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Pickens Sentinel-Journel
Advertising Rrttes Reasonable
nterad X Sooou<Mjlass
Mall Matter
An Ordinano
?A(?A aitnMMAn #^v- 4U? n:..l
V tCMUO oupjilirn IUK tliu VUWI1 Ul 1 lURflltS
for the Frlscal Year commencinK the
25th day of February A. D. 1010, and
ending the 25th day of February A.
D. 1011.
BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and
Alderman of the town of Pickens, S. G.
in Council assembled and by the authority
of the samp, that, from and after the
passage of this ordi lance, a liccnse fro
for thee purpose of raising fumls to defray
the ourrent expenses of said town
shall be due and payable antiunlv from
all perons, flTrnis aud corporations doing
business within the incorporate limits
of the said t*}wn pf Pickens, as follows,
to wits- Vl
Sec. ^11 persons, firms and oorr**>4
.iojua, whether individual, iiicroluwitiUv
manufacturing or 'otherwise, own*
ing!? operating or conducting any occu-,
pation or calling or following any occuJiation.
nteans <>f livelihood, or business
ur -ihe purposes of profit of
gaii\ hereinafter scheduled or designated
snail pay into the treasury of uafu
town a license fee each, as follows. For
Each Peddler or Hawker $3 f;0
pei' day or per annum $25.00.
Each Hotel.Keeper per annum $i ).(0
Each Restaurant Keeper per an0
Each Boarding House (; ublic)
Keener wr annum. ?.1 00
. f'*"W
Bach Wood .Shop per annum $'2,50
Each BiacKsmith Shop per forgo
I>er annum
Each surveyor or civil cmji- ..-jjJ
neei, per annum &W.On
Each contractor anil builder 1<? (Jl>
Each architect and designer " '>. no
Each public cotton buyer oi*r
Broker, per annum vJLlo.o >
Each Real Estate Broker
Dealer in Stocks and Bonds,
per annum lo.on
Each Railroad Company, " " lo.on
Electric Lifirbt or Power
m 2n. on
xs> "" ir? oo
"?. I)()
11 CSS
l~> oo
utir annum 1 n mi
.alter, " " f> oo
uctioneer, f>"ou per day,
per annum 25.oo
'" ndry " " f?. oo
on selling Fresh
Wagon or Other nt
na Alia\vecl by
?^^tr day 1 oo
Candy,'Fruit or
other tbahJleguin
per^ u 11 u in ;"i. oo
ident Dealer 111
, per day ">. oo
Jlot Machine other than
by Merchants in conneiother
t^Lyenned 11 usi tier
annum 'J. .">o
Cigar, Tobacco or
* 1 -f, per annum - r?o
Me '' T.r?o
in. Wlnkc. etc.'.
y p'eit rill.'Ill 111 :i.OO
vi, :t no
.. rilaoksmith Shop and Wood
rthop combined. per annum 7..V>
Each A?ent Rights or
Patents, perday?^.oo, per annum
, 2~? ')?>
Each KosfiJont Machinist pel
annum ? o. on
Eaoh'Llvw* aiA I Feed Stable per
annuni .v
If^^ BalC and Exchange Stable
per annual I '.on
?ach Tfco Horse Hack or Rug^y
E attHUm r?.Cd
ich uiHe Horse " ' "
jftr annum 2 r?i
Harms Uray W;igon
annum 0,00
No! Do
gth?n Hi
Ye,;! I
"icn the
tfPP flVktl
! be com pi
en! Dull woi
Yet the curt
Only (
V Ye;
a Tei
ipon Norfolk, V$:
ColnmbU, 9. C
iimicai* Durkom, N.C
]f jgio Wlnit&n-Jilen
Charleston, 9.
/ Baltimore, Mil
Columhut, Q*
HempMi, Teii
" ? ?
- ? o"
T -?
Each One Homo Dray Wagon
per annum 3.60 I
12oh P.cturo Agent Selling I'lo*
! lured and picture l'rauiea Other
than bv nainulo in>r annum lO.'OO
Kadi clothes cleaning Shop " " 2.60jl
Each clothes cleaner not maintained in i
a Bhop who solicits business " " $5.00 j
Each Barber Shop per chair " " . 5.00
Each phot( graph* r Whosa basinets d >es
not exceed #<00 00 per year " " 2.50 :
And over $'300.00 " " H.00
Each Express Company or company doing
Mxpresn business " " 10 00
Each Telegraph ooinpany " " 5 00
Each Telephone company " " 80 00
Each Dentist " 4 7.00
bach Physician (lifsmont) " 7.0D
Each Printiiifc O'liee and i
.job oflicecoir.bined " " 0.'0
Kao i fertilize! dialer other
than mere I m nt " " 5.00
ISach ware house other
tlina for yrivato Use ' " 5.(0
Each Pawn Broker or
money Lender " " 2".CO
Each boot and shoo mending
Shop ? 5.0)
Each Bottling works ' " Si.50
E ich Life or Fire Insurance
e >tnp:tiiy ' ? 10.0)
i'i icii Insurance agent of
a-iy kind " " 5<0,
Each 'i'iiiiu r " " 2.50
Each Medici it- Peddler \>:;r
diiy o ' " lffl.00
Each ahoe Shiner " " I lO
Each Ico dt-aler " "
Eacii beef <<r Fresh Meat
Maiket Ml .. " " 5.00
xKat:h l<"ish an(V l)y?ter dealer " " 5 <10
Each Hewing ripHiiim.ag6nt " ' 10.00
Erich agent fidHng iiimn,
piano., or oihwPiiiisie.iHKj
sti vuni 11 s iiOvW sam;l * 1') (iO |
Rach Hank .'/& T&fe " 2'>*0
fijieh Poat?."-5jmi I >isi i
of liitta ami aiHj L
mutter ' "S&tO.OO
I '. n li I , iu y< : ' ''ag-lO.
Kach lion.*i&fiKf Mu-liiiu ?l " '*(0 00
Kact} ( < | mir w&Shop
of wml;- JB|C
*nK 11 :,i :', " 1^B9
EaghaShi' i " " -j ?
DW-tluy ' 2.">.( 01
t iCIch n siilo it <), t'oian " " 7 '0
r^Sch uih il and ? al 1 alt r,
| <>.i hot 11 ' " .'i 0
| Fi.H )l Mi'ichair i|< ir.;; ltll-iJ
IH'i s iii.ii* i ->M (I I " " S.'sO
Kuril mi 11-i<.1111 iloiiij; laisia ' s
o\MT 1,1:00 to 0 " 5.(0
Kaoh imi i 'liaul iI>>iiik Iiumih rovi.'t
2,Jit 0 III ."i.t (Ml 7.M)
K.ioli im icliuni it inj^ Ijii.-ino.s.s
onr ft,i (10 id? mi) 10.0'
Kacli in- i'li nil ili 111x luisiiiivs
over 1 0 'U ii> JO.iino 12.50
Kavli iiit'n 1. nil iloinjj; biisim'ss
o\ it l(), 11? 00 l.r>.(0
i i. i' ii i! en nun i' 'iiij^ nii'iilt^H
over 1"', to'.0,000 17.HO
I'liii'li ,M le.liiu lining liLi.-iiK'.ss
OVI r 20, til 1,0 0 20.00
Kmdi .Mctt'lriiil Ko'.nj^ Bu dm?8s
over 25, to !{<?,00 2f>,00
I'.ach Merchant Di-iun l?usiiuss
amounting to $ > i.O ''I 110,00
:?nd for i-jirh nd.tiiiouu! 1,00) over
$ iO.OOO, i'i Ills.
Sim!. 111. Si;iii 1 ii'( iisf) fois i ball be
line and payable on tins l2."itii day <>f
i 'l'lu uai y, A. 1 , l'.i 10, and upon |uiymiMit
thi-rcof to I lm Treasurer of I lit
saio io\vn. in' >unu i^sue to Hintorson
or pi rsuiiH. linn or corporation so pav
in^ tho sun:!? a license cerrilicnte mlm
o l hy tlio Treasurer ami < ountorsiyneii
by the Mavor of the town, which oer
luicatc shall up nil. as a receipt for
tlio sum or sum: > paid, and which
eertifiuato shall ihsi^nah the amount
.so paid, hy \\ lmr.\ and the chara< ter
of occupation 01 l u-ine-s for which
the same is intci. led to operate as
So \ 1 v No hills ..r oil: r n:i?iih hall
he posted on niiy telciM'uph or tt lophone
pole or on an\ wall on Main
-tiect r nn\ ? : i n r -tro<t r-j-y?i ntr
Maui 11 it nr running into Main
stri?(-i with ui (ho consent <>f tinMavi
i' of t! i said cits of I'lckciis
shall fii -. 11a\ - I'lii ulitiuni'd, and
tin 11 only al in i? phuo ??t* | lares as
may ho desi^nali-n l.\ aid Mayor, and
111><>ii tlir |?ayin'ill <>f sueli lii iwisi
tlnTi for h< may th termino fi!n*??r
I l ialii in rarh i:asr. j-iich lit:i'iisi< no f
to oxci'id flu* sum of i r'2't. (10 Twenty,
five Dollars in any esiso.
Sic. Anv in'r.son. firm or i:orp<
ration failii ;r or l'l-fusin r to n:i\ his.
ii< r. i?i its Iii*?-ji:;( as i?r?>\ ?] ! in this
Orelinalie .slial I. u pon cnn I her
of III) ri 'jii i r 11 in |>m> i n !<> I in- t r"as 11 r>
of sail! cit v a sum not cx< i*?Sis??; Onti
Knurl red Dollars, or to ftorvu a s(in
t'.'iiio of no* more llinn t!;:rI s day--,
for (mi'li and ovoia .-u -Ii olTouso
u inlcr.
Dononml ratified in ( t unt il assoni
I id (' ami Iv mi * h ri'.vof t! c saint*, and
corpora to ai iillis'Mcl thin 25th day ??f
j I' ( brum v. A I) . IH10.
li. I! I.AHOdN.
I.J. H. A^KMOUK, Mayor.
| l l.-i U.
* y o ^
<ry. [j (L 'h c ,-p a fr I ra e !l
cs it make 1!.v: blood pure?
e nerves? No! Is Ayer's
Docs ii make ;!u: Mood pure? 1
nerves? Yes! Is it (lie only
n alcohol/ Yes! Ask your
ic medicine. If he approves,!
ete. j.c. Ay ' < " . Lowell, Mass I
men! Heavy-headedI Downhearted! All
lissoeasv. -Ayer's I'ills. Ask your doctor.
is of Cotton
)ne Mule
ir Hook or Almanac for
-rcil (bounty, Georgia,
with only one plow, a
he had a nine weeks'
I {is j^ross income was
i can do it too
il seed selection, thorough |
Ask your fertilizer dealer
or write us for one. He
$l?iu~Carolina Fertilizer:* (
ICES i '
Atlanta, 0*.
Savaniub, Gj.
For over 80 years it hai
for Biliousness, Constips
Malaria and all disease
; Fert
Have four sourci
& feed your crop hi
ing season.
They will be s
point in this coun
1Next week we
i .1
M paper wny cncy ;
I $e had.
Armour Fe
' 1 ?
Wo i
1 he pr
l.i .. i'i
Ijvc i n>n<
I >ox I 'aJxt
I 'own
(ftn vcl(
I Vns.
A Bra
Wo Ca
!\ cow*
awawM?w wwy i UMMI??
The. (* rent est Cc
?dp1 ?1
LJ 6~\ T
B EW i
M;nlc by I lie IMckehs ]>o
rlnsi\ c l-'mht in i his 1??rr
<>(' ol licrs claiming 1<> pii
J list ;is p^ooii. "
We are che Onl
liKluirc of your friends
nw p
(Tlv A I )KM A I
ll touches 1 lie spot.'
(i?'t a l<<<?nl of I his
chance later on. All <
Pickens B
I ? I I v l ? i
ik. 11. ! m v! , i rnprn'ior.
is no
For Our
I his is llic reason
attention to little <
In the I'ii)in;^ of drills
icriptions we use every prec
uul t.ik<r particular pains t
I his rule applies all tl
nil .t l>e ri^hl every detail
ore any article leaves our st
111 buying I lalltim s Ki
Iritis,Toilet Articles ami l're
Y<^ ;( ;i|>Li??ns filled here, \ <>.i
irn rtrAtii
tnntuum i un
9 been tl*> standard remedy
ition, HeVdache, Dyspepsia,
sb of tho Stbmach and liver.
EINQws |
lour's I
PkC rif nnimAtii'i TliAtr 1 i
L/WW w x (umnuium X
ough the entire grow y,
i x*
old at every shippingty.
: *
will tell you in this
arc the best goods to
diuzer Works
uc Showing
ett iost lino of
own in Pickens.
: 1 Oc., 25c , 50c.
f><\, 10c., 15c.
and Unruled.)
<1 I'a per 25c.
>pes lo Match.)
i i *i ii
I eMCIIS. L11K .
ir Price Pipes.
nd New Line.
n Please You.
jc 1 Miarnuicv.
iii DmiiK
>Ul Weather Ihink is
" TOM"
tiling Works who have the cxitory
for putting it up. Beware
t it up or having 'something
y Distributors in This
about the Grof.t V/intsr Drink,
?s? ^ A IS 9 9
i kj ivr
II is a ureat <!<?lil breaker.
car load?you mi^lifc not ^et a
udeis filled promptly by
ottling Works,
Pickona, S. C.
SK TO ) (i()OI)
that we give so much
lei ails.
and the compounding of our pre.
ii'tion to get fresh pure drugs
r> iis?: only that which is called forirough
our business. Everything
must be carefully gone over- -beore.
f \ (w? i* P.lle 1 ^fiirrc VI />/] ir>i t^no Cun
v * i i v*~y ? Iiir>y 1 " J?l v>vuLllll..Ti ? 711 I I '
I?arations, as well as having your
^iicw what you are getting.
- * ? m ?* **
Look into our show window
the foremost makers, they repr
Summons for Relief.
Stato of South f'nroliim
County of 1'ickenB.
Court of Common Plena.
Summons for Relief ? Complaint Not
in. m. uumcr, uruaruian
n gainst
Mrs" Bessie E. M. Hook, Percv W. Miller,
Patrick Calhoun and Mrs. Sallie
Calhoun, Defendants,
To iho Defendants above named:
You are hereby summonel and required
to answer the complaint in (his
action, which in filed in Iho office of the
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleat*,
at PickensC. II. 3. C. and to serve a copy
of your answer to the said complaint on
the subscribers at their office at Pickens
Court Houbo, South Carolina within
twenty dajs after the service hereof,
exclusive of the day of such service; gn<i
if you fail to answer the complaint
within the time aforesaid, this plaintiff
in this action wi'l apply to tlus Court
lor the relief demanded in the complaint.
R. W. Simpson,
Quattleaoum & Cochran
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Dated, February 20th A. I). 11)10.
To the alment defendents, Percy W. Mil
lor. Patrick Calhoun and Mrs. 8allie
You will take notice that the complaint
in the above entitled action was
filed in the ofllce of this Clerk of the
Court of Common Pleas for P ;:ki'rj2
County, South Carolina on tl e 15th day
,.t mm
\ti i vui uai j , m;iw,
11. \V, Simpnon,
Quattlebaum & Cochran,
Plaintill'H Attorneyc.
Notice of Final Settlement and Discharge
N.)TI(JIS is hereby niv<?n that I will
make application to J. B. Newberry
Kt-<|., Judge of Piobate for Pickent*
counlv, in the Stain of South Carolina,
on the Ult-t day of March. JfllO, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, or ;n booh thereafter
as Raid application can bo heard,
for leave lo make fina' fcetl lenient of the
esmie 01 iuiirina*i. smttn deceased, and
obtain discharge an administrator of
uaid estate, T. N. Smith,
Railway Mail Clerks Wanted
The Government pays Railway Mail
Clerks $800 to $1,200. and othei1
Employees up to $2,500 annually.
Unclo Sim will hold spiing examinations
throughout the country for Kailw
?y Mail ('in-torn lloum* Clerks
and other (Jovernment Positions.
Thousands of a, point menta will l>e
made. Any man or woman over 1H, in
city or country c?n get n Hiiuctn n and
frep information l>y writing at onco to
Bureau of IiiHtructim. 103 Hnmlin
Building, Rochester, N, Y.
Breeders Guide
The S. C. Hliodi* Island Rods, nro 0?best
known I reed for producing good
winter lajcis. l-'ggH?t d!.00 and $2.00
per Betting. E. II. Craig.
It. I. IU*d and Butf Orninirton
from pure bred st< ok for sale at 7 ? cents
per set ti nil of 15 K/gn,
W Carrel t,
(Vnual, It. 3
County of I'lckens.
By J. H Newberry, Probate Judge:
WIlEItKAS, Mrs. Inn Oavn nin<l??
Huit to ine, to grant I""" letters of
Administration of the estate ami elTectH
ofW.O Dm.
Those are therefore to <mte and a Imonish
all hikI singular tlio kindre I
and creditors of tho siid W. C Davis
decease I, that tltey l>e an 1 up.
pear before mo. ii | ho Court of I'iol>ate
to be held at 1'iokens on the 27il>
dav of Jan. 1910 next lifter milili^ni i<..?
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
flhow cause if any they have, why the
Raid administration should not ho grantod.
Given under my htn<l, this l'<Jt'>
day of March Anno I omini 1910,
J. II. Newher iv. (b al)
J. I*. P. C.
CImii.. < ?ntl til* h?lr.
l'ronio(o? a III xurisTit growth.
Novor Valla to ]l?*toro Qray
Jfalr to Itn Youthful Color.
Cu/e? K~?lp <1 ??< < k h?lr fnUlng.
80o,?ml ?l <?)?! Pruggfrt
/ill be a marked featiite n\ the fall
id winter season; a great vartety
r beautiful patterns is being shown*
Some ot the new colorings are so j
[tractive that men are apt t?>
flio rvlain 1-tlno cpr(rr> rtf Klorlt La
?vw bliv J/IMIil o
We advise you to have at least
ne good blue 01 black suit, in adition
to the fancy, colored weaves;
nd a black or Oxford Gray Oversat,
in addition to the fancy fabric.
This permits a change, and gives
ach suit a rest; to get cleaned ane
ressed. It prolongs the life of all
our clothes, to treat them this way.
^ _ y*>i *ry f~?~v^~-*"** * *
's, you will see there a display of ne
esent the latest fashions, and you i
Yours to please,
Some Fertilii
Don't use less than 600 pounds
say that when you use less you are
Where less than six hundred pounds
as a stimulant and takes more pla
it adds to it, but where you put mori
ing more than you take from it and
proving your land. If you will notii
making farmers in any community ar
zer the heaviest
. r . 1 _ - r ? i*
use a complete ieruuzer at son
of your crop. A complete fertilize
acid, ammonia and potash. Phosph
growth. When a plant is grown it
is ripe it opens. Phosphoric acid al
coiloii seed are valuable. By thorou
each year you can i.iiprove your see<
Ammonia gives size to the j
and the bolls.
Potash develops lint and gives
also enables your crop to withstartt
vents rust and blight and the other
lmblf liavp
There are three kinds of amine
and mineral. Your fertilizer should
of ammoniates in it. As one exhaus
having the three you have a fertilizei
isli the plant from the time it sprouts
to be gathered.
Nitrate of soda is a valuble
place it enables you to get a goo<
seed as scarce as they are this year,
tant point with you. Then it starts
condition so it will grow.
Agricultural authorities and cxpei
rnmmpnninff n Jprtilr/pr whirli ia n
8 4-4 goods for the loamy lands in tl
lands are darker, 9-3-3 or 8-3-3 are (
loamy lands require potash and the J
in the quantities needed.
Ammoniates are quickly dissolved
ture. Some expert farmers recom
phosphoric acid and 4 per cent, pota
phosphoric acid and 6 per cent pota
land and when you plint your crop
ootash do not leach when the rains ;
ground where they are taken up 1
Then when your crop is up, during t
mend top dressing or side dressing
containing phosphoric acid, ammoni;
is adopted you will cultivate your crt
so far as fertilizer is concerned.
The Anderson Phosphate and C
study of the fertilizer needs of the s<
commend their 10-4, 10-6, 8-3-3, 9-3ing
especially adapted to these soils,
Our high grade goods are amnv
scrap, than which there is no better
fertilizer trade. These fertilizers ar<
Our goods are dry and well pul
Anderson Phosph
^3^. JL JL WP
J. 1{. Vandiver.
JP n sidenk
- *|j
mil M - . as f
iwuo m
4 ' -~*i
!\V taodels ironi some ol
will spot them at once as
-- w
^ K K ? ~
?er Tips.
to the acre. Authorities
impoverishing your soil,
to the acre is used it acts
nt food from the soil than
e to the acre you are addin
that way gradually imce
the progress* ffc moneye
those who put 1/ fertilir
. 1 L % *
te stage 01 tne acntivax,v?nN^
er consists of phosphoric
oric acid, gives a quick
ripens; when a cotton-boll
so develops the seedsand
ighly developing the seed
>lant, the stalk, the leaves
i strength to the stalk. It
i a drouth better, . It pret
. i - .
disease* mat cotton is
>niates?animal, vegetable
have all these three kinds
its another comes in. By
r that will feed and nourj
until the crop is ready
ainmoniate. In the ftrst
1 stand of cotton and with
that may be a very importhe
pl^nt off in a healthy
rimeni stations unite 111 re ractically
identical to our
lis section, and where the
especially profitable. The
8.4-4 a?d 10-4-4 furnish it
1 when there is much :noismend
104; 10 percent.
ish, or a 10-6, 10 per cent,
sh when you bed up your
>, as phosphoric acid and
ire heavy, but stay in the ,
by the plant as plant ' ""
he cultivation they s '
with a corr p!ete f?'
1 and potash. If :
>p under idear
>il Company
oils in this se
3,8-4-/* and /
oniated. larg*
ammoniate .
; good for cotton ??..
verizeti. <:
iate df
, ?.
I). 8. Vav
. iai

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