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tittered April 33, I 003 at i'icUniis, s. <'. n>> Nccoud cIiih* lunUor, uadercoOm {ro <? of 11 a .-c It 3,1870
39th Year / PICKENS. 8. G, APItIL 21, 1910. Number 48
Thf^ l(pv *stnn'P I Jhls con,rac,or 8?' results. 'PAHDPD dadjktlmicn . ? 1 storm sweeps Georgia: ~
JL 1IV XX.^J VJ IV/ 11
is the "btoni'" th<it supports the entire
Htiperm ucturo. The "KeystJao" of lIiih
Jewelry Business
is f iir prict s, superior goods, It' you want
a fl iwli Bs diamond co ne hero and get
it. Precious stones and ornamental ,jewelr>
Irom here is guarnteed highest
grade obtainable.
1- i ^*1 ?
* ^ K. 1 A.JL 1VL JL Oj
ICasley, S?4. O.
Breeders Guide
' he S. U. Rhode Island Reds, are tlio
he.? known hieed for producing good
winter li.veis. Eggs at dl .OS) and $2.00
per netting. E. 11. Craig.
OnrU Hlil
w Mb* V V* M N/ IVliA U
Clemson College has been
Our 14 per ct. acid analyzes 14
lyz<*s 16.57. ^ur 10-4 goods a
analyzes 8.^4, 3.39, 3.26.
Our goods always stand
st iff in them to make them stai
but stand up.
Nearly all the farmers who
contest used Anderson Fertilize
fourthyof the finest crops madi
were crops lertilized with Ande
better crops made in Andersoi
fertilized with Anderson fertiliz
Mr. J. S. Fowler, one of tl"
or any other county far that ma
fertilizer for cotton. His land;
proper choice in selecting a fer
the soil is more or less sandy w
8-4-4. The extra unit of potasl
fu' to the crops on sandy soils.
Mr. J no. S. Cromer, anot
100 > lbs of our fertilizer on soi
and it paid him. This year he
a ton to the acre on some of hi
We believe it will pay.
A good f irmer, farming 011
v.iiinii, can hardly put down t<
We hard'y know what would be
Anaerson rnosp
Drauqli s Practical Business College
For Greonyille.
On April Kith, Draupfhon's
Practical Business College,
11. ; ..1 -- /?
imniuui unrty-nvo, will open ill
Greenville, tt. C.
This college was secured
through the offortsof the Greenville
Board of Trade, and is
another evidence of the good
that can be accomplished by a
live business organization in a
city that has as many advantages
as Greenville.
Draughon's College in Greenville
will bo under the direct
supervision of Arthur C. Minter,
general manager of the
Souththoastern division, and
will bo fitted up with tin; latest
improvements, iust aa bin ml
lego in Atlanta* Macon, Montgomery
and Knoxville arc. Thri
local manager and faculty will
Ixi up to the high standard sot
by Mr. Minter In his other colleges
w?ftch he is operating under
a royalty lease from the
Draughon Practical Business
College Co.
Every one who is familar
with the success with which Mr.
Minter is meeting in his other
colleges is sure that t,h<? Gr#>nn
villo college will bo of great benefit
to tho young man and women
of this section as the course
of study are up- to date in every
respect, the teachors are specialists
in their respective departments,
and the equipment will
include banking and wholesalo
oumc years ago a contractor building
a railroad in a warm cliniatc was
troubled a great deal by sickness
among the laborers.
He turned his attention at once to
their food and found that they were
getting full rations of meat and were
drinking water from a stream near by.
He issued orders to cut down tlic
amount orijieat and to increase ercatly
the quantitjNpf Quaker Oats fed to the
men. \
He also boiled Ouaker Oats and
mixed the thin oatmeal water with
their drinking water. Almost instantly
all signs of stomach disorders passed
and his men showed a decided improvement
in strength and spirits. This contractor
had experience that taught him
the great value of good oatmeal. 53
Packed in regular size packages,
and in hermetically sealed tins for hot
climates. ^
Railway Mail Clerks Wanted
The Government nav?* RailvA/nu Moil
Clerks $800 to $1,200. and other
Employees up to $2,500 annually*
Uncle Safn m t. .j . xprinp rx >:ii
tions through .i ; In; < nut r\ I<
way Mail < lm ks. ('u-tom House ('! 11.>
ami other Government Po-iiion-.
Thousands of appointments will 1
made. Any man or woman over IS in
oilv or country can got instruction and
free information l?y writing at once ( >
Bureau of Instruction. 10'i Hamlin
Building, Rochester. N, Y.
"BVk"**v?rVv (0^ir??WT/rvV **r Ar.-T.-.-r'
EUlAXa UKI?yiiftRAll!7i
For Stomach Trouble sod Constipation
1 1 - .ja-tuht'-cfr.mfm
analyzing our fertilizer again.
.r^ r\ . / - ?'
wm iu ptr cu. acia ana.nalyze
10.92, 4.94. Our 8-3-3
up 011 analyses. We put the
id up. They can't do anything
1 took prizes in lact year's corn
;r in making their corn. Three
2 in Anderson County last year
:rson fertilizer. There were no
1 County last year than those
le finest farmers in this county,
itter, says our 8-3-3 Ls an ideal
5 are dark and he has made a
tilizer for dark lands. Where
e have an abiding faith in our
1 in the 8-a-/i will he found hrln
:her one of the ''finest," used
ne of his fine lands last year
expects to use 2000 pounds or
s fine lands as an experiment.
fine lands in a high state * >f culti3
much fertilizer to the a re.
too,much in a case of this sort.
ihate Oil Co,
fixtures, gammetor multi^iMph,
Burroughs'adding and listihg
machine, cabinet letter files,
j card index systems, and ;il!
other features of a modern business
office so t hat students 111:1 y
have th<i benefit- of actual oiiice
I training. Wli^n they are ready
to ^o to work,, they will command
a much better salary than
students who do not. have tie'
advantages of such modern office
The first fifty scholarships in
Draughon's college in (liven
ville will bo sold at a special price
so it, would be well for you io
write for full information at
You will then find out about
tho cost, of tuition, stationary
and board, plan of guarntecing
positions, etc.
Address, Arthur C. M inter,
rt.~~ m ?
Draughons Practical Rusino.--s
College, Greenville, S. ('.
Percy Followers Make Challenge to
the Vardaman Leaders.
| Jackson, MI8H.--Tlip supporters of
Sonntor Percy chnllonRod dm Vnrdaman
men to submit the Issue between
tho two facttnns to a voto of
the peoplo of tho state. Tho Vnrrta
man aupporters aakod fr/r time to con,
alder the matter.
Senator Perry addressed a joint
meeting of the house and senate
making a fierce arraignment of the
faction that. Inspired TVlho to make
tho charge that Percy wan elected
through fraud to the United Stale?
i senate.
l,I\ a I'liiLunLi;
'.Governor Patterson Nullifies Order
of Supreme Court.
Bcforo 3uprc!00 Court Had Finished
i Han:'.li)j Decision Agninr.t CarI
macft'j' Slayer, Governor I lad WritI
ten Pardon.
Nashv!l>.\ Tcr.n.?In tho <:;iso of
Colonel ! . n 11. Cooper tunl HoWii
J. Coop< i, . or . 1 . .ii, coiAi-'.nu
of kllUuf? formev Unttetl States Sou*
atov 13. V.. t >r;-.a'j]v on tho utrcota
lioro Novoii'.!.cr ' , 11>- ?, mnl k< ntonocd
t.) i-.v<v.ty ye.iis each in tho
si:i!" peuUi'i.-i.'.ry, tho T> uhoh -m? supromo
c int, by a divided Vot.o, ;iTfirmrd
the Bonlonco a;; to D. li.
/7 *
m \\
p A i
fe| VvA I
( ' 'A"V ;
r?: j 7 V, f -\
% 2. - ' I
\'W'. ' - - \ ,m /
\ ' . . 0 *. ! J
\ i ti/i I '
& . . , y
P .'VSV: XI.VM'V*1-x
I .1 . 1
v U r
r / * #-^i
As to Roliin C."'>f11m 1 *
U;. u 111\ mi' vi ! , 1.- r. , I
roinnmlori t<> t'.i l" r coui for ,\
new trial.
Quick P.ird . n Gov. .1.
Wllllo Chief .In r
n :uiii :; <;
Oil <> < !' 11:lIV n ! t. (
I' !!' .1 v. : 1
tlio ilc'i'ii i.1 ' " ". ', .v :
"In >11; 0 t ' r t!i T
fomlont i t .. ih ; ' 1
hnl :i "if v ! t'M, ' t
w '. ; > r. i ' ! : ' > !'
till'! < ! v "
TIi<i r 'voi)1 in the <' U' ' '!
Coopi.T i 1: 1 ' {.: o|
error in t! 1 *<
elm 1 1 ' ' 1
rr's tlu'orv 1 ! i< i< 1 . ?*
tlio (' r <** f'i' 1 1
v '
Cover !' i ! v ''I,
defend:u>t Tiobjn Owfpor it it | ftcTvjft'ij
pr!veil !' : : tr> (\ : ".i>1 C '
fnr r]>.> t )v: ;rvl Hi? n! - : 1
on on- 1' i
ns to !i ' of eert.filn htn'o's wit,Vv:..
. , ], I . . . . | :l
eirl' lit>v
The nefton of Cove- " T' 1 " n
t:i ?ia 1 " IP ! ! ' I
Ton?v - J 1 : :i i mow
or 1
Whs I e.i \'\o inorin sielion
will 1'nyo "' ]!; iii (lie Sthto Is
probleiiin! >: !.
no'.iN coopnn'o cask.
Difficult v of Gcr. ri. cj Jtircrr. flay
Prevent RclicflrirKi.
Nnshvillo, T?? !>n Robin ' Cooper
lia.q filed a iu'\y 1?on 1 in Ihc oviminnT
Court tn a?M. 'nr. whon wnnlr-d. to
anrAvov lo tlio {-'inrffo of miirrtorinp:
former United Stales Senator "Rdv/ard
\V. C nnno!* Vnny I?"Hpvp fid*
In iho ln?t fffi'WftHty In I lie famous
CAR? and tli'a( becrtu ? (if Iho dtfilculty
In Rolliii" ;i Jury, it' Coop r will
never be c I1< 1 I > f bar.
The pardon of O r.lor, rontlnuoa
lo lie* the ot ' topic
in i ciii; . i rors
i:wi; ! ft vi. i.f n sr-! :is IsRuoil
by Oovornor P if ilnr'ni;
hU torni. Tli' < < " 1 i?
tvo of eomruur.ni : O ' ? ' n rclOH'5,
1">S W 'iv ( t. : c. ?c?f?rt
.of iru'n'or, !l I y>
Colonel CVopor n I ! fir tIjr
relieved 1>y lit. ' o. * ooit
on Mio fittv tv -yo f '>- ;i f
any t Imo in"' - lii> >< i'' \ < ' iy
lio io arc mpnni ! I f \v IYi n !'<
anil YiI con <!. - I'o si t i
nn>rko-l 1>y <>or !l. 1 ' ,im I eonGr;ilill.
f'mi. f
Situation at Ch.-.nnr' , C n Ir O.nWJ
To Quit'* fjsrioi's.
TTnnVnw 'l he sii" 'i n flian'ifilm,
tlir 0:1: "f-> 1 of Hnnnn, ft o
Tlio ri iiif '> "Min ly I' ? ivM'Os In
rovp'r ft)- t > < ot! nf <> of
flcinl. I" cni!' :l' I cr.; I!5, the
oxport. of rl''". r<> itv.-' I' v,
rrnor's yam. n In wl i li I' t >i i
nrles ha.I s-<>n?-*' l rofii-.". v . ( <?
fire iiv iho H<'toi*H tind d tro.i 1. 1'tjV*
mlHc'ionniIrs and oth.?r f<>r< : . rs
fled and worn In'; ?1 fll:\i:d ) l "iclinnt.
; iMmci' in t' > har'a
TIlO I \\ ! f I v-. !l f'OII - >! 1; < I . f* : ?! ]> .lni>
olllroq hnvn b"<>n n'miilone !.
Two mnrc Uviti ;-im bon'fl :iro
hurrying to <!x> suv to. No I talitl< ?
ftrn report ?d. The properly Itno i
to liavo b.^en de In I (' lniii.l
InKfi of l]i \Vf l"v;tn (" i Inlnm
nilssiom, if the M 'heiii t ?' Inn Tn
land mtafdon and of t!;o ... .gowi.n
' mission.
i \
Chosen a Member of Rules
Committee In the House.
J| I
; Supreme Court May Uphold Its
...0. ... a n\. im i nii'L liiu I
cuiii uiil not include the
i i. i io: ? x cases when it or
; ; the olandard Oil and the tou.
i c iuicU la calendar for rea.
i, construed by loading
ii , i i the house judiciary coini
ii i o is. .in that the court has
pro: : ' n. '.if I i i. constitutionality
oi' tii > c j; poivtion tax.
The ae< .. it.ii:-; oi iHo supreme
coi.i ivo im ati< -ally boon uniform
ia a . .. heiv the right of the
1 :i1 iiupouv' an exeiso tax
h; ti-nuvl. ,n ilie corporation
ti x < .the question ut jksu<.
ia whether < ; not the tax ia dispute
ia l-.oporly i r. of c-xcisa. The case
wn i fli'snoft "".ni-n ? i i'.~
.... .. ? ' ??v ui\n ??;>u iiiiil uic
ilcu:.!ui! of I. o owrl may bo handHd
do . a alnid ! any day, ae?;cr?:!iig to
Soli' i' ir (Luiornl Lowers, of Ui<; depat
i ivi'-Uit of justice. The decision
lr. ;\ bo lia:id>:d Mown before July I,
wb. n tii.- law i.; iutonded to ac? into
Two Killed and Several Wounded In
Lin an lie I County, Ga.
Lyons, (Ja.?Two dead, on*' dying
..i i i>> > 'iiiu hi i?i> tuners
fill; ly wounded nro (ho results o?
a s-; " !ny afternoon battle In an interfar.
y f( ml of long standing, which
tc. >k I;'. ; " in Emanuel county just at
the lino of Toombs county.
The <1";\<1 am A. S. Collins, road
?vi for hi : district, and n wellto
> f.vir and his son, Wilson ColHi
. 'i of whi/m died during tho
prop.n ' ? of tho fight.
Aitna Lewis is no badly wounded
that 1 is expected tp did.
'j i. ; battle was between the 1
lion of Collins and tlio family of lAW
is, an 1 w;; > tlio outcome of e. dispute
ovfi- :i public road omaslng. The two
fnmili'M reside Ions than n mllo apart
nn.' tlio county lino runs liptwoen
tlu r hoinoB. Fathers and soufl met ,
in ; lano nonr tlio I<o\\is horge.
I; l how (ho hattlo started In not
Ui. p. T1h> mouthers of the CoTHns
f; mily wore nrmed with pistols while
t o hoi guns wore ubuiI on the other
I \A/ ? r*.,.*., M ^, u..: 11 - - /N ?.
....... uvci vine tor ooutnern
Coif Arsociption Meeting.
Hh ii'liiRlinni. Ala. -Atlanta was tinan'i;
mi ly deet-d as the next meeting
of the Southern Golf Association
t a ilirr of the directors hero.
TJio tit > for holding the rneotin/? was
ch:i";.'oil from June 14-18 to June 7-11,
T'orr. -t Adair, a director, and a <le1e?
i' n from Atlanta accomplished
r 1 work and easily won out ovor
K r>' 11 , which tioil Atlanta for the
lion of h'dtr^ the next nieetitiK place
at a conference in Chattanooga.
Building Collapses as Thousands of
Merry Makers Throng Street.
New Orleans.?A t welve-year-old
hoy v.w hilled, five persons were ?el
"on ly hurt an 1 fifteen more slightly
hrnhed when a building at South
Unmpart ami Canal streets collapsed.
. Thoiuvmrl* c i' masked merry-makers
i t-1 -in n 11n>; i in" Biiniif'i s oncmve
worn thrown into a panic.
Dies at Age of 110.
vn in, Oil (ircen IIiirIios, said to
1(0 110 years of ngo, fin ox-slavo, and
I' > on of a noKro who wis the
hi <> of CSoorgo Washington, died
'lr-ip lfo was nl tho homo of his j
o mr( [ si n, wno ik nmiseir 75
fnr of age Hughes belonged to
ho well-known UnghoR frunl'y at
nanville, C!a. Ho camo to CJecr,i,1a
ftor tho war from near Mount Vernon,
Fatal Blaze at Nashvlllr.
Nashville, Tenn.? One man was
llli I and three more or loss injured
a tiro M'Jileh damaged the plant of
rna lfovl wholesale manufacturI-iK
l^ant to the extent of about $40,?o?.
? ? | 1 |J|
' A V
Town of Manchester Hit by Wind of
Cyclonio Fury.
Manchester, Ga.?Six negro TT.fants
are missing, carried away by the fwry
of tbo elements, It is supposed; a
score of houses were wrecked and
much property damaged in a cyclone
which struck Woodland. With L>u'i
little warning, lowering clouds wrapped
the place in wemi-darkiiLds, and
the storm broke in awful fury before
the people had time to seek shelter
or to prepare for rough weather.
Aponnn\ni?iA/l *
..vuwiki I'umuu \J y UIU Uhlltll 111111110(1
rumblings, torrents of rain and sheets
of hail, driven by cyclonic winds, fell
for several minutes, and not until the
clouds had lifted did I bo people realize
that the town had beon ilinost J
completely swept off the map.
A freight train standing on the sidetrack
of the Atlanta, P.irmin^ham and
Atlantic railroad was blown over on
the main line. A pn.^sinir freight coming:
into the yard duii-'.g !'.v Veig'it of
the storm crashed hcad-en 'n* > the
storm-swept cars, as n re. lit <f which
consideral)le damage v.^s done to
both trains. Several hours were required
in clcnrlne thf? i
Other sections report more oi- less
damage from wind and hail.
One Village If. Wiped Of? the flap?
Number of Fatalities.
Montgomery.?Correspondents report
losses of life and heavy damage
to property by a storm which swept
over southwest Alabama.
Awin. a small village in the southeastern
corner of Wilcox county, Is
reported to have been the heaviest
sufferer. Awltj is in a remote section,
but it is said that, at lea t one person
was killed, and it is believed
there were a number (if d atl'S.
Practically every house in the vil-J
lage is said to have been wiped out
The storm was violent in many parts
nf " * 1
? w>, .win it us nenevotl that
there wore many fatalities.
Rain Aids Cotton Crop In Georgia.
Cordele, Ga.?Tho rain in this section
lias brought badly needed r<?li f
to the crops and added much to t'-.o
prospects for a Rood grain season
Only one heavy rain has fallen in
South Georgia since Christ mas, and
tho fields were very dry. The farmers
coming into tho city report I hat
a Rood rain had fallen all over the
coun^v and that no further fenrs are
now ntertained for a good stand of
corn and cotton.
Prisoner Hangs Himself.
Brandon, Miss.?Making a nocse
out. of his shirt, Tom Cord, a negro
.uucckuku in strangling 7;Imself
to doath in his coll in tlie county
jail here. Two days ago ho soi/ed an
ax and brained an old negro named
Johnson, who, according to his statement.
had placed a "hoodoo" under
his door.
8,000,000 Feet of Lumber Eurn.
Chattanooga, Tonn.?A dispatch
from Johnson City, Tonn., says 3,OOO.rtOd
feet of line timber, belonging
to the John T. Dixon Lumber C; ..)
pany, of Kilt Creek, has been destroyed
by forest fires burning in the
mount r.-r. for several days. The
loss is < !: : ted at $50,000, partly insured.
V/omen Strikers Battle.
T.ouisvillo, Ky.?Women tobacco
stemmors who tried to return 'o work
In the American Tobacco Pompanv's
factory at Twcntv-fourih and Min
streets were attacked l>y wonvn strikers
and n pitched battle followed.
Bricks were used as weapons and
several combatants were inhnv-d before
the police stopped the lightWalsh
Left $10,000X00 Estate.
Washington.?The will of Thomas
F. Walsh, the mining inaennte. leaves
$ 100.000 to charity and the rest of
Ti I u ne-inln nt-i ft iool!t? *4 i! 4
r.?.i...... ,r in i. ^ ciiurury,
to Mrs. Carrie B Walsh, the widow,
and Mrs. 13 B MeKo.tn. :i dai't'htor.
Tlie estate is valued at f:om $$.000,000
to $10,000,000.
Storm in Oklnhoma.
Outhrio, OUla.? More I'i.mi f2."i0,non
damage 'vns done by a sjtorm that
raged throughout tie state. It wa
a combination of rain, bail and high
winds. A cyclone is reported to
hftvo destroyed Lone Wolf, in Kiowa
county. At Tuttle. C.rndv conntv
two churches- wore demolished. Th 1
dam ago ?t Oklahoma City alone 1;
I WeAsKYoul
I to tale Cardul, for your female rj
I troubles, because v/e are cure It N
E wiil help you. Remember thai g
B this great female remedy?
? U t&E? <2.^ RJ
I has brought relief to thousands of ft
H other sir'; women, so why not to m
I yon? . headache, backache, I
I pcr:~-..;al pains, female weak- I
Eg ness, nir::y have said it Is "the
H best medicine to take." Try itl g
[ Sold in This City ^ t|
Foieys o?ino Laxative
fon Stomach "T.viOBLt and Constipation
ma^IzLzii ' ' S5?f
0'?1cK\7 Ar;?J, S'o.'io Root
??t.takk3 rorrrivn ct nr.? or alt,
mmii'iii"'v-?- -* " tl-i j,; .iMriiiat^-.1 'V.-Jkia^a?;iwi
rhv-lclATK. on * ^ycoP. T\ r. at, a rrlcn- !]
^1,1 ?' ? *
.... "i, una rrcflcrmo it with Sj WTWBW
groat i'.-.t:sf3c'j-.>a for tho cnrca of all*
forms t-titl Btr^ca of I'rlirary, Secondary r/VOQMSS
And Tertiary H> pliilis, ByphlliUo Hhou- u
rintlr.T.i, fc' -rof-.i! i U'cnn; ond Cores, ' f".
OlMi?'r,!-.i"f>wc?I:::^it T;!u '.rastUrn, JvJ-'-l.
?cy Com; liinU, eld C'I:?cclo Ulcorc tixat C3
mmuu.. ^.t^i^^?Mcaa.T5Z-/iir?..,gcaia^: !vlit
piTfUIIIPl '
tb 111!
??c- n? ' -: - - " '* ' J
haverfDlUe:! ?*] tirii^.rjit.Crt^r'i, SkinSC1XK33
, .' 1, C O JTlIUrvIo
Cot: : >'.<: urUl Icifion, Volte;-, A <?r,VW
E-.Mat ',Olc., c . 0 ?-.:*
P. h n ; r.r'7 tar
excellent ?: '. ?. buiU'Ung up thon i?&9
?elcm rai?!01y, If you nra r; Vc anS j:
lool-Ic, :. id .' i ; . ,u7 / 1\ X*. J., au'lll
g?HLS is?!3 fn is ^
ere, its s.-y.a ?U1II$
cu-syr:x-. jzvzn ukbrrki\HA-A1, ra- r.tttzr.-jj.-^ss
|B ["" " ''' .*&/%?/; 7^5>>8W6?
! [Iff [.;;;; . }j||r|
l^) tl!' . .. - *j '? i ^u:kjl'. vi" - * j i-' 1 l1 ?.v! ?. Li
p / - /*' ; ' ; v
5 C ' > .> ( ' ' ' i . N ' '
1 / V- VA :' "Ffpg R
J" /<- < ' ! v.;,s v ...> I! ! <-1--^
I 7**^. V1 *V 'Jul,
ft^X'A . n !1 rioosiin ov
r ?/ Mi . Mill 1 want a telcplj
K-/ *si I ! ,Mfc-'i./"<. .: >
? ? , -alor.;? without
V"'\ ' ' ' > U.ki:honoJM wo:
m\ ^ -.ft, i! invii.- u&abi.o f
' 'U^ yji-- iS BUMn.oi.iii',' lu ]\
' /- ;.j!.'l m?rrn<s when'
|g-iM i- for communion iug with
MM' ' "? IWUol. phono.
HtlCv i Tke wKIv
I? N I iz IZ'Jz a farm t
|i'jf savJaj Kia
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! Picksns Bottlin
It. Ii. Davis, Proprietor.
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Ill HIV. U LI y lllf;
scriptions wo use every precaution t<
and tike particular pains to use onl
This rule applies all through c.
must be right-- c-very detail must be
lore any article leaves our store.
In buying Hallum's Kidney Pil
dries, Toilet Articles and Preparation
Prescsiptions filled here, you know w
rickens Drug
Masonic Temple
' i
I *"W^M
5?S? cw^^SsasB MD
and Potassium.)
jnwmw iMinraMWBMW??
g ron 'Will regain flesh Rnd ntTengtb.
9 Wastoofoner?/and all'llaeaaes resulting
I from overtaxing Uiocyotom *r? oure<l by
A tho uso of P. P. r.
J XAdleewhoBO flyRtomnaropoIflonodandl
' w boeo blood I sin an impurocondltlondoa
Ij to menstrual irregularities aro peculiarly
| uuiiciiioa uy tiio wonderful took) and
| blood clonnnlaf; properties of P. P. P.,
1'rickljr Ash, Poko Hoot and JfOtAMiOxa*
tkid by all Druggists.
Savannah, - Ca.
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1?' - Mr. Farmer, you'll
our home. \Yhcn
v)uder how 3*011 got
" . r.othing can do the
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> in a hurry; f*.r ordering
il's inconvenient io go to
. ' 1 ; ' i or friends:
yoi. oiiK wherever there's
si 'le^cpSnone
;;Clk e::> liJfeorelu-laeryo
you rrifl. vouv neighbors
jut ' "i . j 111 a figure
n:i I f .Mi g p:irae
,:m :cr er
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'1 it !m Hi*ware
l?-! . - 'Pic!liiny
bu5. :> "s ' , This
C< if ! )rink
7 ?? 49
I ST ICR 101).)
ureal cold breaker.
y<"i 1!ii hi not p;et a
<1 prompt 1 y by
g Works,
Pickens, S. C.
compounding of our pre.
) get fresh pure drugs
iy th it which is called for>ur
business. Everything*
carefully gone over- -be
Is, Drugs, Medicines, Sun
k a? well as having your
hat you are getting.
llMckens, S. C?
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