
to his lawyer friends so they
can have plenty of time and
space to examine the records.
?Mrs. Mary E. White of Sulphur
Springs, Texas, who has
been on an extended visit in
Aiuieron and I'ickens counties,
has gone to White Plains Ga.,
where she w ill stay a few (lays
before returning to her Texas
home, hiic lias made many
friends while here who regret
to know that she is to leave.?
Anderson I ntelligencer.
? A dispatch in the daily papers,
dated at (Jreenville, February
8th says: "Henry llollingswortli
and Bill MeCiaha drove a
horse on to a t rest lc near (iantt's
station about midnight. The
animal fell through and is still
suspended in the trestle. A
telegram was sent to Columbia
this morning asking to have the
horse removed so the tracks
could he cleared." llollingsworth
is well known in Pickens
and throughout the county,
making periodical trips through
this section huyinir up chickens
and eggs for market. Occasionally
he gets on sprees and is
pretty reckless vhile in his
"cups." It is very evident that
ho \\T C\(_J /llMll
HVv CiO U L I I 1 I\ I I I ^ ,
LaCirippo paint* that pervade the entire
flyetem, LaGrippo coughs that rack and
atrain, aro <juickly cured by Foley's
Iloney and Tar. Is mildly laxative,
safe and ccr'ain in risulta. Sold hy
all Druggists.
IX) Kit,'
111 11
J. R.
8. 1-acre lot with a rrnml 4
room house on it and all necessary
outbuildings, corner lot just
outside tho citv limits. Can sell
you this place for $900. A bargain
you had hotter investigate.
11. i acre lot with a good (iroom
house on it, OH ft. front
porch, good well of water. On
Glassy Mountain street and
about 100 yards from the
....I I I...-ll JJ? - ^ * J 1 1
suimui uiuming. unoor rnc nest
places to live in the city, price
11. i acre adjoining 11. no
building on it, a very desireable
lot to erect a dwelling. Price 550.
14 Something over (j acres of
land and a fine (?-room dwelling
which can be made larger with
practically little cost, good hit;
closets to every room, bathroom.
The rooms are 1(5x10 ft. Half
story roof provided for stairway.
Five fire places with abasement
fireplace. Electric lights in every
room. Good 5-stall barn with
lmggy shed, crib 10x1(5, and other
outbuildings. Three sides fenced
in with 42 inch Pittsburg wire
with black locust posts. acres
in a high state of cultivation,
made 135 bushels of corn on the
8 acres last year. This place is
on Glassy mountain street inside
the city limits and a very short
distance from the school build
nil ? ? n
mg. j nis is a neautil ul place and
no better mountain scenery any
where. Price only $5000.
One acre on Margaret street no
buildings on it. A fine lot to put
a dwelling on. 1 can certainly
give yon a bargain in this place
and you will make no mistake
to look at this place before you
buy a lot. Get my price.
lean sell you a nice 2-acre lot
just out side the city limi ts and
at a bargain. Come to see me or
write me if interested.
10. 1(58 acres 4 miles west of
PniU'f. limiyo 1 n !1 cunt! Knt( Aniu
50 acres woods, one <> room
house with sevoraUnitbuildings.
One 4-room tenant house, one
j ii-rooni tenant house wit hout buildings.
Get my price and
terms if interested.
lf>? 190 acres 4 miles east of
court house, 0 or 10 acres hot torn
100 acres in woods, one dwelling
5-room, tfood spring near house,
^ood out-building. 40 acres three
strand harbed wire fence 2 acre
rail pasture. 1901) made on
place 11 bales cotton and lf>0
bushels corn made 25 hales cotton
1908; made one year !>II0
bushels corn and $sl() worth
of cotton. Made on place in the
last 7 years 107 bales of cotton.
This place to be sold at a bargain
and on easy terms.
17. 101 acres 10 miles North
of court house, '20 acres bottom,
15 or 20 acres upland in cult ivation.
(50acres in woods, enough
good timber on place to build
two good houses. 2 acres in
rail pasture. One (>-room house
all finished up and practically
new, 70 ft. front porch, :j'2ft.
back porch. Good well ef water
: l Af- i- p
in yarn. ivuiKt'S I roill -HHi tO tHJU
bushels each year, Cotton provinces
well on place. Is
miles from the highest moniiThis
is only a pari
are wanting a placeor
who owns it?lot
you up.
Land is a good iiivcstmc
Executor's Sale.
Hy virtue of authority vested in me
executor of the estate of A. A Alexander,
deceased, I will soil at his late res
i denre, at Eastatoe, on Thursday, Feb
ruary 17th, 1910, beginning at II a. id ,
all the personal property belonging to
said estate consisting in part, < f th>> f ol
lowlncr croodn nn.t nlinftlou i r .??
of housohold go.xlsi, corn, foddar, rough?<
ss, horses, mules, cattle, buggies wagons,
farming tools. etc., etc., too numerous
to mention.
Terms of sa'e ensh.
Took All IIin Money.
Often all man earns goes to doctors
or for medicine, to cure a Stomach,
Liver or Kidney trouble that I ?r. King's
Nhw Ijifo Pills would quickly euro at
slight cost. Host for Djspppsia, Irxiigestion
Biliousness, Constiipntion, Jaundice,
Malaria and Dohillty. 2~>c at all
\l. MERCH.
tain in South Carolina, and just !
4 miles from Table Rock Mt. I
This place on yery easy terms. |
18. 92 acres (> miles west of j
court house, about ttO acres in a
high state of cultivation, will
make a bale of cotton to the
acre. This place is ill one of
the best sections of Pickens
r'niintv ( *m> r. I
. w,n in >v > 1UWIII
dwelling nee ssary out buildings
within ;i lew hundred yards of
a ^ood school. Now if you
want a place and at a bargain
you will do well to sco me at
1!). acns 1 miles west of
court house lf> acres in cultivation
balance in original forest.
One :? acre three strand win;
pasture. Two ^ood springs on
oiace. vine ^(hki ,i room House
with chimney : 11 each end.
Land la\s well and produces
well. This p! ice can lie hou^ht
lor sI ()(!().
'2)5. (M'. acres <? miles west of
court house 2> acres in a hi^h
state of cultivation; will make
a hale of cot I on per acre. This
place come oil" of t he same tract
of land as is. One four room I
dwelling with all necessary out -1
buildings, i^ond we'll in yard, 2j
acrrsin Tom Hell pasture. I caul
sell you this place cheaper than !
you can buy laud any "where
near it.
24. :? ? acre-; 1 miles west of
court house 2 acres <>l" creek bottom.
1.") acres upland in cultivation
balance in i^ood woods and
over $200 worth of crosstie timber
on place. ()ne t wo strand
wire pasture, one new *t room
hons<\ tiood orchard just started,
fresh land and produces well: -A
mile from church, mile from
corn mil!, saw mill, and tfin.
This place t?> i;o cheap.
'2~>. ~>0 acres miles enst of
court house t> acres ol bottom,
12 acres upland in cultivation;
this land lays well, I have l>een
all over t he place m vself ami can
p;ive it a p.ood recomendation, 1
i.e.. i ... i ...?
jim hi ^iihii v (Kin on |>iace ami
close enough to town to make
sonic money out of it. One :{
room house ;irt< 1 outbuildings,
(let my price and easy terms on
this place. Aw ful easy terms.
2f>. I!!!) acres S miles west of
court bouse is a civs good bottom,
10 acres upland in a high
I state of cult ival ion, balance in'
I woods and )50 acres in pasture,
I barbed wire. One o room house
i painted inside and out. good out
i buildings. One good tenant
hou^e. This place will make -10
j bushels ol corn or I bale ot cot - I
i ion i<> i in acre. I call sell yon i
{tliis place awfully heap and mi !
j easy terms.
27. m acres 8 miles cast of J
court house .It) acres in liiuh
stale of enll i\ ;tl i >11 balance in
woods. ( >11 new (> room house j
finished up and painted, jjood
; barn HOx!!*. (!ood well of water.
Y011111; on ha rd of "200 t rees. This
| land produces well Price Sot).00
per acre.
| k28. 1()S acres (> miles west of
i'iiiii'I house _: "> acres oolinm,
J i<) .acres of lioland in rnlt iv.-it inn
about '20 acres in three strand
wire pasture. One good room
dwelling willi two good barns.
Oiii! I! room tenant house, with
barn, crib &e. On rural route i
mile t<> school and church. I can
sell you this cheaper than you j
can buy land near it.
ti!). H."? acres miles west of
court house I! acres of bottom, 10
1. <>( t he Inrnis I hat I <
?if doesn't make any
iik; know your wants
nl?il is gradually incrmsi
Plain an
Cocifecf ionerv j*.
CJ<>ulit i*y
Patronage Wil
Goods Delivered Free,
Next Doer toGravloy's Stable.
acres upland in < i;i i \, ! i ri and
it. makes ji;ood si uIV. I> <' 11 .?r of
land in jjjood woods a- j :j r
strand wire past no One inm
house all necessary oir m
j;ood \v<?11 in I in- \ in <
room house wit h . I; 11 v cv
mile from church. Land i<i i
high state of cultivili n.
\t /?/wl o nil < ? 1 ' '
VVOIUVIM <1 I H I 1 I' M .1 VI n 'I < I ) I .
This placecan bebov .: ?r
per acre and iI is \ i , . \
dollar ol it.
HO. '{(> '. acres '2 mil' i i< n
court house ; in I ! ? loin,
7 acres ??pI.i 111 , i- :i
state ol cultivation a
heavy tiniber; almo \ u<?n !
wood on place l<> }> . i < i
I 'rice per aere.
Ill !() ' acivs :l?. ;1 >'
!t() 'A acn-s hi>! I":n. ;
c(l and in :i iii: > st:<
vatioiii bniiutc > Vii lv< iii.it i*.
Ono (i\V('II,im 51 M! i
wt'll in I he y M 'l. i
acre. 'Phis I;111 i - <
sideling I he lor ili! y.
'.VI. {> > > iidvs Iof
^oo<i InitI<?i1an!
upland. scv( i.d 1 > itr
of tin vci'v hcs 1 i:.
has ncvr had ;i s t w i ; < >> i
1 >lact . Ah??i11 10 '?> 1 !i ,
.i ..n '
< i tuiii i i ?i i in piaci . n<l l,
easiest plaeo t<? inak* i livii i
Pirkrnf c?>ny. 'l .ii
a lar^v plan- I :;ai I if: i
describe ii and ?_ii\
you arc intere t: <! .
conic I;? S r !1: (il \ ".
aboil! it. t r ,!i M-;i
]>lace at a "way (!<? 11
and oil jjjood and 1 i unable
)M. l'J 1 an< - ?') mil*
('ourt I louse, .'iu a< : i i . . i i
state oi < 1111 i \* a i>>;\ i: )
in fine iiinber l:i:id. t '
t hrco . ? rand I ; i
111 iv g< >'?i t (.1 i; ?t! i.
graze '20 I; v ; i?I ( c,i i < i i
()ne room i
vard, t wo 1? ini ii.
building. ' >n<* : i <>
with barn and <u..
Stoiv bouse 1 (>.\ ; 1 <
at the forks < >!' ;i >. i
mightv ' good i i. <
i n >i < > i 11 k ?! ? *i iwl -i :i- . ' .
live. This j. !.!<< ; s:{-,.0()
per ;icn . ( .:
nil- and let me li I! \ on . . >, ,<
tliis place.
:U. 100 acn '.i i;
<>1" court house, acr< i
tivation. 1 .~> ac:< s in ,
balance in linibrr la nil. 1 .< i
nousc, ail iHM'ci'^.irv < :
ings, good Wi'li i-l w
(in haul. W'illiin i !
drcd yards ol a < ' .
Church. I can I!
place at a bargain >:
V !<' ? ! i:i
<?>'. i ri i " i ' a r. ! ?
r 1 old
li;- i i. n< . !i !
hi ; d'.t ?>d I iiii 11 < < <
T... i... ii
i u u <i wen ill" i
with out huiiniiiv;. < ?
from school elmrch. A t
har^aiu in !hi-; piac
first person that will i . I,
'{(I. idOO acr< s I". in',!
of court house. A '
4 :. . 1 i ?
11 111)(1 r i<111M Cou.-i '.n
oak, poplar, a li :i tor
kind of linils r.
saw mitl man it
{.'.ood tinilirr \ on \\ il: <
sec ill'' lihtill! I li isell
von I i; lai.-l i i
the (jinl)or wills'? il ; it
'ill) Sv\i \ O
tlilttMvncu \\ !i . .. ,
ami > \ h ii!-. .* *
ill*' in v?lu<* ail t
& HAM 1- .
1(3 r. .. .
and v**
Pl'fV 1 1 ICO.
1 Be G;o*iuy Appnviat':d.
O IU ? 0/A ' ^
% 11 AK*ai,??
'Phone N'o. (>J
. a ikons, S. C.
Do you want to si*ll y
prorxTU ! *)r do you w
iliilV-rf.;;>i location!
t havo :i very at(met
traef; I do all the wori
I'Xj); , < \c.k and wheh
jswii;). \oss pay me a com
it ' ' t ?'
t* i ? # * . < i *
< ""
f ItI'n/iin
? It'll I ' /?/11( I f/1 r ( f1 (I
()1( Hi'/ list.
//' yon vuiif (o buy 1 w
;.siioiciiKj you same (food pi
Vours for I>u
- ; r<\ m n j p-.i-a *
k ' hx/y \* t *"""*) rXji 2
w J ei L V iil ts sJ L dium ^
I>OX 2 64.
Office over Keowee
L'i .tic irrife iiour Jirc 7
it in good vcluiblc compait
1 C-o rev & O
ilell EstatI anc
. ,rr*y~ r. - ' . r 4*-*
I ; ?.r ' v/
i v vi ? J *swr^
in-. : :r > . wat<r -I Vwf 'v-: M
IJ, Lc.w s plneo, In two tracts nf
\ ?. !' - t. ;
d<: i." ! :i . *.v ol : m<
* *. > ti t | !.;<:<: t:(
i ri i, i . r a < \ .n iy pretty r
\ u: til* C ., ; . :y j I tP.tatio
;> ; \ . i i .t by buyin
in. I '
. . 1 . ' . ;. asi.. :.?* 1 an -1
li;* V i .
\ . i. a; a' s nr.itly to serve
t i in.. (>v.'r w
, ill . t. . .11 . ; [ lots \Y
. i.i n , . i . \ . n cr !< is t
o >!! IK 1 \\ W i L t! i<'111 (>1
\. i . n i iK! market lo
j you : > ' i Pi'. n writ ; vis, i
a!v avs i' . .?. ? >: yni and (jiiotc
S . . ..?Mi yen ; looking for ;
j . >
> ' - . f ;7 m-?
k:.+ .'sk^% (j "'lj Li S
L~^ J i1 * r;*:rc\ n \
' prV-\ ix**\ "? . >.*' : , :
X;>i Office pv
hv- n ?
' " , Ja* r*.1 r
? '. i _ ... 11
t -f \ r "***3
V>// ? . V"
.. J. uSCK Lux*
"Vf V TT *V* ' ' T T* ? ~vr
* - ' N 'U1 P $
V 1 , }| t
V v K jl N i . jl J1. A'
rf R5
>.? ..m. f:J j- \.ii? D tvi
(/-: k iMS v i !
Dry (i1 h vis, Sin )cs, I
% {( . I , *X U+s
iw . S'VV' ; ; ' r] SJjj
r & r !.) ? : y . -3 O
\j y |j u ? v J d V-: ii d
on V. -i ?' (. ji?. ul
1 s Cloak: ami Blankets
All S ai> jn Mc C >od . at lowest
/ j\ il.
i> J b a u
:nd- Gr'lTOi
Xiilivv'i! o Insurano
ill I
Mir. ! .? 1
Fin < i; u<v.
! ,\ . \: i 'n - :i' . }?ml firi
. ' : ' k i.;,l " wit li \" ii.it ll<
Miu.'t) Co. ? i ;dace.1
.: i'. Co. ]> vvs for I i)i
!;:' ( : V liat 1 he (Vi:
i I'm' Cm: r.rntoo Fund i>i
r.ini i/. ' 11 - would r>' busi loss
Y< r i. )A in- u.-i'.l in V
not'. v i lii imj'i an with us
? , ir. mi"- i ?i?>I : your p<x
\\ s!l i ;; iiitofs| on in^MQ^osits.
i , ... C. B.Oi
i fir
-\ ^
^ A TP
oils* hi rm or town
? - Vf * t/VT ff MM
ant to trade for a
i ve form of con
|7UJ ilUVUl llSIIIg
.3 make a sale or
mission out of the
more good places
1(1 take pleasure in
?c';ssa KHcaa M|
?? S e.R.
PirVpnc #"*
nsnrance; I'll place
ICS. ;4
' V
Jfl. - -
1 insurance
>, s. c. 4
;!< River known as the J.
fifty acres each. A quick
:I. is land.
These lots are in a
mntains, and an>
build a 1h
(orhood of \vl
' sick" : c]
ns r H i
.U ^ r
i.itl is sure
now will
our cus to friers . ?>ui
ith you >vhat we nave, and
h ive lor sale.
hat you wish to sell at
1 1<you immediately.
J '
1 uy real estate it will pay
>r come to see us; we will
: you our prices.
a bargain.
KcSt U U M
r Froeman Building-.
I Up
OF |
?K, 8.- C.
JJUU i [\J\\
' \ . ;.c V
t a hic?* cut. \
* 0 Vs
siwillo. S. C
' I y 1 rp o I I"1
^ 1 I my pHBtV.*1
chap to see
Usee, I don't
the booty, '
i we're ufteii
\ "But 8Uj
I ' \
1' tors have
v .. "They ct
with the j
> better get'/
\ of ?traiw
wlnFA "or cmr.
} was ftrefttl a
i' fixi-ui vve wor-J
-WiiOr til yumsldtr,
i.vs tlio\ his conifer,
'a f I ho (V bi? h?$ad <jt
LiborM "Utiard!
open 0111 $2. w* rSg.<'
kot or at/lifrtun

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