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m 1 AVcgetable Preparation for As
H;; slmUailngthcPwdanilRc^uia
Wi ting the Stomachs andBowels of
I! |i PromotesDigpslion?hterfulj
I i ncss and Rest.Contalns neither
III i Opiuiu.Morphiiuj nor Mineral.
II Not Narcotic, j
| | [: Ihfijptof OldIkSHMVELtiiuuH
ii Hnpkia StdIII
4&T?! \
fgWfljtf jinisiStfd * I
?!$?; &SX&-U,. /
WntfilZi UhrmSrtd- 1
pl| ; ) .
Kgw jlR.': AperfectRemedy forConsftya- I
lion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea I
E3g2M;j Worms,1Convulsions .Feverish 1
ncss andLoss or Sleep.
Ita^vfjji Facsimile Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
President W. C. Brown, of the New
York Central, has declared that the
iucreases recently granted to railway
workers throughout the country, to-;
gother with those which have been
arranged for. will make an aggregate j
$100,000,0011 a year. Haseil upon interstate
commerce C( mmlsslon stalls
tics. President Brown says the wages
paid under the new scale will he
$1,227,233,000 annually. This Is eonv
pared with $1,072,380,000 paid out in
1907, tho record year for railway busl
That the "anti-trust" law of Mis
Blpslppl Is constitution*! was tho de
Clslon by the supreme court of the
tTnlted States in affirming the decres
of the Mississippi supreme court that
X"> ?? - 11 r 1
me uciun liiiiiiuer ueaiers' assoeiatlon
of that stale is a combination Id
restraint of trade. The state supreme
court has already affirmed a deciHion
holding the association to he In re
flfraint of trade. The lumbermen al
leged that the law was unconstitu
tlonal in thut It took property with
out'due process of law.
President Taft has returned to
Wa#ti nRton bringing to a done his
middle woBt trip of a week, which In
eluded vlalts to Duffalo, Pittsburg
Olnoinnatl and St Louis Thn
v dent, who whs accompanied by his
' ' military nld, Captain A W. Butt, Ah
slstant Secretary Wagner and his se
cfret servloe jruarda, had been traveling
for 29 hours when Wnshingtoti
was reached.
The United States supreme court
has affirmed a decree of oust or of the
supreme court of Tennessee against
the Standard Oil Conrvany, <>f K*n
tucky, which had been found guilty
in the Tennessee courts of engaging
in a combination In restraint of trade
In violation of the State antitrust
The demand of the adyjiuistration
for two new battleships will be granted.
the Renato fnmniliiua
affairu having practically decided to
accopt the provjrtlom of thf houue
donunlttee on this subject.
' Washington,-?The supreme court of
the Unlttfd States, in a case from the
iWu, Kentucky courtg. decided that a state
jC- VU*W requiring banks to be aayesaed
lHh^outity taxfls Is constitutional.
CRIMES Detective J. H. RearJL
AND don, of PK^Bbujj;,
CA9UALTIE8 shot through til* heart
and Detective .Tamefe H?vln? of Plttf^
Often The Kidneys Are
weakened by liver-Work.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure blood,
Weak and unhealthy kidneys are responsible
for much sickness and suffering,
_ ?>211 therefore, if kidney
Ojikal k trouble is permitted l?>
4* I,I) (-ontinue- s erious rvyT\
suits are most likely
ff to follow. Your other
organs may need ut'
\j' ^Ann j tention, but your kid[
( nevs most, because
/ M I they do most and
-If" should have attention I
*3 first. Therefore, when
your Kidneys are weak or out of order, |
you can understand how quickly your entire
body is affected and how every organ
seems to foil to do its duty.
If you are sick or " feel badly," begin
taking the great kidney remedy, Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root. A trial will convince
you of its great merit.
The mild and immediate effect of <
Swamp-Root, the great kidney and
bladder remedy, is soon realized. It I
stands the highest because its remarkable
health restoring properties have been
proven in thousands of the most distressing
cases. If you need a medicine you
should have the best. ?
fifty-cc/it and onc-dol- Itf!''
lar 8i7.es. You may
pamphlet telling you
now to find out if you have kidnev or
bladder trouble. Mention this paper .
when writing to Dr. Kilmer 8r Co.,
Hingliamton, N. Y. Don't make any mistake,
but remember the nnme, SwampHoot,
and don't let a dealer sell you j
noun-thing in place of Swamp-Root?if j
you do you will be disappointed.
" !
1 ''if ' '
'& '
For Infants and Children.
[he Kind You Have
Always Bought
ooro I ?
u u.u.u m 1
Signature /Am
v; r
La For Over
tma mm mm
I flirty Years
burg, shot iu the log. while at lenst
three alleged strikers of the AuieriCIU1
Sheet Hlld Til Pluto llmnnurv
were shot, at Stenbp-ivlllo, Ohio. TTiv
flirht was the result o*" the long strike
at the tin plate plant.
Charles A. McCrary l.ee I'orUlns
Roberts and J. I'M Bullington, three
members of Macon's Pirn department,
were dashed to death in a twinkle
of an eye, three other firomun were
severely injured and the new |S.f>00
motor fire engine, recently purchased
by the city, was wrecked in an accident
nt the junction of ('lu rry and
Fifth streets, when a swerve of six
inches threw the big machine on ? 1*r?
castings of an intake basin and the
curb stone and thence Into three large
telephone poles.
George Bachelor, 20 years of age,
son of John Bachelor, living near
Ellorslie, Harris county, committed
BliIcIile by shooting himself with ;t
pistol. Young Baohelor had a difficulty
with ivpother yount; n an ami
fearing arroat by an officer, it |* 1?. llevod
by his parents, lie decided to
end bis life. John Bachelor fatbor
of the young man, is a prominent
Just a few minutes before lie was
to 1p:i VP \\\< ;m . / *..
Dr. Martin Cagle, a promin nt physician
of that place, was < rn ;?1 ? I to
(Jenth between a giant plaU'min and a
l)Ox car on tlio nortli side of Wall
fijreet, almost directly nnder the
Broad street bridge in At lain a. Friday
afternoon, shortly before 5 o'clock.
Peter Kennedy, a farmer I'-sidlng
tw#*ntv mili?o cniith r>c c? ?
- 1...4VO m/iiin \>l 0|'<1 I I U n IHII'g,
C., near the Union count \ lino, was
eliot and killed by his brother, David
Kennedy Tho tragedy is said to
be tho result of a dispute ovor tho
location of a land line dividing their
farms. No arrests have been reported.
Lee Crawford, host ;it a dance, at
Wasson, Misfl., ii is said, was shot
and killed by (Jenc Waldrop, because
he danced tor; often with NValdrop's
betrothed. Crawford was n wealthy
and well known planter. Scores who
attended tlie dance which was held
In Crawford's largo lion- <?, witnessed
the tragedy.
Mrs. Allie Packer, of (ireeiivile, S.
C., was instantly killed l>y I'glitning,
and a sixmonth's-old infant in her
anus thrown to the (loot, !> ing fatal
ly burned about the face The wo
man whs at her door watching a (In
nearby when the holt struck !i?m*.
The big fertilizer plant of Haiigh
& Sons Company has been destroyed
hy fire, throwing 1.1,0(>n men o>;?
work and cat.aing a damage < !' ,i i. <?n
Imaloly $ 100 0'>0. Thn hrc or linh' |
in tlio mixing room of the i>l.nii
(.'lyases 0 Walker, who w r? < !? ?!
the Soutii Cleveland Hanking ('oui|i!i
ny, in Clevnland, Ohio, Itm h< <mi ron
victed of prejury for answert"
fyjlue statements us Ui tin- hiinkV n
A report has been receive! Jhnt
the Thibetans at iiaiout have revoltAA
rtA/f 'I.'. ...... I rlUl
fi06f! comprising tlx- gnriisan.
What They Will Do for You
They will curc your backache,
strengthen your kidneys, correct
urinary irregularities, build
up the worn out tissues, and
eliminate the exr.pss tirio noM
that causes rheumatism. Prevent
Bright's Disease and Diabates,
and restore health and
strength. Refuse substitutes*
HM'a> ' s-zwut+m
! 0(>m? li; Whft ITQC
1 Many Succeades. J
il''.iiM ' . J
1 y ^ ^ >
- ^
Few American HCtorti are bettffi
known to the playgoers of America
iuuu i' ruiu'is wuson, me corudcuao,
who has scored n success thUi ??aaon
In a play called "The Bachelor*? Baby^
Solemn Ceremony of Swearing in for
Perhaps Last Time.
London.? The swearing in of members
of what may be the last house
of lords and what is almost certainly
the last as it is now constituted, began
with all tho medieval pomp of
governmental machinery. A great
crown whs in tne chamber of the
herodltnrj house and the galleries
wore thronged, some of the most famous
beaullos and society women of
Great Hiltain being in the ladies' gallery.
The belief that never again
would the tipper house he convened
with the sumo authority as that it now
holds added i : umber dignity to the
historic show which all the trappings
and ceremonies could not lend.
Enthusiasm made itself apparent
frequently, and there were many
ecnoes or tri<- past struggle and fore
runners of tho coming battlo t<rr ths
curbing of the lords' powers.
On> of the most interest log figures
in the new house of lordo i* Herbert
Gladstone, son of the Grand Old Man,
who aeeepteil a peerage in splta of
his former connection with the ministry
and its bitter finht on the hereditary
Thp royal commissioners, designated
to attend tn the opening tctr
iiiuinii-'n in iin> iniico <>i me King, naa
a busy tlmo of itA
M ;?it WnillN to Die
only \\ f.c n <i lazy liver and sluggish
hnwi'ls eause frigh'ful despondency,
lint Dr. King's New Life l'ills expel
l?:>isuji from tlie s\>tem ; living hope
and cnurngp : euro nil Liver, Stomach
and Kidney troubles: impart health
and vign to the weak, nervous and ailing:
?r?e. at all druggists.
Evening Up.
"Were .von ever in a holdup?"
"No, but I've taken part in a showdown."-New
York Journal.
The i Utiulitl work of Chamberliftn's
Stomach anil Liver Tablets is all eonv
i ii?^ to liuht. No such inland remedy
foi liver ami bowel troubles was ever
!:;;ii\vii before. Thousands bless tliein
for cm iny ionstipntion, sick headache,
iiiliousiu ss jaundice and indigen* ion.
Sold by all dt-al"rs.
I ndustry.
it is not enough to bo industrious.
So are the aids. What are you Industrious
about ?-Tiiorcau.
N '.- r h-sitato about giving I'hamlio
r t it in".-, ( ough Keimdy to children,
it contain:- no opium or other narootiis
andean lie given with implicit
conliilenco. As a quick euro for
'High- and colds to which children are
>usceptit In i( is unsurpasod. Sold'by
all d- a I-is.
I lie Attraction.
"You pny you ti!?? in lovo with M1h?
"I an) sure I am."
"Jlut I can't soe anything attractive
about her."
"Nolllior can I soo it. But It's lu
the bank, all riuht."
Ii.t... i i- i- ? s I
10 lancii uy jicujjic ill (rupi*
I cal countries all the year I
I round. It stops wasting and I
I keeps up the strength and fl
I vitality in summer at well 1
I as winter.
Nopls . .".nd Coral.
( hi il :i.. iiiv is mi Important
(rail.- in N p 1'he totnisl will be
a si I m I ai l he ii 11 ml kt of shops
win h sell (hi- iirti<le hi all forms,
Jewells ami inble ornament)* especially.
The l'>w price of labor there Is an
linpo,-;miii lacmr.
IIow'c This?
w > ? iV i < >iii* 1 (ii tt<lr? <1 Dollars Ke
w.inl I'm jii*\ riisc of Catarrh that eann.
i I ii en 11 < I Itv Hall's ('atarrh Cure,
i .1. ('II liN r. V Toledo, O.
\\ tlit* ii Ii i 'i^iM'il, have known F.
J. f hi'iii \ for the hist lft years. and helii
\ i It iin | ii iIiti l\ h mora III#* I n all hiinlii'
Iimi -action- and financially aide to
carry "ui any obligationa made hv his
Vs u.iMNd. Kinnan & Marvin,
Wlioli-.alt- hni^nisfH, Toledo, ().
Hall -< larrh <'urc is taken internalI,',
acini: directly upon the blood and
mucous Bin faces of the HyBtem. Testimonial*
i n; free. Price 7*c. )>cr bottle. I
Outsideuleanliooss is less than fall tin
' 'sorub himself a dozen times ? day, and I
health mean* cloanl^ess not only outside
clean stomach, clean bowels, elcan b)
new, clean, healthy tissues. The man w
will look it and aof it. He will work
clean, dear, healthy thoughts.
He will never bo troubled with liver,
disorder*. Dyspepsia and indigestion ori
aohs. Blood diseases are found where
Consumption and bronchitis mean uncles
Dr. Pierce's Golden
prevents these diseases. It n
nd healthy. It oleans the di
clean blood, and olsao, heah
It restores tone to the nervous systc
prostration. It contains no aloohol or hi
Constipation'is the most unclean unci
lets our* it. They never tfripe. Easy I
ttliuka Into Your Shoe
Allen's Foot Ease, a j>owder. It euros
painful, swollen, smarting, nervous
feet ?nd instantly takes tho sting out
of corns and bunions anmunkes walking
oasy. Try it today. Sold everywhere,
Mr. E. M. Dukes, sawyer for
Messrs. Sabin <Sc Morrison, at
their largo lumber plant at
Branchville, mot with a serious
accident Tuesday morning.
While adjusting the guide on
the log carriage, the carriage
caught him, and before he had
time to clear himself, it threw
Us.., 1
xiim u|? a^uinat mic* suAV, aim
severed his right arm at the
elbow. Medical attention was
quickly rendered, in order to
stop the How of blood.
There If at Recently Keen I'luced
In all tho druK HtoroH ?n aroinuti ,
pleasant herb euro for wonmn's ills,
called Mothor Gray's AUSTRALIAN
it ?a tne only certain rogulator.
Quickly relievos female weaknesses
and Backache, Kidney, Blad
der and ([Urinary troubles. At all
druggist** or by mail f>0 c nts. Sample
FREE. Address, The Mo'hor
Grav Co., LeRoy, N. V.
There has been no further action
taken in the mysterious
killing of Henry Mitchell on
Sunday morning, near Free
donia, Lexington county, and it
seems most likely that the guilt y
party will never he known.
The inquest was held by Magistrate
Shealy, the coroner not
being notified, and the fact that
the inquest was allowed to be
closed without finding out anything
at all about the killing
has been the cause of considerable
A touch of rhematipm, or n twingo
of neuralgia, whatever tho troublo in,
ChamlMjrlain'H Liniment drives away
tho pein at oneo and euros tho eoinplaint
quickly. First application
gives relief, rfold by all dealers.
The store of W. M. Green &
Co., at Warrenville, Aiken
county, was destroyed by fire
early Sunday morning, and the
millinary establishment of Miss
Mattie Greene, situated next
door, was considerably damaged,
as was the postoftice on the
opposite side of Greene & Co's.
store. The loss was around
$2,000, partially covered by insurance.
The origin is not
1...* AT 1 i II ^ ..
tvuovvJl, imt It UlUU^Ill mai 11
it was the resultof incendiarism
Chamberlain'tJ Stomach and Livor
Tablets will clear the sour Htomach,
sweeten the breath and creato n hoalthy
ni?j?ntito. They promote the flow
of gastric juice,thereby inducing irood
distention. Sold by all dealers.
Where is the Htate of matrimony?
It in in the United States.
It is bounded by hugging and
kissing on one side; and babies
and cradles on the other. Its
products are imputation broomsticks
and staying out at ni^ht.
T l 1 i i
n was discovered My Adam and
Eve while trying to find a northern
pass out of Paradise. The
climate is rather sultry until
yon pass the topics of housekeeping,
when stormy weather
sets in, with sufficient power to
keep all hands cool as cucumbers.
For the principal roads
I 1!.. A J 1 1
ifiuuiin mi i ins mn>n\snng state,
consull the first pair of blue
eyes you run against.?Kx.
Johon D. Koekefellt r would go broke
if lie hIiouM Hpond It in entiro income
trying to pruparo it better medicine
than ('hnmborlain'H Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Komuriv for diarrhoea,
dysentery or bowel^comphiintK. It in
Himply impoinildo, and ho kb\m every
one that Iihh viHed it. Sold I % all
x.WO.OI. .
A Proverb Reverted.
Friend (to Interesting Invalid)?Never
mind, dear, yon'll soon J>o better. He
member, It's only the good that die
young. Interesting Invalid You've
got it the wrong way. You mean It's
only tho young who die good.?I-ondon
Illustrated Tilts.
Tlia High C'oMt of l,lvln|[.
Increases the price of many necesni
m n nniiuui improving ine <|iiniilv.
Foley's Honey and Tar maintains its '
high standard of excelloncn nnd its
uroat curative <iualitius w'thout any
incrnaflo in cost.' It ih the heat rome
dv for coughs colds, croup, whooping i
cough and all ailments of th? throat, 1
nhost and lungs. The genuine in the \
yellow packago. Refuso Hul>Htitnt(!H.
Bold hy all Druggists
s battle. . A man may
itill b? unclean. Good aKf^xjsSk
i, but inside. It mean*
uuu, h oiesw liver, qua arw
ho ic clean In thi? way ,,ff ^9
with energy and think ? fl
lung, stomach or blood Jln3\
ginate in unclean atom- I'J/ (i f
there is unclean blood. *
in lungs. %
Medical Discovery t
nakes n man's inside* clean
gestive organs, makes pure, J
im, and cures nervous exhaustion and .
ibit-forming drugs. \
eanliness. Dr. Piercc's Pleasant Pel:o
take as candy. I
Coimuniidcr Julius A I'rMtt Post No. M!)
Dept. lit. (i. A. K.
Mr. Isaac Cook, Commimdn of nhovo 4
Post, Kownneo. 111., writes: "For a )
long timo 1 was bothered with back- j
ache and pains across my kidneys.
About ?iwo months |ngo Btartod taking 1
Foly Kidnoy Pills and noon saw they j
were doing just as claimed, f kept on
taking them and now I am fren from
backache, and the on in ful bladdor ,
misery is all gone. 1 like Foley Kid- '
ney Jt'iiis so well that I have told many I
of my friends and comrades about .
them and shall recommend them at
every opportunity." Sold l>y all 1
druggists. * I
A meeting; of the subscribers <
to the stock of the Florence Fair i
Association was held at the |
court house at that place on 1
Wednesday. About #>,000 of
the proposed ?10,000 has IVen
subscribed, but il is thought i
best by a number of those inter- <
ested, to increase the subscrip- i
tion to $25,000. and make the 1
fair a really bia: filing. j
For -Mart) Tliiin Tlir?'? III cuileit.
JFolev's Honov ntid Tnr hns lieen a 1
household favorite for nil ailments of
this throat, chost and lungs. For infanta
ami children it is host and safest ]
as it contains no opiates ami no harm :
fnl drugs. None geiidim; hut Foley's
Honey and Tar in the yellow package. <
Kefuse substitutes. Sold hy all druggists.
The announcement was made
Tuesday that the law examination
will ho held in Columbia on j
I 1 nil ? "
,j uiit' i. i no oxanunai on will :
probably last June 1 and '2. It ]
was announced some time ago ,
that the first examination by
the new hoard of lawexaminers ,
would be held May (J, but this ,
was changed at Tuesday's meet- ,
ing of the board. .
Foley Kidney Pills urn antiseptic, <
tonic find restorative nnil a prompt corrective
of all nrinnry irregularities. '
Refuse Mil'stitliles. Selil Ily nll'ilrug- ]
Kists. * "
Robert Let;, a white man, .
who was serving a sentence on ,
the Florance county ehr.in gang, i
was killed Tuesday while at ;
work with the gang, near Han- ,
11an, in me lower pari of the )
county, l?y a falling tree. This <
is the third occurrence of a like |
nature in that county within a |
like number of months. The ,
tree was being felled by the |
roadside, when Lee was caught <
and killed. i
Foli.v Kiclnoyl'iUh rontain in conceit- I
trntod form ink'rodicntH of established ,
therapeutic vnlur for thn relief and '
euro of nil kidney and Madder ail- I
meats. Sold by all druggists. ,
Hubby's Little Gnmc. ,
\\ ire w lull's the matter? Husband J
?Some one has been robbing the linn, )
and I'm afraid I'll he suspected. Wife
?Impossible! Husband ? Well, It's
best to be on the safe side. Hotter not ?
buy that new dress you've been worry- ]
lug me about.
Whul Ivorybody WitulH.
Kverybody desires good health which
is impossible unless the kidnnvs nre
sound and healthy. Foley's Kidney
Remedy should bo taken nt tho llrst
indication of nnv irregularity, and n J
serious illness ma\ lie averted, f
Foley's Kidney Remedy will restore
yonr kidneys ami bladder to their normal
state iinrl ni'tliitv
Blood Balm'
(B. H. B.) Cures Through the Blood
.-?Blood Poison Ml
ffiekr bone pains, can- fl
cer, scaly skin,
Rheumatism, Eczema*
Itching Humors.
Iblb II. (Hotnnic Hlood Blood) is the
only Blood Reinedj that kills the poison
in the blood and then purifies it?sending
a flood of pure, rich i iood direct to
the skin aurface, bones, joints, and
wherever the disease is located. In this
way all sores, ulenrs. pimples, eruptions
are healed and ciued. pains and aches
of Rheumatism cease, swellings subside,
lb lb 1?. completely changes tho body
into a clean healthy condition, giving
the skin the rich, red hue of perfect
health. Jb lb lb cures the worst old
[ ases. Trv it.
plenxant nii'l Hftfo to oike; eoiu)'OMe<l ?l pure
Ilut.oilc liiKredlent' it purities un<l onrlchon
ll>e Mood . It. It. It HirmiRtlicufk tho nerves
?li(l IxiIIiIh 111) tin- liroboti iIau > <
<iHt<4 *i (xi i'tfu i. \ !?;i; iVottu:' wiib o'lrec
tiouK for home < irp.
Sold at All 1 )rug Stores,
' ... &W\. ,
'there seems to be an impressalon that cott<
oq, high to use as a fertilizer. You can use 1
>er Eent. acujl and one ton of rtifgj and you v
ons of fertilizer that will eqst yon >20.94 Per
it Anderson, S. 0., fall This meal r
Der cent, to 8 per cent, ajnmowa and ahout 2 p
Hiat is not high for a fertilizer as prices are r
nany people have tried meal ?nd acid mixed a
t very satisfactory. . There is frothing that goe
ributor or grain drill slicker or smoother than
rcn-four acid. 10 per cent, phosporic acid and
ish, mixed with meal nv*.ces a corking good
/on use that you get a fertilizer that is among
lad. Ask W. H. Glenn, (Henry Glenn) his ,e
io-4 acid and meal. He tried it a year or s
cept it up.
Now, if you expect to use meal and acid this
suggest that you get your meal early. A liti
this last year we all woke up one morning and
ply of cottonseed meal was exhausted. There
had. Last year there was more cottonseed m
there has been or will be this year. There we
crush. There was more cotton made. Last
much milder winter than this has been and it tf
for the cows in a hard winter than it does in i
We have used more this winter than we tl
I here was not very much meal exported to Km
There were five thousand tons of meal exporte
ton a few days ago and most of it came from c
state. Now, taking all these things together,
this year, a harder winter, taking more meal ;
heavier export trade this year than last and
ing that last year the meal supply was complet
little later then this, and we can hardly resist
that meal will be higher before a great while,
trying to get it too long you may find that you
hind the net. Besides, if you are going to us*
it r? n rl Innl it linmo onfl V\ mn. *
iiuiuv. mvg it icrtuy. UCL 11
get it; don't put it off until it is all gone. The
ahead of the net, not benind it. Fishing bch
mighty poor business.
We have given you the price of a fertilizer
and one-third meal. Now if you use half met
it will cost you some more but you will find it r
izer, and then perhaps, you can mix it better,
lialf and half you won't have any leit over,
your biscuit and gravy give out at the same tin
Now we have a magnificent lot of high gra<
[joods to sell; goods that have proven satisfact<
up country wnerever they were used last year.
suggest to you that there is more in the fert
analysis. You can't always go by the analys
difference is in the arrmonia. We get the am
different sources. The best ammoniate plant
high grade blood from the slaughter pens of i
runs about 17 per cent, ammonia and is avalia
as a plant food. Hoof meal runs from [8 pei
sent ammonia and will stand up all right on ai
well on paper, but it takes about seven years t
ible as a plant food after it is put in the groui
derived from leather meal we are fold never b
food. We are merely mentioning this to poini
1 -?
:iear to you tnat you cant depend 011 the analy
.0 buy ferilizer on grade and on results obtai
Iruits as shown in crops. The crops grown k
jur fertilizer was used speak for themselves ai
fectly willing to rest our case on then. There
:rops made in Anderson County last year thai
with our fertilizer. Buy fertilizer on grade; dc
<er like you buy fat backs. A fat back is a fal
send an idoit to a store and he can buy as goo
^he best fanner in Anderson County, But tha
y'ou buy your coffee, or your clothing, or your
lour, or your land or your mules. You buy *i
lUSt as nfnrlv pvprvtliincr !? Knurrlif
J J h
at backs.
We wish to especially recommend our 10
3-4-4. 9-3*3 ancl 10-4-4?8-3-3 and 9-3-3 lor r<
[0-6, 8-4-4 anc^ 10-4-4 f?r sandy lands.
See our agents.
Anderson Phosphate <!
Anderson, B. C
I. K. Vttiidlver, I). S. 1
rl6 oz to (he lb.
We don't claim any pedestals or wings f<
but one thing we are particular about is
f'Vorv nminrl r\f crrr\Mr'te*c! "f ?
? - j ?' niiii uui ui u
pound. You get just what >ou pay for.
Honest Weight
Correct Measures
Come in; let's talk it over.
Thomas & Han
| Good Things to Eat
Goods Delivered Free, 'Phc
I Next Door to Gravley's Stable. i
;\: << .. w *
V f ~S ' '
' v's>4^* ' "
gP |V
l^see^Mlteal is
two tqlis of 14
will lVfwe three;
ton, delivered**
u 11s from ^
>ercent. potash,
low. A great
nd have found
s through n dis
meal and acid.
4 per cent, pot
fertilizer; when
the best to be
ixperience with
o ago and . has.
year wq wo,ukl
tie later tlmn
found the sup- ,
was none to be
eal made than
re more seed to
winter was a
iiiwhj llirai
i milder winter,
lid last winter,
rope last year,
d from CharlesMi
mills in this
a shorter crop
md very much
then remembercly
exhausted a
the conclusion
If you put off
are fishing be2
it why not get
while you can
place to fish is
intl the net is
two-thirds acid
il aud half acid
i stronger lertil
When you mix
You can make
le ammoniated
^ry all over this
We want to
ilizer than the
is. The main
imoniates from
t toot I is from
the West. It
ble on the /^ot
* cent, to 20 per
lalysis, show up 1. *
o become availed.
ecomes a plant
t out and make
sis. You want
inetl, on visible
ist year where
ul wc are perwere
no better
1 those fertilized
>n't buy fertilit
back, you can
id a fat har k
t is not the way
shoes, or jour
hem on grade
t lertilizer and
4, 10-6, S.3-3,
'.d lands, 104,
It OilCo
>r ourselves, gj
to see that S
ur stor * is a
>ne No. 07
rickens, H. C. I
i n - -* ?A,

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