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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, March 17, 1910, Image 4

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The Forty-Aero Farm
I'm thinkin,' wife, of neighbor
fie lives in peace and plenty
on a forty-acre farm.
While men are all around us,
with hands and hearts
,Who own two hundred acres
and still aro wanting
His is a pretty little farm, a
pretty little house;
He has a loving wife within,
as quiet as a mouse;
His children play around the
door, their father's life t<?
Looking as neat and tidy as
the tidy little farm.
No weeds in his corn fields, no
thistle in the oats;
The horses show good keeping
by their fine and glossy
The bar room in the village doen
not have for him a charm:
I can always find my neighbor
on his forty-acre farm.
Within the fielus. on Saturdays,
he leaves no cradled grain
To be gathered on the morrow
for fear of coming
He keeps the Sabbath holy, liis
children learn his ways,
And plenty fills his barn ami
bin after the harvest days.
His acres are so very few Ik
' plows them very deep:
'Tis his own hands that Inn
me soa, 'tis nis own n a in ^
that reap;
He has a place for everything,
and things are in thru
The sunshine smiles upon lib
fields, contentment on lii.
* _ i, r 1 . n
may we noi .earn a lesson, wuc
from prudent Neigh boi
And not for what we haven'!
give vent to sighs am
The rich aren't always happy,
or free from life's alarm
But blessed are those who liv<
content, though small
may be their farm.
Hop, Corn and cotton.
One hundred pounds of hot;
alive are worth ten dollars and
threehundred pounds of hog an
worth half a bale of cot-Ion
when cotton is worth twelvt
cents the pound. Two :I00pound
hogs are therefore cf|ual
to a bale of twelve cents th<
notind cotton. The likdi hnml
meanwhile, is considerably
greater that cotton will drop In
ten cents the pound than thai
hog will drop below ten a-ntithe
The boys' corn clubs that an
being organized in this state an
bringing it to pass that I u <
pounds of corn may be produced
for the same cost that one pound
V\ n M 1-* Av/kf ? 1 />. .1 i ? . * .
VL vasiu nan iioiuunuii; un ii ju<>
duced. Halving the price ol
raising corn will halve the prin
of raising hope approximately.
By the education of the ho\>
in correct methods of farming il
will be easy to raise six hundred
m/"?nrwla f\f Vir?<ra wliir>li io /> ^ \
uiiviu v/i. m i j 11 ii i.i i ' r . <i >
a bale of cotton at the cost <>('
raising a 800-pound hog or ;i
half bale of cotton now.
The bovs of today will b<> men
tomorrow. The education of
farmers and farmers' hoys will
make this the richest and hap
piest land in all the world. Any
country with plenty of rich and
happy farmers is sure to he a
wholesome and happy countr\
?one that is a blessing to all
utiiui uuuiiti ico u<iu
rens Advertiser.
Spasmodic Advertising
Some merchants seem to think
that an occasional appearand'
in tho advertising columns is
enough to demonstrate their en
terprise as givers of good value.
They would laugh at a com
potitor who closed up his store
every little while, thus turning
away possible customers, and
permitting trade to drift else
where. They forget that the
search of the public for the best
values is begun not on the street,
but in tho home. The tirst step
is to look over the news of the
retail stores, contained in newspaper
advertising, to see who is
widest awake, who is giving
it-- l e l 1 .1..II ?
l>ue iiiv>yt mi tut: uonar.
Failures to respond to flii
preliminary search for infornwi
I? e* i
AVcge (able Preparation for As
In siml!alin? the Food nndRegula'''
tingthe Stomachs aiulliowlsof
. jg|-?WMnwa?n^niapaiMM
Vv Promotes DigestionCkerM
; 1; i ness and Itest.Contains nciil r
. Opiur \ -Morphine nor Mineral.
' "Not Narcotic.
V; itfcipcoroiiDcSLWiirmm
T pcirAtn i'red" .
V,: ' jtlx.Srttatt + J
r* i P JbtM/cMt- I
. ! ' C JbiaeSf.il * \
1 /hfrnu'a/- )
!f~ JiUlrSyHitiJa* I
1 { ' 10 ItimiM- \
\ :'j1 C/nnfhrtl SUKT
I tti-.'njrem t't<mr. '
I Apcnea ueweuy lovujKsujja
. ! lion.Sou)-SkiwacluDianto
Worms,1Convulsion s .Vc verislv
ness awl Loss OF SLEEP.
Fa c Simile Signature of
' (JuavonUc?t vuufcr ilic i'i'vot^aii ^
I K-.v^ci Copy of Wrapper.
is.. ? v.7 r~rrr T~nT?iii nn
pji . -Voi.j.. ? ?*
tion i .1 filial as closing (lie
doe if up f ioic in business
bo ii . Vsloin roiue down
(own w'. !i tin- inurbane ball'
< m.i' !< . i i.i lib reliant \\ bo re
^ spo in ! lii-ir demand for infonr
' i ii about bis nH'erin is
U'el tb> ir (irsl visit, and the
civ, it i r ! lieir t rade. Tbe rest
talc- k 1 a villus.
c:ir Delegation In Congress.
I Ai' i he members of 1 lie South
Garni inn (lologiition in Congross
, tiin , i;i( ihlo ami insuperable
; art; t r' au.iin-l I lie policy
oI' i) l he ( >ii iTiissni?'ii
i for : I'lioi). no mailer how
loii ! lit i \ i'iIThe son 11
me' ? i i ho house, at 1 he
, i'.\| ' i' -i I 1 heii |'t < nl lei'ins
! will ! . : Vt ; ' i : vi?r:lf i? < if
oijKht ii.ii.rt Ivvo s< \ i hi lis \? :i r
(iiic :i! i!* t i)i ! wo Senators be
illci (1 I I I'a\e|; i 'j, o lell.ul ll of
scr\ e i ;! 1 11av< i)i'cn nilie and
I OIH . i Ve.-'l e;ic||. None of
tile ' lii? II will 11; I \ e served
I La i -i \ v< i is.
'! !; ' ntUi lf> I hit USel'llllRvsS
and i :.! nee lioiild increase
wit li :i of service almost.
we v. in llt<- r;i(ir> (?l
? > 1 }*r< - ion.
'li ?:< il a lii;; n in con^ivss
from i (i < iia, w il it I he
I'xc i : I in j:111*n>r Scnalof%
win? ; 11 1 i:;i<! ;i in j !' I inic t?>
| m:i li'rU'.
' i i 11 is no! .: \ inu.' t li.i
an \ I!: <1 ii-u, il i<>n is
' a li ! i or i I'ai I n re, Imt
, j t lie 1 h:i ' We -k ail'!
Ml;i! i lo I In.' vol t'l's ! o
j ask I-. aii'l |> 11 inicnl:
11 a ' 11 ' ii ( i' i 111a 'Icli'ga
! 1 ion < i :i? iniUicii
lain! ' . i; i.1 ! .i 1 a 1 ion I hat iI
; h' ; \ o, i on iiicring i in*
I i ai I . it \? (Iclcga I i< in
ha : i> i .tin 11h i :l in i!i.11
I )Ot I
\\ ' , i' . : i ! ion wil llOlll
I >r? Mi a laic rju< s| inn
and i I<>r - ?'!! 11 Carolina
!)< . i i i is'1 v lo pondt'i'.
Ti? (
J V. O lj
r%4 *
/ . f is the trade-1
V.I' i mark which H
)J found on |j
/ every bottle g
| of l:i2 genuine
Set-It's Emulsion |
c-t-r. . r\ / r I /^,l I l. K
I UI\| JtdllUUlU UiU L.I VCI
Oil preparation of the
world. Nothing equals
it (o build up the weak
and wasted bodies of
young and old.
,! m?-?.f | ; < !- nii?l (111 :id. for
r '.n til : vini n.ml. mill (.liil'l's
I i i I..ink i .iitiiinn n
t .<*?' I iii 1; I rniiy.
v v . ' 4')
For Infants and Children, i
The Kind You Have
Alwavs Bought
- " " " J U""
Bears tlie /** v
Signature /
ft I"
ti ^tfer
r.t? a ii Vi n
shirty tears
UlKUIK.I'c n..-wi
11141 VtllUO VrJlilU'.it'i a'.U I/'" 111.
The itlca of a Noi l hern college
J allowing a tahlrt to th?-moinory
<>l' Conft*< 1( rato so! i ii t ; to ho
placed in its in 'in m i .! h li would
not have Keen su.-'m -It il, no less
carried out. a IVw v i and
yet such is now to l>e done.
: A few years after I he War bot
wooii tho ftecfion a memorial
hall was erected at I he<vlehrated
Harvard college in Massachusetts
to commemorate tho students
who had been killed or died
hi diseasem i lie { iumii army.
A(i\v a lalild i > to he placed in
thai huildin.'. in niemoi v ol" the
si in hid s I' run; 11 nr. a I'd wiiodied
in th?' ConIVdi-rale army.
This shows how I lie hit 11tucks
engendered 1?v the war lias suhidcil
and is a mnsl plm -iim il!u;
stmt ion <>1 the entire Yccmicilat
i<>11 ln-twccii I In1 mice warring
sect ions of mir n.?w reunited
count ry.
There a i e i ci i v a few j it ople,
fii tier in i nc Mir ii or r-MMii n,
who ;iiv 1 rviir; lo Uoi j> \ ho old
hil 1<Ti 10 s nIiA niior on Mail
fliot'sands Have Idas*
Isoublc an I F;?;? i&pect P
Tlow* To lrO: 1 On1.
rni a hot tie on - 1 ? ' ' with your
v/atcr 1 i 1 t\\ ... ir hours;
trrv'A n . . .. illSts'Hli
S > I " ' : 11 ';"K?
, i \ 'irmiiky
rrp'i ^ i~ . > IMM < ton
U VM .< ? * ??? >"<
- ' cojuliTH
\I?V >v'^ 1 tion of the i lJ
J?, j? j. 11 ( ? ftc?11
?y I ' l < ire to
? 1. .-A,, : .
* . - ..... s it or pan! in
the bnck . : .il I' ll yon
the hidn > . : t -. i i i.i ! ; r..: : oul of order
and need atti 'iv
i! ,t To :>o.
'Flu-re is oi in ' ' ' '' wlcdf'C so
?:u'ii < ; I, ' <i. 1. ner's
SwaMp-Uoot, l.' ' : 1 ' t t : *!;> ,
'"uliilis nili t ( v i i i " ii r.ii::;
t 'icuiiiriti !, ] i . , , ;. idnc %. ,
liver, blud'1 ran-! r . |< ' ! i. miry
pn.i ajre. C??rr?-? i:-.;l)ii.t I ! i w: ler
tin j scaldi'ij^ naiii in ] ; , or bad
ftHcrlS foilowillt' : . ii' :, \vs:u or
beer, and own . r t necessity
cf liriiij; f 1 . i > ) >? often
through llic day, ami to i?ot tnaiy
times dir. iii;( tliu i.i 'lit. 'I !; mild and
immediate ii(l < \ Swamp Uoot is
WK.ii reali < >1. ' . . tii*. 111;Ji? t bccauscof
its r i i ir'r j * ' Vs?*
health restoring i <>| - / ertirs.
If >011 ;i i ;
I in* tlicine you shout '; ;;
have Hi" , . ' ' ..|S
j flrii" in fif?\
ami one-dollar sizes. i , ** i.~
You ? ) : y h;' vi- at iJ/i] I I*. < nl free
l>yitiail. A ' Ire I C< , Iting*
I h.ituloiii N. V. Mention tlii j per and
I . ? * - *
I M IIK'I'IW M ir ! :i, , l> W i Iv nv.'Mllp:
1 I :i ; i ll ft., J . 'lialiilon,
> 1'. v., < i - vc y ihmi;i .
A ii A n (ill I. riipl lim
i if ii v ? ! id (m h lir'p f iulori'st a m < I viiiir
fi'tiwi' I : ski , nin'ioi will tin ;ih
:jho l, if u ns - I'ucklo's A ici Snlv?
tit ir <i'ii l<( - l ' ii o. I'vo tho wornt
| lio j Im 4 ii hi, orfcvo cirri fRorw* ho o d
n|i ImI ill vt lc!' r isf ?| ;r . uf hursl' M
fvnc rare s-u>'i I nlcil y il o.-t. f >r
in ii , ('n i rit i I M . (!hn[ip(i(]
I I mwlu I M, , ' I . ' 1 11.-. .
I 14<1<1<1.-, . i * i <1 .'i j i> ?. ii ;;n'H
ln>t.in r !f. nt . !! ?lr? ; i-> . nro
Next Fall's Corn Cribs. ,
If our farmers will just ! ' v
?t t icl a11 < nl i< I his (M'lng to I'
coin conl ;i an<l corn cluhs,
then will Ino c.'iuso for 1 rouble
Jihout I !n orn crilw noxI fall.
? K? ovvi'c ' 'on Her.
l iii |>l 1111 of I he ( ry -it 11 I <"i>
< O., o| ?r WI >! 11 went
nlo liaiiUrnplcy, \v;i-old f,?r
?17. 000.
r. -
'v' < ; > - > ?
f. J . I . ,
Medides that aid nature are always
nvost successful. Chamberlain's Cough
IMnedy acts on thiB plan. It loosens tne i
cough. relieves th.? lungs, opens the se
cretions and aids nature in restojing the i
s stem to a healthy condition. Sold by
all dexlcis
Tr.vfonciv? nrflnnvafinna araha.
ing made for the laying of the
corner stone of the Coker College
Auditorium, at Hartsville, on
March l22. The ceremonies will
be in the immediate charge of
the local Masonic Lodge, and
Grand Master James R. Johnson,
of Charleston, will perform
the ceremonies. It is hoped that
thft othftr niftmhftrs of t.hA n-rnnd
lodge will be able to attend. Dr.
8. C. Mitchel will be the orator
of the occasion and will address
the audience in the new auditorium
immediately after the
j corner stone is laid, and the
| Grand Master's address is over.
That evening a concert will be
given under the management of
the department of music.
A Night Alarm,
Worse than an alarm of fire at ni^ht
is Uu> metnltc rough of eroup. Careful
mother* kei>i? Foley's Honev and Tar in
;ke hotibi* and it at the lirst sign of
danger. Foley's H.mey and Tar has
paved many little lives. No opiates.
S.dd by all iJrngKists.
At the annuaJ stockholders'
meeting of the Spartanburg
County Fair association held
Tuesday Spartanburg withdrew
from t he Virginia-Carolina association
because of tho late date
fixed fur the Spartanburg fair
bv the association. The date was
fixed for tho latter part of November
and the directors decided
that it would be entirely to cold
and withdrew from tho r-irr-nit
Spartanburg will have a fair,
however, the date to he decided
on this summer, and it will be
the biggest and best ever hold.
The stockholders reelected the
old hoard of directors and the
directors elected the following
officers: A. M. Law, president;
Col. T. J. Moore, first vice president:
V. M Montgomery, second
vice president; J. T. Khett,
treasurer, and Paul V. Moore,
secretary. The officers decided
to make a number of improvements
at the fair grounds before
the next fair.
Stubborn An Mules
iovr and powrs Homeinies; too oak
wihnu aufio. Thnn horo's rouo oaa of
Apju-ie Indigon Tin, NorvousnoHH,
ynooiul, Hoadacho. hut wuch
Mrs. Harriet Irby, widow of
the late John B. Irby, of Marlboro
county, was burned to
deat h at the homo of her sister,
Mrs. \\r. F. Kinney, near Blenheim,
Tuesday morning het
ween (> and 7 o'clock. Mrs Irhy's
body was almost completely destroyed,
Mrs. Diully and Mrs.
K inney were saved from a like
fate l>v a faithful old family
servant. Pleasant Oiihson. The
three women wore alone when
il l*!.. - T 1
i iic i in: was mscjveretl. w. 1j.
Kinney, a son of Mrs. W. F.
Kinney, went to sen his uncle,
J no. Ii. Townsond, on business
before breakfast and left a lamp
burning in bis room. From this
it is assumed, the house caught
fire. The occupants escaped, but
Mrs, 11 bv, though warned not
In u<> in again, could not beheld
back and entered the burning
building. There she met her
death. It is supposed that she
fainted or was overcome by the
smoke and heat. Mrs. Dudlev
\\;is painfully burned in an effort
to rescue her Bister. She and
Mrs. Kinney were restrained by
the old negro from rushing into
I In- burning building.
'Am vim froqucntly haorau? Do you
hnvo Hint annoying tjokliiiK in your
thrmit? Dooh your cough annov vou
it nml do yon rni30 tnncna in
Hi" i>>' r11i 11 kV !I)o yon wnnt reloif?
If ho. tnko ChnmborU'n'tJ CoukIj H?mody
and you will he pleased. Kohl hy
nil DrnyuistH.
Fads for Weak VI
Nine-tenths of nil the sickness of womi
ease of () ; organs distinctly feminine.
every day hy
Dr. Pierce's Favo
It Makes Weak Woi
It arts dircrtlyon the organs affected an<
live tonic for the whole system. It cure
f'i home. It makes unnecessary the disR
I <cal treatment so universally insisted i
every modest woman.
Wc slmll not particularize here to I
(hose peculiar affections incident to w
wanting full information as to their
means of positive cure are referred to th
man Sense Medical Adviser?1008 page
nnd up-to-date Edition, sent free on re
cent stamps to cover cost of mailing a
binding for 31 stamps.
Addreia Dr. R. V. Pierce, I
V **1 ' '
C?pt- Bogani acaln bill the Ball's *79
This world famous rifle ?hot who holds
the championship record of 100 pigeons
in 100 oonsecutive Bhots is living at Lincoln,
111. Recently interviewed, he BayB:
?"I have suffered along time with kidney
and bladder trouble and have used
several well known kidney medicines
all of wbioh gave me no relief until I
started taking Foley's Kidney Pills. Before
I used Foley's Kidney Pilla I was
subjected to severe backache and pains
in my kidueyw with Hiippression and oftentimes
a ofoudy voiding. While up
on arising in the morning I would gut
dull headaches. Now 1 hav? taken
th ee bottles Foley's Kipney Pills and
feel ICO per cent In/tier. 1 am never
bothered with my kidneys or bladder
and onca moie feel like my own self.
All this I owe solely to Foley's Kidney
Pills and always recommend them ti
my fellow sufferers. Sold by all Druggists.
The exhibit which was shown
at the Jamestown exposition
and which has since been stored
in the old state dispensary build
ing, has been removed to the
fair grounds in Columbia and
will bo on exhibition. The
removal of the exhibit is in
charge of Commissioner Watson
and 1). F. Efird. This state
has been asked to participate in
the exposition to bo held in
Knoxville during October and
September, and if a fund is secured
it is likely t hat the exhibit
will be sent there.
Foley's Kidney Remedy will cure any
case of kidney or blad Jer troule that iinot
beyond tho reach of medicine. No
medinine run <tn mnrii KnlH Kv nil
The Masons of, Chester are
planing to erect a Masonic Temple
in the near future, and a
committee has been appointed to
arange for the purchase of a lot.
Options have been obtained on
several of the most desirable lots
in the city. The building that is
to be erected will be in
keeping the lot on which
it stands. It will be three stories
in height, the first floor being
for stores, second floor for ollices
and the third for Masonic pursoses.
Would Iirvn coat him liIn life
Oscar Bowman, Lebanon,'Ky., writes:
1 have used Foley's Kidney Remedy and
take great pleasure in staling it cured
me permanently of kidney disease
which certainly would have cost me
my life." Sold by all Druggists.
On last Wednesday several of
the Baptist pastors of the Beaverdam
association met at Westminister
and organized a pastors'
conference. Rev. C. S.
Blackburn was elected president,
J. H. Clark, vice president, and
P. G. Lavender, secretary. It
was decided that the organization
should hold monthly meetings.
The next conference will
bo held at Westminester on
March 23rd,
How Good New* Sprontl*.
I am 70 ynora old nnd travol moat
of tho itmo," writoH I'?. F. TolHon, of
Kli'/abctlitown, Ky.el" Evorywhoro I
70'I rooommonrt^Eleutri' Bittern. h?
cauHO I owe my oxeolient houlth and
vitality to thorn. They effalcnrelt very
itmo." they never fail o tono the
Htomacho, eulato tlio the Kidnys and
vhowels, Btttimnlet lite liver, invigorate
tho nerves and purify tho blood.
They work \vond?*rms for run down
men nnd womon, restoring Htnnth
vigor and lionlth Hi Iz'h a da>lv y>y.
Try thorn. Onlv fiOc'. Hat isfaot ion?
poBiitvoly guaranteed by all drnggiritn.
Miss Augoline Dufti-.!, living
near Saluda with her brother
on iv a. rerry s place, was
burned to death Monday afternoon.
She was burning some
trash about iliti yard when her
clothing caught on fire and despite
her own frantic efforts
and the assistance of her brother
and his wife who were near, the
flames could not be extinguished
until she was fataly burned. She
died after four hours of intense
suffering. The brother and his
wife were badly burned about
the face and on their hands, in
their effort to extinguish the
clothing. Miss Duffie was about
f>0 years of age.
un is due to somo derangement or di?Such
siclcncks can be cured?-is cured
rite Prescription
ttcn Strong,
var,....?? * r_ >f
oitn difuiiifii rv uii.
J is nt the some time n genernl rcstoraa
female complaint right in the privacy
greenble (|iicstionirif{, examinations and
upon by doctors, and so abhorrent to
omen, but those
TT 1- 11 If A 'i 11 _?l
nuri/wuu u. Ayer, eauor 01 I
the Florence Times, has been ^
appointed as a member of the
board of turstees of the industrial
school at Florence by Gov. '
Fully nine out of every ton cases of ]
rheumatism lis sitnpley rheumatism of
the muBceln Vuc to cold or damp, or
chronic rhematism, neither of which re- I
quiro any internal treatment. All thai iB
needed to aiTord relief in the free am>li
cation of Chumerlaln'e Liniment. Give it
ataial.You are certain to be pleased
with the quick relief which it afford*.
Sold by all dealers
H. E. Thompson, of Fair Play <
died Monday. His wife, who was
Miss Julia Cox, of Greenville,
died on February 27. They leave
three small children. Mr.
Thompson was an elder in the
Fair Play Presbyterian church
and his body was laid to rest
there, funeral services being
conducted by Rev. M. E. Peabody.
No ltncUache or Kidney Fllla.
| If you havo pains in the back, orinary,
bladder or kidnoy trooBloa di??
zinoHB and Inck of energy, try Mother
IiloaHatn tier I) care. Ab a regolator it
Iibh rio"oqnel. At All DrnKtfist, or by
mail, &0c.,A8k to day 6atnpel FreiAddress
Tlio Mothor Qrav Co.,LeRoy,
N. Y. I' .
A commission has been issued
for the formation of the People's
Bank of Hartsville, with a capital
of $25,000. The stock holders
will meet during the coming
week to perfect an organization.
This is but another evidence of
the growing prosperity of thie
section of tho Pee-Dee, and o)
faith.in the town's future.
Pneumonia follows a cold but nev?
follows tho ?8o of Foley's Honey anTar
which stops the coiiKh, heals th
lun^a ami expels the cold from the ev^
ihih now uy an lu ukkih'b,
Free delivery of mail in the
city of Aiken is now assured.
The postal receipts are now far
in excess of what is required by
the postolfice department, and
city council has decided to have
the necessary improvements
made in order to secure the service
at a very early date.
Chamberlain's Stomaohe and Liver
Tablets are sufe, sure and reliable, and
have been praised by thousands of wo.
men who have been restored to health
through their gentle aid and curative
properties. Hold by ail dealers,
Mr. F. M. Boyd of Chester is
taking subscriptions for stock in
a proposed knitting mill that
it to he capitalized at$25,000and
is to bo located on the Southern
tracks near the oil mill. Stock is
being subscribed liberally, and
it appears that the enterprise
will he organized.
No NubutI lit#.
Accept no substitute for Fo'.ley's Iloricv
and Tar. It is the b at And paf* 8t remIdy
for coughs, colds, throat and lung
troubles. Contains no onitates and no
harmful drugs. Kemember the name,
Foley's Honey nnd Tar. and accept no
HiibmitntoB. Sold by all Druggists.
Revenue officers destroyed two
illict stills in the upper section
of Greenville county.
Nnvril A Koldlor'a Lrf?.
Facing death from shovt and shell in
tho civil wnr wna moro agreeable to J.
A. Stone, of Kemp, Tot., thar faccing
it from what dotors Hnid was cnHnmntion.
"I contracted a stubborn cold"
Ijo writes ti nt developed n cough,
that tck tome in spit off a 1 remedies
for yonrH. My weight rnn down to 130
pound*. Then ( begnn to u?eDr. K ng?
Discovery, whih ccompltly cured
mo. I now woigh 178 pounds. ' For
Coughs, ColdH, Lagripp, Aathma,
lleinorhng, IIonranH"; Whoontng Congh
and lun? trouhl it? Hp <;mo. ).r>0c. 1.00. |
Trial hoitlo free. Gaunnteed by
If 9,896
and planters told you
of cotton, corn, tobacc
rice, sugar canc and I
increased and even dot
and which thev thought tl
ducers on earth?wouldn't
justice to yourself, try thei
increased yields on your
thousands of un-asked-for
the day they bought Virgin
of these letters are in our 19
can be had free of your deal
Ikkatsi. Vl
Msll 11 tiiIt C?W V*.
Viioinia Caiolima Chkmical n?.k??.
PIm* w>4 M Mir If) 14 WUBOT
P????rs' Y-s.f Boak lie* ot c???. Ck??l*?
TMn * ???
T<>w" Mravhl
I &%*:
Br F'""
Bail has been!granted to W .*&?
{p. Vance who killed Horace
Hammond on the public square
it Edgefield Monday afternoon.
Application was made before
Judge R. C. Watte. Bond was
a -J ?i. CAA ... J -? - -1
mux* at it,ow uuu was st^nea
by 8. E. Morgan, ,T. W. R.
DeLaughtor, B. H. Holsten and
C. E. Quarles.
Into Your 8k?ti
Allen's Foot Ease, a powder. It
Dares painful, cwollen. smarting tier
vou8 feet and instantly takes, the nti nsr
oat of corngu and banlons and makes
walking easy. Trv it today. Sold ev
orywnere. Mnm\)loa Free Address,
Aliens S. Olmsted, Loroy, N.Y.
Col. R. A. Thompson of Walhalla
has been appointed a mem- .
ber of the Confederate homes
commission, to take the placo of
J. W. Reed of Chester, who resigned
several days ago. The appointment
was made by Gov.
Ansel. The legislature at the
last session gave $14,000 to the
ChambeiIain's Stomache and Liver
Tablets invatiably briiiK relief to women
iftering fro n cbr i?ic constipation,
headache, billiouum hp, dize nets. stillow t>B8
of the akin hih! djHpej Hia. Sold by
all dealers.
A charter has been granted to
fche Orangeburg Railway company,
which proposes to build an
electric line from Orangeburg to
wivuu uami
(B. B. B.) Cares Tbrongb the Blood
-j&Blood Poison
/qto bone pains, can(njf*
cer, SCALY SKIN, wSffl)
Rheumatism, Eczema,
Itching Humors.
B.B. B. (Botanic Blood Blood) is the
mly Blood Remedy that kills the poison
in the blood and then purifies it?sendtng
a flood of pure, rich blood direct to
he skin surface, bones, joints, and
wherever the disease is located. In this
way all sores, ulcers, pitnplfs. eruptions
^iu nuairu nuu uurt'u. pilixiH ttliu ULIICB
>f Rheumatism cease, nwellings subside.
B. B. B. completely changes the body
into a clean healthy condition, giving
:he skin the rich, red hue of perfect
lealth. B. B. B. cures the J'yoiBt old
ciees. Try it.
pleasant and aafo to take; componcd of pur*
llot.-inlc Ingredient*. It purities and eurichea
(he blood. H. It. H. strengthen* the nerrea
?nd builds up the broken down system. Drug,
(lata $J .00 PKR LARGE 1IOTTLK with dlrec
luni ior noino cure.
Sold at AU Drug Stores.
Ifymj want either* Vibrating fihattl*. RoUry
Bhuttloor aHltigtrt Thread [Chain fHHch \
fMwlnf Machine write to
I- Orane?, Mass.
Mtchlnctare m?de totel!rn*r<h??? ot
-??? - V... .V. ? Ilnmo I. ?..I.
Oar guaranty never mnf out.
INM ly tborliod dealer* oaljr.
^ rom SALB BY
that their viclds per acre
:o, wheat, fruits, peanuts,
:ruck crops were greatly
ic best and biggest crop prot
you feel that you sir ^ld, in
e fertilizers and get the same
own farm? We have many
letters from farmers blessing
ia-Carolina Fertilizers. Many
10 Farmers'Year Book, which
er,or by mailing ub the coupon
AllMU, O*.
^Iwwirt, Oft.

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