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Pickens Sentinel Journel
Advertimug Bates Reasonable
tutored at Hlokeuii 1'oKtofflce rn Second Class
Mall Matter
THURSDAY April 28. 11)10
South Carolina and Virginia
have always been closely allied,
both in a social and a business
way. In the ante-bellum days
social affaire were never complete
in either state without representation
from the other state. In
the matrimonial line each state
hud flivniulin/l ifc? nimfn Af
partners" to the citizenship of
the other.
Many citizens of South Carolina
point with pride to their
Virginia ancestors. It. is with
joy the Virginian says "my father,
or, my mother, or, my
wife, or, mv husband, was of
that noted South Carolina family
of This has been going
on ever since the settlement
of this country. Of late years
Virginia has been drawing on
South Carolina for our business
men, and especially is this so of
the newspaper fraternity.
1?4- f \ 1: .1-1
v uon ick uvutu v^aruiinu ih'\ eiop
an extra good newspaper
man and the old mother state
immediately calls him and takes
him as her own. The Palmetto
State cannot retaliate in kind?
but when she does put her hand
into the "grab bag" she always
draws a prize!
It is said that "a fair exchange
is no robbery" and as South
Carolinians are good at bargain
ing they always manage to 1 rade j
off "a mere man" and get one
of the "gentler sex." in return.
Apropos of this, we point with
pride to the prize our neighboring
city of Greenville has drawn
?Miss Quinn, of the Ottaray
hotel?and it is with a great
deal of pleasure that we proclaim
to the world that Pickens has
H]QA falron o Vion/1 fni fl-w*
VU1VV11 CAt 11U11VI :iii 11 II" fa < I I I I
and has also won a jewel?Mrs.
F. C. Hamilton, of tho Hiawatha
hotel, who arrived in Pickens
Tuesday eyening and begun
to get this hostelry in shape to
open on May 1st.
On behalf of our citizens generally
and the people of Pickens
particularly, wo cordially welcome
Mrs. Hamilton to our city
and wish her crreat kuccmu
Pickens above ill! things needs
good hotel facilities and now has
the chance to attain her desires,
and it behooves the people of our
town, one and all, to do all
that within their power lies, to
help Mrs. Hamilton make a success
of this enterprise.
There is no better advertisement
for any community than
t.lini, r'ninto/l liv > ?? /?/->/!
^ * KSJ ?V J\S\A HUM I
and there is no town we know
of that needs advertising worse,
and especially along this line,
than does Pickens.
-?_ ^,Mr. Knocker! Now put up
your little hammer, and for the
once be a "booster!"
Here's to the success of the
Frnm rnloophon
After a regular Rip Van
Winkle sleep of ahont I< n
months the old pencil pusher for
the dear old S. J. from Cafeechee
woke up on last Sunday morning
to find everything of a
green nature looking, flourish!!
ing and the dust layed for tin;
first time in six weeks.
We should bow our heads in
o / 1 i Uonlr (i/ wl P/ n>
1 *7 Y V'l *71 I \ 7 ailM I 11(111 IV V 1UU I 1 >|
the blessing. We poor weak
sinful creatures grumble and
find fault if it rains too much
and say there is not going to be
anything made. Then on the
other hand if it continues on
dry very long wo are complaining
about the ground getting so
hard, stuff burning up &o.
Wo you see) we are insatiable.
Tho truth is wo receive more at,
His hand than wo deserve.
If God was to destroy the
earth at the twinkling of the eye
how many souls would he saved'
This is a serious question and
that should present itself
to every person a sound cognition
and has reached the years
of accountability.
We go to preaching, hoar tho
gospel expounded, may l>e wo
Klye our hand to tho preacher to
be prayed for, go home and may I
be speak something about what
a good sermon wo heard, hut 1
how many of us go down on i
i- -*
our knees and ask God for what
we need spiritually and thank
Him for what He has done for
Wo are too much like hogs
eating mass and never look up
to see from whence it came.
A good many farmers in this
~ I i- 4 1
planting. Messrs. N. N. Maddox,
J. C. Garrett and Joe
Mauldin of Norris, planted cotton
seed in March.
Small grain is looking fairly
well. A good deal of fertilizer
has been sold up to date but we
hope it is not all going to be put
under cotton. Farmers, corn is
the thing. Even if you want to
: !i r i-i. ? I
raiHu ii< ior ?aiu niuro is morel
clear money in it than cotton.
Revs. Walker and Crawford
have been carrying on a series
of meetings at this place.
Brother Walker is an earnest
worker and the Lord seems to
crown his efforts with success.
He preached 240 sermons last
year and received 280 members
into the churches that hesuppliod.
lie is the financial aurent of
the contemplated college at Six
Mile which is now the fact.
The Public School closed at
this place on last Friday. The
teachers, Misses. Florence Hickson
and N >rina Grillin, gave a
picnic at the spring near the
school house.
The pupils all seemed to enjoy
themselves exceedingly well.
The teachers have endeared
themselves to both pupils and
patrons and Miss Griflin returni?il
f luinii) fi f. I i >n o mi
last Saturday. The curly
headed boy hated mighty bad
to see her leave.
Misses Lillie Kenneniour
Naliua Prince and Edna Shirley,
three charming young ladies of
Central, visited Miss Myrtie
'IVnl: r>f ( 111wln
Come again, girls, you loft a
I lasting impression on tin; old
Mrs. Sam Neal, of ('(Mitral,
visited her (laughter, Mrs. Teat
of Cateochoe last week.
.J. Alonzo Brown, Magistrate
oi l aieccnee, and ins const ables
II. Abercrombie and VV. ft. Kallen^er,
arc certainly making ithot
t or the law breakers.
The find tin4 way of the transgressor
is hard.
Married at Cateechee on Sunday,
17th inst., Mr. Wade Merriet.li
to Miss Bessie Bracher,
both of Central, S. Alon/.o
I'rown, magistrate officiating.
The ha]>py couple have the con
^rjiiuiations oi UK'tr rni'ixls.
S?v? <1 From Tim riivf.
"I had about i?ivon up hnpo, after
arly four years of suffering from a
Hfivorf! lung Ironbln," writes Mrs. M.
Ij. Di.v, of UlnrkoHvillc, Turin. 'Often
the nain in my ohost would tin nl- !
most unliearablo and I eouId not <io
;iny work, but Dr. King's Now Dis
eoverv tin'I mode mo fuel like n miw
p-rflon. I tho best niedieiim made
fur ila! throat nn<! Iuiil'." Obatinato I
conaliH, stubborn colds, Imy Hover, 11
Krippd, ast hma,croup, luonrliitis, nnd
hemorrhages, hoarsenessand whooping
cough, yield quickly to this wonderful
midicine. Try it: f>0 cents jind 61.
Trial hottloa fruo'. Guaranteed liy
all drugtfiata.
Six Mile
IIMlo: h<rc i come a^ain will)
the news from our section after
bein?< silent lor <]11 it<' a while.
The farmers of this section;
are all about through planting
their crops.
We had a nice rain here this
morning which the farmers was j
tflad to see.
Ivev, r>. (!. Atkinson and wife
of Liberty, was anions relatives
and friends here recently.
Mr. and Mrs. li. K. Parrot,t;
visited relatives near Pleasant
I fill recently.
Mrs. Ella Dyar and children
of Hoi ton spent ;i few days with
relatives hero and returned to
llieir home last Tuesday.
Mr. (\ li. Ahhei cromhie and |
family, visited at the home of!
Mr. and Mrs. Hud Wire of Nor-j
ris one ni^ht recently.
Mr. and Mrs. |{. C Merck and
Mr. and Mrs. Hen Holliday visited
at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. hi. Pinson at Central Saturday
and Sunday.
Horn on the 15th nit. unto Mr.
and Mrs. Hen Powell a son.
Mrs. J. M. Sattertield who |
has been quite ill is reported
Friday April 1.r>tb tho dark
robed angel of death entered
I In- home of Mr. and Mrs K. ( J.
Merck and convoyed from earth
to heaven tho spirit of their lil
tlo four-months-old baby. Itsj
little body was laid to rest the
dfiv fnllmvino* it.? rl?nfh 111 ihn
Six Mile cemetery. Rov, B. C.
Atkinson conducted the funeral
services. The following little
girls acted as pall bearers: May
Garrett, Beulah Garrett, Velma
Powell, Cornelia Ellenburg
This lovely bud so young so
Called hence by earlv doom,
Just came to show bow sweet
a flower in paradise would
Darling baby she has left us,
Yes, for ever more.
But we hope to meet it in that
better world above."
Liberty News.
The weather seems to be eon
ducting a kind of variety show
or exhibition today as it has
rained, hailed, sleeted, snowed
and liiLcli wind swinging from
least early this morning, r.leai
j round to the west, with a little
sunshine now and then, and th;
thermometer standing at -Ifdegrees.
The delayed sect ions of Maivl
have heen pretty rapidly fillet
in for the past two weeks.
Where is the cotton that w;u
coming lip hel'ore this cold wea
t her came around?
It seems that everything h
being worsted by this continue*
cold; oven the people com in}.;- ir
for a large share, as many an
on the sick list.
(.'apt. 0. A. Rankin is rigid
sick with lagrippe.
The measles are still puttinj
in rrnorl tin in nil Himnn-li \\,W
]?. F. wife died today,
at her home two miles east ol
town, after a lingering: illness ol
several nionths.
The Southern 1 ?el 1 Telephone
Co. have given ns night and
Sunday service here now, having
.just put in fifty-odd residence
Liberty, S. C., April '2;~?!h HMO.
"Loaves have their lime to fall,
But all times fju*o thine' (),
Mrs. Bessie Virginia Bissell,
the beloved wife of John S. Bis
sell, died at the home of hoi
mother, Mrs. Mamie B. MeMa
hail, in Kasley, on the Kith inst.
after several months illness.
She leaves a grief-stricken husband,
a heart-broken mot hoi
and three brothers and one sis
tor, besides a host of sorrowing
relatives and friends to lnourii
their untimely loss.
rrhe burial was at West View
comet cry the day following bei
demise, the funeral being eon
ducted bv Rov. 11. N. ('happe'.l
pastor of the Kasloy First l>ap
tist church, she being a niembci
of that church, tin* obsequies
In'in j.; witnessed hy a lar^e con
course of friends.
"I'is hard t'o break the tendei
Wlu?re love has bound tlx
Tis hard, no ham, to s| i>al<
t he words
'M ust we forever part C
The many friends; of Mr.
John I. Williams will deeply
sympathize with him in tin
(loath of his wife, which fad
event ooenred at his homo in
the Mica sect ion on the evening
of the 21th instant, after an ill
ncss of only a few days, a trod
ahont. :}") years. Mrs, William
was a daughter <>i Mr, Isaac
Nimmonsof this county. Besides
a husband and live small
children, she leaves a host oj
relatives and friends to mourn
her death. The remains wore
laid Id rest the day follow in*.'
herdemise in the cemetery <>l
VJI T-.i.or ( Mm > ,-l> ?J,.. ..
i?l I liWi/l * I I I I ? lit I'll' ? > < I ' 4 1
member of this ehnreh.
and a good christian woman.
The friends of Mr. .-5. II.
Day, will learn with regret of
the death of his wife, Mrs. Alice
Arnold Day, which occoured ;il
I heir liome at the Kasley ('olt.on
mill oil the '2Urd in-.lant, after
an illness of several months,
aged r>7 years. Slic leaves a
husband, eight living ehilderen
and a host of relatives and
friends to mourn Jut death.
Mrs. Day wa8 a member of the
Haptist Church. The funeral
services were condm *<*<1 I?v I?e\
S. P. McCarty and 10 intcrrniont
was at the Oa burial
ground near Easley.
A beautiful' marriage in which
a great many of the readers of
this pai or will be Interested took'
place at the Jilco home of Mr. !
and Mrs. J. J. Chabtain, on the i
levelling of the 24th instant, at !>
p, m,, when their daughter, j
Miss Minnie, was happily united
in marriage to Mr. Claude |
Thomas, Rev. I?. ]<\ Murphree,
their pastor, performing the ceremony.
Only the immediate relatives
and friends of the contiactim
parties were invited.
After congratulations wer
extended to (he happy youn
couple, the fines Is were usheret
to the diningrooin wliere refresh
monts weiv served.
Mr. and Mrs. Thei >s left ini
.'mediately for the h-meof t.h?
.;room's parent v. h^re a ; ie<
reception awaiu'd iheni.
Tht4 many lv :uiliful present
. iciven the 1 >j iil<* howcd the ev
, | (rein 'm win- ]-. : i:c w,i held h
,; her friends.
. i ;\l l:?:< M <:; Mji> w. :t ivoi no n
!! 1:?* com muni' y v- < .she !iv<?
! mikI will l'c J: -1 v. Iv n>i;st d \>
\ .
' ':t associ :(rs. Iii'.J wocontrail
i Into ('hiudc on wiiini'!;? snch .
wool, }?,ii*l for a liolpmect, w<
<'Xtond lo tliciii eonuralnlntion
nnd host wisln ; for many voav:
' of happitu 8s and usefulness.
; j A I'Vioud.
' Railway Mail Clerks Wanted
The Government pays Railway IVtei
Clerks $800 to $1,200. and otheEmployees
ii|? to $'?,5U0 annually
i. n< '?? w:!i 11ciI I sprint; cxaimn
i .1.-. tlrrmi 1 iitl Ilie i-.uii'try f;>r IJa;
i\ M . l < !< rl<s. i'u toin IIdii l It!
|. ) oilier (inVi i nine: l i'u itioie
I !i.>u.s:uii!;j of appointments will I.
i mile. Any ni :u or woman ovei 18, i
J e:t v <>r muniry ran t ii.< trueiion anI''
>e i tfoi inali'Mi liv writii,t':1 ?nn. i
| :'ure-iu of Jin!ru'.'ii'.?n. 10! If. tilli>
! fiuildint, lioelicrucr. N, Y.
T?u% C'nll Of Tim I*3?mi?I
t r purification, H'hIh voii: i:i i ii . pl< .
! Imls 111 i\v coini'h'.v ion, a jauiisi if"
I J .' !<, ninth I'ftlehes ami I?1?11 ?v- on t
|''in. -nil Hifjn.s n? liver trnuliii. J'.
I i Jr. 1C111 ir * m new life I'ills niitUn rii ;
i< il blunt!; i(ivc (. ! skin rosy ? I?cc 1. .
line coinpli.'ctioii ho;illii\. Try them
Jfu nt ill i!rut't;is Is.
The iiexl 'BeH Telephone
direelor.y i\'oes \
press soon. "\ov?* is Ih*
' hue to snhs< rihe in onlei
to tve} .your name hi 11:?
. siew hook. 2\ } on w i*h I o
make change or eorreeHons
in .vour iIst.iji:j, ..
write to I he 31imager,
'oathern Bel J Telephone
-. . i t f i . i : / ? ...
iivi i rn'^rapjt * <?ii: I'ini.i
.SES2988&SS >. 8
l-vkii P
L-i) g e_? s M xj
i -rvr>i*.
j i n . *, ' \ , *? - \ j' . t j
ij '^> i! ?: O H s. Is fa 5 L.-.' ?
' =1 F* ft SRj W r\ r 1 !; ? j i
: 4; 11EflOAtCHE?|
; I if?|f]
r: e
: \ '
" , a'M >h'p^
s .;' VVv '" '?"
x'; Vv>:>'.jf
,-<r- . 1.
V - ' / - ' ' ' V ' i J ? 1 j
}fl . '\S
. ' \ '!* '" ?iT. I'i
I" '>>
; Wr:^
|. %%f.' u a.*.'* - v i h ?i ?-w- kir. e? >.x u
1 tr-,r- 3 ?i fttrmi
'. I* 1 INc-'.i-Sy Ever^bod^l
vl J ?. ki>; ' .
I jj jslMwOft* LIVrR REGULATOR >'
, $ i WKY fl ?? vi
. v-> [j not v w <u> g | !'
p'j tfara.nmrt.wi m UM >f>mjmMWMwwfWu? ?WMI 1 ' ^
Probate Snip.
III! TV >- I'll ( V KOf.lN A .
I'M ' . I i'l< I. I. > I
I" ' , I I- I'ldli lt?* < *I?IJ I ! Mill t I
, . . I.: . I V.!;! M..;i to i- -i. t
I -1 < r 11 < it <tn?i ill I i. hi
'l 11 11 , ,1 hi \! y I M <1 tit i
I'l" lr ' ' ... ill Ili'l ?.f " |Ul i!
i. c| . ,i I ?l* . i . 1 ii' t
. 'ii I I I In: I .1
. ' . ; . f < ! >!'; 1 i.: Inn.I ,11
ivu . .11 . > 1 s(nlo ?.:i ii . ?
< I i>y ' 11 ii
< . I . .i'Ii 'in
i.i- i ii I lid i r lit, I ii i,11
i i . ' i . II '.III' < rr 1: \\lit' II >n 1
i i v 'I i. I.ill li' iii to \ .l??:n1.
I I : . ?ir lli.i-t ? .'I .
' ! 1 ullllm: Itlt.'l . ! I
I i 11 '. <ii l< f ! . :> '?? ! < I ' I I
v M i i. liiinii 1 i
i re ?.i I i in. (! 1 1 .\ l> <>!..
I: I : 11 i ;. I' I' i' I I.' -I.
I i'i in < i ill i !< 'I Mi- inn I
' . ! . I 1 i. I, ill 1111-I . v. ...
Ii o'ill 111 I. I I,: III
.1 II. N"V\ i f r->
c .? n'i' .iml ' i ofcpii i ( in it). i'
Notice of Final Sctflemcnt and l)i.;
\[OTf(' i.i lirri'tiy j;ivon llint '
*^ ii.-.i < ippliomiort tivJ, ft. Ni aI" i-i
I'I. .Ill;:'' 1 r i 'j I ' I:I 1.(1 f II' I' ' ! "
f. IIntt i.. tin' .' ii. i.r >; .IIi:i ( 11>i
. r11 * ;i>, < ,i < t May. KU -i I
! ? ! i 11 I ii n < or ,'ls 'ti 11
l? ' flu s?! I !>)>': " II ('Mi I ? i ! i
f .; I . \ to i'. I i' ! [1 I r 11llo
f.f M. 'i I'i: It <?. i < -1.
! uiu i; . ji 11 iii : i ilor
I M S'niih,
I Admihislrator,
igKgiHgwpv "/o
'wi/t ' 'V' > -i.': ;. 3?v. *v^
a1. ?11.I1 !l '! _ "?<?? ?
4 f
VW.~. v' ? 'v;:^V
; B|fl|
v/; m
// mm
V- "! /->'VV'
. >/i>
Mmi *'
w '
./ /, ' ' ><>,
i ' ' * : x ii ; i
i i' * ill! ;/ j-.>,
v v \i. / r-ri '1i
I i?b i'% 1
, ' Vki:.' \(
? \ Vvr:-^ :
\ \ .'
I .
IX-bigucd by XloiCJiv.ald &
i i % 1
w.uwr: vvfnr-i4f .* r rx - r - cwmrti
Pl}4Af T" 5irkv.rlrt" ^
1 2L "L* >. ? O >J * *Jit. i",.. .1 \v/ ti i. 1t> -j)
I. K. j;ocr;S \V. I',. FFNPLKY
ric kc ns, S. ('.
< ! . I ovtl I'i< lif l.nllk.
C 11 all
r Ir.1 P.,o?rao Mo, 523
r. " r-' ptr>v
: V ',?>
U n ".V- ii U El t]
' , .1 ' I .1 " ' ; . m,. M<.n<ln\
in i : . 1 I i i :uv) Lvl Hunilny*
; | . ' . t ,!,) St
. \ I- .l>'( I.
I' <>, .1.
: > ?.. Miiiinr, t'. c.
\ .*. " .1 . K ? I K. iiltd S.
T- ' ." Stone
V._. . 'T^ijao^. t.'?
; ii. ?! . . i- min
?: t , . ; . , ' i\ ? ft to l!.
IT 1 r x f
k'A IP ' . s
if .. Ij > <1 . ' I V. II I
;i i! .tr i (| . ' r i '
j1. ).-.i .11
; {'(' I n> iiv is '.hi
:M (' i .l?V.
F '? j I " "1
" ? i . < \ v ?
l ? ' \ t ;
*.:v~ ait\ .5.;., :n
'? , i. <
Ur vlrrc Ciii.'i
])! .) \)III J
> ' ; \ . i?r c; 11 j'<ii ii|
v i> ! I IVOth t 1 0 : i 'I > M 0
I ('i
- Pi iTRflft ?nmx
'? '1 H I^ITkO Anu iwwwjsia
i ',! *
. ' .< v,v ' <r;.\ I I
a lO!
1 F i'&W <*SJ
J-'mc '. when everything rite f. its.
In n ivoiifi | rc ilrution ?;:.<! foinalo i
' v.- ', ;"< . ;> y tu'j the ?-.iprcmc
> ; .' /, n thoiin ;i : h:-" . ;
i 'rsONSY,? S tl AND M
rC'v'i AC:i YUOU v?LE fj
it L t' o host njctlicine over cold i]
^ over ft
?V. / V ;/
/ 1
>od Things,
A young chaj
^ lie got inside wh<
' SUCh ^ SU't ^iat
^SItA W$ No, it was sold
jlr // 'a friend of mine
'" \ "I've admired
\ two or three time
thought it could 1
\ . lie told me he
V v.V'-r-t
'<?ke it? Who nia
i":'Vwr ~ ***
tfV m ~ 11 a i ! /
pts a *
>1 \Bro's &
I \Su\t?
W \ one o\
1 ' J 'The CU
vwf. 1 , r
.. J
4 u^au li i
( "Wci1, |<:t's sc
\\v .$4 have certainly
Weil, Chicago.
g i euui i a
JRHHNVIUJ!, >' - <J.
?r\TOi|l,IH?line I mm A JI.M l-CJ?Wl'WW??BTCT?g?
Do you want y<
Done Up
W. I!. iRosamon
All kinds of repair work on Bugj
A specialty of I Iorse Shoeing and M
diseases of the feet. Had and ind
(juentlv lead to diseases of the feet, ai
which may render your horse unservii
pay you well to have your animal shot
Willi E%J
A great !) irgain I'
will he ;;iven at C
Bros store Friday
Ull Hill line U1
iiBdl Sis, siil i (III
We say again, wait for
you \vi 1 be dollars in b;
waited. When we o(
gains you find them tl
/ >* i irn TT ^
UttT iir\i
For This Si
Save up your eggs,
the Irying chickens, till
purse. I hey will all
equal showing here.
Come yourself, and t
body else to come.
1'rices wiil he quoted ne:
One,-price dash Me
' ' f ' v 'I)
.1' 1 W
y " .v *:j;
) came into the store
d to know the minute
ether we had such and
was in the window on
4,I knew it," he said
: has it oil."
lhat suit i*i the window
s, but I'll jiggered ii I
)e bought for the. price
paid. Got anything
c!e the suit, anyway?"
f the line of
e some of them?they
t. some class to them."
ft?|7W M?? III I ?K?OTTW?ITU
our work
A Jfl _ A _
n come to
id's Establishment.
*ies aiul v/Vagons.
edical treatment of all
\f. _l - r
lucrum siiueing so ireid
irregularities of gait,
:eable; therefore it will
I by a skilllul mechanic.
us and
/ having
fer barlat
\ I) Y
feed tij)
up your <
have an
ell ever"
xt week.
r chants,
s. c.

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