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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, February 10, 1910, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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I 1
II v Hii
?fliS ^Vegetable Preparation for As
fell simiF:: i ing (heniodandftegula- .
II & ? loraac'? andBwcls
SWiAj* -r? _ 3
E?. l'romoics I M?esl?on.CheerrulJ|!i;.';i
ncss.:;-.a Ik it.Con tains neither
Opium.Morphine liorMiacral.
jii. Not Nakc otic. |j
j A
I) Jh C f A
*">'ci Consttya- f
f??o < . Diarrhoea; |
rfloS- Won : loits.lcvcrislv ^
S ao ncss i ;ul L ass of Sleep.
; :? ? :
f&ifl/i*' r,Iiir.*> nr
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
iikiv: v^sssshh
Lite Is a Fu Proposition
Man conn i this world
without lib < :i and leaves
it against his vii!!. During his
stay on earth time is spent
Hi contiinw, . round of con
and 11 :suk lerstandings
Vdance of mir specie.
:id'aiH y i is an angel:
tod he i a devil; in
nianhoo i xli i everything
ill a lizard\< :i u; in his
duties he is ; : if he raises a
c is a cni.'iiip; ii he raises
neck 11 iVihief, and then
no law raise- Y devil with
\im; if he is -t I >: man, he is
poor mail i and has no
nse; if lie iv .i i < dishonest,
;it considered in .\\: if hi' is in
)litics he is a rafter and a
f crook; if lie ont of politics you
can't plea.-1 . . . a- lie is an unIesirablo
eii .a : if ;;! ^oes to
jhUroll lie ; ! i,vport i!; if lit;
tays away i < 'nirch ho is a
-inner an<l < i !: he donates
?foreign i<; i <lt?es it for
low: if lie i:< 1; is stingy.
When lie t . , into the
world everyi \. .nls to kiss
him?before ; out they
want to ki . If he dies
VOllllir th( : . * :?t fnliiro
before him; i< vrs to a ripe
' jc ho i i in the way
' i lllKTill CXpoil"
! I'm . road, hut
ivi'l it. just the
r Journal.
; dest royed
1 (i I'ccn ville
t I
. it J jf
j; Suspect it. (
. ? intl Ottf.
"I'ks with your
r v-four hours;
1 ick dust sedi- I
. i,ors'.ttlin^, '
, ;>' '>r milky 1
nice often |
| r ,> ntff. ail uu|
comli- 1
I :i ot the ki<l- '
I too fre- j
desire to 1
1.. tiint tell you
.1 . e out of order
!- owledge r.o
1) . Kilmer's
v remedy,
i correeting
) < k, 1 idneys,
> r ol' tiic urinary
to hold water
Mi" it, or bad
lor, wine or
c< uij,k-.;;?ant nei
:I'.-d to ffo often
1 ! to ; ?t u j> inar.y
t j, if 'I . f mild and
i ' v,'nnip-Root i;i
rt ul. '.lie highest be
-I . i i . tt.tiup Kool.
i% In ' 11<- i.nit free
it' I'r. C.: !( -ftCo., BingY.
,V ; oil t! ; paper nnd
mi .1 :icr':. Swarnj)t
cry 1;Ottle.
nt.i and Children.
Have Always Bought I
For Infanta nnd
he Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
nf XaIP
ft 'n
>. J Fnr flvnr
-?*** U W W ? V I
Thirty Years
The Editor And His "Pass".
1 sec a man pushing his way
through the line. j
Of the cops where the work of
the fire fiend shines.
"The chief?" I inquire?but a
fireman replies:
"Oh, no; why, that's one of
those newspaper guys."
I see ;i man walk through the
door of a show.
Where great throngs are blocked
by the sign, "ft. It. O."
Is this man the star tha no ticket
he buys?"
"fttar nothin'! He's one of tlioso
newspaper guys."
1 see a man start 011 the trail of
n f'rr?riL
And ho scorns the police, but he
brings him to book,
Sherlock Holmes?" I inquire?
some one scornfully cries:
'"Sherlock h?! Naw; thats one
of those newspaper guys."
And some day I'll pass by the
great Gate of Gold
.vim ?uu ii man puss inrougn
unquestioned and bold.
"A saint?" I'll ask, and old
Peter'll reply.
"No; lie carries a pass?he's a
newspaper Kuy."
Louisville Herald.
When KubltnrN Itecome N>c?iuxry
Ami your sUot-s pinch, Allen's FootEase,
a powder to be shaken into the
shc/t s, is just tiio thine to use. Trv It
Or breaking in New Shoes. Sold Ev'jry
where, 25c. Dont accept any sub- |
State Senator Thomas J. Rogers
of Marlboro has announced
(hat he will bo a candidate for
non^ress against Representative
If troubled with indigestion, constipation,
no appetite or feel bilious, f(ive
. iiaiiii/tiKun ,-t oioiiiiicn urid ljiver milntH
a trial and you %rill bo pleased with
th.) result. T1i?h? taldetH invigorate the
uomach and liver and Htrongthen the
ligestion. Sold by all doalern.
Scrofula disfigures and I
causes life-long misery.
I Children become
strong and lively when
given small doses of
Scott's Emulsion
every day. The starved
body i? fed; the swollen
H glands healed, and the
tainted blood vitalized.
Good food, fresh air and
Scott'8 Emulsion con- ;
quer scrofula and many
other blood diseases.
Rend 10s., name of paper and thU ad. fcr
our brnntiful Having* Bank and Child'#
Sketch-Book. Koch bank contain* a
Good I,u< k Penny.
SCOTT A HOWNE, 409 P?m1 St.. N. Y.
. \ "
Scream In Farm\l,ife j
Hoax That the Simple Rufel Swain
Delights to Work on the Sophisticated
City Sport.
Ever hear of a badger fight?
Til _ 1 ?? ?*
n a a rural scream."
It takes the farm boys out in
Montana to work the hoax to a
frazzle, says the Chicago Tribune.
When there's an opportunity
to pull off a badger fight
there is no question about youth
being satisfied with farm life.
Tho gigantic giggle that comes
with this sport in the rural taverns,
corner stores and the
town meeting house makes exis
tence worth while.
There is a man in Montana
who is said to have organized
the badger fight. The sport is
by no means confined to the
state, but the exact science <o
which it has been reduced in
the Montana hamlets and on
the ranches irivo Ibn.-iniiwciiii nt
added interest.
The first item in the property
list for the staging of a, badger;
light is a dog trained for the
purpose. It isn't, necessary to
have a bulldog 3but the fiercer,
the aspect the aspect the better.
In Montana there is one dog
that has become famous for bis
performances at badger fights.
His frantic eagerness to get at
4-U ~ .1 1 -.1 i ? '
ijiu ucium^r nas maae mm UK'
favorite with the bettor at every
bout. The second item in the
property list is a cracker box,
the third is a ten foot rope, and
the fourth the "badger."
It is the wise commercial
trayeller out of the east who is
the goat at the Montana badger
fights. When the word goes
round m tne country town that
a fall guy has blown in there
is a sudden influx of ranchers.
The peddler from the east
made his first call on the town
druggist in the morning and
heard the first words about the I
great doings scheduled for that
night at the merchants' hotel
barn. He thought it must be a
prize fight, but he asked no
questions. It never does to ask
questions in the rural west. It
is all right for the rural resident
to ask questions in the city but
for the citv man to ask questions
in the country is ruinous.
"Going to the doing to night,
|T ~? : ,1 i 1, i. 1: ? - -
a onouiu i.iit* iruveiiii^;
man to the other behind the
"May have to stay in the office,"
was the reply. "Rut,"
this added in a whisper, "1 have
seen the dog, and, take it from
me, the badger hasn't any more
show than Santa Claus's
wnisKors in tne Hottest haven.
Dog?badger?it was all Greek
to the salesman.
'"Tut, tut, you're wrong again;
the (log has never lived that
can slip anything over an ablebodied
badger," he confided to
the clerk. No yokels of the foothills
must be allowed to have
anything on him. So he eventually
backed up his assertion
about the badger by depositing
a double saw buck to cover the
clerk ;s money.
"Got him trussed," announc
ed theclerk the crowd in the pool
With $'20 watered on the outcome
of the fight the salesman
was on the battlefield early in
the evening. He canto to tin*
barn with the fight delegation
from the hotel.
In the centre of the floor was
roped off an arena, about. 1/5 fret
square. In the arena, to one
side, was a platform elevated
about three feet. This the newcomer
was informed, was for
the referee of the fight. .lust
across the enclosure from the
platform was a box, a cracker
box, on the top of which was a
fifty-pound chunk of iron. Extending
from the box to the
platform was a rope. From the
talk the traveller soon reduced
that the badger was confined in
the box, and the rope was t ied
arounn rr necK, so mat the ani
mal COlikl be, pulled from its retreat
when the time came for it
to defend itself against a canine
There ws a frantic yelping at
the door at the far end of the
room. They were bringing: the
dog. However the dog did not
require much urging. Tugging
j madly at the leash, he pranced
into the room.
"Wo will have to get this unper
way in a hurry," one of
the men remarked. "This dog
will strangle himself if we don't
turn Him loose in a minute."
"But who will be the referee?
we have forgotton to select
hini," said one of the men who
had been conspicuous in the betting.
"It must be somebody
who hasn't any money on the
outcome of (he fight?"
Not a reply come from the
"Well, if everybody has bet.
we will have to name the man
who has wagered the least as
the referee," announced the
rancher who seemed to he master
of ceremonies.
Then the eonvassbegan, and
the result was the discovery
that the salesman who had
slaked only $20 was the man
least interested and the one man
who should referee the 'fight.
"Sure h"'s all right? He's on
the s:|uai?'." was the comment
of one hurlv sheepman.
The salesman protested weaklv
saying he was not especially
familiar with all the points of
the figlr hut it did no good.
"Thore won't be any trouble
about deciding which one licked,"
deelaied the master of cerenioni"S.
"There will be only
one Irit when the affair is
So they boosted the salesman
from the east up onto the plat
form, and placed the rope ni his
The mow g.ive new zeal to
the do:4 and he made frantic
endeavors to break away and get
at the baduer. He was restrain eil
with ditfitculty and hurried
instructions wore given the referee.
lit- was Io pull the badger
out when t he master of cere- j
monies dropped his Mat.
It was a louse moment. The
salesman stood nervously on the
platform with one eye on the
badger's box and the other on
tin* master
of ceremonies. The dog all
but turned himself inside out in
his mad attemps to escape. The
excitement was almost over
Downing. W illi tobacco f-nioke
and heat h orn t he stove the man
from the fast felt dizzy there on
the plat form before all those
roii^h westerneers. Ilethou^nt
of what mi^lit happen if they
should not like his decision of the
fi^ht. Bui h" was there and he
must make n'ood.
"All ready" called tho master
of ceremonies.
The salesman took a new hold
of tlx- rope, preparing to null the
badger w ell out into t lie opening
with one ink. so the animal
would haw ;i fair ohanceatthe
opening of tin* light.
"This will he a bloody affair,"
thought the salesman, "but here
Then the erowd gave a cheer,
and the frantic dog leaped free
with his hair standing straight
on his hack, his tail up and mouth
I*..!. II ' ? 1
mauling, in- was a lonuie creature.
M;i i? r of ceremonies dropped
tin- li.il. kn'kril over 1 he badger's
prison and I In- salesman gave a
mighty pull on tlie rope.
A litt le brown earthenware
receptacle in common use in oldfashioned
households skidded
across l ho 11< ?or.
Tlio shock almost, prostrated
the kmlosmaii, !>i11 ho soon recovered
pivsriieeof mind enough
to know it was time for him to
load I ho assemblage to the refreshment
1 n
lfWfes '?a KMKKtK'S
-tH? N v<t KalIe to ileatoro Oray
Boi ; ' t . 'tHK ll.nr to ni Youthful Color.
Skip Cunn ?rn p <i .'no & hair falhutf.
B5?-?"-v 5f ~ I"^ '" il *' "' *'
4k [ No one hut a worn
Jp ' , J\ S despair, nnd the des
/ <- ^ /V \ n daily burden of ill/
UT \ a...?A ? ?t
Mindly feminine.
:cly upset tl?e nei
Pierce's I'avor
ikness and discas
It allays inflnmi
It tones and hu
? oncl motherhoo
' have nothing t
It in non-sccrct, non-alcoliolio and 1
Ask Your NnoiinoRS. Tlicy probabl
If you want a book that trlls all ab
t'icni at borne, send 21 one-ccnt *tarr?|
O ily, nnd he will f.und you n free copy
Common Hcn-e Mcdicnl Adviser?revi
In handsome cloth-hinding, 31 stamps.
The colored chauffeur of Dr.
Edward F. Parker of Charlesion
went for a joy ride without
the permission of Dr. Parker, j
taking'with him twocompanions.
The machine collided with a
wagon and was smashed. The
chauffer and his two com paniniiH
More people iuo taking Foley's Ki nev
Remedy every year, It its consul*
ed the most effective remedy for ull k.*iney
and bladder troubles that m* deal
science can device. Foley's Kid.?* .
Remedy corrects irregularities, bunup
tlid system, and restores l?1 vii;* *
Sold by all Durggists.
In a dispute over a cake, pu.
chased at a box supper uoai
Scran ton, L. E. Postum \va.
stabbed and killed by L. R. Hazeb.
Statu of Ohio, ( rrv *>f Tci.kdo, I .-s
l.uca CoUNTi. ii
Frank J. Cheiiy makt't* outihi i.
senior partner of tlx* firm of F )
ey & Co., <loi' ^ laisiiiess in tin- < 'n
Toledo. County ami Stan-nlm < i. ,
that f-ai'l firm will pay llichiim o O
nnvi.ni.'i, iini i i i>?j c
IAVL1UIIUIJ I 'Vflilj \ un 11,1 filC'i .
-very rase of (iiitarrli th.il ran>><>.
cur?-?l l>_s ihe me of ll'il "s > it
Cure. Kit \M\ J ? l?
Sworn to nif iii111 Mil sri i'?
tny pres^tiCf, thiis Ctli ilin of Lheemii ..
A. 1). lhW.
(Seal ) A. W. (JU'AsON,
Notary i i iu.ic.
Hall's Catarrh ('lire is lakru int. in I
Iv, ami acts directly >n !i I? I ? i
iimeou** HUrfai'.e of lln v t .
for testimonials free.
F. J. CllKNKY & < ()., Tol. ll>>. ??
Sol<i l>y all Dru^KistH. ?.*><
liiKB nan h ramiiy fins lor coon! pi
Dover Little of GafVney has
been elected superintendent of a
largo cotton mill to be erected
at Great Falls by the Southern
Power company.
Do you know tiiut group eau he pr vented?
Give Chamberlain h ('< >ir.*li
Remedy hh soon as the child Ikcoum s
hoarse or even after the coupv chouh
npiiuars >tnu n win prevent tin- attack.
Ii is also u certain euro for croup ami
lias never been known to fail. .Sol.I by
all Dealers.
Lonnio Ellison, a young while
man has been arrested in Lexington
county 011 the charge of
setting fire to the guard house
at Peak, S. 0.
Wbilr* it is often impossible t > prevent
an accident, it is never impossible to be
prepared?it is not beyond any one's
lllirvo I nvi?.jl Ol ,.<???* ! ? ?? I .. . 1 *
Chamberlain's Liniment and yon are
prepared for Bprains, bruises and iil;>
injuries. Sold bv ail Deal is.
(!nrrio Pnltdiv/in >
white pjirl, foil from the piazza
I of a second story building in
Charleston and sustained injuries
that may prove fatal.
An attack of the ^rip is oiten follow ed
by a persistent eolith, which in n..in .
proves a gri-iit unnov nice. liamlx rlaitl'rt
Cough Remedy ha< S> 11 1 xicii
Hively UM"(l ami with k'" d moce-s 1 1
j the relief and curt* of ihisr ui/,h < any
canes have Ijt*?ncured atler all other
remedies had failed. Sold by all !><iilers,
Dr. Julian Kaufman, pivsi!
dont of the Homo National
Bank of Lexington, is dead at
his homo.
Kvery Wiiiiidii will lie InteroNtcil.
Thore hiiH recently tit ? i discovered an
aromatic. pleas mt )i<*rt> iruiv for w rnnn'H
ills, called .Mother Fray's A I >
TKAlil.VN'LKA K. Ii isthcoi.lj certain
regulator. Cures feiimle wvakne ses'aml
liackache, Kidney, Hlad< ir ml
Urinary troul 1 s. Ac all I >r11n.. is s or
l?y mail ft) cts. Sample l'ii .1-.. A
dress, Tho Mother (ira* C l<"llo>, N
Sholton H. Wolfe died wild
jdenlv at }jis home in Orangeburg
? . I
A few minu'G< v in tn-n n^ aomo
cabi'H of croup, ev?!ti (lie length of lirne
it taken to go for a doctor ofu-n j roven
dangeriouH. The h ifest way in to to cp j
L'hiiinb-rliiin'rt (/'outfit ItHincdy in 11?*
Iiouhc, and at the first indication of
croup k'V" I'"' child a do?e, Plcanant I
to take and always curtn. } old l>y a 1
| I )rftlcr
_ ~
' and Despondency)
an can tell (he story of tlic suffering, the
pondency endured by women who carry
health and pain bccausc of dinordem and
5 delicate and importan* organs that arc
The tortures so bravely endured cum
'vch if loriil continued.
itc Prescription is a positive euro for
e of Clie feminino organism.
motion, heals ulceration and soothes pain.
tlds up the nerves. It fits for wifehood
d. Honest medicine dcolcrs sell it, und
o urge upon you as '"just as good."
las a record of forty years of cures.
y know of sotne of its many cures,
out woman's diseases, and how to euro
to Dr. Pierce to pay cost of mailing
' of his great thousand-patfe illustrated
sed, up-to date edition, in paper covers,
Address Dr. R.V. Picrce, Buffalo, N.Y.
1 t
.' l ,,
if Woman's1
Some W5men retain their 1
Iitge. .r>ut women, wno regiui
rapidly, for suffering leaves
Nearly all women suffer n
form of female trouble. It sli
Avoid the pain?treat yourse
Cardui, as thousands of oth(
Begin at once and give Cardui
I If Will Mel]
Mrs. TCnlit1 Hnrlison, Govcville, I
w "I sul lured with female troubles, and v
v on my foot. I'inallv I began to take
^ mend. Now 1 am able to do all my
fty better health than ] was before." Tr
JCW .\wnvm i&iaHXv t51>- SZastflUfi!
I jMj'?. TiinniM. Millci* died al ht r
home in C?ior-;\ill', red Ci/> 0,1
years. ;ihi> \v:is lii.> wife of ot t
.John l>. .M illev and dau-rliter of
1 lie l.;!e ('harh's M'-rrick, at onr f?ur
lime;) orominenl business man oyst
of (! reen villi*. blini
~ "coil
A o ('inlditMi. briu
"Our i i i-liili!' o( \ :?n<! i-iirht
\ < nrs ?!? ? i.ci- Milij-ci
in Cnlis . :i 1 AI > mi lime \ c.'.ih
: > I s t i t i -<? F > t'v Y. j,"v nil
T.ir, nii'I i h i nr v i>r 1 ii!i il to prevent PpiQ
aivl nir? :li s ti utiles, li is i lie only HM?j
in i!i I1 e J i"i i (I' ? ! ildrnn I > t;i) - O1?!
wi" J nit' n *1'' uliove from \Y
( '. ( ) Ms I . ( J: i i I' Iy Yt : -., ' ll||>lif lllfrt i!i'
.Me I ll i ,i'i . I i ht-r
it -t ' i ! I ' ' J '? I \ * i II ill. Si It ' m
ll\ ill! iMUj-'.' n'S.
>\ iiiiciiii "i . *. arron, mu u. i'".
I)., earlier in ^ ??ri^ counly, Iris
1m>( n I'OUIkI n\ el to court oil I lie
charge <>f misappropriating *l!)l
bclon ning to the .J i i: i i <?i Oruer only
of i'niicd Anicri<'an Mechanics. :l1
in-; ;
i In)
Suri* I '. t?- Vi.(li..n\ I. iiKf. ! \\ lu'|
M s ;> i i; v ill ?"? ? !in>.r, :? 'I tl??' 1 W;,y
i i'-c. t ,.{ il I ! I) i! i! ''iciilis. ,,
<?t if
All I S1- lv M VV ! Si:-.: ) < :. \"S J{ |{
11oik>\ *xii t r . ili- i.'1-i-iitchl iliro.vl and, into
lunjj r.'in ! will n ( ! !\ i'Ur*1 11? son- . ''s
iic^s nit'] : iU:;liaii l n .store ii :i?tnal| "
! < is?*l
c >!i'lil i.i'i. A-l; ! r li .i'\" i! -:ie\ and ??< ,
T :r. J*ol I l?\ .i!I I) v.. i-ts : PU
is pie
W. 15. Avani. who killed Mrs. n??i>
Mild t
i'ulii l.'inchain i (jleoiuvlown, V'.1"1"
and who was sciileneed to serve, c
! !n' < \?- irs in I li<s ;>< nit < lit ary,
li : ving in > n eonvict.ed < !' m;v.i
1 si iti.'Mr.. it it !> I"* aso<l on
h ;n!iulii( sum.<><.->' 5.! ::(?. | k 'iid iud
an ;!: ?( ! I>< i< ;? 1 1K> MI- Rj
pri'inc rourl. H
p > . .11 ? t nil s H i i in|?
ft I . i. i| . . i > !.; :i
, c <>i ill- lili > !!i > i uri il.
I'. I \ s i!?i :ii i| ( (! < /
!> I ^ . : <! ( ( :iin! /,
Im ..'i . : II
\\ . I . M N lil V , \\ < i! U IIOWII I I
' '/.en of ? -ill ii :,i; , i <1??:i<I a! \
!: i 1 lOl 11 ('. ! \
'! i 1 . . . . !. v. i I! 1. -i ii? s
j I : ? :> ' I . It 'l'l } fill H
III t Vr H. I'V.rr In It.* CM ill A '<<111.
llll t'O yiMIIH HflfO III) l.'i ' V Wl < il il' < ,
i 1 ! i i 11j my engine
Ki si I v ii ; 11 iiC'iilltf
el. <ik i ji i-ii lliuvct! inII
iiim;i i ' ' I' i ' i. i. *|> i'k * "
II M i l I I . >('. I . \ l'l Jill' f T^|
! : \ '* K > . I'll 11. I i-ii .?? I !? :.< i
li I nil* ili.ii 1 i <mi hi i f I i .ii tin- Mar
ii ii > il ill III r I n ! i':111 - if4 iv
!.'* It' . i ill. : 11 :i i I 'li I III! f Hi
will I .. S< il'i I 'j ail >iu . -!
100 Buisliels C?
Voii can build up your
bushels of corn per acre
hy svstematic rotation, carcfi
plowing with good imp'crnen
By Us
"WC T o - o ? *
V irgama-f
H liberally. Act c pt 110 substiti
of thcr>c fertilizer-, write us a
to get them. Write for a free
Year Book or Almanac. 11 \
a bio; yield of corn.
r, ii.m o?i
Plchmon.t Va,
M i t' \ > c 1 f.'inioik, Vh.
I" *"* ' Colombia, S.
'?* ^ 'OI.INACHKMIC/.:. I) ifhfim. N C
I'OMI'AliV. ? ,
I'lr < .t . - n copy ol yojf r;jo >\ ri'ton-siiei
I'jir. Vcar Hot l#?? o-coit. Ch.nlfKon, S
U.Vtimoie, M
Ni . Columbus, Ci
I lontsf mcjy,
To*n Mr , Te
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Beauty J
ocauty to an advanced H
irly endure pain, age I
its lasting marks on
nore or less with some E
oulcl not be neglected. I
If at hpine by taking I
jr women have done. I
a fair trial.
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II., tried Oardui and writomH
so sick I could not stand
Cardui, and hooii began to H
housework aud aw in much I
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Pink Pearls.
10 of tlie- most important in<Ju.?'!rlos
ho Bahama islands is the gothor>f
pink pearls. It Is the only place
ho world whore those poaris are
id. Thoy nro tut taken from th?
or shell, but from a shell reseir.*
S n hn'pe snail shell, called a
ich." These pearls when perfect
g very high prices. It is said, rangfrom
$:?(> to $."?.0()0.
toed Balm
B. li.) Cures Through the Blood
j^Blaod Poison,
icumatism, Eczema^
Uchlng Humors.
It. !! (Motanic BJood Ulood) is the
Bhxxl Remedy that kills the poison
Mood and then purifies it?aendll
ind of |nir<\ rich blood direct to
sUin sin face, boms, joints, and
rfvcr t lie di: ? is located. In this
all sores, ulcers pimplts, errptionu
lealed ami omed. pains and achea
in Utn>tlis;ii i Hiisi', swellings Mihside.
. H. conipl* t?*I v changes the body
a clean Iv-alihy condition, giving
kin the rich, red hue of perfect
ill. It. I>. 11. euros the woist ohl
usual mill Biife to tunc; C(>ni|iOMCd of juiro
lie iiiKiciliciits. It 1'iirilU'K unit enriches
In !. It. Il.lt. HtrelietheiiH thn iu-ivpm
iiilM* 111> (In- broken ilown system. Drug.
?l .oo I'KU liAHOK HOTTIiK with <Jirec
for home euro.
lold at All Drug Stores.
r>n wimi cithern vihratinu Hhiittle. Kotnry
hutllc <>r a Kindle 'I'llm?<l | Chain &lttch[
Hewing Machine wrltu to
Ornnfje, Mass.
iy ?rwinn ncirliinr* or<* m;nlr In ?rl! r*cartlie?? ?4
. lily, but tlic N?'?v Homo is nmiie to wear,
Our cu:ir;mty never ruin out.
old by aulhorixo<t dcHlerit only.
:>rn Per Acre
farm to produce 100
nn/l fx \ i r% n 1m ^
, <wiw vrvu ?i yiClLl
il seed selection and good
ts, proper cultivation, and
itc. If your dealer is out
11(1 VV(! will trll vnn
copy of our 1910 Farmers'
vill tell you how to get
Atlanta, Oa.
Sivanaah, C,x,

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