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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, February 17, 1910, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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m, : w*
'I! 1 "WH i ' 1'
The Kind You Ilavo Always Bo
in nso for over 30 years, liu
- and has
Om&ES; z"??a:
All Counterfeits, Imitations ai
Experiments that trillo "Witll i
Ini'ai'ts and Children?Experi
What is Ct
Castoria is a harmless suhsti
gorie, Drops and Soothing S;
contains neither Opium, Mor
hiibstanee. Its is its guar
aucl allays Feverishness. It <
( olic. It relieves Teething' Ti
and l'Matuleney. It assimilat
Stomach and ilowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?The
Sears the S:
The Kind You Hav
En Use For Ov(
R. F. D.'s Thrce-cornera Meet. i
( >11 ItIiit !i' I he ''''ml iVmvol
will be I hi ve lar^v meetings of
Rural carriers. The carriers of
Spartanburg and ivi ;;h boring
counties will nu > ! a I Spartanburp;
in Ih<> court bouse at 10
o'clock a. the carriers of
Oranu? bm and neighboring;
counti( v. :!l inc. i in the city of
Orangehi: and tlie carriers of
Florence and neighboring counties
will rne ! in Klnvnee. Pres.
Tlios. I! Wicker of Newberry
and Yn :: A. W. i 1 ill af (Jreen-'
ville will a!ten I tin Spartanburg,
meeting;/*) ice-pres. Ik W. Com-|
r* i. r_T: i i ?! i 4 * i a ?
I-1 *>? ' ! 11 >' K I I 1 I : Will ill ! I'll! 1 I 110 j
Florei nieeiiim and Secretary
Paul K. Croshv nC Kulllin, Colleton
Co., will a 'end til*? (Jran^obui'K
The in;Im';:'' us are thai each
of t li< ei. :. s will he largely
attend >1 ili re appears to
he sol; as to which
meet in^ w i !l di;;\v the largest
n1111iI> r < : < ir: iers. AH carriers
MP,. >l> r, .,1 . . . . 1 '' I U
?11 \ 111 -o i ' i * k i ? uiii; ui ll it'hi:
mcrtinr ii' i h r I hey arc member:
ol" I i :i I)t i;it lull or not .
Tin i' i . Iinwcvcr, are
n<>t in! x > iui ! I imv withthe
nici'tin- :i\ enmity association.
v. iii : m.i\ have alroaily
mad- ; -I; 4 11 I'nr a meeting
* on ihat ti .
Tin <\ i ,ii" ii. -inning to
see t !i :' v f <>r or^anizin^
and 111'* i.i . I muTi'Ssiv<- ones
anions lit : are working to
tlii^ end/" -
Wonp.q ,?aro Nods Miserable
by Kiu sy ... Bladder Trouble.
Kid::'.v ' upon tlie mind, '
discoui.i0 .lv nibitioti; beauty, I
^ r and cheerful- '
i'ii ^ disappear I
YiTtITV^"' i wliuii ilic kidueysare
JjVj\;it of oi-Jcr or dis?
Kidticy trouble has
/wOiL. ' : " prevalent
/yAV lit i i.-, not uncom/yviv\i
nioii I r a child to be
V > >:f>rn afflicted with
weak kidneyfl. If the I
chiMnr::: ?< 'en, : mo urinescalds j
the t! i. i 'it), child roaches an
aKe v " I i t > control the
pass.i it 1 u ; h bed-wetti"Ki
d-'pen I ? ! , ..use of thedifficulty
is I t It , ; ,i?l the firr.t
step sho . . the treatment of '
these: im; n . This unpleasant
trouble j . <i 1 condition of j
the kidn I i r and not to a
habit is mo suppose.
Women i n are made miserable
with 1 . . 1 bladder trouble,
nnd both in 1 ! : >;:cat remedy!
The mild . i t! ii ,:;u dmte effect of
Swamp-RO !. Itissold
size bottles. i
. t c -I iHM.I M dlUIIMHB.k1
have a simpl-- k r
pamphlet t '
about Swflni])-Koot, n >. s?iuip.it<M>i.
including m in < ' he tb n-.indsof testimonial
letU r i- ved from sufferers
who found ' n)> Root tr? be just the
remedy needed, I.i wi ling Dr. Kilmer
& Co., 1 in) /i. ituto N. V . be sure and
mention tlr j Don't make any
mistake, but ri i,* mi r the name, Dr.
Kilmer'-- Sw, 1 .o?, itid the address,
Hinj;luimlon. . \\, on i : bottle
T?? T-r*?
xui ahhuiis aim ijiuidren.
The Kind You Havp Always Bought
OlKimturo of
uglit, and which has been
s borne the signature of
i been made under his periporvision
since its infancy,
o one to dcccive you in this,
id " Just-as-good"are but
md endanger tlio health of
once against Experiment.
tut? for Castor Oil, Parcyrups.
It is Pleasant. It
phi no nor other Narcotic
antco. It destroys "Worms
mres Diarrhoea and. Wind
roubles* cures Constipation
es tlio Pood, regulates the
healthy and natural sleen.
Motber's Friend.
ignature of
e Always Bought
?r 30 Years.
Timely Hint* Concerning This Ctitun
of Poultry Ralalng.
uvorheatlng Is Injurious.
Turning the eggs prevents blood
sols growing fast to the shell. It also
prevents the content# of the egg from
When chicks form near the email
end of the shell they are apt to die in
the shell.
In nf n rtlnv Um.K.tn. *" ?
Its capacity with egg?, as thera will
bo poor results when only partially
In holding eggs for hatching do no!
allow them In a temperature higher
than 60 degrees.
Eggs should be as near a ?1e? *a
possible. Large and suiaII ones plaoed
In the machine at the same time, will
not Kive good results.
When eggs are kapt in a rery warm
place, the germ Is apt to start, and
they will quickly epoll whan plaaad
In the incubator.
In placing eggs in the Incubator sea
that the larga end is slightly higher
than the small one.
Imperially for better regulation of
thfi t?'nm#>ratnrA Mm had In tha
Incubator ahould he tested out.
An authority says that the embryo
chick may not be killed by overheating,
but the vitality of the blood la ?o
Impaired that the chicks recover very
Hlowly, if at all.
Overheating destroys the red corpuscles
of the blood. The higher the
heat the whiter the blood becomes.
When an egg containing a "live germ
is surrounded by a lot of egga containing
dead ones, it is in no condition
to get the proper heat, and will have
to be a very vigorous germ if It
hatches out at all.
In proportion to content!, there ta
more shell surface in a small egg than
a large one, so that to run an incubator
to suit the small egg will be toe
darnD for the lareer ones, where mola
ture Is used, an ! vice v?r?a.
For a healthy growth of chlcka, a
warm, dry and sunny room will compensate
for a lack of minahlne.
Don't forget In atartlng the Incubator
to clean out the heat or flua p4pa
Into which the lamp chimney extends,
to put in a bran new wick, to cloan all
the parts of the lamp thoroughly, having
the burners as near as possible
as bright an whf?n they are new. Uae
good sewing machine oil on all tha
bearing parts of tha machine after
first carefully removing th? dust and
Scoff's Emulsion
is a wonderful food-medicinc
for all ages of mankind.
It will make the
delicate,sickly baby strong
and well?will give the
pale, anemic girl rosy
checks and rich, red blood.
It will put flesh on the
bones of the tired, overworked,
thin man, and
will keep the aged man
or woman in condition to
resist colds or pneumonia
in the winter.
B? ni1 nftmn of. paper and thl? ?4. for i??r
l" .,iltlful Hnvinijn flunk ?n4 C hil l'* HkaM BMt
i.rfoh htti.lt couUtins it Cloud J.uck I'maay.
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 P?*rl ?*., New Yo*fc
TiXHNfTIM (TNV 82J311l8nl
? 885fNsnonifl
?lll'l II f I 1
Trying to Get a Basis of $90 a Month
on Routes of 24 Miles. With $2.50
Increase for Evory Mile Oyer
Local rural mail carriers are
Kreatly Interested as are the carriers
all over t he country in the
meetine: of the members of con
Kress v^ho have introduced bills
for the assistance of rural carriers
which was held recently in
the office of Representative 11 in
shaw to form a plan for united
1?wnrnunnf n f i v*-? ShunlinKl nf
Texas, was made chairman and
Hlnshaw of Nebraska secretary
W. D. Brown, editor of tin
R. F. 1). News, was present an<
presented data of the carriei>
expenses, showing that nearl\
all of the salaries are now needed
to cover expenses. On motion
of Mr. Hinshaw, it was agreed
that the plan by Mr. Brown
should be recommended to tin
postotlice committee.
Thlc nlfin nrixrno o on In
.a aiiu i'uhi * t/o cv oauii y i 'i
$1,080 per year on all routes of
24 miles, with an increase $2.50
per mile for each mile the route
exceeds 24, and a decrease ol
the same amount for each mile
less than the above named distance.
Upon motion of Representative
Austin, a committee
of four in addition to Mr. Brown
was authorized to appear before
the postoffice committee and
present the plan.
The work of the rural carrier
is well known to all who live
along the country routes and
aside from the unpleasant work
of traveling over rough and
sometimes almost impassible
roads in the winter, the expense
of keeping two and three horses
throughout the year isunusualy
heavy. The rural carriers feel
that they are intitled to a raise
in their wages for many reasons
and are prepare to put up a hard
fiorlif In f Kn 4-s\
ill Uliwi V VKJ OUV. UIU Dill II
an increase.?El wood, (Ind.)
By Cornfed Philosopher.
~r c? j. . ^ i *
-LciiKiug ui ot'iuiLor urrayuon s
bill to prohibit flogging In public
The city schools of Baltimore
do not permit flogging. One of
the rules of the school reads:
"The schools shallbe governed
without corporal punishment."
I am inclined to believe it a
good rule. Whether it makes
better children I cannot say; but
it makes better parents and
teachers?and these count for!
much, and in the long run. it
seems to me, would prove of
very decided advantage to the'
children themselves.
If parents were made to under
stand that their children could
notgetthe advantages of schools
unless they t>ehaved themselves,
they would teach them at home
how to behave; and my opinion
is that the good behavior that
results from home training is
worth ten times that which
Uw? r -r 11 i
lyuniun iiuui i/iiu it'iir 01 iin; I"<j( 1
at school.
If teachers were made to knowthat
children could not he srnt
to the principal to l>e flogged for
every infraction of the rules?
that they must control their
own rooms?they would exercise
K'Ctvut"! IMVICUUC til I' 1 IIMUe I UCI
and judgment?and be hotter,
or they would have to give place
to that kind?to the great improvement
of the schools.
Where the rod is used, too
much depenence is placed on the
rod; too little 011 other and better
means of control.
"O'er wayward childhood
wouldst thou hold firm rule.
And sun thee in the light of happy
Love Hope and Patience?these!
must be thy graces:
Awl in thine own heart let them |
first keep school".
Took All Hit Money.
Often all man enrriH koch to <loe.torn
or for medicine, to cure n ritnmnoh.
Liver or Kidney trouble thnt Dr. Kingn
New Life PilIn would quickly cure at
slight cost. Heat ?or Dyspepsia, Indigestion
Diliousneao, Conntiipation, Jitun
dice, Malaria and Debility. 2.r>c at all
f^u parker's
BTflfrlTTl hair balsam
Jnfl Cl^nin and J*?utifl?j thr hair.
fNTM }Vr>iiir,tr? ft liiiiuianl irrowlh.
KSSfs'n Never /ili< to M*itor? (?r?y
BSM/Mt' '.jtMjmm >(?lr to l(a Youthful Oolor.
DwQltflnCiUM *r?lp i tn'fi h hair falling.
<>V, and 11 al llnmiiti
A Significant incident.
I That was a significant incipient
in Columbia last week
when the senate of South Carjolina
practically declined to hear
I Senator Tilman snnalc. Thu
house passed a resolution inviting
the senator to address both
branches of the the general assembly,
and the resolution was
then sent to thesenate for action.
Senator T. Y. Williams of Lancaster
at once objected to immediate
consideration of the resolution
which, under the rules,
forced the resolution to go over
until tlie next day. As the in
vitation was for the sanio afternoon,
the effect was that the
senate did not care to hear Mr.
Tillman. Then the house passed
i resolution asking tin; senator
to address (lint l>? dy, l>ul Mr.
rillman ked 10 i> excused on
account of the mission which
brought him to Columbia. A few
years a^o air. Williams' action
would have been hi^li treason,
out now not one senator even
expostulated with Mr. Williams
or made any effort to have Mr.
Tillman address the hotly. Trulv,
a better day is dawning politically
for South Carolina.?Baniht
v.* Herald.
An :i t:u'k ?if th" jjiip is olt<-n follow <1
In a i lit cou^ii, wiucli ti) iiian>
Dmvit) tl iril'Hl lilirw?vvtiin> nliumlu.!1.
il i\s ( I < 11;; 11 1{|'Iikm|\ lias (>xtc?ll
SIVt'h PS ii III! willl '11(1 :UCCt,;S fill
die n I'd ;in i curt1 of litis t'ou^li. Many
( list'.-, li.ivc liiv'iK'iiri'il sifter sill othei
eiiit'iili S Ik;;1 f.nlcil. SoM l>y sill Desili
Better Security.
Then is no longer any dispute
ol? the ri.nli! of an individual to
mort^a^e a crop before it. is
plantrd. Sonir lawyers 1 li'ld other
. r ' 1
uisr iur a wiiiie, nut, uiey imd
that they cannot sustain such a
contention, ami it is doubtful as
to whether t hc ^cncral assembly
could interfere with this right,
even if it so desired. It is being
held, and correctIv too, that several
mortgages uiven on a crop
before it is up will become joint,
liens with no dill'ereece in priorit
v. :is s<l(?n tli^ I'lVin initu /Mif
1 ? "1' (~>v 10
of the ground; but that seems to
be of little moment. It is the
rule or custom of th? morta^ee
to liave every mortgagor to specify
in each mort^a^e whet her 01
not there are any previous morttfa^eand
misrepresentat ion in
ihimiisa rriminai oilense.
This fact ^ivss :is much protectii)!i
ami security in (lie matterof
priority as any one could expect.
As a mattcrof fact, a crop
mort^ay;e is really a hotter security
tlian t h<i advance lien ever
was, and it is better in every
\vav. ? Yorkville Isnquirer.
More |>. ii.i'.i taking Foley'# Kidnev
Remedy every year, II if considered
the nuiHt i IV et:ve remedy for all kidney
ai:d liladd r troubles that inedica.
science can device. Foley's Kidney
II-1'iedy corrects irregularities, I>11i 1?I
111 tli sy .'iein, and r. stores lostvjta ity.
i/ld Iiy all I 'i!i
An llalian Custom.
A white handkerchief on a pole at
the window of a private house in Italy
indicates rooms lor rent.
When I! iiIiImt.h IWihuiu Nrruiniiry
\ Mil V,,l,r .. .. .. ... I. ? II-?' ? '
j n | >1 I U I I , /\ Ill'll M I' I II >1 K.isp,
;i pinvil -r to be shaken into the
shoes, is just I lie tiling to use. Try It
for breaking in Ni \v iShoes. Sold Kv.
rv when , bout accept any ftibrttlt
A Curious Palm Tree.
Tlio wax |>:iiin tree of South Amerii
cn. which urmvs at altitudes as iiighfiK
lO.tKKJ fed above I lie sea level, is com
pletel.v covered with a coating consistiiik
of a \ eju'iahie wax and crystalline
resin. When mixed with tallow this
substance is made into candles.
If tronhh'l with imligfRtion, constipntion.
no a| p-tite or feel hilintis, K'v<'
(*li;i in I mtIii i ii Stomach ami Liver Tahlets
a tnal all'I \ <>11 will he pleiiH mI with
the result. l lit'Hi" taliU't-i invigorate the
s'omaeh ami livi r ami Htrongthon the
(li^CHtion. ! by all dealers.
?>?x in n
P., i /?? i
If was one of lliei
. , hpcclaclcs on his
was t!>?it it didn't
y was fed. 'I lie tjiii
not entered into h
h ) It's only a "tc
r.n experiment wit
self regardless of distention and nutritk
ings (or nil (lie ?oud lie gets out of lii
grows "wcitk" the action <-f tlic organ
and the ni-.m sufi-.-rs the miseries of dy
To nlrentithcn itto stomach,
of digestion and nntri,
use Dr. Plcrcc'a Golden Me
f.illin$ remedy, and has the
ivcll as the [>ralnc of thounai
In (ho ?.tricfcst Bcnso "CJolden Med
cine. Il contains neither intoxicants m
c. from opium, (ocnitio and other dang
Iis outside wrapper.
J) o't let n denier delude you for hi
stoni.K h, Iivt-r ouU blood "just os good
r.iii r. hn, I.Y iiiT>'i?.ij<I,I^ iw.iinrt.iti
Statk or Ohio, City or Toledo, i 88 |
Luc A Count v. 1
Frank J. Cheny makes oath that lie i'h
senior partner of the firm of F. J. ' heney
& Co., doing business in tlie City <>l
Toledo, County and State aforesaid. ami
that ?aid firm wilt pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and
wvury case 01 uuiarru uihc cannot do j
cured by tlie n?e of I (:i 1<*h Catarrh!
Cure. Fit .IKK J. Cheney. |
Sworn to bef'>r<? uid subscribed in ]
my presence, tl.io Ut:i day of December.
A. D. l?8tf.
(Skal.) A. W. GLKASON,
Notary Pultun.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intcrmo
ly, and acts directly 011 tli blood hi
mucous surface of the system Sci
for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENKY & O., Tob
Sold by all Druggists, 75c
Take Hall's Family I'ills for con j'i])
What to do with him.
E' gene Pebbles, who recntlv
escaped from the Virginia Sin
Hospital for the Insane al v
liamsburg, was inested i
(lay morning and is now in I/,
city jail. Peebles killed his wife
at Norfolk, Va., last year 1>
chopping her head with an ;im
and was acquitted on thegromx
of insanity. The VVilliamsbai ..
hospital authorities wired tha;
reeoies untior the law cannot bo
carried back to Williamsburg.
The officers here arc at a loss to
know what to do with Peebles,
as he is considered too dangerous
to he released.?Aiken Recorder.
Do you know that group <"iu he ??? vented?
tiive OhuuilHTlain's
Itemedy as soon as the child Iucoiihs
Hoarse or even after the coupv cltogh
appears and it will prevent the attaek
It is also a certain cure fur croup an*
><?<J ? ?.** UWCII nuutv II Li' J tlII OU1' I l)V
all Dealers,
No Race Suicide Here.
Mr. I. M. Smith, of Kinanls,
has four sows that have all
pigged within the past week <>r
ten days, and their total litt- r.amount
to 41 pigs, 4H of which
are still living and arj fat and
healthy. The sows are the "O.
I. C." breed. This sort of thing
is liable to bring down the piier
of meat.?Newberry Observer
Whil,i it is often impossible to previ i
in accident, it is never impossible t > I.
prepared?it is not beyond any one*
purfo. invent 5J0 cent in a bolile <>l
i chamberlain's Liniment ami von nr<
prepared for Rprains, bruises and lilo
injuries. Sold bv all Deal is.
What it Means.
The fact that the mail order
business for whiskey lias increased
is not proof that inoiv
whiskey is now sold in this
county. From what information
we have been able to obtain, the
increase in theexprss shipmentlias
not been so great. Wih?
whatever increase there is, ii is
wellnigh certain that the total
shipments by express during tinwhole
yoir will not be eipial t<?
uiit'-iuiii uic anion in soul llnou^h
tin1 dispensaries in a year.
As a matter of fact, the percent
aj^eof increase is probably larger
at the small railroad station:than
at the larger towns. ? Win
nshore News and Herald.
I'lvrry Wuiiiuii v> 111 t >1 c?l.
There 11 lis recently lnoi ilscm e| e :
rotnat ic, I'lei.s nit liei It rtire f??r w
man's ills, e.till <1 Moili ! Kfiiv s A I IK
A 1,1 A N-LKA K. It is ilie o:.|> . ,i
| tain regulator. < men female w. iiUne son
and Bacluiclie, K ilnev, bladder . i
Urinary troiibl s. Ai .ill Inn^e .s s >
i))' mail 5 l cts. Sample
1 ress, The Mother (?ia\ (J<>L> li >j , .
Sure Sign.
Little Ethel?Your sister is engaged.
Isn't she?
Playmate? Who says so?
Utile Ethel Nobody.
Playmate?Then how do you know'/
Little Ktliel- Wlii'ii the postman
rings she goes to the door herself.
A few minu'o-t delav in trea'ing son <
aM'g of croup, ev? n i lie length of 11it <
i takes to yo for a doctor ofien prove
angeri "lis. The sifts' way into !? p
Chamberlain's Cough Ueincdv in tie
house, ami at the first indie ition <>
croup give the ehiltl a (lose, I'lt a^ant
io take and al wayh cur< k. hold b\ a I
j I )i'nl(?rH
Underfoot Farmer
sc experimental farmers, who put green
cow and fed her f>having8. 11 is theory
mailer whnt the cow nte so long us sl\
cstions of digestion and nourishment had
is calculations.
ndcrfoot" farmer that would fry Mich
h a cow, liut many a farmer feeds him>n.
I Ic might almost os well eat hliavS
food. I ll^ la ill" cli.m
s of digestion and nutrition arc impaired
spepsia and the agonies of nervousness.
restore the activity of the or *
(Ion and brace up the nerves,
(Ileal lOtseovery. It in an un>
> confidence of physlclano as
7da hcalnd by Its use.
ical Discovery" is a temperance mcdior
narcotics, and is ns free from alcohol
crous drugs. All ingredients printed on
s own profit. There is no medicinc for
" as "(ioldan Medical Discovery."
!!' L1 *?'V _ ' 'J*1.'." ' 1j*V-*Ji
I WiiKl
||j much needless pain when
Bafor their female troubles. <
sj! relieve headache, backache,
ziness, arising from derang
I than relieve,?if used persis
ten to say that it cured tli<
I _ ttWfflli
ft*} Mrs. Mnxwnll .lolimmv Tmm
|y mo after doctors and everything els
w0 inp: with numb spells ever since 1
decided to lake Curdui. I luivo no
|sh tlmt it has cured mo. I advise all
?yj a Ion# and fair trial."
Mrs. Jrtlm.on suffered years.
But v.hy suffer* at all? Take Card
|| AT ALL DR'(
"On i <? child 11 i iv :i '
us I- i if u
,, ( M ' M t; r
> . ii ; I i> i II . ?
. . I I'll 111 . 5 ll
If I- i I i i i i '> : i
\v ;i I t
( ' <) . (. \V . i
it < X : i ?> I" ii i I* ' <i < 11
i-1 1 oi i . i i : i s i i i . t
i till 1 '
Oil Vs r:'i :;igh.
11 r?)s( t h>': ' ,i: iHI t i i:i v. -1 i
Hati' 1 h 11! n. 11 it* . luiu. !'ln
| . ople <; IK) <1 ?il . I I; I! i k I 111 *
' lilt I i) ' ' I'M It I 7 :>i til 111
I i) i'l> 1 . i ')ii <
. i'inies I) , i ! .
"S. ; ) S" | 1 A < . . ivi >
list its-; i ii il. i i; ! !>v new <p.lJM'IV?
Ill V 1 ' i:i .'i . i ;'(l If)
mean ".Vv iii ()n Subttt.Tij)!ions."
I H i (;) i I
>i v.- \ i .' .v "tt' ?
.M s |> ' \ Ii .. , i .'! ili.<
' M'l'.l i S t ' (it ill he I! !l I 11 "t ' I s.
\ 'I | i uj.lc Vi ii! i. \v iluii ! 'o! \ 'n
nn'\ iii, ; i . i II;i 1
111^ I'l'lil ' : .V I ' (I i ! !;v (Mlf 8li?"i
. - ? i'.l I cull ; i c li it .i'
i: 111 i?> i ' i 1 ii ; nr..
V Ml \ .
S mnif lour.
Sctil'T !':>n i?r I' > :i sli:irj> rye oil
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linn. .Iuii r r.r:mT V: 1 In- living
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Well. I i" i i n in t!i' sii'i
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mil r' V. I' . IIV.'H i : - It . ! My.
(I I ... I. Mrs.
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Mi \ . i 1:1, < , s
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I ! . i: s
If 9,896
and planters told you
of cotton, corn, tobac<
rice, sugar cane and
increased and even do
~?r y o o
V irgima
and which tlicy thought tl
duecrs on c arth?would n*
justice to yourself, try the!
increased ields <>n your
thousands of un-n ked-for
fltP tllOU k/Mw.1.4. \I'
tnuMur 11it y wuuj^iii v irgir
of these letters arc in our i g
can be had free of your deal
Richmond. Vj.
M il in thii (' i-?*n N Miotic, Va.
| ? | ^ oliimh
I Vlt;.IM \ <'At>?)l.lNA Clir.MICAI. I
j COMMMV. I !' ,,,:Wn
nrire rcn<i mcs a cipy of y<v)f I910 lVftl
i I' i*' Yi . : 1 I: ( hif!c?
1. iliimo
N - Coluu.b
Town Monphi
bin- Sliiovtp
ii i 11 n .|J? y.
Softer I
they delay using Cardui I
Cardui lias been found to H *
pain in the side and diz- H
ed organs. It does more Mr*
itently,?many have writ-1
I1H 10 II
dp Yoa |1
pa, Fin., writes: "Oardui cured I
e liad failed. I had been suffer- I
was 1(1 years old. One day 11
w taken 5 bottles and I can say
suffering women to give Cardui B
Have you? ]")o you wish to?jg
ui. Give it a fair trial.
ii1 hi1
Pink Poarls.
One of the most important inductrios
of the Bahama islands is the gathering
of pink pearls, it is the only place
in the world where these pearis are
found. They are not taken from the
oyster shell, but from a shell resembling
a large snail shell, called a
"conch." These penrls when perfect
liflno vr>r?- l.l.ili it U..I/1
illij f 1*0III !?.~0 In ?.">.000.
(B. B. B.) Cures Through the Blood
[email protected] Poison,
(\V| _ Hit, SCALY SKIN, MmA
pimples, VrSL/
TT*# . ^ - ? ? _ -? W-?
is mutism, ctzema)
Ftching Humors.
11.It. il (Molauic Hlnod Blood) it the
on \ Hlood Iti im dy that kills the poison
it) ili.- I.loinl and then pmifies it?scndiii'
:i li'iml of inirc, rich hlnod direct to
iii .' I i;: hiii litre, hones, joints, nnd
\v!.i ii'V' i't he disnitse is Incut* <1. In this
\\.i\ ;i!! miiiH, ulcere i-iintihs. eruptions
are ln-iih d and enu il, pains nn?l nches
< 1 !Nu ninti'.is n eo^se, s.veilings mheide. |
! . I' !'>. < !11? tolv cl'Sin>.'cs the hody
in".';' c.<!ii healthy cm ditioti, giving
t In s'. i 'i tin' rich, red hue of pel feet
I 'I ii. I'. It. It. (Hies the woist old
- 'ii an i stili- to tulio: <;oiii|iosrd of )mro
i i Hi. ingredients. It purine* an?l enriches
t!" 'I. ii li.lt strengthens the neivcM
i i. i 'I - ii|> t >n? lirokcn itow ti system. IHuk.
-1 i?M'i. |{ I. \ i:<. I-: ItoTT LK with ilirevi
I .o i1 * for home I'll re.
Sold at All Drug Stores.
Jfvoii want rlihora V|l>ratlnjj f?)mtlli>, Itotnry
i-hull !> or a Snit'lf 'I'luvi-I I Chit In Shhh 1
}>< wiiiK Miii'liiUi! wriU.' l<>
Orunoc, M.'jsa*.
M inv?rwini: tn.i liinr* st' <' I *< !! ri-itrif<lirv* ol
cjii liiy, tul t tic Xf'lV II <? I lie i-i nuide tu wear.
c >i'.r guaranty ntvi r runs nut.
hold |?y untliorlzcil ilvnlum only,
i f armers
that tlicir yields per acrc
20, wheat, fruits, peanuts,
truck rrnns u/^tp rrrpotlir
~ fe?v.c*?.ijr
ilizers *
lie best and biggest crop prot
you feel that you should, in
5e fertilizers and get the same
own farm? We have many
letters from farmers blessing
lia-Carolina Fertilizers. Many
10 Farmers'Year Hook, which
or,or by mailing us the coupon
Atlanta, n*.
Jnvai.tub, (.a.
* .

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