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Pickens Sentmel-Jonrnel
Advertising States Reasonable
l^J 4ut?r*4 it Plokans Foatofflo* m B?oond OImb
rMail Matter
PICKENS) 8. 0. t
THURSDAY April 21, 1010
Tho ever burning question,
"What shall we do with our
boys?" seems to be satisfactorily
answered in the following advertisement,
which appears in
tho window of a Farringdom |
road butcher's shop: "Wanted
a respectable boy for beof sausages'?London
Of the 10,000 automobiles
used in Iowa 5,000 are owned
by farmers. It is estimated
that at least 76,000 automobiles
are owned by farmers in the
Uniied States. That means an
!??? ^nvu- of about $75,000,000.
i n- wei i ? not such a "worm
of the mist" after all as lie is
sa;.l t.o be
A dairyman reports to the
v?!!i , >: vr Yorker that he had
i'M-.-joy oow
' > :li. A.I I he
appoi i, .?i fime she dropped two
q ' O lives, perfect in form
She was bred
a ifer and
. i ri;u milker
> 'u 20 quarts
"Tii.- i'riends of the Ledger
will please han 1 us in news
: mi- tbev are fresh. We
; " *1 a birth af'
t v aned, a mar
" I-.. if.rr the honeymoon is
i)! death of a man
afiier hi widow is married
again." ?Gaii'uey Ledger.
C. H. Tuttle of Maine says in
the Rural New Yorker: I notice
in your paper there are many
ii rvf nnf f lr? r-? *-? /I
ut\/cuo ui auvuitiouu, anu
I wish to give you the facts in
K regard to a Holstein calf I have.
I~pnrchased a Holstein heifer
last summer; she will be five
years old this spring. Seven
weeks ago she gave birth to a
bull calf that weighed 133
pounds and two weeks later it
weighed 201 pounds and at three
weeks old it weighed 230 pounds;
4.U ~ ,w.ir _i_ 1
tuu Uciii. now weigns azo pounds.
Mrs. James A. LeRoy, of
Pontiac Mich., has been appointed
to a' clerkship in the
land office in the interior Department
and has begun her
work one detail of which is to
affix the President's signature
to alL land patents or warranty
deeds. She is the only clerk
authorized to sign the President's
name to any official
document, and will sign on an
average from (5,000 to 7,000 a
Homes Lea, juithor of "The
V^or~ of-Ignorance,'' the new
book descriptive of the possible
results if a far Eastern power
were to invade America, besides
being a student of military
science and international politics
wrote "The Vermilion Pencil,"
a tragic romance of Chinese
life. He is also the author
of a series of studies on "The
Rise and Decline of socialism in
China during the Eleventh Century."
All of those engaged in the
work of bettering agricultural
conditions in South Carolina?
wie g eneral agents, tne men or
the State department, the men
ttk of the Clemson extension work,
and the men of the State exyeriment
station say that the calk
upon them from all parts of the
State for information of every
description are so great thai
thoy cannot begin to handle
them with a decree of nromot
ness that they would like to.
They all say they have never
seen anything like the reviva
of interest in all matters per
taining to intelligent agriculture,
and that this interest
seems to be increasing with
each passing day. Nothing
could be more gratifying or full
of promise for the future of the
commonwealth. The real uplift
and betterment of the rural
hnmo in nAw wlfKin aiohf ?
Farmers' Union Sun.
?r r t o~bS'.'ioJSK0"
|W?>A*aA?MS N?9MSV?AN? Buk?OOJ?
Is Feared PtirnnpAn Ppik have
Marked Him For Victim.
Ex-President Qlvlng European Secret
Service Polio* Concern on Account
of Rumor# That Anarchists Are
Dogging Him With Sinister Intent.
Rome.?"What is known as the
Paterson group of anarchists by the
European secret police has agent*
following Theodore Roosevelt for the
purpose of assassinating him."
Thia statement was made to correspondent
Clement Archon by a man
high in the Italian secret pollae, wTto
had much to do in protecting the famous
American while he was In Italy.
The statement was made as the re
suit ox the reported arrest of an anarchist
at Chiaslo, Switzerland, under
suspicious circumstances.
About the time of Mr. Roosevelt's
arrival at Khartoum, word was reeeived
that anarchists had loft tHat
country presumably for the purpose
of doing harm to the noted traveler
and the secret police were requested
to take every possible precaution.
Roosevelt Well GuardedNo
more elaborate preparations
for protection against assassination
have ever been taken In Italy, even
for the cssar of Russia, than have been
taken in the case or Mr Kooseveit,
and the same will bo the cane In nil
the countries he travels In In Kurope
It will bo next to impossible for pn
assassin to get close enough to tee
president to harm him.
It is being ?nW that Mr. Roosevelt
is an extremely difficult person to
guard. He seems to be perfectly fearless,
aud when in Italy took chances
which gave those to whom was Intrusted
the task of looking out tor
his Bafety many an unhappy half
hour. It is understood, however, that
both he and his sor. have been Induced
to arm themselves with automatic
revolvers, and in case of troable
they would be very likely to g!Ve a
good account of themselves.
To 8trlke Terror to Rulers.
The Italian police declare the idea
of assassination of Mr. Roosevelt ift
solely to st-Ike terror to the hearts
of the European rulers, and If the
assaBBlcs are not able to accomplish
their purpose before he embarks for
America, he will not be molested.
Little Qlrl la Cruelly Done to Death
In City of Chicago.
Chioago?Six-year-old Alfreda Doveriska,
daughter of a bakor, was
tourtd dead in a ahed two doors from
h?r home, tho finger prints of a
tranglor cm the child's throat. At
h?r aide the police found a little bag
of candy.
pAiinir in hanrt Alfretift went to a
neighboring store. Hho purchased
the cent's worth of sweets, aud (But
wa? the last seen of her alive. The
police conducted a search, hut without
Paul Bellendlnger, 10 yearn old,
playing hlde-and-scek with compap
Iods, hid in the vacant shed. H* lay
^down merrily In the darkneaa, but
touched the corpse and ran shrieking
from the placeThe
police were notified. DetetI
tlves are working to capture the
Yeggmen Get $10,000 From National
Bank at Spring City, Tenn.
Chattanooga, Tenn.-?The aafe of
the First National Hank at Spring
Olty, 67 miles north of thlfj olty on
the Cincinnati Southern railroad, haa
boon blown- open with dynamite and
$10,000 stolon.
' There were at lea?t four of th# T<rb
ber?. Nitroglycerin wa? hso<1, sevfirai
flasks of which wer* found.
It is believed the men Were Inexperienced.
The operator at th?> Cincinnati
Southern depot wa# held up to
prevent him from giving information
The safe wae blown to pteoos and
ine Dunning grwany uauui<*?ii.
Building Trades Lockout.
Berlin.?The building trade* lockout,
which already has made a quarter
of a million of workmen idle, appears
to be the beginning of a k?ug
struggle affecting many divisions of
the national industry. The employers
have lockod out the men in an effort
to put an end once and for all
10 wnar uiey return as rue lirinivruoie
demands of th? latter.
Rebuilding Burned Hots!.
Opsltka. Ala.?The brlok work cm
OpellWa'n qew $50,000 hotel Is provreaaioK
rapidly, the third .ptory pow
being in eourso of construction. Thla
modern hotel building of shrty rooms
Is being built by C. 0. Torbert, sfed
It Is eap*ct?d *h*t It will be c<rrrft)l?t#d
the middle of July. The now hot?l
on the site of fhe old Royal hotel,
hlch waa destroyed by fire lavt year.
Tragedy at hochmart,
ftockmart, Q*-?Arch Mathl? nhot
and killed P'rank Drown N?re on Main
treet. Had feeling between the men
had exlited for aometlme Both men
are prominent farmer#, living about
Mven mlleH from here. Matht* gart
himself ?p. H? claims s?lf-def#tui?.
Nit veil ? runt TIih Omv?.
"I had about aiven up hope, nftor
oarly ar years of juifforinfl- from a
severe liinK tronb'o, " writes Mm. M.
fi. Dix, of (Jlarkenvillf, Tonn. ''Of
ren the pain in my chest would he almost
unbenmblo and I con Id not do
any work, bnt Dr. Kind's Now Dis
oovery ha* made mo feel like a new
nirartn f tu imuh ha mnru
for the throat nnd lung." Obntinnte
uouorhp, atubborn colds,liny tfever, l??nppe,
iiHthmn,croup,bronchitis, and
homorrhngen, hoarseness and whooping
:ough, yielo quickly to thiH wonderful
medicine. Try it; 50 contw and $1.
Trial bottles free*. Gnnr<nt'-ed by
all druggists. .
. :v
. Mb ,U
Vhlrty Seismic Snocks arc Pelt
In the Country.
80 Par There Km Been No Report of
Loss of Life, But ttie People Are In
Qreat Panic and Many Are Aban
donlng Their Hornet for the HillsSan
J080, Costa Rico.?A series of
earthquakes, varying in intensity, has
swept over Costa Rica during the past
24 hours, doing vast damage, the extent
of which can only now be estl*
mated at more than $!.,000,000. So
far there has been mo report of loss
of life, but the people to the cities
are panlo-strloken ana are abandoning
their homes for the hillside.
Over Thirty Shook*.
In all there have been more than 80
hocks. Property In San Jose to the
vaJue of several hundred thousand
dollars haa been destroyed.
The government ordered a suspension
of general business until such
time ns safety ! assured. The ftaqfes
and public institutions have been
closed and trades are at a standstill.
Stauncheat Buildings Shaken.
The first shocks occurring were of
plight intensity and caused little
alarm, but later they became much
more violent, and even the staunchest
buildings were shaken to their
very foundations. In several instances
weaker buildings were partially
wrecked and n\at-y persona wr-re
slightly Injured. Communication between
the various towns ha# been Interrupted
and details of the dnmage
done at these places are lacMng.
Atlanta Team Raises Pennant Amfd
Qsrveral Jollification.
Atlanta.?Tho baseball season In
X Southern League is again under
, muoh to the delight of fans all
around the circuit. Eight olubs have
started off under most auspicious clr
cutnataBces, Moh confident or duplicating
Atlanta's font of winning the
pennant laat season. Howwtr, nothing
but tha wind-up In September will
tell wfco i? the successful oontender
for 1010.
Hera in Atlanta the opening was
marked by the raising of the flag
whidh was won last season, and proclaims
tho team the 1910 champions,
a large and ehthuuiastlc crowd in attendance
and a game betwoen Atlanta
and Chattanooga, which resulted In
Atlanta'* favor, 8 to C.
Illinois Central Loses $1,000,000
Through Alleged Conspiracy.
Chicago.?It has become known
that deteotlven who have been working
under the personal direction of
J. T. Harahan, president of the I 111
noig Central Railroad, have concluded
their report Into the charge that the
rQaa nas Been Bwinmea out or largp
turns, perhaps $1,000,000. ?t U expected
that arreat* will brflerecl.
Boyond the faot that the money
wac obtained from the railroad com
pally through aq alleged conspiracy
nothliVT la known concerning the details
at the manner In which It was
M*n Pasted Safety ThrouQh R?markablo
8t. Ixnilfl.?Ralph Owena, 27 years
oW, of MemphlB, Tenn., who was
tftken to a hospital four months ago
With a broken neck, of which he war
unft'W&re, hus boon dlaohargo?l as
When taken to the hospital little
hop? was entertained for his recovery.
His head was placed la a brace and
his refuael to die attracted much attention
to his case.
Physicians now declare his nock 1b
as sound a* ovor.
He suffered a fall four months ago,
and attributed the stiffness In his
neck to rheumatism.
mux ma toirwt
Mr?. Thaw Win# in Action Brought
y Former Savannah Lawyer.
N?w Ycrrk.?MrB. Mary Copley
Thaw ha* boen awarded the vordict
in the miit of Attorney Clifford W
Rartridgc against her for $1)3,000.
He clalmod that this money was due
for nervlces In the trials of Harry
H. Thaw for the murder of Stanford
TV.. 1ro?/1</.? n>M,.h rr.?? .1
i uc tniuivw, " UI^H "an lo^uneu
only after the Jury hart deliberated
(tlx hours, wftb returned sealed and
wp.b road by Judge HolV Hartrldgo
wan ncrt awarded a cent. Mr. HartridK?,
it 1b Hald, formerly practiced
law af Savannah, Ga.
Victim of Moonshiner*.
Almond, Ala.?Bud Orr, a well-Uf-do
farmer near this place, had his cotton
warehouse burned, together with
Its contents, consisting of three bales
of ootton, one wt^nn, a barrel of ?yrup,
various farm implements and
X.flOrt pounds of guano. The Are is
supposed to be the work of moonshiners.
of whom Mt. Orr wai an
ftTowed enemy.
Fires Jail and la Cremated.
Charlotte, N. C.?Oharl?? Karntoart,
fhc noxro who at ni?ht n?t Are to
the MoorMvUle, N. C., jail, waa burn
ed to death in the Are
Notice to Teachers.
An examination for Certificate
will be held in the Court
House on the (5th of May, com
men cin^ at 9 o'clock Applicants
to furnish their own stationary
and will bo examined on "The
Course of Study," as laid down
in the school register. By order
of State Board of Ed ucation.
R. T. Hallum.
Co. Supt. Ed.
Administration Won't H^nt Down Men
Higher Up In Sugar Scandal.
Washington.?Secretary MacVeagh,
of the treasury department, Is'quoted
as saying:
"There will be no further prwecu
i uoni*. 01 men nign up in euner ina
1 sugar frauds or custom* frauds cases.
I Th? customs service will be completely
rehabilitated and metre Improvements
made then have heretofore
been accomplished. Of course,
should prominent men in Hther tho
sugar or customs cases be found to
have violated the law, they will be
i prooeouted vigorously, but the admin;
titration contemplates no action
against any -prominent men, judging
; tiuiii inb umi nave ut/un
made so far."
President Taft, Collector Toob, District
Altcrtmay Stlrason of New York,
Secretary MaoVeagh and Attorney
General Wlckershain, who were In
conference at the white house, arrived
at this decision, it is said, when
they disousecd the different phases of
these cases. Secretary MacVeagh
mud# an unqualified denial of published
reporta that tho conference resulted
in tho decision to force the
prosecution against promlnont sugar
dealers erf Now York and elsewhere, j
He declared that such statements
were "only guesses and very bad ones
nt that."
George Burge Confesses Crime Shortly
Before Trip Was Sprung.
Atlanta.?Following a full confession
of his crime, George Burge was
hanged Friday at noon In the Fulton
county Tower for the murder of his
wife on May 17, laRt. The drop fell
nt 11:46 o'clock. Just as the whistles
were blowing and the city clock
was tolling the hour of IS. the confessed
slayer was pronounced dead.
Ho died of strangulation. It marked
I he first execution conducted by
Sheriff Mnngum
Burge first made his confession to
Sheriff Mangum early in the morning,
just beforo he was baptized. Later
he told his story to Deputy Sheriff
Oilleland, requesting both of the ftfflclals
to keep the confession secret
until after he wan hanged. lie admitted
he killed his wlf*> and also
attempted to kill his stepson, Frank
Brlttaln, on whom Burge some time
ago tried to fix the crime.
After Burge had been pronounced
dead by Ccrunty Phyfdclnn Paul McDonald,
he was cut down. The remains
were removed to the undertaking
parlors cf H. M. Patterson & Son.
where the body wan prepared for
Blast of Dynamite Hurla Tont of
Earth Upon 8core of Men.
St. Alphonwe, Queb?c.?An Im
mense landslide, started by a Want
of dynamlta, carried n scoro of men
down the aid? of the steep hill and
burlod the construction camp of the
Ha. Ha Buy railway under tons of
oarth and rock. Nqt a workman In
the camp escaped, and prafctlcally
everyone In tho working (ran? on the
hill was more or less seriously Injured.
Tlio me? IHIInrl wava In ttin
eamt> at the foot of the hill wlion the
blast wont off. All the men In the
working Rang who escaped serious InJury
were at once ordered Into a rescue
party and word was sent to St.
Alphons?> for aid. It will take several
days to reach all parts of the buried
Frlenda and Relative* V?nl?h??H When
Denton's Riches Left Him.
Chicago.?The body of Stephen IT.
Denton, Harvard graduate and veteran
of the Mexican and Civil wars,
lies In a west aide undertaking establishment
and la threatened with dissection.
Denton once possessed wealth apd
wir nsfloclatod with his brother In
the dry goods business In Iowa.
PVIendu and relatives appear to hare
vanished with his riches fie possessed
but $2.1f>, a pawn ticket for
hl? watch and some old clothes whon
bo wan admitted to the Dunning Infirmary
early In Junuary, and not a
person visited him or mado inquiry
concerning the progress of the (Unease
which carrlcd him off last Saturday,
and none hns claimed the body.
The Cull Of The lllnort
for puriflcation. (IndH voice in nimnlnn.
tools, Hallow complexion, a jaundiced
look, moth patchen anil blotches on the
skin,?all si^im of liver troub o. liul
Dr. Kiii^'h now Life pillh make rich
rod blood ; give clear Hkm rosy cheekn,
fine compaction healthy. Try them.
25c at ill drnKKiHtH.
The next Hell Telephone
directory goes to
press soon. Now is the
time (o KiihKf.rihtt in brilci
to sol your name in the
new book. If you wish to
make change or correelions
in your listings
write to the Manager
Southern Hell Telephone
?m<i reiegrapn company
Probate Sale.
I'uruuunt to n Docrec lit Probate Court datei
20day of March, 1910, I will toll to tho hlghei
bidder, before the ('ourt House door at I'leken
Court llouso, on Malexday In May 19010, durlti]
tbr legal bourn of utile, in aid of tbe persona
UHHetH of Abrttbeiii Joiiex, deceased, tbe tw<
; following described tracts o5 land to wit.
I. All tbat piece, parcel or tract of bind It
above named County and State on water* o
George's ('reek, bounced by land* of Ham
-moods, (ioHHett and others and COlitalnlnK -
acres, more or less; also toe rigm, title nn<
Interest In th*i shoal* on the creek which wcr
conveyed by .1. K. (.at hem to A. Jones
? U. All that piece, pared or tract of land li
said county and State, adjoining lands of i|e?i
ton, lands now or formerly owned by ,1 II
Mnnldin and others. containing 32 3-10 ac:e
more or less, ns per dial made by ,1. A. Robin
fon, Surveyor, dated November Irtth, 1900.
Terms: Cash on day of sale. Term-, ,mist b
complied with In one hour, or promise# will b
resold at risk of purchaser.
J. H. Newborn,
I'robote .1 ud ?e Pick en* County,S. c.
. * d\... . .vi :rv i. '** /
tv >U?k 4
*** ''r ''if-'^1 ^
t?.. t> 1,1 0_ 1TT. *1
A/V015UVU %jj Awavanoiu oc wcu, 1
a*mw*ir?-fc;f jrir* v.. ? - .c
A nr. t un us nv
Peters SI toe Co.
. Jr. LOU/3.
/ / vX\. /
J~ *y sr^ir/
(fill* lintx- Qr\i?S?/v I . r 11 n
is inn or then
There is a riot of styles hero for you t<
Come in when you ai
See the new
a h w n &U
' lias out done itself for us this season 1
do have a \v
;i c
\ Pick?
. n c 1 ? I
rroiessionai cards r
? J
J. R. 1)0008 W. E. FINDLKY
. . a . Loans
Pickens, S. C. <>veni
i Hank
Ofllcc over 1'ickciiH hank. Kurnl
N Ititf. I?"o f
, ? Ourrc
) ~~ Gold
Whereaa, a petition from the freeholders and Sllvei
electors of Mile Crock school dtntrlct No. 41 Olieol
> linn heen lileil with the County Itoaid of Kduf
-rttlon hhklnk ha 1*1 Hoard for iicrinltftlon to hold
ft I., civvixm diiiu <1.ill in V III uni'Miiini; worm- 'j'l
1 or or not 3 mills extra levy kIiaII be levied on .
c ial?1 <1 (strict for nehool Mirrioses.
I( n)>i>earliiK to the County Hoard of Kduea- 8TAT
n (Ion that the petition meets the requirement* of ('<
|. the M'v Therefore It U ordered that the trus- |{e(
een of nhove named dlHtrlet do ho!d an election u,K( (
s >n ^|>r11 83 Ht Mile Creek kcIiooI house for M?|,| |
i he nbove Mated purpose. The election to ho. swr
icld according to the requirements of section
e of thi) ?ehool law. (j<
v The trustees of nhove named district aro | \
Hereby appointed managers of said elactlon. \v '
i R. T. Hallum, j, ,
Seo. ?V Chin.
. : \
vi >: .' '\''i
?d Things,
A young chap c.
e Saturday?wanted to
he got inside whethe
such a suit that wa
No, it was sold. '
,4a friend of mine ba<
"I've admired that
?two or three times, h
.thought it could be I
he told me he pai
like it? Who made
i # -oro's & (
9 Suit?
St&V vK. one
i| ^he clotl
Vr^v i, Beautifu
'ets see sc
^lave certainly got sc
I I I I ha
), from the chaste, plain design to the ca
o choose from?and the time to see them
e down town this morning or this aftern
things iff only to post yourself
rs Shoe com pa
or beauty of patterns and superiority ol
ay of wearing that is hard to equal.
ash store,
ns, S C
a ted at Liberty, S. C., at the close of t>
< ?* ii< i Discounts 109,112 79 CMpltol Stock p?
lrafl* 8,2% 21 Surplus* Kmul .
Ihk Holme 1,613 82 Undivided I'rol
ture and KlxtureH. l,(Vto 40 pannes awl T*
rom UiuikH Hiid Hankers 6,868 87 Hue to Hanks
mey 1,810 00 liuHvidunl Depr
680 00 Time Certificate
and other Colli XW 8,1 Cashier's Chocki
(Hand Cash Items 1X1.06 Hills I'aynMc. Ii
for Money
ml.? 184,184 44 Total
ore me came II H.Shirley, Cashier of the Above named Hn
he at?ove ami foregoing statement In a true condition of *nl
>rn to and suhscrlhed l?efore ine, thin In t dry of Aprl. 191
[Se.?l ] W. II.
>?reo|- Atte.it:
I. Man Id In J
i ?* i't*ii( uiriM ior?.
Shitlcy. j
} \ '
ime into the store
i know the minute
r we had such and
s in the window on
I knew it," he said
s it on."
suit in the window
ut I'll jiggered it 1
)ought for the. price
d. Got anything
the suit, anyway?"
2 line of
>me of themthey
me class to them."
itchy fancy patterns,
I workmanship?and
Tl A Tk T tr
r>.A.IN 1\,
U8iness Mar. 24, 1910.
Ild In 126.000 00
2,000 00
Uc. Ichh Current Kx*
xe? I'ul.l 5,M7 72
ml Hunker* MKK)
)*it < 14,549 91
8 of DepOKlt IU,K5rt 12
* 86 14
id uriltiR (.'ertiflcutea
Borrowed 10,600 00
184,164 44
nk, who, being duly swnm.Mri
<1 lirtii%, an flliown by booVi of
0. *
OI.KNN XoUry PuuliR 8. C.

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