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Kutcrcd April 23, 1003 at I'lckcim, S. C. ax second clan* matter, imdorcofoiigrcnM of Itlnrcli 3,1871>
39th Year PICKENS. S. G. APRIL 28, 1910. Number 49
>1-liL .
*JET? that if tloio to anger is better t
than ho that takct
^j/OHN THE BAPTIST, becaus
4 and mouth-piece of God. \vi
his courtiers and the great
^ and tho more prominent pet
fanatics. Doubtless iliey would li
not been for their fears of the peoi
gladly and declared that "never mi
npnnlo hallova/1 /%
r?v|..w vviavTVVI WWUU IU UU a l-'l UJUJ
We will not nndertake to say
not when he repfoved the King ni
it to be the wiser plan for Christ
God fearlessly and plainly, withou
each hearer to apply the message
represents au uncommon class of
ambition. She married the man v
tlou to u kingly position. But wli
peror to his brother, Herod Antlpi
and, deserting her husband, becati
tlst. while fearlessly denouncing si
of his teachings to King Herod.
Some have nssumcd that lleroi
the palace and give a talk on the r
nectlon. the prophet pointed out
that it was not in harmony with tl
brother Philip's wife. Herodlas hi
n nonnfn/1 on^h * * ? ' 1 ?
?vv?|/wu .'IP ? V.UU1IJSCI 1L WUUIU 11161
Salome, would become outcasts fr<
It would be Impossible for her to i
of Ilerodlas over the King led to .
to effect his death, for she realized
John's fearless speech might yet lnl
This ambitious, wicked, artful
birthday celebration was her oppo
for a great banquet, at which we
land. Wine was in plentiful euppl;
flame the passions and relax the
< her beautiful daughter, Salome, spe
her to perform one of the obscene
slons. but not commonly indulged
by princesses. The occasion was t
ence the King exactly as It did?to
of any gift she would ask. Tho
words were. "Ask of mo a gift, eve
suggestion of his willingness to ma
roiiowiiiK "er uioiuers instruct
Inquiring of tho mother what glfti
agine than describe tho surprise o]
quest "the head of John the Baptls
disappointment this would mean; \
things It would destroy!?with whf
wjhy tills gruesome gift should be g
tb'.-her that the death of John the
<he world for them both?that wl
from conditions of affluence Into tl
can Imagine her saying, "This. Sal
ask from the King." And tho pow
the daughter was wonderfully exei
again amongst the company of nob
voice accepted the King's offer of
half of his Kingdom and stated thr
of the Prophet ou a platter.
The King's conscience was not <
as well as his subserviency to Ilero
a King to give his word of honor
then to repudiate It. would bo to hi
tlon of how "the fear of roan bring
this!?that a roan's lirst responslbl
whatever the cost. Tradition has I
remainder of his days. It Is In Ihi
and his mighty works, he expresse
or power of John had passed to Je
Our lessou brings before us tw<
Jinrl UoPAHIaa ??aha ?
otic nllV'HK tllliracit'l
other for selfish ambition and slnfi
nation for their good ami prepared
message. Tbo other swayed the K
and disgrace, and terribly blackene
In the future, when he, as a memb
forth to a "better resurrection"?to
Jacob and all the prophets In the en
Herodlas, surely continuously 1
a course which led to his bnuishmc
cording to tho lUble. will bo a res'
(Daniel 12:2. Inasmuch as slio dej
nltles, we may assuredly know thn
greatly handicapped by her impropc
centuries, even under tho fnvornblo <
deeply-dyed chnrncter to purgo ltsol
and to rlao gradually to true noblllt
do, to die tbo Second Death.
Farmer*' Association*.
All over Europe farmers' associate
.exist for the handling of farm pr
ucta commercially.
To Flflht White Slav? Traffic.
Mobile, Ala?Members of the B'l1
Brith In the states of Oklahoma, T
: nessee, Texan. Arkansas, Louislai
Mississippi, Florida and Alabai
hare pledged themselves to fight 1
white slave traffic. The grand lod
'.in session here appropriated 15,000
:?tart th?? fight.
8lx Bodies Recovered From Mine
Amsterdam, Ohio.?The remains
lx miners have been recovered fr<
the Amsterdam mine of the Youi
logheny and Ohio Coal Compai
where eighteen men wore ontrnpn
by an explosion of gas, followed
fire. The other twelve have not he
Sena Jor Daniel Will Return Home
Dajtona, Fla.?The Improvement
the condition of United StatOB Sci
tor Daniel Is so pronounced at pr
ent that he will leave here for Ljm
burg, Va., on Saturday morning. Si
ator Daniel will travel in a private <
accompanied by a phyBiclan and
Qold Found In LouisianaMerrjnrMe,
La.?Report* of .11sc<
?rles of ?oId la this section of L<
lslana have caused f)eat excltonu
%nd a company baa been formed w
the purpose of looking Into the flri
end ascertaining the extent of the <
poflta with a view to davalopmon\
f . . . 4 I I
14:1-12.?May 22.
hau tho mighty; and he that rulcth his spirit
h a city."?Proverbs IG :32.
o of his boldness and courago as a servant
ns a thorn in the side of King Herod and
of that day. Herod and tlie Lllgli. L'riests
)ple considered John the Baptist and Jesus
uve made away with them quickly had it
pie. The common people hoard the Master
in spaUe like this man;" the same common
whether John exceeded his commission or
id Queen. As u rule, however, we believe
lan ministers to speak forth tho Word of
t attempting personal application?allowing
to nis own uoart. Herodlas fortunately
women. Slio was governed by boundless
?ho, for a time, seemed in line for piomoen
tho title was given by tbe Roman Minis,
she Inveigled the latter by her charms
ne llcrodlas tho "Queen." John the ttapIn,
felt led to make a personal application
(1 had requested John the Baptist to visit
oforms he advocated, ami that, in this eonthe
wrong of the King's conduct. Bavins
io DIviue Lnw Hint lie was living with his
iard of this and realized thai If the King
in that herself and her beautiful daughter,
>m tho palace and be without a homo, as
return to her husband, I'hlllp. The power
John's Imprisonment. Her next move was
her position Insecure so long as he lived,
luenee the King.
woman plotted murder, and the King's
rtunlty. She forwarded tho arrangements
ro present the nobles and princes of the
jr. She well knew that the wine would inmoral
tone of the company. So she had
iclally prepared and attired, and instructed
dances common (o the east on such occaln
except by the lower classes, niul never
o he n rare one. It was Intended to Influadmiration
aud a boastful offer to the girl
plan succeeded to the letter. The King's
n to the half of my Kingdom"?possibly a
ke her his true Queen.
ions, Salome reported the matter at once,
* she should request. We can hotter imP
the girl when told by the mother to ret
on a plalter." We may conceive what a
vhttt visions of the beautiful and precious
it surprise Salome must have asked as to
:iven. We can imagine the mother hissing
Baptist was the most necessary thing in
thout It any day might see them hurled
le abyss of degradation and poverty. We
ome, is the priceless gift which you must
cr of the woman over both the King and
npllfled In the result. Salome went gaily
les whom she had charmed, and In a loud
whatever she would choose, even to the
?t accordingly, the gift should be the head
lulte dead. lie was grieved; but bis prido
dins controlled him. He reasoned that for
in the hearing of nobles and princes and
iiu a lasting shame. Ah, what an illustra?eth
a snare!" What a lesson we read in
lity Is to his God and to ills conscience,
It that Herod was haunted with fear the
le with this that when ho beard of Jesus
d the conviction that somehow, tlie spirit
> strong and two weak characters. John
rs, the one for the right and for God, tlio
ul Indulgence of It. The one swayed Ills
the worthy remnant to receive Messiah's
lug and her daughter to infamy, murder
d her own character. John's reward lies
or of the Ancient-Worthy class, will come
be associated with Abraham, Is;we and
rthly phaso of the Millennial Kin^.iom.
unhappy, finally persuaded the King to
at, in which she shared. Her future, acnrreetlon
to shame and lasting contempt,
graded herself and missed grand opportu
ii hub win come rortn in the Millennium
>r course In the present life. It may talco
conditions of Christ's Kingdom, for suoli a
If of tho shame and the lasting contempt
:y and human perfection, or, falling so to
Burled Under Avalanche Which Destroys
Convent Near Barcelona.
Madrid.?Two score nuns worn fouriod
and ninny nro believed t<? liavo
Qn_ been killed when a landslide donft
ttroyed the convent of Son Pnfolo,
_ ' near Manresa, 30 miles from Harceho
Nine nuns have been rescued alivo
f i and as many dead have been d'lis out.
Approach of Halley's Comet Caused
?' Woman to Commit Suicide.
Jin Louisville, Ky.?Crazed by foar of
the approach (ft Ilalley'H cornet and
bollevlng the end of the world was at
,e(^ hand, Mrs. Florence Shankland, HO
*)Jf years aid. committed suicide by shootl0n
! ing.
Patents For Georgians.
! Washington, I). C.- Davis & Davis,
in Washington patent attorneys, report
na- the grant of the following patents to
es- Georgians: A. Averno and J. D.
ch- Darby, Vidalia, nut-lock; Peter A
an- Bddleman, Ingleside, vohicle hub; .las.
iftr P. Field, Atlanta, plow reversing
a mechanism; Cornelius C. Hardin, LaFayotto,
Insulator; William 8. Hlett,
Rockmart, ahinglo machine; John D.
Ttl/iarcra T*? A n?iia?n
? n*0t0f vi., nuguoui, VIIIVU,
Would Know Later.
TO* Patient?Now, doctor, what's tho |
,nt matter with me, anyway?
Ith Tho Head Conutilt ihk Physician?
ids My dear Blr, do you suppose that if wo
d?- knew what was the matter v Ith you
I' . wo would have decided to hold a post- l
mortem? 1
^ >} ,r.. ,.M- , t: fc.
(Negro Highwaymen Kill Motorman,
Wound Conductor.
in Lonely Section of Suburbs of At
lanta M<;torman and Conductor of
Trolley Lino Attacked by Negro
Atlanta.?One of tho boldest and
most outrageous crimes in tho history
of Atlanta was perpetrated Saturday
i night when three noirio hlchwavm^n
surrounded a 1 once Do Leon aveuuo
street car Jit the end i f the line in
j Druid 11 ilia park, & miles from tho
| heart of the eily, shot and killed MoI
torman S. Thomas Brown, fatally shot
j Conductor \V. 11. Bryson, and oscapod
after robbing them of their money,
about fifty dollars in cash and two
Tllfi horilfj of Ml..
nnd dying conductor, both of whom
wore alouo with their c::r at the time
of tho shooting, were discovered 20
minutes after tho crime by tho crew
I on tho next car out.
i Tho robbery was ono of tho boldest
in the history of Atlanta ami has created
tho greatest Indignation. If tho
perpetrators of tho crime are caught
during tho present excitement of the
people short shrift may be accorded
A VA.i.nf.l ..< <M rtArw t-i ~
i ..i fl,ui>u mis oeon ouereti
by tho Georgia Railway and Electric
Company, through General Manager
W. II. Glenn, far the arrest with evidence
to convict, of the parties who
committed tho crime.
Conductor Bryson gave an account
of the crime while lying on the operating
table at the hospital.
rt*wnr!i 01 ^i.kzo has lio^n offered
for the cap! uro of t lit* no?rrf?o.s.
$10,000 AS COMPRO.V1IGE.
i Alabaman Wins Si. Against Wholesale
Grocers' ,\ssociatlcn.
Birmingham, Ala.? Hlntcn (?. Cla
baugh, who sued .T. A. Van 1 loose,
president, of tho Southern Wholes*b'
OroeGrs' Association, for $130,000 for
alleged restraint of trn<!e, has tecelv< :1
$10,000 aw a compromise, il is reported
hero. Tho settlement wne made
I on January 01 and kept secret.
I Mr. Clabaugh said that it did not
affect a suit instituted in tlic Fedc rt*.I
, court against the Southern Wholesale
Grocers' Association, but simply released
Mr. Van 1 loose and others ns
Individuals from any liability In the
Federal suit which was instituted under
the Sherman act.
I3oth suits have been watched with
interest all over the country, it being
' averred by Mr. Clabnugh that lie was
i forced out of business becnuso ho en*
! deavored to handle goods not supplied
by the Wholesale Grocers' Association.
$30,000 FIRE LOS3.
i Spartan Inn. at Spartanburg, S. C.,
Is Destroyed by Fire,
! Spartanburg. S. C.?The Spartan
Inn hotol has been burned to tho
ground. Flames had made great
headway when discovered, and it was
Impassible for tho fire company to
chc.k them. There were about 100
guests in tho building at the time of
the fire, but all escaped.
(J. S. Davis had n marvelous escape
from the third story window by climbing
down the ladder. Shouts of bell
borys failed to awaken him.
The loss io estimated at $80,000,
with about $12,000 Insurance. G. P
I3eek, policeman, was awarded $50
for saving a lady's trunk. The officer
herolenliy re-entered the burning
bhildlng and the trunk amid
smoke that, was so dense it was almost
Impossible to see his way.
Yeggmen Fined $6,000 and Given Sentences
of Ten Years Each.
Richmond, Va.?Eddie Fay and "Kittle
Dick" Harris, charged with tho
robbory of tho Uiehmoiisl post office,
pleaded guilty before Judge Waddlll
In tho United States circuit court and
; were fined $<i,000 each and sentenced
to ten years in tlfe Federal prison at
Town Falls From Water Wagon.
Oary, Ind.?Pursuant to the will of
the majority, Gary, tho now stool city,
will plunge headforemost from t o
wator wagon next week. That tho
transition from a "dry" to a "wot"
own will be to tho accompanlmont
of a mighty plash, Is indicated by tlio
fact that 1G0 saloon licenses havo
been applied for, and the demand is
still active. Unable to get a site
elsewhere, (lounge Opra-lovich lias
built a saloon on stilts in the middle
I i\f n awnmn
A Valuable Oyster.
Atlantic City, N. .1?The most valuable
oy?t over opened in Atlantic
City was found by a local restaurant
owner. II contained !>4 pearls, nil of
small size, but Rood quality. lOxpcrts
say that elghl Is tlio highest number
over before found in an oyster.
Snow Falla In Kentucky.
Tjoxlngtoa, Ky.?Snow fell K<?neral
i ly over i\f?nmcKV wrnrrer.any. it la
I feared the fruit crops will suffer hoav1
,,y* _ .> rj .-.-vit -J
Mobile In Brif'tnnt Attire to Welcome
Old 8oldiers.
Mobile, Ala.-?Mobile has taVen on
her gay and brilliant attire t>n(. l or
rich array of fine tOK<r?ry la far superior
and eclipses anything that ?.h?
Gulf City has over befor? shown to
int* iiivu?;tiiu3 tnai nave nt numerous
times been within her gates. The
Mardi Gras festivities have been
grand In splendor and magnificent In
the past, but during the reunion Mobile
will shine like a monstrous
Tho decorations In honor of the reunion
are in place. Tho crowns are
| up, mo neautirvl many-colored elecI
trie garlands of electric bulbs aro
ready to she:! their brilliant lights
and tho marble columns around Tlienvlllo
Square and the fountain remind
one of the palmy days of Homo.
Private residences aro hid with"the
dazzling colors so dear to the Confederates,
intermingling with the national
Reunion rates on all railrcads are
In effect and people within a radius I
Df -|Oo utiles are benefited by the re- |
rlnoo.l ? i
*??.* ^ VI . mv. i7|/*-\;iui it cV 111 UI?J F/' ;jning
to arrive from nil points of the |
Chairman Rloch, of the entertninment
committee of sponsors anrt j
mahls. has made public the entertainment
program for the Veterans
and Sons of Veterans, which will
keep tho visitors going for several
day a,
If the Country Wants Him Ho Will
Run r >. a Second Term.
Washington.?Recent speculation in
regard to President Tuft's intention
as to another term in the white house
led several of his friends to declare
there was no truth in the reports
that he was inclined to shrink from
further service in the position as chief
executive. His present attitude is described
as a full determination to go
ahead and run his administration as
ho deems host for the country. Re
publican leaders who have talkefl
wilu him recently say that if at thft
end of his first term thu RonnbHftnn
- I
party feels like calling upon him
again, even if it is apparent tlmr i.?
Is to go down to defeat, ho will ac
cept; and if it doesn't he will retire,
with the satisfaction of knowing that
he has done what ho believes to oe
Another indication of President
Taft's intention to run his administration,
regardless of popular clamor, is
found by his friends in his fixed determination
to stand by Secretary of
the Interior nnllinfnv na Inner TJol
linger desires to remain In his cnblnet. ,
Body of Amerloan Girl Found on
Beach at Naples.
Naples.?The finding erf the body of
i beautiful young woman on the i
beach near here has given rise to
the suspicion of murder. Apparently
the woman died about throe days
ago. The body was scantily clothed
tn.'i this has loil the authorities to
believe that probably she was the
victim of crtniB
Tho body was identified by the p,">prietor
of tho Hotel Oastollo as tlit*
of Miss Costella Raid. supposed t
have been an American, who was ;
guest nt tho hot?l. She was fa'r nm!
tali with gray eyes an 1 quito prominent.
nose, and wore oyeglasBe? The
gunpoBition that b1k> rame from the
United States was strengthened when
the police found loiters addressed to
her from New York and St. Louis, as j
well as from Canada. Several of j
these apparently were love letters.
For l ho last few months Miss Reld \
had spout hor time variously at Lin-j
dnu, Germany; Turin, Milan, Plza and
Siann. She proceeded from the latter
plaee to Naples and went to the Hotel
ncjjunea i nat nunarcas nave Been
Killed In Hunan Province.
Hankow.?Hundreds have been killed
in the native uprising in Hunan
province, according to the stories or
missionaries, who, in rags and woor- !
led by hazardous Journeys on foot, j
readied hero. The dfHorder that \
started at Chang Bha, whore three J
nilesions and the consulates were '
bur nod, is spreading rapidly. Several
missions are cut off and the
safety of the missionaries is doubtful.
TM,r? U ~ a i_ I
1 iiu uuiuuao Iiuui'n un)? |IIUVK(1 IIIcapable
of suppressing the riots,
though 3,000 nro In Chang Sim alone.
Telegraph wires are cut and alarm
Ing reports come from the western
part of the province. Many missions
have nort boon hoard from. Gunboats
lying off Chang Sha have their guns !
trained on tho city, according to tho ;
refuKGOS. but thov :irr> mhtincoil w
flaming, oil-sunken junks set adrift by
the rioters.
Heavy Toll of Death.
Washington.? During the threo
months ending December 31, 1000,
thnre were 1,000 persona kllkd and
22,101 poisons Injnrod on railroads,
according to a bulletin Issued by the :
Interstate cr/mmerco commission, j
This Is an Increase of 301 Uillrwi qi>h
5.4C5 Injured, as compared with
previous year. On electric lln'M* 2fi
were killed and <542 Injured. The ancldonts
on steam roads numbered
sl'i, - $
3*fr>ra Whom Wolter Pleaded Not
Guilty For Slaying Ruth Wheeler.
Law Avenges the Brutal Murder of
Little Rutin Wheeler.
New York.?Albert Woller, a ?loco
nor'i o 1 fl ?? ?
HI 1)1 IU JINll'S, \V!1()
gloated over le\v<i pioturi and \vr;
"crazy" about women, must die in Mrelectric
chair for tho murder of K ith
Wheeler, a pretty 15-yearol,] sic:i"Krapher.
After only one hour and liftv
nilnntes of deliberation, a jury in the
court at special sessions, found him
guilty of murder in the first d >^r< e.
bringing to it close n trial marked by
its swift movement and its testimony
of horror.
Tho boy's counsel sai<l with
quenco that Wolter was too tenderhearted
to harm ji cat, but twelve men
decided that ho strangled Ruth
Wheeler and thrust her. while yet
alive, in hiu fireplace, whore, soaked
with oil, her crumpled body writhed
and burned
With tho same wax-fncod indifference
that ho had shown through out.
the trial, Wolter evinced no emotion
when tho verdict was announced.
With almost inhuman eomplacf nrv h??
had been asleep in his coll and
sleeping soundly?while tho jury was
aeuueraung on nis rate. This was
made known by a court attendant who
Bald that ho liad to rouso tho prisoner
to bring: him into court. He will
be sentenced on Wednesday.
Valuable Jewels Stolen From Delegates
at Washington.
Washington^?As a result of two
daring thefts committed hv pb kpockets
among members ?rf tlie l>. A.
R. now in congress, Chief of Pi. ice
8ylv? :< has detailed detectives to
the kail ! ' :cuard against another mbbery.
an..'. if possible, arre.-d tho
hi:. 'ci mens nave ikpii ) >pof'
1 tn the police, who have nnt
made public the names of the women
rol>be<l. A solitaire diamond rit
valued at $2,000, was lost by <110
memuer, ana another reported Mm
theft of a rnro jewel, v.hfeh she declined
to appraise.
Aceorrdlng to a wnronn expert. ?!,000,000
worth of jewelry hnI>< c:i li ?
played by th?> Daughters ;it each sos- |
elon of the congress. Mrs John Miller
llorton, of the Buffalo chapter,
alone displayed jeweled orinunents estimated
to ho wniiii unriAi'i
Central's Now Officials
Savannah, On.?J. P.. Parkor, of
New York, has been riotlo assistant
poneral freight agfi t of the Central
of Oeorpja railway, with ho i lquar'ors
lij Savannah. Othoi ; ipoin'nvnts
are: W. C. Pati's, eastern traffic
agent. Now York: \V (' Kil:- no com.
mercial agent, Birmingham, Ain ; s.
L. .Tonoa, < imwrcial c/iont, Memphis,
Tonn.; 8 K. Cowin, commercial agent
at Birmingham, has resigned.
His View of Women.
Al'Chhishop Whatolv Raid, with flip
p:uit but humorous uiscourtpsy, "Wn
I, '' i II I r.\ (III IIII'.V
either draw correct inlcrc ,?s from
wrong premises or wrong inferences
from correct premises, niul tliey ill
wn.vs poke the pre from tli>* lop."
This contractor pot results.
uu?iv. yinm .t^o <i coniraci r duiiu*
ing a railroad in a warm climate was
troubled a great deal by sickness
among the lalxjrcrs.
He turned his attention at once to
their food and found that they were
getting full rations of meat and were
drinking water from a stream near by.
He issued orders to cut down the
amount of meat and to increase greatly
the quantity of Quaker Oats fed to the
He at boiled Quaker Oats and
mixed ...o thin oatmeal water with
their drinking water. Almost instantly
all signs of stomach disorders passed
and his men showed a decided improve
mcr?i in strength and spirits. This contractor
had experience that taught him
the grext value of good oatmeal. 53
Packed in regular size packages,
and in hermetically scaled tins for hot
wmafiq fefS( mawsi&SBui
(Prickly Anil, Poko Root
Physician* sudors? P. P. P. an a nplon- H
did combination, and proscribe it with 6 H53j9gC3
groat satisfaction for tho curc? of alip
forum and sta^ca of Primary, Socondury rj lujmm
And Tertiary Syphilis, fiyphilitio Ilhou- 9
tnatinra, Bcrofuloua thorn nod Bores. R /J?SEBT^
Glandular Swellings, Rheumatism, Ki l-|j
Hoy Complaints, olcl Clirouio Ulcoro that 5
pRTipoy ^
uft 8 ft II it 818 pa
tiaYorrjdntod all troftt'rsont,CafArrh, fTklfl g CUJECO
Discasca, l>2rma, Curonio Fomalofl /t-J
Complaints, JItrcurUl l'uioon, Totter, 5
Bcaldhcad, ctc., ctc. R
r. 1*. is a powr^l tonlo and an ?
dxccllcut appltlzor, building up tlio
yatoin rapidlr, If you aro wc.ilc and & tffKil
fooblo, and feel badly try 1'. i\ P., and j|
I * i
! weicn Ffizn:zi
'/ :? " \ \
I" 1 I x \ \ \ V ^
I . I i . ' w
U i V , \ V .
; ' V
< % \ u
farcin t
IU)'< I Ht linili*.
j ^ V; ^ A * '
ilpo.. r
4 no longer r. v *
I to nir:1: 1 witliovt : tolo;<
| llie previuUag pi|c . i
i r':
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II 1i
ncaiv ? .
u xn f>N j"'*
i r*
V - ?
-: - ! ! r< 1
\ i : > . ? oj
: ' ) ' . ! K! .
77/ ' ?I'd ?'<'.s< i >:{/ ?J cv
^ ,:y. .
G I: li
Mi' if I>v 1 he ?i' ii . W !
ehl ;i\ 'iu'h ; i'i ' . rilo; \ ; >? ;>
<tl o{hers i ii111i11 ; lii pin i i|> ui
i||s! :|< Li'jx I'l
W a : '} 11 i
1 ofi it
Inquire (?f your friends about tlu
{j, ^ ^ ___ gyysai
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(T!? AI >KM \ Ii K RK(? I
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chaner later on. All orders iiIU>?
Pickens Bo til in
It. 1j. Davis, TYopi'iofor.
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In the buying of drills and the (
scrij)tions we use every precaution to
and take particular pains, to use onl;
This rule applies all through 01
must be right- every detail must be
fore any article leaves our store.
In buying Hallum's Kidney Pill:
dries, Toilet Articles and Preparations
Prescsiptions filled here, you know wl
Dinlifniin BRfiiiiv
riMMjIld UlUg
Masonic Templo
: i JV"
> Tl^3&
m ili wk>
and PotKHslnm.)
you "vrill regain flesh and ulrengtb.
Wactoof onorcr ?ni1 ttl1 (Umun resulting
from overtaxing tnoByatom are cured by
tbo use of P. P. r.
Ladlonwhoee ayi>torn n arcpol?on?4and
whoeobloodiBinaii Impure coudlttonduo
tomeiotrual Irregularities are peculiarly
_??nvuuonu touiQ aaa
blood cloAnsInfj prop?rtios of P. P. P*
Prickly ApM. l'uko lioot and Potft?Imn.
| Sold by all Druggists.
i Proprietor
\ Savannah, - Ca.
l ARE YOU?"!
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. -y^W
?.*r;n i wont to uiarkct.
lonriLT anil learning
l ione saves these
r and tear on stock
i 1 ihe Bell Sys- 8
i distant fij
\ \ j secured n
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-V . |i i2 .-\*P, ?r\
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'fhc ' ) ... J\^>
' (f % g^g J P
> ; w u> have 'lu( oxuilitii;
i! up. P.i waro
l>a :>c "something
o .1 This
O! y.
Grci.u Drink,
mvai cold breaker.
on miirht not p;et a
1 promptly by
g Works,
Pickens, S. C.
:ompounding of our pre.
get Ircsh pure drugs
/ that which is called fornr
business. Everything
carefully gone over-?bes,
Drugs, Medicines, Sun
, as well as having your
lat VOU are crrtfincr
m b'
Pickens, S. C*
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