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"Pickens Sentinel-Journel i
\ U'-vi'minv Tl >tp(i Reasouable C
-t t>iek?ni r.mtoaioo m 8mob< 01mm i
mm) Matter 1
PICKENS, S. C. : t
I'llUR'*DAY JUNK 2. 1910 !
As thin section was visited bv
a nice rain on lust night (Sunday),
and as everything of a (
green nature has assumed a different
appearance, your correspondent.
lias kindlv taken on new
life, too, and decided to pea you
a few thoughts.
The health of this little town ,
is as it always is?good.
\V 3 have never had a person
killed in this town consequently
we have never started a graveyard
If the country people don't
continue to help Dr. Woodruff
out it really looks like he will
have to go out of business.
A poor stand of cotton is the
cry with the farmers now. The
prospects for a cotton crop are
certainly looking gloomy, tho'
we have never known a time in
this country hut what there
would 1?:' some cotton made if
the farmer did his part.
If there is not so very much
made tho price will be higher,
consequently the farmer is not
hurt, so ba<l after all.
Times look pretty squally some
times and now is one of them,
but let everybody back their
ears, open their eyes and get
right down to brass tacks. God I
will never let a working man
perish to death or a Christian
go to hell.
If times are tight work all the
hurtle, and manage the better.
If the devil tempts you pray
more and live a better life.
We are no radical but believe
in high tariff when it conies in
both the kitchen and the big
house too. When a "quartersacV
of flour is wo. th from
ninety cents to one dollar and
"fat-back" from twelve to fifteen
cents a pound, 1 say, give a
man more for his work. Every
thing is higher now but labor.
Hands that made from $1.50 to
$1.7") a day in a cotton mill four
years ago arc malting from 90c.
to $1.25 per day. The mill men
claim they can't give any more
on account of the discrepancy
in price between the raw niate\
rial and the Roods and we take
) it for granted that they can't.
\ However, the sore needs salve
^^_^^^_from somebody or other.
Mr. J. II. Whitmire and family,
of Salem, Oconee County,
had a family reunion 011 last
Saturday. There were a goodly
number of his children grand
children and friends present.
Two of his sons, E. M. <Sc A.
W. Whit-mire, of Indianappolis,
lml., and other son, B. W.
Whitmire, of Helton, S. ('., and
his daughter. Miss Floranee
Whitmire, of Norris, were pres
ent. Mr. Whitmire is in his f>:5
year and we hope he may live
to see several more frosts.
Mr. Barnett Whitmire and
? daughter, Miss lallle, of Easley,
Hj5n& of Xorris last week.
The writer drove seven miles
to attend a Union meeting on
last Sunday and when we reachV
ed the place there was nothing
B hut a Sunday School, [f we
knew who to bring action
^m) against we would sue for damage
for we had done figured out
jfe all about how we expected to
B&gi cut cake, pull chicken bones.
t^c.. when we reached the spot J
and found out there were no '
trunks, bo xcs, baskets Ac., on
the ground we got angry and
began to make up demerits
against lie vs. Walker, Fuller
and all the other brethren that
brought about, such state of affairs
at Mt. Tabor below Central,
S. (J.
I tell you brethren I believe
you all committed a sin bv causo.v
r..n?<r .1..;
I I I ^ o< / i i I < VI iy n } III I V t * I
Inr and then having to return
home hungry. The writer likes "
always having both eves wide
open and trying to see everything
that goes on noticed a
yard full of frying chickens
when he passed the residence of
Mr. Sam Neal on our way to
church, and found out the dis- t
appointment we made our way }
up near the pulpit where Bro. /
Neal was engaged in the Sun- (
day school work and at the first I
jppovttimfeV wo like a candidate
lad him by tho hand and df
;ourse we got an invitation to
3is domicile before we turned
lis hand loose. Well life is too
jhort and time is too precious
to tell the rest but suffice to say
that while we could not fill Bro.
Walker's place in the pulpit we
Ji J ' * -
nut unipiu justice to Ills place at
Bro. Neal's table.
We are sincerely sorry Bro.
Walker disappointed so many
on the account of the Gospel
but when we hear of another
Union meeting we are going
whether Bro. Walker goes or
Look out, girls. J im Whiten,
of Norris, now drives the finest
horse and buggy in Pickens
county. It is a $500 turn out.
The old bachelor of Oateechee
is not "in it" now at all so far
as hauling the girls is concerned.
He has took down his sign and
handed it over to the old baehe1
n xr
tor or in orris.
When it conies to marrying
other people the old bachelor of
Oateechee wants it understood
that he is still in the business to
grind and one dollar pays the
"toll." B.
The splendid work of Cbiunherlinn's
Stomach and Liver Tablets is nil coming
to liuht. No such grand remedy
for liver and bowel troubles was ever
known hofore. Thous ?mis liless them
for curi ng constiput ion, sick heartache,
biliousness jaundice and indiges'ion.
Sold hy all dealers.
Notes From Liberty.
Liberty, S. May :51st, 1!)1U.
\ri.,?.a ...sn
>? umi n ill MKIIl 1)1! ripe. IM(I
"Hob White" can be hoard all
about the wheat fields.
Strawberries are all gone but
the dewberries are getting ripe
along the terraces, and the raspberries,
around the garden are
having the special attention of
the small boy anil the cat birds,
and it takes pretty i lose calculation
to get a divide sufficient
for a pie. May apples are ripe,
Speaking of ripe peaches, we
had 'em at Liberty the 24th and
they have been for sale every
day since. A notable fact is the
fruit is clear of worms and of
fine oualitv from tb?? sinrt H.io
year and plenty on the trees.
As to tlie cot ton: Some fanners
have some where they planted
a second time, while there
are others who did have good
stands that have verv had ones
now, and what little they have
is in a mat of young crah grass.
Tt is very quiet times in tincity
now as the fanners are
attending to their business in
their crops.
The Liberty High School closed
the 27th with essays bv tlie
graduating class consisting of
two bovs and seven girls. Owing
to measles breaking out in
the school the usual entertainment
was not given as was first
May is niarching out with, the
genuine March colors living, as
we are having a howling northwest
wind making things hum,
and cool enough to wear a coat
and be comfortable.
There was a considerable delegation
took advantage of the
excursion the other da v and paid
a visit to Atlanta. Th^v report
a great trip.
What about it('otton tbin
ning is just getting umler way
and harvest light now on: busy
will not half express the sit nation
n mil ml tVu- firm nuiil
...? a ? ? i i i i ? ? I I I I . i I I I I "J
harvest is over and the i??i crop
is sown.
Sow pease, Mid so;?' pease, ;ind
plant pease for seed; do not depend
on some other fellow for
roughness as has heen the ease
his year. The farmers have
iad to make their largest hills
:his year for corn and hay, and
t-hese things ought not to he so.
There has heen more fodder
stolen in this section this year
,han we have ever known before
and yet there is ,i little
Ill HI- 11 M Hit "'I I 111' '. .
For Infants and Children.
fha Kind You Hate Always Bought
A KriciiUr Tom liny
vas Susie oliinbiiiK tr?*en and fences,
uniping ditches, whitling, always iretin#
ho ratchet*, cuts, Hprains, braises,
mmps, barns or acalds. lint laws!
lor mother just Applied llueklen's
Union Salve and cured hor ?jui< k.
lealn everything healable Boils,
Jlcres, Kozemn, Old Sores, (!orn.s or
'ilea. Try It; 25c. fit all drum/flints.
Cards of camlldatoa for the various ettiees,
from Coroner to Cougrtcuman, will bcinaerted
In this column from now until the primary
election for the *um of 96.00, each, cash-wlthorder.
Kor Coroner
The many friends of Joe K. Medlln reBpect*
fully announce him as a candldato for the of
uif or uoroner ror rickens County, subject to
the notion of the Democratic party in the prlinnry
for Magistrate, I'lcken* Township
Tho many friends of A. 8, Porter Respectfully
nnnonnces htm an a candidate for magistrate
for Pickens C. H. Township, subject to th6 action
of the voters In the Democratic primary
The many frlcuds of \V. t;. BRAMTBTT respectfully
anuouni'o him a csndldato for reelic.
lion to tho oBice of MaRlstratefor Sickens0. II,
Township, subject to the action of the voters iu
the Democratlce l*rlm.?ry election.
Central R. 3.
Dear old Sentinel-Journal:
After so long a time I will
send the news from this section.
Health of the community is
very good at present.
The farmers have been getting
along fine with their crops.
Th?? jrrnin ftrnna mv? lnrwHr?a>
[ well, and, we think, will make
! abundant yields.
; The most I can do is to tell
about the coining and going of
our people, a sort of personal, or
social column:
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Holliday, of
Six Mile were recent visitors in
the Pleasant Hill section.
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Hatterfield
visited the family of his
'brother. Frank Satterfield. re
IN Try Smith and wife, of Six
I Mile visited at the home of Ed
1 Smith at Cateechee.
J esse Gillespie has been oil a
visit to Alonzo Sattcrfield.
Mrs. Eftie Smith and children
have been on a visit to her sister,
Mrs. .Jas. Harrison.
Warren Smith and wife, of
Easlev, passed through here in
their automobile on their way
to visit her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Noah Kennemore, of the
Pleasant Hill section.
J. F. Smith and family have
been on a visit to the family of
his brother-in-law, Walter
Mr. Julius Merck and sister,
\1 isisi .r 111 i ;i of Hill Miv \filr? die
tion, visited Miss Bettie Merck.
Mr. Ij. S. Stone was a recent
visitor in the Six mile section.
Mr. Alonzo Satterfield has returned
from a recent visit to
Mr. laini Alexander was also
a recent visitor to the thriving
little city of Central.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Evans, of
Six Mile, visited the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Noah
~1? -A 1- TM J
ivn 11 iuii mi ?*. oi iiic 1'ieasani
11 ill section.
Israel Merck and wife, of Six
Mile h isbeen on a visit to their
son John Merck.
M iss Bettie Merck has been on
a visit to Mrs. Charlie Evans.
Mrs. Violet Duckworth, of
Greenville, has been on a visit
to her daughter, Mrs. Ben
Smith, of Six Mile.
B. P. Smith, jr., and little son
Elmo, visited at the home of his
brother-in-law, Mr. Bud Bur
gess, of I he Train's section.
I learn that the measles are
raging in the Six Mile section.
Wake up, old Batchelor! I love
to read your articles. Remember,
leap year is coming again soon.
I Irll i. Mountain Sprout! Wake
up and get busy your items are
always good.
Wonder what has become of
all t he correspondents. Wish all
of them would send in the news.
Von can't expect the editor to
print all the news unless he
hears of it.
With best wishes to the editor,
the Sentinel-Journal and many
readers, I will close.
Lonely Girl.
\ ii Iileitl l( UHliaiKl
is patient, even with n nnuuiuis wife,
for ho known she needs help. She
11?y he s<i nervoiiH and rundown in
health that t.-ifl?-H annov her. If who
is melancholy, excitable, troubled
with loss of appetite, headache, sleoplineHH,
constipation or fainting and
dizzy spells. Sin- needs Klectric Hittors
the most wonderful remedy for
niliiif,' women, Thousands of sufferers
from female troudhles, nervous troubles,
backache uid weak kidney* have
used tie in and beconib healthy and
happy. 'I'ry tueiii Only 50c. SatiHfaction
i{unranoed by all druggists.
Nolire to Teachers.
i i iiinnier School tor I'ickens Couniv
will 11 Ii hi in tin; I'ickens Graded
scli ol building 011 June "JO, and continuing
ft .1 a peiion of two or three weeks,
An a'>le corps of teachers will be in
ch n^f, i lie names of which will l?e aniiotinc'i!
later. The State ?vill pay the
expenses uf the school.
It. T. ilallum,
Co. Hupt. Kd.
ue Government pays Railway Mail
Vlerks $800 to $1,200. and other
Employees up to $2,500 annually.
Uncle Sam will hold spring exam in a- |
tions throughout the country for Railwav
Mail Clerks, Cuptom House Clerks
and other Government Positions.
Thousands of appointments will be
made. Any man or woman over 18, in
city or country can get instruction and
frco infnrmntirMi hv wrilinor of nnno
Bureau of instruction. 108 Hatnlin
Building, Rochester, N. Y.
A Man Want! to Die
only when a la/.y livor and sluggish
bowels cause frightful despondency.
But Dr. King's New Lifo Pills expel
poison from the system; bring hopo
and courage; cure all Liver, Stomach
and Kidney troubles; impart health
and vigo to the weak, nervous and ailing;
25c. at all druggists.
Dressmaking Department upstairs
in the old Caroy building.
Daisy E. Jones,
From Anderson, S. C.
Clemson Agricultural College
The examination for the awurd of
I scholarships in Clemson Agricultural
College will l>e held in the County Court
I lloilxii nil Priilm' T.<1.. m n -
?? ? .?WJ ) " u A J 1U, ill if t V . IH.
Applicants must fill out proper forms
to bo secured from the Comity Superit ton
dent of Education, before they will
be allowed to stand th.? examinations.
For detailed information, apply to vhc
.Superintendent of Education, or to th
President of Clemson College.
Applicants for admission to the Col
lego, but not seeking for the scholarships,
will also stand entrance examinations
at the court house July 1-Hli.
The scholarships are worth $100 and
i free tuition.
I Tl.n nurl ?i? ?o '
..v.. ngoivu I'l UIO Ulin^l'
Sept. lUll, 1910.
(1) Agriculture.
(-) Agricultureand Chemistry.
(3) Agiictdturca?d Anitn.il Industry.
(4) Chemistry ami tleology.
(f?) Civil Engineeing.
(0) Mechanical ami Kloctricnl F-gim
(7) Textile Industry.
Cost per session, including Moard,
Laundry, llcat, Light, Uniform and all |
fees, $ 118.70. Hooks and all other miscellaneous
supplies, about $'20 00. For
students who pay tuition, $40.00 additional.
For catalog and information, apply to
W. M. UlflOS, Acting President.
The DO(l TAX is now due ail J yon
call on the city Treasurer pay your tax ,
on your dog Ret a tag ami your No. reg- 1
istered. (
An Ordinance Prohibiting The Reckless
Driving of Automobiles.
That fiom and alter the p:i8sage of <
this ordinance it shall be unlawful for j
any person or persona to drive or cause 1
to be driven any automobile upon any i
street or alley in the city of l'ickens in
a wilfidly careless or reckless manner.
Any person or jjersoriB convicted of
violation of this ordinance shall be puru* ,
ished by a fine not exceeding One Hundred
Dollars, or by imprisonment not
exceeding thirty days. ,
Done and ratified in council Assembled
and by authority of the same this 1
the 1st day of June A. I). 1910.
J, It. Aslunor?'( B. B. LuBocn,
Clerk. Mayor.
Winthrop College
The ex annul ton for. the award of vrt- J
cant scholarships in Winthrop College |
and for tbo admission of now students ,
will be hold at the County Court j
House on Friday, July 1, at 0 a. in. <
Applicants must bo not less than fif- j
teen years of ago. When Scholar t
ships are vacant after July 1 they will
be awarded to those making the high
est average at this examination, i.rn
vided they moot tho conditions governing
tho award. Applicants for schol- (
arships should write to President <
JohnHon before tho examination for!
Scholarship examination blanks.
Scholarships aro worth ?100 and froo .
tuition. The next Hossion will open 1
September 21, 1910. For further information
and catalogue. address Pros. (
D. B. JohnBon, Rock Hill. S. C.
H lioreas h petition from the freeholders and ,
ele< tor* of I'lcketlX school district No. 31 has
lieen tiled with the County Hoard of Education
asking said Hoard for |wrmlsMioii to hold tin ]
election in mid district to determine whether r
or not an extra levy of 4 mills shall l?e levied
In said district for m;I>(miI purposes.
It appearing to the County ISoarri of Kduention
tliat the petition meets the requirement* of
tiie law. Therefore It is ordered that the trustees
of atmve named district do hold mi elec
tion on .luiu Mill at .1. I! Aslimore's storv for
the aliove s'ated purpose. The election to he
held according to the requirements of Section
r.'OH of tli* ichool law.
The ilonrd of Trustees of sntd District are
hereby appointed iiihiiiikcis
it order ol County Hoard ot Induration.
It. T. Mnlliim,
See. A i hm.
Bhpn&iJiM|mJ Interntl and Exltrnul H|
ll;llut?H Remedy
For Rheurnatiam, Sciatica, Lame Bark, Stiff r?
Joint* and Muacle*. Sore Throaty Cold*, Strain*,
Sprain*, Cut*. Bruiaea, Colic, Cramp*, Tooth- in
ache and all Nerve, Bone and Mutcle Ache*
and Paint. The genuine ha* Noah'* Ark on 11
rveiypackage. 25c., 50c. and $1 .OOhy alldeal- j?
er* in medicine everywhere. Sample by mall/re*
Haak *,m4, C.., RickaaaJ, V*. and Borfoa. M.u. < '
Cl?ariM* and btantillr* lh? htlr.
Protnot** a Ini.iriarit growth.
Haver Palli t* Iteatoro Oray
Hal* to lta Youthful Color.
Cure* ioalp <]!?? <- k hair falling. 1
<0i ,ind |l U) at l)niHl?U 8
.' /.
i ,, i. . i.i i..: \
Designed by Roscuwald &, 1
Whereas. ? petition from the freeholders nml
'lectors of Twelve Mill* school distiict No. W
ins heeti tilc<l with tIk- County 1 > .>r<I of Kdu alion
asking Mii.I I'oiud lor permission to hold
>ii election in said district to determine whether
or not miilt; extra levy shall he levied on
mid district lor school Mirtioscs.
it appearing to the County Itourd of lid urn.ion
Hint the petition meets the requirements of
[lie lnw 'I'hereforo it is ordered Hint the trimlees
of nhove named district do hold mi election
>ii .Iuiiw IN lit Twelve Mile school house for
[lie uhove Mated purpose. The election to lie
icld according to the requirements of sei'tion
I'JW of the school law .
The trustees of nhove nuuicl district are
tierehy appointed uimuiKers <>i saiil election,
I!. T. lialluni.
See. .v I'll in.
Non-Resident Summons.
State of South Carolina
County of Pickens.
Court of Common Pleas.
Summons for Pelief?Complaint Not
W. I), l'dena, plaintilT,
\. J. Manly and A. (iosnel!,
To the Defendants ahovo named:
You are horebv summone.l and retired
to answer tho complaint in this
iciion, of which a copy is herewith
served upon yen, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the said eomplaint on
the subscribers at their otlico at Pickens
['ourt House, South Carolina within
twenty dajs after the service hereof,
exclusive of the day of such service# and
if you fail to answer the complaint 1
ivithin the time aforestiid. the Plaintiff .
ii the actio i will npplv to the Court for
lie relief demanded in the complaint.
IMay 1-. A. D. H)!0.
.Morgan & Mauldin, I
I'laintilfs Atorneys. ?
A.J. Hok^H, ,
seal) (U. I'.
I'o the Defendants \. J. Manly and J.
A. (ioHnell:
1'lease take notice that the complaint
n this action and thcHuinmonsof which
he foregoing in a copy were filed in the (ftino
of A. .1. Clerk of the Court
>f Common pleits for I'icUens County,
>. on the 1 "Jth day ol May A. i>.
.Morgan ?Sr Mauldin,
1'lainlilT's Attorneys.
The Kcv Stone >
<>] ' '
' , 1 '
-t. V - 1 i
j>: * ' j f
IV - Ltlil ' - ..I 1
the "stone" that supports* the entire ^
upersi lift lire. The "Key stone" of thin j
tore's H
cwL'lry Business"
f iir pric* s, superior goods, If ? on want
flawless diamond come here ami get i
. Precious stones ami ornamental jewIry
from hero in ^uarnteed highest t
rade obtainable. r
H. SnicLer, j
H. C.
jtt 1
BH ? ? MR
? Is BB fci
S H M&in Bi aw
lOfl Thin.
_ A yoi
Weil, Chicago. ^
W. L. M
Fire, Lift
and Acc;
Let me write
^ " ---r: bzl,iou8nk8s
BITTERS and kidneys
1785 191(
Colleqe of Charleston
12~>th jroav begins Heptemuer o<)
Fntrance exminations will 1x3 held a
the County Court IIouho on Friday
July 1, at 9 a. m. All candidates fo
nd mission can compete in Septembe
for vacant Boyee scholarships, whicl
l?iy $100 a year. One free tuitioi
uholarship to each county of Sontl
uuiiim. Diiiini ami irniHiicti rooms u
Dormitory, $12. Tuition $10. Foi
catalogue address
Harrison Randolph
Fop Stomach Thoubci. and Con?tipatioh
Fow Bacmachs Kidniviano Buocia
Tax Sale.
Unto of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Mrs, H. Oriimhrivr.
Ry virtue of a tax execution issued b>
1). (iaivin. County Treasurer, and u
in-(In i cicd and placed in my hands, 1
ivill bell to the highest bidder on saleslay
in June, 1010. in front of the Court
iIouho door during tho legal hour* for
tale, tho following described real estate,
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
ii Eaxtatoe township State and County
ifortsaid, containing one thoiiHand (lt'00
icres more or less, bounded l?y lands c f
'rank Stewart, L. W, Stansell, C. H
Uansell and others, levied on as tin
>ro|K*vty of Mis. II. Orinishaw. Will In
old to hiitihfy tax execution against
aid property.
Terms, Cash.
This May 10, 1010. K. It. Itoark,
Shorifr Pickens County.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding clainiH agaiiiHt
lie estate of the iate B. L. Hendricks
mint present the name du'y proven on
>r before the 15 day of June 1910, or be
lobar rod payment and all persons inlebted
to said estate, must make paynent;
on t?r before the above date, 10
ho undesigned. W. O. Hendricks,
James W. Hendricks,
w 9 IBIBbM 6
jng chap came into the store
i?wanted to k' minute
nside whether we had such and
suit that was in the window 01}
was sold. "I knew it," he said
1 of mine lias it on."
admired that suit i'i the window
hree times, but I'll jiggered il I
it could be bought for the price
me he paid. Got anything
Who made the suit, anyway?"
3 a Schloss
's & Co.
one: of the line of
3 Clothes
I, let's see some of tlTC.m...._uu:y
-tainly got some class to them."
e, Health
ident *
your business.
fiucltien's Arnica SsK
- Tho Best Salve In The World*
5 Notice of Final Settlement and Discharge
NOTICE is hereby given tluit I will
make application to J. li. Newberry
t Esq., Judge of Probate for Pickens
, county, in the Htate of South Carolina,
r on the 27th day of May. 1010, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon therer
after as Kai<l Application can be beard,
i for leave to make final settlement of the
! estate of M. T. Smith deceased, and
x obtain discharge as administrator of
said estate. (}- M_ Smltli
1 Administrator,
Notice of Final Settlement and
NOTICE is hert by given that I will
J make application t<> J. Ii. Nowberry 4
4 Ksd., Judge of I'robate for Pielfen^
county, mi the State of South Carolina,
on the 2 day of June f910. at 11 o'clock
1 in the forenoon, or as noon thereafter aa
said application can be heard, for leave
to make final set'lenient of the estate of
D. A, Chamblin deceased, and obtain
discharge ns admi t, of said < state.
Z. Ii. Uhanibbn,
Breeders Guide
I The S. U. Rhode Island !?? <'
best known oreed fo<'
winter layers. Kg
per setting.
1 Plckenf
Stated eonventi
1 cvpnini^ nfh'i' llifl 1 ?
i WorC ahead for nil
All visitors cordial!
By or*'
a. m. mow ,,:.vk
; J. K. BOOr
mi. ,rNo
C \ *v

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