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Mens SentiM-Journe!
Advertising R-?te? Reasonable
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(attired it Ptoxena Foatoffloe m Second uimb
MaJl Mutter
PICKENS, 8. 0. *
THURSDAY May 10, 1910
An Example For Farmers.
Rhea Hayne, a Georgia correspondent
of Home and Farm
gives an encourage account of j
the work of a small farmer.
Road it and take con rage:
There is in mind a staunch
young farmer who started in a
modest way in growing hay,
corn and minor crops with a
r i ? i.jj* ?
lew iio^s ana a nine oiner livestock.
He raised some cotton
last year?sixteen bales 011
twelve acres?but ho raised other
things, too. He has sold a
quantity of hay at $25 per ton,
and people came to his barn for
it. He has sold a lot of corn in'
the ear with the husk on it at
$1.25 per bushel. He sold many
o rv/%4- r* A/\ ? * 1
oiigoii jjui/aiura elt *>J..V/U pt!X' OUSI1el.
To cap the climax hej
brought into his little town a
few nice hams and some other j
country cured meats. He rea-1
lized an all-round price of 18
cents per pound for his productions.
Now that's somewhat of a
big story, but its true, and more
than that, you've cot to fiinne
on that sort of a farmer as a
future factor in the country.
He will be a safe and conservative
citizen at all times, and
he will be the man to count upon.
In addition to all his other
benefactions in this respect
you've got to consider him in a
now light still, that of supplying
the needs of his little family.
You can drop in there any time
and you wil find the country
table laden with the best food
on earth, the kind crown at.
home and prepared at the same
If tho average farmer would
follow such course there would
be a great many who would
quit complaining and wear the
smile of prosperity. But, on the
contrary, there are hundreds of
^ cotton farmers throughout the
South who are not growing
sufficient food supplies. These
have to dump there entire revenue
into the laps of the grain
growers. While this is benficial
to tht' grain growers, still it
works a great hardship on the
cotton farmer?or any other
single-crop man. The only
avenue of escape is in diversi
The Drug Habit.
Faced by the startling figures
that over 1,000,(XX) people of the
United States are addicted to the
"drug habit," which means th??
fl'onnnnt onfranon r>f r>r>!n?.
* v\| I' viivi Ci IJVxV/ WJ'I14JII^
cocaine, chloroform, and other
deleterious sedatives into the
stomach or blood, the Department
of Agriculture has recently
issued thousands of copies
of a buHe';in telling of the extreme/danger
which lies in the
indiscriminate use of certain
\dache mixtures retailed in
yge quantities over the coun
M Ar, and thousands of copies of
;!?^,yfnother bulletin that sounds a
ywarning against the drinking
j of many of the popular "soft"
/ beverages dispensed freely as
J soda water, and against the
tilling of helpless infants with
numerous soothing concoctions
Ihflh Mm cnnollo /-if (Kn K..K?r
V. >wv ?v v fliv HVJ I.KVIIiJ U| I I I * 1 r ( I 1 t y
by narcotic effects.
It is a matter of personal
knowledge to most of us that
the headache remedy, the soft
drink, and the soothing syrup
are in very common use, but it
is not, perhaps, generally known
that, a hundred sanitariums realize
a handsome profit each year
from their treatments of the
victims of the drug habit which
is as much; if not more, an out
come of gulping down "refresh
ing" soda mixture or headache
soothers, and the employment
of baby quieting compounds,
as it is the result of prolonged
use of narcotics, narcotics, made
necessary in cases under the
care of physicians of growing
out of the "dope fiend's" influence.
Year? of hard lighting must
bo kept up by tho Department
of Agriculture, if it Iiojx's to
contend successfully with tho
widespread drug habits cultivated
at soda fountains, and in
, i VUl-l.'. i mt-.i-iun.-i
the horn's when the family baby,
or babies, Is writhing ami
wailing with the pain of t colic
or from numerous other, ills
which beset the precarious existence
of the average infant.
One of the great lessons to be
learned by the American peo
pie is that it is not real kindness
to "dope" the baby, or
tickle the palate of the growing
child with drugged cold drinks.
We would not undertake to say
what the colic-plagued baby
should be filled with, when he
cries out in the nitrht*. that, for
the family physician to discuss.
Nor would we recommend headache
cure or relief. Again does
the office of the physicians take
precedence. But the laymen
may cite the awful fact of the
so many thousand victims of
injurious but dream-making
drugs, and may urge that the
soda water habit be confined to
I the fruit syrup drinks; that the I
baby be allowed to work his
lung until a competent medicil
man can prescribe for him, or
her, proper relief, rather than
that the loving and ignorant
parent pour down the unresisting
throat a quantity of harmful
syrup "highly recommend
ed" and pretty sure to make
the infant sleep, sometimes, be
it Mnilhrwizod fur nlnmiil .Iinl
always with the danger of laying
?i foundation for a tendency
to use drugs later in life, and,
finally, the layman may urge
upon the sufferers of headache
that they refrain from indiscriminate
drug taking, and give
their physicians an opportunity
InnnHnn. tl?. ?.1 T I
\si iumiiiiii; wir ncui HI l 111'l I .11 Mictions
and correeliny, I heir
physical woes.?Charleston livening
Stand Aside
See, you old farmers who have
never done anything else, it
might be well to prepaie to
stand aside and give place to
the "back to the land" crowd.
It now looks as if they are going
to push you out of the way.
ur. ijaura J). (Jill, a graduate
of tin* Wellesley College in a
talk to the alumnae association
sai<l "Girls talk fanning," She
does not believe that all girls
could make a living that wav
but sbe suggests that it is a
unique opening for them. She
"The things for a girl to do is
to seek out some unique occupation
and do pioneer work, if
necessary. Professional farming
is a line which girls may
take; up to a good advantage, institutional
management and
positions as superintendents are
exceptional chances for the
li _ i i ? . i ?
college gin wnose mgner education
fits hor to handle tin*
various questions with which
she comes in contact in a broad
and intelligent manner.
"When a college girl leaves
1 college slut should have already
made up her mind what she intends
to do. She should take
an account of stock, as it were
and see what qualification what
finances and what preferences
she has for the different fields
which arc open to her."
It, is certain that if girl graduates
don overalls and take,to the
farms the question of keeping
the boys on the farm will he
solved and in a few years the
story of Ruth and Hun/, will he
acted a^ain het ween the eotfon
rows if not in the harvest fields.
If the Census man has missed
you hunt him up and (ell him so.
He will he J?l?'ul for you to do
this as lie i^paid in proportion
to the number of inhabitant:;
and he will not intentionally
overlook you, and it is most important
that every individual
be counted in order that our
population will show as mueh
increase as possible. We have
heard of several people who
have been overlooked and we
, ..... 11 i
w i<? 111 l|fl 11 | : 11 (111 SIH'Jl
the importance of i/i vini? their
names to the enumerator.
The next Hell Telephone
directory jaoos to
press soon. Now is the
time to subscribe in order
to get your mime in (lie
new book. If you wish to
make change or correc4
lions hi your listings,
write to tin1 Manager,
Southern Hell Telephone
and Telegraph Company.
r Shriners to Meet at Charleston.
Illustrious Potentate George
T. Bryan has issued his proclamation
and has named Wednesday,
June 15th, as time for hold*
ing the next ceremonial session
of Omar Temple A. A. N. M. S.
Among the many and varied entertainments
which have been
arranged is a special Shriners
Picnic at the Isle of Palms with
attendant attractions. The rail
road companies have issued special
rates, and a good time is assured.
Formal notices will be
shortly sent out giving particulars
in detail.
fiucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salvo In Tho World.
Church Notices
Keep this for reference.
Until notice of change is given
the following order of service
will he observed on the Pickens
charge M. E. C. S.
Sunday School: Every Sunday
10 a. in.
Kpworth League service every
Sunday 7 p. in.
Prayer meeting every Tuesday
7 p. m.
Preaching every 1st, 2nd and
4th Sunday 11 a. 111.
Church Conference, on 4th Sunday
in April, July and October
11 :H0 a. in.
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper,
on 1st Sunday in Feb. May,
August and Nov. at 11 :IH) a. m.
Preaching at the Jail, every
Second Sunday 1 p. ni.
Preaching at the Mill Chapel
every 4th Sunday 7 p. ni.
Preaching at Bethlehem
Church every 1st Sunday 3 p. m.
everv 3rd Sunday 11 a. m.
('hurch Conference on lstSundav
Peh., May, Aug. and Nov.
at :i::U) p. in. Sacrament of the
Lord's Sllimer on Hrd Sinmlnv
in !'V1>. May, Aug and Nov. 11
a. in. A cordial invitation is extended
lo all.
J. 0. Yongue
Pastor, Pickens Charge
M. E. C. S.
Porters chapel, 1st. Sunday!
11 a. m. j
Twelve Mile 1st. Sunday
p. in.
Liberty 1st Sunday 7:iH) p. in.
Gan Hill '2nd Sundav 11a. in.
Ruhama2nd Sunday 3:30 p. 111.
Liberty cotton mill '2nd Sunday
7:30 p. m.
Liberty 3d Sunday 11 a. in.
Twelve Mile 3d Sunday 3:30
1). in.
Liberty 3d Sunday 7:30 p. in.
Fair View 4th Sunday 11 a. m.
(Jap 11 ill 4th Sunday 3:30 p. in.
I .!l\i?vfv t/iii mi II h, i
day 11 a. m.
Ruhania ;">th Sunday :5:*{() p.
C.Ij. McCain, Pastor charge.
Friendship 1st Sunday 11 a.
McKinnoy's chapel 1st Sunday
'5 p. ill.
Mount Bethel 2<1 Sunday 11
a. ni.
New I Topu '2d Sunday p. in.
Salem 2<1 Sunday 7 p. m.
McKiunoy's ohapcl :5d Sunday
11 a. m.
Friendship Jkl Sunday 8 p. m.
Salem 4ih Sunday 11 a. m.
New Hope 4th Sunday 8 p. m.
Bethel 4th Sunday 7 p. in.
K. L. Thomason
Pastor in charge.
For Infants and Children*
The Kind You Have Always Bought
SiRnuturo of
H F ft nftTH Fol
Iii hi n m n v II h. i
1 Nearly Bvcr^bod^ I
. 'TKt YO Uj||
Ti J " > ?
/ ?>vf 'W%
Not one case in ten requires
internal treatment.
."Where there is no swelling
or fever Noah's Liniment will
accomplish more than any internal
One trial will convince you.
Noah's Liniment penetrates;
requires but little rubbing.
Here's the Proof
Mr. W. R. Taylor, a resident of TllchI
mond, Va., writes: "For the nast four
years I have been traveling: Kastern
North Carolina, where I contracted malaria
and rheumatism. Recently I luivo
UBed Noah's IJlnlment with beneficial results,
and take pleasure In recommending
same to anyone suffering with rheumatism."
"I caught cold and had a severe atj
taclc of rneumatlsm in my left shoulder
and could not raise my arm without
much pain. I was persuaded to try
Noah's Liniment, and in less than a
week was entirely free from pain. I
feel justified in speaking of it In the
highest terms. A. Crooker, Dorchester,
I Mass."
NonhVi Liniment Is tlio host remedy
| for Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lame Back,
Stiff Joints and Muscles, Sore Throat,
Colds, Strains, Sprains, Cuts. Bruises,
Colic, Cramps, f 1
h?alBo n' ,iT?0r.,1i'i
Nerve, Bone and
Muscle Aches and Em "?'ST^KI'SMn id
Pains. The gen- ?*???|fl
nine lias Noah's
Ark on every
pack ago. 25 cts.
Sold by dealers In f|r.l
medicine. Sampie
hy mall tree, MMUyAfc
Noah Remedy Co., HI J11^1 3v I
Richmond, Va. UUKIIMOl
Winthrop College
The examnaton for tho award of vacant
scholarships in Winthrop College
and for the admission of now students
will be hold at tho County Court
Ilouse on Friday, July 1, nt a. in.
Applicants must bo not less than lifteon
years of ago. When Scholar
ships are vacant after July 1 they will
bo awarded to those making the high
est average at this examination, provided
they meet the conditions governing
tho award. Applicants for scholarships
should write to President
Johnson before tho oxainination for
Scholarship examination blanks.
Scholarships nro worth #100 and free'
tuition. The next session will open
September 21, 1910. For further information
and catalogue, address Pres.
L). B. Johnson. Rook Hill. S. C.
Notice ot Final Settlement and Discharge
NOTIUE is hereby given that I vrill
make application to J. B. Newberry
Es(|., Judge of Probate for Pickens
county, in the State of South Carolina,
Oil the 27th day of May. 1910, at 11
o'clock In the forenoon, or as soon thereafter
as said application can be heard,
for leave to make final settlement of the
estate of M. T. Smith deceased, and
obtain discharge as administrator of
aniil notntn
Notice of Final Settlement and
NOTICE is hereby given that I will
make application to J. B. Newberry
Esd., Judge of Probate for Pickens
county, in the Stnte of South Carolina,
on the 2 duy of June 1010, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, or as soon thereafter ab
said application can be heard, for leave
to make final settlement of the estate of j
1). A, Chamblin deceased, and obtain
uiscnnrge as aamrt. of said estate.
'A. Ij. CJlmmblin,
County of Pickens.
Ry J. B. Newberry, Probate Judge:
WHEREAS, W. C. Simpson made
ni't to me, to grant bim letters of;
Administration of tbe estate and effects I
of Samuel Simpson.
Those urn t.herpfnrp In fil/> nml ...i
nionish nil and singular the kindred
and creditors of the said Samuel Simp-j
son deceased, that they he and ap-!
pear before nie, in the Court of Prohate,
to he held at Pickens on the ^Cth
day of May 1010 next tifter publication '
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
show cause if any they have, why the
said administration should not he granted.
Given under my hand, this 9th J
day of May Anno Domini 1910,
J, B. Nkwbkkky. (seal)
J. 1\ P.O.
Breeders Guide
The S. C. Uhode Island Reds, aro the
best knowi. ureed for producing good
winter layers. F.ggs at 00 and 0J
per Hotting. K. II. Craig.
Castle Hall
Pickens Lodge No, 123
K. of P.,
Stated convention H:30 p. rn., Monday
evening after the lut and lid .Sunday.
Work ahead for all the Hanks.
All vinitora cordially invited,
Hy order of
l>. <i. MOOKK, C, c.
A. M. MOItRIB, K. of It. himI H.
:- i n i
x ruiessiuiiai tarus
Pickens, S. C.
OlMcc fivor I'irkcnn I ?ak.
ttna^ mm 11 an,.,. ?
p|flg| Eggs! Bag Hgggggeia
U n B9j BBk gg m HVB
i . --- ????-?I L
Designed by Roseuwald & Weil, Chicag<
Whereas, n pelilionfron the freeholders anil
electors of IIiik<x"I school district No IW B B M
litis been Ii 1 e<I with the < ounty Hoard of I'.duca | ll'lTI' g
lion askiiiKsald hoard for permission to hold B_J 11
an elect Ion in suit I <1 ist ricl to detci mine vvlioth- II11 ll
er or not , mills extra levy shall lie levieil on I
said district for school purposes,
ll appearing to the County Hoard of I'.duca- " I
lion that the petition meets the ro<jnirements
of tlie law. Therefore tt is ordered that the
trustees of above named district <lo hold an
election on May at IhiRoodn school house
lor the nhove stated |iur|>ose. The Trustees of
ahoye named district are hereby appointed
managers of said election, The election to I
he held aceorditiK to the requirement#of sec- I .fw\|
lion rJOf of the school law.
H. T. I lull ii in.
Sec. .v Chin.
______________________________ I
Non-Resident Summons. Just 1
State of South Cnroliiiii for $l.OO.
County of Pickens. rC'CClltlv tl(
Colli ! r.f C.vmnmi, ' *
y , thot wc e\
Summons for Kelief? Complaint Not
Served. j}- j(
\V. D. Edens, plaintiff,
against 20c.; gal!(
A. J. Manly ami J. A. Oosnell,
To the Defendants above named:
Yon are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint in this ^
action, of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to serve a copy of you i^'OHCl4
your answer to the said complaint on
the subsci ihers at their ollico at Pickens I IKA
i v;ouri Mouse, ^oiith Carolina within
twenty dajs after the service hereof, 2S('.
exclusive of the day of such service; aad
if you fail to answer the complaint BI..O
within the time aforesaid, tlr* Plaintiff
in the actio i will apply to the dour! for * *
the relief demanded in the complaint. I |
Dated May 12, A. 1 >. 1010. ^ *
Morgan & Mauldin,
Plaintiff's Atorneys. litis i
A.J. noggfl, . f ?
(seal) t:. 0. I?. not iaKC s
To the Defendants A. J. Manly and J. /A.
Gosnoll: ' ^lips
Please take notice that the complaint f
in thin action and the summons of which v^OlYK
the foregoing is a copy were liled in the
oftico of A. J. Hoggs, Clerk of the < ourt B***
of Common pleas for Pickens County, f
S. V,.. on the 12th day ol May A. i>. B ^ B''
1010. I
Morgan & Mauldin,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
The Kev Stone p/o
. _____
g: !!!<
riTiiiuMT "* ! , 1 V m
|() I,,,,|(
h the "atone" that supports the entire
Hiipemucture. The "Keystone" f ' Uiih
htore's << (?11 <r}) (
Jewelry Business
W VY I ."1
i* fair prices, superior goo In, If you wnnt Knrni,n
a flawlofln diamond como here and get
it. 1'recious Rtonep and ornamental jewelry
lrom here r* guar 11 teed highest m~
grade obtainable. ^
H. Snider, Mai
, fca i Phon
lOnnlo.y, H. C.
1 11111^2)*
A young cjiap
he ?<>t inside w^(
stirli n ?. 11 i t llint
No, it was sold
^JV| "a rinul of mine*.
my "I've admired t
two or three time
thought it conkl I
"l<1 to^ ni(- '1(like
it? Who ma
ggv "It's a i
Bro's &
. ?no of
Thfi Olr
u B jtm*. m a u i
or CASH ill Si
i, < i -
iv uyrr iiH:sc juices.
is guarantee!
*eceived another shipment of
This is the last lot we can
dvanced. Shis is one of the 1
,rer saw.
T - 1 > ^ 11 ~ TV f _ 1 i t
ui iv.i m:uu moiasses in duck
3n size 40c. This molasses of
i pleasure for us to sell you ;
ally pay 25c for, for only 15c.
cVN TUMBLERS, lor 25c set.
? w?* +
inson s tingm
is something every body misse
ome of these goods.
and Saucers 50c set plates 4c
s to see us.
One-price Cash Mer
irey & Chi
us wlien yon waul a
I upon, or good farn
is or in i liis fount v
c<l to show you vvha
I sure that wo can
tho timo to invest ii
it onhancos in valuo
)arey & Cha
ri St. Pickc
c No. 33. Office over I
> came into t.ic store
1 to know^th;; *^'nutc
*ther we had such and
was in the window on
1 knew it," lie snid
has it on."
hat suit i*i the window
s, but I'll jiggered il I
>e bought for the price
paid. Got anything
de the. suit* anyway?"
: Co.
the lino of
. . i n
?. some of thrm they
t sonic class to tlioni."
II in.
Kverv item
jap Rice at 25 pounds
?.t at the pricc as it lias
jiggest values in rice
:ets. Half gallon size
ten sell for 5< c. gallon.
a set of tumblers that
orth to 40c set for
;h Ware:
s a bargain if they do
) and 50c.
?>. Q.
S. O.
tllfl f nu/n Inl
\y 1/W f T II w
ling land near
We will be
I we have and
interest, yon.
i real property
ins, S. C.
rreeman Building.
' IMiiMBl

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