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t r*??. . el Skeleton of
the Skyscraper.
"See that big blob of scarlet paint?"
said tho engineer as he pointed to n
girder high up In the skeleton of the
now okyscraper. "That red spot means
that ono of the men working on tho
building was killed by tho girder
sweeping him off tho structure whllo
being put in position."
Tho visitor craned his neck and saw
a rough patch of vermilion paint on
one of tho lloor girders up on tho sixteenth
story. "It must bo a dangerous
life," he said to his engineering frleud.
"Yes. Those men up thero arc working
under tho chance of instant death
at any moment. They'll walk along
the topmost girder, 300 feet above tho
sidewalk?a llttlo path of slippery iron
Ave inches wldo?and will lean outward
against tho wind. You or I
'couldn't do It for a second.
"Now and again there's an accident.
A chap slips. A workor gets hit by a
swinging girder and flung off. Another
man takes an Incautious step and
falfs off into eternity. Tho men working
near by do their best get at him
if ho mauages to grab tire girder lie's
falling from, and thero are some swift
and reckless races with death to get
to their comrndo at any cost In the live
or ten seconds allowed them while
- strong Angers are sliding away from a
. sllnnerv beam llunire. If tln? worst
happens* and the man falls in Bplto of
their efforts. then they apply the dab
of red paint, and the Ironworkers call
It a day. They don't speak much of
tho mail thnt Is gone, as a rule. lie's
soon forgotten. Tho men consider It
"You'd think, by tho way," went on
the engineer, "thnt the higher up those
men worked the more careful they'd
become. They aren't particularly careful,
but they do guard against the
hypnotism of height. Ouo of the men
working on a high girder gets paralyzed
now and again by a sudden fear
that holds him motionless and still on
his Iron beam.
"The men look out for this sort of
thing, and the remedy Is to distract
his attention by a rough blow on the
_jl , back or In B^nie cases by exciting him
angt&^hrough any means In their
RL<?r. Iwiien the man gets lighting
H& ho is freed from the paralysis of
/or or.whatever you may choose to
BP'l It. He gets up from his girder to
HMPXrin a rush for the other fellow to
"A > up, and the moment he Is safe
sPyreatralncd by the other men.
ffr y^vhenever you. see a skyscraper
J vwotaands Hive KHnej
) / Trouble and Raver Suspect II,
/ Hoti To Plad Out.
/ Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours;
appearance often
~TT - pas? it or pain in
the tack are qIbo symptoms that tell you
the kidneys and bladder are out of order
and need attention.
What To ?o.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Bwamp-Root, the great kidney remedy,
fulfill* almost every wish in correcting
rheumatism, pain in the hack, kidneys,
liver, bladder and every part of the urinary
pa??age. Corrects inability to hold water
an4 scalding pain in passing it, or Ijad
effects following use of liquor, wine or
beer, and ovtrcomas that unpleasant necessity
of being compelled to go often
through the day, and to get up mat.y
timet during the night. Tlie mild and
Immediate effect of Swamp-Root i#v
soon realized. Tt standa the highest l>ccauseof
its remarkable ^ \| l
health r???fr?rtticT t>rnh_ ,wr r.
v e> r-~rerties.
If you need a |cSII<?i3>?.3B?Z"r
\ medicine you ahould |gijS?)|ljj5S!i;gg
.. have the best.^ Sold by
^*tf-<Lie-doUar sues
\ \ p.y^vny have a sample bottle scut free
* "/? * 'dress Dr. Kilmer & Co., liing'
~ (tit,Mention this paper nntl
f ,.ke,D-. Kilmer's Swamp
nddreM, Uiugliauitou, I
J &$}vtS&;' 11 {> |
framework." concluded tho engh
"eneh dub of scarlet paint on (bo 1
memiH (hat some iuan luis come to Indent!).
Every skyscraper and every
bridge is (Lie monument to some lltdo
J group of unknown workers, laboring
at dizzy heights and dallying wUh sudden
death as part of their day's work."
?New York Press.
A Poverty Stricken Queen.
Partly owing (o (lie fact (hat she
was wedded to an avaricious king and
partly because she was generous wl(h
tho Hide money allowed her Elizabeth
of York, <]uccu of Henry VII.,
spent but a small -amount for dress.
Sbo was very often in debt, and tho
sums sho spent were ridiculously
antnll *>A 111 I .. ???-. /ff"Tv il- i.
ouiitu, -V niiiiiui^n (JU11IH me Kl'env
csl amount expended at nny one time.
Her gowns were mended and turned,
and new waists wero inndo for tlicm,
ns Is showflfeby the record of bills paid
to lier talic. These bills prove that
she wore her clothes for n long time,
for her gowns wero obliged to bo newly
hemmed, and also (hat, though a
princess of the groat house of Plantagenet,
she wore shoes costing but 24
cents, which were decorated with tin
Mado It Cloar.
A senator, speaking of the advantages
of clearness of statement, told a
story about a restaurant to lllustrato
his meaning. Ho said:
"This restaurant advertised a dinner,
but not In the looso way many other
restaurants advertise dinner as between
certain hours, whether there
would bo enough dinner to last between
those hours or not. No. The
man who runs that restaurant has a
proper knowledge of his responsibilities
and of the exact use of the language.
He advertised, 'Chicken pie,
25 cents; from 12:30 until gone.'
Saturday Evening Post.
A Cynical 8tatesman.
Tho saying that "all men lmvo their
price" Is ascribed to Sir Robert Wnlpole.
While speaking of a faction in
parliament which bitterly opposed
some of his measures ho said, "You
see with what zeal and vehemence
these gentlemen oppose me, and yet I
know the prlco of every man in this
house except three."
Of some who galled themselves patriots
he said: "Patriots! I could raise
fifty of them within four and twenty
hours. I have raised many in one
night. "J'is hut to refuse an unreaKMIIIllilo
llnmnili) rill/1 1111 UIM-Iiuva <1 no.
t riot.**
A Dilemma.
Mr. Crlmsonbonk?A hunter in Newfoundland
who has lost his bearings or
finds himself in a fog has n<> difficulty
In finding the way, :is, owing (<> the
constant west winds, the tops <>f nil
tho troos point easf. airs. Crimsonbeak?But
suppose he doesn't want t<>
go east??Yonkors Statesman.
Married For Money.
j "Do you mean to say that you marVied
for money?"
"In a way T did. 1 got imirrled lie,
cnuso I couldn't afford t<> stay engaged
any longer."?Cleveland i.eader.
Nothing can ho produced out of
i What They Will Do for Yon
They will curc your backache,
strengthen your kidneys, corrcct
urinary irregularities, build
up the worn out tissues, and
eliminate the excess uric acid
that causes rheumatism. Prevent
Brigbt's Disease and Diabates,
and restore health and
' strength. Kcfuae substitutes.
v i
f (
pf till .III,
with several v,. a institutions
and never let an opportunity.
pass to boost.
The people regret to loose
Prof. Dendy as he is held in the
highest esteem by the people of
Douglasvillo as a teacher, citizen
and christian gentlemen.
At a meeting of the trustees
the following resolution was
i\ . _ i _ til / 1 i i - * ii?i /v
uougiasvnie, via., May n>, j:hu
At a meeting of the trustees
of Pouglasville College this day
held the following resolution
was adopted:
Whereas, Prof. W. E. Dendy,
who has served as president
of Douglasville College for the
past five years has notified us
that he will sever his connection
with this institution at the
close of the present term to accept
the position of superintendent
of the public schools of
Monroe, Ga.
Resolved, That we give him
up with feelings of sincere regret,
and feel that in losing him
and his excellent family that
the town sustained a great loss.
We commend him to the poo
pie in liis new field of labor as a
throughly competent and efficient
educator; as an upright
and conscientious Christian
gentleman, who teaches by both
precept and example in everything
that is good, elevating and
ennobling.?1 )ouglasville Argus.
I.ion I'ondli'n* h Clillil
In Pittsburg a Hivntfc lion fondled tho
liniul that a child thrust into his
cage. hanger to a child is poinotimeB
great when least regarded. Often it
conus through ColdR, Croup and
Whooping Cough. They slay thousands
that Dr. King's Now Discovery
could have saved. "A few doses cured
our hal>y of u very bad case of
Croup." writes Mrs. (Joorge 15. Davis
of Plat Kock, N. C., " We always give
it to >iitit when ho takes cold. [It's a
wonderful medicine for hnhies " ReRt
r<>r * oilUDH, UWUt?, liAUrippO, A Hill Din,
i II'limrrliWnnlf Lun^s, .r>()??.'sjil (X).
Triiil Imit i It* fn-o. (>unrniit?nd I?v nil
Tom I'oole, white, who was
convicted ??f" 111?' murderof West
I>oekery ill the Carolina mills,
near (ircenville, lasl January
au<l sentenced lo ton voars. and
Krnest (Jowans, convicted of
I ho murder of Warren Mason,
near Paris Station in (Jroonville
count v, and given a life sentence,
have boon taken to the
State penitentiary to commence
Iheir sentences.
IIow's This?
\\ e i 1T1 r One Hundred I'ollnrfl Ro
ward for hp} cane of Catarrh that cannot
In- fined l>y I lall'H Catarrh ''inc.
F. J. CI I ION F.Y & CO., Toledo, O.
\Vt> (1 ic underaigned, havo known F.
.1. ( heney for the liiftt 15 yearn, and believe
him perfectly honorable in nil IiiihIm
ks |rapHiictioim and financially ahle to
can y out any obligations made l?y bin
Wai.mno. KinmaN & Mahvin,
Wholesale !)? iixhihIh, Toledo, ().
11 a 11 *m Catarrh Cure i? taken internally,
acting directly upon the hlooil and
nuieouH HurfaceH of tho Rystem, TentimonialH
Rent free, Price 7Sc, per holtle.
Located at Liberty, S. C., at the
Loans and Discount a (UP. 112 7(1 <
overdrafts 3,23ft'JI !
Hanking Howie I,f>!3 82
Kurulture and Fixtures l.iUkMO
Duo froin Hanka and Hankers r>,8.'>3 37
Ourroncy 1,810 00
Gold mk) oo '
Silver and other Coin ...... :?it ? ? i
Chcckc'anri Cash Items 'Mlt>.->
Total **4,1*1 tl
Heforo me came II S.Shirley, Cashier of thou
that tho above ami foregoing Htatument Ik a true r
salil Hank.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 1st <li
(Correct?A ttest:
I. M. Maulitln i
\V. T. O'Dell, > Directors.
II. C. Shltlev. \
We closed the deal lor 2c
Hour before the advance and ar<
the benefit of the low price.
In fact when it conies to bu
we are in a position to sell you
i? i _ _i?
?uic ti1111 ii snort prom is our m
We have just received a si
children's shoes in the most ties
popular price.
II it is a hat that you are i
yon good. We have just rece
good hat at from $1.35 up. W
the ones we are selling at $1.
GOOD VALUES. Come in a
When you are in town pa
want:ng to buy or not we are. al'
Yours to serve.
W. B. Fr
"At tlio 01
1^ ll/rk fKrt U1 /
i\ v<111v/i 11i [^iiy mi: ui?
Carey & (
Spp us when yon v
to Imihl upon, or goo<
Piokrns or in this c<
<l<>lightc<l to show yoi
we (col sure that we
Now is the time to iir
before it enhances in
Carey & (
Main St. Pi
'Phone No. 33. Offic
t '
. :011s. t
close of business Mar. '24, 14)10.
i,iaiiim'iii:s. i
capital Slock I'nhl In KA,000 00
Surplus* I'und t!,000 00 '
Undivided I'rotltH, ls-hs Current Kx- j
pcnses ami 'I'nxes I'ald 72 ,
Hue to Hanks itiul Unnkers ... r>$ir? '
Individual Deposits II,Mil CI ]
1'lmc CertllleatcH ??r Deposit 11),wso in
("ashler's Cheeks 85 1(1
Hills Payable. Including Certificates
for Money llorrowe?l 10,50000 t
Total *81,181 14 t
liove limited I (it 11 k. who, l.ciiu;'Inly sworn, savs
omlitlon of siil>I Itmik, iin Known liv Imoks of
II C, siilUMCV.
?;. .if A11rI, I'.ilO.
1 Sell ) \v. It. <;I i: \ N Noinry I'm Hi* s o. 1
do barrels best (none better) <
; going to give our customers
ying everything in our lines
on a close margin. "A quick
otto always.
lipment mvn's ladies and
irable shapes and leathers at a
in need of we can certainly do
ived a lot and can fit you in a
e have them still cheaper but
nd take a look. 1
iy us a call whether you are 1
ways ?;lrid to have you visit us. J
<1 Slan.f
sliest prices for all kinds of
is. s. c. j
ill a nice town lot
I farming land near
unity. Wo will ho
i what we have and
can interest yon.
vest in i*? k2i I nmiiert.v
r' " i v 1
vnh H'. !
Shasta in, i
ickens, S. C.;
c over rVocman Building.
. ..g was f
..m>y l'ills contain i nconconuittiu
form ingredients of established
herapoutic value for the reliof and
uro of nil kidney and bladder ailnontH.
Sold by all druggists.
He 8hut Her Up.
"Wtiy are yon and yo\ir wife quarreling
"Oil, I acknowledged that I'd made
1 fool of myself in my latest deal, and
die's mad because she lias no chance
:o arguo with 1110 about It."?Cleveland
A touch of rbematiHin, or a twinge
>f neuralgia, whatever tho trouble is,
Chamberlain's Liniment drives away
ho prin at once and cures tho com
ilnint quickly. First application
fives relief. Sold by all dealers.
Not th# Donkey He Wanted.
"1 see you advertise for a donkey,"
Bald the man who looked as if he had
something for sale.
"Oil, yes," said the busy man, stopping
his work for u minute to look up,
"but I want one with four legs."?Exchange.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Livor j
rableta will cloar tho sour stomach,
iweeten the breath and create a heal- t
;hy appetite. They promote the How j
)f gastric juice,thereby inducing good
iigestion. Sold by all doalora. (
One of the Luxuries. (
"Ever had appendicitis?"
"No. There aiu't never been a time 1
whou I could afford it."?Exchange. J
Johon I). Rockefeller would go broke '
if he should spend his entiro income l
trying to preparo a hotter modicine
than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
md Diarrhoea Ilenwdv for diarrhoea, <
lysentery or bowel.complaints. It is
limply impossible, and so says every
;mo that has used it. Sold by all ,
_ 1
Spoiled His Romance.
George?I hoc nothing for us but to j
elope. Do you think youi father '
would forgive us? I
Ethel?I'm sure ho would. '
Cleorge?IIow can you be ho sure? 1
Ethel?I felt a little nervous on that 1
score, and?I asked hlin.
Novor hnsitato about giving Cham- <
berlain'.H Cough Remedy to childron. (
It contains no opium or other narcotics
and can be given with implicit
ionlidence. Ah a quick cure for ]
roughs and colds to wh'cb children nro
mscoptible it is unsurpased. Sold*l?y
ill dealers. ]
Hit Excuse. (
"Do you eat onions?"
"Only In self defense. My wife Is 1
fond of them."?Detroit Eroe l'ress. I
Blood Balm;
(B. B. B.) Cures Through the Blood
-jfcBlaod Poison, ^ .
HMq bone pains, can- \
Kg, CER, SCALY SKIN, r &yj >
Rheumatism, Eczemat >
Itching Humors.
B.B. B. (Botanic Blood Blood) i? the ?
>nly Blood Remedy that kills the poison .
n tho hlood and then purifies it?send- '
ng a Hood of pure, rich blood direct to |
he ?kln surface, hones, joints, and t
wherever the disease is located. In this 1
>vay all sores, ulcers, pimples, eruptions )
ire healed and cured, pains and aches .
>f Rheumatism cease, swellings subside. '
[i. B. B. completely changes the body (
nto a clean healthy condition, giving
ho skin the rich, red hue of perfect '
icalth. B. B. B. cures the worst old (
ases. Trv it.
l>lensant and N?fe to take; composed of pure
lotunlc Ingredient*. It |>nrll!CH mid enriches ]
lit-blood. It. It. It. NtrenxtlieiiK the nerves
Old builds iiii the broken down Hyhtcin. DrtlK- J
(Istsll.OOt'KR I.ARGK HOTTLK with dlrec
i?111m for home cure. I
Sold at All Drug Stores.
111 k 'I'm I in^>
i throe hours.
Tl i roe II< < M<IOK.
rtonev and Tar hns luen n
,o?rsoUoftWavoiito for nil ailments of
ho throat, chest and lun;cH. For in
nuts ami children it is nest and safest
h it contains no opiates and no harm
ul drills. None genuine but Foley's
ionoy and Tar in the yellow package,
iefuso substitutes. Sold by nil driw;
The first re^imenj, X. (i. S.
X, has been extended an invi
ation to p;o to Aiken to encamp
his summer. The invitation
vas ex tended a (lav ?>r two a^o,
;h rough Capt. lliehardson. The
isual accommodations arc
promised the regiment if it goes
o that eity for the annual man
Foley Kidney Pills are anti.sc| lir,
ionic and restorative and a |ironi|>t cor
ectivoof nil urinary irrei{ularit ics.
iofuso substitutes. Sc ld by allNlmr
Slink B I 11 In \ oilr Slum
Vllen'R Foot Fase, a powder IL cure'i
>ainful, swollen, sinartimr, nervous
eet nnd instantly tahes the stinfj out.
>f corns and bunions nmtnutkes walUn.t
M'?.. ; O..I I
. * H vhd(t . j. it ii iiivi(ia> . niuu rvt'i V
vhoro, 25cts.
Tho Hamburg Business Men's
eaglie have taken steps to see
.hat the census of their t< * * ^ is
11 keeping; with the actna <u 1
litions and to this end the tow n
las been flooded with circulars
ifYering five cents a name lur
ill sneh names handed in that
lave not been secured by tin.'
munierator. A number of
lames have been handed in al
[}o til nut ml ?r <1 ii 11 ii m A I'ritll I'iikI Nii. I I::
III. <i. A. K.
Mr. Isaac Cook, Commando <?f above
Post, Kownneo.' Ill . writes- " l'\n a
long time 1 was bothered with hnckloho
and pains across m.v kidneys.
\hout Uro months ai?o started taking
Poly Kidney Pills and noon saw I hey
worn doing just as claimed. ! knpt. <>n
:aking them and now I am free from
backache, and tho nninfu! Madder
nisory is all gone. 1 like Foloy Kid
iioy l'ills so well that I have told many
if my friends and comrades about
them and shall recommend them til.
jvory opportunity." Sold . I?y all
Frank Hikard, a younn' w hi!r
mail aeeidently shot and killed
hiiiusolf while oifl fishing m ar
his hom,e alunit one mile south
Df Edmunds,* in Lc-xin^lon
'ouiit.y* late Thursday after
noon. The entire load took of
Feet, in the stomach, makiiMi a
ghastly wound. He lived I>i11 a
tew moments, dyinp; without
making a statement. 11 is mot li
M" heard the gun and ran t?? him
to find him gasping for hreath.
Wliut Kvuryltoily Hauls.
Everybody desires good health which
h impossible nil loss the kidmvs are
to unci and healthy. Kotev's Kidney
Komody should ho taken lit the thst
ndication of nnv irregularity, and :i
teriouH illness mn.v bo avi i tod.
l^oloy'n Kidnov Koinody will rostoro
t'onr kidneys and Madder t<> Ihoir nornnl
statu and activity.
Will Kllison, the noted prion
?r who lias made so many
hrilling escapes from I he authorities,
was released from II.o
Spartanburg jail Saturday, hi
ines having been paid up. Kl
ison would have been turned
>ut Friday evening, but for the
fact that, ho < 1 i< 1 not h<\ 'la suit
)f oitizons' clothes, and oi< 1 liol
care to go abroad in *;tripos.
Tho young man returned to his
home in IVIzer. Since early in
March ho has hcon in close; cnii
finoment in the Spartanburg

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