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several iii%
inoneeniortts nftw m.
over the coiuilry, ami aokeo*.
edges recoiptof those from Con
tral, Liberty and Davidso
-l)o you know anybody tha
wants to buy a Rood stock o
clothing? Louis Copel says h
wants to sell out and bun
anotner town. Pickens is get
ting too big for him and hi
wants to limit a smaller plac
to do business.
?-Arthur 8. Porter is an
nou need for Magistrate fo
Pickens Township and is fa
miliar wit. ilie duties of the of
lice haling been magistrate a
Piedmont for a long time ;
number of years ago. Shoul
he be elected the people will b
well represented.
?We call your attention t
the ad of W. L. Matheny, whicl
fmnoin'u iii ('niu Itionn Tr.v
tvi ?> til iUHQ IOOUVi 1 LU WI lit?
all kinds of lire, life, accident
health and hail insurance
Surely in the lot thero is soni
sort of policy you need. H
represents first-class companie
and would appreciate a share o
your business.
?Joe E. Medlin is announce
in this issue for coroner and h
asks the consideration of th
voters at the primary election
lie is well known to many o
the people of the county, if no
personally, through Sloan Med
lin, his brother. Should he b
elected he will serve faithful!;
and efficiently.
?Tho many friends of Hon
Julius E. l*oggs, will bo sorr
to learn that for tho past mont
ho has boon confined tohisrooi
at. Karles sanitarium, in Green
villo, suffering with his eye
and other troubles, but ho i
now able to be at home and i
improving, and will be in th
race for congress, to a finish
This encouraging news from hi
bedside will be read with agrea
deal of gratification by his man
?This ollice wants to imprefc
on its correspondents thre
things: The name of the write
must accompany each articl<
write only on one side of th
paper; write plainly so that th
compositor can read it and I
careful and give proper name
coriectly. If you follow thefc
instructions faithfully and yov
articles fail to appear then yo
have a right to cuss the pape
If yon fail to follow these ii
structions to the waste l>ask<
tho article will tfo.
?Mi's W. F. Elder, of Macoi
Ga., and daughter, Mrs. Fre
Richardson, of Greenville, ai
spending a few days in Pickem
the guests of Mrs. J. A. Peel
They leavo Saturday ruorninj
and Mrs. Elder will beaccompt
nlod home by J. A. reek, Jr
who goes to Macon to visit hi
grand parents. Mrs. Richart
son will he pleasantly renien
hered by many Pickens peopli
who, as Miss Opal Elder, sper
last summer in our city at ti
hospitable home of J. A. Peek
id that
.ngs and
I cotton in,. own down.
II So far, no damage is hoard of
being done in other sections.
?The crops in the Easley section
have been greatlv damaged
? bv the recent rains and cold
^ weather. A prominent fanner
of that section says that his
[) tenants are discouraged and si-1
" most ready to give up. The
lands in many places are washi
ed into gullies.
I ?Rev. J. C. Yongue's condi;*
tion is such that lie is able to
be moved to Columbia, where
he is now with relatives and
II will undergo tretment for his
malady. His many friends in
0 Pickens and elsewhere hope
that he will soon be entirely reo
1 ?Mr. and Mrs. H, A. lliehey
s returned Friday fromGainsville,
'' Ga,, where they had been for
!* sonio days at the bedside of
e their grandson, Thomas Harvey,
e Son of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Wills
iams. the little one who was
about two years old died on
Thursday after a lingorinK illd
ness. The bereaved parents
e have the sympathies of their
e many friends in the'r bereave.
i 1Ji.l11IV 1? Iciyill}^
|. down material for the construee
tion of their new building on
y the corner lot next to the court
house. It will be a 2-story
structure, of pressed brick and
' white orick front and will be
y modern and convenient in every
h porticulor. All of the bank of11
fices will be located on the first
l" floor. The second floor will be
18 fitted up for offices and ?vill be
8 for rent and probably will be
8 occupied by some of our leading
c lawyers. The bank will not let
' the job by contract but B. E.
18 Grandy, contractor, w:e underL*
stand, will supervise the erecy
tion. When completed it will be
one of the handsomest and most
;s commodious bank buildings in
e' tho up-country and wil reflect
;r great credit on the towoof Pick3;
l< ?The Pickens County Poul10
t"y? Pigeon and Pet 8toc;k Association
met in Pickens on the
" 20th instant and reorganized by
>l electing E. H. Craig, president;
11 J.N. Hallum secretary and Ed11
gar Morris, treasurer. The fol1"
owing were elected on the board
of directors: E. II. Craig, C. 1j.
Cureton, 1). P. Hendricks, B. F.
Freeman, Ed Hendricks, B. P.
i, Robertson and J. T. Partridge,
(d It was voted to have no initiate
tion fee and to make the annual
a, dues only 60c. Each and every
c. person in the county interested
<, in any way in chickens, is urged
i- to join. The next meeting will
., be hold on June 3d at 4 p. in., at
is the Pickens Drug Co.'s store.
1- This will be old soldiers day and
many chicken fanciers will be in
3, town and they are urged to atlt
tend this meeting and to help
10 pull off iliis fall the best chicken
show ever held in the state.
au^htor, Sarai
ny her.
?The funeral of I ho I;i?
uol Simpson, colored. will
preached <?n tho second Sunday
in Juno, 11)10, at 11 oYlook, a.
m.,at New Hope Baptist church,
Libert}', S. ('.. by Rev. YV. R.
Sutherland and Rev. L. \\T.
? Mrs. J. L. Bolt and thoehil- i
dren, and especially t he children j
are very much hurt over the
death of their fine shepherd pup- J
py, which was run over and 1
killed Monday evening, while it
was playing by the roadside. (
The automobilists should hi1 as
careful as possible while running 1
through town, go at a very slow ;
speed and always have their *
machine under full control, from
the fact that there might he
small children out in the stivet
playing and then, as in the case
of this dog, after an accident
had happened, it would he then (
too late to presume! that the little
one would get out of the way
in time. We know there is a
great temptation to the hoys "to
hit it up a little" when they get ,
011 a good piece of road, and in
Pickens town there are some ex- .
cellent stretches, hut going at a
high rate of speed and striking
an obstruction of any sort, may
cause considerable dainaue. not
only to the machine lint to the
occupants also.
?Enoch A. Lawson, an old
Confederate soldier, committed
suicide Saturday morning be- :
tween daylight and sun-up, l>y
shooting himself with a gun.
Mr. Lawson was in his 71st.
year, and had been in decling
health for several months, but
was reported better and in good
spirits by friends and neighbors
who went to see him the day before.
It seems, from what
could be learned that his wife
had gotten up and was starting
a fire in the stove and he slip
I .C L 1- .. 'il J
l?eu tmt ui mo room wunouil
dressing;, took his ^ini and stepped
around the corner of house
and shot himself. A neighbor
boy who was. spending the
night heard the shot and went,
out to sco what it meant. He
found Mr. Lawson lying on bis
back, the gun across his breast
and a gaping wound in his
head just behind the right ear.
A piece of the skull was found |
at his feet and some of the pa- j
per used in the gun as wadding j
was right at his bead. No mo- j
tive for the deed could be as-j
signed. He leaves a wife and :i!
married daughter, tor many
years Mr. Lawson was a member
of the Oolenoy Baptist,
church. D. F. Sutherland,
magistrate of Dacusville town !
ship held the inquest, but up to
this writing he had not turned,
the papers over to the clerk of
court and we do not know
what evidence was adduced, or
what the verdict of the jury was.
From the best information at-;
tainable we are led to believe
that no evidence would be produced
that would throw any
light on the mystery.
He\ ..iuis, of the Kct
w e<1 section i> building a bridge
near Easily. M . Mills is a
husines man. lie dors hustle
iround. Why he baptised,
marriedland chastised one man
ill in only one year.
They have organized a Sunschool
at Shady (5rove and in-'
vite every body to attend.
We had a nice growing shower
Sunday night. and have had
plenty of rain pevious which has
been keeping streams muddy
ind people have been catching
some high priced lish.
Farmer arc not done plant ing
yet, some planted over and j
what is up i^ looking well.
Hev. W. M. Walker lias star-'
ted a seriers of meetings at 1'ickimis
Mill and will continue until
the :51st if not providentially t
(iuess I h.nl better stop before
I reach the waste basket- as I
urn traveling in that direction!
r '
very swiftly. Will come again i
soon if this escapes.
Gobhir Hon
~r* i
"Dreamer" Dreams Again.
Hear Friends of theS.-J.:
11' you remember, I told you
t wo vears ago that Liberty had i
the capital and talent necessary
to net out a paper and that all j
she needed was a title, so it!
seems that some one has sup-'
plied the title and the result is
a Mire little paper in circulation,
called the " I /iherty News." An
easy name to think wasn't it?
Hut, kind friends of thcS.-J.,
don't think for a moment that!
I have forsaken you. for I havei
not. I am like ;i parent who lavishes
so much affection on the
first, offspring that it seems there
would be none to bestow on another;
but bye and bye along
cenies No. '2. when parent-love
stretches out ami takes in the latest
addition, and it don't, matter
how in an v more are added,
parent-love takes them all in.
Ho, while I like the new paper, I
still have a warm place in my
heart for the Sentinel-Journal.
1 appreciate our Journal editor
because he has, from time to
time, offered the columns of bis
paper to each town and community
to exploit its own part icular
part of the county, and h? is not
to blame if his kind offer wasn't
accepted. He has also from
time to time advocated patron
izing home merchants, home industries,
etc. I am with him
in that, too. I believe every
person, so far :is he can possibly
do so, should trade with their
own home merchants instead of
running oil' to other towns to
trade. I see people pass mv
home each season going to
Pickens to buy hats and ot her
things, but I never see anyone
coming from Pickens to trade
at Liberty. Not because there
are cheaper or prettier hats and
dry goods at Pickens than here
went to |
ere but
.ny boys
Run Bossy
. wines the prodigal
;ui(l told him that he
heard that when he was away
that he dropped a nickel into a
Peanut parcher and told it to
plav "Home sweet home."
I guess I'd better stop praising
Liberty or the whole county
will want to move down here.
1 would like to know whats K
the mater with the old contributors,
Old Riddle especially.
Von will all be welcomed by
Pickens. R. 2.
Mr. Editor: Will you admit
one more to your corner? I will
try to give you a few dots from
our section.
We are having plenty of rainy *or
weather and general green seems re(
to have presente.l himself in our ^K
Mr. and Mrs. Cap Childress 20
were visiting relatives in the Six
Mile section last week.
Miss Bertha Durham and
brother, Arthur, were the guests
at the home of T. H. Holliday, y0i
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. 1). H. Kennemore,
of Liberty, visited in the
Six Mi'e section recently.
Mr. li. E. Parrott and two
daughters, Misses Mamie and
Katie, were visitors at Clemson
Friday and Saturday
Key. B. C. Atkinson passed no
tin1/ o nil) Si i v Af Urt L1 i?iil o \r
i i 'i A m uu r nuaj .
Mr. and Mrs. lTaynes Abercrombie,
of (Jateechee, were
recent. visitors at the home of
(\ Iv. Abercrombie. f
Mrs. Cynthia Morgan, of Oco- ?
nee eounty, accompanied by her ^
charming daughter. Miss Nannie,
visited at the home of lv. K.
Parrott, last week.
An interesting baseball game ?Z
was played Saturday evening "
between the Six Mile and Gar- ?
vin school teams. The ganiej
stood to t) in favor of Six Mile, I
and was played in P. P. Powell's!
j t 1 , . , I
pasuire. .\ large crowu enjoyed
the playing,
Best wishes to the S.-J. and
its many readers.
Swamp Fox. ns
Singing at Central j,
Mr. Ifiditor: Will you please
announce that there will be an so
all day song service conducted (|t
at Central Baptist church the \\
first Sunday in J line beginning Uj
at 10 o'clock a. m. to
All lovers of sacred song are te
cordially invited to attend and
i l i 1 ii- i
< nun- |M'tr|iiii'cii i" ?puuti i iit' (iay. | in
Many of the Ih4?1 singers of ca
Oconee, Anderson, Greenville w<
and Vickens Counties have
promised to he present. Also a or
quartette of singers trained in Q
the {Shenandoah School of music th
at l>ayton Va. have promised to lit
he present and assist in the service.
All who miss this song
service will miss a grand treat
musically. Mcl). Weams.
1 fon n
w e wm
Box 264.
Office over Keow<
I write fire and life hi
Look ov<t these pri<
is guurar
Just received another shipme
$1.00. This is the last lot we
:ently advanced. Shis is one ol
)t we ever saw.
Big lot La Belle Molasses ir
c.; gallon size 40c. This mola?
It is a pleasure for us to sell
u generally pay 25c for, for onl
Johnson's En:
This is something every body
t take some of these goodc.
Cups and Saucers 50c set p)
Come to see us.
One-price, Cash
Soda itr oi Di
It's a mistake to suppose that
;ed for drinks put up by differ*
)ods are identical, either in llaAt
-inks known as (jinger Ale, Lei
oot Beer, Cream Soda, and ot
ft drink manufacturers, is no st
lality. One may be far superic
fe know our drinks are equal in
jon the market of today and lai
judge the merits of flavors s
sting them, but by making a O
Knowing that our flavors are "
vite comparison with others,
in, without regard to standard (
e change a formula unless we fi
We believe that all thing? bt
ders and correspondence and
UALI'l Y is ?ure to win succe
ose fair-minded men who hand!
:it patronage on that basis.
Pickens, S. C.
ie Pharmacy.
fiN. I^vnrv
^ ' w, m.? ? ^ 1
iteed, ,
:nt of Jap Rice at 25 pounds
can get at the price as it has"ijH ^
f the biggest values in rice ;S>
1 buckets. Half gallon sizflfl
>ses often sell for 50c. gallon^M
_ERS: ^
'i+i% .a
you a set of tumblers th^ !
RS, worth 35 to 40c set for
glish Ware: Jj
misses a bargain if they do ^Bj
lut Mates.
because the same names ar?^
t manufacturers that the ^
ir or strength. The fact that
lion Sour, Strawberry, Peach,
her tiavors, are put up by all
andard by which to judge.
)r in every way to the others,
i strength to the best placed
better than some. The way
; bv tastino" them nnt r?nh/ ii\
OM PAKATIV ii test."
all.wool and a yard wide,'' we
We make the best goods we
r>f competitors, and nsver do
nd a way to improve it;in
equal, (carpful handling of
fair dealing with custo ners)
:ss; riot only for us but for all
le our goods also, and we so- *

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