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\\ \ \. \ \ \ \ \ \ \/
| Some Things You Know and Some |
| You Don't Know About Our |
a Towns, County & People
/\ \ \ \ \ \
?Never argue with a man
,.,kA 4-nllr,, I .1-11 .
>VI1U l/arnn HH11UT lIUlll yOU.
?Eve; body is prosperous
these dfy/s except the in an who
y luis to foot the bills.
?If wo could see ourselves as
others see (is, we would be in an
eternal fight with our shadows.
?From now until the latter]
, part of August you may t xpect I
to receive the candidates hand
- Plant a big melon patch. If
peaches and apples fail von will
enjoy your watermelons and
? Dr. 10. (1. K or win.
of lOasley, will be in Pickens
every Wednesday. Office over
Keowee Pharmacy*.
?Take a lesion from tin? birds
and sing when the sun is shining,
and when it ain't shining
sing lieeau e you want it to
?Mrs. V. 1j. Loehr returned
to Clinton Monday, after spending;
several days in Pickens
with relatives.?The Clinton
?Of course von intend to
subscribe for this paper for the
year. Why put otV till
tomorrow that which you can
,r just as easily do today?
Wo want to soil you both
work and dross shirts because
we will sell you bettor floods for
same money. Come ind see.
tf Craig Bros.
?Why do so many women
(rest their chins on their hands
when they are trying to think?
To hold their mouths shut so|
they won't disturb themselves.
\ ?For Sale: Cadillac Touring
car with new top, gas lights,
two extra inner tubes and in a
XT t f i . -
ix). i condition. rnce $400.
i Apply to C. ??. Wyatt, Easley,
S. C. \
?Tlio ppople of: Pickens aro
- ) too busy r to talk politics. In
counties the politicians
dreadv announced their
Here they are very
?The farm hoy who lias
charge of young lambs, calves
and colts, who has a personal
interest in seeing them grow
and develop, receives a lesson
in kindness they never forget.
? It is well that women do
not take their hats with them
{ ? when they go to the New JeruJ.
salem. The present style would
not go between the palm trees
without getting knocked out of
i ?Married on Thnrsdav. .Turin
2d, at ll::m o'clock, at the home
of tin; officiating minister, Mrs.
Sarah Ethel llagsdale to Mr.
Vardry A. Ferguson, both of
Pickens county, S. (J., Re\. VV.
C. Seaborn, officiating. Their
'J many friends join the writer in
' " extending: to them congratutions
and best wishes for a happy
and prosperous journey thro'
{ life.
?Chickens are the highest in
/ price they have ever been. A
f poor man can't afford to oat one
now. If he grows one himself
ho feels that he can sell it to
"***<botter advantage and buy somewise.
He is mistaken
hen ho goes to get
hack he finds that
poor exchange,
\as to pay takes
r of protecting
..... the invasion of
by the usual winged
tourists, an exchange
while liking after the
4k ^rget that the
agalnStthe housefly is
'' in the back yard.
r decaying garure
and other
All '
uii; nouse ny
scarce, and
bo ablo to
they are
* -C 2? I
" ? t'.. _!
11.18 too curly to commence
igging on t ie cotton crop*
i ?Bad Btanijs of cotton are re,
ported in somjb sections. Many
of the farmers had to replant.
?Picnic time is here and an
I extra sunnlv r?f r?hlflroria will Ka
-- ? I' I' " ?/ *? * * * WV
required because It Is campaign
?If vou can't raise cotton
raise potatoes, peas, popcorn
and onions. They all bring
fancy prices.
?A ground hog in Seneca
dug so deep into the earth that
it came up with its paws singed,
says an exchange.
?Next Tuesday night, June
7th, is the regular meeting of
the Pickens camp, W. (). W.
All members are urged to come.
?Miss Mabel Tripp, daughter
of Mr. Ellis Tripp, of Pickens,
R. 1, who has been onito sW'.lr
with pneumonia, is improving, i
?There is glory enough for
all of us, and room enough for!
all of us, and love enough for
all of us if we go after it in the
right way.
? Next Monday court convenes
at Pickens. We cordially
invite our friends and subscribers
to drop in and see us while
they are in attendance.
-?We are going to give away
one of the best sewing machines
made. Come in and let us explain
to you how it will he done.
'2t. Craig Bros.
?Shade has always had a j
Peculiar ofTVW mi '
Have you ever thought how]
much magnetism there is in a
shady spot on a hot summer
?A delightful occasion was
that of Tuesday of last week at
the home of Mrs. W. 11. Ash
more, where a reception was
given to Mrs. Sam J. Ashmore,
of Witchita, Texas. The occasion
was an exceedingly pleasant
one and greatly enjoyed.
Our good friend and fellowtownsman,
Mr. James E. Cox,
Was renortnd prit.irrnllv ill
time last week. Iiisson, Isaiah
Cox, of Washington, I). C., has
been at his bedside for several
days. We are glad to state that
Mr. Cox is greatly improved.
'?Squire W. C. Bramlett is
announced for Magistrate this
week for Pickens township and
says he don't want to hear the
| Whangdoole mourn or go where,
the woodbine twineth, so if the
voters are satisfied with his administration
of justice he would
be glad to be reelected.
I ?Mrs. Florence Griffin, of
Pickens, met with what came
near being a serious accident
one day last week. While sf.n nil.
ing on a chair cutting roses,
the chair turned over and she
was thrown heavily to the
ground, spraining her arm badly.
For a time she suffered exIcruciatinglv
but is better at this
?That genial jainitor, generlal
factotum, chief cook and bottle
washer, high-cock-a-loruni,
general custodian of the court
house and boss of the officers, is
of the opinion that it is not good
I to go through life alone, so last
Sunday he took unto himself a
j wife in the person of Mrs. Delia I
' Heathers, of Newry. They I
were married at Liberty by R.
C. Robinson, Notary Public.
?The Pickens Graded School
terminated its session last Friday
night. The Graduating exercises
were held Thursday
night and seven graduates received
their diplomas. The regular
closing exercises were held
the night following and were
well rendered. A large audience
was present both nights
and greatly enjoyed the exer-j
--The many friends throughout
the county will learn with sorrow
of the death of Mr. J. Mack
Gravelly, of the Porter's Chapel
section, which sad event occur
red at his home four miles north
of Plckons on tho 17th ult., after
a lingering illness from pneumonia.
He was 71 years of ago
and leaves a wife and five children
besides a host of relatives
and friends to mourn his death.
His remains were laid to rest at
Porter's Chapel, of which church
he was a member, Rev. E. L.
Thomason conduction# the funeral
1 Summer School.
To the teachers of Pickens conn
The summer school for this
county will open at the Pickens
graded school building, Pickens,
S. 0., on June 20th, 1910, at 10
a. m. Professors A. B. Bryan,
11 M 1 Tf T\
ii. unnuvv aim u. r>. a/uiuinick
will be in charge. Teachers
should bring with them their
note-books and text-books on
English, Geography, History,
and Algebra. The State
will bear the 'expenses of
tho faculty and it is earnestly
requested that every teacher of
the county attend the school.
The Trustees of the schools are
I asked to urge their teachers to
We beg to call special attention
to the following school law.
"Rulol7. No person shall be permitted
to take an examination
I who is not at least eighteen
i years of age, and before taking'
an examination each applicant
shall satisfactorily pass such
oral tests in readinir and lamru
iiii'O as tin* boa <1 may impose
Rule 18. A First Grade CVrlifi
rate may be renewed 1?y the
county board from which il was
issued: il', however, a Teacher's
Institute or Summer school is
hold in the county, a first Grade
Certificate shall not be renewed
unless the holder attend tin?
Institute or Summer School,
or shows to the State !toai*d of
Education some satisfactory
reason for not doinp; so; l'rovidided,
The holder has taught during
the two years for which the
certificate was issued.
,\ Second Grade (Vrtilicate
shall not bo renewed ;
where the holder attens a leach |
ers' Institute orsnniincrSchoolJ
and in such ease may lie renewed.
A Third grade Certificate,
shall not he renewed. We expect
to have several prominent speak
ers to address us during the
All the teachers who expect
to attend and those contemplating
becoming teachers should
notify the undersigned at once.
If. T. 11alluin. !
To t he teachers of Pickens conn
ly:~ , . I
As one of the instructors in
the institute to he held in Pick-j
ens this summer, I wish to urge!
upon everyone the importance1
ol 111is work and the necessity
of your attendance.
As Instructor in Agriculture,
I will do everything in my power
to make the work interesting,
and instructive. 1 will give a
course of six (('?) lectures on Agriculture,
illustrating each one.
Teachers wiil take notes'
from the lectures. This work
will prepare you for the county 1
examination in this subject.
Let every teacher in theroun j
ty br present..
Yours very truly,
0. B. Iladdon.
A Card of Thanks.
We wish to express our heart -1
felt thanks to our neighbors and :
friends for their kindness shown
us during the sickness and drat h
of our dear husband and father, j
May God's richest, blessings rest;
upon each one of them is our;
earnest prayer.
Mrs. Sarah J. Gravelly j
and children.
If you want to rent a house'
on Factory St., just in fro 111 of j
where Mrs. G. \Y. Karle lives, !
call on J. K. Ashniore. He ;il 1
so has some other houses to rent,
see him. If you want to buy or
sell any land it will be to your
interest to see J. U. Ashmore,
as he luvs over a hundred places
for you to select from, and still
I more coming in most every da v.
foleys Kidney pills
For Bacnachc Kioncys ano Olaodsh
A big bowl of
Quaker Oats
is the best dish you
I can serve.
Delicious and
Good for all ages
and all conditions.
Economical and
Packed in regular size packages, and In hermetically
sealed I ins (or hot climates. 56
" Does notfe
Hair falling out? Troubled wl^i dandrul
Ingredients; 'ahclc!
We believe doctors endorse this fo
I Does not G
B J. O. ATKB Oom
iFor Value
\ nii!i o
nn K
I Why Don't
I a I your Oil I ,;un j>
| VV 11 y <!>>{ < you lis*
Your (iroccr is
I to Uirk?>1 A a i'i I
<>! ' ar \ i ,STV?
I > >>
spring An
()ur Store
Crowded <
^ - m .. i x jy
N'<> 11iJlT11 iirioi'.-', (
1 h'>u<;lil at reniar
rxiiCrt t<? sell tlifs
Will tell von lal
lul-Joiunai of (In
!i:w i'. In the' iih'ii
MeKinnov ami \
i'?l t?> wait tin j m
a J? i
M. IV. i
Wewt Kn<l. o
In tlur buying ol drug's a
iscriptions \ve use every preeai
'and take, particular pains to
This rule applies all thr
must be right - every detail n
lore any article leaves our stoi
In buying I lallum's Kidi
dries,Toilet Articles and Prep;
I'roscsiptions filled here, you I
Pickens Dri
I Masonic Temple
' F7 "" 13 *
yi, ?r " i
oSor thc Hair
ff? Want more hair? An elegant drcMlnfi?
ycerin. Qulnin. Sodium Chlorid.
>uie. Alcohol. Water. Perfume.
rmula, or we would not put It up.
olor 8:ine Hair
PANT, T,oww11. Mats.
i mmtvum
k i M 2
?.bie Farm |
t You Kick?!
.*; bo\ h<*r you ?
i; <? (?<r<i o i i!
\ ho prison for vou I
lim (urnisli yon OIL |
-Sold by I
oii Comn'vl
?.S3SB5SH8EP W Hill III W ill Mi JMHUfl IBIfflBMli j
iS now \r 111#
x ? It Nt?w i'l I
ir \? i< It Ili??
Cash!" !
iohly 1 >\v ; ! ii- 's ttnd
amp way.
t'l (Ii. oiikIi I lie StMili1
(lilforcnl tiiinvC-'4 vvo
utiino rail on im.
Vooil v\ i!i bt?
roenvtllo, B. C2.
ncl the compounding ol our pre.
ition to ir<;t fresh pure drugs
use only thai which is called lorough
our business. Everything
uist he carefully gone over -here.
ncv I'ills, 1 )rugs, Medicines, Sun
11 \ -
iii ii 11' m i :>) ti:> well IlilVIll^ ) (MIT
:no\v what you am getting.
jg Company,
Tickens, S. C.
Real E
No. 41. 155 acres on Twelve ]
ton Mill; 15 acres cleared, balance
some rough land on this but th
$18 per acre?it will bring more
be made on this to suit you.
4?. 1 86 acres 6 miles from Pic
pasture; 3 houses with outbuilding
...in 1 \ir?1 j 1
y\j\t win iiiiu aiiywucrc. VVOUia II
It is going for $4,200 and is chea{
43. 90 acres in the Six Mile
buildings; 35 acres in cultivation; f
level, is well watered and one ol tl
I have found in the Six Mile sectic
, churches and schools and has all
neighborhood. You will like this
good place on which to make
I pleasure to show this for you will
tages are not often found in a pla<
44. 100 acres; 45 acres cleared
tion; all timber land enclosed 111 p
outbuildings, one tenant house;
Mile. Land lies well and is well
those desitable places and reasons
mg everything, it is going to be
45. 2 acres, close to Pickens
road; good small house on it; a fin
47. 2% ncres of land in subi
house, compiete; in excellent neigh
place for a home. See me at onc<
long on the market at $2,100.
Box 264.
Office over Keowe
1 write fire and life iui
Bit lor CAM
14(>ok over those pri<
is guaran
Just received another shipme
for $1.00. This is the last lot we i
recently advanced. Shis is one of
thot we ever saw.
Big lot La Belle Molasses in
20c.; gallon si/e 40c. This molas
It is a pleasure for us to sell
you generally pay 25c for, for onl;
Johnson's En<
This is something every body
not take sonic of these goods.
Cups and Saucers 50c set pi.
Come to see us.
One-price Cash
j Si iter ni Di
| It's a mistake to suppose that
, vised for drinks put up by differe
i goods are identical, either in llaAO
| drinks known as Ginger Ale, Len
I Root Beer, Cream Soda, and otl
j sol ^ drink manufacturers, is no st;
| quality. One may be far superio
We know our drinks are equal in
I upon the market of today and far
to judge the merits of llavors .s
testing them, but by making a C(
Knowing that our flavors are
invite comparison with others. 1
can, without regard to standard v
we change a formula unless we fit
We believe that all things be
1 orders and correspondence and
'QUALITY is sure to win succe;
those fair-minded men who handl<
licit patronage on that basis.
Pickens Bott
R. L. Davis P
S_ .. -
-?^ 1
Mile river, near Norris Coti
in woodland; no buildings;
e price is reasonable. Onlv
in O eKnrfr ???)!
111 i* auui i iiiui.. A ci ma m:i
:kens; 50 acres cleared, 20 n
;s. Some as good land a i
ike to show you this plac*.
j at the price.
section; two dwellings; outme
orchard. This place lie*
le most desirable places thac
>n. It is convenient to th-s
that goes t-> make an ideal
if you are looking for a
your home. It will give m ?
appreciate it, for its advance
at the price, $4,2(X).
and in high state of cultivaasturt;
5-room house; goo.I
this is 1 Vi miles from Six
improved. This is one of
tble in price, too, considersold
at only $4^ per acre.
Mill; on Railroad an 1 public
e stand for a store. $1150.
irbs of Pickens; new 8-room
borhood. A most desirable
i as this is not going to stay
nr* a -p t~* n n a k i *?
Pickens, S. C.
:e Pharmacy.
SAVE Money.
?,es. Everv item
i teed.
nt of Jap Rice at 25 poun
can get at the price as it ]
the biggest values in
buckets. Half gallon
ses often sell for 50c. g
-ERS: sUl
you a set of tumbKa^on'
RS, worth 35 to . ,ers Ui^
5c set.
?lish Ware:
misses a bargain if they do
ites 40 and 50c.
tan in,.
because the same names ar
:nt manufacturers that the
>r or strength. The fact that
ion Sour, Strawberry, Peach,
ler flavors, art put up by all
andard by which to judge
r in every way to the others,
strength to the bpst placed
better than some. The way
by tasting them, not only in
)M PA RATI test.
ill. wool and"a" yard wide,'' we
IVe make the best goods we
if competitors, and nsver do
id a way to improve itin
equal, (careful handling of
fair dealing with customers)
ss; not onlv for us but for nil
our goods also, and we soling
? .V. ft - A /

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