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k ' " ;W<
If I sent, this ko?k to
I should never smik
1 Qi
. ^i.uuiu never .Ning UN
r of sterna that are I
if I sent this song to
Sweetheart, 1 sfioult'
"What God has thrilled
The red o' the rose
The rose with its l>e;u
And the snow that co
]f I tent this song tin
1 .should write for tli
Hut now?for love of ;
I sing "as the linnet
1 onlv sing because I k
I .1
x m-eus must suikt, sun
I ell mo a 80112 I shall
I t'll nu\ in life's ccli
\\ hat is the nieuninx
On the^violct's liftc<
A\ lint is the meaning t
lo kiss life into a ros\
? A
Hearts must' puffer am
t w|tii a
HOW >11 lliscov^jf i o '
v '< $& Y
Nay! thk.e are sww:.
'lit oCkor a sinter
1 low t?p3ny I loved you
Or t^ivl to sing tlioi
it is wkinctliiiitf to Uiiii
Ani^Th it in heaven. <>
JfT -l-'ra
? ?? ? ?Wo * ? ^ 'X -v ? o>4
' Tii? Key to t
51$ i !> <t; : <,<> *00 <> O O ?'? - > <
li wus dusk of a dark wintry day.
Outside the snow fell fitfully, while
the wind moaned and whistled round
the house.
Inside the grate fire sparkled, emitting
a delightful warmth. In a low
chair by the fire sat a lady, young and
very fair, the firelight gleaming on
her lace and turning her hair to spun
gold. She leaned her head on a delicate
white hand blazing with jewels,
and smiled- a smile fall of amuse<?nt
and some perplexity.
von and Dolly have quarreled?"
she ou.J, slowly.
I nodded in a melancholy fashion,
but looked at her hopefully. For this
wag Dolly's aunt, and I had great
hopes that she would help me in my
most serious quarrel with Dorothy
'air, my capricious little sweetheart.
\nd you want me to help you?"
\ I nodded. "H'm! Well, you
v, Jack, if Dolly really considers
4 i.id ..
111 uvf wrong sue .may !>
T?y the way, yon didn't
von quarreled About."
lied, doubttuJ)*/ "f
""''t l)Oily seemed
id didn't seem
to tell me.
k the ring."
my pocket
v as the diai
the light.
" she exOil
' it."
1 in sal Ulrn
to) tlint
nd hero
by say ouldn't
and i!"
. insist
int. you
ash my
lion! 1
mkI foolboy,
in y
jam re- |
I I ? !!? I?1
<1 wlicUi)
do holli
r mint. In
"I have
M you."
liavir: :
11 plan
" a 10.vltioll
i ji od
> was
lit Iv
^ \ iuvtivwo
HI In real t-w
E&ialft. i
t v ;?
nil* love today?
ikI true;
the far-away
of you!
the birds in the tree*,
tent by the honey-bees.
the far-away,
I never know .
I to mv heart to-day?
and the snow!
jtit'nl crest of bright,
vers the graves at night.
i? land along,
le gold it brings,
you?ripht or wrong?
sings! '
now ~ J
c I love you so! ,
sing to you! - 4
ipso. Ji
uf nil the dew J1
lips? 1
>f lij>s that seem
r drenin?
1 hcav' - must break,
moeiiin^ sea;
\ inn dear sake?
. to tne!
1 mi', lit to siug?
choes riuy!)
r s 'ii^s than t!?i-:
ball IV
r ? ! i>i -your Uiss,
n to-day!
I; I have loved you so,
up ii;i\. you'll Unow.
ill; !.. Stanton, in Atlanta Constitution.
iiL ^ V'*?. JiG
}> t> > 0 O *J> ^ >J> <J> <> <? O
and novo Dolly found her volco long
enough to remark:
"We must be careful not lo wake
him win n we get home. I brought a
key," which she proceeded to hand
me. Whereupon I bestowed it 111 my
pocket and forgot all about it.
I did not enjoy the opera as much
as I should, but there were reasons.
First, by some means, how 1 know
not, Dolly contrived that her aunt
should sit between us. Secondly, the
s >at on her other side w.is
by a young man, one of her friends,
whom 1 had always considered a good
fellow, but who sank so low in my
estimation before the evening was
tfna3 9SO?G?5tea'333SBOC3?!3?OOfi
!i T
2 / Resoluti
? ANY Day ol
g E. (J. Roi
' C.1
? For (ho Well thai Th
m For the Sick that T1
19 I? s(?|i
2 That 1 will take In I'vi' care
? Thai. 1 will s i 1. to know 111
^ I) (i i' ahl in i\- it propi r car
o .? ,
0 l?CSOl1
<? That i will try to aid othc
2 care of their !
r? licsiih
That I will i !;? ! lo learn mo
? affi-ct tlii- ] i\: i? al well-being o
e? l??'sor
That I will give particular
.? j o .hb\ lo < Hulltions alY. ctlnt
? inorant and the neglected.
? i'.l'.VOll
o Thai in school, church, dub
*? < (durage tii-.' discussion (if lie;
of plans lo wards better health c
<? That I will endeavor, every
? "Sleep in the
?> "Work in the
t* "I'lay in the
? "Live in the
? llcsoli
? Thai I will nt ! : r<.
S C'litSH ;i!nl soeiulv to which I bob
J n j w *> >'.? V 4 &' U ?> W* Zki 1? vi ft v.V % ?> '.? G
over lhiir I i in - i" il!. i aild li iv? '
-l rui 1" | Mi'!!. For Dullj v. ail i
-\v< I|I. < < > hi.. . ,'1, it l in . IK - I
haved in such a hrwitoliiii^ l'a> li ion
11:;11 I v. : (l'u I i Jariii ,i\ ly I
;i i tin1 ' ! \ ) old lad , i , < i i nt;
ill} tliilicc, li 't aiaO hhcw hat (in <t
rod, and hastily looked li: otli'-r
way. Howi vor, I fond Koine relief in <
d> id in ii in.; what. I In ild ay in my j
( ha lh i . l 'i iiv v, ii i lli 111% 1 |
would, and tli.it i ; tit ooii, ! i
AHi r tin' <?) ? "( \v- drove hphie. ]
M r.'. ('] 11 i and i ' 1 k in v. in a do- j :
"Itnrv ,
let, ,v''l0ii i
' II, h' llv ,
'ilioti 1 ' '((' i "" < f ,
>'< . ; fr, " ' if. " ;
:/ <i iUK'"y, Itftte- I
I!), . llK'' ill 11 j
,, "'"111. //) (i, ' 'OrjJ( /
" fro ' " I Hi'I r->l(liu
-or... . 6,i ,,, ""'**(1 u/ of/
?' = J _Sh= >,- ^V-r. '."W
' - ? c - ^ j? .5
r">t '/ iz ^ }? ~ Yi ^ "U x>
: =.= =^5^
"" Hr-h, -J -J ~ c - ~ 2 'P .J ^
in,, z ?. h-:
"So"?o J,t/l= ^ 1' o - .5 rt '
' ?' /?: - 5" i-5 :t 2
'"/' mi(J, r - '
r.:'_= 2 J -3 " t -r.
r? */ - -r f
- "? ' Z '
^ 2-A 5
v- ^ ^
'Hi I . I?Immm- nil i mmmmmmmmm
wMle he firmly tied thom together j
with a piece of rope. So quick wan
hi? actions, and so great my surprise, I
that J. did not think to pre\ent him I
before they were tied.
"Oh, ye scoundrel!" said ho. !
"Would ye he after robbin' honest |
folks' houses?"
"Robbing? What on earth are you
talking about? I am merely trying
to enter this lady's house," I exclaimed
with some heat.
"An' ye're lu the habit of Intorln'
young ladies' houses by the wlndlee,
are ye?" ho demanded. "I'm thinkih*
(hut's qul^o the dB&lmtry mode of intrnnce.'Vi^
Having said that, he gave a sudden
jerk fT) my feet, which, being unexpected,
sent me flying backward. Now
fa any time it was not pleasant to bo
rent flying into a snowdrift, and in
the present instance it was absolutely
maddening. 1 felt something
cold stealing down my neck, and, essaying
to rise quickly, found I could
not, my feet being tied together. Although
1 was not in the best of tempers
as I sat up and looked at that
policeman, If looks could kill , ho
would he in a better and more peaceful
world; hut as it was, he stood
there and grinned at me.
"You are crazy, man, to suppose
that we are burglars," I said. "These
ladies are Mrs. Clarke and Miss Blair,
and 1 am John Hunter."
"Show me year cards," he leered,
pulling from his pocket a pair of
I vainly searched my pockets without
finding the desired bit of pasteboard.
"Mrs. Clarke," 1 cried <1 > perately,
"have you or Miss Blair any cards
with you?"
Miss Blair had dissolved in tears, J
and only replied by a mournful lit- i
tie shako of the head, and after investigation
Mrs. Clarke made the?
same report.
"Oh, Jack, what shall we do?" sho
cried, pulling a tiny bit of lace from
her muff and preparing to follow her
niece's example.
"We have none," I announced testily.
"I-I'm! 1 though so," said he.
"Well, I guess we've wasted 'bout
all the time that's necessary, so come
"Along where?" demanded Dolly in
a tearful little voice.
"Ijoek-up," ho answered, concisely.
"Oil!" She gave a little scream.
ons for
: ANY Year ?
ey May Keep Well! o
ley May Got Well!
r?d: ?
of my body. <s
i M
n'tl: o
ori! about my body and so be
1 o
rs that they may take better ?
l<(!: o
ri' ahont tli conditions which "
f ot h( i s. w
k<'<l: u
attention, e.3 occasion makes ? i
? tin health of the poor, the m '
l < (!:
, lodge, union or society I will ?
ilth topics and the suggestion ?
onditions in the community. 2
<lay of every year, to ?
Fresh Air."
Fresh Air." t*
Fr-sh Air." ?
Ft-sh Air." 2
nliiiions, if pi I bio, lo cverv w
'Won't you please wait till wo ring
In- doorbi-ll, and then ask Judge
Mair if bo doesn't recognize us?"
"No, an' I'll bo aft.l' r doin' no silcli 1
hing," was the curl answer.
"Oh, ob!" wall 1 Dolly, "Aunt
Mir -, \vo can't go t > .i:111! "
Accordingly Aunt Alice tried to ,
oun to the rescue, but failed.
"i asfiuro you wo are respoclnblo |
people," fdie said, with dignity. "Wo
never stole ailVthing, and- "
Ilert> 1mm dignity gave way, and
ii> laughed hysterically.
\:i I tli ii, iust as the last 7 rain of
Imp" liii'l 1 < 11 in'', the window above
us w.is thrown open, and there stood
the jiifl: ?*, r< splendent in :i flowered
dressing KOWP.
"What's all this?" he cried, j;a'/ini?
rlown 011 lis in i>rotit surprise. "What i
??e yon doi 11 k around here? Didn't
.-x i-t ' "ti|?>ii the door?"
o u began Dolly.
"o ^ pV*xjlist cli'nianv- 1
: ? s -5 Q V
r: <r. c t/> 'J. V ^ ^
X = ? ?, o ?c:
i - c . e . t o? t
J? 52 ' /- O V, S y ?.
C ^ '/ . ? ~ '
2 5 v..ps J fe
* S . X'l \%\ ?
s - * %z% Z'l % ?? CD
- y u ?. o ? - y or, ? v'i
? ^ c 'A ^ ^ 'J X ^ ^ r"
- ' ^ ^ C -? .9 D ^
o O o o W rt y
. ' T > ? - X V V
4J "T 3 i <5 rt - w
- .- /y "" r,' \( (4
brother 1.1 . 1 ? uJ
VCM. 1 li ^ J
ft full minute a ft or (ho/ O
rod neither of us spoke. Uoi>y
llio fire, with her haok (o
<tood wfttchlni? lu-r, raphlrur
What wnu liout ?/> urn
< (1 .'it tho conclusion that
> hotter than follow Mrs.
o, so I said, watchlDK
Mle, and trylnR to foel
Mild ho k ind:
11 my fau?"
'hor whon sho reran
bbed, throwing
k, "K was all
yglvc U)0?"
\ ' Jp
x ?' V
Notes Enclosod by Factory Girl? In
Michigan University Toques.
The student council M the University
of Michigan decided not long
ago that the proper slater headgear
for all students was a toque. Special
colorings were tlovlsed for the
various classes. About four thousand
tdques wero ordered frorft- factories
In Lansing. < W,
In tonio ws.y the girls employod la
the factories learmnl the toques wero
going to 'tho university, and If the
college paper at Ann Arfoov Is to bo
'believed every third caip contained a
brief note Intended to he read by tho
young man wearer of the toque. Not
all the notes wore written In English
"Young and a good cook," "brown
eyes and curly hair," "crazy about
collo?o men." were some of tho brief I
remarks Insinuated into the toques.
As far as Is known no romantic attachments
resulted from tho notes.
lleoauso of the Inconvenience of
taking off the toquos each timo an
acquaintance is mot who should ho
saluted the council hns agreed unofficially
that merely twisting the tassel
will ho due recognition when a
wearer of a toque meets some young
woman lie knows or an instructor.?
New York Sun.
The only Inscription on the corner
stone of i lie giant new municipal
building will be .the date in Roman
numeral a. MCMIX. That is all very
well, contends tho Now York Tri'bune,
so lonr: as it is not mistaken for a
monument to some 'New York statesman.
It is quite possible that in n
I lit 111 e iTJ^r l lie (|llt!allUUwm in-roc,
Who was MtiMtx?
President Ga.-Ala. Business Colleie, Macon, Oa.
Mr. Anlfrnon'i inotho'U of In.tructlon nn?1 hti
vTomlurfn I * in ploy in? fit methods haw recently ma<io
luin ont? of th-? most ooiuti>lcu>?uH otlncatoM in tbo
Houth. 11? in -iu l in ho rovolutiouUintf l>?i?lnes*
col logo training work in America.
True jVh udship is tested friendship.
Itch cured in 30 mjiiuten by Woolford'i |
Sanitary Lotion. Nevei' fails. At drugeiBta.
Winter Use of Fans.
There is an ohl s-tory oT a monk j
who would have nothing to do with I
a stranger who stopped at his coll^
because the fellow blew on his haiUfs
to warm them and into his teacup to j
cool the beverage. "Away with j
thee!" exclaimed the monk., "i will '
have no man about me who 'blows
both hot an 1 cold fran* his mouth."
Hut that uionk didn't live in the i
tiwentieth century. Had ho done so
and thrown away his electric fan because
it did as the stranger did, ho
would have lost an invaluablo aid.
There are many uses to which th?
electric fan can ho put in the winter.
as, for example, the man who
has a healing plant in his house can
use it for creating a forced draft,
thus aidinir much in eotUm* ibo Imnsin
w.irm on a cold morning Tin- fan
can also he made to blow through
a radiator and distribute the warm
air moro evenly. Morchawts arc? now
using fans for circulating warm air
in the show windows to prevent tho |
accumulation of frost. Of course
tin"' assist materially in ventilation
in both summer and winter.?Tho
Pat h tinder
Good For Evil.
"I trust you try to return good for
evil," said tho high-minded man
"I not only 'ry," said 'Mr Sirlus
Darker, "but f succeed Mligglns
gave mo one of his cigars vesiordn
and 1 pave him one of mine th'.s
morning."- Washington Star.
\ (.(?ot) CHANGE
A Change ot Food Works Wonder.
The wrong food and drink rati1 i
lot of trouble in this world. ; >
change the fo.?d is the llrst dir of
every person that is ill, pnrticul !y
from stomach and nervous tron.lo.
As an illustration: A lady in M<> is,
with h?*r husband, been In lit.
around to health again by leavi: off
coffee and some articles of f<>' ! iat
did not agree with them. They 1 an
usini' i'ostum and Ornnc-N'ii! , .< rl
SIih snys:
"For a number of years I snr red
Willi stomach and bowel li lble,
which kept K<*ttint? worse, until I was
very ill most of the time. About four
lyears ago I li ft off coffee and Ix ivan
tU?kiiiK I'oBtum My atomach and
?y>Wt*ls improved right along, hit I
ItM'ur,(' 'M Ib'sh and scj nerrr
thing would over
* u I changed my food a:,d be
\k Orape-Nuts in add!'Ion to
/ \I lived on these two princ.i\bont
four months. Day l>y
y +,\A In llesh and Btror^th unJ
li nervous trouble has en*
^fsappoared and 1 feel that I
* +-->y lifti and health to Pofltum and
"* io-Nuts, !
"" Husband Is 73 years oil! and ho
j troubled, for a long tflno, with
wlonal cramps, and slept badly.
M.v I prevailed upon hii.i to leavo
" nnrl Inlrn i?.. j ?- *?
..... *?%?**_? ".!< Kill IH1 1IHU
r. v'f 1 -'\Jlmo, but nft<?r he
% j I'W days ho found
^ .( v, . r ' a"'' "",l ^Is
w, t - * A He was satisfled
a r>ii< bflck to coffee.
"I hft". \ / in California who
has been u?ri.j Dostum for several
years; his whole family rise It also hecans#'
they havo had nuch good results
from It."
Look In pkgs. for tho little hook, |
"The Road to Wellvllle." "There's a I
Kver road the nl?ove letter? A new
one HppoHrK from time to time. They
are genuine, true, mid full of/lnmnn
Interest. ' > ,- . 1 f
i Mb.
| iimniw |
Mixed Fruits. *'
In arranging a bowl of fruit It la
not necessary to limit one's self to
bananas, sweet oranges, grapes and
-grapefruit. Put In a few kumquats
imu iiiuuuiiriiiB, hiso two or mreo
Japanese persimmons and fresh llgs,
with n mango or two, If possible, and
uso red bananas instead of the yellow
because they have a finer flavor.??
Now York Tribune.
Tomato Soup With Cheese.
A clear tomato soup is Improved In
both flavor and nutritive value by the
uso of cheese. Pass a small saucer
containing grated Parmesan cheese
around with the soup, or, if preferred,
.small squares of ordinary yellow
cheese can be used Instead of croutons
nr cr\mn o# **.% i 1 < n
v i ouiuv ui .njw uvuti laiuuiar givr*
nishcs. Tho serving of ohcose with
soup is quite common in some foreign
countries.?New York Tribune..
Strawberry Coupe.
Fill sherbet glasses with vanilla ice
cream to within a fourth of the distance
from the top. Then cover the
cream with a spoonful of strawberry
preserve and one or two of whipped
cream. The coupe may be prepared
at the tahle by the housewife herself,
tho vanilla cream being placed before
her on a small platter with the
whipped cream and tho preserve in
two glass bowls beside it.?New York
i- ^
Cherry Cobbler.
uho piueu cni'iTiuH mixeu wun snincient
sugar to sweeten.' Make a
paste of one pound of whole wheat
flour and three ounces of olive oil, or
butter may bo usid instead; add a
little salt and rub together. Moisten
Into dough of medium thickness with
cold water; roll paste rather thin;
line a pan with it. Pick the crust
all over with a fork to prevent blistering,
and bake in the oven. Place the
cherries on the fire; bring to a boil
and thicken a little with cornstarch;
'when the cru t is done, remove from
the oven an I ) ur the cherries in. A
top crust nia> <j put over and baked
if desired.? I ton Post.
Aspavnv.us nn<l Cauliflower.
This is delicious combination.
Cook to^''iI, . in very little water so
that when (be vegetables are tender
there will i main less than a cup of
the liquid. Put in a large tablespoon
of butter : soon as the water begins
to boil, s > ihe seasoning will be absorbed.
Wlifen done remove carefully
and thick' n the remaining liquid with
corns:;, i. If only a few spoonfuls
VJI t> cl I I lUlllillll, 1111111 ilil UUU JO lllilKU
a sain improves the dish still more.
If tin i are tough ends on the asparagus,
' - them off, simmer them next
day in a littlo water, put through a
sieve, iliiekon and serve as soup.?*
Boston Post.
Chicken h la Marengo.
Cut uj) a chicken as for fricasse.
Pui .i gill of olive oil in a saucopan.
Let it become very hot. Then put the
]>i i s of chicken in it, being careful
tliat thoy do not overlap. Fry in the
same pan with the chicken a dove of
garlic and two small shallots or a
tiny onion, a bay loaf, a sprig of
tlivino and a bunch of parsley. When
tin- chicken is well fried reniovo it
can fully to a hot platter. Stir a
i;i ."spoonful of flour into tho oil
t remains in tho pan. Then add a
of broth and lot tho sauce boll for
c minutes. Add more seasonings,
accessary, and .strain tho sauce over
i chicken. A lew mushrooms,
lien obtainable, : hould be cooked in
lie sauce and rved around the
hicken as a garnish.?New York
Croutons for soup brown better ii
the bread is buttered on both sides
before putting in the oven.
Steamed broad and middinors can
bo cooked in coffee runs. Fill the
cans three-fourths full to allow for
rising. If you wish the top moist,
Cover the can.
Almond nioal in the water romoves
the protecting cream with its accumulation
of dirt after a dusty rldo much
bettor than soap, and leaves the skin
soft and smooth.
Delicious sandwiches for afternoon
tea are made of raisins and nuts
chopped together very fine, moistened
with a little whipped cream and seasoned
with a little salt.
For a refreshing dessert partly fill
sherbet glasses with vanilla Ice cream.
Put over each service a spoonful of
v< iy mwihm curruiiL jam nrni rover
witli a pyramid of whipped cream.
Instead of pouring hot water over
tho frozen faucet fill the hot water
bag with hot water, Insert tho faucet
in It and fasten securely. Tho heat
will soon open the faucet If it is not
too badly frozen.
Milk jam In which the milk has
soured can be most quickly cleaned
by putting first under tho cold water
spigot, then filling with hot water In
whloli hfiu hr?nn rlladftlvdil o lit.I
amount of washing soda.
Before using plates, pie dishes, otc.,
for cooking purposes, it is a very wise
plan to put them In a pan of cold
water. Place over the fire and let the
water come to the boll. Hy so doing
you will find the heat of the ovon will
not craek the dishes so easily.
An old-fashioned rule for preserved
fur rants Is tho following: Pick over
and wash soven pounds of red currants.
Add threo pints of currant
juice, a pound of raisins and seven
pounds of sugnr. Cook the whole,
Btlrrlnx froquently, for ton minutes,
and eeal
| of the most
and its
by the
(ft. ? K3" -f _
g .Manufactured by the CALIFORNIA liG 5YI
B for6al13j5vaj-t. leading druggi
N One size only,Rcgulab price 50$per bot
The Right 1
In AJ1 Coses of
Of AH Horsey. Brood Maros, Colts,
Bullions, is to
On th*lr toncucnor in tho t??A put Kpobu'a l.lijulil J
Ooinpownrt. Oivo the rtrmcdy t?> ?il of tiicm. [| nnti I
on tlis bVond ?nA pUuMla. It rouM tho <1I.i?uk? by i?jc- R
pcltlUK th?ftennn. It oflttio trout,li-, r
UoniKMor )kj? Uuy or* "ejcpowxl." Absolutely (>-<-? |
from anything injurtova. a ctill'l oju> safely taku It. Z|
W vt*. uml Al.OUj $5 00 mill #10.?ju tho down. fcol.l!>) 9
(IruuKlstH, burn*** doUcra, or tout, osprcss paid, by H
tho innuufacturcr*.
Hpfclul AarutH Wanted. W
i SPOHN MEl??C:Air <Td>- i
CtieiulatH unci imctcrfoloirlHtH.
A modern and thoroughly ?njui|>| <1 .Snail
glous dtsootjes, deformities, fitmulo <li-.en.s03, h
loonted tn hii olovnted and beautiful portion <
Largo p)en?ont rooms, trained nursen niu'
Patients eotuiug to t!io Sanitarium arn requ?s
tbu7 will bo mot at tlio dupot with proper com
1IOT1I 1 <I?N U.S:
Uoll, MhIii IU08; Atlanta, 350J.
Have you ever seen the
I The two hundred and fifty Krii.;;p j
I gnnn ordered hy ("Idle must ho in- i
I tended, Buggostti t'io New York Kvo- i
I nlng Tost, to prot' i the jjeaco Ktatue
| placed by that country and (Argentina
| on the Hummit of t.lu? Andcfl.
Formulae ? Iron, fir tIt#* bhnvi; Ar**nlc( for digit*
I tlon; Nm Vomica, ii'rvo ,>n?i heart ionic; Antimony.
! r.ntl>?ptlo touio; .4Jiu **, lurattvc, Bnltuutro. ki'lnof
ikiuulorvt. HI* tli^M-i tho uiun <!o*o to over) tublo- ;
J ?:?o0ijfol. Writ*> ffcc tw.ok!et
The Scuta Stock Food Co.,
| TA, GA. |
Cnrw Conitlpatlon, Diarrhoea, Convulsions,
Colic, Jour Stomach, etc. It Destroy? Worm#.
Allays I'everiahncM and 'Colds. It Aids Diife.v
Hon. <t Mnkc* Tkktiiimo Knay, Promote# Cheer*
tulaetf ond Produces Natural bleep.
"I have suffered with pile# for thirtysix
years. Orto year agw last April I beK?'?
taking Cawcarets for constitution. Jp
I u ? - . .
they did not trouble me at an.
w>MC?r?U have clone wonders for me. I
(< n entirely cured and f??l like a new
B'ian." George Kryder, Napoleon, O.
PWaaaat, PaU?abV?, Pet?pt, Tm(o Good.)
I Do Oood. Ner?* Blck?n. w??ken or Oripe.
/ 10o,2V>, SCk). N?ver ikvM to bulk. Tho ironI
nine tablet Matnped CCC. Guaranteed (o
[ cut? or yoor moMy baclt- CEO
, -arSS ThompsoifsE^Water
V ( ?>
ify g fM
'A, GA.
larivim for tho trentmont of nil non-eonta
tirKory, oto. Till* Hitiiitiirium Is olotfiintly
>f tho city. Street cnra overy few minutes.
I uraplo nsstetnuco iil\viiyM*At oomnmnd.
tod to notify uh wbou tlmy v^AU^rrlvo, ivnd
>'cyano??. I'or pnrtlculnis, ndii*
201 Cupltal Avon up,
? 'fri yyv , ,
)o you want to increase your nrofita
I at the same time lessen yourlabor?
Ve have spent 40 years perfecting a
system that would meet the actual
uirements, and now we'vo got it.
Your n^rno and address on n post card
will bring you full information.
H. LUMMUS SONS CO., Columns, Ga. *
Tho cliaritablo individual doesn't.
weigu mo quality or need.
Allen's Lvnrj Ha I nam i? tho old reliahlo
cough remedv." Foun 1 in every drug store,
uud practically every home, a nixes.
N'ot every man worth his salt can
earn enough to buy meat thoso days.
No Other Denomination Has Undergone
So Many Changer.. 0 r-., A- ?
The universal money of tfie peoplo
In this country is tho cent. ,The child ,f
does his earliest bus'ibcfis thinking in
torm? of cenfs. The hobo ho'ds lip
tho passerby with the request for a
few oents to rellove the pangs of hunger.
It is the unit of coinaco. On
the other side of (he continent, the
contempt for It is rapidly being overcome,
and the mints have to take o?
constantly Increasing demand for It
Into their reckonings. The appoaranon
of tho new Lincoln cent isc'
of the most interesting a/V"4'nthis
coinago that has b<*
For practically the flrf*
Btlt?toH tho real for
rather the fanciful, b'
ly regarded as ?or
nAfH m on t aln/><a U
will not go far
current needs.
Perhn-pB no ot
(nation has
changoB of de?
lie wnH born t'
annual change
the cent. Mo.
trivial, tlioug*;
oal. The cry.
Liberty, w r? o/V??
legend, "f
and Indu^- O; f'O
was kno'// f fiproduced-*-/
chain , , j
many i,ichk
but tho \fjl
n&a idouii
ed by the
early beea
said to >bt
ft Salem fi
hundred th<
them to thi
jninrhtvl wit
as ornament'Uvea.?BoBto

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