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t ICiilcrod April !i3< 1903 at I'lrkoiiM, S. <!. us wocontl clans inalCoi*, iiiiiloro.ofongroa* of March 3,1871)
39th Year PICKENS. 8. C., MAY 5, 1910. Number 50
, nenpr rci/iiuih nnro .'the speed of no return. r - ?
"But if V9 had ktioum what this mt<
would not have coi
^*"V ADBATH observance Is the
w ?| regardless or tlicir rellglou
dom. tho expediency, yes, l
ouco n week. Whatever <1
pertain to which day shall be obsi
When, through Moses ns Medlato
peculiar people, accepting lhem
promised obedience to the Law, hi
the seventh, to be their Sabbath,
talned to Palestine. Had It ex ten
it wouid have been tiecessary for
considered the Sabbath on the oth
of course, bo twenty-four hours dli
But those of us who are not
Covenant are not bound by Its lit
Beveiitn (liij* or the woflk. Indeed,
tbe Gospel Church under the I.nu
under it were the "house of servni
of sons," If we "Btnnd fast In tl
free "
This does not nienn liberty 01
tiiins are not limited to the land (
spirit of the Lnw rather than its I
mnudments. as well as of the Fc
dress Ills spirit-begotten children
e ton I. etc.. because such command
gotten of the holy Spirit, thoy lov
not think of homaglng images. nor
injury to u neighbor or a brother,
lend them to honor his Name, to
neighbor as for themselves would
lug good unto nil men ns we have
faith " (Gitl. 0:10.) This lov<\ the
Law, so far ns we are concerned "y?
are not under the Law (Covei
Horn. 0:14; rial fl:20.
The Jews had a system of. Sab
I")ay and the (7x7+1 = .r>0) Fll
had a system of year Sabbaths, tl
Fiftieth Year, or Year of Jubilee
plains, and true Christians may eti
Day represents a [test of a higher
faith, as instead of n physical rest,
a faith rest based upon our nooei
God. The fulness of this rest we s
holy Spirit. And this was typlfiec
Day of Pentecost Similarly Isrn
type in the great Mlllennlfil Age o
cussion of this for a more conveni
TI\o Groat Teacher ?h n .Few \v
feature of the Low Covenant as
<11(1 not violate nny fentnre of it.
a Bouse nnd degree which he hna n
merely to keep the spirit of it. II
the Seventh Pny nor any other pr
tory nppn us Rut it would ho <
I . Jewish law. Acting along the 111
to meet on tho First Day of tho
Redeemer arose from the (load. 0
per room and to two on tint wnv ?
to others of the (liaelples near tlx
Lord's resurrection marked that d
early Church. They waited durli
pea red on the first day of the wee
his eight appearances to his foil
first day of the week. No wond<
Lord's I)a.v No wonder If they
blessings of Clod and a rest of f;:
deeujer. Quite prohnhly those wli
tlnue to observe (he Seventh Day
make this a necessity. Rut the I<
time for the Lord's followers to
simple meal called breaking of brc
tlon of the fact that on the day o
to his followers in the breaking of
isut wo are not 10 understand
proved the Jews for keeping tlio
reproofs attiioh to certain extrerm
tures and entirely overestimated o
there was no harm In eating the o<
of It they construed to ho reaping,
sldered to be threshing and wlniu
flea was estimated to he hunting,
to appenr absurd. It was such al
showed 'hat one had a rifjht to s
the Prophet David had done so w
tiie priests labored on the Sabbat
God was desirous of seeing In bis <
another, rather than merely the sn
ognlzed this Truth they would not
Then, as thuugh to denionstrati
withered band, also demonstrating
and that his teaching on tho sub,
He pointed out tho Inconsistency <
relieve one of their brute beasts,
would see, therefore, how illogical
forming cures of human Ills on th
amenable to reason. The very fac
superior to theirs excited tho Phar
spirit of murder. Thus they evklci
love, which God would specially n
his children. Sacrifice Is right in
Iunuun iuc" ui-rcpia IJIU cniuiiuoil O
many of hi* miracles 011 the Snbbn
of the grent fact that the antltyplc
Seventh Thousand Year period, tho
Sakhalin Is Queer.
Curious facts have come to II
concern ill k the Island of Sakhalin,
the eastern coast of Siberia. C
winds and sea currents clrcu
around It, and their effect appears
produce on the island a reversal of
VIVA<I<<IIJ v\Miiot: kjl II.inn ?- ifO^uv i
the arrangement of temperature. I
ally the air la warmest near sea 1<
and coldest oil highlands and inc
tains, but in Hakhalln the coldest
is found near the sea, and there
plants are of an arctic character, w
in the lofty Interior of tlie Island
climate Is in'.1"!, and even subtrop
plants nourish on the heights.
I Kindness to Teacher.
"Jimmy," said the fond mother
her smart nine-year-old, "what beet
of that fruit cake I made for you t
treat yesterday? Did you eat ItV"
"No, mamma," answered Jim
with a grin; "I gave it to the tenc
, Instead."
"That was verv nice niwl oronor
of you, Jimmy," complimented
mother. "And <11(1 your teacher
"Yea; I think so," answered Jim
"8he wanu't at school today."
r 12:1-14.?May 1.
ancth. I will have mcrcu, and not sacriflcc, yo
ndemncd the guiltless."~V. 7.
cssonco of this sliuly. Reasonable people,
is convictions, are ready to admit the wls:ho
necessity, for n Sabbath t'.ay, a rest day
iaiMin-3 inert? ure ou me suitfeet, therefore,
?rved and to the manner of tlie obscrvnncc.
r, God adopted the nntion of Israel as Ills
Into Covenant relationship through their
b tlxed for them a special day of the week,
or day of rest. This Law specially apperded
beyond, to encompass the wholo earth,
the Law to specify which day should bo
er side of the earth, where the time would,
Jews by nature and not under that Law
nltatlon that the Sabbath should be on the
neither Jesus nor the Apostles ever placed
r Covenant at all They tell us that those
its" In bondage and that we are the "house
i.- iiui-iiy wiuTPwun jurist 11 si111 made us
r freedom to <lo wrong. But since Cliris>f
Palestine, It leaves us free to follow tho
leller. This Is true of the entire Ten Comnirlh.
The Heavenly Father does not i|(lwith
commandments not to kill, not to
incuts to them would be unnecessary. I?eh
God and reverence him alone, and would
of profaning the Holy Name, nor of doing
On the contrary, their love for (Sod would
serve his Cause. And their love for their
prompt them to render him service?"doopportunity,
especially to the household of
Apostle assures us. Is tho fulfillment of tho
-the fulfilling of the spirit of tho Law?for
hint). hut under Itlie) Grace (Covenant)."?
uuiii un.vK mm ssnouam vonrs?the seventh
tleth Day. or Day of Pentecost. Ami they
io Seventh Year and the (7x7 + 1= 50)
. Those wore typical, as tho Apostle cxijoy
the antitypes. Thus to us tho Seventh
character than that of the? I,nw?a rest of
"We who believe <lo enter into his rest"?
ptance of Jesus as our satisfaction before
ittaln when we receive the bOKcttlnj? of the
1 by tho sending of the holy Spirit on the
el's Sabbatic Year of .lublloe has its antlf
KoHt. (Acts 3:20.) But wo leave the <11-*.ent
as as nuicb under the obligations of every
any other Jew. We may bo sure that lie
lie was obligated to keep tho letter of it In
lot commanded us, his followers. It is ours
ence If we were living in Palestine neither
irtlcnlar day of the weelc would he oblignmr
pleasure to maintain (he spirit of the
ins of this liberty, the early Church began
reek, because it was on that day that their
in that day ho appeared to some in the upo
Kmmaus and to Mary, and subsequently
* tomb. These four manifestations of tho
ay in a special sense as a holy day to tho
lg an entire week and then again ho apk.
Indeed, so far as we may know, all of
nwers after his resurrection were on the
then, it became known to them as the
specially associated with that Day all the
ilth which came to them through the Kro
lived In Jewish communities would con
also, because its general observance would
Mrst Day of the week became the general
assemble themselves and to partake of a
>ad (not the Lord's Supper) In commemoraf
his resurrection Jesus manifested lilmsnli
from the present study that the Master reSeventh
Day, which was their duty. His
ns. The Pharisees exaggerated some fen
ther features of the Law. In their theory
irn on the Sabbath Day. but to pidl an car
And to rub It out of the chaff they con
>wlng. Similarly, to scratch or look for a
and thus God's reasonable Law was ninth^surdities
only that Jesus combatted. lie
atlsfy his hunger, and cited a case where j
ltliout blame. lie cited also the fact that
h Dny without blame. lie explained that
roatures the quality of mercy towards one
icrlllcim? of their comforts. IIad they roc
have found fault with the Apostles.
o Ids position, he healed a man who had a
by his miracle that he had the Divine favor
Ject hnd this evidence of Its truthfulness
>f his critics, Baying that since they would
If lie fell into a pit on the Sabbath, they
was their position in objecting to his per
io Habbath Day. Hut the evil heart is nor
t that ho demonstrated his teachings to bo
Iscoh to envy, malice, haired, and the verj
iced that they lacked the quality of mercy
ipprove, and without which we cannot be
Its place, but mercy more particularly In
t tho heart. Quito probably Joans did k<>
tli Day as a typo?as a prophetical plctmv
al day, tho great Sabbath Day, will bo tho
, . Hard Luck.
**' "What Is 'hard luck?'"
,. "A combination of laziness and bad
(;;;o judgment."?Cleveland I.oader.
, to
the Right.
ling "Now, then, children," said tho
Jsu- , teacher, "what Is It we want most in
jvel | this world to make us perfectly Imp*
am- ! py?"
air "Tho things wo ain't got!" shouted
the the bright boy In the back seat.
I Iwi - -
leal "Likes to hear himself talk,.doesn't
"Does he? Say, If he talked in Ills
Bleep he'd stay awake all night to
' to listen!"?Cleveland Leader.
'? ? : Tho Jail.
' "1 am going to visit the Jail. Tliero
mF' Is a man 1 want to ace there."
her j <<iH 0I10 n||? i know about forty
whom 1 should like to soe there."?Inous
dlanapolls News,
eat Each one sees what no carries In his
Thiy Retain Their Wild Nature
Despite Long Training.
| And Liko Their Fcrociotis Congeners
They Always Hunt In Packs?!nj
stances In Labrador Where They
Havo Devoured Human Dcinjj3.
! There Undo'i' lo.II.v is un attinity between
I lie woif ami the I' -U i i)i?? dog.
For generations the dn^ has been
trained by the 1Ulinos, ehietly by the
women, and tan lit to haul a : !edge in
winter. The Ilndson I'ay company's
agents and tliu settlers on tlie coaM of
Labrador vie with each other in getting
Zngether splendid teams. One
J won I? naturally suppose that dogs of
this kind, so long ti - imd and a :-sm-inteil
with men. would become mor* or
less domes!i< at< d and lose their ori;.i
nul savant? character. It is. however,
Quito ot herwise.
The Kskimo ?1 <>of today is still :i
pure, uuinltl;ratt <1 savaj;e. J,ike 111 :
congener. tlie wolf, ho always hunts in
packs. <v?uite recently an (Eskimo, with
his wife and child, was making a Journey
with !iis team to a nearby settle,
uiont. On his way the driver became
' ill and weak and quite unable to control
his team. The dogs turned on
tliein and devoured the whole family, j
I All old re-idi nt at Labrador t >U1 1110
(hat one winter's evening lie was silting
reading wlion ho heard a furious
harking anions his do;: s outside.
Fighting uniting (lit; park was so eoni111011
that lie took no in (i o of the disturbance.
Nexl morning (lie can e of
the row wns (ii;eov? red. A p. or I-Nkiino
woman was coining to the le usv
for medicine for her si. !; child. Silo
stumbled over the h :ip of t?iio\v ii< .ir
the door. 'I'lie pack spran: on her, aid
some lags and holies disti\c;><! 1 \i
morning told tho tale of her tr.i ie
Tho Newfoundland t'.r Ih r: :.-ii < Moil
I bring homo these i: kini > d< fr ni
Labrador. 'J hex invariably lur i ut
sheep killers. stud 111.' < r?' > bred >ti<* IlilVO
nil 111.? same :-;r. .f." i;. i.: t
Tliey have been kn \vn l<> kid a re
or more sheep i:i one ni !it. all ! 'i."
found Willi their (hru.ils ii ni, I .? i!<>l
one ealeu. It i-; .imply t . avn _c ki-i
for blo< <1. The early vctti iin Nev
foumllaml fi.iii.il ti e ; re.it tinier
wolves a t rt tie ped. Th".v killed
their sheep and eattl d m :ncIi 1.:?
attacked women and children. T'.ie\
WQJ'O continually < Ivvd and kHic'
inn min i ncy i.i ic;r i. ,\ ;
bounty oil \\*olf !;Ii! . Ii iwcvit, even
tually brought iili'iu l!. < : t M ; ii.
Animals thai hum ur i ivr t' : tlier
in pricks always retain l! elwrarterl.slic*.
Tl.c nindoor in 1.upland have
been (rained and d> 10 :rt d by mn .
for countless general!' t . lint tlioy still
retain t his in ;; . t < ' t! ? i I.. A
soon as (lie (cam i. oves all (1 rein
deer .start off: nollii: *; n. : ; .? iIn-::i.
While (1)0 sava-re pjiclt (mutiny cllttl'neter
of (Ii K Mill > ! r. mains so
long un liar. ed. wo 11. ? . i 111 ? ofli
or hand, in setter and retriever dogs
a very slvil itig llln ;irati-n of how an
artificial character can he .'hen to (lie
dog and a special ch -.h p i-btie !;r:u!y
illllthi ill ril in m liii'. I .iii.I i'ii ":i> ..I
centuries, it i|i<>\ purely nrtillciill
aid is oa.-il.V in (. For install
setters and | oiulcr - kept by ladies as
pots and not trained In e the in ;i11< t
to point. The nut rail' ''(1 breed within
a generation lie it nit >: ther livery
sportsman knows dial the young ones
nre very easily trained and point naturally.
i have seen seller pups only
six weeks old setting at flies.
The instinct for retrieving is perpetuated
in no I tree 1 so slronirly a - I lie
real Newfoundland d . 11?? ilsher
man's friend a: i < .. - . t c i. : : i? n
and the nn? t splendid <>f II relievers.
A remarkable liistauee < f 1?i>' - ift at il
courage is the story of a Newfonndlaml
fettler. (Jeor e Harvey, how with
the aid of his do;: and l v\.> i hildren lie
saved 1<)!? lives in iv.'_\ In the aula: n
of that yen* t!ie I n -; 1 .it >. ? :i her
way to Quebec wit'a ? nt , in n
tremendous : le . f v. ii .l ti n. !; a to 1:
I iiiioiii i nr. o 11..11 11 in i r\ t > i idonoo
at I :!< auv M<rl-\ I!:' i \'< y I . ?1
tho signals of <1 i tiv and i t !H'd; tlcly
launched hi ! ; t. Ili.: . ; !y help was
a hoy of ( \olve. hi >-' : !, i ,ieen .vmrs
old. nnd his do;.*. To -t close to lho
doomed .' hip in I1 '| ii e : \vr I ? court
destruction. Harvey'-; d ; under i d
what was required of Mm. lie ; wain
toward tho ship. 'J'lio ^ overwhelmod
hill) and drove (dm back, l ut liimlly
ho came ne ir onoui-h. 'I'll - ail .r
throw him a ropo.i which lie can jht
with Ids tooth. At la:<tu!in ;ot i tok to
Harvey's boat alum t <U?:> 1 from ex
I haustloii, but Willi Ihe rope's ( !. ! lirinly
clinched in lils t <vtli. <'< i: iu:i tI
Ion between (li" boat and ill f-hip
I was (lion os(al)II lit I, and with earn
and the most laborious cfi'ort>: every
j ftolll was faved. .hwi ;e 1 row. e In
: London Standard/
Tho "60UI' Gnako."
A Mexican superstition. very common
anions minors in that country, relates
to tho "grtld snake." Thin species
of sorpont Is perfectly harmless
and Very handsome, helm: green in
color and with a golden Iridescence in
its scales. Faith is entertained tlnlt
wherever n gold snake makes Its r. st j
there Is a lodge containing the precious
metal, and there are many miners who
will locate a claim at once if they (ind
a gold snake.
The power of applying attention to a
sliurle subioct is the sure mark of n
superior genius.?Chesterfield.
Velocity a Body Must Have to L?av?
Earth and Never Como Back.
There are a great many odd terms in
science none of which lias a title so
weird as the speed of no return. This
means llie velocity a body must have
in leaving Hie earth in order for it
never to conic back. It lias been nocuratcly
worked out and is found to be
about seven miles a second. Now,
though this speed lias never been obtained
by artificial means on the earth,
still it i.s interesting to note tlio theory
us regards the further actions of the
hotly. It would continue outward in a
curved line until it was controlled by
balancing forces, mainly the earth,
moon and sun, in such a way ns to
make it have an orbit of its own. So
it would go on revolving forever Just
as |iiny other planet.
iin.s spt.-eu nas never boon
obtained by artilicial means, it is
found in lintnrc on the earth, and its
application lias n great deal to do with
animal life on our planet. As is well
knowa. it Is a pel theory of the scientists
that the earth is losing its atmosphere,
jnst as the moon has already I
lost hers, on account of the wonderful
vibrational speed of the molecules of a j
pay. Hydrogen Jias is known to have n j
i mil'; mar velocity of over tin* no^os;ar.v
amount, iiiul it is a startling
l?f?iiif i f the theory that no free hydroI
i; found in our atmosphere. The
:'.;i try is that "'is gas on being sot
free rises on account of its lightness
and when ii gets to the outside edge
of our ocean of air is left behind on
one f Its jumps, the earth going forward
at a groat rale ilself, something
like eight miles a second.
As the earth gradually lost its atiii
sphere ii would become colder and
colder "ii account of ils inability to
hoi 1 the 11? :11. received from the sun,
and mII animal and vo?ot!?l?li? iif<?
would f-ciis*' This li.is already liappiMH'd
to tlit* r.v.on, its tompofnttm'
iii'Mi rising above /.crii. though tlie
Mill >lli))CS Oil it fill- two WeclC:' !lt ,M
t into.
ii l-i needless to say that even IT Ibis
Ji id ? I'Uld be obi allied by a (Million
b ill or other comparatively small body
tin1 fri .ion witli tin: air on Us wn.\
would iiiimi -dialely burn il up, just as
the sliootlnjr stars wo sou are burned
(il oeiore roaeuaig 11n? earth So if
llif visiting of 11? _? moon over lakes
place ii will have to be accomplished
in a carriage with very thick sides
and made of a material whose melting
point is very Idyll.?Xew York Tribune.
and Profit Strangely Mine led In
the Festivities.
A vedding anions the Poles may certaiidy
be said to hold its own anx-nt.'
the more entertaining of marriage easterns.
There fun ami protit are stranue
ly mingled in the marriage festivities,
for the bride depends upon the wed
ding festival for her dowry and rarely
fails to get enough to enable her to
I . 1.. : " - -- -
IH--.Ill llinir.l lll-r|llUK ? llll OMIIllll'l.
After tho wedding feast n dnnco is
in order, and :it that dnnco every man
wlio would distinguish himself must
( !;< ?> in tin" evening at least claim the
bride for a partner. The honor of
dancing v.^h her, however, is not to
I e > III-line 1 lightly. The aspirant must
iii i lie privilege and pay for it.
In one corner of the room the moth
or of | he bride lias taken up her position
with a plate in her lap. The wise
woiu in has chosen that plate carefully.
LI is n.ado after the |>lan of an
eatiiiu' liotise coffee clip and could not
J11 s: i ;> in? I K'SCl'll n't I IIS I I'M 11.
Tln? Ki'Hiiilt who wishes to dance
Willi I lit' l?ride -and, as lias been said,
all are in honor bound to do so ? must
imll <>tii a piece of silver and throw il
Into tin* plate. Not until lie lias succeeded
in In diking or chipping tlint
alumst invincililo piece of crockery
lias ho won i he honor ho socks. Few
siici i d in making an impression upon
the plate for less than a sum etjual to
." I testis of our money.
The money tlius accuniuhitcd goes to
tho I.ride and not unusually amounts
to s. \cnty-live or one hundred dollars,
veil where the crowd is apparently
a poor as it can well lie. This sum in
a rural <!i ;ri. ! of Poland Is enough to
m.i I tin- ,\oiiii^ couple fairly In housela'iyii;
. Detroit I-'roe Press.
An Unsafe Bird.
"How <lid I Ik* new parrot turn out?"
"Oh, lie's a line talker, hut I'm awfull.i
afraid I can't keep hiiu."
vv* '. >
"He u i d lo Ii\*o in n medical college,
and llii' students taught Iiim a
wh.'lo lot of professional terms. I was
>o iinutHied (In; other night. That
rli*h Miss Morris was calling on us,
ai d ; oiiieixxly asked her to sing. You
Ui.ow what a voice she lifts! Well,
sin' - ing a long French ballad for us,
a: 1 111" instant she flni.-tljcd the last
\i r-:i' ih.it dreadful bird screeched
'Chloroform her!''' Cleveland Plain
I icaier.
Lr.ck of Originality.
Kays a Philadelphia physician; "The
mi r la< I; ? f originality in the human
11: i ! inc. Kven I ho Insane are
lot m i iii'ii 'n (heir delusions and ma :
nlas, but they ean lie divided ilito
clashes, and ?a< h class has its one little
uniform and uiiva.vlng set of aberrations.
The insane cannot bo otl'or
than imitati'c and commonplace."
L/ I jnvrncit/.
"I can't k?'< along wilh Hint cook."
"lint have you tried diplomacy, m.v
"I have. Today I handed the minx
ior passports."?Washington llcrnld.
Kvll often triumphs, but never conquers.?
The Romance That Kept Charles Villiers
Single All His Lifo.
Charles Vllllers, long the "father of
tho house of commons," nfcver marrin/1
l?nf l?n " - ?
..vvi, UUI. u<, M CIO nn: unu U1 11 I'Oraanco
which Is described in the
"Remiulsewicos and Correspondence or
Mme. Olga NorikofT" as having lasted
all his life.
Villlers was once on the evo of marrying
n very rich spinster. The lady,
however, was Imprudent enough one
day to say to her fiance that she knew
very well he only wanted to marry
hor money and not herself.
VilHers' aristocratic dignity manifested
itself. lie took his hat. bowed
to tlio Jady and sold that aft or that
remark tlicro could bo 110 more
tion of marriage between tliem. Oft
he went.
Strangely enough, the deserted spinster
spent the next thirty years in trying
In vain to see him to make up.
lie never came near her or .uave her
a chance of coming near hl:u. "And i
do you know," remarked Lady (Jilbert, j
who told me the story, "she si 111 loves
him and cherishes his memory."
"Oh. that is charming! Quito a romance!"
1 exclaimed. "Tell the lady
to lunch with me tomorrow." Wo were
acnimintnil "f'lmrlna v'ttiiopo !. ......
Lady Gilbert delivered my messa*e.
The two old people met sit my hotel,
after which I lie lady humbly asked
Charles Vllliers to call on her. lie accepted
the invitation. When we were
alone together she said: "Do you
know, Mine. Norikoft", he Is not in the
least altered after all these years. He j
Is exactly the same in looks and man- I
Of that, of course, 1 could have no |
opinion. Hut surely thirty years be- J
fore the old Charles Villiers was nel- i
ther half bent nor half blind. However,
the old time friendship was re* !
newed and lasted until the lady's |
death a few years later.
She left him tlie greatest part of her 1
very groat fortune. Charles Vllliors ;
became very rich In money, hut uu- !
fortunately ho was then very rich in
years also.
While a Man Trailed a Buck the Birds
Followed the Man.
"I met with a curious and not altogether
pleasant experience," writes an
Anglo-Indian correspondent who has
done a good deal of large and small
game shooting in India, "when I was
UUU >1.1,% .11.IIKIIIU 11 IHHCK DUCK. 151'- !
tween nio and ni.v quarry lay a large
flat field of black cotton soil bordered
by a very low, straggling and thinly
growing hedge of small babul trees.
My only way to get a shot was to cross
this, keeping the; bushiest tree between
me and the buek, which h:id not much
to browse on and was therefore seldom
motionless. I proceeded to do the hundred
yards on the tint of my stomach.
This on loose, hard baked black cotton 1
soil was no Joke. I pushed my ritle on
ahead. Then, wriggling past it until the
muzzle was near my knee, I would pass
it on In front again, and so on.
"Progress was slow, and 1 was so |
. I<OWIII<<I I I Kit. 1 lillll-u U> OUM'I Vl> SIlllU
owa crossing and reerosslng my path
ami circling aivund until I had gone
some ll f l y \ Then I ho whirring
or viii^s nr.i:t :< d niy ears, and alii:
at i1 * sn moment a vulture
I;.. ! : i : ind not twenty yards
aw i. i i toUid up. The air was
alho with these repulsive looking
birds. Then it flashed aero s me that
I was being stalked! Doubtless these
birds were attracted by my extraordinary
method of procedure and mistook
mo for a wounded or dying man
making a linal effort to reach some
shady spot. This was especially possible,
as the experience occurred in a
famine district where deaths l>v the
wayside wen? no! int*r<>(inoiit. Hy look
in;; in) 1 had evidently shown myself
to the buck, for he was now off at full
tilt. I therefore took pot shot at the
vulture at twenty yards, but did not
allow for the sighting sutlh-iently ".;d
missed him. The thought of being
waited for by a Hock of vultures while
very much alive and well was. to say
the least, uncanny."?Pall Mall <!nzette.
A Promise.
"Pa ?"
"What Is It, my child?"
"When sis marries that lord will I
have to call her "your ladyship'/' "
"Jt will not be necessary for you to
do so, but it will bo very nice if you
cure 10 "
"All right. Mcbby I won't nlwaya;
*lo it. but I'll promiso n<<t t > rail I?? I*
'puukiu' face' any more, anyhow."? |
Philadelphia Itccoi'tl. .. |
The family that eats
plenty of
niT/llrol? Aalf
^muhvi vaio
is a healthy, rugged
The most popular
food iu the world be
cause it does most
and costs least.
Packed In regular ?izo pnckagrcs. and In her- j
mctically sealed tin !ur hot cllraatcs. 54
(Prlckl7 Anl), Polio ii.oot
rhyslciaiin cn(!or<iftI\ I\ P. as a cplcn-Fl I
rill combination, r.: <1 ^rcncribo it with f| T'VS'PJg] E
great fitls'iif! i )? fop tlic curca of allfi ^hS??2B' n
forms i.tiu et:i; -. of Primary, Secondary w KaKZSS u
Mid Tortiarjr ftvphilla, CyphlllUo Itbou* B yfl" H
Ziiaii.im, .." V.-.-.'j 1"lcc:3 and Gores, |j fl
Gliiv.dular B-.vcliiay.*, l'.!:c?ima!lsni-KlrJ.H * 235?' U
Soy Complaints, old Chronic Vlccra that | |
mtmen-r: ~? raarr.-jTT-ar.sa-_-H gE^E^j J
p a T A R P u
ufl I mum l^p
waoB3a??^-*T^5E^^^Ma^.yi:MBaaM ChrvTOrMlatclMltreataioKt.C.-.tflrrh.nicinP.
J)l8f:;iR<?, I. v. : .i, ro".!c lYm.Uoft p
Coi.ii ! . &>, Jlcrcn.'lal rcuoD, Totter, [i 'yak?
p.v.|Jh<" !, o( ., cto. B ?EA H
J\ I*. 1\ ! . wr.\r>.HonI? ar>l xiri Ej
j.irc'In : I*.* ! . / r, buiUUuj; Tip tliC jj H
t; ' : /.. "; . 1! ;. ">\i r.ro Tfc.ik and -j J--?A?E1 y
*""""! I
V Bi-vr-*. r. - o^t-wn -r- -vyrat 'g!r: ^ ztti' .g^ga2:
P P P" |l | pi J
eS Vti3 L & di^sa I' # ?3 ir
* ?? ?_S3.*U'JJV??BKinC?.V:Vt. VJS'X'Xi.i.:?X.>Vi
SIclaaess is > : '
7?, vr* o ,*"s jTfc fr* r~: ">*"?tt r
to demonstrate tli e /'/
value of the toLvv-.one / j,
in the farm ho. .. In '
| phone performs n i .nc\
tion. which r.o orb.cr apency
* can cqu.i 'i'j; ('octor c:.n bt
cv.!'. quicker than the horsjq c
[: lie hitchod up. Neighbors
( instaiU'iV. J j is 1 U: .b; _
. protection o'c li.o h .-uscv/i
I ^ <3 For inforr
' >) t? IIOU
v . " i ^
> *.*/ Fnrr*
i i* >.v
}V/- ^ q.'^r."-'
t 'l ' ! . f b J?....>.
V v^> ""' ' ' ^S. Ooi:8& L
ijf " ;.?> "O
I * !"
'1 ^ _ -.r^wr . ,. , .... ^ J.V. .
rq w S3 r?
;:| 9 ; S! ?j
L'L ?^H I,
(I rcdfest Cold l\ f<
fi m
Made by the Piekens Bottling Wm
elusive rinht in tlii-; Ierril<?r\ lor pi
of <>1 hers claiming 1<> put il up or
just as j^ood."
We are che Only Distri!
T err it
Inquire of your friends about tbe
? fa
P p cs^aaa uarai
"II touches I lie spot." 11, is a
Oct a kc^ out of this car load?\
chance later on. All orders filled
Pickens BottSin
lv. L. Davis, Proprietor.
In the buying of drugs and the c
scriptions we use; every precaution to
and take particular pains to use onlj
This rule applies all through 01
miKt be rwrht cvi-rv del ill ihikI li/?
fore any article leaves our store.
In buying 1 lallum's Kidney Pill?
dries,Toilet Articles atul Preparations,
Prescsiptions filled here, you know vvl
Masonic Temple
*** $
& , . . '
mi ?]1EEF^?
and PotnsKlum.)
?i Mia???
yon will regain Conh #Dd strength.
Was to of onerjyand all '1Irchs?8 ro?ulting
fro in overtaxing tuoBystcm arc cured by
tho nr,o of P. r. r.
Ladies wIiobo ByflteranaropolRonodand
vrhoEobloodir, iann impuro condi tiondno
to mr.nntrual irregularities aro peculiarly
boncfitod by tlia wonderful touk) and
^ wnavH V Boil A
blood clonnalni* propsrtlos of P. P. P..
I-ric!tly AeIi, I'oVo Itoot aud Potassium,
Gold by all Drasciflta.
Savannah, - Ca.
!?1 jr.* r?JDn
can. be summoned B
the convenience and t|
mtion and booklet B
the Boll pi-an write ?
rest Bell telephone ?
ci";' Mae Dep., rtmcnt
:m Sell Telephone |
! Tek Co. I
if her D. Ink is
ks who have 1 ho ex.11
ting it up. Bcwuro
having ''something
Dutors in This
(irot.u V/' 'j. Drink,
H V 19
great, cold breaker.
-on might, not get a
I promptly by
g Works,
Pickens, 8. C.
:ompounding oi our pre.
get fresh pure drugs
r that which is called forir
business. Everything
carefully gone over- -beDrugs,
Medicines, Sun
11 1
, a;s wen as naving your
lat you arc getting.
lMckens, S. C.

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